Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1963 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1963
Page 26
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.-cfl. vi ra Help Woared( Worn.) 24 -. IBM Keypunch Opr. · S»mg Stu'ft 1 t» 2 yrs. tipetietct C24 teypuntl: I C54 vvrifitr. Person et DC pi. PU REX CORP., Ltd. AJI eouel woortunitv efncfever IIC1 O.AIJC . HE 4-1300 LAKEWOOD Nl. .-04JI REGISTERED INDUSTRIAL NURSE FKXttncvrd Industrial ifurse. age 01 er eioer. wowrs 1:30 to 11 JQ rm. Lit* tvoir. reouirei. This li · .oivdetense giant. Job security. pood pay 4 wry canv APPLY IM PERSON Harvey Aluminum I72M S. WESTERN AVE. TOIKANCE. CALIF. IP iirn or p« leuo. E«I us An EouW Otioorturvty Emelover Help WeaUi (Met) 2* iT»SURA»,C£ MINIMUM AGE 23 GENERAL . CLERICAL TfDinj rxocricrtc* rtauirtd. fr Proljt Sharing « Hew Modent Office * Frte Parking Factories GENERAL INSURANCE CO. OF AWEiUCA ' 1155 E-S.i Antonio Dr. LJ. Mr. Cav.i CA 1CT11 ME »«J01 FIANCE lARNHlLL'S ALCO EM?LOYWENT AGENCY ; J2IIL18'.(3,H.6A7.74IS CE«X ofc Tvca S3 . S7U * PURCHASE C». Ko tvt* _S^» FBX Recrpt. 1300 IUSUR G^ns SBCI* TYPISTS (10) 10 1238 WANTED 10 TELEPHONE SOLICITORS LONG^EEACH GARDEN GROVE SOUTH BAY AND BELLROWER OPENING NEW AREAS USING LATEST CRISS-CROSS TOP COMMISSIONS CASH ADVANCES DAILY WORK FULL OR P'RT TIME: IK OFFICE NEAREST YOU OR. lit YOUR HOME ALSO: Bleed one (1) Room Manager win sellini espcrlenct k\ car. LONS tEACHT X7 E. AKAME1U. tU. xmt GARDt* C-SOVI: TTB1 KESTU1NSTER BLVD.. RM- I SOUTH »AT: JC1J KAtfTHORNE AVE« ILW. tl 1 im. to 1 pm. 1 1 to Jpm. Help Wonted (Meil 2. Help WoatedtMti) M SALESMEN VYh« Yn rl« · Pormaneik Car,., T.. Wait U la Sun YOU ARE ENTERING A GROWING BUSINESS Here are koma of R*e fteTrst".* your° lll«: I, TM aooorlunltv fcr much above averaoe earnings. PKatanL t Jo. security . i BfetUr. career. Yen do r. toHecfin* make no deliveries, carry M samples; vov buy nottuita. vw keee M books, yo. use afl your time lor k«J en^e ptrvose -- mokin. MONEY FO* YOURSELF. This association w,m our company h eoen M reliable people who ore looking tar · permanent career h* whick they nay be prosperous l-.acpy and secure. MR/ROBERTS HUNTlNGTON BEACH 6762 MARILYN DR. SATURDAY. 2 TM. ·J.rn tAS I X-ray TecM- UM KEYfUNCH OPRS. LEARN IK 4 TO WK.S. IE ONE Of THE FIRST S : AT PVI--1/2 Price rADFlC VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE lt» sy. PAC, CST. WWY. IP 4-l*:4 DA SJH1 SEE OUR AO CLASS 22 WE DID IT AGAIN! THIS TIME WE SELECTED LONG 1EACH AS THE LOCATION FOR OU» NEWEST 1KANCH OFFICE. OUl ORGANIZATION IS MADE UP Exa.usimr OF YOUNG WEN IS TO 25. WE W1U. EMPLOY TWENTY SUCH l/EN TO F!U THE EXISTING POSITIONS AT THE NEW OFFICE. THE YOUNG WEN SELECTED WILL BE GIVEN A GUARANTEE PLUS COMM I S S I O N . INTERVIEWS W I L L IE CONDUCTED NIGHTLY BETWEEN S AND 7 tM. AT lift WULARD, LONG BEACH. I N T E R E S T I N G AND PLEASANT WORK FOR YOUNG AND MIDDLE- AGED MEN. HERE IS A FINE OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO BE ONE OF THE RRST IN OUR NEW AND EXPANDING ORGANIZATION. WE WILL ALSO CONSIDER MEN ON A PART-TIME BASIS. WHO FEEL THE NEED TO AUGMENT T H E I R PRESENT INCOME. FOR MORE INFORMATION. CONTACT MR. FLYNN, 1011 t IOTHST, 9:30- 11:00 A.M, THURS, FRIDAY SATURDAY. AEROJET Fullerton Needs SWISS AUTOMATIC Set-Up Men Mtnf V«v« S yt«rs ·»- p«ri«nc* e* Ternoi matic scrtw m*cTRt.v STieuToT I now cam 4t- **9H and Uyeut. CALL OR APPLY DIAL 871-5741 AEROJET GENERAL CORP. 601 PU centra FULLERTON CAUF. A Sutufdianr ef 1h« Oncrai l»rt A Rubinif Ca. Art Eaual Cpoortunit* £mB!ov*f HelpWaatedCMei) 2t TlOmlOANl INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT SERVICEMAN Musi t« itmSu wrrfi in- duSTn*! Insfrurr.BnfdTion, pyromefric* fesf eqwp- rnent. Requires 9001! rrt- cK*ruc«l t l e c i r i c t l biclground. Worl h pri- m«r3y «f cusfomer locations, CONTACT L R. 61GBEE PACIFIC SCIENTIFIC COMPANY 4230 CHALET DRJYE Bel Ganders SPrue. 3-2020 AJI Coual Ooportunitv Emelover Emp'-AqetclesMet 2.-A LAKEWOOD tWP1.OTIKC.rT ACTNCT uo*sc »»» · »:v«^ Canon «. Dla -- tic» tn - DRAFTMAM-- «ne. dearet, attvY arson ·» UuLcr"fRAINtt-l rrt. rat lege. married, shar-a, sales rrnded St. too ^A*7^iKt-?£sS e'JR- ACCT^J yrs. caime ae- cttj. tome exv.. married s*. t*73 / ASST. TO BRANCH «A6R.- feankaif .9. supervisory .bit^ ur. FOLLOW ·ood tmm UP CLERK -- Uvurt let. W t sales minded UQ. a* CROCR DESK ESTIMATOR-- nust know Biasncs C J TRAIKEE BAHI.I - J ' or aecu- exs...._ I. . IT WRJTtR exa. at operation* plan- GOLDEN WEST PERSONNEL ACEMCY ' l FINE. RU. 114 HE 7-0501 COMPAKY PAYS FEE Oaira Mir. Trw.. tilt. 2t Work Wanted ~9 9 · · · $ $ · $ . YOUNG MEN'S DREAM ftstnd at which me* ·r* ii-ia: -- can 0« linete a-rts. M yo» ar. a «*r§ yj nan and can live c. tr oar wee. «f»r Seductions.. _ _ Uve R sincere desire tor prk- enotlon and steady wort, apply f 1717 Lor. bee* ·"«- Comctton, smid 20*. I .-ty JITO* ^ Help Wa CMML. Wl Wonted 27 rvRlST. wfis*- attic* Lynwood. C«lit TEACHERS needed tor summer worj. Can Mrs. Johnsoa. TOpal X331 days, sat ·ital, Ktl toiraci . UL 1C. I sun. U. Helen's Hov f- ATM*. allflo»er. MANAGEMENT TRAINEE . .. " » PER MONTH Imrrwdi.ta ttvUni ular. rf .r»t- .; Iharina clvi tor rrgftt man to' J8000 PER YEAR * Murf OJalify- AK BmiT: H to i Hioh icfwot oratfy*te or rsuiv*- lertt. SALES TRAINING PROGRAM KEED euatmed rcn 14 to (fitcmfed M career with rO0 national manirfacturm «r adding machine*, calc.*- · Utort, anrt cash rvolsTcrx. 3 to t] fnorff* training pr»- Bran bas-Kl ea sain feack- oreuntf, Rtqulrn I vtar cf DIRECT 5ELUN CXP£RI- fNCE. Salanr and ·xDcraes wtviif (*i Vaintng. PrgtvctH tocM Ttrrttortci and cmrv Btnr tervrflti. Aftcf traitv Ini euaiifietf taiesmci. viH ·am uoca tv VC.M-. wirh eooortuniiy tor «*fmc»- For in'fofTnatlon fr Aeoeln fTTT*ft1 C»« HARRY WiU^UU-n HE *C*3 VICTOR Comptometer Corp. 13 24 PINE AYE. Long BecK DIST«1»UTOR» »A«TEDl Party plan exDer. he^pfxtf to kttrodut* CROWts JEWELS Of Ot HITCH- APPUCAKT PAY* FEt Offlc* m«*. F/C fckkpr. wjm ~arxtoa. e«o. L L ana SS,-st9 -- Tyotst jis^sfi^^ii DRY clcantnfl execrience--cressers. seamstresses A; counter firts. liafl Anantic A^e.. !_·- COOK wanted to Max kllcnen i aro-acvve Polyr«sJ«n type Bar. in. exo'i . le^CoR. bkod. SCS : weloer_sat hr. Poet svorlirr. total.._ S373 '.- MOTHERS DAY : FATHERS DAY *· ft* WLthiH your budget? WTiy not ear* them 'AVON CALLING!" Kara to tlOO per hour, work s«ort tvaurs wimia ··iking div tartct of TOUT dome. Horn* inv. view, no oblicfttion. CAJ-OClt. _- MED. RECEPT. TRNE. Win Vain sMar ul for mrdicar f:eltf--mc» aopearance L person" ahtv--type 1775 A»O EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 7G5S.L».BLCptn. KET-7511 IMMEDIATE HELP WANTED f 2-33 per fiour fa ifarf *l* Qualified" 4- VKifim ft chmtnm imin QUALIFICATIONS « 21 to 35 vev? cf *' HiBh scfuol or «gul " re *** *° CALL WEOMESOAT ONLY f A.M. 1n 12 Moon Only TO WHY- EXPcRltNCEO , · fcecDtrg background. Sanrt (v*King houn. Rnoomibic petition, " "5T»r1 $173. XW rnB« b««efTv Lorrv Betcft Jcwlsk Commun ty Ctntcr, 2601 Orand A *t. mtcr- «i«wma 3 to 4 B-m. enly. Mrs. Houston. FULL CHS. E»R. $5SO ISO E. and Sf- Damnn »A V7S1 SCCRHAW TO t»v« aofituo* for fgvrn. Good s*crci*nM skills. ».ES tWPT.GYtf.ENT AGCKCY C37 E, 2nd M,, Crwn«y WA J-7S1 . . Nr. fiteaty. klectls « »ecr«t«nr »or uin r»«r. Must bt «xs. IB otfirt Procedure, ifto 1 hwid. tvr^B- ioc S-3S. JVUr. Eich- fcera FA 1-3X1 AUTO UPHOLSTERERS CONVERTIBLE TOPS--DOOR PANELS-CUSTOM INTERIORS- SEAT COVE US LEARn m n V.-FEKS BE ONE OF THE FUST S AT PYl--i/j PRICE PACIFIC VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE lia SI. PACIFIC COAST H'JTY. SPruce S-1474; DA S3161 S« our Ad Cuss a BRANCH EXECUTIVE TRAINEE Kot in avrriot Training Pr»- K «ra . . . wot an ordinary Job, lift vniQue Maraaerrrent Traitv taa prooraro toriows · w»rv t armed comcrehem w« scr*duie . . prgvidn Toy ttrt br^l civ portumtv to dewelo» ouldrv Into · responible execufiye to finance ... D*vs you full tatary wtii e you learn. wiTfi Incrtasei t«s«tf on your rate of Brooms. ABC m to 2*. tome caliea* ore- ferred. Lrteraf saJarv, car aflow- anct, *H modem emplovt ber* HOUSEHOLD FINANCE CORPORATION 265 F. Broadway Lone Be«dLv So. For ptnenaJ lnterv!e« C alt GE 9-1419 Wed, 9 tjn. fo 12 noon VAN DRIVERS NEEDED Car* jnor* ai an cwncf-ectrator ctrrvlna for Mortta Amrrtcan Van tlnet. Amerte-.'i lasTesT- srow ing jnoyirtg *»n comcanr. Compl«r« t-a!nUtg *,m pay. *t* vnifotms. trw licenwt. tne* v«n m*nf»- "·"£· »nd Dleniv ef v*ar-njund work. H» Mtlina rcoujnd. Aiv flicanf* tnusr bt te**m n and 30, Have a lal* wITf awttt fa Kriancrng. for lur* f^***'*. "» Prnormrl Oe- MrimenT. Antnonv *2B,V «f «*rLt,j worm Arrn-TRC*i Van Lines, De- rartiTwnr *x Fort Wavnc, Indiana, YOUNG MEN AAA-I CO. NOW HIRING AGEI 11 TO 2f 3 Depts. Open Mo txtwienr* needed. $480Per"Mo. R oualifiid at personal tattnrlew. FKANOE JAINHIU'S . I50 . Grar.4 Lo; BROWN SHARPE Automatic Operator S.Tna Sh:ft Mmf fa Erperie rtc »J A^PLT » A.M. to X r JU. ROBERTSHAW FULTON CONTROLS t B. BLVD. k1 t.t FSff«AY Help Wonted (Men) 2 SALESMEN Need a Fay Raise? Matt Mart Money Now FUU OR PAtT TIME Cttablish vtM^ctt hi * lifcttm* c«rt«r und mike rtri monev. S F#moui Kjt«7D Shoev LJk. War . *rvtc sdlirg k furnrshed (rrt. SEE I. ». COOFTK, DISTRICT 1ALC3 MANACEft. AT lAFAYtTTE HOTEL t- i. -TARLOIT IT 1 FBrDAT, APtIL ITH BETMtl I S B PJUU ·ft- ProfessTcna! Career Large financial conrcn tin eren. irg tor I mm wTKrs« preKnt *h*- atuaa tackt ODaorTunitv fc w*to are BTBOW to kncr«*5* Ver Income, Exo. not nee. as w* have a^ excellent traniitTfl program. f inanctra to UOO wa- mo. * hv cenflve campcrnatjcn. Phona. £molovmenf DLredor CA 407«7 VHCXESALE ttiirtrttjutor wanted tor Long K*K* by ·*nor*nv known enanufactirer of tumetiold and cotmetics tne. Oualificatlont. Sue- centut ftouu ttvnous* experience and ability to tear* to recruit and train dealer erganfzinon. Umrtual ooporiuniiy lor aiaj!f:e4 man M · profitable tusinen of fci» »wfL Ptvore IX. Tompfclnv. S6*-nu or writ* Rawle*0n. Dent. . WO. 30* Adeline. Cafclarvd. MAINTENANC... MECHANIC recair and^or nvxirication of mechanic.! eouloment M factory. Knowleag* of *rt weid- tn? necessary. JS to 59 years of age. · HiBf drgrea of mechanical aptituoe aollitv. Abl to Uy out plan wort L protKd oa own kiitlanv*. APPLY EMPLOYMENT OFFICE EEMIS 1ROS. IAS CO. » 20 L PACI Fl C CO AST HWY. WILMIN6TOM ASSEMBLY INSPECTORS Experienced OrtJy APPLV f A M TO 3 P.flL ROBERTSHAW FULTON CONTROLS t ». tlVTJ AT L.*. FBEEWAY BAKERY ROUTE SALESMEN $546 T PROFIT PER KONTH 0 profit per week while _-, J"2r«in» capital necev sary. Want to tl your own tins* Do ma like »e challenge of mjkinpsuccesj your coal. Aooly ""-jSE^'s'ei"." 1 "' GOLDEN KRUST BAKERY AUTO SALESMAN Old ttfjbliinctf trm 1u opening tor Kcw . UsM Car Salrvnn J f. LAMEilDlN yONTIAC 102 H. LONG BFAOl COJVIPTCffll ALCO tMPLOTMENT AGENCY 2211 LL BVr. 6A 7-7415 SIERRA EMPLOYJIAENT AGENCY 507* faculty Snaps, Laktwoaa' v.t. ind ME t-uu IBU WY rVHCH O. inm. I YT- reant, bcal eo- days or swmo . st till* KEM. RAK3 KEY PUNCH. swa . st. U00 ASST. CHIEF ACCT.. S or 4-yr. oeo. %i S^Q§ ASST. BsancB «gr. Svgs i. Lean PLAKT Iff. iAtfs MEDICAL HWs. C. P t uxciaiifs CERTIFIED PERSONNEL SERVICE AGENCY 205 E. Bdwou Rm. 50S. HE o-«271 IAEMBER, OP C-EJUL DECREE 1 .ccti^ reunt |ri. protit sharlna ____,,,,_ S50 DRAFTSAAEM. several marine- BEVERAGE Sales. n eeU «* to SERVICE STATlOK personnelwar,». ao^ m«i« ft female. Aootv 27T^ Soutu St,Commumty Station. , . TELEPrlOKE SALES PEOPLE EXPERIENCED. PCL HE ·£* "CAM YOU SELt YOURSELFt Investigate. HE «-14^l Property Moaogetaeat 3( IT LX3ESNT "COSt" ... IT -f AYS' 11 T* fcav* profess ionalt manaB-^B your properlv. (hir sendee '- ckudet complete lAAmTEItA! t REPAIR Service. 5TAFFOHD JONCA Ag«ncj IB! E. raclfli '··"· Day or Might COUPLE to manage A cMan t «yrtv apt*, for fre* apt. 4 cash. WANT excer cpte^ manage 17 vnitv. Some majnTenance- Fktra. _tg^«^ vtil.._CE_±Gffl after 18 am. WANT retired tx*. art, to man»Qe caurtt tor 1 K-L 4 sat. GAirot 31 Wort Woartd LA.tF.vooo_ AOY otstres «·» «or« aifflV. rrj I Ut. Evar» olner Tnurs. Ca» fcLA* txacntrtm] ki nanawrri Lara* cti*i tr MeovtOert Vom. o7 ·JTC* tnarimra XKA.HO.X Wni. mpeo-P fn*+*t'*grtm. A-ioa. RttvAitt *2*"*J?££ "** ' j"TL «G/-4oTj tronoif H B» oif I IKOERY GIRL. » yrt JJT.R »«»*. 1 t*'- CAY,.SVJRt|«. CA "IRONINS. 6E 9-7804 rli«lP«-»IURSEomcanioi fcrl or I adults. Drive- O^67»- ' U ciV ISON1NS IN KY HOME 19C» Juniero. CJ3SU · HOME. SI MR- 17X CaR aftytitne. On r. C helper. CA 7-2330: HE MZ30. PRAC. nursa--Retined. Years exa. S days. «s Live out «3H6tl PRAC. nirse. Loc. Capable. *·£ Yrs. »qu Drs. rets. ME -*23t. HOME TYPI»» Wanted. Oecwa ajiia t eoeranced. CE t«3U OAY ft'CRIC. or Jviitor work Pticne 0~r«7 (CELLENT IRONINCS. M LI Work Wanted t«77 MOVING--Trash riaut: bldos. wrecK Frte rsL OLE. GA t-fa ME 1U40 32 OP-J Can *»«. w* iCEO JOft. mast. W. A. SCUO. 'T'.SH C7^tS3. Kovld Ike » onve . lolta * YOJ tax J ·ays · wceSL. pttor\e trom « aji. s» t .j? ~ tA- {gin T .3».y*- "^ CARPEKTRY. · ret sirs, rouoy CMS* ubUwH. ouallry «TrC ·inti tleaov work , age Si. M«a too to nouor HAU NG. !« movina. Keas. Ha . work, «**, cffec« rear. !6SltJ GENERAL HOME OEOROe CO IT. 'p'red Wrloiit HE?" nfl t»r spr*/. . Ret CtT*?i5 MOVING 1 HudlflS. Carage. tot i trasti cteatHjtt. OA »3i7i SMALL. LIGKT oeanu A M58 Work Wanted IMee. »omea »E! 33 ^WOMEK-- STUDENTS In your area. U-3S. Sno'f Slock. Factory. CKrluI. «t. Pan Time -- Fvfl CXP. maa wife learn wiB clean your oofs. bouses. Reas, Patnf- Irrg. CS41TS. Core of Children fLfcensed Hunt cmtyl 33-B Cefl ea Expert 35 Coll as Expert 35 Cofl on Expert 35 ASSNT I'.sr. Trainee. H.L. sales MO P/T or »/l ~S~»in» CHIEF Lao. TeO. VSO HOSP. JUaLnt. Medu cxp .SJCO IJAXY KOBE PREFERRED JO»S . - - S*1rt lobs comm, w uEary O-o«nie Chemtsti (7J , ta 1500 , lee, motor auemfert. C f le r. 34 w «M - . r. Oratrsman _ ..... - to W3 CALDWELL PERSONNEL. SERVICE AGENCY 1* Pine. Suite 337 hE 34481 ACCT. to IS, dea. com! eu.. SUO Acer, Oeo. «. exp- yno liM ASST. Up, teller e«. » JMO CHEJWST, 4 yn. ail rubber e»-. to S «co LAB. Tecn^ organic exa~ ro..t45a tNS. Adlr^ (fn no exo.. ya. wso RES1 R, Ia57i yrs. e«i_:«a WtXKSworlier. exo. sftoa ma_!-ORDERLY, medica) ' MAI NT JAan, ined. UGD GF jr. Byver Trine*. AGENCY '«· voo You Sire Time and Money When You " / A " Asphalt Paving BLACKTOP DEEP SEAL BRIVFWAYS t PARKIKC LOTS BRUSMCOAT--KO THIts SPRATI Frte LOW COST Estimate CA Jim or CE »Z1P DRIVEWAY realr servict. an IVDCS ef asofialt concrete wort. Fit* estun*fe. 166-9120 BLACK Top or Cement Cxivewavv Patlos Parking totv Seat coaf- ed AMY COLOR- PH. 43t«73L AutoPointicg Bookkeeping Service Cabinets IBM TAB OPER. EEcel'ent ctcoorlunJtv for e*- Cerienced *tt2 and *03 opera- ter, JUUnt tt ati!« to wire. ANCHOR-HOCKING GLASS CO. _«5IE. 52rO PL I-A. g FINANCE COLLECTION WSR. Vt contoer Ihis posifioR sa bf Rw too eooortunity ta th* Soutn- tar4 for a late ctiaroe* nan .in) finance eta. The salary rt kien acc»e trie average. ge 2S- «S. S^ay «k. Uanr benefits. Cafl Mr. Han. LO ASA71. TIME flKANCE CO. ap PMenuiio BltfO.. Scuta Ca*e FINANCE FIELD ,* - Manager Asif. Mgr. **c«fon. ld»v week, ACCTS. Payable Clert on exa. « TAX ABtst. OH »'~r ' «"" ACCT. Oesree. U.TO 1550 HARBOR EMPLOYMENT AGENCY llOW.Ocien tlviHEM99J 1401 PROGRAMMERS A« ennn -- tear. U II wrrti. B« On« o{ tti« ftjt S At PVI--1/2 Price FAOF1C VtX^TIONAL INSTITUTE Ity W. PAC1FBC COAST HWY SP H.M; DA iMI · See our Atf Pass 22 SHOP HELPERS fo $Tl5 Some mac*. snoo'stiL ntt. nsi Tool t cutter ortiders _ to « og Tooling Insaeitur lours Maint. mectianic to tin Heilarc welders (alum! _MU.1D Warehouse. H J oril -TZT Bi! Ptasflc ertMloer ^_^ to 12.23 ""MA? LAiNTeENcV C S. SoririO St, LA. MA tstjl TECHNICIAN ELECTRONIC Leara taslc electricity, electronics, use or lest rn?, etc. Quality for 1o» o«v Ml U weeks. WEST COAST TRACE SCHOOLS US4 AnjnT.C CA *X3a* S^J» CT S- Scneal A« Oa^s. 72 PKOOUCTttt Line Kan pnter rrov« tvetr. LCI TNSPECTOR. own loots ^to ISO MACHINE HELPER A»OEM?lorUE^ri~AENCt TMS-t-IJUCpta. NE»-7Sn COLLEGE STUDENT Morning Houn Delivery. Stoct Uarnf. WIGOALL PHARMACY son.Anarttie Aye., uti MATlCKAC. Corporation txpaWAno. Excerienf ooDortxiRitv tor mem e«- l»pfrpjncrf in roura *»lev- trmhes, coohfarare. boo^t, aFtourm. real ev t**i, etc. Aoptv U234 Paramovnr V vet., Para/nounf. VT WIVl THAIS 4 SALESMEN TO DEPP.ESEKT SUNSET FENCE S PATIO Hava car a acuity to meet puoltc. Better tftan avaraoo Incama. Apply to parun t a AM. TO i fS !DA 3U Long Apply to parun TO i fS !DAHY Beadl ElvoX. 1 B Men Over 19 Ta deliver Coffee Makers a* Ean? *i» per ^iee» to^trart Asphv U a.m. tfiara. er 1 tun. *nar0. ITU Long Beac* Blvd^ Suft.1 301, CamotrjTL YOUNG MAN 19 TO 26 Largt Canx-otlo-i wi «rr.plov vour» man wife KS. education to condud buslnets Interviews. t«- ceilent etJOonunity for »rfv*nc«- menf. OnTir *i«« hirertstrt M steady trnplovment need aociv. Can Pcrsennct, 1 un. ta 2 »-m- TE ACM INS HAS CBCATEO Qf**~ INC$ FOR ME K WhO WISH PE « JUIAKIINT POSlTCOnS WITH IN- TCRMATtOT(A,L CONCfRft. Mo txcenenct receuanr- w« win tr** van for Indirect 5aie» and Public (trillions work. . Unlimited oopct-tumt es, FOR" INTERVIEW APPLY f* f. MAKICET ST. TVES, WtD. AWO TWU8J. Af P.M. 1HASP Qirofian Seme* Mgr. JMust tn firrf dass* ta work and »l* to prtioertv diao- *CK* ad mecbanLcal Droblcms and marage men. write Box AKJ1, Independent, Pres»-Teieoram, »tjtt- Ing oudJifiotiom ft onon* *umt*r. PART-TIME COLLECT -W£rf PR£FTRBCD 5:30 A.M. TO IB AHA. ·RON DAY THRU SATURDAY US. Naval Station Cafe l r ilOa U HAVE eeentnffs for } sino'e men PTotJuetiiM Planner to ts» J»iB ... Cut-off Men KOB RO 8AJLEY AGENCIES LOTS OF JOBS na c. Compton »iv«. iJEiKra 173] E. Firestono, r«my. TO l-fat loe Cravens. TorrarKa FA »2723 S» S. Main. dm. Cooe T\i Sa£a BENEflCIAL EMPLOYMENT ASENCY » PI NE.HJ.I2CS HE 5-1911 BEST XBS -- TOP PAY Help Wonted 1 Men] 24 Loop Employment Agency Accountant credit 1450 + Telephone cter« si 7S hr. Pundi Press Oprs. $,·« -S2.C8 + Ai/to a^r cond. neck SlOo * AUter-l liaraller. BT.CB bo«y. « + 40} S. Long B«O B'vi 1* Comoton. ME 1430. WE NEED MEN FBT Factor* Brandi ivt THAIM. J ?JR APPOI.VT. PHL *a-233» rHOD. CHECKER f 4 JJ460 mo. AA Dearf -good fiour* aofltudt-- Trun Tor limt .1 mofion itutly 4 cowr*e* ta trvdustnal teCnneTotn *|| EWPLOYJULEIMT^ACENCY K37 E. 2nd Sf_ Downey WA nvi INC COMBINATION Mjfv- JM5 tr. + + 9 years exaeri«nc* to mixira an* CUITCM Kildl cabmtts Bamroora g tman. CMS rim. Paoe Wtg, - lilt Redondo, c»rc. Carpentry HANDY mm. Roofino, Dlumbino, tiK. wort wtiat ftavt you? Anv loo. J*v* *Dl3aC7. "HO-viE amprovtment mod*!, fxtra roemv DBtlck. closets. c«birt«TaV DBtlck. ,mr* ias- »33-5 MO loir too sman Reasanaait i Family m*t. CA*66O. CARPEMTCR, rrmooei o!« te-WS CA RFE NT E R--RencOeJ _SmaB potis a. spec. DOHT cabinet or carpenter'work. Vert reoonabi*. tM-gW. DUTCH carpenter, M irrs. eraer. _ repair, fcomrt. X Edgtn. TO 7-oi.SI CAfiPENTER* remodelina * · lions. By ItT, «f loft. 2» Ceramic Tile FINEST Ceortjr._ Concrete Work tLlCTSDNlC TECHNICIANS Tt maintai* *· ocerate Mobil ratf*locations communication* «Ou B. Must bt Ire* to fc-avet L fc«v* 5net clns ptvont deem*. ^PtMr* CE *-Pi4 tor aooeintmeof- STATlOT« ATTENDANTS FuR time. Ai^« A I mechanic far STEVENS EKPLOYKEKT AC-EKCY Credif cprresuuujeiit, pood ca. crrsu er pusinrss bkgro. su* * Jr. Acct» em- y» SCO Order Desk, tvt* ad . vog Ouality Control 0 O.E. KadL "A" O » tl, S ^e. B. Bl.. Cjt. r *f I-S1H TRAINEE Al«Ci*t« OilCOURt _ .: Age !»-», M oft Khoot r tame coHeg.? preferred. EKCflVfrrl eooortuntiei toraovancrTent. 9*"i*r't£"t*i CA 4 MM. Mr.»f». CHRISTIAN SALESMAN Vi.r*. veV eVeued ma*t wt# can ready to ma** moner, tncgfrnt «PB»;Tlunrty WrrTf Roi A-fSJt knj Qua* ft attorn A pnernf rnir^beT". / AIRLINE FTIgM ft prDt.n.1 tot*. As* ._. IOM wttii* *«, Claum ts«.d to 11. Ca« r»:i*cf. rH «27^M trAd $g °"^' CmCtC -"* EWEkMENCED WINDOW COYEtUNS SALESMAN Venotlan tlinds--Traversa Rods-- SVinoow Shades-Etc. Some Minor Installations AUTO MECHANIC SEE ttx't Ycxme IEE WHITE IAUILE* nM FiatSTONE BL^ DOWNEY TAILOR (JOURNEY KAMI work. S7 wv«M war. New Cinos stort for Aton. Costa Snrt 4or M «E *Z73ft. DANCE l*«^en. tuM ar ·m to a yrs. Era. not Aooty M portoa I s I p.m. » Mr. Ford. Fred AstaJrr Studio. Til r. Ocean. CALY TRAOe SOfLl HE7Z!fl SEE AO CLASS ~ EXPEDITORS Irak* SltJOl ^ per year. OR r v«v. l/CV. Pfryvdan-Sorgeon MD. tnduccnf; onone, to P.O. Box II. Lon» t «·£» knmed. for tooj room ear. ETvd. . r« fiSPCCTCXI 155. Canal *'« . Lorjf'Beodl. *ART rm« ', Tmo uj. ar« ujiiiyfa'v rv Mr CiliSra^ of IA*. B-ow-w - Tavfcsr Snssnpnemx PH. CA 75T7S PART luno 7MX tvn. E Sat^ L. t »rt». Mliwkl». swarmte. s. start. TSY f.jnf. B PJis. 10 ?. FART tim*. igj » is« »«. vcsa roaofred f car. Wf «:·. Bei C7 1-J yrs. en W E T R C tnt i.- CITY*" lOMG "BEACH H'Bk ctimbm* eio). anly. 71S w, Breoowey Rffi. PosHion Wift FUTW.J 340B SVil^n.1 SALES TRAINEES hi Soutti LA t Ornoe Ca. sen cLar" » · * · " " Car »ec. ftrea cod* 714. SHOE SALESMEN fro. «rifv need* aeoty Bt*tf Iw* to Lorfl ftearii j-twy *S long »ac« ivd, MASONS WE T H A I * YOU TO f *** rw..f5. E " t - tcr y*»*' -Make V.9JX9 * per rear. C«B jnr^jrttrfe^jor^aaet. HA *TCT. FRY COOK .-..VISS:! ihift tee» 15% cf H» mt. UYEV/IRE DRIVER-SALESMEN WANTED NO AGE LIMIT NO INVESTMENT _L«_*»M.«*£; " OSHi " L 1HX tree to travel writer.* State* ·ntf rrtunL Above avcrao* «ar*v knos to uart. we ram yew, Trarrs- '·"- . Bladutone Hotel, METAL WORKER ALWAYS JOBS Trainee, career |c. 1.10. lao. tedl. Calif. c. .SMO Carm« wsoector, U yrs. 14MXONG BCACH BLVO Help Wonted (Meal 2* ARTISTIC PATIO Ctt Prysents TTie Knest Cemenl Wcrl (Driveways a* BTOUV prlcesl Eioerf oesign--Fre« est CE fCJt tob too targe er vnaFl. t i . turance. 39 m. Frt* es^mate. CAJt.05 or CE345T nlnff h E M P _ _ . · »* S'- POOL, ftectl. patios. OYI SHEET MHAL ·A- n.n »r. «l; ··" UM U) SPECIAL HATES-- CEWEKT KQS etc. Lie, k . ret WAS-U24. METHtC m E. 7m. ALWAYS . «lll t Tttt CONSntUCTlON SALESMAN DOOM AOOiTIOHS t CWti, TOU« tOT Camm. e*d M IUR an cridil ae- fro*al. narrty oualifietf leads FACTORY TRAINEE *»» 25*. Prtfer pood knowredoa ol malK H.S. vad S2 is hr AIOEMPIOTMENTASENCT JMI-A AfTanfle. II 6A 7-M94 705S.t,i.K,C»f«. NE'TSU il or i^arf Tpme, Special rovt» wort, M f«*. nec E*cei. ·arA,rtgL Aooff ft! am. ·OWJE-. AMrrlUI. COWTROt. C^F-CER ClTT Of LONO BEACH Srrjin animal cart e«a. TS w. ftm»c?»ty RTH BJ ALL arour*4 Coe*. naflaw cwMt« *xper. E- f' 26 CWINM'S EmBtoVrrtenf Agenc* 91* Elm. Lefrj teacH. HE JTUS 'SERVICE STATrON MAN ricfPenr k* * Bualified. _T7M_.WtinCTrerLtTvdL r Lerta » HP*. ter ** 11 "r *"«cliantc. Must /3J*»y t » rn^^So.! fillli! tMCTClOPEOiA Amencana Mredi ***, Cwar. Can r».944 te*wr*n II 4 12 m A^ far Mr. .»!:»ort. JOURNEYMAN BARBER HA »rs* Teackm* M» UFLL r* cgmmtttio't.v' C Jt«|_ a3-_.%9l r*. Tedl Wriivn IrorHCT. M f. 1 . Irmrxrrr Ektc- VrTnent, Anaheim. SALESMAN Haw I ned cars. m« *rDer'«nc« f»eed. We tra.« yo. Je» tint yVrnlfZ^Z i? £«"' HjPJY^C. ClARk; BU1« R E «T"E ST ATE~iALE SSI l" $150 WEEK DRAW Hjrd wortera need only an ' IBM TAB 1 WIRING * Trai. «OW_»»Y LATER «T/ Traisy Schooti -- HC 7Z SCE AO cms a IIS DEMAND! U1N 17 HL -H t. sen* aa i. 7t«. Ht_tsjc -BK-'W-.* w-V'SS.. . HUGHES AIRCRAFT FACTOKT BHAKCM -- Zl«f Factc ^ ..^0^ «.r. !·. rJIL Htfp Woflftd I Mti) ··.*. m/-.a..l*J.ji fLJ^al at I -- -- . *crp vvoiiTCa i MCI I .ca i 2» F.S» TO coa mentnily' · _KtT73»'R,fc''ay^^»st Aiuriero _ _ j . Contracio_ » camns. S day week. '«!% 1 .'to dart. Uouor JDrt. BUYBONDS NEEDED 6 SALESMEN Tg Jsm .$· farfeil crcvTnf S · ytf t m C«nf« n h*. A 9 · US fa 45, K« ·p*r*«nc« · eeistarr. W* irr 1 ! trT.i T**. AppT/ I* ytrioR *«V tt Jet Chgrin*. G«orti Chnrolc! 17150 Ukewoodllnl EELLH.OWER 3 DEALS A DAY Dynamic Hew JUytrT.ij rraiicl $50 Deal Knoney ifTer sftor! trawirf Have eeenind for 1 Ivccessfuf abte e* andl desir* t* rav«L a st JS rrel. Contact. Mr. Lei ManM t ka n Ma»dn tor. rrktaY 1251 Gaylord START WORK TODAY Work tor nation* ffrm ·· tr. outing aiaclrtcat ma«rt*. .anc« eoutDTMTr fcxanv. NO NICtSSAtT ·larT. neat, wiumg *· work. S5ZCO T». JAUIT J t i ecj T t r JA riAN "««u!» goai.v tor aononaf Intarvlew WA I-IOII t in. » r noon » * » * . * » » Manufacturing COST ESTIMATOR eJia** epcnirto^ ax'sH For · M«tti/«cfur!iig Ccsl Estlmatcr wlA · mTniitium cf S yean* ttpmr'\tnc» r* miT*- f « T .tc*ronTci 7« .1 * 1 1 f T. Fdafa win txpcrienc* 2 yean In eerf nfi- fraf.«9 o* OfF titj fn-*K» tntf Cm* afrl IP*' ter'al corrfracH. ef £ j'nerrlnj v CroJuctloe Interstate Ioca4ii ; CV- ·n^o CoBtry aai · crotJ pro^uci Tin* i. rang, insfre- fn.nfafle* and* effort ffeas- f.H cempafaolo .Trk pTeas- ·nl ·frafcymttrt. For More InfonruTlan Vrj3 er Conitct T. L H*r»!y or D. C HotyVers Penormel OtTie.) MAM 171 or FR 2-7222 INTERSTATE ELECTRONICS COKPOKATION 00 E. Vermont. Aioh*im An eoujrf eDoornxrtv empiovor WELDER Certif ed fcrnarc, era. gd. cs. H »tfie. Sufty 3T2 KJTTWl _itflfi« ,, XlmX »aanr. All tl. Wl-Wt tat A WSO Managemenf Program Set*.! Spertin.? Coodi man. Jo* raDitfv rraandlna cftaitx Xnrf. efloorlunitv. ~ ^^J STATION ATTENDANT Local ro. crrr. CHEVRON STATIOIV 12S1 Los Ajamitrs BlvX at St. ClouO MEN--PART TIME rk evenings and Saturoavs. 3tf pay * exDemo " CE MC7 steonesaay t -- MACxmiST mast Hava tools. Cl * SSSJ'^-*****' **-- Ives rep I. CM i Con tract or s-Build tn Room AJcfitJora for Lesi Kemodellro Me* consaijctan Free ta. an finance--1% M. Mjsfer-Cjrt Const. Co Cfiaffii trt »rryflm» CA I ISM SA.L1SBURY Const Ca aOttK service. Lie. cantractars. Gt-jo ar/vflir*. ROOM AOOlTIOK, REHOOCL. Pr AOOCH. HA j-Tpg TA i-TT REMOOCLIXC t actions. Ou» . wor. only. Free Est. CA 14C Garden Serv. Supply ATs Lawn Service Lawn, mo win a. edging. rertovatVi«. feeding. JKormiy or we«ktv ra^n. Tra^Jl haul ir 2. Frrc est. 427 -432$. COMPLETE GARDE* SERVICE Landscwine. renovatmo. clean-uo. FREE EST. HA 1-4291 RENOVATING OM?L LANDSCAPING SortrkTIng systems, aid v*rr?i renovateftt. Patios. HE 5-7192 AWr.JJ RENOVATED SCAtPED Rncetfifig ferlLrizlrtB BaiBROS. HA 1-1612 PARK'S IAWN SERVICE HE 3 OCt7 arao* 9373 R«nov.i ting - Rofof Ulng rvelirifiL ME 3^S after t t. Cornotftt Lawn tVUtntenancf and C*an-uo Scrvlcr, S67-3S60 ATtti maintenance clean tm. free rst. o,v-ni DT (HE 215*2. »» a.m. TO Fri." Avam $£SVK£ --* R£A5,_ RATES- FREE ESTutAATES. tp »T.n Haolmjr. Express FUfniTURE -GARAGES Cleaned. WE nrr VSEO FURK. APPLL ft Tit ASH HAUL--TREE WORK. * CARACE-4.OT CLCAK1NC £ . 1 near* of satisfied customers r-E 70CCS ME «n TKASM HAUVING-- LCA'EST IT , TOWK ANVTlA\£-*HY tDAY. CE S-I72S or ME t-tra TCP SOIL-- 4il dlrt-Trasti Haul 1« CIRACC A vard CRcanuD. Tr- laut Expert tree service. Ltc Iree^Eit, Guaranteed CE t^rg HVJRACEI CXEANtO, tratlt ^aulell. $2 UP -- G A 6-1607 TRASH HAUL. Lot clean up. SktB barter. Fm rsT. ME V*7*l, 7 a.m. t W p.m. dlmo-- venr r WICVUUC--Tr«sH Da*; DIC ,, Ftee ea. OlE. CA MT7 HE M*4 ARTS Tr-mfrr. t-fc a insured Lev rat*. HE 7-«31 HE 3 1J9I ram exjnuai Frr* ftt CA HoasecJeaaerf , namtirn. U y^. r« RE*tOOUW5. A DeoaOGtioo CLA R HI HoustCltanlftfl -- Ruo. BO- Iwrt^ry. floors, windowt, waf ICnJ PI CHS- fcttured ME ^Se Draftsman . . HOUSECLCANING. wmcows. roors, Fr«e rrt CA 13407 GA 3^337 or HE 7-7163 OLDCt ·ernt-retlrsd Kvan tor ae* ·jal tardmlng trA (riaimenancc. r vft. in tfr» I*** f to · · m. A.1o» Drtv*M TT-ts '--' :.* Oressculcicjt SALES. Dower tooti 1 PWdl wrwss, set op only ST2S, wk. .... . set op only tZJI COW«ERCIAL REOICAL EXPLOYMEklT AGENCY - a. P- LU na» ·etecuol* ««r nrces. FL^ _ part flm«. Hmfunorvry. "Tony.* · car ·ualired So care for paraplegic, N« smokerr Hone ·mar need accly Room i .card » latary CA t*71. TRUCK CRIVER«tfvy duty. Re- cenf kx« exv. rsn ft me. ICC YOVStO men. tan. Perm, trrt cncr. C*. Benefits, car luni S9B -*- »uw. Start Pnrr.d. TERMfTE CONTROL DO YOU cJ?y5oB*wc^ _ _ _ _ ~7CE»E R AL i O»"icE=fY : pljf Some Cvege t*o _1~. _DoraHnr Snrltr.d Agency HCl433a tlUSlClASlS S torn. pgTkTTinZ ~anKs, «srm* kass a ovum w a L B -- ' -- - - LtKtriclans BORGMAN^ ELECTRIC Renoovnnt new corrstrvcnon. Rjroe I *Y«r hookun Se-vK« calls. Free esr. TO e-2-Far no Joy of Electric irvrf * Rewtre fcr Hcwoower * SIH DELTA (LECTRX CO O*TM LONS B EACH CA 1S7SJ BrLL STRICKLAII3 CO. t*;«- ·-m. imaa or ba -- - I Hour Seryice. LICEKSE3 ELECTRlCUkKS Ouality work, .. . f4ew csnst. Fret est ELECTKX · ET 'T* * PSi, 4I3'fWl I.EIU ELECTRIC--SCOCBty smu loos. « kr. sery^a HA ecu COR9AY EKcsnc cat LicansMi we «s« «a smrftee. Ct l-CEt. FencfBj r CIOA t rwwd. fenca snan _ tron eac t» nj} r.; rrjwood solif ran V. L. P. CaT t-35:t nocrtTit * TD« La» VAN) TO tvORC kf itjnery X ecwr. · seflin« TO MK CIEAKUP man, L»jnoroni«t. nan _TI»I«. fatnwt Homo. FA I S7H DRY Cfeanm*. Be or«ransr.Harp. Vsl^Cpt pk ct-eg? prt. Vl «m l«p. " rOOC Prosser. P»mi. JSranen. mi t *n R e * floor aeauf.ful f.nish. a «ned tnt wared l-eav servir. a aryhrne. HA »jra wan w . fm Mattresses . ACJBJ 1C) E Storage «rwnt cast. CC R. L JOHNSON ·nt.-r-e.t'.r. *S«t» Teor .uritf ax-t/arrtee. OM97X SPECIALISTS ^I^ir.'?^**-s" 1 " "r** 1 * 1 kroerr p»;nrn» s. color .uioanca Jt yrs. axx. Llc\ Ms. Pree e "~"~ FRErTSASSii wifk res* too 1 ye e»nm»!»v ~'" \ ttft-aH JVK SAND "lC"HT~»PAiNS6tt» Paintin*, Paperkangin* AITtTllHO tfone rtsca»na.,!e 30 wars tmeriertct. IntiMlor and *x- tenor. AI work qyannte*it For arv en TOUT nornr. ua «9J-33C* »nyti.r.e, AINTLNG. auauty at nas. prices. SMC eiscounl now. Inter. B. eir- er, 30 vrs. exper^ slcc« 1 Srim SDecmist. No lot roo Ice or sm.lL ME »,5C1; tE M701 LTERIOSL mtenor. tesldentfal 4 rnAistrl*!. Bnrsli or Seray. Reas. rates Free est Da own work, a. kts. Catt any timL OAiJ$T^lnterlcr r exterior, MV Buaranttedt; f» lob too im«L Free rstimatn. Ptone CS-ECA. OB PRIESTLEY : HA 17409 WALL PAPEft, 2 EDRMi, sa. APtltHAKOINC, rTW ftnt5t. Ma lob too vnaEL C-«n, kl£ S-9731 Plastering LASTERING add Tiara, acoustical ct Unga, patdiiR.1 13 * UB, Restucca. GA M541 $3 Up -- P«t±mg. Stucco Repair, lie.' 6E 8-9042 J5 UP--PLASTERING Sandblast t testucea. CA \-VTt DUALITY PLASTERING tEHNEOY. Ue. Ins. "- ING BY HAfST in* . Bstdk. sia IDS too small. ±3X1 I PATCHES I c7-nq In cm. SPECIAL Fsra. sanr L L Fsra. sanr L Sa. Thermo- Heatn. CA J-tlB; CA H3W Radio. TV IEFI Scnice Roofing .C-8OOP NOW AU. TYPES OP ROOFINO. snirrsles t stiUrs aur Eyes; HA ±7fX S» BLUE CHIP STAMPS REROOF, REPAIRS CCATINS. E COOF , EPENDABLE . Co. CE MC7 SLT-VUEU. HOOF CO. * Est. 19^. No on pvmL SanK terms. ALL tvprs recover tit hr). Lna «-756a R£E EST1IAATES--BANK TtKYS lADOOCK ROOf Ca CE '«°1 REE rvSPErriOl* ESTIMATES ROGER HARPER CE RE-ROOF WITH H SEARS fig L.B. «' SindbUstirf FREE SAIeOBIAST wim restucc. or ax^rnor p»'nf lea TO »MT? CE *ea FREE SANDBLAST Wrrstucc* or paint. CE » She«t Metal Gotten CUTTERS . spouts. flastiin*. vents, shetf ffWel ventilaflne. restaurant and face si/ik hoods, stainles* streV rcaair- Jrv a weldlno. air cond. ·McCLOSK/Y SHEET KCTAt. tns w. urn si HE »«3 worr 1-4523 Stove Repair, Oariing SpriBklmg S"Stemi LAAtt SPRINKLERS hntanod i r«- Tailon CUSTOnR Tallortrtp -- Best ta Te*"t Tree Sen-ice So. Cal. Tree Serv. Fr»» tsJSma^. eomDletf *Tt aer- ·k*. CAt^StO. V^fprl TREES-- TREES Trtmrfud. farced r removed: A» swvd. 3»hour SERVICE. -RERIOVE. mSUREOI LK. FREE ESTUUTC. CC M1» PRES Vio lowess.arvica HS^rJ tl: Upholstering :»'/. . Cusiom Upnoif try r*CTORY ClRECTI M dnra. f Z KM^ lorn v i nr old fcjniitwtT toff '^·wSity". tress, ru Artnia (i wt. ». ·» Ittrwood Bl t Ocen Sat; a yrs. STiS*"" » »~ g?5 «£UPrlC!.TI« K?-, . taMr njal ·nd .% Venetian BDnds Cleaned \VishtT-Dryei Repair

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