Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 7, 1929 · Page 34
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 34

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1929
Page 34
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34 THS ALTOCftJA ALTOONA READY FOR ANNUAL NOVEMBER 9, 1929 I , INVASIONS Maroon and White Will Be Seeking Third Win Over Johnnies and Eighth, Successive Victory of Season —Will Start Regular Squad of Players. Altoona in all set for Its evory-other- ycnr journey across the mountain to give Johnstown a big day In football. Tho Altoona, High maroons travel to the Cambria city on Saturday for the tenth gridiron game of modern times. And Altoona will be accompanied by a record breaking audience of students and admirers, Including the maroon- suited band. Altoona enters the nnnual game With Johnstown an a big favorite to win. And even Johnstown admits It IB only a matter of the size of the score. Just the same Altoona Is not resting on Us past laurels. The maroons expect a stiff scrap. The series between tho rivals stands .Johnstown 5 wins, Altoona 2 wins, ami two tlu K" m « H - Here arc tho scores of past games: 1928—Altoona, 0; Johnstown, (I. 1927—Altoona, 0; Johnstown, 0. 1920—Johnalown, 13, Altoona. 0. 192!)—Johnstown, 1.4; Altounn, 0. 1924—Johnstown, 81; Altoona. 0. 192;!— Juhnslown, 19; Altoona, (). 1922—Altuonu, 13; Johnstcwn, 7. 1021—Johnstown, 85; Altoona, 0. • 1920—Altoona, 21; Johnstown. ]4. In scoring stuff; the Jawns lead with 183 points to Altoona'H 40. Altoona has played scoreless ties With the Johnstown team the last two seasons. And both games were played In several Inches of mud, Altoona missing scores in both contests after outplaying the rivals. Officials for Saturday Include Dun- ran McCallum of Lcechburtf as referee; 'Frank E. Butler (Pcnn State) of Kittanning as umpire and J. 33. E.sterday (Pitt), head linesman. Altoona HlRh enters the all-Important Johnstown scrap with a record of •even straight victories, the finest record ever scored by an Altoona eleven. Thn team has run up a total of 231 points to 12 for opponents. Johnstown High has one victory and four losses for the season* tho Light Blue and Black of Johnstown beating Indiana a week ago after losing to Cumberland. Lock Haven, Meadvilta and Portage. The Johns lost to Lock Haven 18-0. Altoona beat Lock Haven 25-0. Opponents have scored just Dl points against the Johnstown team this season. The low scores allowed opponents by Johnstown is being given lots of consideration by Altoona coaches. The low totals Is taken to moan that Johnstown has a pretty good defense system, ' lacking, however, in offensive plays, plays that produce scores. . Altoona High will have a squad of thirty-two players In uniform at Johnstown and Coach Snaps Kmanuel intends seeing that all of them get some service. Altoona has used at least thirty players in every game this sea»on. The same eleven players thar started the last threo games for the maroon ' and white will do the starting against t Johnstown. This team will be kept in ' action as long as the crow functions! properly. Coaches will take no chances with the team members being injured, as tho full strength Is desired for the Wllllamsport contest on Nov. 16 In Altoona. Johnstown is making elaborate plans for a welcome to the maroon and " white. One section of tho Point stand) . Will be reserved for the rooters anci ii band. A dance will follow tho game. i This "ball" is an annual event after a.11 Johnny-Altoona games. N. Y. U. HAS STAR. Tim ruport tlmt Have Myers, above, colored quarterback, would play against Georgia In New York university's forthcoming game with the tram from thn notith, brought another denial from Conch Clilck Meelutn tlmt ho would pluy. Georgia had requested thnt Myom bo kept out of tho game, after which n group of New York University students circulated a petition In protest against bin being burred, SIGEL MOTOR GIRLS TO ADOPT REGAL BLUE COLOR Tho Slgel Motors girl basketball champions, will U' in action on Friday evening at the Altoona Gymnasium, tha team candidates being called for a drill session. Tho team this year will be known as the Sl(?el Royals. Thu champions will appear in royal blue uniforms, the suits being of an entirely ^different style from all former suits. Herb Piper IK coaching the squad and he wants to meet all players on Friday at 8 o'clock. The. Slgcl team will-play a number of out of the district teams. Home and away games are arranged with the Pittsburgh girls. Cleveland P. R. R. will also play here. Other strong teams are now arranging -dates. STHIBLINO WINS ABROAD. PARIS, Nov. 7.—W. L. (Young) Strlbltng, Georgia heavyweight, decisively defeated Maurice Grlstello of France in a 10-round bout at the Cirque do Paris Wednesday night. • Strlbling, although outweighed 183 pounds to 202, won every_ round. Grlselle was floored threo times in the opening round and during tho balance of tho bout was chased around tho ring by the American. Although he failed to land a single solid punch during tho bout, Grlsello showed courage in continuing tho bout. "ROTHY" OFF TO JOHNSTOWN-TO SEE GUY JOLSON SINGS ABOUT n.v " "You boys all a goin' to Johnstown? scz I to a bunch of my shopmates. They wuz all a slttin' in tho blacksmith shop smokin' their after lunch pipes, an' clgarets, an' restin 1 from their Inborn of the forenoon. Its bin a long time since I heard the subject of scholastic football discussed by grown men In tho Pennsy shops, which goes to show how intense Is the interest that's bein' taken in our own Altoona high squad of boring machines. "You goin' Rothy?" sez one feller, "Me goin'," I answers. You bet your boots, I'm goin'. Wouldn't miss the chance of seeln' them boys humble that Jawn squad for a day's wages. Why I've bin walten yijars for this chance, why its wuth the price o' admission to see that, er, er, who's that boy that "Al Jolson sings about, oh yes, "Sonny Boy Milton," well Its wuth tho price o' admission, as I remarked before, to see that "Sonny Boy" bore through that line. You fellers, some o' you anyhow are ma- chlniHts, and run btjring. machines. Well that boy is goin' to go through that Jawn line Jist like you fellers push your machine through that axle, or driving rod, "How you goin 1 to git over Rothy?" spoke up some smart guy, walk? Not on your life, sez I. Don't you know that the Pennsy is goin' to run one o' them spechul tra.lns over on Saturday mornln', an' didn't you know that Fri- day wuz-pay day? What do you mean walk? Well at that the fellers winks' at one another an' grins. I don't know what they meant, but they suspects that 1 didn't hev tho money, an* I kinda gits my dander up, fer I thought mebbe they wuz countln on me deadheadln it over on my pass, what do you know about that? Well then the boys started to discuss that funny play that was mado on Saturday, when that Coaltown bunch got that one lone touchdown. As fer me friends, I had my back turned at the time, an 1 wuz talkln' to a young lady froTi Windbcr, an 1 therefore I couldn't explain the play, as I would liked to have done. "Gosh Rothy" sez I to myself, I'm glad I hov an alibi, fer It must ho'v bin a mysterious play, seeln 1 that nobody seemed to understand It. Some say It wuz the referee, an' others' claim It was the linesman, that blowed his traffic whistle, any' how It didn't stop traffic, fer that i Coaltown boy kept goin 1 doWn the fleld, and made a touohdowh. • Well boys, I wuz tittta' down on the ^tand behind home plate, an' when them Wiridber boys crawled off the field after the first half. They were so tired, that 1 they mounted them steps on their hands, an" knees. It was 'a great day, an* them high school' boys what plays in the band sura looked nifty, In their new , uniforms, with that high-hatted drum major marchln' proudly at their head. S'long. See you at Johnstown. Auto Aecenory and Radio Supply Sale ZIP AUTO & RADIO SUPPLY CO, 1514 llth Avo. Altoona, Fa. •«• Open Evo<vy Evening v leopold & Big leu TJIK OV'KKUOAT STOKK Models to Fit Your Type Fabrics to Delight Your Eye Styles to Please Your Taste and NOT machine made BUT! HAND-TAILORED TWIN-TUOUSER SUITS 29-so In every color und pattern .weave that is smart and new this season. See Them In Our Windows KansHS university authorities say heir fullback gets .$75 a month from n alumnus. But he has to sell insur- nce, too. O'Ooofty wonders if the word "In- urance" isn't meant to be "assur- nco"—that tho team won't lose a ame. Anyway, fullbacklng ought to bo plcndid training for an Insurance man. The Kansas fullback, besides know- ig how to tackle a> customer, ought to o pretty good at hitting the door for 10 yards. Of course, after he's through at Kansas, the fullback always can play a few more years of football at DaVla and Klkins. And; after that, »f he still has a few touchdoWns in his system, he can go to West Point. , At that rate, a man ought to b$ ready to enter professional football by the time he's SO. But some of. those pro griddcrs play as If they were older than that. ROOSEVELT JUNIOR HI MEETING SOPHS A football game that Is expected to prove one of the hardest fought scraps of the season will feature the Roosevelt High blue and white and the Altoona High school sophomore squad, the rivals to clash on Friday afternoon at 3.15 o'clock at the Cricket fleld. This Is an annual game and It's an annual scrap of real interest, too. More than the ordinary Interest Is attached to the game tomorrow. For the past two years Benny Welnsteln, promoted to the Senior High, coached at Roosevelt High and turned out winning elevens. Now he is coachlhg the A. H. S. Sophomores. So he really has the same, with some exceptions, during the past two years. As the coach at Roosevelt High no Weinsteln eleven was ever licked by the Senior High Sophomores. But the Sophs now say that the Weinsteln coached Sophs are going to turn In a .win. Last year Roosevelt Hlgn beat 'the older team by a 19-0 score. The year before Roosevelt won 20 to 0. Practically the entire Sophomore team this season Is ordinarily known as the Altoona J. V.'s. Just a few junior 'and senior students are In the Junior Varsity crowd. Sophomores -are In the majority and hence all J. V. games have been real games of preparation for the Sophs. Wins came over Spangler and Lilly, with Osceola Mills tied. The Roosevelt Junloq High team/ coached by Fred Davis, has three wins'- and one licking this season. The Juniors licked Tyrone 8-0 In this city and won by a big score at Tyrone last week. Orbisonla High was licked 62-0 by the Roosevelt eleven. Replogle\Hlgh of New Enterprise won a 7-0 game from the locals. Carl A. Burket will; be the referee, Dr. Guy S. Tippery the umpire and timer and Zip Milburn the head linesman for' the game tomorrow. CRESSON DUCKPIN LEAGUE Standing. Won. Lost Pet. Ford Motors '9 0 1.000 Coal and Coke .....'... 8 4 .667 P. R. R 6 6 ' .500 Firemen ." 6 ! 6 .500 American Legion 7 8 .467 Prudentials 7 8 .467 Maytags 5 10 .333 Penn Cress ; 3 9 .250 Tonight—Fords vs. Coal and Coke. Tomorrow—Firemen vs. P. R. R. SKIBO CAPTAIN. WHAT DOES "B. P." MEAN TO YOU? • '-, x • TO SOME IT MEANS BIRTHDAY PRESENT BAYUK ... something you are disappointed if you don't get, and something you .are often surprised if you do. But to, thousands, it means Bayuk Phillies—the cigar that Is made from the full-ripe, tender heart-leaves of the tobacco plant; the cigar that,men are glad to pay a dime for, because it gives them pleasure beyond any price-mark. Slip the foil wrapper off a Bayuk Phillie. Squeeze the cigar between your fingers, gently. Notice how firm yet yielding It is ... the practical proof of a cigar well made and well kept, ready to give you a half hour of deep-down smoke-pleasure. What a swell birthday present a box of Bayuk Phillies makes I . Three likeable sizes, all foil-wrapped—Perfecto... 10oj Longfello 10cj After Dinner ..... 2far25« PHILLIES Distribute! W. U. SX1UUSS At CO., Altvoaa aud Jujuufowu, One of tho cast's sturdiest linemen la John Dreshar, guard and cnptaln of the Carnegie Tech Sklbos at Pittsburgh. Drcglmr leads n veteran team, this fall, one that lost to Notro Jhitne only by ihe narrowest of margins. The. Plaid leader occasionally performs at center. He Is ft talented hooter, performing 'In the. kick-oft role and kicking points after touchdown. . Carnegie Tech will meet tho Unl* ' verslty of Southern California .eleven at Los Angolos Dec, 14 In one of the season's outstanding In*' torsectlonal contests. • I.EOION BOOKS GAME. The Bellwood American Legion foot- all team will entertain on the Bell- ooA "Y" fleld on Monday, Nov> 11, rmistice day, Manager Slttman ar- anglng a game with the Juniata col- ege reserves. Bellwood haa not lost. single game to any team In thajt 1 lass this season. The Juniata re^. erves are expected to give Bellwood ne of the hardest scraps. ST. FRANCIS tO MAKE SOME LINEUP CHANGES LOfcKttb, NbvT ?.—Fur has been flylfig at St. Francis campus this week as Coach Bill Donolioe re-vamps his grid machine In seafeh of a winning combination to prasent against St. Vin» cent's college lit the anhual clabsle between these two ancient rivals Satut. 'day. Donohoe's boys have been play* Ing hard, consistent football but lately they have not bean winning games and Donbhbe has, reaJched the hard boiled stage where drastic measures seem a mania With the ex-Catnegle Tech star. Practice this Week started on Tuesday and there was a long scrimmage today. Several second string players who have been showing well may be given a chance in the St. Vincent's game. With Salony out of the line there Is ft difference, although McLaughlln played a good ganio at Soranton last Saturday against St. Thomas. Billet- deau* W holding down his halfback position despite the general shake-up, and McLlster Is still doing well, while Kunzler ir considered Indispensable to the team's success. There will be a few changes, however, when the St. . ., ... •.. j, . We will be g(«d to demonstrate to yott the Pilot Ray Driving Light This light turns automatically with your steering and puts the light wh'ere you need it. ' American Garage Green Ave. * GENERAL " ' ' Goes a long way to make friends. J. A. LEAP 17« Eleventh Ave. GASOLINE and OILS WERTZBEItUEB'H Service Station Liherrr Ave. & 4th St. 1)1*1 8-9614 or 2-fI10 Francis team lines up against St. Vincent's. . / There Is also another hard game to prospect for Saturday of next week whet) St. Francis meets' Fairmont State Teachers' college. This is a St. Francis home game and will be played at Ores- son. GttOWTH \>IT GOLF. Improved and increased facilities for municipal golfers In Increased numbers are being provided in Baltimore as fast as workmen can do the job. It Was a lucky thing for Frank That Miss Mary Ann could swim For 'twas upon the river bank That she fell In (love) with him. We know you would fall in love with our products for most of them are nationally advertised. x>uf lumber is well, seasoned. James S. Fleck's Sons. Phone 7427.—AdV. Newest Fall and Winter PANTS of every detcription ,' for every occasion We MATCH YOUR COAT AND VEST Most Complete •AHiortntetit Shown In the City to M.SO Bine 8«rKM . 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