Independent from Long Beach, California on May 20, 1957 · Page 28
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 28

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1957
Page 28
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,··."" ^'^^··^"·yTw"^"-^ !; v , K.7 P«9«i C.I2-INDEPENDENT IMI .ta4KrV M«y 30, Itir Television Log' j me* Ounii 4 im« c.»». s_ KASC «'i,;-i .,'.,*,t ,'lk.i* I";-'..//]'.'*.'-"1 :.' - · . " '. .' ,.'·'.· ' . .., -V ·,',''.-·' V-' ''·','·'''.'· ,('.' - '.- I . : l ;.!' Jl". , -T TERRY VERWON KTU H MONDAY, MAY 20,1957 j * ' B V COLOR ON TV 10(30 AJM. i--Club 60, Dennis James 1Z N O O N ; .;;. 4--Matinee Theater TM 4130 . ' ' · 4--Tom Frandien; Myron J, , Bennett (4:33), . . 4--Tom Frandien · ' - · . ' . 6PJ«. -"·"' ·4---News Hour: Latham, Black, Peterson, Wright 4--Sporlj, Chick Hearn . ·:' 8145 4--Jack Latham, News . · 8 PM. - 4--Sir Lancelot. Wm. Russell 8130 4--Wash. Square, Ray Bolter 8:00 AJL- 4-- Today. Dave Garroway 7:00 A. at,;-... 2-- Panorama Pacific 9:00 A. M. , S-Vallant Lady 4-- Tic T«o Dough, Jack Barry 8118 2-- Love ot Lit* " ; ; · ' . BlSO · 2-- Search for Tomorrow 4-- It Could B« You, B. LeyJen 7-KABC-TV News (9:40) : ;··' »t4s · 3-Guldlng ' ' ' ' , ' 7-- Jt'i Fun to Reduce ,· .-: 10:00 A. M. ' »-Walter Cronklte, Newi 4-~Cloje-Up, Tex and Jinx 7-^Chucko's Cartoons . , . 10:10 l3-Stand Up and Ba Counted · ' IO:SO · -2-- As the World Turns ' ' , :4-- (Color) Club 60. Dennis · · · -James ' · 11:00 A. M. ; ' -2-- Our Mils Brooks ,.'.' '3-- Cartoons ' ., . 7-- A Woman's Diary 11-- Star Shoppers. Bill Welsh ;·:·: man 2-Mrt Unklettcr House Party ^Tennessee Ernie Ford TCBIU Gwlnn's Mysteries 11-Shcrlff John :· 12:00 NOON 2-The Big Payoff . ·4-- (Color) Matinee Theater; -' . "Aftermath," Richard , ' !· · Jacckel , v · . ;5-- Chuck 'n' Luck, Eddie · . Cletro ·2-- Bob Crosby Show '.7-KABC-TV News (12i40) 7-Chet Mllanl Matinee 1:00 P. M.. J--Th« Brighter Day ·, v ', ' 4--Queen for a Day ·' · 5--Dorothy Gardiner Movlei 11--Twin Bill, Norma GUchrlst 1U5 2--The Secret Storm ·/'. , 1130 ,» ' ' 2--The Edge of Night ... , 4--Modern Romances i . 2:00 P. M. ..: 2--Can/ Moore Show " 4--Topper, Leo G. Carroll 7--What'i Name of that Song StSO 2--Arthur Godfrey Time 4--Truth or Consequences, Bob Barker ,,. 7--Glamour Girl - · ' 11--My Little Margie ' : 3:00 P. M. 4--Home, Arlene Francis 1--Brit Movie: "All Over the - Town," Sarah Churqtalll 11--Wonderland. Sheriff John 11-^-Steve Martin Show 8)30 2-Strlke It Rich, Warrsn Hull 5--Milady. Dorothy Gardiner 9--Fireman Joe . 4:00 P. M. ·'·'·' "· 2--Afternoon Playhouse: · ' "-, VPearl-Handled Gun?" ,'- · - ' · ' Zachary Scott V 4--The Price Is Right, . ·' BlllCulIen . ' S--Cartoon Carousel 13--Variety Musical Parade '·' ' 4118 . . 13-Deitlny 4130 · ' · · . 2--Movie: "One More Tomor'-'.'- row," Ann Sheridan, Jano ' Wyman ·4-- (Color) Tom Frandien: · ; ^ Myron J. Bennett (4:33) · 7--Al Jarvls Show .:e-Movle: "Force of Evil." ,; · · John Garfleld i... 11--Del Moore Show '·'' 4140 i -4--Jrlovle: The Secret - Weapon" (Sherlock ··· Holmes), Basil Rathbone · 8:00 P. M 7--Mickey Mouse dub ' · · . 13--Movie: "Rocky Mountain :. Rangers," Bob Livingston ' B:SO . , , ' · ft--Western Theater V."!' B|36 ··'-*'·' ; : 2--Weather Vane, Harry Gelsc · 4--(Color) Tom Frandwn ' 8--Sports Time, Bill Brundlge 13--Jlmmle Fldler ;. .' 6:00 P. M. · '" 3--8 o'clock Report (Newi) 4 r (Cblor) Newi Hour 7-^Sgt, Preston of the Yukon 9 Cartoon Express Jim, J. Welssmuller 3--DOUE Edwards, News 13--Jungle! "Dancing Birds" .' 8130 2--Robin Hood, Richard Green* 4--(Color) Sports, Chick , , Hearn ,-, j .-· 5--Gil Martyn. News J ~ ·' 7--Chucko's Cartoons j ' 11-Wllly the Wolf ( ^; · 13--The Range Rider - 8|4S . ' 4-- (Color) Jack Latham news 5--Sam Baiter's Sports Book 11--George Putnam, Newi 7:00 P. M. 2--Burns and Allen Show 4--The Great GUdersleeve, ' Wlllard Waterman s . 5--Popeye Cartoons ' ' 7--Duffy's Tavern, Ed Gardner 9--The Little Rascals · , 11--Susie, Ann Southern 13--Golden Voyage: "2000 !·' Years of Africa" , . 7UO 2--Godfrey's Talent Scouts 4--Nat 'Klne 1 Cole Sh?w 5--Movie: "The Amail.ic Dr. Clltterhousc," Edward G. Robinson, Humphrey Bocart " ' · 7--Wire Service: "The Last Laugh," Mercedes McCain* bridge 9-Whirlyblrds, Kenneth Tobey 11--Dr. Christian, Macdonald Carey 13--Wanderlust: "Jackpot Vaca. , tlon" (Las Vegas) 7I4A 4--Newi, Huntley-Brliikley 8:00 P. M. 2--1 Lovo Lucy, Lucille Ball, Desl Arnaz. 4--(Color Sir Lancelot · 9--State Trooper, Rod Cameron 11--Science Fiction Theater: "Stranger In the Desert," Marshall Thompson · 13--Legion Wrestling: Frank ', Jarcs vs. Billy Varga · 8180 ' 2--December Bride, Spring Bylngton 4--Tales of Wells Fargo, Dale r i Robertson 7-- Voice of Firestone: · Robert Merrill ., 9-- O. Henry Playhouse: · 'Fog of Santone," Thomas Mitchell, Jackie Coogan 11-- Life of Rlley. Wm. Bendlx 9:00 P. M. 2-- Studio One: "The Man Who Wasn't Himself," Ell Wai- lach, Patricia Smith 4-- Twenty-One, Jack Barry 5-- Roller Derby, Dick Lane r 7-- Martha Rountree's Press ^ Conference 9-- Movie: "China Sky," Randolph Scott 11-- Highway Patrol, Broderlck Crawford ..., - . , , »ao"'\ '-'· ' ' 4-- (Color) Ray Bolger's Wash- Ington Square, Vera Ellen, ,. Richard Hayden, Jose .. , Greco, Charllveli s , 7-- Lawrence Welk's Top Tunes and New Talent "-,'.. 11-Confldentlal File: . . . . . . , 10:00 P. M. ; 2-- KNXT Presents David Nlvcn: "Tunnel of Fear," Sir Cedrlc Hardwlcke 11-- George Putman, News ' lOilfl 11-- Movie: "Beg, Borrow or : Steal," Fran Morgan 10130 2- Big News: Roberts, Stout, Stratton, Green- 4-- Paragon Playhouse: "Destination Milan" 7-- Stars of Jazz. Mort Sahl, . Martin Denny , ' 9-- World News and Sports ' . 13-- Tom Duggan Show ' lOtW ,, 9-- Weatherwlsp ' . ,,'. 11:00 P. M. 2-- Movie: "Four Wives," · Claude Rains, Lnne Sisters, John Garfleld , 4-- Jack Latham, Newi 7-- John Daly and the News IS-- Baxter Ward, News . 11118 4-- Cleve Hermann, Sports "·'_ 7-- Doctor Weather; Movie ' (11:20): "Kidnaped," Roddy McDowall 13-- Tom Duggan Show ]' , 11 IM i 4-Tonlghtl S - J ' , 5-- Roller Derby Rhubarb Ili40 5-- Final Edition, Jay Elliott 11-- Movie: "Come Closer, Folks," James Dunn 12:00 MIDNIGHT THERE'LL BE a full-hour COLOR news on (4) starting a 6 p.m. with "Jack Latham" I lowed by "Weather News 'Elmer Peterson," "F e a t u r Desk" "Sports" and winding u with Jack Latham again. This new color schedule com about as "Curt Massey" lade In place of the show will "Feature Desk" w i t h Bo Wright and his special gues Chief of Police William H. Pa kcr, of Los Angeles, Chick Hearn, moved over fro sports on KNX, will have h ports show on at 6:30. Jack Latham rounds out th hour at 6:45 with his regula newscast. DAYTIME DATA ' A DANCING ROBOT p l u Rod McKuen and singer E Townsend will highlight "Pano rama Pacific" (2) at 7 a.m. Keefe Brasselle will be on "Clu Sixty" 4 In COLOR at 10:3 a.m.... Bill Nlmmo will be th host on the "Our Miss Brooks re-runs over (2) at 11 a.m. . , Richard Jaeckel stars on "Mat! nee Theater" (4), In COLOR, a 12 noon as an American soldlc who encounters hatred from h 'ormer neighbors when he Is sta Honed 1 In the German town I which he was born . ,'. Th McGulre Sisters visit the "Bo Crosby Show" (2) at 12:30 Durward Kir by tak?s over fo vacationing Garry on the "Garrj Moore Show" (2) at 2 p.m. Opening of New York's Summc Festival Is due on "Homo" (4 at 3 p.m. and Arlene Francis 1 due home again. · . , ' 7 P.M. ''·· " · " · · ' IT TAKES a couple of girls ti change a cruise to Tahatl inl a different kind of vacation to Ronnie and his pa! .during 'Burns and Allen" (2), "Fearless" Fred Forgette add a fifth day on (9) featuring The Little Rascals" comedies 'Open Road" moves to Tuesdayi at 8. i - 7 ISO P.M. . - ' · " · · SOME FUN-LOVING journal stlc friends' Involved Trant Jlobo reporter Mercedes Mo Cambridge In an Innocent gag that Is turned Into a real mys ery during "Wire Service" on (7). "Whlrlyblrds" watch a strange drama on (9) as gangsters seek to get rid. of some enemies. The pilots land and try to rescue the Intended Victims. a r.M. ROD CAMERON, as "State Trooper" (9) turns cawpoke to Investigate murder and black' mall at a dude ranch. COLOR--"Sir Lancelot" (4) foes In search ot a rare Jewol that has been purloined from Queen Guinevere and threatens relations with a Rajah. Repeating on "I Love Lucy" (2) finds the Rlcardos and Mertzes enroulc to Hollywood on the first day of their jour ney. Watch the ratings slip) 8130 P.M, THE STORY of a man, given little hope to live, and his low ly journey through friendless towns as ho seeks courage tc kill himself is told on "0. Henry Playhouse" (9). Jackie Coogan Is starred, , Jim Hardle, the man from "Wells Fargo" (4) Is assigned to check on Indian renegade raiders who are getting guns and ammunition from unknown sources. Lots of danger. The "Voice of Firestone" (7) will be Robert Merrill. B PJW. : - · - · " i QUESTIONS worth ' 13.000 j each will be hurled at Hanki Bloomgarden and Jim Snodgrass as 'Twenty-One" airs on (4). ; ICalifornig Needs Peace Officers See Ad on Sporti Page Radio Programs 14*0 MONDAY, MAY 13,1957 ', .,,- ROD CAMERON i i ' ; Turns Cowpohe Ell Wallach ' and Patricia mlth star on "Studio One" (2) n the tale of a man who takes a short cut Into three different irofcsilons by assuming some- ne else's Identity. Original story y Quentln Reynolds. 9130 P.M. COLOR -- " W a s h i n g t o n Square" (4) pre-empts "Robert Montgomery" tonight and brings before the cameras Vera Ellca omedlan Richard Hayden, Jose and The Charllvels. Ray tolger headlines as emcee. A look Into a situation called i time bomb" for the community U promised by "Confl- etlal Flic" (11). ,,,;,, , JOiSO P.M. .-';.'·'·,,':.' FOR THE FIRST time In Its 1 months on TV, Bobby Troup's Stan of Jazz" will have a nonmusical headline guest. Come- Ian Mort Sahl Is the man who reaks the precedent. II ISO P.M. ' ·TONIGHT" (4) goes to a lowing of new fall fashions In ew Yi'k. 1 SPINNING THE DIAL COMEDUN8 are finding It ough to keep on top of the eap In TV and most blame the rlters for the lack of successes their shows. However, this Is 7:00 A. M. 1--fat uiaiiup K.nort KABU--Krad Back Show tH*--Frank Himlnitway icFOX-RiS' nianenirt 'ill. HJ-- tiaiiff ; KNX--Bob C»M .taw '. . l i t K--Aul'rav 14. IABC--frad Back Hlmw ('IX--Frank uoai. NIWI i||a KFI--Pat Blilwpl NIWI ivilj-*ilib omni. i\iwi KNX--Harrr BabHIl 9:00 A. M. .KABO-- Breikfwl Club U~Niwi: o. HiuMri Baill ll.lhboni OHO) NX-Windy Wirtm 8:00 A. M. KFt--NIWI · H i t till RMd KHJ*Cllrf enitli, Niw. KNX--Bob Rran. ·now flfcH-- Wilbur Nilaon HJ--Niwi; Hpertlllai NX--KIWI · IM -,r\--Pat Blibop nnortl KABO-- NIWI i Oardini K H J - R I C H laitlluta XNX-Bob CrafM Slunr KC1ER--Vole, ol China KKI--*ndr aod Virginia KABC--Or»«l HNX-Walid, KOErV- UitMru NMt · ill H HJ--OMrn« (TTnwill KNX--Baikitai. win · iM KFl-UdlM' ~ KHJ--Norm. KNX-Hilin Trial ?*'· i KOK R-- Jolm Brawl KNX--Our Hal Sunday 10:00 A. M. Truth or ICH llotOM .,,,,,, IIW1UII h-"' wiaoMlM ra Urak* ot always the case, Anyone who an recall their first TV set will dmlt that the family gathered round and watched anything hat was on. HOPALONG CASIDY had a huge audience of oth ADULTS and children, old, d, old movies were watched Ith keen delight. M I L T O N EKLE came alone with the rst of the We variety shows nd became "Mr. Television,' e most popular man In thi S. Locally such shows as 'ADE COOLEY put together KABO-- KHJ-N KNX--Nni KFOX--K«ah Bon (to 11) KOEIV--Riarua UluKW KIU-T.llo-'t« . ' KNX--«a P.rmn« .' / , KFt--NBC BanditaM KHJ--Oaorn Crawill KNX--Youni Dr. MaloM HQKH--Hilrn Maratim KABO--Wtlipirlni Slmll KNX--Road ol ill. KaifH-R.T. l*Rn Kipp 11:00 A. M. KABO--Jiik Ptar Show KNX--Rllhl to HaralMll KOER--lr Louil Tllbvl KABC--Gum . Tumi Bfal th. n«orrt (11:80) KHJ-- Quiin lor a Pay KNX »II»TK Mn. Burton KFI--Art Baklr NMIbMk KNX--«tnki It Riib KOKR--Btnihln. tlllllM ilia KFI--Pal Blihop. Nni KNX--fit Bull ram guv 1KB--Uu OIlMn 12:00 NOON KHJ--Bob OrniM. Niwi KNX--Bill KannMUIr KPOX--howntown Jlo ]l KOIR--Thrmi.h IM Blbli IIIU KFJ--Ctltf. Acrltullun KABC--Paul Hiryiy Mwl KHJ--Cidrli r*Mtir. Mwl KNX--Nlllu* atllMMli $AtiS=Sutiii . _ _ _ Harl Show" I unkMllii Ir. Orr, BIHIl UlU KFZ--FUOoril Album 1:00 P. M.' KFI--N.W.I o.m.r UiU Eni Ham KMPO--BiMballt Indlani at N,Y. Yanlu.1 ABU--HIIIK HIRimi to HJ--OMrtl Crowill t« '. KNX--Arthur uoolnv KOKR--Cbarlli Tumr KOCR--Oood NIWI, Hull . 2:00 P. M. «F1--N.WII Uirr Uliko fe.^ja'i.w« KQKR--OUM'I KKI-Ww ·· rl mi Houia KNX-R.U, AMtgi M*i WMIMr A TN .OKK--Own. Ul CF1-- Dr. o*Btrr KNX--Ptilllp hornan DPI, KOKJWW.rld Nawi 3:00 P. M. yfes" "Js* · ln " t| lAJBO-Hkik WMHI K4IJ--NIWI; Qalik. Wnal'i Ux Aniwir, )tM KQKIl--Tip. * Topic. SlIJ KNX-Mn-UM KM K H J -- Urnn mix Hnll.- KOCn--Uirli Stiarni KHJ--H.rai in. Aniwat 4:00 P. H. KFI--NIWI, Da?. Maw) Burrlii WhMl.r 11.10 KHJ-FultonUwliJr, UiJ--Frank Himlnirwir KAJ10--M.rtln Block, tM KABC-Hin.tvut.r . KOER--Hialth Talk HJ--Dim Harm HI*. iOKH--Commut.r Cir'ii KNX_clt» Editor (4:80) Point ol Mw (I;M) 6:00 P. M. F1-N.W.I WaatMr .ABO--Nlwli BuilniH · IIJ--Bill Brundln NX--trtwurd 1L aiurmr Ft--Ntwi. RolMl Thorn.i KABC--NIWII Ull AJJM ·NxIcEroTf'AlloU yOX--Todir In IpcrU fiRO--fti Kull.t.'V.W. JW-Cllf( Enali, htwi · .NX--TOM Hanno. F*.iX--Top Tin Tunai ' OCR--Oliia Gravai .Fl--Miwa, p.*. Bh.w ABO--orvat And.non ' HJ--Tralfli Tun.l KJXX--rraui Uo». a.wi 6:00 P. M. Ft--BUI Haworth, N.wi MPC--Bob KlIIIT, anotli ABO--Ed Morfib MWI NX-CM.* HMm, BOH, FOX-- HunUr HlMoak H--Sport! Rlport - ABC-- Niw» Baal HJ-- BMII,.11... Wlinar NX--Utwill Tbonu · law KTl-tin an IM o* KAJJC--William Wlntai KHJ-Vlr.ll Plnkllt KNX--Hirman Illiknail| Amna 'n' Andy («:?5r ' KFl-Art' tfakir Notapool KABC-FH-ii Hack; NIWI KHJ-iam HavH HV. KO.ER--ivmncn Cbanh , 7:00 P. M. . ; KFI-NIWI) Al Po«H« KABU--Jonn VaM.n ' Rnoril Rack !:» HMII.F ... b ,,,o.r w "- KOKR--Family aibl. Houi KHJ-B.HIM' in. story KHJ-- Tru. KNX-- J«ilnd«i.llucvhr KQErV-Rvr, 1.1., OI4M Kri-- am RIGHT U Mm, tot ONCE! wiittitw, ISIBUCID com. * |Md r* i. i*. TELEVISION DEN HE 8-2828 I.(_WISTIHOHOUII A OSUNOKMUUUTir "III ',';*.. i ·* .^ -...· ','. I- ·' * .··£};·; G A 9-5011 TV IAMI PBIOHNU SINCI 1*44 ' · 24.HL tlRVICI HOME CALLS ~ 2 50 MAKH ! G A R W O O D T V S E R V I C E : · " Sffl 8:00 , u«n'( P. M. Popi KABC-- HIWM Ih. Had KH.I~H.rrT U». . KOER-- Ulbli IriiNrr KABC-- tlau'tn Dn4 BrlRldl Initriwllonl KOCH-- A. U MMMIOT KABC-- VolJl ol n»- · ·loni: RotMrt Mirnil Riportirt · R.h. )lubirt Humprin] KNX--Tho W.rld Tonl KI1ER-- VrtM o( China KllKR-- IHn'oilb.rt KNX--Erl. S.¥anld, S:M| . ThU II Rad:o 11:141 9:00 P. M. KFI--Tll.nhono Hourl Ol^rg. Lonrinq . KABC--Unit ti · ' KIIJ-N.n J . ." ...jriny Otli t. II irn-Dr vrimii U.O.. ·HI OlJ-FallOB Lrwli HIM rJFI-Th. Am.rlfir/ Way »Br-- Mritirrtlmi (Johnny Cunat KilJ-nini) m«r KNX--Oil Hinry Show · i.rr. U.M. KHJ--Unlnrilir Eiplotal 10:00 P. M. Fl-rUcn'Irm Kip..M.I .--, u,. 1 - It. BO-- A ABC l^tl Niwl aik Wa«mr Bh.w NX-*1II n'riork fflr* KOER-- VXra of Calrarr Itllt .-*\ n.(*»«» {ABC-- Fndirtck BilUi NX-- Kinntally; HaDlOV (·i?» ri-- Tumi C«IIM un ABC-- Kif HI atnnain HJ-- Boll and R«r NX-- Philip Norman KdEH-- Ri». r, D. WrriU I ttlU I KT1-AI Poika. SM« | 11:00 P. M. | -- NIOI i ;MJ-- Tho Ncwt-WhMl , NX-- NIWI, Mai Robfl , MirryrfM-RiniKl I l l i l O ) KPOX-- RMord Rack i KQER-- Cl«»n«o Wink II lit I Rollll ihiflill Sportl 11 IN 1-- FTKlirUk BlIUl i \-- lluill til Oiwi NIWI TV SERVICE Crtdlt Available 50 .' IISVICI ~' ' AU ASIAI ' HE 6-1271 2 HE 9-1583 ' JOURNEYMAN'S tOt f. ItTH TV HAVf VOUff DISHES DRV TMtMiELVES/ fHONE 7.441) ®8 2-« , ·· ... FOR BETTER LIVING DOOUY HARDWARE ' MARTS 37TH YEAR OC SERVICE TO THE PEOPLE OF LONG IEACM . . . "YOUR PROBLEMS ARE HIS PROHEMS." Riq. Dulty't ' . CHARLES R. OOOLEY i Herdwatt Mmtittt Alr.Condillen.r 1 l-h.p. V.rnodo | T.iolll. Into. 1 rlor Flat W.ll Palnl, Gallon | Vigoro I 50-lb. lick 1 }4t.OO 1.15 3.71, Igo. II 18-lb. ,ock || 7. It Ill.Ot 1.11 2.44 1.44 Rig, DMl MERICAN HAND LAWN MOWERS JEW '57 L W Y T VACUUMS WITH BI~WHEELS 13.11 POLISHER ^ TABLES WITH CASTERS f.fl 1.11 DOOLEY'S HARDWARE MART- 5075 LONG BEACH BLVD., NORTH LONG BEACH I- 2:00 MIDNIGHT Fl-- OUMf IMl »f D«r NX-- UuiU Ul OIWD FOX-- RMord Racal Tmu Tlnv f 2 a.m.l KOr.R-- Siarllti Bannadi ecame high-rated MIKE TOKEY'S "Pantomime Quiz 1 as a real hot-shot show. You n go on rnd on lnc« people watched avidly. In udlng wrestling! pularlty waned, B E R L E ' s not because his show and writer*, but be. uie the novelty of TV becan wear off and as sets got older people cot more particular and lectlvc In their v i e w i n g olccs. JACKIE GLEASON be. me a favorite with a Satur- y night Show and he became Ir. Saturday Night" . . popularity began to when people became more con sclous of the benefits of TV other than entertainment. SID CAESAR skyrocketed to lame with IMOGENE COCA as his stooge. She left his show and he wasn't strong enough to carry It alone. People became tired of his pantomomcg just as they became tired of Glcason's Hon« eymooners and other characters. CAESAR's resignation from NBC comes as no surprise, he has been doomed for the past year. GLEASON knows he has tlnlihed, and ready given There'll be others who'll fold up as more sct*slders become more selective and there'll be new shows coming on to gain great popularity. WELK Is riding high ' Anaheim Salute 'The city of Anaheim will be honored on Its 100th anniversary by a special broadcast of Don Lamond's "Southland Salute" at 7 p.m. today on radio station KBIG. BERLE has al up the ghost this season and next , . but his time In the sun Is limited, too. TV Is a killer of talentl We Rent TV SETS ' WASHERS TYPEWRITERS ' REFRIGERATORS ' SEWING MACHINES VACUUM CLEANERS · RADIOS ) · FLOOR ETC. RANGES POLISHERS Itwiweitott Rtpafr en I ' end Appliancn MM. t w. fna. TV SA SERVICE ¥ f ALL MAKES mm ' SpwtlalliliicjIn ·', i V-.7 ' riCTURB TUIES MUNTZ TV SALES SERVICE GA 7^420 -- GA 7-5.15 II60E. WARDLOWRD, OHM tVIHINOl wwl IUNBAYS BRACKEN MORTGAGE CO. A THIRD G E N E R A T I O N BUSINESS MAXIMUM 1ST t 2ND REAL ESTATE LOANS _ FH*. IMWHM, 01 IMI TMI Hxrtlr rtrwuli * ' . ST PEII tlOOO , INI AM^cIrTtOrtO BUCH MMM HE 2-7141 .' ·*« WM Mt it s ,,n. r ' lUtrtt, u I P.M. Imbtf Ofm« Pwawa HI 1-J1H Alexander Electric I l l O I L Ala.*!* HI 1-74.1 Off Iffl fMf f» r*plr TV In ·r «.Ml.t*ly NO CHA»»I CAPRON TV ,. · MMIlH Wrl»a» OwraMa* y\ IVININOI 'III f IAUSTIN RADIO l^xm^OA 4 - I T I 4 S U M M E R ( A M P F O R B O Y S ·in I ti II -- Olf ir -- Tniiitrti.H Seuthirn Cillfornli Military Aoadimy, 2065 Chirry AVI. HE 1-1 185 Calls $2.00 Fast Senrle. W. har«o far wkwl GA 2-7971 ·» ·· »-ir . . . GA 7^585 AF " after i r.M. SERVICE 1*4 IOUTN ST. NOTICE TO Subscriber« IF YOU DO NOT GET YOUR Regular Carrier Delivered Independent Wo will ..llnr H to **· . ip«ft«lly. Our ttrvtM d«r«rlm»n( U .port until 10 A. M. »... ..yi .n. wrM ICiJO A. M. $»n«l«vt. Aik f*r th« tlrtulatlin ION« HACK (mah *fflu) HEmlock 5-1161. ·r, U y«u Itn In Ih* '. ARTESIA, BELLHOWER. ' COMPTON, IYNWOOD. NORWALK, PARAMOUNT AREA Call: TOrrty 6-1721 ' WEST-ORANOI COUNTY Call: JEffirson 7-7430 or ZEnlth 5951 SOUTH-IAY ARIA Call: FAIrfax 8-2040 On March 18,1956, the New York City Police Department broadcast the following 13-state missing persons - 2-- Cross Current. G. Mohr ', 4-- Swing Shift Theater: "Medicine Woman." George Brant, Andrea King 1100 A. M. 4-- Tom Frandsen Newiwrap Ward. Newt "* 'Indispensable' · What product Is considered "Indispensable" to the majority of women In the United State: will be .told by Larry Chatterton on today's broadcast of "Here's the Answer," heard at 3\45 p.m. on radio, station KHJ. RENT A TV S/ PEP MONTH GEM' JEWELIB.S SERVICE CALLS Phone HE 8-3423 LOHNER TV SERVICE L HH TV SERVICE ; HE M808 ; BaNf /· TOW! . - - - . Tlf PICTURE I V TUBES I.II M» II" Tkn »("-- I.Titf (HI UlB iMlllllUH ll^rwll Ml HIM IMlf liar. SinlH III.) I « W rlllTIIIH IITIDMIIII 1141 I. IMtlWtT HI I Ian 10; I It l-llHrt IM. li. wMkutliit, lwr innil»- 10 *» .*10,OftO insHred savings H MMUMTI OMHIt Sta Nik at Mft MftNTN IAIN ·»»· Ik* III SAVINGS FEDERAL ·AST F I R f T MTWUM rtxi AN* town- t OCUN AVI. At «a «M tmtnmn ALARM 5922 Hissing since March 13, W#i J«ws de Otllnde«. of JO Fifth ATOime, mle, whit«, U2, six foot one, 160 pounds, alln build, fair complexion, light brown hair, silently ·, bald in front, brown eyes, good teeth, usually wars * fedora. Reported missing in the 8th Precinct., · · Thl» it the beginning of one of the most exciting broadcasts ever presented on radio-a searching, factual, 'documented examination of the mysterious disappearance 'of two men linked in a true-and still unsolved-story of murder, terror, kidnapping, threats and foreign intrigue. THE GALINDEZ-MURPHY CASE: A CHRONICLE OF TERROR Tonight from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Dial 1070 CBS RADIO KNX

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