Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 55
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 55

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 55
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Nj* D-4-- INDEPENDENT «···» MM*, CMH,, m, Mar. n, IN* CLASSIFIED INMY JUU/J..A AMMMMtMTti TraVel Periihl Notice. . Cards ef Thankt . In Mamertm Fantril Directors , Cem««tri«. Mauteleums . 5 Udeja NMICM , : Ineom* Tax , t BWm out . i» Jeclal Clue* Lost I Feuoal __ MYSrioill. Insurance Oiuixh NoflcK D(t/- Denllili. Chin Heart Aid. ... -_1J __U _1« toard t Oueil Homei leans (Sal., Auto, FvnM , p Horna*TM»._.W _»A -- 21 Property Management We* Wanted (Women) Wa/fc Wanted (Men) Wort Wauled (Men, Woman). Cer;« Children _i ^.-. CdlmhiMrt ·uilnest. Professional Sirvlca GuWV -.3e -31 ..Jt .- .3J» M*rcli«idl» M/tceflanaous Machinery I Too!l . Equipment Rent Phettpraoliy ^ Cattfraa, SupoUe* ,: -- Buftenn to Bt Moved . lull** MMerlali .,,.· Foam Rubber -.: Miscellaneous for Sale ; Nrlohtorhood Garage Sales. Seortlns? Goods Fumifurt for Sire Anfjowe ; ; Fur)iftiirt Wanted __u Household AwHlancei Wuiffal Instruments Pfeftos t Organs : Radios t Television ;,, HI-FI t, sterio .._--i Rad'o, TV, Ht-FI Wanted. TV I, Had* Keielr i_.i_: Sewfnfl Machines '_ i , Office- Supollev ft EoulpmenL _- a Z«A __JT .__« _*t 71 --Tt*. TIB .-·._..7T 72A L.75» 7J 7« Tt ...,Tt Z!79A M !_H .._.H -i-.n 14 U r«t», . poullry, R Hotels ft Molelf I Rent! _,,. Retirement Hotels . Rooms for Rent , . _ ,,. ·loom Wanted V:__L Raohi and Board ,. HotpekeaoTno. Rooms .', Renjtls--To Share Furahhad Duplexes L Flali Un^urn. Duplexes ft Flats__ Furatshaor Apartments _..^ Un^pished Apartments . ', Unfurnished Houses _. ~ 110 Suburban--For Rant 1II Mountain, Belch, Desert . _I11A Rental Exchanges : :._II2 Rental Agencies .'.113 rYpfeuiOBll i Business Offices for Laasi · ...1 1 I Business ladusfrial Properly for Rant : 1 1 5 Wanted lo Rant '. _I22 Rill titatt lOturanct and Escrows .,,.,,, brasaf, Hotels, Apt. Income. Inyeilment Ooeortwnlh/ _,, Business OpoerlunltlH .. __. Bl/jln'si Opa's Wanted .'. Heal'Estale V'inled .".T.T". Real Estite Exchange AniKxineemenn 00 FOR THE PROTECTION OF OUR READERS AND ADVERTISERS The IndooXKlen), Pras-Tal«- oram never knowlnflly publlin- VVhen any adverttsenwnt proves to be In v pfatlon ol thesj p;h- cbes.ll will bt t Imlnalcd from the classified columns ef mil newspaper. Wt Inylha vou to report such violations W ffi Better Business Bureau, 130 Beach, V * 1U '' SU "*' C ' L0ng INDEfENDENT, PRESS..T£LEGRAM LONG BEACH BAR ASSN. will help VOU gel a lawyer If you need one. 115 Pine. Room 512 ATTEN: 1954 Poly HI Grads. Reunion Dinner. Junt ]71h. HA 5U36I Trovei AO ^T FLY # EL CAPITAN CASINO WALKER LAKE HAWTHORNE, NEVADA $ 10 EVERY DAY PACKAGE ROUND TRIP AIR DINNER, COCKTAILS ,-., PAGNE EN ROUTE, SoUVENL. CHAMPAGNE GLASS, L I M O SERVICE, LOUNGE ENTERTAIN- TRANSP., (!), CHAM, SOUVENIR K'ENO -- BINGO -- 21 CRAPS -- SLOTS ASK ABOUT OUR V Ladies NIte, Stag Nites DAILY FLIGHTS Mon. thru Frl. , 6 p.m. FHlei ii I pjn. . Sun. depart 10:30 a.m. AoxKllcnal Weekend Flltes FOR RES. BROCHURE Long Beach-HA 1-9351 Burbanlc VI 9-5568 ·Tax Ko Baggagt on Tours irCAHS DELIVERED To or from anywhere tn U.S. AUTO ORIVEAWAY M3-1307 CARS FURNISHED FREE, t points, U-DRIVE. DU 3-13 Boris* FROM $2.50 . FLOWERS FOR Forest Lawn Funerals Funeral Notices SAYNES--Myrtle" Irene of 5337 Ab- · bevfleld St. Survived by oaugh ten, Mrs. Dorothy Belalre. Mrs Beverly Brown; brothers, Delbert · Clark and Robert Slallerv; slsler Mrs. Druzella Taolln..service Sat BORGAN--CLIFfORD · Of 2731 Long Beech. Blvd. Ser 1912 LONG BEACH BLVD. ISI let-Lots] Inc. Prooertv for Sale Income Prooertv (Molels. Tjaller Parks) . Own-Your^wn Aols, ,,...___. Coooerailvt Arts. . Condominiums -._ Pqojrxes for Sale . Ult 'for Sale Lots'Wanted Hornts for Sale :._. Southland City Prooerty _ Orangt County Prooefly .-- Sagjtl. Bay PnsDertv ; OuJgOf Tcwn Prooerty OuVof Sfsie Property Government Land Ranches and Acreoe Movnlaln and ^Desert--Sa'e. Mojflng 1 storaoe., .,,.. ·til'Eslrie Aucllons t/tenft to Lean M R-E. -.1341 .--III 13* _1MA m 140 141 .-.145 143 ,.'....T44 _.. I4S !« .11 149 ....ISO 151 Money Wanrtd . InvwbntnH »_ dl -t MInlntT _ _ia toafs, Molors, SucclTn . it* Sub I -W Tralltr SOK» Tr*ltr» Wanted -- TrafUr *eaJr Treffef ' Trjintf f Tncke t Tractors .._.;._1-- Trve* t. Tractor Eoulpmenf. Tr«ks I TractMl WanUe!., Auio Parts 4 Reoalrs Autt L Tfvtk Tk« ; Ain% L Truclr ParnKna- Eltclrtc Can- -. A»te Loans .H7A .!« 1«C 1» IT'S INCOME TAX TIME AGAIN QUALIFIED SPECIALISTS WILL PREPARE YOUR RETURNS AND SAVE YOU MONEY DON'T DELAY! CLASSIFICATION 9 INCOME TAX INDEPENDENT, PRESS-TELEGRAM CLASSIFIED ADS HE 2-5959 Nertee* ONWAY-Neltle Pearl ol 1J7II P Hj Ave., Paramount. PailM away Marcn 7- Beloved mother w Florence B. Omanson of Para- mounl, Frances E. Abocll ol Comotoni »liltr or Sam Barion ot San Francllco. Auo survived by t grandsons and 1 great-grand- cJilldren. service salvrday 11:90 Rainbow Cnaoel FARRIS -- Jerry N. of 15714 Oranoe Ave., Apt. 130. Paramo Survive by lauier, Stolt N. nsi molner. Mrs. Moiellt Mayo; alller, «rs. Prudence Srnllhi orolher, James C. Farrli. Ser- S. mount. Far- FRIES-- Louis C. 01 o55] Olorywhlle Ave. Mass of Requfem Friday 9:33 a.m. St. Maria Goretll Chvfch. Lakewood Mortuary 3936 Woodruff Ave. IVENS--C. 0. "Doc" loe 54 of 6270 .California Ave. Survived by wife, Mabel R.; sons, Roger, Jim and Bill; daughter. Miss Luclnda Glvens; brothers. Ray and Carl; slsler, M.'s. Pearle Rlgnler. Service Frldiy .lv:» ajn., N.L.B Community Presbyterian Church DI HUNTER MORTUARY 5W LONG BEACH. BLVD. MATTHEWS--Mn. Norma A. io* 8? 09 31? Orizaba Ave. Survived by sons, James N,, Robert W. ·wtf Chtrles D.; duanter, Mr*. Norma G, Harris; nlect, Mrs. R u t h GeraDxwonl; 6 grandchildren; 3 grtat-grandthndren. SeMce Frfdav 10:30 a.m. a I Booth ChaMi, First Concrigatlcn- ·H Church. Farnllv recueits 531!is bt made to LOIJO piich pay Nuf; serv, 15X8 Cheitiuil Ave. HULTON SON MORTUARY dfreeling. MIL LI CAN--Mrs. Charlalte Janelle, a« 73, of 39 Savona Walk, Long Beach. Passed away Wedrnwday. Survived bv sliTir, Ruth Kilbreatn; broilers, Davfcf, Husti, Robcrl arid Frank Kflbrta.h. Prlvil* i*fvlc« 12:30 p.m. Friday. EXrccled bv WESTMINSTER M E M O R I A L PARK MORTUARY. Family sun- o«ls tfortallns to the Htart Fund. MORRIS-- Lliil Survi away, Reel, -- E. of 731 Cedar. ived by ctxiifru, Darlenc Cary, Irma Bernard, Alllda K. l, Harriett McConnell, FranV . PATTERSON SNIVELY 555 LOCUST AVE. SPlCER-Mrs. Gerlrvd«, age " St.f hu - . , U o f 5171" E. 77lh St.f Lono Beach. Passed awav Thursdav, Survived by sons, Ernesl and Kouiton , Strfcer; daughters, Mrs. Paulina Betse, Mrs, Bertha Bouchle, Mrs. Mary Martin, ..,, ._ Thorntcwi, Mrs. Chnstlnc Mays and Mn. Helen Pfirce; 11 orand* chlltfren; 13 great-grandcnlldren. Sarvtce 12:30 pjn.- Saturday »t Westminster Memorial Park chao- el. Directed by WESTMINSTER MEMORIAL PARK MORTUARY AND CEMETERY. WALKER--Levt A., age M, ct 23126 Falens/ Torrance. Passed away March t, 19A6 tn Lona Beach Survived bv wl(r ( Crystal of Tor- ranee; sUlir, Mrs. Artie Har grove of Long Beach. Servlc* Sat urdav 2 p.m. In th« cnapel ol Ihe A. M. GAMBY MORTUARY Lomlf*. Rev, Harold Bym ant Lomlta Lodge No. £44 F. A.M oHIcfatlw. lnl«rment Gr«n Hills Memorial Park. Funeral Notices DILDAY FAMILY Funeral Directors Pacific An. at AiMkoln Sf. W. San Episcopal BAKER--Bartsra, ,. Antonio. Private Episcopal service wtll be held Saturday. Dlliay Chapel. SURGE--William £., U.S.H., of 345 Daisy Ave. Service Monday 10:00 a.m. Dlldav Cbapef. DE BRUYCKER --Lotilie, 71W E aslonda I e. Private servlci - Sunday Dikfav Chapel. - HUGHES--V/lllelts C., 422 -Wtti Circle. Rourv Fnday B:00 p.m. Dlklay Chapel. Requiem · M«is Saturday 10:30 a.m. St. Bartholomew Cafhrtk: Chorch. IVES--Eula, 130 Santa Ana Av*. Service Monday 2:00 p.m. Im- manuet Baptist Church. LAUER.-^^^.^^ H. MORRIS -- Huoh7~23 N. Daisy Ave. Service Salurday 11:00 a.m. Dllcfay Chapel, NELSON--William R, U.S.N., of National City. Service will b« announced. PARKISON--Jeffrey P. Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Parklscn of 51 W. N.C.O. Rd., Fort fAcArthur, San Pedro. Service Friday 1:00 p.m. Fort McArtttur Chapef. REICHELT--Hartild M., 3M W. Ilh St. Service Friday 4:00 p.m. Dllday Chaoel. SHORT-- Ernestine J., 3530 Elm Avr Requiem Muss Friday ?:00 *.m. SI. O'llilul Calh- ollc Church/ Garrfen Grove. DILDAY FLOWER SHOP HE 5 - 6 3 8 8 or 434-9024 imiuiirHr Tax IPraiarallaii} 11 HMMAMf NEW MENU SUPERB L"HCHH$«k BINNEM BRAD'S RBT55jRANTS 1990 PACIFIC AVE. L.B. 3800 ATLANTIC AVE. L.8. - Sn c« IhfTri* rm. furnllurt, u« iKlnn fo buy 1 way Ulan* tlcktt for mojnar.ln.liw. Tiytor »Aald i ur^^":*TM^ fncome TOM 1 *·*"»*_ fed. Stat. $5 Up HR BLOCK. INC. America's Largest Tax Service Come In lor your free tax saver 14)2 E. lilt St. Long BeacK HOT E. Artesla ' No. Long Btacli 16121 S. Western Ave. cTarHena BIOS Westmlnsler W«lmlnsier 1769 Garden Gfove BI. G. Grove 14J17 Plmieer Blvd. NorwalK 12»l S. Hawthorne BI. HawthxM No appolntmint necessary 434^915 Wkdys., ? am-9 cm; Sal., Sun. 9 -5 SoeWChibs II-A INCOME TAX In Your Home BcUj Federal t, stale, short farm 15. Lena farm J12. Phone for ap- " " ""· Md w " r ' INCOME TAX . All forrns typtd cked. Yovr hon* If E.ciui'ui. ^.oM rwr oaai. nj\ y-»u. FEDERAL AND STATE TAXES Expr. Staff -.Permanent Olllce 24M PACIFIC AVE. "BIG A STORES" TAX DEPT. 5SOO CHERRY, All returns exoertlv WOMs. -From MJO. Govt. Tax ··..4..Asslsi. EDWARD J. MORTON 2445 BROADWAY, L.B. Hrs. 10 am to » pm dally OE 3-5453 LONG BEACH-WILMINGTON RESIDENTS. Expert tax service In your home. REAS. rales. SJ5-t383 INCOME TAX SERVICE-- Blua Chip INCOME TAX-ACCOUNTING SERV. Bookkeeping RAY LARSEN 16400 BelHrowef Blvd. TO 0-7711 Income Tax Coniultant Your'nonit: 4M-7IM; «vi ·ffl-liB Coyotes. Diagonal 597.1013. EXPERT Income Tax Service In vour home. S3 up. GE l-46a EXPERT Incomt Tax Sarv. 52 up. We coma to your home. 1664555 TAX~SERVICE. »5 «. UP - · · ·- · ' \ i - ^ ! * l - j + f £ f i £ f m Call Personoti 11 Funeral Notices STEWART--Gertmd* D, Service FrWav 9:30 *.m, Wrtt- teil's Owpcl. BROV/M--LogJs Clydt- ^16 Elm. Survived bv daua'.lfn, Propy .Ann L Linda Rae Brown; ifs- lerj, Mrs. Berlha Valets Mrs. MHdred Nefdlgh. Graveside servlc* Frldav 10:00 a.m. Veterans Admlnliiration C«m- *rery directed by Motletl's Monuarv. WYATT--Walter J- Servlct Friday 2:00 p.m. Motteli't Ctiap- tl. DuREE -- FTcr«. S«rvka Safur- day 9:30 , a.m. Matte.1'* THOMPSON ~ Lnllt V/1(l!im. Sfrvlca Saturday 11:00 a.m. Mattel's ChKKl. HOWE--Vera*R"l«rvkt vrfll b* held al Gauverneur, Nrv YorJf, local arrarytxtnenrs by Mollcll'i Mortuary. NELSON--Rudofph Alter, 1 , 155 Chntnur. Survived by wife, Ddriecri; ion, Allan; dauoTv ler, Mr«*. Jowj Birch'*; s!er son, Edward Fautch; stepdaughter, Mrs, CorUfne Hanten; 9 (r-'arKJchi (dren; 3 criat- pr.?ndch i rrtren. Service Mor,- dv 11:00 a.m. Mottell'j E., 1«0 E. by _sl$!»r« BUTLER--Frances 4tti., Survived _. Nancy Nettiefon Ru!ti Me- Layrv; neohew, Of. Thomas Ijimes NrtifelVeirt'on , . grand-neixiew. o; oyeat arand- r'pc-. M^ry BHh N»-ttlefOfl. . . 5*rvlc" i^indav 3:00 p.m. ARNOLO-lrene. Service v-111 be announced. -- o-- FRAFVXENFIELO-- Carrie Ednt, JalW Cedar. Survived by " JESTERS Bffllnnen squart danc* clan for 'V -- Friday nfsht. ~ _, __.icing for Hiiltfn For Info. GE 3-350! ^30-5131. couples only --Friday nfiihl. Try Square Danclng^tor Htiljhy fun. NVITE 3 or mort ladles In to set a SftWiy Horn* Products D*m- onstrarton receive a valuable utility bathroom set frw, + »n extra glfl If vou mention IfiTi act. AVIATION NEEDS YOU1 LEARN TO FLY--$5 WK. Lie. Initroctor GE 3-4379 GE9-2S51 Knitting Instructions Mon. Wed. J to 4 pjn., Frl. " ' 9. 10 lessons, «. YARN ', 430 Pine, L.B. MA'RT'; BJ.'s PARK HARDWARE asses 1. r , rv. . . Parlies, Fun. Friends. HE 5-6111 Melody Dance Studio, It Pacific Av OSCAR FSAZE--Yoor brolher Is dying frrm cancer -at vels Ho» Port'end, Ore. Ph. 2B7-J071 Porl . . l 4I5-494? aft. 5 weekend! WANTED--Good Long Beach Fostei Home for children of all joes Call Fosler Homeflnders HE *4)V SINGLE peoola write Beverly Box 177. Bellll la seeking, friendship ly Social Club, P. 0 llllower/ Cal. TO 4-7210 Psychic PALM 8. CARD Reading ADVISE YOU In ALL matters 432-9073 hi am.: HE 5-9116 In o.m WILL give free Spanish lessons I exchange for any foreign lar cuace lesscm. 865-7895 eves. ILL party who saw an acclden al South Atlantic en Feb. llth 11:15 AM pleau call OA 2-5722 PATIENTS Kneaded--Steam, Mai sage. House calls. 404 E. P.C.H HE 7-5141 INVESTIGATIONS MARITAL, ETC Evan C. Jones, 532 Pine. 436-sai -soil. Mulch. Chambllss, GE IPIRITUAL ADVISOR t, alio car readings, SI-CO TE 09M o"c F a e a r . urvive y "c,vchl«r-i.iaw« Mri. Paulln* ra/ikenffekf; granddaughler^ O.t.S. o r t . ° l Gravei?Jli" "i«rvfca MwxJay 1:30 p.m. V.*t»r»ni Aamrnril ration CenKiary dT reded by Mottall'i NOffvtry. BOOKS -- Paperbacks, comics. Buy sell, swan. Hodden's, Duilftln* vacuum"»V»lem given"6y Ctorgt (rlbraill PJvmblng i Heeling Co. during the Homt-A- Ranva Show was Wayne Rost, 5ulh Gale, total Item coc-nt 45S3. WANTED-- 1» women la exchange mlifll br« it gkdln tor discount on new Control-Custom fitted. Ph. for K*t. fll-un. Flnl so,Spec. Oltt. SINGLE ADULT SOCIAL Club, mambcrstilB owned operated. Danclno, dining, bowlTrto, co/ds/ etc. Visitors welcflm* fo our Saturday nlotit parly dances. J30 B iiI'«11l. Orbit CKlb. HE 2.«JJO . CLARA LANE'S Friendship Cgnttr 3115 E. l«th 414J141 or 434-OM3 Lost and Found 12 . pen savtr. d»yi w*tk 13 «.TTV lo 4 .p.m. UntiB««3 tfogt mpou/rdtd at the Anlmil Sh^tur, L 2V2 mos. Reeves AVI nibs, Burnel't School S fen rl, T~yr." ve. _! K-2S ilondt, 7 rnoj^ n xia lokien"Aye.'""_."_7^!l.K-3o -- ,Aeo., Male, "" ' -2 mo». 3819 Pe' Mix, Male, Trl., ., , _Anaimm it. t, walnut Aye.- Doxle. Fe, Wht. Airlcol, 1 Harding 9, Terminal stTM. Sneo. X. Tan Blk., 1 vk. Ger. Cheo.. 'Mali. _.,,. _ ,. ,2 moj..3B19 Pelaluma Ave... *,;-TM-TM,: P.C.H. 8, Cedar Ave. ___ ,K-«S LOST -- BACK HOE. Model Construction King, . King, serial » ). MFsiTng fro RIv«r ince Feb. 7th, LIBERAL REWARD for V , itU. Ytlkn). MFsiTng from Frestone Old RIv«r Downey since Feb. . School ding to r ; llEv* LOST--Wednaidav eve. bttw. Palo' Verdes Masonic Temo!e Von': WAI., Blxby Knolli Shooglna Cen ter. Masonic Mark monav clip, Inlllsls E.D. binder may ken roontv ·! rnranl. P)ea» reiurn ___. y.j ^ EWARD for return of ShODOM Bag on Magnolia Bui 2 weekj ago conta!nrng blade galoihes, 1 pair while, sl»M, 1 while unllorm. Re turn to S4Wi Chestnut Ave. Phon 1 ' 434-6S83 LOST: Small mala black poodle, c. Wllm. Chlld'i pet, ctilld set. Reward. LOST-- Black brown female, 3 m brown part chihu 3 mos. olcT Vic, Du Ca-ndlewood. Rewar WHITE SHAOGYlov DOodlr. Mele Vic. Avafcn jarct St., Torrance ilked. Vic. AviEK S riri stTro. ISO Rev/. No questions ash LOST--Black wallet, at. picture], ' 10th St. .' tSM REWARD (or Nacjc punt. Intact, kit on Eay Ave. Wed night 3/2/M. Ph. p65» LOST: Femal* tiny poodle. Owner LOST--Collie, yellow white. IS o. old. Ans. lo Bo B ~ r 4J7-354S. REWARD-- Wicker baik«S- w/lmDor tin! MP..TJ. vkL «h Pin*. 427-3563 LOST Xevi on rectangle holder. Vic Blxbv Pw., Ocean Ave. HE LOST -- Miniature silver poodle "Domlnque." GENEROUS RE V/ARD. fM-05» or 597-1927 aft o Hypnoiis EMILE FRANCEL OF TV Private consultation. Classes self Improvement, confidence, hvpnosl NEW METHOD 564-7738 Perscnsl Problemi, tensions, se ImDrovetnenl. Doctor invites . mual cues. Results. WHY LIVE ONLY HALF A LIFE? Hypnosis--Call 438-0415 ETHICAL HYPNOSIS CENTER INC FREE INTERVIEW. LAS M-ltiA Inninmce V AUTO Cancelled, 502's, State Filing, oret rliks, voulhhjl CDer'i. Mlllliry all olher llnei. 2317 Atl:r"~ 4740707 Auto Insure anv aoe-Cancellec LOW RATES, PAY MONTHLY OPEN EVES. 1032 Redondo, L.B AKEMON INS. AGENCY 438-H? Drs., Dentists, Chrres. 1', NEW METHOD 564-7738 Backaches, headaches, tenitoni persons! problems. Doctor invite: unusual caies. ResuUs 54-773S NU CAS BAH HEALTH SPA 3 txptr. vouno technj, projlatc ba., theraDV, e!c. 7 dava. 63^M7 Schools Instruction 22 Schools Instruction 22 Instruction Information Preoaration FREE PLACEMENT AID For GRADUATES. Be a Professional BARTENDER DAY OR EVE. COURSE LEARM EASY-EARN BIS NEW METHOD BARTENDING SCHOOL 534 E. Broadway, L.B. HE 2-3445 PHONE FOR FREE BROCHURE NO DOWM-E-Z MO. PAYMENTS Barbara Moss College FOR REAL ESTATE KNOWLEDGE Ask aSout IN-THE-FIELD TRAINING so mender for a lifetime career. Vljlt this 7 wkj. dm any Mon. or Thurs. TDJIJ. Instructor 33 vrs. exoer. 9vp% graduates 1633 L.B. Blvd.. L.B. 43: PRIVATE lulorlna. New math, spelling, reading, Encrish. _4M : «7I Horlh Long Beach GOVT. J^s. brochure. Collect. . Home study. FREE Call KEY HO 7-4111 AIRLINE SCHOOLS PACIFIC Classes In L-B. Ph. 433;j4M HOWARD BUTLER REAL ESTATE SCHOOI O.-.e of the oldest schools In th area--Ihousands of graduates. 9 a.m. or 7 P.m. MON THUR Prepares you fully for tha ni Stale axemTnallons 8 for mtfcli money In r · - · · r °c?A Ur 47. Become a Graduate Practical Nun J Placement Whll aylord School of MRS. E. GAYLORD, R.N.. Mr 183« ATLANTIC S1-P TRAIN NOV^ 1 " 1 "^AY LATE CALY TRADE SGHOO 1261 Long Beach Blvd. HE S-153 HEAVY equlD. ooerators or Iruc drivers. Associated School. 711 Vermont Ave., L.A., i, DU 7-31 LEARN Electronic. Vel. aocr. Tech Trade Schl. GA 1' LONG BEACH BUSINESS COI.LEG «M Long Beach Blvd. HE T U I T I O N F R E E REAL ESTATE LICENSE SCHOOL Decide, tetfay to start inafclni mar* manty In flu n»» Inhtreslkw XW 1 cnallentlM tftfnfM hi dllftrnlt. YOU MAY CHOOSE TO WORK IN ANY OF OUR TEN MODERN OFFICES . . . SERVING . . . LAKEWOOD -- LONG BEACH -- ORANGE COUNTY 8 WEEKS COURSE . . . EVENING CLASSES ATTENDANCE LIMITED CLASSES START SOON . . . CALL NOWI ELLIS-SCHRADER, INC. J71J L=kew=;d Blvd. Ml 3-5133 ASK FOR MR. SHINN Orme Ceoitty ATM . . . IM IH1 MttJl . . , 1437 S. Euclid, AiMh«N» Plum. 774-2113 71 Euhlcl* HMtth Gregp ^TECHNICIANS . AtfattfcHMlth'C.g Open n noon .ft p.m! Mon..Thuri COAST HEALTH CLUB / MASSAGE yr^sr^nnUft^sSeSi 10-10 p.m. Sun. 1-10. (7I4IT4MTT 1*942 B«ach aivl. Hunllngton Bch LIFETTE HEALTH STUDIO waiM,, 1 ? ( ^sa^-^flnoU^iiyT'i iay"^l«i*n'*!P* - «-» Jan'i N«w * Different ilTi Pacific Av« 5H-H74 . MUM. Hr«. 10-8. Pti. R744» MASSAGE Vapor Bath, operator. 13il E. BROADWAY. HE 5-CTi ion itorhiinS| Home* 20 CRESTWOOD Conva!*tetnt Hospitil 177S CHESTNUT AVE. MEDICAL cara patients accepted HE 2-4467 or HE 5-41S! Baord, Giwit Homtt 20-A FRONT rm., kvel for [i BY. Tht b«1 TV, yard. 'R1VATE- or . rm. with T' good cart. !hr refined home tt af care food GE 1-075) e, loval devoled t Xomi, Call ILLSIDE GUEST HOME - Home Ilka home. Nurs* In charge- 2 hrs. 5027 E. 21st. St. · GE TeO ACANCY lor ambulatory lady, good homa, food car*. GC B-120 VACANCY for man. Home atmosphere. Good meall. 434-5924 BELLFLOWER. Elihrlv cara or woman, WS3 Maple, TO Loon* (Sd.Collateral) 21 TAX TIME LOAN PLAN Get JIM nsh todivl Cute only $5.00 In 3 monlhlv payments o «ls each. Or you may set any ount to 13,500 -- terms to 24 nths. Phona ahead for vo AsX for Ed Sheeron, Min OMn Frrcfay unlll 7 Emptoymeirt AgeKlts 23 BusTntss World Agency Gen/Ofc, Sec'ys, Clk Fridays. Bkkcr, Comrn'f-Tccn'i male lobs E.M.J. EirvDfovn-.ent ASK/K Suite 220, Callfo/nla Federal Bldg. 5505 Carson ST., Lak IERRA EMPLOYMENT AGENC 5230 CLARK AVE., LAKEWOO * FEE* FREE WA5-5S95 2219 Lor.g Bead. Blvd. GA 7-741 F-I-S-C-JH-E-R E nwf a N W AGENCY--Member of Avail ability. 41»At[antlc OA6-H3 Empl. AOCJ. (Worn.) 23A JEWEL COOPER AGENCY CLERK-TYPIST ..$395 + Type--variety fob. GENERAL OFC to $400 10 key--accls. rec. 15732 Paramount BI.. Para Ph. 634-8MO' 636-028! Gen. Cafe R*t't. 23AA (Men, Women) FRY COOKS I WAITRESS SCAL Dishwashers !. bus boys--scale Many lobs local out-of-town. No deposit*, fees 15% of Tst mo EWINN'S Emotovment »~~^/ 316 Elm, Long Beach Empl. Aijef. (Men) 238 JEWEL COOPER AGENCY DRIVER-- Agenh ,, $500 Local, od. drtvlf.g record. SALES REP ........ $600+ Crtrto*-- Bltf.7. malertfils. 15732 Paramount BI., Para Ph. 634-8640 636-0288 24 H«t»Wt|iM CLERK-MOTEL · COST CLERK Preferably with Junior College busineu training or 1 to 2 year* accounting experience. Aptitude for math percentage!, Pro -rating, etc. APTITUDE TESTS GIVEN APPLY? TO 4 Monday thru Friday Johns-Manville 223rd ALAMEDA LONG BEACH An mull ftoMrtunlty wnEXoyer COST CLERK ftrmanwt pwlllen avall.Wa hi; Indlvklual with antlytKa tb lltv 1 loma «Mk« ma chin* calculator axoerlance. m« coit accounilng axpa. "* PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. COATINGS RESINS DIV. 445 CRENSHAW BLVD. TORRANCE FA *-73K Employer USTODIAN FULLTIME CUSTODIAN OO, mnj Fri. Monday-^rfarch 14th , 1 to 4 P.M. Only Belmont Savings Loan Assn. 6300 Spring St. LOKS (E MAINTENANC1 Maintenance Mechanics With minimum of 3 year* industrial maintenance experience. Mutt pass oral, written and all positions welding tesh. Monday thru Friday t to 4 Johns-Manyille ??3rd A!am«4a, Long B«*ch An Musi cwortunltv anwfwif vts tot$!£lS*S£Fm, INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER Graduate engineer to work in all phatei of industrial engineering Apply 9 4 Monday thru Friday Uohns-Manville Products Corp. 223rd aVAIameda St. Long Beach An ffoual epportunlty amptovtr. Mechanical Engineer. With c o l l a g e d»gr«« Minimum of 2 yaan pro cess planf experience witl good working knowledg« of process control hy drauiic equipment. Good electrical back ground and mschanics design ability also required. Salary commensurate with abilities and previous experience. Send resume fo Employment Manager, P.O. Box 9067 L.B. 9081 An EC ml Opportunity Eroolover Help Wonted 24 Help Wanted 24 Dewsn atlonj at fo sex In our Kelo V/anted intf ErrKVovment Aotrtcv cpiunina are- made only rl) to Indicate bona fkle ocoup*- tloflat QualificirOfU far trnD'ov- men) wfiicn an errxxover reoards at reasonably recesiary to the normal ooeritfo/i of his bui'Mii or enterorlie. or O) as a convenience to our readers fo le Ihirrt know which Doilllpnj the · dvertrser betfcvti weufo be of ADVERTISING SALES. Imnwd'ale exoanilon, ? eiroer. oecple. Bellflower Dwnv. Guar. + h!gn convn. 868-1741. Advertising Solicitor To call on business firms In Southern L.A, Counly. Newspaper or Greeler service exoer. helpful. Exclusive territory. Excel, com* mission. Repeat business. Snarl hours. Can Mr. Wallace, ft-10 a.m. 795-3317 or come by 114 So. Los Rob lei, Pnanena. BEAUTICIAN Sal. + Comm. 34il Artesla. L.B. BEAUTY OPERATORS Wanted day or evefifnfl sTillt, V/tst' minitw, Huntingdon Beach. Buena Pane, Santa Ana. Tuilfn, Garden ?rove. Bonus plin, oood c/iftnct "si i-ffl. rn-rm EAUTY Op«ritor«, male, cr, male/ mature, ilf-trouryj trBt also manlcurlsf. Dal'J* Cotffvr BOYS NEEDED Need iev«raT young men, tg»t 13 to 16, for after school hourj, thr«» afternoons waakly, full time all summer. Ideal training period now. Attractive bonus incentive program puts cash in your pocket weekly. Drop by 3838-A Atlantic, Room £B fupstiin] Monday through Friday, from 3:15 to 4:15 P.M. NOW HIRING FOR Depl. of Navy (Frieri! Civil S«ni»i) · Wildirt · Machlnlilt · Rlvittn · Shlpfittirt · Chlpptr t Caulkers Apply In Ptrwn Qiti #5 Tirmlntl Island LONG BEACH NAVAL SHIPYARD Eqnl V . o . d Mvt mmtioM esncam MM or olnar w»»«-li»ur a 04 tt» U. S. .P«»ajtnHjlt .ct ci I or wrrw ttM aaaai SS! 1 Iffl iL? , . CArllald 4-JXl HAIR STYLIST With Advance Training Reno Grad. Preferred. 1 "* m Torr*nc HAIRSTYLIST SEWORK I Ironing for riintl. mtn. 2 or j oavs a Vff. R«n. Busboy Misc. Kitchen Help in Cafeteria Mutt b* naat, WEN WOYEN-P*rt trmt «n- 1 ynxntj ·venlntn. Apply afler '.M.^CempTPO prTvt-m Trnnlr« MEN OR WOV£H WANTED M«n or women with thi ability TO ineoi and tal! wHfi fh» public. Excellent program with sicU btnt- fih and a promotion pro gram that will arntzi those who art) intereit« tall; to in. Com* by 3 848-A Suit. 2, Atlantic from 5t30 to 7:00 p.m Monday thru Thursday. . PART TIME DRIVERS Diamond Cab Co. 1444 SAN FRANCISCO c . L Mm , Living ouirfers Indue REAL ESTATE SALESMEN Our progrvn will make vo mow- Getlino listings Ts mad* , Vou ci n earn 76% co REArtsfATTr JOIN THE REAL ESTATE PROFESSION WITHOUT GIVING UP YOUR . PRESENT JOB! I. Mr. LoneX HE May J.C. PENNEY CO. 10 WonMh 59MW13 ineCjWe Say! or ive«,"C»n"fttVyv Hd ob te work twiy. Cirin availaWi dally. Call 435-aM. · · . Telephone Sales NEED EXTRA $$f ? . 12 to M ptr 427,0477 ^COMPUTER OPERATOR TRAINEE Full llrn., Mint have · vafjd C llctnu. 0*1 Belmont ··'. Savings Loan Assn. 4300 SPRING ·;. WINDOW WASHER-- EXKR. oood cav. **usJL"* y fL5!!S 'TM n mattrlata. Ph. ttt3bi t a 5 Dm dally -for acct. OUNS HANDICAP Man allenoanl. Uva [n. Room + small lalarv. Call a · . ny time ·M7- 4 I39 Help Wart. (Worn.) 24A ACCOUNTING CLERK Growth company ' n«* rrpmodlita owning (or alrl to operate '.eomp- . for apoolfltmenh ADMIT PBX POSITIONS Only then "H* · Hewltil or Doctor'! omct r iger. netd *cc*v. irt' tlrne, . r ., exper. Brief" ptri.-WlTorvI J. PIX.-BOX «-3S.lnS;f-T, AUTO cashier, exoerlenced. 5preen Cadillac. Pownev."^ BABYSITTER. Older ptrjon. Cart ol 1 (odd I en. Min be puWnt and understanding. Lne houtwrork. 757 Alamltot. Eve. Ret, nreferred. BASY'slTTER-Hovitkeeoer, Uvt In, motherlew home, llflf TWh it., Paramount, apply arttr c p.m^ BABY-SITTER wanted 5 davs. Okf- er woman w/ovm trarao. 6»-a596 .-Woman W te_». neon tt i p.m. - - . WE will prepare you for Ih* Slati Eum · - - ·· : FREE Wt hcvt p*rt tm« rtortunta- ' R.N. L.V.K. t, Orderllei, all ihllli, call 42fr4»14 or apply al 2725 -Pacific Avt., L.». ·;. SALES 3 .Mftun righllvr DhoftffiB eur ·M]aW!«h«d cvitomtrs from our off let. Hourly wage -f bofHrs. Call , GA 3-5417 An Eaual Opcortiuiltv Employer R. E. SALESMEN, NO exoer. nee- e«sarv. will Train. J.IOO DRAV/. Call Mr. Berry. ME 4-3430. TMeohont'Soliciting. 4 hre. Evei. -- contractor'! oftlct In Long 11.30 per hr. + comm. collect 9 ijn. to 5 p.m. t!'., MftF Help Waited 24 ENGINEERS FOR SEAPOWER OMtilin.lln.c Cartir \n tli t itrki . duitr[it tnglnec/s and nav« archiftct* nttdtd fo fill poil- trorn In proflrams of jitt!on«l ·no worto Importanc*. . Crutaa fornorrow 1 ! Ntv-tl flttt today mt Lonp Ktach Nival Shlpyirt Is rwponi'fiJt for ftt* cenHnoH rcrwr and modtrnlza- g m oTNcval V«M'I, tdiir mi- intry and tgufpmcnt rndudlnfl wtapon syttarns. probl*m« aboard carrfirs, gutted nVitilt , tfcifrovKi. rrUnt craft, Engtrittrfng aircraft crullers, cirovKi. rrn airpnfttou* ajuull ihl support tfiip* makt for crialle *nd work mtlhodi tvaluairon To actual tollng and «v»(wattan ef rnw MWnwm r«iuTrem«nfs: 9S Jt- gr« In enalneerrng from an K- crttftad collep* or unlviriity (or ttta ·wivany. U^. dtlztn- jftrp Sw Mflulrta-Stirlinfl jal- ·vin; toJQJ to i?M7 per .w num. ExulTtnt fringe bentflf* faual fo aooroxlniat«lv 21% of biile pay lrcluo oroup htalth Insur* anct. Kfe Insurance, a rttfr^ merit orooram, u fa V davj vacation leave per year/ 13 Offi ifck Mivt btr vnr, I D*'d holTdrr-i andHiMvi wim QyallfM ·poircanti art iv rtletf ni Mixf* Ftdtral aoplf- cation form SF-57, avatlw* af ovr Efflpiovmtnt 6fflc« trt Qatt No. J on terminal Isitno, Pair omtr Fi * ri ic - LONGIEACM NAVA1 SHIPYARD IMS Incft, MH. H*M nmhul 24111, bt, J» fmUSSftSf ' rn PLAYMATE LOUNGE 291} E. AnaMm SI. L.I. BAR MAIDS.,DANCERS slSOWK. at. Jto-MSS"aft.' 1 pm. 8AR MAIDS IN COSTUME gANCERS-TOPL^T^POL^ AR MAIDS. 1 SI.75'HK. EXPER. LAMPLIGHTER 2541 E. Canon at Alameda. r 1 "IJ^'fi.^""^TM^ Inunfdi 21- Mr w ? k GUARANTEED diate work/no ·xDtrltnc* 21-». attracrlul/cottuow VTiarbor. S. Gr. BARMAID-NO BARMAID For new Beer Bai 1 In Paramount. Ooenlng next week.' Costumes. 7124 E. Atondrt . ' NE 4-9116 BEAUTY OPERATOR -- Lloyd t, joiech. . ai-an or JKM BEAUTY OPERATOR N. M-yo^% ' m h5.Vl1 ' operator,, part time. Lo: Alamlloi aria. , cart lim TO-17M . GOOD LOCATION. L 8. CA 4-BI4 BEE'LINE FASHIONS'worfd'a itad- er m homt style snows, win rraln VOLT for txtrtmetv- orofltlbl* career n a fashion stylish.-No «9tr. nactsilry. Alto Ooenlng! for ouaKfled manager. Mon. thru Frl. 10-4. (7141 S34.2991 BOOKKEEPER Bookleeper-Accf's. Payable MirvTrnum 1 vtarr ax»or. Thru-- BOOKKEEPER TRAINEE . SER ptSon* each. + " ^. ..,,., ..^i In. Cell p.m, only.^Btllltower oWn ^"^rrfl^-p^av.lg 6 CASHIER Full trm*. salary--Commiulon. Apply C. H. BaVer In person. Far Interview cor.tact Mr. wtpej, Stl3 N. HuelbronV, LafcewjoeTcaivter, CLERK-TYPIST SAVINGS * LOAN NEEDS . CLERK-TYPIST ESCROW TRAINEE RECEPTIONIST SALARY RAHGE IZ75 TO 7hts« ptnnaftaRl po«ltfoni : t If to », artr»ctlv», InWII- t, Mif and good port*. Ac- ata typlit, swnt S/H eknlnM* dark-typiit pnltlon. Apnty lll» L.B. Blvd., Lymoxxf MrTwicka, NE KHII, ail. ;:'! «ant, Mi cur for i CLERK TYPIST : Wu»1 be accwale and type M wpm on IBM dtclrlc Aoply-- Loc knead Elecfronlcs K1 E. RanfoTDti St. L.A. r. Florence ano* L. B, 4K1 Hr. An Eouif . . . . B, Freeway lty Employer CLERK TYPIST CHILD art-mitm? tromen t* ««· firrft'.fffS'^icf 3 ^- 1 ^

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