Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1963 · Page 27
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 27

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1963
Page 27
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Cor* el CUMrci ci ic«»««e names emvi 33-B KU. DAY NDISUY Ages 2 fa ·CWoraertea, A M! » « ML Tramp. avU Press- te:earar* aa reiefinces bt * reoart*. Bao« cart at minor cMloren. . rv em and cart NCBLEMILL-- M vearr eoxnance. Open, euutv I ..nv.-4 Bjn. except Sun. Pickup- service avajlabie. ItTB nrjispe Ave. Pn. FE txai Swops Farrifgrt for Soft 73 Foraitor* for Sol. 73 Furmirurt for Salt 73 ELECTRIC«""»·· "· *e« condition, tire C. MUccCaneonWanted 63 W«nt Tin l-rgri«l Prices? ·Ye feed 1 reran, refrt*. 4 *eshen i STOVE WOIKJ · «u East em it. KEBvrroLO i ·CPE* HCtt. THRU SAT. I4M Cart* He SSI lUY «td rvas, looht. fcnufunr Oe«x gar. H^jl tr^sfL C* Uta MocluBery cad Tools 65 PLASTERING equipment: Tract, J mixers, eampiet. set-up. Reeson- acle. «6t-cs« after t PJUU Moffl HandTg Eqaip. tS TOWNMOTOR -- 4.000 B. _ ,, , Keconottioned. Cheap. AM 4*12 FCRUJFt -- 2000 b. COOO CON PlTIOH. Pn. M1013 Camera, SnppEes 68 POLA COLOR Polaro'rJ LaruJ Camera COLOR HLM IS HERE ·nd we tave Ht And ttie cameras tnat make taeauiirui color p.citjrrj. COME tK TOOAT WHILE TH£ SUPPLY LASTS! ·ynvCther Stseclaf* " 'aTVpHOTcT'' l7l9EAn.tie«t HE 5-8923 1 , BUY »OWI Cameras and pro lectors, being cnsed eu» at ridiculous low prices. MERCURY PHOTO · 183 tanj Beao B i»a n E 7^5^ I MiscellaaeoBj for Sole 72 VACUUM SWEEPER Safe rebuTrt vacuums to the area. SB Kirvs on CspJav. SdtJ9 up. AS carry I vr. ouar. C. E. Swim too. S20- Hoovers. Electra'ux. Eurefca, Comoact. etc. We nave tip. Parts tor an machines at Barnain prices. Come IP VACUUM LAMP. Lnl CHERRY EASTERN; Hard-Rock-Maple RETURNED FROM MANUFACTURER'S SHOWROOM. FOUR ROOMS OF QUALITY SOLID MAPLE FURNITURE GROUP. INCLUDES: 7-fC. EARLY AMERICAN UY1NS ROOM ENSEMBLE INCLUDING TABLES AND LAMPS. TWO BEDROOM SUITES WITH MASSIVE TRIPLE DRESSER -FRAMED MIRROR-- HEADBOARD BED AND TWO NTTE STANDS. TWIN BEDS WITH MATCHING CHEST. LARGE FAMILY SEE MAPLE DINING ROOM SET WITH MATCHING BUFFET AND HUTCH. ORIGINAL PRICE $1389. YOURS FOR ONLY $58?--"EASIEST TERMS." WILL SEPARATE FOR OU1CK SALE OUT-OF-STATE-CREDIT "OK" EDWARD'S Discount Furniture $ 30 DOWN furnbat ygur 78 Ht-H Stereo 6UARANTEEO VALUES MAYTAO (Ulom. *ahtr. likt n««. l-«r. MATTAS rj«om. rrtuttt hirt, fri'l-. TV. -Tnl*} tr,] room e. ti RETURNED FROM SWANK OCEAN BLVD. Fno4*el apartments. 3 iff. tui rooms ef furniture. Regular $1215. Now .nTy, $S?S. Includes lira, tin wnit. c.orra. set. Ivy .!1 er parf. Cask or terms fn utLLonj la. · or} lIS '»! t. tictpt Tittdjy. C1««J Suna'cv. rt» ?«4uij Tnt LONG BEACH FURNITURE CO. ·TH 111 K.VQ. DNTN. ODCH «vt-» «icht in . tCO , Vir » i«n«. « r. C*J«r. UMIWOKE 1 1»^ m. Fun K T r»frl». KJ10. ··tfwr. V. I vr. tlli « CT. «r «!!'. SiSO ATLANTIC AYE. Cot* Mo*. Tu»i-TTMrt,.m. tJ ·. WE RENT 10-A Woate*--todJo. TV. Hi-fi 10-1 KAKTED rS«~CASH^Ami con* Iks . · * Vernes ... Kavos CO t. Anare!rn*''*" Jn CE MT1 VRCEKTLY Me-Hd.·sedtort wort:n. er act, an. ewntltv. Ta» tasfc Of. Hottb Mettb TV A Bodio ttepgir 81 h tour 1 *· «··* Sewiag Mochiaet 82 Wttho-- *efr1oer*? TVi-- $7 JO Morfti Up Aleienoer EKctrfe CE »·? YOU CAKT BEAT TH11 . Estate Can Kanoe -- .las I63» EAST ARTESIA NO. LONG BEACH OPEN DAILY 19 f» · SAT. 13 lo e GA 3-0421 SUN. 12 tn I * RtfOSSBStD *Dt Vvln* room groua. 7 PC tetlrocra rwjc. Onerre Mt. tn ranoe *, reiris. aftar» extras. ALL FOR $247 Pldr CD pviufs. .t S2JB week. SERVICE aAEN WELCOV.E CUT OF STATE CREDIT O.K. H U B 1020 E. PidBe Csi Hwy. roll CANT BEAT THIS . . . netvlnator lefiiueiatur--t ca. ft verv euief running. New exterior tnisa- Fun pnc. at Bond's Set, Kdudlng eetlverv 4 » ms- tuar. Bows. K] C. tn St. HE fut9 Open «o«. t Fn. s» t. Sun. HI "PARU St»lNS CtHTCK E»1 I.*. BLVO. GAIJTJ Office Sep.. Equip'!. 84 STANDARD ROOR SAFE I e. ·- wide. 1 ft. r* am. 6-FT. HIGa DBL DOORS SEAY1EW HOTEL 70 Fireproof Rooms In * 6-Sf orv Ccncrtt* Steel BUj. ·ff Shower !a e»ere roem. ·fr Acme bci springs BieH. ·fc WaWa-w.l carpet;*!. ir Fore." 1 ·» laatjas, ·ft TtTcpfiont Ifl ««try reonu ·fr D«ify r.aTj t«rvtct. if hfc. tU, .14 TY. l/j BIL. from CvTe Cenier OvtHocVmg tfie Ocean DbL Per D.y or P«rm«Rtnti -- wtt, Jmrt M. »»«* *»r« ?ag.Y Rtifah--To Sfcar» 102 UATUftE fcalnm womio to mi«r l«»^ m/im room. Hr. I tut nm. ies and Flats (FUltlllSHIDl 103 . ·urr\;tur» »ork* sis I BiaCTSTIiL «upi runs, furnace, BaCnr a*. i;u SL LOUIS ct inn Sg!e, Lo* IIJO UP UP WEEK M.TEV OUT* TV · · - · teems for Beat Sporting Goods 72-B OL-N SALE U E. Canon. ArnS'a" SCUBA pear, t outfits. SeR er rrarJe for pu srocs 01 eouat »alue. CE tOf « a.m. to » p.m. Fnrnircre for Sole 73 SALE OF SALES Fire fcols. toots, antiques, wnrld book encvctopedia, 1:ne mrttar, r«w Pclaroid camera, band saw, cneefc write-. Ditto duDncator. console sewing macftjne. Lew prices. STORE 'FOR SALE. Ruttiei ful us ITMOranoe HE 7-t51« GARBAGE DISPOSERS . HEW--GUARANTEED trator X231 CE IrtsjnkeratDT Ottiers _Cornoarao^y gll E.' WROUSHT I tOSt-- Pnrck 1 stair railings. SLSO ft STONE-Lawn A tree curbing Sett. · SJUVAGE MASTERS 1621 Santa f e, L. B-, w ?1T» MorwiIlL C1vd 4 Hawaiian C*rOem ftotn varOi^poeti_tft Bay* HOME FURNISHING AND MERCHANDISING CLASS! RED ADVERTISING CODE C · m m e rcial advertisers must Include the '·Firm *»me- pr word -^ea'er.- Penonal tfs1r.ft« clairrs. ant) personal proneun» are not from com- "Reoossessetr* to a f I* 113*4 ·rftea Oeafer can «ut ranta^a .tit ctaJn. PiujR*! tw tftima .nfer- Vlng iTrerctiar«JJia| li corv- »-Bnea ere act eccecfaa:a._ FBV1CE vtatlon , outrt cntl't Frviro X 5990 Atran- t.c, KLB: BaTtrv ttiaroer. t 13 volt; Hunfer wfteH balancer; Iron «rt mm; ·cetYien* wtldina TRASH CANS DELIVER 59 Cat met, S2J_; fbers. t!_H up, WeWino--no Job to vna.1. rwf. mow. (hronrt .4. Open tu I ejn. ti SLITL tan Oierrr GA i-ui] FOKSALE--^ertiCat beef box, carv Mao-ons «\ portable draw station. Vafuea *t sirCtx witt take «oo cash. MUal teD Immedlaterv. Cot tact Tonv A%ane«* a* CO-UXM lo APT. SIZE Serve* KefrtDS. *t 1] ·acft. twSl- CMS majri »S17. Uohot. OavtnDortk 17410. Attsc. Jt»m» S2SX Also I «3l itovet »5-HO-P3 cadL Pr)va rarty. U Surfflen flat* HE 7 M71 CARPET 1900 Yards (Used) $1 PER YARD At wt art r»cartwfino. Ideal tar Art. fcoinn. «u^ bur entin imoun. L»y«- M lorj B.KR. 41*1 ATXAKT1C WANT A REAL BUY? SEE THIS 4-ROOMGROUP_.M9-J tact, tmtnet !· refr:f EASY Credli TERMS Davt*s Royal Fi.mih.ra YSS AlamiTcs Ave. HE 3-2C Just Bff Anafteiir. SI.. Long Beat SPRINKLER PIPE Ke* V-, wrj t*r T»; Brats urlnklcf heads, 39c DU Saruv ttler Co. .aa S. Garffettt Param. 2 STEAM OCKimoi machine..) .M7 mountec} on 1730 Va-Ton Bidup, 1 T9S4 .neunTe4 fa* trailer. 175-tt. it«rn iiose. steam cura. 11500. TE 3-fStf after m. NEW TRASH CANS . 3C31 Lane Beadl Blvd. CA USED BULLO1MO aflATEBIALS- VseeJ «ore CKTurts countert. Lomtxer. tfasa. ptvwtl ft ftKjmtinft 1CNG BtfACH fnc« MalertJ. .UU E. Anaheim St. G6 9 *K01 SERVICE MEN Dan! buy atr» FURNITURE tmtll «ou see ttks OAK1SH lAoder mrte-rocm oroop comisflna · 1 LN. rm^ f-pc. Bedrm^. Ipc *tt COMPLETE . -Z fcnns, OUT-O STATE credit OK- at Hub. 41 ATLANTIC AVE. MLB. PTion CA 1-7931 er HE 4-I1S7. PC LN. CnrtLrj HlDE-A.Br.DS Our comc!e*« ttock ef f- sarrtples at fticountt uo to 5D% Also eeaurvrest irunm'se.i kt tu twin. Queen ... aina stzes. THE SLEEP SHOP AUCTION .seT' furniture, aroliances ai fnisc- turnlture touof. sold i ^"ll?OUNT AUCTION BRAKE REUNE--J 12.95 Labor. Ltobig i a«9 mile guar. Ooug-t SKell. TO E Pac. Cit Hy. CARACE Ule-- Acrrff rt 1 5m. f . FurnJturr, ctolhes. tort, n 3231 Tucker lo 4. , caTlanaous Items. Lane. Lea Afamitcn. REOUCING TABLES KENT--BUY Stautw--RKaxacrtor -- VTD. Be~ts Salon VsJts. HE HCT; CE «-J1£7 I.LEC. ranoe. refrfe.. wasner. end tables ft lamps, iron me, v^sc. 3233 C. *7Hi ST. WE 1151^ TRASH CANS DOWER ct irn oon Sun. zia e. trn SETS matctied dt4. beds, fc new; mafxioany rtneape'e bed drrser; tcarher toa cottee labFc Duncan PBv*e eval d.neffe tat. ft 4 cbairs. AK er aarL Terms WHITE C sold Ped set w'canapv eak bed set; provincial tr"* cnafr; fnaoie tKites; des; capt. cnatrs * maple TY^ ERAKES REUNED _ Tibbetrs. VM E. ««. HE f.d PATIO SALE ermi Easter -- Outgrown povs size 14 clothing. Brie- a-brae. mlscet. eTrjg Biapte. Beltftr. iAATTRESS renova*ed. vour cover, - - - · Uttiorv I L B. Blvd. .. .1 ioors. Very re»t7 CeTi^t. yoeiE. atn. Royal Stand- RS. saws, knives, etc trar- FOLOUP, ron-.tvay ted wim good apreifl-lTlied mattress. EKCIX. co*v CitlorlL C2S JE t-3.31. fE~RRJFIC Savtng: Tg auta lutie toDV S7.n Beacn City Ctievrohrt. SccT t. Pac. ca. HWV. CE s«i CANVAS wont, rr.arv:. er commt Vantage tar any me, Brt-Rte SaiTmalcen. T3Q W/. ITth. HE ?45^ JKODERH priakfast set. piack trass nnistv. pint plastic set t ctialrs. IS. H6 fag. EFRlC. iTove, bdrm. ft Kv. set, tirTl rug. «'*£, *··"«- Erf's Ctofliirto, TZ1I t, A^atwirtx REPOSSESSED bedroom set "-** em. conuile*e *«* CPWirts Furm. «22 E. Ana»iet HEAVY prev ft cftrpm* break f FcriifBre for Sate S poles ' les, Aonawey a, pulley PLATCKOVma equip- Creative HO galvanized school type. Ca»* Ink ganr- mauf. relects. DC. HE 9 4011 rCABiKETS--From t.r t '. srarn- stss sTeet IBP tnk. 4229 At. tanlle. SuitslU CA JffJ KE 1*0 CAKVAS. uuoanvde tl tne »a-o. Terps ft repair. Paramount Sales. ·30B Paramount (:^d. L B- nnitert for Sole 73 B F Transfer STOIASE OUTUT lAdkt m vour «w^l groua ·r euv 1 D ·rora our Uroc av«cfion »f OOD USED FUKMTUU FIUCES AS LOW AS Financt Co. Repossess t complete I MIL XR1L cond. DiK' 1 range, siorge refrtg.. f virg mw extras. Baf due'»S? U pay*S?'w«I EZ terms. Out ef stjfe credit OK. HU8--0 So, Long BeacD *' ' at Alondra ICompton store » 74 "6AUERY 934- LOWEST .rices U tcwe. en Fr«- Idairc, Kalvlnator. Hotpolnt retria- ereton, wesners mrier aooiL ances. Traoe m tool Baiter's Aopiiincts, » t Pacific. Ctofn eves. HE lyu. W CO. FT V retnger.tor. wi»i til . retnoeritor. wi» i t:a sSdves ew efior. snt£ tno. a\ %U9 ino. Cuar. V* 5ft FOR. BOTH oOB Helvlnator retrlB. 1 esters Hortv stove. Clean. flu*r- WW E. Anahemj St. Pets SI -_'fOH4I» or DOG CROOMltIG -- ALL BREEDS By Pttiviiis Mbboney. CA ««?27. L.B. SEED * PET. CSO L B 1J- OOC CROOMING By Slancv KlUG-S PET SUPPLIES tUS E- Pac. Cst. Hwy. CA a-C7i FOR adoption, cvte shaggy dog. · fluffy face, daily dog " HA UCT rOY POOOLE, e montns old, wnite. Pedigreed. Fin. ane. pacers on tend. US. CA IfM tor aopt. Furuirure Wonted 75 WHIRLPOOL, wastxr » · (Vtirrtpool dryer, most eownsNe mooei. like new, bom S2» ti Your eld wastier and SU tno. Bakers AOTnances. fm fc Pacit. open eves. H6 »-3eu APT. ur* refrigerators. S4» IS, guar- »iteed. Bakers Aopllances. r n t pacific. Open eves. HE J-3.74 tli-For s-pcToTneni »»-For Inraig Soon Sat -- -or Sl5«i° t TM r : or Bunk Bed* -- -'-or Chests si--For sprain «. Marts. la Tor ftidea«ed lisa rnenv otner nerm ftf better M Tl'Slf GAYIOTA 3 Sfreeh West ef Cherry HE 14*St TOP PRICES PAID! One ,»ece w * twuvfuL tita***, btomeu (nMenfTorv. ·unuture ·» itoraoe RE?? won. INC. SSOt GE MOT WE FAT TO? m K**d vxd. Clean Pw-nlTut-*, Act. Stovn 1 Refrrg., Too!, Annojues Oriental Furniture, -CRJTT t lETTTT T«OS t. Afiaheim HE .V 503* SFTRANSFER TAX TIME IS HERE SACR1RCE SALE ON! Leads of dellBuerd storaoe and slight trejettf oamaoe frems. ALL NEW FURJUTURE I Sectionals «oa mattresses ^^___ ja "Oder* Barm, sets . a Dinette g ^enT _ Round, eval t rectangular I lAaole Bdrnx. sets, 71 Bookcase He J Moaem «;ving_rooni 9 Maaf. lying I'oui'n _____ VH t Antlgue whit. gotd BOrm. --- S!4 GA JW1 tERMS 5921 ATLANTIC, KLB Waretiotneman en duty Um. Frt. «-ff Sat ft Sun. 1| RJRNITURE NEEDED CASH PAID CALL 666-7474-- D!r. MosicdlnstnimeBTj 79 SAXES, pass. tap.:E-flat ml*. SU; clarinet. B-flat Seaner, »lio: A- «tV in Argorme. CE e«8 LOOKIN tor Cretcn. C^oson. swap for Fender Strafocaster m beaun- ful cond. Cart CHgl after a m AC^OU^ - la BASS^^ rA^E IOTA POODLE PUPS, toy min, b:k. pr silver. Pertect tor snow tr prr. Ate X»it ped teas. CE UK. St«t* College. Doutfn. N^c* horn*. wasfter-OTYtr. Lmtltrd kucti ·ri. EmWmiMrion. firm. H4 U7JO--EATRA Ipe. ' bM. OU^Oe;. Bri IMMACULATE t-14 + *·« . l Hrsn M OH. v«nnont ct nca FnriittitdAportm'its 104 WO E. UTB-J4I. $74 Affrict Sat or e»l«. Mlt. 4251 E.4th. 6EM02J KCOEC. It*, room urpcf. CM E- _ - K Hf. MKt ft I K1CE K««- BOP-r, «riB tmt. Aufo. .KfKr. Adutti. UVL M. cie!« » PIBCT. ma 114 "^."T-JTStJ^J- S- ?? ·"·«· » ,SSS 4 ** CK - Km. l-tr. v. to--^e I. 7m St. 1 KOXM. DUDIVK. Adurt* onty. SHi mo. m» ixti- 115 E. tm. REMT fry wt_ 0r mo. VtlL Bd. Ctose to teachet. tttx Iranie. *'« rfrmed. fli ABanflc MEN. THIS IS IT! HSKG. MLANO% Mote*--Pheasant nrj^atTtx. !...·,, t*acft, DBrtL. iTaVt- WJO JWC up, IU goraite .Uae HE J-rat, BACHCLOR rm* social trouft, swirn parr* ... Ding porn nn, eaok- Art. OE J-t-C atier r p-m. E? 1 »90-»BR- patio. MT. Adurts. M« pe*s. MCI prospect. CE 4T74. K. VOE ducltw*. »BRs, borb sloes. «j «acB. IffiL aaitt. ME S-1473 LAST SIDE I *, IBR. FURX. I UNFURNISHED. CHILDREN OK. SSi to »TCO AHOtlTM. HE J-M1U . tdcft. Cas 4 m. ica Moftnw., . pd. CrjTet adum. ARTESIA lwe!» tarpe Wr- 1 CA 1055 E. Oe««r. $65-»8S tarae Vtr. Adultv HE M7»T. jft SSd aflOL eofs. Autom. ersnr^ ""SSVi Tnt c t7M; I $»--Man. tee. ch. rm, ei tej Pv{. eif-cloie in. 1311 tlnaeR CERMAM Shroherd dog, 4 mos.. l» TOY Poodle matin, service; alse pupates. XGs E. Anaheifn. S2S UP. VERY TINY CMIHUA- HUAS CA HOB AJT. f M. Fionas tV Organs 79-A TREMENDOUS SAYINGS UP TO $300 On Punches, of Wrw American »ullt Spinet pianos · " i Easy Tem-s WHY HAGGLE? Jirn em more for ejrn^ a ·nBisun. ol«nci. CE «-n». WE BUY FURNITURE Dpnl UU Cherry CE SOta 'call VllTrtSStur." Before "Sg« sen 71JC E. Anaheim. CE mil FOR ttw next n days wla Bay tea porter tor regngerefort, freerers, ranges. AAA Appliances. CA; tsS SPOT CASH HE 2-3033 SrtS Up--Especially Easy Terrrs ACT NOW AND SAVE Afs» Oea'er tor Steirrwav. Everett e. Cab 1 * Nelson Pianci atitf t-trwTTV Oceans HUMPHREYS MUSIC COMPANY 13J t- -Ircl St HE M3M *7 tr«ar» »erv!n.i L»nfl Beach .·mi *e tmesf ame« in ·nvnc. HIGHEST Cash--stoves, funu r«- jreQeratort. |.eonarai--_J^A_10527. FURNITURE UNCLAIMED Oepoiil loirt titnS ttew roora autfit. D« LCTK* Admtral retr*8^ tya ure raret, flv. rnt* bedrnu ttn. rm. ensue* _« »s aoce-sar-n Just W57- Save rStL PIT S4 «eek. E.Z Term*. OUT Of STATE CREDIT Ct HUt-ttt Sa- Lemi Beadi kiwi a? AIonf_rK. iCampraa ttore pnlv. Home hold AppITonetj 78 . . ie- eritar 1. Sl im. Caterr Aocll- F*cific- Ocen evei. tun.. _ . Open eves- HE : HOT POINT Tspted yjasner, lV9n. Yeur eld washer $. sxtS FLANO - ORGAN SALE Slew Sp.nett ^Save^STtJjM SJtS "MANY^FINE MAKtf Save $200 fo J1000 Conn II tnan.l Was mi S1OW 5»J Cora M.n. was «!510. HOW SI1« Conn 12 man.) 2S ped. Was S3*9*! FOlSs-^irconipton SI" ! tat tilt -. Long Beaea BT. Oaity. M SiEAK BAY PR.V. EHT. L earn. tn.S O BAYSHORE AVE. CE ATTRACTIVE miacnttal kcteU tree ini. Kitaen envL ttJa »«. . »ear ocean. 731 W. Ht SL PEJS'Of4E»_inan. Mousrtjcpino. EN'l SLEEi^NO ROOMS 17.50 UP. dStOMO BEACH BLVOU* PRIVATE home. Employed laav. Kmjien prnl- Ctirlstlan. CA Mile Duplexes ead Flats 104 ( BELWOHT HTS-. KB. I OCEAM B1 Bt. ipr. linens. ZQB LVD. h». J«r. »*iriUEY Warm- turn. erjarTflr torn. Mice. Aoults. ME MTU, DUPLEX HUNT1NSTON IEACH 2 Mites from .e« OOUCLA] AERO SPACE CENTER. 1 BeomsT PR: M7-*l77er L M 3 I 7 BRAND NEW Aa fcLEC. ties--tuveV surer tfx. xtr« toe. IBR^ *-«. firaoes. blt-M 04%. trvertrte. heat, eullman fcatu ktna size BH's. AM soonderoot. Priv. ratio. *imt. Mil. Ooen. ._ 777 Lem» CA 4-1773 BELUT. HTS---L-J E. (twy fcn- . a UIU. pd. I r*no»- CE H3U SSS-- SCL. Apt^ etwn. Ocean ft tav. *tmtsrc.ldV ttM E. OCTM BlvdL UPPER 1-tdr. BEAUTIFUt- Brand m. Ijdras. Baraai a-t ArteVaT lUj BEL. SHORE--Redec. SR_ I ft. Loe. 4iv. rm. 4- sm. den. sen. din, rm. W w » orsces. siear ocean. ·* 61 ' »r: ?s*°'r ccE \n ra NEW MR- w;« crpt. drapes, feuEtMnv tfsa- ft earage. I^U Anderson St.. Paramount. can .31-1993 POOOLE pupp-es. AK.C. smafl i CE »«CT. Att- 5 can CE 4 ACHSHUMO puppln. AKC reo. rjn. red. LE »39ti whdvs. aft POOOLE A 1C ITI. POOOLE. . Toy ASIC femare, bia CA 3-1344 PlacX standard. DOOLE. . Toy Al Milt. - Aortef. MIseeDaaeem for Real fi BL V. PrtjL man. « Cfieslmit Rooms--Wonted KM 1 Board tor tamer I 1 rnan sorat. preter LDS Home to tena BeacH. PH CMOS» Room end Board 100 CARACE tor rent--car t-- c*r or Cti«tnut » YRS. OF SOVH3 FJCPERIEMCE 2 floors of pianet or FACTORY AUTHORIZED SAL WURLITIE*. SPINET. CONS PIANOS-AU. FINISHES Player pianos. roPs. new. vsed Vsed Solnetv Granox Org»n free Organ t Plane Jinti s Fay OoV for Lessont McCRERY'S C4 Pine, t B, HE irso KCM. L FRt. to f-- SLn. 1I-S. REPOSSESSED On Sale At Tlie WAREHOUSE STORE Ivina rooms, rugs, chests, p- certes a\ }-roem groups. Leonarovi Wareneusa 5ai Ananftc Ave. Open Parly REPOSSESSION Ont env--feur-raern prouo. t*d- ra«m, LMna rootrv Oiiurs rm. Pnilca Rfria. CM r»no«. FUU. fUlCf CO-- tl Trrm ·( Hu«. tin ATLANTIC AVE. MLB. HOTPO1NT washer 1 dnrer Bom £79e.»l Yeur wcdwr S. ITS mo. »*er» Aopllancei. e» I ricuic. Oc«n rvrt. HE -3n4. » CT. It. ·«! lower door l» ».. Iretnr lao: tTS. Call Before 11 a m. CE l*«0 eas range. tTS. or aner 4 a CARPETS tide seiectlan eTEscontinued Hems. Mohawk, Guliilan. KAcOee LCS THAU WHOLESALE HESPON1 «U4 Orarrpe Arc. SOLCO cak Best, uy; spfe ped. sleeps t IS: fxn coma rug. Chinese red. S2g; Demratm tree. pranoe rowers. SI I; evaporan^e copter. S5. CE l-aK\ YOU'LL Find wftat voo wartt at " MOVIKG--Must sen an fjrnrsnlnos. Open houl Sat. II a.m. 4 am. LCE. Jdr. F^aidarre. MS; Snper console. iTfc «r frede tor drao; e er T Aha misc. *25*JCt. RATTAN Set. U PCS. CosI Set tor 1271 £rc*ient conditiwt, I3t E. . VOVIWC. EvervmtrrB mm* beted. Home tun er turn. mdud. aa- rnances. Ph. CVSSOO. aoot tees. livered ouar. tin Pacific. HE JWU. Once evn. RESIT HE »X:«I Auto, wasfter. refrtoerator. range. TV*, rent applies to purchase. A A Appnancev .IS l_ m~ B!vd- CAi trove. Cood. ctean. a Burner va eutom. C7-I-T. v . . . and grusre. Cd. even, v Bndl dmmat. tli t EXCELLENT tNhirtacot automatic wasnen. tu t US. Hcttcurt crosv ton retng.. US. HA e-U6 an. 1:30 Of tiff. I. Memt gas range. chrome top w grin, good cond. STOVES t Kerngs. t_«. Bl»d_ HI » RFiic: BIS DISCOUNT SALE DUUNS THIS MONTH NEW * USED Stereos. Radios, ftmnuUJ autls. Pianos, Organs B TeMslom ALL CUMAMTEEO UOtEt-S MUSIC STORE e PINE HE a 3T21 Hoteh Morch FO« KEKT1 »7 100 A 4.aoy. BlrtY Per* area. fn». rr, PUS. CE HJO eft. I a.m. DMT*.. tUI wt- Jj_ prtv. entr- man, raS VB*. dupte«- Caraoe. tp_ I ctmd er sm. pet er pd. ICS Cavlota, CE Apts. S55- T 75 HE 5-6093 ! STANLEY. Sl'l. wtlt, pd- SIS wt. ...KOL-S-l-BR- S.T. LGE. lower » B«- eat. Brt-ntt, auto. wasner. Adutts. Rfas. S* Orange SCL. Utlt »d. Adutts. S3J.5S. UeS Temple. Pn. CE S-fCel Sttli TOT-CH SEAL BEACH-3BORM.. AOULTS. tt MO. tZl- OCEA _r« Belmont Hergnts. siewry eeoor. l-br. Adutts. No pets. Pn- CE H7V7- I BORIS, apt. SO] no. Cars. Asp, dishmaster, water turn. 1!M Old St. « L.B TWTSCT CORME* Ouplr« 1 Bdrm. SW JvaJ- neut Ave. Adults. «::o. CA nan. aner « ~" 125--LtE^ clean I BR^B»jfenced ^T^Ontf ot. OS. CA *«5T. IIPR. fnod. 1 br. ear. nr. evenr^j. asoe Eucaivrtus. Aom. CA »~«act. ·VRrGLEY. StS. Ibr. uDcer. Adutts. shaps. lla E. MH. ME H17» KeatoJi--To Shore 102 sfiar* . after S. HOTEL CRAKT. St 1» w«»«. Maid ALAMJT03 Bey Horn. wjr» ern- seryice. Il W. ard. HE 1*F». I ptcved_man._CE: JrMtCEJb? 4 ! 4 - ] B«- Wasftrm.. nice. 19S. 1BR. nr. i nou Bi( ay. iA JCT FuTBished Apartm'ats 104 i-BsiLv^ KOI, f.a e*. Pioneer. Artrsll UH tSO. 10, SJQ. SOLES. »» »unoa- tow. Aaurfs. tit. E. LTKWOOD--VO Ocean. "«^-ca tiEyada S7g--i-BORJA, A» new. Oisp. «far stores 1 fc3- 1C71 Oruo- LARE 1-pr. nr Bus * mar AJalt. only ta HE Hlli SEAL BEACH SSO--Snx. rear cct- taoe. Quiet, perm. Adit. CE Kn LUXE VBR. POOL-DE 171 E. tan- sin. ISO MO, er SU wk. Sates. UBIs. pd. Adits, i R Rent i Mor. AM. i. BACHELOR Apt tmls. Linens, til wt. 3S3B Santa Fe. CA y-T_L JO E. 1st. tmt. BK. l^f- tlctur. »mdow. CE Olid M. IUO Cnerrr. . CE *-* ItENT AN O8SAN UALN TO FLAY We servke organs STONEX'S MUSIC CENT« SMI E. 2nd ST, CE «W CASH For U**4 Pianos. Planes Arso Tuned I Reca.rid. WOREY-J MUSIC STOE.E JO Pine Ave. PLANOS RErfTED 1t«nf tan eoofv * dfnired. HIOREY'J JKUS1C STORE SO Pine Ave. HE H GUARANTEED ttsedeianotS mstnjments--Terms IWOSET5 WUSrC STORE SC Pin. Ave. ~..-- HEY KIDS... is .ime for... ADS FREE r ranoe. X.tot conA Cat-SCPt SAVt S1S9 »n Ovemr Frultw-ood LOwrey. H*t-ltag» erean. U»ed t WTO*. Tairtortti 17O4 Betlflower Kl,d., TO 7JCS2. COOO e^ed oreans from S2VS. iSJararrteS. l.Tfom. I7«4 Belltower BlvoU TO 7-OCS2. Twin beds, bei is. ft mart 4 I fX. Mcnonai. con»-efT trrra 1 2 RJCS » p acts, OE Forvitcre f or Safe 73 GOING BACK TO SERVICE due _ *ance CDovamr, ta^. Renaoie people take rver ptvmerrrs, tli» ·*. Jrxter* iinr» room set. tlOl* ft lames. Cvro'.e'm bednn sufle, S»ec* «ret-« per. re?noera!or, STPV« ft auto- mar,e »atf«r. AT KA*EHOne . Id COWI MTKEIT TIMEJ CREDIT CO. H5I itliBfic Art. U. ESTATE STOVE. FUVL SIZE will E ST r. «0. Ftmitsre for Scde t iga. . 73 GOING BACK EAST ViaX ·«* rajffv tr*. 1 Of turflLfur* mtf Kior ( · · · I f t l l i ef irfii tfovc. wKhcr, dlmTT*, tv«9 room «rt, tl-e . . ·m. TV. frvn. «f SIIJI M*. Ffl lot. t» JJU S» U* toiir K «· · m. * v » »; IML n k f SM tf 4BS4 ARaiflC A ·r ia HUM. nr. Faraitsre lot Scte 73 Funururc for Sole 73 KOHLER A Campbell maple Mte pJane MHTTalltord't. 7« Betlfower Blvd.. TO 0053- SEE * CUIBBAKSEK * HEAR ORGAN 1 PUNO CENH* 4CO LongB'«?_§ l »*-_*l E -iS3 »7i5jrBi3r~5sED_ORAt.s. A»o «IT« Oranoe Ave $ LOST $ OUR CONTRACTS to »jni;«n 7S *room «ne. »n iTnSSi apartment.. J»cr* to resoonsiO'e · tar en ru ctoor · e ef furniture. i r l c i ««mt mm trouo. fan lames, eetrer mar- grool fatnev decorator eKtore. - mdud»n» as SSce fii r Douga» «nerev crou-to* re- tr:geraton and ranges avfcl- ab:e. fYnrt. 42 w*. AVON Dtscosit FarvTrort un r. c iiiwaf «»-an LOHC Bf ACH ·VURLITZEI) solnrt ff Xmost new too. CE _a..nv · DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO ADVERTISE · FOLLOW THE RULES . . . AND WRITE YOUR AD ON THE ORDER APPEARING BELOW! »ENT TO OWN PIANOS ISMmo-.p. HE7-7Z7I «ood cond. CS«7 {Tvc era. Law Bt. cooe.arv. RCA MLUXE cpnso'e TV. Costem BJt vptws. «·/,·* t * r ro "*. K9TAL Event Standard Troe- CKAnBLTSS CRSADIC SOX t«tn HICK. KU1LLCW. Ct ***t JiEVER set e Zan. Crw *Vrs Ca» CA ?-tOe arvr a . m . CUICR: CtOTrt WIT RELEASE Leavfe. far Overseas, arfr I rooms of modem turmtur. and aart ances · storage consisting et: s^nnt. cross-IP. retr», »oc «^r» mom set. llac. fv*l nan set. 2 te* maru: washer, u-pv v ceaner and rue. Tat. payment. Sll.a? fna. Fjfl Bat. l-c. caJi., Easlcra'. Furaifan IDII UtttSt Iff, tl*. GA 3-5078 ALSO *ROO» FCR SljfiS* «»T 5 ROOMS Uflclalmtd Sloraje Pick ej* pntnenn ^ fl weefcV e. .R new fura.1wre s t a d i a ivn. room froup. campiet. w« sabfrs, lamci. glcturr*. «rc. Far. rMca so. Anett. *r) eu I · ni 14 r st» refnoe-ator, St.v.. avspmanc washer and 71" JV. Baianc. do. S v s^ffJR As* for spical ID. an« see Ed. Or. ae S3*g Long keK* B^nl* Lang (aacn. 9 tf t t to a sat. n t» i iua. Forsirore f er Sde 73 Fanutore far Sale 73 Fttnutart for Sde 73 B»J» F1OOLC. QFFf R_ fag Goods 72-1 Win. JMUJOM M . set. HAtTeg ftuRFBOARO-- Hoftte. - WANTED · RESPONSIBLE PARTY · TO TAKE OVER PAYMENTS vV3 ucrTrc. equity frfe I roam furn»gr. eoj .pplTancet for J1H. »ayre«ts $'·« weelV- btcfuo'ei refrigerator, rafige. I- tc. set. 1 ledVopm wti. cems'.f. IVji rsor. wi, tasVj. letups. .«*»».»« warfer. cerr.lo. JP TV. r.iT. n pfipnou Aii far fat tli- O^t »» tla*. tnti Ot See ."aJv II t. f fjn. JatjrJty '« t p.m. Op.. SvmJ.T '?-* »-m. Se. .1 IU1 E Arteta. Unj teaek w call Jon» er Marf. 0V. GA 3-0421 OPEN SUNDAY 11-5 WEEIDATS t I* * Fttrairore RttBned · FrenJ IvIaVn · U.M HOB. R««r tamftn NOW IUT FU«NtTU«t SAtt TO 7fe all lliftn 3Rooms SI QC Complele IvJ TearvJBt»r aVyVaora Can Be Peroasaet Saearatety. ITcVprwl Row tcttSi 3-RM. t V.,'287 3.RM.,'AV387 4.RM,,'^M87 5-6RM.,ViV58T Flit BtuniT. STOIACf Ont trf Sfot* CnA O.K. ·west C«as» largnl for Cernpie*. CVpu. Outfits* See Our large Disptay Camparel Solf-Scrvicc Fnrnituro .-nri Allanllc HORTH LOne (EACH I/HITWEV KjmOa^ stuff e Biane. Kaple finrsh, 1CS. CA MSrt CWiCRl Mod Danish Teak, S79V Baldwin. HEI4i;_- '*««"» WALUVT L'F»ICHT BS cas«, ORATI CA_HJ Itodios TeleTisiem «0 Eruuj or ma3 your arj g t!i"i newspaper. Please t-se Hie sceci*! i . rr . jrtncj below. W«fd for your "very ewn" advertisement wVuci wl b» seen in over liZ.OOO komes. Read tfit cfKer KIDS' ADS...t!iere may b« sometfung .JvcrtHed you'd lite. DCUCUDCD WI!ITE TOUR I1ME -- ABORE.S on nCIYlCmDLIi TEUPHOIE IUMIER n TOUR ID: BRANLVNEW TVs 25cPERDAY ./ li« rH far* ^ ./ Ha cna needed ? S.f^.?T«d:t or. Psc a«art TV ine ACT 616 DISCOUNT SALE OOUNS THIS MONTH HEW t USED Ste-ns. Radios. Ptionograohs. pianos. Organs t Trev.iions ALL COIRAKTEEO WOIETS MUSIC ST08E SO PIKE ML»na USED TV SETS ^ JiV-ASTST- -*?"^=25t Jr"ai rirei.' fircei-enf »uvj. Mo«EYi»ivsicrp2e,, S-arir-eAwe. rnormi'ti Tr«: ·wWyJrT-.t RESIT rv «» MM; fnidnigrj anywtiere, option s tuv. ·e deoett. lie creat check; Km. Kay TV _ MAPLC conso'e. new .tctur. fctVne;r.«S;»i« ·».»«e« ·rT* a · ·». Bakers Aapii«ices r i f»*r... Jwa °°*" rm - ·ir^S'i. 0 :" i 1 ^* r-s -"^oSflAWS*- ^ tng^jwd. Bt, BeiK. »t BES FOLLOW THESE EASY RULES- v.n advertise *K.ds- Casvfri Ad- column tree of dierpe. .m B.iUtr.. rim. CO HOT rrders can xrl te «xep*t 1. 2 Bring er m» e vour ad- as I 3 C a s s : f e 4 Ad · children'* bo 4e Thru »3s musl nof p. ever II words. 5. M .ds wtS Be run for «Ve» davs. Sunday. Tuesday. Ttiursdw Aor« 1.1. II enfv. 6. n- aitrs, v phon. irumt«r vl ag. rt .eO bee « ·« «fcert«r «ws« Rpgev * IP. CH^red Ai 7. 8 9 ^ter w« N t»wc«,» trorn dates RrW aoov.. | n T*. tndBiendent. Pren-Tl-egram reservei f. r gtif M * we ruies. tlcrc'ev KJdrns er phon. itumber . AOs rnusl tt wrtneie glalnlv en ti. Ire. VI coupon aooe.rtn» Mow. perenn sign nur tree ad cruooa er have irvn At * yes Bring I t. »e .frier Yo» «arrton!n« vour nmit er refust Caisif e* A*« ttet O rrt miruiiil w't« »e «Sevi NAME- ADDRESS. TELEPHONE. _YOUR AGE. PARENT'S SIGNATURE. WRITE ONLY ONE WORD IN EACH SPACE TVs Fo* REHT WiPl Senrtce anOREVS KVStC »T*RE J Pm. A.e. Hat m-lTSt Rf.Hl A T AA Appliances.' pnancesJ riT-'B, H£ t-m ltv. 21" TV. S* M. Cu.-- Aapr.ances, ft. t TK -^f t f5J "TV RENTAIS f MO. UP B«adl TV CT E. 4-» Hg »Ss3 TV SERVICE AK9 tEHTALS ted in tow. aoM rx 4»*r_ -- - -- ^41 Santa F. «.. fe.r.j.g^s^L'g iCA Ot«.i34Torul*UN'r.27ll TTB S3 fc ns. w. Bt./ TVS Bir.- paW ta i. tn. pir. ft Mat. ·.wac.i 1 ' 1 " 1 ^ , 6. II. 7. 7. 12. 17. 3. S. 1). II. 4. 9. 14. S. 10. IS. Tour Krrf Ne-r. CUf AND MA1V TO: CLAiSifiED DEAITUJNT MOIWNS SUNOAT C Independent Ferr Vy Far .. CesifeJ A iVerTV.n, iHi .nd PINE AYE, LONG BEACH. CALIFORNIA

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