The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 2, 1906 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 2, 1906
Page 4
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*H-j^t- •£>,,?••** - C&tarrlets give iustnnt relief in Dr. Arthur J. Simpson, SURGEON ANB OCULIST Eye Ear Nose Throat Practieedevot- ed to Surgery and Diseases of the Eye, Ear Nose, Throat. Special attention given to surgery of the kye, Nose and Throat. CUSSES FITTED Office in Herman BUg. North Side So.. Phones 83 and 212 CHIUJCOTHEI CONSTITUTION OCT 2 1906 BIG CAME SUNDAY. The Chillicothe Athletic 8 will play the Laredo team Jat South End Park Sunday afternoon. Fred Thompson, who has the Athletics in charge at present, has secured the service of Jack McConnell to do the receiving and Bunton on the rubber for Sunday afternoon's game. Sackett will a i so be with the Athletics. The manager of the Laredo team has secured the service of a battery from the Burl- mgton, Iowa, state league, the penant winners of the .season to be at the points for his team. The Laredo team defeated the Uhilhcothe boys at the former place a week ago last Sunday by a score of 14 to 4 and the Athletics are figuring on getting sweet revenge Sunday. The Chillicotho fans, who are desirous of seeing a •good game of ball and the last one oftke season, should not fail to see Sunday's exhibition as it promises to be the best one of the season. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS FOB SALE buys a 5-room cottage near First ward school. 100 feet square. Good neighborhood. Water and sink in kitchen. Inquire at this office, dtf $750 Ground For sale—Cottage in Graves- vine, three lots, two wells, everything in good condition. Price §550. Will take team and wagon or cow as part payment. William Misenhelter, at County Infirmary. 5 Society and Clvubs For Sale—A part of my furniture. Inquire at residence, 420 east Clay. Mrs. Frank MeNamnrr s21d2w For sale—A top, single buggy almost new. Also set single bar- ness. Will sell at a bargain if taken at once. 28sdtf Saunders-Turner Lumber Co. For Sale—Hard coal stove good as new with pipe and elbows. Inquire at this office. 29sdlw For sale—Art Garland base burner, piano and household effects. Inquire of Thomas Houk, 720 Vine street. 29sdlw ST. LOUIS PEOPLE WROUGHT UP OVER COOPER'S WORK Adds to Popularity by Lavish Manner in Which Ha Lends Assistance to Poor and Needy The Daughters the King were entertained last night very delightfully by Mrs. Johu Hawley complimentary to Miss Hattie Houk who leaves shortly for Kan- For sale—Good rubbertired open buggy. Dr. N. B. Stevens, oldlw STILL AT THE OLD~STffliD E. M. CRELLIN HAS BEEN FITTING SPECTACLES IN CHILLICOTHE FOR 20 YEARS Guests of the evening the evening Mrs. delicious refresh- Not always the Cheapest, but always the Best, you will find the Photos at The WATTON STUDIO WINDOW GLASS We are making- the lowest prices in the city on Window- Glass.- We boug-ht for the fall trade when the price was down and can save you money. Our stock of glass is probably as large as the other stocks in the city combined which enables to furnish almost any size you ask for. N. J. SHETLAND DRUG CO. Southwest Corner Square. eas City. were Dr. and Mrs. Griffin and guest, Mrs. FliLt of Minneapolis the lattei being a member of the Daughters of the King of that city At the close of " - -Hawley served ments. itt Close friends say that Mr. Forrest Graham and Miss Forrestine Hughes, both of Richmond, are soon to be married. Both are known in Chillicothe and have relatives here. Mr. Graham is a cousin to Dr. H. M. Grace while Miss Hughes is similarly related I to Mrs. W. H. Mansur. tit - Mrs. E. M. Packard entertained the G. T. club Tuesday afternoon at her home on East Webster street. At the close of an afternoon spent in doing fancy work, the hostess served dainty refreshments. 4-tt The Fortnightly dancing club will hold the opening dance at Elks' hall Thursday night under the directions of Ed Riley and Joe Shirley. it 4 Mrs. John Hawley entertains Sorosis club tomorrow afternoon. MARRIED 6tf YEARS. Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Packard celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary at the home of their son, E. M. Packard, Eist Webster street Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Packard were married in Milton, Wis., September 30, 1846. They continued to make their home there until 1854 when they moved to Columbia county, Wis. They lived there until eighteen years ago when they moved to . Chillicothe and have since lived on East Webster street. They are at present making their home with their son. But few couples enjoy three score years of married life, which makes the celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Packard's sixtieth wedding anniversary the more notable. Mr. and Mrs. Packard are both na tivesof New YorkState, Mr. Packard having been born at Otsego,93, years ago and his wife in Cherry Valley seventy-seven years ago, Both are hale and hearty at their advanced ages and are able to do many days' work yet. FOB, RENT For rent: House of 6 rooms; barn, buggy shed, two lots; nea; school. Mrs. M. L. Johnson North Cherry st. s14dtf For sale—4 room house, 4 blockr from Masonic temple; in first class condition. Inquire at this office. 2odtf For Rent—7-room house in good repair. Seymour Wigely. 22sdtf Three light comfortably "ooms for rent. Bank of cothe building. heated Chilli- For rent—Furnished rooms with all modern improvements. Inquire this office. BOOM AND BOARD Good room 'and 408 South Elm. board for two. dlw LOST AND FOUND Found—Bunch of keys. Owner can have same by calling at t.hit office and identifying the keys and paying for this notice. s2Sdtf St. Louis, Oct. 1—This city is at present in the midst of an excitement beyond anjtlnug that it has experienced in recent years. Old and young, rich and poor, all seem to have become beside themselves over an individual who was a strangor to St. Louis until two weeks ago. The man who has created all this turmoil is L. Tr Cooper, President of the Cooper Medicine Co., of Dayton, Ohio, who is at present introducing his preparations in this city for the first time. Cooper is a man about thirty years of age who haa acquired a fortune within tho past two years by the sale of somo preparations of which he is owner. Reports from E istern cities that preceded the young man hero were of the most startling nature. Many of the leading- dailies going so far us to stito that he had nightly cured in public place?, deafness of yoara' standing with one of his preparations. The physicians of the East contradicted this statement, claiming the thing to be impossible, but the facts seemed to bear out the statement that Cooper actually did so. In consequence people flocked Found—At corner of Calhoun and Bryan, set of false teeth. Inquire of Everett Hughes at Scruby's meat market. old2t Lost—Large bill book, containing bills, receipts and a check payable to Harry Webster. Fin- please leave ot this office. d3to2 Lost—Overcoat south of railroad, leave at this office. and laprobe Finder please HELP WANED—MALE - > *^ - ~ krf ^-^^-^^^^^>>-'^^^-~^^-^i^^-w>-i-^-i 1 ^^^^rf~ k ^^>- >J ^. Wanted— Installment collecto for merchandise accounts; KOOC salary and expenses. Address Globe Company, 723 Chesnut st Phila. Pa. O 2d3i Mr. and Mrs. Louis Burgy, who were married in Davenport, Iowa. last week, arrived in Chillicothe Monday from their wedding tour and will make this their future home. WHEN YOU ARE QETTING 6USSIS Get them rig-lit. Absolute satisfaction in the relief of Headache and Eyestraln. ... The Kind Yon Have Always Boujrfir Think of Dr. Sboop's Catarrh Cure if your nose and throat discharges—if your breath is foul or feverish. It contains Oil and Eucalyptus, Thymol, Menthol, etc., incorporated into an imported, creamlike petrolatum. It soothes, heals, purifies, controls. Call a our store for free trial box. The N. J, Shetland Drug Co. CJ.A.S I Bears the I Signature of "DRANK GASOLINE The two-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Epperson, living on South Locust street, drank A tt MA/*i\rkMAitvl a <l uantit y of gasoline^at the Ep- j . D . PIACDOINALD person home Monday evening and EAST SIDE w as taken suddenly ill. Dr. R. L. OPTICIAN AND JEWELER. P?™. 11 ' vas Bnmmoned* A nd ad- 'ministered an antidote which soon revived the little one.-- She was reported out of danger Tuesday. TO LEAD HEARST FORCES. New York, Oct. 1—The Democratic state committee met today at the Hoffman House and elected William J. Connors of Buffalo chairman without opposition. Mr.! Connors led the fight at Buf-' * * § * tf tf tf tf I f VICTOR Talking Machines And all the newest records. The Victor is what its name implies, the very best. You listen and you forg-et it is a talking machine it reproduces the voice so perfectly. The formost artists of the world have chosen the Victor to perpetuate their voices, because it reproduces every note.every tone, body and soul. The voice of the Victor is the human voice. Prices from $1O to $40. Call and hear the Victor and learn more about them". ***» *«** * it it ;o him by thousands and his preparations sold like wildfire. Many of those stories were regarded as fictitious in St. Louis, ind until Cooper actually reach- ad this city little attention was jaid to them. Hardly had the /oung mau arrived,however, than he began demonstrations, as he calls them, in public, and daily met people afflicted with deafness, and with a single application of one of his preparations- actually made doaf people hear again. In addition to this work Cooper idvanced the theory that stomach trouble was the foundation of nine )ut of tea diseases, aud claimed co have a. preparation that would restore the stomich to working order, and thus get rid of such croubles as rheumatism uud affections o£ tho kidneys and liver in about two weeks' time. This statement soems to have oeen borne out by tho remarkable The Kansas City Court of Appeals Monday handed down two decisions of local interest. One of these was that hunters must have licenses to hunt in their own counties and the other that special tax bills issued for street paving cannot be evaded. Tne Kansas City Stir says: The Kansas City Court of Appeals handed down a decision in a hunting license case which >js in conflict with a decision given by the St. Louis court of appeals and for that reason the case is certified to the supreme court for a decision. The St. Louis court held that a person does not have to procure a hunter's license to hunt in th'e county of his residence. The Kansas City court gave a contrary opinion this morning in the case of the state against Arthur Koock, who was convicted for hunting without a licanae in Pdttis county, Missouri. The Kansas City court held that a person has to have a license to hunt anywhere except on his own premi es. The Kansas City court of ap. peals handed down|twenty-onede- cisions this morning. Among them was a decision on the Westport paving tax bill cafe, which had been fought through the supreme court. The court of appeals affirmed the case and the? tax bills will havo to ba paid. About thrso years ago R. H Field brought suit in the United State? circuit court to annul the pavin« tax bills issued to the Barber Asphalt Paving company in Westport. This court held that the tax bills were good and upon an appeal to the United States Supreme court the higher court affirmed che ?K do not call .vour attention solely to our Ion- prices-any one can quote meaningless lijniers. Rather would we have you be conscious of the incontrovertible fact the clothes to which our low- prices are attached represent the most noteworthy accomplishments of hijfh-pwceil tailor skill, formed from models and fashioned of fabrics ivhiirh are alirest with tin- hour or ever beyond it. If you have never experienced the lasting- satisfaction such clothes confer, you will appreciate them even more than our regular patrons. $10 00 to $27.50 We sell the celebrated KKLOK SIPF FIAT. Wilson Bros.' Shirts. SCSICNEO , ScHZ/OSunOTt^Q; i sasssssse* lider WEST SIDE SQUARE- We close ever}' evening- except Saturday at 7:30 p. m. | Clark's Pharmacy * ..Henrietta Building.. " CHILLICOTHE. MISSOURI. " IMITATE — JAS. CORNWELL I Jim is only 15 years old, but he is drawing- $4-0 a month in St. Joseph. Jim enrolled in MAUPIN'S COLLEGE. If you are not a chump you'll enroll too. Maupin's College '"Ki POSITION SCHOOL" .— Chillicothe' Mo. -. I I THE CANS-NELSON (Reproduction) Moving- Pictures of the World's Most Terrific Contest. results obtained through tho use of this preparation, and now all St L-5uis is apparently mad over the young man. His headquarters resemble a veritab e stanpedn. Thousands <f people are visiting him each day, and the druggists are seliin^r his medicines in enormous qu in- lities. What seems to. make Cooper atill more popular is the fact that he practices extensive charitable work, and has already dispensed a small fortune am-Dng the poor of the city. How long the tremendous interest in Cooper will last is hard to estimate. At present there seems to oe no sign of a let-up. Physicians claim it to be a fad that will die out as soon as Cooper leaves. In justice to him, however, it must bo said that he already seems to have accomplished a great deal for the sick of this city with his preparations. case. The Barber Asphalt company then brought suit in the Jackson county circuit court against Field to collect the tax bills which amounted to abaut §5,000. Nearly all other property holders in Westport had paid the tax bills. The circuit court give the paving company a judgment Field then appealed to feha Kansas City court of appeals and the case has been decided against him there, the higher court holding that tho judgment should bi pud. In tho case of Ashley G. Knight against the Qaincy, Omaha & Kansis City Railroad compiny, appealed from the circuit court ii> Grun'ly county, Missouri, the court of appeals affirmed the de cision and held that a railroad is compelled to accept and haul freight, or pay damages for re fusal, no matter if a congestion 01 freight has exhausted the railroad's capacity for hauling. The •H-H-H-H-M'I I I I-M-M-I-M M-H-t- $4.00 SHOE. court also held that the railroad cannot bn excused for dolayj in shipment, resulting in dimigo co the shipper. Knight offered a hoe for shipment and the agent for the railroad refused to take it because of a delay in trains and tion in tratfij. Knight sued for damages. ; New pike toe Patriot colt, Goodyear welt. Mat * J | calf top, Blucher cut. •$• * This shoe is our special pride and it is the one t | selected by -Mr. Marion Thompson, who was the | one to locate the man wearing the Patriot, shoes I last Saturday. G. D. BRANT ®L SON "Brant's Shoes are Better." PERSONAL AND LOCAL Stops earache in two minutes; oothache or pain of burn or scald n five minutes; hoarseness, one lour; muscleacho, two hours; aore hroat, twelve hours—Dr. Thomas Sclactric Oil. monarch over puin. Will Ire seen fit the falo for the nomination of Mr. Hearst. After the meeting today [•most of the members of the state I committee were received by^Mr. j Hearst at his residence. MONDAY OCTOBER 8th Dr. and Mrs. Griffin left this this morning for Kansas City where they will spend several days. - | 'can the jgsatue of . . T to Kind You Hare Always BmigM With other Subjects of Comedy and Adventures. An Evening of Wonder and Amusement. —P RICES : 25, 35 & 50 Gts. Seat Sale Saturday. KEEP YOUR HEAD UNCOVERED. he Constant Wearing of a Hat Propo- ttates Dandruff Germ*. There are many men who wear their hats practically all the time when awake, and are blessed with a heavy shock of hair; yet if the scalps of these same men once became infested with dandruff grerms. the parasites would multiply all the quicker for lacfc of air. Baldness ivould ensue as the final result. - Newbro's Plerpicide kills these germs and stimulates unhealthy hair to abundant srowth. Herpicide is a pleasant hair •Iressing as well as a dandruff cure and -intains not an atom of injurious sub- •ance. Sold by leading druggists. Send -n. in stamps for sample to The Herpl- ''!e Co.. Detroit. Mich. Seymour Wigely, Special Agent. If you haven't the time to take Mils Anna Asbury of Brunswick is in the city the guest of relatives and friends. Charles E. Surface of Braymer was a Tuesday bnsines visitor in Chillicothe] A. J. Griffith of Pittsboro, Ind., is in the city on business. Mr. Griffith is buying milch cows to ship to his home town. If you are losing apoetite, lying awake nights, take Hood's Sarsaparilla—it's just the tonic you need. Pox Platter of Denison, Texas, will spend a few days in the city the guest of his brother, Prank Platter, tho first of next week. Dan P. Saale left Tuesday morning for Kansas City where he will spend a few days taking in the fall festivities at that place. Kansas City Star: Judge W C. Samuel of Chillicothe, Mo,, is the guest thisjweek|of his niece, Mrs: L. Gillman, Glenwood apartments, 1329 Ease Ninth street. Gymnastics alone can never give that elasticity, case and -raceful figure which comes by taking Hollistpr's Rocky Mountain Tea. Tea or .Tablets, 35 cents, Swetland Drug Co. Mrs. Harry Fowler, who has been in the city the guest of friends left Tuesday afternoon for Polo where she will spend several days with her sister before returning to her home in Kansas City. ! Itching piles provoke profanity, but profanity won't cure them. Doan's Ointment cures itching, To Save Money B a pretty good combination. There are no cold rooms in a house where there is a 1 BARLER HEATER GUARANTEED ;=^aa=s: ABSOLUTELY TO BE FREE FROM SMOKE OR SMELL. Minteerft Williams ALL THIJ WEEK PLAYERS 18 — PLAYERS—18 CAR LOAD OF SCENERY 32 WEEKS IN ST. JOE J.1 ,yUU. II a, VOU. b LUC tlum tU £cLK3 *^w«.»* o \^*-jjuifj.u*-iu tsuAwa exercise regularly, Doan's Regu- j bleeding or protruding piles after lets will prevent constipation.! years of suffering. At any drug They induce a mild, easy, health- 8tore - ful action of the bowels without Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McAffee griping. Ask your druggist for and children left Tuesday morn-. , e , ,.__,_ .----_— them. 25c. (ing for Kansas City where they due to impure .blood. Burdock | Frank Platter and family TO-NIGHT, THE GREAT COMEDY FARCE TOM, DICK and HARRY" HIGH - CLASS VAUDEVILLE BETWEEN THE ACTS. ILLUSTRATED SONGS AND MOVING PICTURES. PRICES 10-20-30-50 GTS. Heats ou sale cnch clny nt the Ow Dniir Store. will spend several days] with ..relatives and friends. They will also visit in Kansas before returning home. Most disfiguring skin eruption scrofula, pimples, rashes, etc., are I Jiff* In iT*«nni*a V\1/tS\r4 Till *!% «-\/>i»- Blood Bitters is a cleansing blood tonic. Makes you' .clear-eyed, clear-brained, clear-skined. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lingo of Denison, Texas will arrive; the last of ;he week and will be the guests of

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