Independent from Long Beach, California on January 21, 1975 · Page 33
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 33

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1975
Page 33
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CIMNDEfWDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) '-- itiiiti,'TTm,*rr. '- " .'*·* cuttiFico MSISW flfrjfWANTED R«stwtmil Clubs 175 ( m * _gg ·? NE BO "HOME OF T ; " WAITR WAP CASh : COOK If ·DISHMACHIN NO EXPERIEN INTEF 9AM Jan. 19 6405 E. PACIFIC LONG NO PHONE C Equal Opportun HELP WANTED OHice .165 PBX- Receptionist 555 Bd WJC SERVICE PERSONNEL AGENCY 2360 Pacific Ave LB 426-7181 PBX-TELEX TO $550 Bright, pleasant, cord board exp Very busy job. Xlnt Co, LB, car GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 110 Pine Suite 309 HE 7-050 PERSONNEL ASSISTANT Must have at least 1 vrs cxpe Admin Seniority 8, other Provision of Union Contract. Ability to typ routine corres perform clcrica fund tons w-HI Degree of Accurac Nee. Please submit Resume o Qualification* to IPT Classitie Dept 'BOX-W676 6W Pine Ave LE RECEPTIONIST Free S525. Nice Personality for iron! desk io it vou enioy meeting people! Som typing (also fee iobs) NEWMARK AGENCY 3543 E. Imperial Hwv 63v 4435 receot-Pbx S650 marina personne agency 117 eBth 432-6911 VOLT Temporary Services 3570 Long Beach Blvd L.B. 10S 436-2140. ..EOE SECRETARY Free to S90Q. Starf a1 the top! President need help with correspondence keep »ng his schedule organized, (als fee iobsl NEWfAARK AGENCY 3543 E. Imperial Hwy 639-J43S SECRETARY FREE S850MC UNION SHOP-VERNON ALSO FEE JOBS CALL MR FAIRCHILD FAIRCHILD AGENCIES 7647 Florence Ave. Downey PH 927-4483 582-825 SECRETARY LEGAL Exper tor Torrance Trial Firm Shorthand, stertorctte. 'BM type writer, salary open, 530-39^ SECRETARY Our-Long Beach District office has an immediate opening for a staff * secretary requiring shorthand 80 worn, lyping 60. plus a minimum 1 yr. experience In -genera! clerical stenographic work. BLUE CROSS 3605 Long Beach Blvd Suite 1M Long Beach PHONE: 595-4611 Secretary - Receptionist Wanted for Sales OHice Call: 595-4419 ask for Teiri SECRETARY TO ihe Minister of downtow church Must type. Short han preferred. Send resume to Bo* C J8S Classified Department independent Press Telegram i/w Pine Ave. Lona Beach WW SECRETARY 537-3880 SECRETARY S600 MO. oo v necessary Medical reearc -ettlna in Downey area. Contact: Nancy Weideman 922-811 SECTY (LAB) ~ S="n Pedro bsoxi Medical L.=b \ H-iAino a secry for irs laborato-- *"-vices division. This mdivioua frsust.havc- a B A decree-, tvpe 5, rtPV accurately , have recent o '·cc fvjvience, prc-forraDU with mt-c-jcal orientation CALL KAREN RICHEY 548-1473 N'CHOLS INSTITUTE -.-;·;». ! c c'c S?50, nee fee mann SECTY TO VP FREE $750 LONG BEACH ·'.'ALSO FEE JOBS FAIRCHILD AGENCIES T~ Florence Ave. Do-.vnev PH ?27-i«3 582-8251 SECT V $600 !r..«e 'co co-s^arp s'abio tx-rfc.n 41 30 ;·'"! i'ST ic°iv E°" a ' "^sls STEI-CGRAPHER^Bi Lingua! S7K C q f ICE OVERLOAD TEMPORARY S?Ci BONUS FOR 1 ; - T -iCHC'JRS W O R K E D SECRETARIES KEYPUNCH TYPISTS BOOKKEEPERS pleaw feel neeaod' We need ot to help busy bosses Loog or yx" f assignments. Too wages · s?0 bonus tor 1st 40 hours worked NEWMARK RESERVES '3W3 E. Imponal t-Uy ' 639-il39 TYPIST-CLERK TRAINEE Front Otc. Appearance 5 Days : 8 til 5 . - P E R M A N E N T BELL GARDENS MrBruder 927-1377 HELP WANTED itttiunnts ft Clubs 175 :w B'S HE BIG BOY" ESSES \ fERS IERS IAINEES E OPERATORS CE NECESSARY MEWS to4PM to Jan. 22 COAST HIGHWAY BEACH ALLS PLEASE ty Employer M-F HELP WANTED Office US TYPIST Must Type 50 w.p.m. Accurately TYPISTS WE HAVE THE JOBS! WE NEED THE WORKERS! Work by day or week, newer a fee CALL or COME IN PROMPT Temporary Services 17813 Lake-vood Bl, Lakewood 630-1017 VAULT TELLER ROUTE ACCOUNTANT Coin counting experience prefe red, 10-key route accounting exoer helpful for Shipyard office o Nat'l Food Service Co. Good saiar benefits Musi be bondable. Fo appl call Mrs. Shurte at 634-810C betw 9am i 12 noon. SERVOMATION CORPORATION An Equal Opportunity Employer Professional 170 DIRECTOR Of COUNSELING SERVICES Please Submit resumes Io: Downtown Neighborhood Center 601 Pacific Ave. LB. Cal. 9080! DEADLINE Feb. 10. 1975 JOB DEVELOPER Bi Lingual 5700 2(00 E. 7th SI. 433-5761 Ext 17 SEAL ESTATE SALESPERSON EL-CO Realty 435-536 TEACHERS: English as 2nd Liln S850. 2600 E. 7th SI. 433-5761 Ext I/ Restaurants Clubs 17 BAR GIRL Davs. Exper. Apply before noo The Annex. 4300 Steams. 597-9576 BARMAID, NIGHTS TOP neighborhood bar. Good s.i BARMAIDS. Topless Combo. Neec attractive women. Good money 638 J71? Hrs Jpm-?am Closed Sunday Younq Atlrac. S3 to S3 Per H No Exper Nee. Call 432-8A06 BAR MAID WANTED. 24? W. Cri son, Carson. BARTENDER Attractive Female. Apply 10- Noon3908 Allantic Ave. LB. BARTENDERS Female. Top Pay. Apply In person 10 AM to 1 PM. Saratoga, Ne Yorker. 30-43 So. Pine Ave., L.B. BEERMAIDS2 1 Bikini. Good bar. 473 Long Beach Bl. 432-6608 BIKINI COMBO Too pay - Top working cond. THE HOLIDAY 944-45W BREAKFAST COOK. Apply 2-4 P^ 7400 Stuoebakcr Rd. LB COCKTAIL WAITRESS BARMAIDS Youno attractive, top salary SILVER DOLLAR 33 LB Bivd COCKTAIL WAITRESS Evper. ATTRACTIVE TURCS Sunset Bch (2131 5^2-915 COOK Community Convalescent 3SM E Esther. Lono Beach COOK (Full part time) Rochelle's 3333 Lakewood Blvd. COUNTER HELP Mont rt-ork IS Over On) TACO BELL fCW E Roiecrar.s. Paramoint NIGHT BAR GIRL SNACK BAR ATTENDANT Part Time Help Evenings NO e»w n-xe^^rv Ability TO ,=cK i-^ '.V-itL-e, ow 'S QX-. ·r.^c Frre movie DrMle-ges. N prv-ne raiu D'-MSC. app ji . Mon. in- Trv.r s Jftf-r ' Dm LAKEWOOD DRIVE-IN T H E A T E R :iOO CARSON LONG BEACH SNACK BAR GIRL M v ;,v TO 5 P V. Fun Tinv? ·~«OS AOODRUFF AVE BELLFLOWER T H E A T R E ^-v, h..n or MD nmt V. z* c . Anf f ,=,rn-J pm. 5Sr WAITRESSES ' W 'PALV|CRESTHOUSE 3SH Ceciar, LB M! T RESSE5 5. GIRLS fp- List lox t.^Vf cu' ai'p' -PP,' Pr-ii^r'; WAITRESSES SV we 'coding *c-r ,1 deoond^b'f init-rcitfii m ihi«, -hiM apply ORBIT RESTAURANT 590 E. WILLOW^ WAITRESS EXPERIENCED Stf John J3J ISS6 WAITRESS I mvirncrsl Age JJ-3T F.fdcu-nt Alternooni Cvc, Gvifl tms. Apply 4 00 P.M WARRI'S PIZZA MaO Long BfrtCti Rlvd NLB WAITRESS ,. MORNING SHIFT 6 nm motM) JiSS II. Pfltllit tMK H*» HELP WANTED Ktaurants t Clubs 175 WAITRESS Or w»lt«f, e»perlonc«J, Apply Bob'i Resliur»nl. 33 pine Aw, UB. S MtTC ^hop. Apply in person. Stos Mlaurant. VS18 E. Imperial Hvyv. Downey Retail Stores 180 LIQUOR CLERK Experienced Only. Local Rp(«,. Apply; 3tl Redoodo L.B. SALES PE n PL£ 3100 Imperial Hwy Lynwotrf Southern California Personnel Records Clerical For new 'Westminstr W.all Store- WuM typ" tt WPM Prefer Perionrw-l records eiperi- i.-ncc, bul will consider qc-nerat business baCK- groonrt E xci-'Hent condllions Application Accepted. \',OfJ thru FRI 10 am 1o 1? noon Personnel Department (ROBINSON'S, LOS ANGELES) 600 W. SEVENTH ST TELEVISION COMPONENT SALES X nt opportunity 'or exptr. per»n. Frr-c- liff major medical, paid vacation, spiffs, etc. 973-7373 KEN CRANE'S MAGNAVOX CITY \ / C T C D A M Q VtltKAlNo SV.illed or? Young or? Strong or disabled? H«Kl a iob° Apply 579 Pine Ave, LB between 2-J PM Sales 183 ASSOCIATE REP MEN WOMEN WANTED FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT H you arc new io Lonq Beach or L.A., temporarily discontinuing your education, recently discharg ed from the service, or lor any reason seeking temporary or ca reer employment, consider [his un que opportunity. The people we are looking for may be tired of folding papers, ware house iobs and working for a limited income. Work wifh young people. Rapid advancement possi bit?. H you are IB or over and wouli be available to slart work immedi ately.Call (213) 436-3289 ATTENTION! Huge Profits Distributing Organic Face Lift. Results Guaranteed CALL NOW: 438-1291 AUTO MECHANIC Apply in person st LONG BEACH HONDA 1760 Long Beach Blvd. L B AUTOMOBILE SALESMAN To Sell NEW AND USED (With some basic selling oxperi fncc) LIKE mosl dealers we pav good commission and bonuses anc have a demo insurance plan UNLIKE other dealers, we have a ·tO-year reputation in Southern Call fornia a large repeat business. We make only one promise "An excellent days pav for a good day work." Contact Mr. LaMar. 1 %"^P CHBYSlER-PirMOUTH |j 49W Candlewood St. 531-260 At Lakewood Shopping Center AUTOMOTIVE SERV SALESfAAN 8. MECHANICS Needed lor our British Levland Depl. Xlnt Pav Plan 8. Fring Benefits. Contact: Lovd Coat AUTO PARTS MAN w-EXPER. to help run Ofl-Road Accessories Manufacturing Dusi ness Call DICK or NORM 869-7919 DOWNEY AUTO SALES Experience preferred, free demo p an. high comm., free closing as sist.. bonuses, paid vacation, hosoi Ctir agency. Call Don 925-2251 SALESMAN Professional salesman with desire Io make money! Combo., all fringi. benefits. For long establishec Buick · Opel dealer. Contact John Cnpanna or Bill Peairs at PEAIRS BROS. BUICK Be mower 035-661! AUTO SALESPERSON Experience preferred but no essential. Exceptional Pflv tringc benefits. Contact Bob Grabham HOLIDAYAMC !J?7 Long Brach Bl., 599-1321 AUTO SALES Salary plus commission No Experience netessary Free use of car H^bor Auto Liquidators Lakewood Artesia Blvd BEELINE FASHIONS Now 3 WK. trainina, no investment TO e\per Ca r i?c. Pav while train inq. C^U for aPPl 21 3 869-6805 or 866-7226 BEST Sales Job In Southern Califor SS COSMETICS SS AVON EARN CASH WITH AVON or al the- "extras" ~ou need and '.vant H's easv and tun! For details call -n^ , V V CERRITOS Has Opening in: Cosmetic Sales MUST BE EXPERIENCED ? EH-n 1,3 i pm ' " V \V-n thru Fr 300 Los Cerritos Wall Los Cerritos Center INTERSECTION OF tC5 FKWY t. SOUTH STREET ECI.V O^po'ti.nitv Einp'ove- '.',-f 1 niihoJ C.VI St?.'N37 EXPERIENCED Carpet Salesmen W A N T E D MOTIOSI sincere porwi Aitn M't-s txK^^round This is a ivrmancni ixisi't.on with an ex Drtixlinq comivin',. TOP pdy, wod ch.l'Xf 0' pfOTtptton. healtti tvne ""APPLY LDStGEL Banner Carpets 925-5CW 773-9242 FSION WAGON has pflfi tinv cuvrirsis to sho\v ;). Cttrt rtti-k 3 ^vcninoi. A vrtVk, rt,ivo if.insp *. vrtXjirt TiVo fl frco iJ(C 'AArdrnOX CA" (J13) 835-lW f U L L O R PART TIME f;ASY HOURS GOOD PAY Slflf! Immodirttplv Musi have rcftaWc For inlornwtion 8. interview S9? ?3?7lvl J 5 0 m Onlv : ULl Off P^rt hmp S*1 or cOT»m 914-1713 HELP WANTED Sales 183 HELP! J1SO wV to Mflrl. Musi be over 18 Help wrvlce Mlal) Fuller Brusn CWlomer*. LB. Call 4XM6W P«" time avail alvo. HIRING NOW SALESMEN (3) MANAGER TRAINEES (2) To staff expanding office in Los Aljmitov Injeresteo in earning i800toSt600AMONTH v/rillo training with an increase while you learn? Those chosen would receive complele training. Ca' necessary. Permanent lull time position with the WHITE CROSS PLAN C. L. BRIDGES 7 AfA TO J:30 PM 213-596-5040 OR . 6 P\\ TO 9 PM 714-540-5082 LICENSED R E A L ESTATE Saleswoman for rental oHice J23-I257 MEN-OR-WOMEN Over 2). Part time work from home. 17-30 hrs a weeV- To 5216 per month. Call 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. ?rt)5W-lB11 or (213) 598-65.10 NEED A JOB? Earn 56 io J10 an hour, TOP jewelry company. For app't. 425-6226 NEED MONEY? Bf- a Sarah Coventry Rep in your are.i- No investment. Phone car needed J31-J569, 43frOOM. PERSONNEL COUNSELOR Must be people oriented and dollar motivated sell starter. SERVICE PERSONNEL AGENCY ?340 Pacific Ave LB 426-7181 45.00 per hr. 52.50 guar. Part Time eves, or perm. Full Time 420-1421 REAL ESTATE OPENINGS THERE ARE NO LAY-OFFS in REAL ESTATE! Are vou used to making 515,000 TO 530,000 a YEAR? If so · call me NOW for FREE PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE T R A I N I N G SALES MANSHIP COURSE. . All inatiiries confidential Century 21 REAL ESTATE Ask for Van Linen 422-0977 REAL ESTATE SALES $300-5400 WEEK DRAW Qualify? Call today if vou match our profile. Sales training, leads REAL ESTATE SALES New experienced sales people We have a sales office for vou in Cerritos. Top commission, adver thing support · bonus 8. medica Please ask for Wayne. 92J-i677 ELLIS SCHRADER, REALTY Real Estate Salesmen Wanted Ambitious person (or aclive office door lime. LANTING Rltrs 865-1265 R.E. SALESMEN, TOP Commission CANNON Really (7UJ 898-348J . ROSE HILLS NEEDS MATURE MEN, WOMEN FOR COUNSELORS Experience unnecessary. We have a free comprehensive training pro aram. Counselors representing Rose Hills have the added advan tage of prestige, stability and as sociation with a 60-ypar old loca firm. Many earn S900-J1200 pe monlh discussing a product which everybody needs and which is dis cussed daily in the media. Benefit include retirement plan and hospi talization. No investment. Fo possible openings in your area see: Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mr. Seth Britten at Rose Hill Memorial Park, 3900 S. Work man Mill Road, Whittier ROUTE SALES PERSON Experience Necessary Apply at: 1061 E. Artesia, LB SALES Auto .Sales Leasing Part time rep, no interference wit current employment. Earn good money in spare time, no exper ence necessary. You can even wor from your own home. If vou ar eager to corn and willing to 'earn Cal Worthington Wants You, - You can drive a new ford Free as vour personal demo once vou qualify - Sell and lease all makes models (Mercedes. Cadillacs Fords, etc.) - We tr.Tin you, supply all sell ing material personal busi - incredible opportunity to ad vance into mdnagement. - Win great prizes, 1rips tc Europe, elc - A great new social life !or VOL and vour lady. If you're clean cut and seek prestige money and the oood life, Cal's now nrooram is designed for you. We even help you get your license. Apply in person, after 10 A.M. or call fo appointment. 2850 Bellflower Bl. Long Beach 420-3333 SALES CLERK -s 639-1100 Full-Part Time Drive in Dairy. SALES EQUITABLE Life Assurance Cal! Chris for appt. 71-J-835-J54 Ext. 345 Equal Opportunity Employer M F SALES' Evper nee, woman betw 35 55. Technician to work in tacia salon. Pleasant personality. 63J SALES-Fuller Brush. EstablHhec routes. 5^)-71J6 or W5-4?6 SALES Ladies would vou like tc earn 5150 in 25 hrs. Aged 25-50. 1 so: Call J2J-5772 tx?tw ·ipm-Ppm SALES LAST JOB! National corporation manufacturing liqhtinq products tor industrial and commercial accounts has oix-ninos for sales- twsons in local areas Must be non pressure, honest and sin- C0fi? individuals looking for their LAST JOB! must be Qualified to open new accounts a? woll 35 up^raoe established uvrs Repeat business, secure future. Liberal training com- per.saticn. cvnotits. 7 AM -;PM MS. THUMANN 8MH998 An Ecua' ODKytumty Employer M r SALESMAN Assistant to Manager Too ".a'arv. permanent. APPLY LONG BEACH UNIFORM 200 Long Beach Blvd SALESMAN Tarn sfoo io S1600 while learning. PaydJv every d.iv if qualified. Contact Max MarkovitJ for personal interview M-173) (9-1) SAL£$A\AN Neat. Aqqrcssivo Younq Man P a r t Time Fxper in Men's C'ofhin? F'exicic Hrs. Co Eeocfits. ALES.VAS, prolcssiuruls. Ouaiided loads fumishot!. Xlnt financinq )ALt^AN - SiflPling EQulonon' ( ?r pflrV^qirtg, oHice, ifXlustrtrt' use Straight commissioc-pfofil. Stortv, repeal buiinoss. Car necti' Mry. (M-9301 ALE.VEN It ADS LflADS LEADS RCMODELlNG-New const. All dp,ili financed Cflll; Dale 714-894- SALES MEN i WOMEN " 1 rx-od Mp." J1W Comm. ivf vilo Call bftwocn ? AM Noon only. (?13) S9J-»?S Rich D.ivis HELP WANTED Sales 183 , SALESMEN 18 years ar*d over with car to wrv- FULLER BRUSH 1714)999.1970 or (212) W$-W2£ SALESMEN 3 Manager Trainees 2 Earn $800 to $1600 White Learning Compk-te training it you qualify Call Rov Lew (or pt-rsonal interview ?I3 973-2416 SALES Professional Corporation Looking for sales oriented person* to provide financial services. Our most successful people have had c background in books, vaccums. softners. Home study. Complett fringe benefits and training. SWX Mo. Salary -. Commission. Leads. Call for an appointment between H A/A 8, J PM. MR. V/ILHER (213) J35-6541 EOE NO AGE BARRIER SALES 8,0,8, Start out smart. Do vou work lor ft Company or have B ioto that yen. hate to go to every day? Lite is toe short!! 1 have a position for yoi thai you will love and the money '. preat. You should earn 5300.57 per v/eek to start. CALL ME 436-1261 SALES STOP LOOK ACT Are you unhappy with your present iob? Need salesminded men for ca reer opportunity. No canvassing or soliciting. Earnings should exceed $300.68 per wk. to start, with increase each year. Exciting sales Paradise, fringe benefits, unusual opportunity, CALL ME (213) 864-2745 SALES TRAINEE Interested in position with a malor Pump distributor? Xlnt opportunity, good company benefits. SEND RESUME TO: PO BOX 1369, SOUTH GATE, CAL. 90280 WE ARE E-X-P-A-N-D-I-N-G We need 7 Salepeople AS OUR 1975 SALES Are expected to increase as they did in -74. NO LAY OFF PROFESSION Work near your home from one of 7 MrlAcCaffertY 4M22 SALES-S100 DAY COMM. Plilcinc Mini Billboards irrL.B. 693-6119 Sales, $10,000. Up Call on Clients ol SL's' lor Mori, gage Co. So. East Area. Incl. LB, Norwalk La Mirada Mr. Thompson 9 til noon 927-0041 or 677-246* (213) SALES 530,000 FIRST YEAR Sound impossible? Not at all! Mobile Homes resales is where the SSSs are. If you have any sales experience and are tired of the grind, why nol work in pleasant surroundings and make the BIG MONEY, call Mr Martin. SARA COVENTRY needs good par' time sales people. No investment No delivery. Opportunity for man agement. 925-5761 SELL-Hosp Medical Ins. TOP Sal Leads. Mr. Wright 433-6721 SELL KIRBY VACUUMS. BEST DEAL IN TOWN. CALL 721-6701- TELEPHONE SOLICITOR Sal · Comm. Exper preferred. 8:30am-5:OQpmSdays. Guarantee Termite 213 B67-7223 634-4681 able man who can work withou* supervision in Long Beach area Contact customers. Age unimpor lant, but maturity is. We train. Air Mail G.G. Dick, Pres.. Southwest THREE (3) DIFFERENT POSITIONS OPEN -WHOLESALE -DIRECT -OR PARTY PLAN New consumer products. Not or market. PH before 12 or aft 6 p.m. (213) 693-3614 TIME FOR A CHANGE? Was 1974 a successful year for you 0 Does your present iob offer all ttw opportunity you want? COME ALIVE IN 75 We (urnish bonafide leads at no cost to you. Spend your time sell- inq, not looking. Earn $150 to $500 per week while you learn. For personal interview call 213-426-8983 TOOLS-ELECTRICAL-HARDWARE Wats Lines S150-S300 Com J24-S6S1 WE ARE LOOKING For College Graduates WHO are interested in a career in Real Estate. Walker Lee is one of the loading companies in the field. Our lop sales representatives earn J35.000 a year, ff you are interested in a career with rapid advancement high pay call: Mr. Btancl, 869-0817 WALKER LEE REAL ESTATE Technical Trades 185 ASSEMBLER Electro Mechanical varied duties. AccuBeam position. Constructors Supply Co. AUTO GLAZIER Must be Exper Permanent LB Area Co. Benefits CALL GARY LAWS at: 435-4806 AUTO LINE MECHANIC with Ford exper. Plenty of work, person to Service Mgr. at. Hensley-Anderson Ford 9S23 Alondra Blvd. Belltl Auto Mechanic Import. Prefer BMW-Mercedes Benz experience with tools license. Busy small shop. Huntington Park-Vernon area. Phone "Beny" 537-1600 AUTO MECHANIC TRANSMISSION EXPER A MUST. Local new dealer. North Lcnq Boflch AICH. Apolv Io Bo* A-WS3, IPT Cll«ifi«1 Dcpt,. 604 Pino Avc . L.B.. Ca, «*« AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC water pump t* air conditioning tomprfH-ww*.. Good OiW (unity HELP WANTED Technical Trades 185 Air Conditioning Ted) * Helo Wanted. Part of Full Time Call aft 7pm 431-0668 AUTO PAINTERS HELPER Top salary. Pleasant working conditions. 5 day week. Paid vacations hoSidays. . W.F.McPheeters/lnc. Auto sales · service · finance 1450 L. B. Blvd, L. D. 599-2481 1 yr exper. Must have valid lie. NLBarea 213-865-9137 BAKER Experienced preferred, Apply Win- chells Donut house. 13540 Centralia Rd, Lkwd, 360-4509 BARBER; Spanish speaking p r e f . 591-9068 Tues-Sat. or 423-9il4 Sun.//ton. BEAUTY OPERATOR BIXBY KNOLLS «6-4515 with folio-wing, rent space. 434-9525 BEAUTY OPERATOR Seal Beach 431-1040; 596-3047 BEAUTY OPERATORS 435-391 B 925-2203 BEAUTY Operator Wanted! Full time. Guarantee, Must do Blow cuts. Vacation pay. Clientele pref. Call Linda's. 437-5028 - BEAUTY OPERATOR 65°.s- J paid vacation. Bring your Glowing to RON'S LOVELOCKS. Un que shop. 70% possible 434-1404 tpe. Very Busy Shop in a Vons, 5av-on Shopping Center. Lkwd- Cerrltos Area. Call 925-1489 CABLE TV INSTALLERS Experienced. Apply: LONG BEACH CABLEVISION 5935 REDONDO AVE, LONG BEACH Equal Opportunity Employer CAMERON OPERATOR Must be able to read d" ruler within .30 seconds of an inch. Know shoo math Excellent benefits conditions ARLOH PRODUCTS Carson-Dominguer area Call Mr Taylor 537-7140, Sam 3pm CARPENTER Temporary until 6-30-75. 6 or more vears experience as a carpenter or cabinet maker.- Equivalent to 8th grade education. To do all phases of carpenter work. Salary Is S6.19 Hour. Call: CALIF. STATE UNIVERSITY Long Beach Stalt personnel office (213) 493-4031 An equal opportunity employer CONSTRUCTION Gen'l See last Sun- CONSUMER COUNSELOR $6310 Year. Experience, 1 year college considered. North Long Beach residents only. CALL 423-0953 DRAFTS PERSON Ability to interpret interior prospective concept for elevation, reflected ceiling plans specifications. Call 537-8200 630-1017 PROMPT Employment Agency ELECTRONIC TECH Manufacturer of 2 way Communications has openings for experienced Electronic Technicians. Will consider Military or Commercial experience or graduate of approved Trade School. Must have working knowledge of Communication Equipment good background in Solid State. Excellent opportunity with fast growing Company. GOOD FRINGE BENEFITS (213) 325-1290 FIELD Service True S4 Up Good electro-mechanical expr SERVICE PERSONNEL AGENCY 2360 Pacific Ave LB 426-7181 . MiLLMAN Exper. w-stiaper pattern-sample making. Ability to work from blueprints sketches. Permanent, xlnt. waqefi. benefits. CAL-STYLE FURN. MFG. CO. 3015 E. Ana St., Compton [No. L.B. Area) 537-3520 GLASS INSTALLER Exper in residential glass, mirrors, auto, etc. Shop in 1 Huntington Beach. (714) 847-9393 for appt GRINDERS, O.D.- I.D. Precision, Spherical, General. $5. · 56. an Hour, if qualified. (213) 564-3351 Wr.Swallcy GRINDERS Wanted. Form Grinders, Tool S, Cutter Grinders, Win. 5 years experience. TOP pay Benefits. 630-5923 (213) GRINDERS SJ.4D 630-1017 PROMPT Employment Agency 17813 Lakewood Bl, Lkwd HANDYMAN Carpentry, electrical, plumbing odd iob experience. $600 * bonus. 6 day week. Apply: Birdhaven Convalescent Hospital 16910 Woodruff Ave., Bellflower Inspector Quality Control Line Inspector for manufacturer of heat treating furnaces, fab shop experience required. Thorough understanding ot welding symbols, procedures, blue prints able to use micrometers, viniers. Permanent employment including profit sharing. PACIFIC SCIENTIFIC 6280 Chalet Dr. City of Commerce {Near Downey) 927-5333 Equal Opportunity Employer INSTALLER AUTO RADIO Large private corporation will pay for career minded individual with electronic background in auto radio repair installation. BOMAN INDUSTRIES, 869-40J1 LATHE MILL OPERATOR PRODUCTION \\ACHINING. GOOD BENEFITS. TELE-SHEEN 3791 Catalina St, Los Alamitos ... 6626 HELP WANTED HELP WANTED Technical Trades 185 'JOURNEYMAN MEAT CUTTER For Wholesale Plant. See Mr Ueti at: 11855 Brookhurst, Garden Grove 714636-1780 LEATHER Garment Worker Custom Cuters Graders Sewing Machines operators. Must have teainer garrtwm txpw. awty; »wi S. Atlantic Ave, Southgate. MACHINE OPERATOR Exper wilh Lathe. Mill S. Grinding Equipment Preferred. ATLAS TESTING LABS 492? E. Slauson Ave, LA 685-4242 MACHINE SHOP PERSONNEL Manv types W.07 - 56.50 SERVICE PERSONNEL AGENCY 2360 Pacific Ave LB 426-7181 MACHINIST Class "A" Profile Mill Overtime, Medical Insurance DAY 8, NIGHT SHIFT BRICO Engineering Co. ?322? S. Norrrtandie TORRANCE .. 326-4301 MACHINIST Jig, fixture prototype, 5 yrs minimum exper. Apply in person Monogram Industries Inc 1165 E. 230th SI, Carson Machinist Lge. Lathes VULCAN MFG. CO. 10211 So. Alameda St L.A. (213) 567-2473 MACHINIST Mil! Profile operators SHANE INDUSTRIES 737 E. 223rd St, Carson Call B30-86W. MACHINIST N-C Lathe Mill (Experienced only) PRATHER Engineering, Inc 3285 E. 59th StNolng Bch MACHINIST Oil well tools. Must have own tools, must make own set UPS. CAVINSCO 424-8564 MACHINISTS Burgmaster 13900 5. Broadway, Los Angeies MACHINISTS Dyna Drill Co Has Immediate Openings: DA Y SWING SHIFTS Journeyman Machinist Tool Joining Experience S6.00 per hour, UP DAY SHIFT "A" MACHINIST Turret Lathe S5.25 Per hr UP Excellent employee benefits, paid vacation, sick leave, pension, group lite, medical disability insurance NON-DEFENSE Contact Personnel 2450 Cerrilos, Signal Hill 476-7186 Equal opportunity employer MACHINISTS For the following type machines: (Swing Shift) --ENGINE TURRET LATHE SPINDAL DRILL PRESS -DRILL PRESS --PUNCH PRES5-100 ton --TOOL CRIB Attendant-Must be exper. in tool cutter grinding Call Mr. Riley or Mr. Davis, 770-1509 VAREC, INC. COMPTON MACHINISTS TOP PAY OVERTIME Howard Turner Mfg Co. 42.1-1656 MACHINIST We have a requirement for an exper machinist. Work involves rough machining of large parts up to 15 inch diameter. Interested applicants call Wayne Brooks at 723-5267 BROOKS TUBULAR PRODUCTS 8825 Pioneer Blvd . Santa Fe Springs An equal opportunity employer MAINTENANCE ELECTRICIAN Must have industrial Mfg. exper. be able to trouble-shoot. MECHANIC Must have industrial plant machine repair exper. Permanent, Xlnt wage 8, benefits No. L.B. 537-3520 MAINTENANCE Good dependable Maintenance men. Experience necessary in all phases maintenance and repairs. Salary open. BAY HARBOR HOSPITAL 325-1221 Ext 363' MAINTENANCE MAN An all around man capable of keeping a small parts manufacturing plant in top operating condition. Must have knowledge ol installing electrical conduit, plumbing, some carpentry. This is a good job tor the right man. TOP wages. 3220 Industry Drive, Signal Hill 597-4469 775-1305 MAINTENANCE WORKER NAVAL SUPPORT ACTIVITY LONG BEACH 831-8881 Ext. 323 Equal Opportunity employer M-F 1V\ANICURIST Full-time Wens Hairstyling MECHANIC Busy Service Station needs mechanic with own tools, Class A li cense. Call 431-1564 Technical Trades 185 ABEX NEEDS PRECISION GRINDERS Must have 5 years experience in I.D., 0. D., and Surface Grinding. Extremely close tolerance. Write or Apply in Person to Personnel Office or Call (805) 486-1666 ABEX CORPORATION 3151 West 5th Street Oxnard, California 93030 Equal Opportunity Employer HELP WANTED _|_JJFI P WANTED , Technical Trades j|^ TjcjinicaJlJl^i---- ·-·· · 1 FABRICATION ' ' ' !; MACHINE BURNER LAYOUT WELDER , ···· FITTER i ' Must te able to work plate steel, read blueprints, do set-ups, have own hand tools. Apply 8 to IVMonihru Thurs. FULLER CO; 2966 Victoria 63W60 ° An equal opportunity employer HELP WANTED Technical Trades 185 MECHANIC (HEAVY DUTY) Experienced 5 vears with Cranes, diesei. Excellent fringe benefits, Apply in person only Mr- Peter Me Gowan Superintendent Nat'l Metal Steel Corp 691 New Dock St Term Island Interview Hrs. 8 AM to ID AM MECHANIC Must have Class A Smog Lie. 5 Day Week. Benefits. Domestic Cars Only 596-3737 596-3737 MECHANICS; See last Sun. Peace Corp-Vista ad under class 170. MECHANIC to service 8. repair recreational vehicles, in large new facility, minimum guarantee, plus many benefits. Experienced only need apply to Ken Brady. BILL BARRY TRAVEL LAND 3765 Cherry Ave., LB J24-8581 MECHANIC Transmission Rebuilder EXPER. only. Must have own tools. Good salary. 8:30 to 6 PM daily. 714-093-8331 MILL MACHINE $4.75 630-1017 PROMPT Employment Agency 17B13 Lakewood Bl, LAKEWOOD PARTS CLERK Must have basic electronic knowledge. Lots ol room for advance. S2.75 hour to start. BOMAN INDUSTRIES, 86V-4W1 9300 Hall Road, Downey PLASTIC Extruder Opr 53.25 Up SERVICE PERSONNEL AGENCY 2360 Pacific Ave LB 426-71 81 PLATER. TOP notch precious metals. Exper in all phases. Electroplating. TOP wages. Exper only! QUAKER CITY PLATING 7937 Chatfield, Whittier. 213-9457213 PRESSMAN AB Dick ITEC Apply in person Postal Instant Press 15557 Beach 81. Westminster Prod Test Tech A to $4.87 FREE-ALSO FEE JOBS 2 yrs exp-trouble shoot dig anal Elec test equip-xlnt benefits A E A AGENCY dOld Long Beach Blvd 424-0721 PRODUCTION ASSISTANT SPECIALIZED FORMS PRINTER Needs individual capable of assuming initial responsibilities of ordering and maintaining inventories of all production supplies preparing production tickets. FORMS ENGINEERING CO. 3351 Imperial Highway Lynwood 90262 SHOP SCHEDULER . Immediate opening in our Production Control Department for a Shop Scheduler. Duties will include scheduling shop machines by loading machines according to production control reports by Mfg day, reschedule MOs due to forcas! changes. Good starling Salary with excellent fringe benefits Including dental insurance. Qualified applicants apply. WESTERN GEAR CORPORATION Graphic Arts Division . 11511 Bellinger Street Lvnweod, California 90262 638-7821 ext. 601 An Equal Opportunity Employer PUNCH PRESS SJ.21 630-1017 PROMPT Employment Agency 17813 Lakewood Bl. Lkwd RADIATOR MAN Steady. 5 Day. LB. 537-0334 or Eves. 122-2975 RECREATIONAL VEHICLE ' MECHANIC Experienced only need apply to Ken Brady. Bill Barry V,W, 3940 Cherry Ave., LB. 595-4401 SEAMSTRESS-Exper-Part Time. Call betw 10-6pm 421-8945 SEAMSTRESS Experienced. Part Time. Call betw 10-6pm 421-8945 SERVICE STATION MECHANIC with exper. Good opportunity for right man. S64-3019, B64-Q170 SERVICE STATION MAN . Exper. Days Ret. Slart Immediately. 600 W. PACI F 1C COAST HWY. LB SEWING MACHINE OPERATORS Single needle overlcck. Steady work-good pay working cond. PANTS TOPS R' US 597-4916 3111 East Anahiem St, LB Sewing Machine Oper's, exp single needle, special machines SHEET METAL CHECK STRAIGHTENED Works with Aircraft templates anc check fixtures ' STRETCH PRESS OPER Sets up and operates ERCO and Hufford type skin presses. Positions require minimum 3 years on the iob experience. Must have own tools- Benefits include Company paid medical-life insurance enc a potential of 30 total paid days of per year. Day shift positions available. ' NO LAYOFFS APPLY IN PERSON O/ JlRCR/tFT HYORO-rOKMMO, INC. 131 E. Gardena Blvd. Gardena, Calif. Equal Opportunity Employer SHIPPING DEPT. LEADER For Steel Door Frame Co. Job involves handling, finishing coor dinalingw-carriers. 323-7205 SHlP-Receive $632 Co pays tec for person with kixwl edge of Air Freight, UPS, Parco Post. Will work into supervision N.iJ'i fn fflll loday 63Q-117 PROMPT EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 1 7813 Lakewood Bl, lakewood ALSO FCC iobs SPRAY PAINTER Electrostatic We nfcd more ihan iust a painter Must know dvcs, sMins, antiQue Ins, finiihinq (ecnninues. Bcs equip. Cleanest inof. TOP pay fo too man. Mr, Perry. i37-71M CLASSIC BRASS TERMITE MAN EXPER. 179HBcllllwwrBI, Belli. HPI P WANTED .._ Technical Trades 185 °° LCR ' B »10I7 PROMPT Employment Agency I7B13 LakewooO, Lkwd TOOL CUTTER GRINDER ' EXPERIENCED. 50 Hrs. Per Wk. Nr. 605 Frwy 8. Alondra METAL PRODUCTS INC 10602 Midway Cerritos TOOL DIE MAKERS UP To $6.30 Per Hr. Eve Shifts Call or Write Mr. Olander (213) 941-3281 CALIFORNIA INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS 1152550. Shoemaker Santa Fe Springs. Cal. 90670 TOOL MAKER ALSO: TRAINEE S.C. TOOL DYE 11280 S. Alarneda, Lynwood 213-631-7080 TOOL MAKER Machine Shop Leadman Commercial manufacturing firm is seeking a person to fabricate ilgs fixtures. Will lead small machine shop operation. Xlnt working condi- t ons benefits. Pav commensurate with exper. ability. APPLY IN PERSON TO Communication Mfg. Co. 3300 E. Spring St. Long Beach URRET LATHE 54.75 PROMPT 6 EMPL 7 OYMENT AGENCY WELDER-COMBINATION 5 vrs exper. Must know acetylene, arc, T.I.G. M.I.G., symbols. CALIF. TRADE TECH. 591-5671 ituations Wanted 190 ITUAT10NS WANTED ADVERTISEMENTS ARE FOR PERSONS WEEKING EMPLOYMENT WITH A SPECIFIC COMPANY OR EMPLOYER. ADVERTISERS OFFERING SERVICES TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC WILL BE CLASSIFIED -UNDER HOME SERVICES 210. EX McDonald Douglas Employee 5 1 -'? yrs exper. Blue print file clerk w-lltc typing. 213 B67-937B KKPG, my home. Accls payable receivable, payroll, profit loss sheet. S4 hr. Fast Dependable service. B67-57U betw 2-5pm daily TTRACT1VE Woman Chauffeur will drive for reputable executive only. Call Dee 596-7588 KPR.-Sect'y. lady 38, full dig. payroll, etc. Constr. exp. 11 yrs. yrs. Sm. office. 435-6874 OUPLE needs custodial work in Ige church or office bldg by March 1. Ph collect 303-279-2461 MATURE responsible 17 year old Belmont Shore boy needs any kind. Of work. 498-1558 EACHER5: See last Sun. Peace Corp-Vista ad under class 170. Property Managers 200 COUPLE TO MANAGE Compensation Apt. + Utilities, Adults, No Pets 16910 Woodruff, Bellflower 867-1761 before J p.m. ASSISTANT MANAGERS To help with maintenance apt rentals, for 93 8, 149 Unit Apt complexes. In Long Beach, Lkwd area. New Security Bldg. 423-3130 XPER1ENCED Full time mature couple to manage apt complexes in Downey and La Habra. Apt. plus salary and extra benefits. Call 213923-9371 Monday thru Friday ECURED luxury bldg in Belmont Heights with 21 Gold Med. units needs couple. Adults no pets. Beaut apt -t- util · fee. Call 434-4489 for interview RETIRED COUPLE to manage mobile home park. Call after 6 p.m.' 213-430-W33 OUPLE age 404 to manage well maintained all Adult apts. Orange - LA county, 40-80 UNITS. Xlnt tenants. Sal + bonus. 213 926-4407 MGR -20 units. For appoint send name, address phone. Box A 4673 PT Classified Dept, 604 Pine, LB RETIRED or semi-retired couple. 10 Furn. units. FREE rent. 437-6421 Mon. thru Thurs. 10 AM to 12 noon ASST. Managers. Older. Exper. not nee. Help in 100 unit in exchange torrent. Bellflower. 633-0869 downtown. Over 40, ref. rcq. 1 br. unfurn 4 S80. owner 714-532-6939 apt DNTWN. Light duties. Furn Dble Ufils 213-597-5357 MOTEL Cpl to alternate every other week w-mgr. 12225 E. Firestone. Norwalk. Apply in person NEED COUPLE over 40 to manase downtown units. Call 435-5893 or - 43J-5605 turn, units. Free rent. 437-AJ21 Mon. thru Thurs. 10 to 12 noon. 22 Deluxe adult units in ELB, prefer experienced mature couple. ROSELLE L. SOMMER 430-3588 OLDER COUPLE to manage 10 units, no pets. 832-1874. RETIRED couple for 16 units. Free unfurn 1 Br fees. 439-2229 Child Care 205 THE INDEPENDENT, PRESS TELEGRAM ACCEPTS ONLY LICENSED CHILD CARE HOWES UNDER THE CHILD CARE HEADING. WE SUGGEST THAT REFERENCES BE CHECKED. CHILD Care Responsible Reas. Full or parl time, Mon Ihru Sat. W da Nr. So Belli B66-0337 OUR SAVIOURS LUTHERAN Pre-School 6:3oam-4pm Mon-Fri 370JUNIPERO 43J-7109 CHILDREN'S CREATIVE CENTER Ages 2-6. Breakfast-lunch 437-5305 CHILD CARE, mv home. NLB Area. 5 Davs WX. All ages. 423-2957 DAY CARE in my Pvt Home. 6 or LIC. Child Care. Mon. thru Fri. Ages 2 thru 6. BM-1021 Lkwd LIC DAY CARE, ages 06. Nr. LKWD 8. Alondra. 433-8121 LICENSED care, Los Altos area Age over 3. 429-W28 LIC. Nursery School. Hot lunch. 2 to 6 yrs. 1208 Rose. 599-5015 ···H Machinery Tools 225 SRACO EH 333, Airless Ptlln Sprayer with 10JV ot Hose. 2 Tips I 'H« r H'SS,F PAINT Compressor, Mini rot. p«in liiws. spray gun. do: 771*911) TELESCOPIC 1500 ID. cap Bto Jo pallet iack'7 mos oW «9-77ir XX AMP Lincoln wtldor. 220-UO volt »!50. «4.276« osys,- Sy.707t eves

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