Independent from Long Beach, California on May 21, 1957 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, May 21, 1957
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\g^W$* ··''·*$$ l^^jFEATURESiiEVDEXf^ -'.,'*..'(«. *, '"* ·"' "'".·'''''."' : -. · ' - ' . . - . - r f ^^f ' · ' ^^t .''·*' ·* ' · ·· *· , · ' - ' - " ' " ' * - - " · ' · ,, - ^^m *, f - . . . -].··*' ^ISSSA ' * \'~ ' } ' ^s^^lT' A ^TTB all*sff ""*'"' ^ · *C · AmUlflm«nt . .'. .RJ1 '·- Mnplntta H.7 '.-' '!' ' - ' · " · ^^V fl^^fe ' ^f^f ^L^^sk Usss^flk '.^ssB^^sk ^·ssss.**^^' ^^f^^f -·^ ---- -^sW ' · . " *-*« * lUull " MMmiMCmJCMM. ^ TAe Southland's Jm Finest Morning Newspap Amu.em«nt....B.fl /Markets ....... ClMlfled ....... C-4 Piwrwm ....... A-S $.: Phon. HE 5-1161 -Cl«ilf!el No. HE 2-595y. ",;.- ' 30 PAGES ShownTM wrlj this inemiaf, becoming tnortly . sunny nd wirm in Uto morning Mtd ·ftoraooo. /' Windy. Sunny WednMdmy. Uttto chute In torn. '··'. : perature,, Expected hlfh «od»y, Ml low, SB. Moo. . day'. Ufh, 66; law, 88. ,. , , . . , , x '' LONG BEACH 12, CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY, MAY 21, 1957 VOL 19-NO. 265 HOME EDITION- 10 KANSAS CITY TWISTER KILLS 28 Solons Critical But OK Funds for L. B. WASHINGTON ( U P ) -- M e m b e r s of the House Armed Services Committee Monday questioned whethe the Navy may be forced to abandon Us shipyard at Long Beach, Calif., because the ground Is sinking. The -· ' committee approved '·Navy request for authority t spend $4,660,000 to counter th effects of the sinking, whlc . results from extensive oil we ' operations In the Lqng Beac . nrea. Before It comes tn · lloucovolc the sum must als .; be approved by the House Ap · ' proprlatlons committee. But members raised the qucs v tlon of whether the .Navy mlgrl ^) bo wiser to .abandon the yard -- rather than continue spending such sums. · The committee was told the end of the dry dock at Long ; : Beach had sunk 17 feet. Capt. J. W. Allcs of th Office of tho-Chlcf of Nava , Operations said the Navy spcn J3.724.000 to remedy 1 the effects of sinking last year, seeks $4,660,000 this year. and.will need about 5 million dollars more to complete the Job. , v- - · » · . · 'i;'.·,,'"..;__ - COMMITTEE Chiilrman Carl Vlnson (D-Ga) said It was "a , serious proposition" to rpend 15 · million dollars with "no assur* ance at all this subsidence will . cease." "It might be possible'It never will and then we'd have to abandon the base." Alles said surveys had Indicated the sinking would stop by . 1970, and the Navy currently estimated that 13 million dollars would remedy the situation. : "We're Just trying to keep ahead of It," he told the com- mlttec. Rend Admiral Leroy V. Hon' singer, assistant chief of the Bureau of Ships, said It might cost 100 million dollars to du plicate the Long Beach Instal latlon elsewhere.." .·' · · , · · *.' ,' KEP. JAMES E. Van Zandl (R.Pa) suggested that- Vlnson name a subcommittee to Inves tlgatc tho matter and "find out what It's going to cost the tax payer." - · , " ' ; . » . The committee also approved a $25,438,000 Item to start con- structlon on a new dry dock,at Bremerton, Wash,, to handle Forrestal-typo aircraft carriers, The dry dock's total cost will be $37,728,000, · Rep, Clyde Doyle (D'-Callf) sked why the Navy, doesn't xpand Its carrier facilities at an Francisco first. Alles re. lied that Pueet Sound Is the Navy'i "No. 1 carrier repair ard on the West Coast" and as deeper water than ' San Francisco, · ·· ' HUBBY SWAPPER NO. 1 Mrs. Betty.Jean Schwartz, one of the principals In a Mlllbrae, Calif., mate swapping arrangement, is ; helped Into her car in Reno Monday by attorney i Ell Livierate following her divorce. Shortly-after' ward Mrs. Schwartz married Martin .Brooks, a neighbor. Brooks' wife, meanwhile, married Mrs. 'i Schwartz' former husband. Story on Page A-2. WHAT WE 8AV wn want and what we actually want are entirely different, saj't Sydney Harris, Column on 'ageA-8, . - A SOUTHERN proposal to knock out key sections of the administration's civil rights bill rejected by a Senate committee. Page A-7. Rossellirii Says Love · - ·--.,, ..... - .... · · - . - : J - . , , , . . Story Is '.vFantastic' " ' ·' BOMBAY (AP)--Film drrector Roberto Rossellinl - Monday night branded as "fantastic nonsense" a story that he plans to divorce Ingrid Bergman for love of a , beautiful Bengali script writer. ' His denial was coupled with -i one by Ingrld herself. In Paris 4 ,· the Swedish screen and stage -,; star said "there is no truth a ; ' nil" In the report that RoucI '·';· llnl was living here with a married Indian woman and plannet - a divorce. Talking to a reporter In n ' lounge of the Taj Hahal Hotel, Rossellinl raised his hands Ir despair at the mention of dl vorco. SAID something like that when I came to India to : m a k e films," he declared. ,.,y "What can you'do about, such 1, things?" He said Ingrid knew ·,'' of the rumors and asserted ':,' there was no misunderstanding .'.;- between them. _ -Ho confirmed that the script .,. writer, Mrs. Sonnll Das Gupta, , . , has left her husband and Is liv- Ing In ft room on the same floor In his hotel. . . , .. "It Is a sad thing she has left her home but my conscience Is clear, for I have done nothing wrong," Rossellinl said. HONALI SAID by telephone that she Is 111 with Influenza and that her relationship with Ros- sclllnl Is no more'than a business partnership. She added: "It Is extremely embarrassing for me to talk about It all. 1 You will excuse me f I confine myself to my relations with Rossellinl, for whom I work. Everybody knows that "I have my own reasons for caving home and, believe me, hey are powerful ones." She has been described as beautiful, dark-eyed and classl cal featured. AFL-CIO Boots Beck Out Teamster Removed From Council Job . ' for Funds Misuse WASHINGTON ' (AP)-Fellow union chiefs Monda found Dave Beck guilty c. gross misuse of union fund entrusted to his care" an virtually read him out o the labor movement. The AFL - CIO Executlv .Council, organized-labor's high est tribunal, removed Beck per 'mancntly as an AFL-CIO vice president and. council membe on charges leveled by the Senate rackets Investigating committee For the pudgy, 62-year-old Beck the unanimous action, was a : heavy blow. His own Teamsters Union Is reported taking steps to oust him as. president, even though these moves are slow ir taklne shape. Chairman McClcIlan (D-Ark) of the Senate rackets Investigating committee applauded Beck's ouster as "more than justified" and said "all good union people and good citizens everywhere will heartily approve." Sen, Mundt (R-SD). another [[rackets committee member, said he hoped the AFl,CIO "will no follow through by helping enact legislation to prevent t recurrence of this type of situ INJURED IN STORM ^ Oran Lawrence carries his injured 3-year-old granddaughter, Shoryl Jeppsen, through'tornado wreckage after a twister slashed across the edge of Kansas City, Mo., Monday.--(AP Photo). . HUBBY SWAPPER NO. 2 ' Mrs, Betty Brooks leaves Reno courthouse Monday £ with attorney Ell LJvlerate after divorce which -; opened the way for her and Mrs. Betty Schwartz to ,'tswap husbands. Llvierate represented both women , In "friendly" divorce actions, Mrs. Brooks and her ·I; neighbor, eye surgeon Frank Schwartz, were mar- ^· later In the day.--(AP WJrephoto). Dio Trial LlALCSAYS:- \ , ' ' , H \ . * Only Good as Jury It IB now th* law in this stato that an Individual convicted oj drunken driving for th* second tim* must . »*rr* tim* in Jail and pay a'heavy line. Th* Judge . would, hav* no authority to glv* probation or other , rellei irom serving th* Jail term. Th* lint offer*, will * be punished according to what th* Judge may decide. But after that It will b* tough to be a drunken driver. Th* law has met with statewide approval. But II U recognised that th* law will b* only at good or useful as |uriei will make it. It is feared that th* mandatory Jail lentenc* on conviction will make it much harder to g*t convictions. Juries or* notorious lor their leniency on drunk drivers, in fact on many of our most dangerous law offenders. They seem to think the offender was caught in th* stat* h* is in when appear. , _ . ·, (Continued on Page A-8) hy'Silence' NEW YORK O) --The con splracy trial of labor racketeer Johnny Dio, alleged mastermind of the Victor RIesel acid blind- Ing attack, was postponed unexpectedly Monday when the government charged Its . wft« nesses had "clammed up." One of the witnesses, Gondolfo (Shlekle) Mlrantl was sen- fenced a few hours later to five years In* prison for contempt for refusing to testify, apparently because of threats against him. Mlrantl already Is serving a five- year sentence for conspiracy In the RIesel case. He was brought here from the federal prison at Atlanta, Ga., to testify against Dio, Another witness who suddenly clammed up w a s ' Domenlco (Nick) Bando, who was convicted of conspiracy with Mlrantl and was brought here from the t^eavenworth, Kans., f e d e r a l prison to testify against Dio, Bando was taken before the grand jury late Monday, but the hearing was adjourned until today before -any .action ,,was taken. . .1, .. · ' The postponement of the Dio trial came a few moments after Federal Judge William B. Herlands called his court to order for the selection of a Jury to try Dio and three other hoodlums. U. S. attorney Paul W. Wll- lams said prospective government witnesses against Dio had been threatened and as a result THE AFX-CIO acted on Se I ate committee charges that Be | had used more than $320,000 : [union funds to advance his pe |sonal fortunes and then refuiet to tell about It, Invoking tho 5t Amendment m o r e than 20 times, when questioned by Sen ate Investigators. Beck, claiming the AFL-CK proceedings against him were Illegal, also refused this mornln to answer queries on the Senat charges put by his fellow AFL CIO union chieftains. The council acted swiftly an unanimously against Beck aftc he fled to the basement of th AFL-CIO headquarters and spet away In an automobile to avol (Continued on Page A-3, Col. 1 LOANS CITED- Solon Raps U.S. Policy on Eggs? WASHINGTON (UHI _ Sen, John J. Williams (R.Del) sale Honday the government has oancd $35,000,000 to built chicken houses while spendlne $12,000,000 to buy surplus eggs Williams, a large poultry feed dealer himself, said six agencies have been scattering loans like chicken feed for three y e a r n while the Agriculture Depart, ment was urging poultrymcn to urtall production. He lold the Senate ' the roller Industry for years ha« rejected ·gc/vernment price sup. torts. He said "there Is a strong usplclon" that certain government officials were trying to orco the poultry Industry "Into JCh a serious economic state" lat It would have to come nder price supports, ' Store Filled When Tornado Strikes KANSAS crry. MO. tm When one of a series of deal dealing tornadoes struck Mon day.night in widely scattered sections of eastern Kansas am western Missouri, the worst hi a suburban shopping area.Rus ln Heights, 12 miles south o Kansas City. First eyewitness reports came rom this area and told of the lorrors and suffering encountered as the giant funnel ripped years old was found amid debris three-block wide path, five ilocks long. , A large supermarket, filled with customers, was torn and wlsted Into debris with many ustomcrs trapped underneath. "THE PLACE was filled with people moaning * and crying," aid J. M. Kesner, one of the rst to arrive at the super* narket. "It was Just as bad as ' a bomb had hit out there." Kesner and others started Igglnc Into the dcbrl* with icir bare hands. Others Joined hem, forming something like bucket brigade to move out he wreckage and get to the rapped. They pulled out at least dozen Injured In the first few minutes. Emergency calls went ou ummonlng all available ambu mces, doctors, nurses, police Now we got nd firemen, ; weather. She was not Identified Imme- them with one arm, and I ha Jennifer In the other. The win was blowing so hard. "I had to hold Jennifer by the hair." THE WIND knocked them down several times, but Angott managed to make the store. The body of a girl about, three n the yard of the Ruskln Heights Presbyterian Church. dlatcly. Heeding ratjlo and TV warn- ngs, residents of. Ruskln Heights flocked to the homes of neighbors with bnemonts, Arthur Buchanan, his wife and their three children, headed or the home of Bill Beaver. 'At least 50 of us were In the basement, laying on top of one nother three and four deep,' Buchanan said. The roof of the Beaver home lew away, some debris fell In ut no one there was hurt Adolph Aneottl, his wife and heir five children were at the uskln Heights shopping center Was told the hen the twister struck. They ran toward a hardware store Blame It on the VVM. He got a snow Job from, his buddies. ir shelter. "My Wife took two of the hlldren and got Inside the ore." Angottl said. "I had udlth ·' and Marcia, · holding Sicilian Earthquakes PALERMO, Sicily W» -- Two ght earth tremors were re- rded late Monday night at alermo and In the eastern part Sicily. No casualties or dam. ge were reported. THIS FIRING OF LONGBOWS MUST CEASE "Do-It-Yourselr WM H I E h f r o m W a s h 1 n gton headed this way on a nooplng tour. Little WM got so nervous he just couldn't make 1 a choice. 5ald showers · way but cool today, 200 Hurt; Suburbs Hard Hit High School, ChurcK in Rua-kin Heights i. · Completely Razed ' KANSAS CITY (AP)--A twilight tornado smashed across the south edge of Kansas City Monday night, killing at least 28 and injuring more than ,200. .. Twenty four of the dead' were counted In two real-. dentlal suburbs and four others died in eastern Kan. : sas on the fringe of the Met- . ropolltan area. . . . The count of the dead rose slowly as rescue worker* dug through debris. ... Greatest destruction was concentrated at Ruskln Height*, and Hlckman Mills, both In Mis. souri about 12- miles south of downtown Kansas City. The twister leveled a 13-store ' Ruskln Heights shopping center, the new two-mlillon dollar high ' school and the Presbyterian '' Church.,. . ' ·· · · * · "' i , - ' ' *'./' HERE IS a list of the IdentI- ' fled dead: . ." ' Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Rucker. '. 11800 Lawndale, Hlckman Mills; ; Mrs, Catherine Mae . Armon, 10610 Richmond SL, Ruskln ''. Heights; Mrs. Barbara Davis. . 31, Spring Hill, Kan, and her two daughters, Pamela, 7, and Tamera, S; Mr*. J. A. Marsh, 78. Ottawa, Kan. ! The Martin City builneu district, also touUi of the city, wa« destroyed. Many were Injured · there. . , - · . · · · · ' . : · . ' ! : . , , , ; . WHAT WAS believed to b» the same twister killed a woman near Ottawa, Kan,, about 60 miles to the southwest of Kanas City and roared on, dipping ' ts angry funnel to the ground .."·' t many spots, tearing apart arm houses and barns. The Martin City storm raced '' n to the northeast and smashed nto Ruskln Heights. Its progress was followed by ', le Weather Bureau on radar, .' nd numerous warnings carried · ' , y radio and television station! lerted the metropolitan area. . · · · » THE 8TOKM blacked out the stricken xone. Power lines wert ./. downed and roads blocked by debris, . Emergency treatment centers (Continued on Page A-3, Col! 5) . Orville E. Hodge:-; Notv Disc Jockey MENARD, III. (UEi -- Orvllla . Hodge, Illinois' fastest riling politician until he was caught stealing 2tt million dollars of ' he state's funds, has found · · new career--disc Jockey. The Menard Stale Prison an- " nounced that Hodge, sometimes called a master "con man," Is Its new chief radio announcer, At suqh, he spins records along with appropriate chatter and ' also broadcasts the prison ball games. It's quite a change from being ", t . , , , **.» 411110 n mange uuui UCIHE n the morning, then sunshine Illinois state auditor and hot nd warming later. With wind prospect for the Republican ^ ct ' . gubernatorial nomination, but The WM Is playing it every Warden Ross Randolph said .» -.· ut.ii *m«a (VosiMWI^ll 1111114 Hodge Is happy In his new work. on By (1EOROK WEEKS ·. '\ · Four of the .bridges found to'of such, projects would be rela stlne of sneelal weleht llm- lbe unlafe Sor maximum vehlcu- lively slight . * Posting of special weight llm- ts on five of Long Beach's 60 lar loa jj llm ' u are ln the Naples ' Of the two . other Naples area. Two of them, on The To. bridges ordered posted, one Is ledo over Rlvo Alto Canal, are on Neapolitan Wy. over R i v o irldges because of structural deterioration will be ordered by the state highway division. . Two of the postings will require a rerouting of Long Beach rtotor Bus Co, coaches serving he Naples area unless the city acts promptly to repair and trengthen the bridges, . ·:... i .Announcement to this effect was made Monday by R. A. Wagner, state bridge maintenance engineer, at the conclusion of a,.brief hearing In the dtyjtall. , , . , . . , . Used by local buses, Wagner suggested these vehicles be .rerouted by way of Ravenna Ave, But Chief Engineer Henry E. Jordan of the! Bureau of Franchises said the present routing Is preferable from a standpoint of serving residents In the area. - i TMm Whether the city will repair the structures so present routes may be retained was left undecided. Deputy City Engineer Chalmers Bower said the coit, Alto Canal and the other. Is on the same street over Naples canal. In all f o u r - Instances the state order will provide for a maximum weight of eight tons per vehicle, with nine tons per truck and trailer. Aside from buses, only « few heavily loaded trucks will be affected. . A speed limit of. IS miles'per hour will be Imposed for all vehicles over five tons In weight All four bridges were con- structed In 1913 to carry loca traffic. They were damaged In the 1933 earthquake and after wards repaired, but all fou show structural cracks and de- teriorlated pilings. Wagner said One piling was found ·"to be damaged on a Bellflower Blvd. bridge- over Los Cerrltos Channel.,Kor this structure the state will order maximum load limits of 12 tons per vehicle, 17 tons 'or semi-trailer combinations and 19 tons for trucks and full rallers. These limits are about 75 per cent of the legal maxl- mums. Bower said the city will probably repair this bridge before he limits are posted. 'The state engineer ordered continued closing of a. Park ', Blvd. bridge over the west arm ,' of Los Alamltos Bay, This structure hcs been closed for; ·: about two yean because of con- .:· structlon of the nearby J. H. '."'. Davles Bridge over the Marine 4 · Stadium. Its approach*! now .* show large cavities, Wagner - ·aid. ' · / , Bauer reported the city has' no immediate plant for reopen*' ' . Ing the bridge pending further J construction work on the Ms* *M rlna. , , .7;','All other bridges now open te · ·*' he city were reported by sttt* /' nglneen to be In condition to · i? support maximum legal weights.. f ' ·*.

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