Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 54
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 54

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 54
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Vital Statistics Births BRUSH-Mr. I'M"*AV V, iil I Hre R. girt. Mar . . .. «_ r l 1T Ore!*. Cvgrcu, bov, March Calm Bandit Gets $1,183 in Torrance first public all on ot this notice. In Ihe office of the Clerk of the Su- uerlor Court of the bUlft of California In and for tin County ot LOA Angeles. Dated: Feb. 23. 1965 BALDO M. KRJSTOVICir, . . Public Administrator as ! nf said decedent. I · · MAdtson 5-3611 Ext. $4287. Foreman: Receive* not less than 4 cents per hour mor« than the hourly rate ot t h e highest claul* Jicatlon over which he lias super- N O N - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y NOTICE Notice is hereby given by the un deralgncd, Francis A. Lord Jr.. residing at $575 Guildry Ave.. Long ---- - , . . _ , ,, - [Beach, California, that alter the P.. $1,183 in currency, police'date of March 10. 1956 h« will not rCI "l « . J * .,, __.-·.««. IKIn rn» n «i. rlnKl* llnHtll- A gunman waited calmlylMar, 4, n. is. 55, IKS «t) for a utility company office manager Thursday in Tor- ranee, then escaped with EASTON--Mr. l' Mrs. W. D., Warow Rd., boy, Mgrch 4 . . . , .CREEN-Cul. i MFs. J . ' H , 57 Lo- J i.t .wsna Housing,Santa AIM, bov. March 4. BOES-Mr. Mrs. R. C., »I21 Valencia Dr., Hunllngton 6«ch, bo*, Mardi 4. !-'' SHARPE--Mr. MrL J R, 373 Moi . lino Avo., bov, March 4 h -/i'MURCHISON-Mr. Mrs. S. B.. MM L GuixfrY Ave.. bov, March 5. t -PLATTNER--Mr. Mrs. M. J.. 7W - Mir; Mjr Ave.. boy. March 5. rBATTERSON-Mr. i Mn. L. V.. J234 - ' March S. M, W.. 1215 Ltith A. M.. l«0 W BACAAN rd SI., a'rl. Mai ITO4S i ·Jnu^.J-- I. I I , Ol ftva. t*. V... Iflti ixcetitor Dr., Norv^alk. boy, March 4. ZIMMERMAN-Atr. It.n. J GV. rch E: E.ysihi"flY"iiri. Mirer, «: JOHNSOh-Mr. 8, Mrs. H. u .. ,«,, Topaz St., Garden Grove, bov, Marcti 6 ..55J E J?.T'*r--.* w?. f LJ OTJ,H I. March 7. -- Mr. S, Mrs. R. . SuntljW Ave.. Lakewood, «IM. · HOSVZE-Mr. Mrs. (.. A., SI., by, March 7. . ?30 E. lllh A r c h HELLER-- Iff. t. Mrs. E. S., 1203! Han- . '·Ui WrffirHiWHr* -crTs. 301 R. 0.. 3712 said. Investigators said the bandit confronted Lorraine C. Johnson, a clerk in the down- own Torrance office of the Southern .California Edison -o., and ordered her to give lim the day's cash receipts. When she handed him $850, the woman told officers, he demanded more. * * $ THE VICTIM said she told the suspect that the manager, who was away from the office momentary had the remaining money with him. The gunman sat behind a desk and waited for manager John W. Watro, 32, to return. When Watro walked into the office at-1437 Marcelina Ave., police said, the bandit pointed a pistol at him and robbed him of $333. With the money in hand, the bandit forced the two uc rc£ponaible for any debts, LU.«, 01- obligtttloiis Incurred by any persona other than himself. Slgiicd/KKANClS A. LORD J R . Dated Mnrdi 9, I960 Pub. Mar. 10. 11. 12. 19S6 (31) UB.r N O N - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y NOTICE N'otice is hereby given by the uu- derElgncd Rayniondc Hcbrard Boyer residing al 55S1 St. Irmo Walk. Ixini; Beach, California. 90S03. that after the dale of March S, 1965, ehe will not be responsible for any debts, liabilities, or obligations Incurred' by any persons other t herself. Dated MaiX'h 7, 1986. Signed RAYMONDS BOYER Pub. Mm-. 10. 11. 13. 1966 Ml) L.TJ.I. l Natlt* vision. Current lit has lead- Current 05774 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS NAME The undersigned does c e r t i f y she is conducting a business al 4017 Long Beach Boulevard, Long BeACii. California, under the fictitious firm St.. ofrl. March B! - ·· c .Mr 5 ..'c, R., 68K EI !?^^!*vB.r8fa^ffi*hJJ; 'fer^ Con $ 1 " - · _ BENEDICT--Mr. «, Mrj. D. «., IW39 iFVi-SE.-?l«h St.. LakewCKKJ, boy, March 8. jCtv* -:-SNOW--Mr. Mrs. D Z , 15225 So \f ' ij''A 1 ?mercv PI., Gardcna. boy, March B. ·\ -a£*RMOUR--Mr. Mrs. E. A., «W Stan- jt^Jt ijWd Ave., Garden Grove, girl, March t fN % : J-LA SHAY^Mr fc Mrs. L. L.. 1590 Hen IfV/ f$* non Ave.,, twin boys. March I. 'Lj" ·',' , BELLWOOD if 0\ /VAN PER; HOE K--Mr. i. Mrs. R., 5 _ _ _ IV : T-; ' OrantKlhrope Boulevard, Buena park .t ·*, » flitl. Feb. ?7. tf.'J'i'' HAWORTH-Mr. Mra. R. N., 93M Park Slreet, Bellllower, bov, Feb. 27. ^ANDERSON--Mr. A Mrs. W. S-, 13733 . ..Hinwell Street, B-llilower, girl, Feb. 28 rr.rYj CHRONISTER-Mr. Mrs, R. L., 10034 L L., *i53 workers into a rear room, tied their hands and fled,.police related. ,..,. -- _ . _ Boulevard, Bellf lower, boy . -"ills*.* 28. · v . · 1- CANAAN--Mr. S, Mrs. G. W., I0337W · ' · - - r Park Slreet, Bellftower, boy Feb. 2S. ·V ---.l!SNAPPER--Mr. S, Mrs. H., 9039 Arlesfa ·l f \ : ' Elvtilh Street, Buena Park, otrl, Marc CRAWFORD-- Mr. S, Mri. M. H., 1 ' wih Ducrob'n Ave., Downey, girl/ Mar. 3. GODAIR-Mi". A Mrs. F. T., IJISS Ryan - - - - - ~et1llow«r, gTrl. March 3. N SON--Mr. Mrs. W. H., T6229 Woodruff Avenue, Bcllflower, boy. --March 4. ·' GJTMAN-- It!. 8, ; Los Santos Way, March 4. TIFFANY-- Mr. 8, Mrs. M. N., 5H5 Buena Park, boy, Mrs. T. . . . ., \ Compton Blvd., Betlflower. olrl. Mar. 4. -.WALSH-- Mr. 8, Mrs. L. D., 1001? /dur6c . . . ., EJalnc Avenue, Artesia, oirt, Marcli 4. CANTU-- Vr. 1 Mrs. A. S., K24 Easl Hciida SlrECl, boy. March. 5. BOLTON-- Mr. Mrs. D. K., 11037 FcrVi.1 Street, Nnrwalk, girl, March 5. MOR1ELL-- Mr. 1 Mrs. J. R.. 15MO Vcrdura Avenue, Paramounl, bov. 6. .·HOOD-- Mr. Mrs. 0, G., 14216 Euca- .'h'ptus Ave., BeHflower, boy. March d. Anti-Communi s t Army, Students Harass Sukarno SINGAPORE Iffi --^ Indonesia^ President S u k a r n o was Ii arried T hursd ay by army officers demanding ouster of pro-Communist Foreign Minister Subandrio and fur;?' 7370 tner harassed by students who sacked Red China property in fakarta, according to reports reaching Singapore. T h i r t y three Red China diplomats and newsmen were reportec njured. Reliable sources here saic the students were getting ready for a "D-day" and pre dieted: "The next 72 hours irom Thursday) in Jakarta may see some big changes^" Divorces Filed LER--DanlH G. vs. Clare G. 'W--Elliabtlh M. vs. Joseoh jBLE--Joan vs. James R, CARTWRIGHT--Winfred C. vs. Oscai McALLIST - - -- .- -WADE--R j. WRIGHT--Winfred C. vs, LISTER--iDln M. V5. R« ;--Rufh H. vs. Larry B CK--Heien Nl. vs. Rcbei -BcTlv J. vs. Thorn a i E, OUN--EuHla V. vs. Will 6ELL--Robert H. vs., EUTe H. VAN HtX)K-- l_!nds S. vs. Tho ·f . GORDON--Wofle! vs. James Eoberl C. Robert A. .. , vs. Dana ... .... - ELV;OOD--Jerwlfe B. vs. Elmer L. ' REED-Bcrtha E. vs. HalhanJeJ M. McDONALD--Alary E. vs. James A. HOFFMAM--Caret's v». Richard -, * WILLIAMS--JeanneSte C. vs. Rl 1 RAMAZANI -- Fran«s A. vs. A11re*a , Rkhard D CK--Mar:?n A. vs. Richard , McGOWAN-Jovce A. Vi. Paul M. ,'STERR--Marv S. vs. "Milton H. ,.PROPER--William W. vs. Vivian I, *BAKIEY-- LoreS.a M. vs. Chester Jr. V/AHEK-- Shirley L. vs. Larry L. KUTT--JUM v* Don SLOAN--Annelte K. w. FranV E. VANDER WAL--lla vs. William JOHNSON--Ronald W. vs. Eleanor S. CRLJMLISH--RIt marie vs. James A. BURLESON--Palsy R. vs. Waller D. McKINNOM-^CcnnV J. vs. Palrkk A. SECRETARIAL SERVICE and that said lirni is composed of ho following person, -ft'hose name n full and place of residence is AS 'ollows: Nancy B. Welch. 4017 Long Beach Boulevard, L*tie Beachj California wsor, Baled Felniar- 23. 1SGG. iNA-XCY B. WELCJf Hate ot California. -KJ3 Angeles County: On February 23, 1066, boforfl me, a Notary Public in and Tor said state, personally appeared Nancy B. Welch known to me to be ihe person whose name is subscribed to the TV I thin instrument and acknowledged she.executed the same. · JOE E. DALTON. (SHA1.) Notary Fubhj Feb. 25, Mar: 4, 11. IS. 1956 HP L Reiuforcinr Iron Worker . (Ueallh £ Welfare--2i(jc per hr.; Pension Kund--^16c per lii.: Vu^Atiuli piau--lac In'r ]ir.) : LABORERS: Foreman: Receives not Icrs thtn r cuiila jn:r hour more ihan th hourly rate of the highest Ilcalion over Laborer--General or Consiiuc- tioii; Window Cleaner 3.60 Cor.crcto Curer -- Imfjcrvlvua Membrue Komi Oiler; Making CaulkLnt' of all non-tneiallic Plue Joinls 3.79 Opemtors Tenders or Pneumatic Electric Tools. VI- b rat in g tlachlned dinular mechanical tools not separately classitied. herein ^..-^ 3.SI Laying of all non-metallic pipe including Sower Pipe, Drain Pip« fe Underground Tile -- 3-91 (Health k Welfare--IG^c per lir.; Pension--15c; Vacation lOc per hr.) OPERATING ENGINEERS Foreman: Receives £ cents pci hour more than the hourly iate of the higlieat classification over which ho has lupervi-lon. Current GROUP 4 4.97 Roller Operator; Screed Operator;' Trenching Machine Operator (Up to 6 foot depth capacity, Manufacturer's m- GROUP 5 - - 5.15 Skip Loader Wheel Type over ^A yard and Including S!4 yards; Tractor Operator, Drajjtype Shovel, Bulldozer, Tamper, Scraper and Push Tractor. (Health . Welfare' -- 15c per hr.; Peii3ion Fund--15c per hr.; Vacation--30c per hr,) TEAMSTERS Foreman: Receives not. leas than 35 Uflal or Implied, retard Ing title, posses- 1 a ion, or encumbrances, to pay the remalnlnc principal turn of lh« note secured by said Deed of Trust, towlt: , w i t h lnler«l from . . July lo. 19S5. a.t hi laid note S rovidtd, advance?!, if itiy. under lie tenns of raid Deed of Trust. ifn» f r'n*T*r*. untj CTt|un«C5 Ol '.!·" Trustee auJ of ilie t i u s i s rrentcd by naid Deetl of Trust. The bcncficlao' under *ald Deed ot Trust, by reason ot a brcacli or default In llif obligation? thereby, heroioforc executed and delivered 'o (he undersigned u written Dec;irallou of Defnull aud De:.i.11.1 ,/^r. jalc, and writleu notice of breach "mvi-iof^election to cause Ihe underatgnedM^MU.aaid,.prop erly to satisfy said ob!lR»Uoi\3, anc thereafter, on November 39, 1965, lh« undersigned caused said notice of breach and of election lo be recorded In book M2053. page 426. of said Official Records. Date: Mirch 1. 196S. TITLH INSURANCK AND TRUST COMPAXV as said Trustee. By Richard A. Waller AsAlalatil Secretary March 4. \\, IS, 1965 (3D--L.B.I. ration of Default and Demand for Sale, and written nolle* of breach and Heclton to cause the under- It) l aiirr. . to sell said properly to lat- iaid obligations, and there- c ember S. 13", the underitf;ncd cauttd raid ito'.ice cf breach and election to to recorded !s Hook *!2053, P*c? ^\3 of 0(flci:il Krrorun in said Recorder'? Office. lAtcd: March S, I9S6. UNION* H » N K a. 1 * jald Truslee, By AUDENE L K I T C H Put*. M-in-h I I . IS. ?5. 1965 r.ltll.1*1 _^ NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE No. 3767 e On April a. 1556. al 11:00 "Jn.. i. UNION I1ANK. a.i Triulte under and pursuant to Deoil of Truel dalcd J a n u a r y 13. IM4, nude by KKNXETH DIAMOND AND ANG E L I N A D. DIAMOND, husband and wife, and recorded Janunry 31. 1M4. in Book T.11S9 Pare 256 of Official Records in ihe office of tho Recorder of Los Angeles County California, given to secure, an In- NOTICE In accordance with the provision o[ law, there being due and unpaid ;haices fur which the undersigned, the SchicX Moving and Storage Co:, is entitled lo a lien as Wareho user- nan, on the goods hereinafter described, and due notice having been given nil parties known to claim in interest therein, and the time specified in such notice for payment of such charges having expired, there. will be Bold at public auction at Schlck Moving nnd Storage Co;, 13G5 Daisy Avenue, Long Beach, California, on Wedneada March 33, 1966, at 10:00 a.m. the following property: Used household goods and personal effects, etc., all the property of Urn following: Wayne Crow, Barbara Bartlett. Barbara Cherry Broadbent, Barbara centa per hour more than tho hourly rate ot the highest classification over which h» has supervision. Currenl Wareiiousemen Teamsters , NOTICE OF HEARING OF PETU TION FOR PROBATE OF WILL AND CODICIL No. 506518 In the Superior Couit of the State of California (or the County of Los Angeles. Iti UIR Matter of Uie Ka- talc of GRACK G. YOUNG, aka GRACE BAKER and as MRS. JOHN P\ BAKER and GRACE G. H A N SEN, Deceased. N'otlce i* hereby given thai the petition of Ualdo M. Krlstovlch. Public Administrator of the County of Loa Angeles, for the Probate of the Will and Codicil of the above-named deceased and for the Issuance of Letters of administration with will annexed thereon Lo Uie petitioner to which reference hereby made for further particulars, will bo heard at 9:16 o'clock A.M., on March 2S, 1956, nt the courl room of Department 4, of the Superior Court of the Slate of Cnll- .Tornia for tho County of Los Angeles, City of Los Angeles. i Ligil Notfe* Cherry, Arnold ParXs. , . Should it be impossible to dispose of all of these goods on Wednesday, March 23, I960, the safe will be continued on such succeeding days thereafter as may be necessary to complete the sale. Echick Moving and Storage Co. 1365 Daisy Ave. Long Beach, California By ARTHUR C. SCH1CK. JR. -President. · Pub. March 4, 11. 19D6 C21) -L.B.I. Legal Notice NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Notice is hereby given by the mderaisned Ilobert 0. Maguglln. r., formerly residing at 13140 So. Lakewood Blvd.. Space 39. Bell- lower, California, that alter Uie dale of Alarch 10, 1966, he will not ie responsible Cor any debts,* liabilities, or obligations incurred by any persons other t h a n h n n n n l f : Dated March 9, 1P66. (Signed) ROBRRT O. MAGUGLIN. SR. Pub. March 11. 12, U. 1266 (3t)LDI NON-RESPONSIBIL1TY NOTICE Notice is hereby given by the iindersifined Charles Bllison. reaid- 05703 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, F I C T I T I O U S NAME . The. undei'Figned do certify they are "conducting a business at 52M Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach, Oalifornia, under the- fictitious firm oame of VACUUM A SKW SHOP and that said firm- la composect ot the following persons, whose names in full and places of. residenc» are as follows: ANTHONT J. CORSI, 127- W. 51st Strcel. Long Beach. Calif. MARY COKSI. 127 W. 5lst Street, Lo'ng Beach. Calif. , DATKD: March 3, 196S. ANTHONY M. CORSI MARY CORSI Stale of California. ' County: * 1965, before me, a Notary Public in and for said State - . Drivers of Dump Trucks ot less than. 4 yards water level ; Drivers ot TrucXs legal pay load capacity less than 5 Ions ......... _ ........... ______ 4.20 Drivers ot Dump Trucks -- 4 yards but less than S yards wnter l e v e l ; Drivers of Trucks legal payload capacity between 6 t 10 tons -^ ..... 4.23 (Health . Welfare -- 20c pet hr.; Pension -- 15c pet hr. ; Vacation -- 15c per lit 1 .) SUB-TRADES Current CARPET t L I N O L E U M LAYER Carpet, Linoleum U Soft Til* · Layer _ _^ _ ,,.., ______ ,-,,,,-,..,..,.,. 4 J (Health . Welfare -- 13c per hr. ; Vacation-^% i Pension 15c per hr.) ' ELECTRICIAN Wi reman General Foreman . Wi rein an Foreman ............... _ WIreman Journeyman . (Pension Plan Health Wclfare^-20c) G L A Z I E R Glazier - ..... ____ .......... _ .............. .... 4.7S (Health Welfare -- 15c per hr.; Pension-- 10c; Vacation --4%) HOUSEMOVER Foreman _______ ..................... _____ 4.365 Journeyman; Y a r d Maintenance jMan ------------------ 4.105 (Health Welfare-- IS c per hr. ; Pension -- I5c per hr. ; Vacation-- lOc) LATHER " Metal Nail-On Foreman (Locals #112 366)" _______ ..... TM. 4 M«U1 Nail-On Lather (Locals #m 36G) ^--..TM _______ 4 (Health Welfare -- 19c per hr. ; Pension Plan -- 15c per hr.; Vacation Plan-- u5c per hr.) PA1NTEK Foreman: Nol leas tliau ^^.C-O per day additional. " 3rush _ _______________________ 4.'?6 (Health Welfare-- iTVio per lir.; Vacation -- lOo per lir. ; Pension-- 30c p^r hr.) Journeyman Sign Painter _____ 4.52 (Health Welfare-- lO^c per hr,; Pension Plan -- lOo per hr.; Vacation-- 4%) P I P E TRADES Plumber- t Steamfitter ficnera Foreman -- 20% above gross Journeyman rate. Plumber : Stcamf liter Foreman -above gross Journeyman rale. Plumber -- Lead Burner; Sleam- fittcr ..... _____ ...... ____ ...... _. 5.50 Dated .March 7. 1966. WILLIAM G. SHARP, County Clerk and Clerk of the Superior Court of the State of California (or the County of Los Angeles By K. Roeder, Deputy HAROLD W. KENNEDY 650 Hall of Administration Loa Angeles i Calif. MA 5-3611 Ext. 54287 Attorney f w Petitioner Pub. March 10. 11. 17. 1956 CU LB1. debtctlnes.i In favor of UNION' HANK, a California corporation, will sell at public auction (o highest bidder for cash (PAYABLE AT TIME OK SALE IN 1 LAWFUL. MONEY O F T H E U N I T E D STATES* at the eastern entrance :o the Hall of Justice, Tempi a and - - - - - - sired*. In the City of Los ... ,, i and County of Los Angles. Sidle of California, all rifcht. tllle. and interest conveyed to ami now held by It under snltl Deed in tlit properly situut« in Ihe Cily of Long Ijeacli. in snid Counly and HUle, described as: Lots 29 and 30 in block 5 of Crowe's Vista Del Mar Tract, in the city of Long Reach, county of Ix-s Anpeles, state, of California, as per inap recorded In book 7 page 176 of Maps. In Ihe office of the county recorder of said county. EXCEPT one-half of all oil. minerals and other hydrocarbon substances, gas and asphalluin produced and saved until July », 1957 AS reserved In Ihe. deed from \V. D. Culberteon and Lena R, Culbertxon, recorded in book 15171 pssa 10, Official Records. Said sale will be made, but without covenant or warranty, express ' " ' " title, posses- leed In the City of Lone Beach, in said Counly and Stal* deicrlbtd as: Pjrceli 43, 46, 47 and 4S. an iliown upon a H«ord ot Survey flJrd In Hook i:. Page 43 of Record of Survrya. In tne Offlc« ft* tti* County tucordcr of aaid Counly. KXCKPT the nnrllieily 15.00 feoi of .taid Pitrccla 15. Said *ale will bo nxadc. bui without covenant or warranty, express or Implied, regarding title, poshes- Ion, or encumbrances, to pay the roinalnlne principal Mini of the nole j.-cured !y *alil IJeeU uf Trjat. to w l l : *22.W0.7^, w i t h Interest from August, 1. !$£. ai in **atd note provided, advances, if wiiy. uirJr tlit tennn ot saltl Deed of TruM. fees, chtrgos and expenses ot the Trustee nnd of the t r u s t j created ty said Deed of Tru^il. The bcneflclsry under said Deci of Trust, by reason of a trench or d e f a u l t In the obligations secured ihereby, heretofore executed and tie- 1 re red to the undersigned a written [Declaration of Default, and Demand for Sale, and written nolice of breach nnd of election to cause Ihe undersigned lo sell wEd property to satisfy said obligations, and thereafter, on November 53. 1*65. the under»lgne«l caused aild notice of breach and ol INDEPENDENT--Pag« D-3 Lint I«it calif,, Frl, Mar. election lo M2019. be recorded 27. ot Ln Hook Dalci February ?3. 195$. TITLE INSURANCE AND TRUST C O M P A N Y , a* Mid Trustee, By Richard A. WnlU-r A^^isMnt Secretary. b. L'i. Mar. 4. I I , 19S6 ( ^ t t L.B.I 05718 CERTMCATE OF BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS NAME The undersigned docs certify »ln 15 conducting business at 155. Cola Street. Long Beach. California under Uie fictitious firm name of MEADE MOTOKS and that said f i r m Is composed i UIB following person, vhos* nan; in full and place of residence is follows: Joyca A. Meaite. 1555 Cola AVI nue, Ixnc Beach, Call torn La, Dated: March 9, or implied. , sion. or encumbrances, to pay sum of said note, secured 17583 NOTICE OF BULK TRANSFER (Sees, 6101 -- 6107 U.C.C.) Notice Is hereby given lo tlie Creditors of GYRO CONSOLIDATED. INC.. a corporation, and PHJN- CESS OF 1 HOLLYWOOD. INC.. a corporation. Transferors, whose )usiness address Is c/o Norman L. Scheinman. attorney, 742 S, Hill Street; Los Angeles 14. CaUf., Coun- y of Los Angeles. Slate of California, that a bulk transfer is about n l,a ti.crHa in H A W W A R A I.VW y said Deed, lo , $51.000.00. with interest from August l, 1965. is in aatd note provided, advances, f any, under the terms of said Deed: f?cs, charges and expenses c-f the iru?teft ami of Ihe trusts created by said Deed. The bDiieflclnry luuler aalil Peed, by reason of a breach or default In the obligatlo];s secured thereby. heretofore executed and delivered to the undersigned A w r i t t e n Declaration of Default and Demand for :u. j i n i v i i a, ITVQ (Signed) JOYCE A, y. B OF CALlFOnNMA. MEADE STATE _ _ _ . . _ LOS ANGELES COUNTY: On March 9. 19CG. before me. Notary Public in and for s.Ud Stall icrsonaUy appeared J o y c e A leade. Known lo me lo be th« per eon whose name is subscribed I the within instrument and nek no TV edged sOio executed the same. (SKAL) J I A H H V V. MORSE. Nolnvy Public My commission expired Sl*y 31, 19i nr. 11. IS. 25, Apr. 1. 196 Pub. yi)--1 05765 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS NAME Lfgal Nolle* Stale, personally appeared Surejh " Ehilli k n o w n to ma to be thft ison »-tip3« name- ii iubscrlt«d the w U h i n instrument and u.- ow led fed h* executed the same. RUTH C. PARKS, 9 K A L I .NoUry Public b. 15. a. Mar. 4. if. 19S(i (4t) LRt 39261 NOTICE OF SALE OF R E A L ESTATE U N D E R E X E C U T I O N SHER.FF'S SALE Ns. SO G «« (A0189W) 5THKR THOMPSON ET AU vs. P l a l n l l f f . ,OYD E. \VILLIAM3 ET AL Defendant By virtue of an execution issued ul of lha Superior Court, of Mm , .inly of Los Angeles. Stale nf tillfornhi. wherein E S T H E R HOJU'SON and LAURENT RAFA L L L aa Judgment Creditors, and oyd K. Williams and M. K. \V11- ains, Indlt Edually and an co- armors doltic buslnejj as WlllUm.* WUUama, a partnership, and Ifctrlcal Jlanajrement Corporation, California Corporation, as Judg- ent Debtors, upon a Judgment en- red the 20th day ot October. A.D. 9fi5 for the sum of TWENTY ONE HOUSAND TWO HUNDRED SEV- NTY N I N E 15/100 ($31,279.15' ollars lawful money of the Unkeit ;at.«, bstJes costs and inlerent. h;u« levied upon ill the riglii. lie. claim and Interest -of uld udgmenl Debtors. Lloyd K. Wil- ain.-t Mid M. K. Williams. Individ* Ally and as copartners doinp busl- c^s-as Wllllim.i and William!, a artnerjltlp: and Electrical Man- gement Corporation, a Californl* orporatfon, of. in and (o the fol- owing described real estate, s l t u a t a i Ihe Counly of Los Angeles, Slat* f California, and bounded and d«- crlbed as follows: Lot IS, In TrAct 8431. County oC ^).i Angeles, Slate of California, s per map recorded in book 65 ag« 23 of m.ips. In the off lea of he county recorder of said counly. PURMC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That I will, on Thursday he 31st d*y of March, A.D. 1$66. I 12:00 o'clock noon of that day. nt tho Ewl Entrance, to lh« Lon \ngeles County Courthouse. I l l ·forth Hill Street. City and County if Los Angeles, sett at public auu* Ion. for lawful money of the United Slates, all ihe i Ight. title. cUlm and Interest of said Judgment Debtors. LLOYD E, WILLIAMS ami M. K. WILLIAMS. Individually and as copartners dplng business a* .V ill I an 13 k Williams, a parlner- Oitp; ami Etecirlcil Management ^orjforatlon, a California" Corporation, of, in and to- tha above ' , he made to BARBARA STORKS, I N C . , a corporation. Transferee, whose business addre£S s c/o Ziffren Ziffren. Attorneys, 10SS3 Wllshira Blvd., Los Angeles 24. California, County of Ix)3 An- les. State of California. Portions ot the property lo be ransferred are located at the Gyro Consolidated warehouse located al 210 East Olympic Boulevard, Los Angelas, California; and at each of £ Ihc following stores, in store spaces occupied by Gyro Consolidated, Inc. and/or bj- Princess of Hollywood, !nc.: Crown Discount Dept, Store, Harbor Blvd. and Warner SI reel, Santa Ana, California; Crown Discount Dept. Store, 139M S. Western Avenue, Gardens. California; Crown Discount Dept. Store, 420 Fain-lew Avenue. Plaza de Goleta, Got eta, California; Big "A," Dept. Store, 1500 Cherry Avenue, Long Beach, iff ; tir ..... _____ ...... (Health t Welfare -- _. of ;. Interlocutory Decrees "WALKIHGTOH--Nancy A. from John E " \. from Gary E. . f J. from Elma S. Notice is liereby given -, -undersigned Sylvester Douglaa, residing-at 164 K. L:«th Streel, Wil- niinglon. CaLifoniiiL. [Eiat a f t e r [lie date of Jlarcli 10, 1966. lie n-ill not be respoHHthle fof any dcbls, lia- lilities, or obligations Incurred by my iit'rsoiis other than litmaetf. Dated: Marcli 10. 1363. (Signed) SYLVESTER DOUGL/AS Pub. March 11, 12, 14. J366 I3DL.BI RUTH C. PARKS. Notary Public Marcli 4. 11. IS, 25. 1366 «!)--UB.I. OWEN--Sharon A. from Gai SLOMSKY--Henry J. from L PAYNE--Kemwll C. from Virginia M. ROTH-- Roie Marie E. from Clarence L BOUZAS--Belly from Robert A. MULUINEAUX-Mvy A. from Slwhen ·^ C ·vV'*-£ T V:'CRUZ--Estanhlao fron; P«tra T : L^ j'3 JENKINS--Carcll E. from - Ben l^ ,.-MAROUARDT~Bttry A. from David H. '** EDWARDS--Ruby M. from Janie* B. - -i ' BEATTY--Debcalo* from William C. r - ·· MOHAN--Norma R. from Louis A. ^ v ; V/ILMERT--Befnartrm o. from Dir'^ * REAMER--Carol B. from Bernard R. residing at 336 F/.' Del Anio v . Long Beach, Cnliforhin. (hat nflcr lie dnte of March 11. 1D6S. she will iot be responsible for any debts, iahilKies or obligations incurred by any person other than lierself. Dated: March 10, 19C6. Signed/ GKACI3 EiLKUN CHRISTEXSEN Pub. March 11, la 14, 1366. L.u.r. Annulments Filed SIMMONS--Dotwa L. vs. William A. Annulments Granted RtCE-- HflllvR. G. 'rwn V/IIKam J. ANASTASI-Salvaton H. from France 'BROWN--HarrElI P. from CaroSlne A. Building Permits · Thli mtnlh, Jl.WfJM. ' This year, sii,47M3J. ·Jev. Baker,., patio. Sc/lvener N O N . R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y NOTICE Nolice is hereby given by tlie un- leiaigncd Alfred J. Gilardi residing 1 al 19S3 Oregon, Long Beach, Cali- fornFn, Llial after Die date of ilarch ^, 1066, he will nol bo responsible or any debts, liabilities, ot obliga- .1011.1 Incurred by any persuns oilier than tihnself. Dated: March S. 19CS. ALFRED J. G I L A K D F Puh. Mar. 10, 11. 12, 10S6 f:il) L.B.I 05704 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS NAME Th«. tinderal^ned do certify they .re conducting: · business at P.O. Box 2001, Long Beacli, California, under tho fictitious Tirm name of CASEY " and' that said firm la composed of he following persons, whose names n full and places o£ residence are j follows: BYRON J. TATTI, 4308 K. 4th Street, Long Beach, California CHARLES .A. CASEY. 5202 Duncnnnon Ave., Westminster, California DATED: March 3. 19S6. BYRON J. TATTI CHARLES A. CASEY Stata of California, S Angeles County: On Marcli 3/1366. beXore me, ,'otary Public in and lor said State, icrsotiatly appeared Byron J. Tatt' and Charles A. Casey, o be tlie persons -whose names are subscribed lo the within In-itrumeni and acknowledged they executed 'Si , $1,200; Air Kool Aluminum Awnlno Co., contractor. ' " ' Marvin .L. Sparks, pallo, 775 Gladys A Y * . J1/20G; Air Kool Aluminum Awni." "Tns Co., conJraclor. ' ,' J Jct Burekn, aEterallon, 4X4 Counlrv '.Oub Dr., S5JXKJ; Joha F. Cra'o Co., cory- ·/,'tr«cfori Cllll Way Associates, «ngf- · · · rveer. '"'' '-- "Dr. Robert Cleveland, swfnvnlng owl, -'"-"-I M KfW5tv(n« Ave., J2,500; An I h onv '··"Pools, conlraclor. Geoccc Evans, swimming pool, U9 Kal , lin Avc., $7^00; Anlhoflv Pools, ccn- ,,'lrdctoc. Cilv Of l.oio B«ach, two oil dc. 1 dKlrtct, S20.0CO; Long Beach Oil NON-RESPONS1B1UTY N O T I C E Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, Herman Moreno Jr., residing at 1115 E. Opp, Wilmington California, that after the date ul March U, 1966 he will not be re gponsible for any debla,, liabilities or obligations incurred by any per' ' n s otlicr than himself. Dated: March 10. 1D66 Signed/HERMAN MORENO JR Pub. Mar. 11, 12, 14. 19C6 (3t) L.E.I -, ywrbc . * 'Dcvel Dcvelipnirnt Co., conlractor. W. Kelson, sign, 517 Long Bfach Blvd., ~ - - - - ·SW);A.A Neon fraclor, 'Thonias L. Benson, Loi ., sifl-, Co., con- 05/21 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, F I C T I T I O U S N A M E Tha undersigned dors certify hi is conducting a business at 420 Long Beach Blvd., I^one" Beach California, under the fictitious firm id of COLUMBIA SCHOOL. OF BROADCASTING and that said firm is composed o the following 1 person, whose nam in full and place of residence is follows: Herb C. Shields. H2S North Ave HUP at. Loa Angeles, California. Dali-il March 10. 1966. (Signed* HERB C. SHIELD STATE OP" CALIFORNIA gross payroll; Pension Plan -- 6rc of gross payroll; Vacation k Holidays-- 7 ] vi«r. of Kro^s payroll) iprinlrler Fitter Foreman .,, ..... fi.Tfl Sprinkler Fitter ____ ....... _ ............. S.-K) (Health k Welfare -- 25 r, per hi-.; Pension Plan -- lOc per lir.) . PLASTERER foreman ____________ Journeyman lyron J. known to me (SKAL) RUTIt C. PARKS Notary Public March 4, 11. IS. 25, 1566 (-it)--L.B.I NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Xotfce is hereby given that tlv Long Beach Unified School District Tt-ill receive bida for labor,;material ransportatlon and services for the ' K I N D OF WORK AND SCEIOOL Sale E\nd/or Remova of Commercial Build ing and Warehouse "olio-wing work: BIO OPENING DATE _ 2'00 P.M. of Commercial Build Friday, - ....... 4.945 ........ - 4.57 March 18. 1566 at City College (ETC) Site, 199D W a l n u t Avenue. Schedul« No. 39DS-F (Health Welfare -- J8c por hr,; Pension Plan--ITVic per hr.: Vacation Plan--35c per hr,) Plaster Tender 4.S3 (Health Welfare- -16lie per hr,; Pension Plan--22c. per hr.: Vacation--2oc per hr.) ROOFER Foreman -- _TMTM._--..~ fi.57 _iub-Foreman 6.47 Journeyman 5.32 (Health Welfare -- 16c per SHEET METAL Foreman 6.05 Siieet Metal Worker TM 5.51 (Health k Welfare -- 21c per hr.; Pension P l a n -- I S t i per hr.) . I L E Til» Setter Foreman In charge of less titan 11 men. 5^-50 per day, and in charge of 11 or more men, £5.00 per day more than Tile Setters' wage. Journeyman _ 5.20 (Health Welfare--U'/ir. per hr.; Pension--15c pr hr.) Helper 4.17 (Health Welfare-- I-J',ic per lir.; Pension--ISc per hr.) Ttie rates of per diem wages for each of the liated work classifications shall b« the prevailing rates of hourly wages multiplied by eight. Eight-hours shall constitute a day's Trork. Workmen employed less than eight hours per day shall be paid tliat fraction of the per diem wages that tho number of hours of employment bears to eight, W O R K I N G R U L E S California: Fantastic Fair Dept. Store, 12701 Van Nuya Boulevard, Pacoima, California; Fantastic Ftilr Dept. Store, 1G673 Beach Boulevard, iluntington B e a c h , California; Golden Rule Depl. Store, 3521 E. Valley Boulevard^ El Monte, California; Udisco Dept. Store, · 12500 Bellflower Boulevard. Downey, California; "Fantastic Fair Dept. Store. 13111 South San Pedro Street, Los Angeles. Caiifoinin. APPROVED: BARBARA LYNN' STORKS, INC., a/c By MAX BLAUST1NE Said property is described In general na: Leaseholds. 2 automobiles, 1 truck. Supplies. AH stock in trade, fixtures, equipment and good will of that Children's Appare' business known as GYRO CONSOLIDATED. INC.. and PRINCESS OF HOLLYWOOD, INC. The bulk transfer -will be 1:01 L- summafcd on or after t h e 2011 d.iy of March, 19US. at 10:00 A.M. at City National Bank, 10SS3 Wllalilre Boulevard, Los Angeles 24, 'California. Counly ot Loa Angeles.'State of California, So far as known to th« Transferee, all business names and addresses used by Transferor for the hree years last past, are: SAME Dated: March 2, IMG. Signed by: BARBARA LYNN STORESj INC., a/c Transferee By MAX RLAUSTINE Transferee CITY NATIONAL BANK 0833 Wilshire Blvd. Los A rifle lei 24, California Pub. Mar. 11. 19GG (It) L.B.T. Sn!e. anil writ ten notice of breach and election to cause the under- s gned to sell eald properly to satisfy said obligations, and thereafter, on December S, 1955. the undersigned caused Mid nolle o of broach and elect Eon to bo recorded In nook M20G2. Page 413 of Official Tlecorda in said Recorder's Otflrc. Dated: "March S, 1M6. UNION BANK as said Trustee By ARDENR LBITCK Pilh. Mar. 11. 18.25. 1966 3t) tj. B.T. 17575 NOTICE OF I N T E N D E D BULK TRANSFER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that. Guiumr A. Anderson, doinu business as G. A. Anderson Chevron Service, whose business address is 2200 Clark Avenue, Long Beach, bounty of Los Anr«I«, California, Is about to mika a bulk transfer aale to Donald, B. Mowery, whoac buaineaa address is 2200 Clark Avenue. Long Beach, County of Ixs Angeles, California, Ilia following proierty; A'll of tha equipment, nmt? rials, supplies, nierclianulsa and other inventory of Retail Gasoline Service Station, known as G. A, Anderson's Chevron Sen-lce. This property is located at 2200 Clark Arcnue, I-org Beach, County ot IMS Angeles, California. This bulk transfer will ba con- sunmted on or after April SLL. 1966, at the escrow department of WESTWARD ESCROW CO.. HSU I^nff Heach Blvd., Lynwood. Counly of Los Angeles, California. Wilhln the past three years transferor has also used Ilia following business n antes at the f o l l o w i n g business addresses: The nndcrslEned docn certify 1 s conducting a business at 603 Pacific Ave.. I.nng Beach. Callfor- i n,, under the f i c t i t i o u s firm name INDUSTRIAL t TRADE DEVELOPMENT CO and that sslrt firm is composed Uie (ollowlns person, whose nun in lull and placo of tcaldonce ts follows: Surc.-Oi C. Bhutll. 1S21 Ostro Ave. f Long Beach. California, OOS Dated February 17. 1066. SURBSH C. B11ATTI State of California. Los Angeles County: On February 17, 1§G6, before n a Notary Public In and for aa scribed properly, or to much (hereof. as may be necessary to ralae lulfi- clenl funds to i^listy aaid JudK* nient, with Interest and cosLi, etc.. to the highest and but bidder. . Dated this 25lh day- of February, 19t6. PBTKR J. PITCHES3 Sheriff of Los Angeles County By C. D. Fountains, Captain Deputy Sheriff By H. A. Turner, SgL Deputy Sheriff RUTAN A TUCKER P l a i n t i f f ' * ' Altorntyi 401 Weil th St. Santa Ana, Calif. 12701 K l m b e r l y 3-W11 Feb. 35, Mar. 4, 11, 18. ,'$6 (41) LBL · Lea a 1 Nollca · Legal Notice STATE OF CALIFORNIA TRANSPORTATION AGENCY D K P A R T M E N T OF I'UBLIC WORKS DIVISION OK HIGHWAYS NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Scaled proposals will bo received al (lie office of the Slat* Highway Engineer, Room 4QS, Division of Highways Bulldlnff, 120 South Spring Street, Los Angeles. California, until 2 o'clock p.m. on March 31, 1966, at which time they wit bo publicly opened" nnd, read In Room 2 ot said building, for construction on State highway In ac corilanca with thfl specification* therefor, to *-htch special refcrenc* Is made, aft follows: Los Angeles County, In Txini Keach, on Houlft 7 between 33n Street nnd Q.l-mlle eouth of RouL 405 (07-L.A.-7. 405-8.4/U.B, 1.1/9.6 additional traffic Inne lo lie con structed on tho freeway and o pathw per straight tlnm houv worked PS I lip per ilraipht time hour paid patliw/p per fttralfht tSnii hour -. worked or paid pd per day . - j i d w per day worked · , dp per. day paid . L xlw/P per day worked or paid w · \vagft BW groas wag* ' . ' .w total wife jnid per -man 'day Employer payments oUicr than ihose itemized herein, as defined In Section 1773.1 or the Labor Code, aro to be paid In accordance with Lha terms of the coUectlv* bargaining agreement applicable to the type or classification ol the worVmen or mechanics employed on, the project. Overtime, Sunday and Holidays-nol loan than 0110 and one-half (1\^1 tin 1:3 the baste hourly rate plua i applicable employer, payment a, T]i« 1 holidays upon · which auch ratej 2:00 P.M. Friday Nursery School Building at Whtltior Elc- William T. Waaoontr, addilrtn, 4XS\ 'qarl Ave., S18JOO; LcRoy C. Ramsey -'Co./ conlraclor. Reirdon Oljtrlbolrs, warehcujs, 1S9S: W. HP] SI.. 1J7.3W; Cart Brookl, con- "traclor; Robert Partet, engineer. - V/alfer La Poisa, healing and air cwi- dillonlnB, SMS E. Fcurlh St.. »!,»«; Ken '.^Ohrf E. e B'r r | ( Sl, 0r ,*«non, S70T WaltM St S. i Deor'e!lo, alHrallon, IS Pine Ave., lie cseciiter] (lie same. SBA1,) RUTH O. PARKS Notary Public Pub. Mar. 11, 18, 25. Apr. 1, 156S . *4I,10*; -.* Shift --- " , , Howa/d SmHfj, conlractor, nlract 1700 SlSft Oil CO., Signs, 1700 W. Willow «7TH3l- SUM; Rock«l Neon Co., contractor, ·"jSJrv : ^.iKarloff 'Satisfactory' ; j :; HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -- i'.'i'Xctor Boris Karloff, 78, was !! : -reported "continuing to con "^'·valesce satisfactorily" Thurs "·;' day in Good Samaritan Hos- from minor kidney sur- which he underwent two weeks ago, A hospital spokes*man said, "his condition is March 18, ISfiGmentary School. Schedule No. 3990-F 2:00 P.M. Blueprinting and Re Friday lated Reproduction. March 18, 1366 Schedule No. 3977 Bids shall be made on forms sup plied by the District and in accordance with drawings, specifications and other construction data now on file in Hie office of the Assistani Superintendent (Business), Room llj, 701 IxKU't Avpniie, LiOng* BeacTi !. California, where prospective {bidden may secure topitx nf t h p lr;iwings and "i^rificalions. and bit! 'orms. Purhiiant lo ll!* 1 T,abor t'w\* of :he Stale of California, Uie Board ot Education has ascertained the jcneral prevailing rale of wages applicable lo the work to be done to as follows: BASIC TRADES APPRENTICES: May be employed 17195 NOTICE TO C R E D I T O R S No. 5U625 In the Superior Court of the State of California, In and for the County of Los Angeles Tn the Matter of the Estate of ALLEK WILLIAM SITZER, also known as ALLEX W. SITZER, Deceased. Notice Js hereby given by Ihe undersigned. BALDO M. KIUSTO- VICH. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR. as Administrator of lite Estate of ALLEN T WILLIAM SITZER, ETC., Deceased, to the Cred'lors of, and (.H persons having claims against. the said decedent, to present them. w i t h the ncecarary vouchers, withhi ^ix months aflcr Hie first publication of Tliis notice, to the said Administrator at his office at 220 N. Broadn-ay, 000 OM Kali of Records. Los Angeles, California 90012, which said office the undersigned selects as a place nf business In all mat ten connected with said estate, or to fi them, wit ii the n erf sa a ry-vouch- ers, willifn jix month* after the of the California Labor Code. THE FOLLOWING WAGE RATES ARE MINIMUM HOURLY RATES FOR STRAIGHT TIME. CARPENTERS Foreman: Receives not less than 50 band and wife, and recorded June . Eight coasecutira hours tween 8 a.m. and 5 p.rn, constitute a day's work al 2200 Clark- Ax-enue l^ong Beacli, California Tlie purchase price w l t l ' l m paid aa follows: Cash Through Escrow. Transferee lias taken . of the premises and property .%otii liere- under solely an tho Agent or Transferor p p i i d j n g oonchiaion of the a Dated: March 4, J96G. DONALD H. MOWBRT Transferee Westward Eicrow Co. 11313 Long Beach Blvd. Lynwood Calif. Pub. Mar. 11, 1966 (U) L.B.I. 17716 NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. S.O.P. S463 Superior Court of the State of California, lor the County of Loa Angeles. In the Matter of the Estate of HANUEL RODRIGUES PI MENTEL-, aka MANUEL R. PIMENTEL, aka MANUEL PIMENTEL. Deceased. Notice Is hereby given to crcdl- ora having claims against the said decedent to file paid claims in the office of Ihe rlerk of tlie aforesaid court or lo present them In the nidersJgncd al tlie office of Denio. Hart. Taubman Simpson and Johnson fc Johnson, 60 Kim Ave- me. tn the City of Long' Beach, ., In the aforesaid County. ·which latter office is the place of bueiness of the undersigned in alE matters pertaining lo said estate. Such claims with the necessary vouchers must be f i l e d or presented as aforesaid within six months a f t e r the first publication of lliis notice. Dated March 9. 1566. NELLIE PFMENTEL and GEORGE HART Executor* of the will of said decedent. Denio, Hart, Taubman . Sfmpeon )hw straight time for all single shift ·workers. b. Forty hours between Monday 8 a.m. and Friday 6 p.m. shall constitute a week'i work at straight time. e. All work performed 1n exceas of eight hours per day or forty hours per week or on Holidays and Sundays shall be paid for at the rate for overtime of the. craft Involved. Bids shall he sealed and filed in the office of the Purchasing Director. Room 207. Board of Education Building 1 , 701 Locust Avenue, Long Beach 13. California, on or before the, time and date above jhov/n, and will be opened and rrad Aloud In public at or about said t i m e aud MAPJK WEI.LS. -\sealant Secretary Pub. Mar. 4, 11. 1965 (2O --L.R.I. and Johnson Johnson 60 Elm Ave. Long Beach, Calif. Attorney! at Law Pub. Mar. 11, 18. 25, Apr. 1. 4t)--L.B.I. _^_^ In conformity with Section 1777.5 11:00 A.M.. TITLE INSURANCE cents per hour more than the hourly rate of the highest classification over which he has responsibility, except Pneumatic Nailer. Carpenter $4.64 (Health . Welfare -- 18c per hr.; Pension Fund!--25c per hr.: Vacation--15c per hr.) CEMENT MASONS Foreman: When t h r u e or more Ce- 89839 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE T.O. No. 65-9446 On Wednesday March 30, 1966, at AND TRUST COMPANY, as duly appointed Trustee under and pursuant to Deed of Trust dated May 28, 19S4, executed by: CHARLES H. DAVIS and FRAN V. DAVIS, hus- NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE No, 3765 On April 5. 1966, at 11:00 a.m., UNKXV BANK, as Trustee under and pursuant to Deed of Trust dated January 13. 1954, made by KENNETH DIAMOND AND AN- CKUN'A D. DIAMOND, husband and wife, and recorded January 27. 196 in Book T-WS9 Page 261 of Official Records In the office of the Recorder of Lo* Anpeles County, California, given to secure an in_,_,-._-, in favrir . n[ (j^-tpx California (.corporation. t public auction !u liigh- for CM."Ei (PAYABLE AT TIME Of SALE i.N' LAWFUL MOXET O F THE U N I T E D STATES) at trie eastern e n t r a n c e to he Hall of Juatic', Temple and Spring Streets, in th« City of I.AS Angeles and County of Loa Angeles, State of California, all right. .itle, and interest conveyed to and low held by ft under said. Deed in ihe properly situate In the Cily of Beach, i n said County an d 89838 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE T.O, No, 65-9444 On Tuesday, March 23. 19oS, at 11:00 A.M.. TITLE INSURANCE AND TRUST COMPANY, as duly appointed Trustee u n d e r and pursuant to Deed of Tnist dated April 21, 1Q65 executed by: LUCIOUS J. MAY and DOROTHY MAS WAV. husband nntl wife and recorded June 1. 1356, as Instr. No. 3727. in booh. T«S8. page 470, of Offictnl all Records In the office of the Counly Recorder of Los Angeles Counly, California, WILL SELL AT PUB,IC AUCTION TO HIGHEST BIDDER FOR CASH (payable at time of sale in lawful money of tlie United States) at tho entrance of the ~xs Angeles County Courthouse, at E01 West First Sircet, Los Angeles, California, all right, title and !n- .crest conveyed lo and now held by It under ald Deed of in Ihe .property situated: In aald County and Stale described iu: Parcel 1: The .VorUi 2S.SS Fret of rhe East 62.5 ft. of Lor. 57 In TJIock 4 o f - Strain and Lewis Kesubdlvinifm of V i l l a Lots 13. U, 15 ami 16. 'a? pr map recorded in Book 38, papr* 31 of Miscellaneous Records, in the office of the Courtly Recorder of said Counly. PARCEL 2: An casein en t for Ingress and egress over the South 1.5 fl. of Uie North 25.S:i ft. of the Weal 7.5 ft. of LoL 17 in KIoclc 4 of the above described tract. Parcel 3: An easement for Ingress and egross over the North 1.5 ft. or the South 24.17 ft. of Lot 17 in Block 4 of Ihe nhove described tract, Said sale will be made, but w i t h out covenant or warranty, express or Implied, regarding title, possession, or encumbrances, to pay the remaining principal sum of the note secured by fatd Deed of Trust to-wlt: $410.00, with interest from July 22, 1565, as In said nolr pro signing to lio revised. Bids aro required for Ilia entire work described herein, Plans, specification*, and proposal forms to he uaed for bidding on thl« project can only be obtained it the offirc of Ihe Stale Highway Engineer, Public Worka Building, Sacramento. California. Plans and specification* may be iccn at. tho office of the State lighway Engineer al Sacrnniento, at Lha offices of the District Engineers at LOB Angeles and San ·Vanciscn, and at the office of the District Engineer of the dlalrlcL in which the work Is situated. No bid will be conildcred unless t Is made on a blank fonn f u r - nished by Uio Stain Highway En- ;lnecr and is mode In accordance with the provisions of ilia Standard Specifications and ipeclal pro%'i- slons, Each bidder mual be li- cenced as required, by law. The Department of Public Works reserpea the right lo reject any or Abbreviations uned In ths schedule of predetermined wago rates in conjunction with employer payments Lited In Ihe right hand columns Identified as follows: p«r hour under the fees ny, unde 'f Trust. vided, advances. If an; terms of said Deed of charges anrl expenses of the Trusle* and of the trusts created by naiu* Deed of Tniat. The beneficiary uno**r ?aid Deed of Trudt, by reason of a breach or per hour worked iljp per hour paid jhw/p ptr hour work or paid per straight lima hour Baifc rat* p«r hour Clarification holidays shall ba paid shall be all holiday* recognized In the collective bargsl. ITIR- agreement applicable to the particular craft, classification or typ« of worknian employed DJI t n « projeqt. .. t Copies of nil collective bargaining agreements relating Lo Ihc work ax set forth iti the- aforementioned Labor Ccxle are on (He and available for Inspection In tho office o( the Department, of Industrial Relations. Division of Labor SUUatic» and Research. Attention Is directed to Section 7-L01G of 'he Standard Specifications prorldlng for employment of apprentices on the work. Every luch apprentice shall ba pld tha standard wage paid' to apprentices under the regulations of the trad* at which he la employed. Information relative to employment of ap- prentlcea shall be obtained from Ihe Director of the Department of Industrial Relations, who ts th* Administrative Officer of lh« California Apprentice Council. Pursuant to the provisions of Section 1770 of the Labor Code of th« State of California, tha-Department of Public Works lias ascertained tha general prevailing rata of wares and employer payments for health and welfare, vacation, pension and similar purposes In the counly in which tho work Is to bi doit* to be as follows: Employer payment* for H and W Vjcaifon Penilnn default in t l i e nhii gal ions 26, 1964, as Inatr. N'o. 1637, in book T3774, page 330. of Official Records in the office of the County Recorder of Los Angeles County, California. Current WILL- SELL AT PURLIC AUCTION inent Jlatsona are employed u» «: job, one shall be employed ss a to and Foreman and shall receive not Itss Ded of TO HIGHEST BIDDER FOR CASH (payable at time of sale in lawful money of the United States) at the entrance of the Los Angeles Counly Cou rt hou se, at 301 West First Street, Lo3 Angeles, California, al' " " title and i n t e r j s t conveyed ·v hc!d by "t ·Jp.dtr -aM tlian 60 cents per hour more than Ihe hourly rale of the highest classification over which he has, leadereship. C u r r e n t Cement Mason ;.,... ' (Health t Welfare -- 20o per hr; Pension -- i=»c p^r hr,; Vacation--15c per hr.) I R O N W O R K E R S . Trust in the property situated in the City nf Long Beach, in said County and Stale described Lot 13 In Block 1 of Tract 4029, a* per map recorded in Book 43, page 2 of Maps, in the office of the County Recorder ot said County. State, described as: Lots 27 and 28 In Wocle 5 of Crowt'i Vista Del liar Tract. In the city of Long Beach, county of Los Angeles, state of California, a.t p*r map recorded In Book 7 paffe 175 of 31ap3, in the office of the county recorder of said county. Said sale will be made but with out covenant or warranty, express or Implied, regarding tint, powes- sion. or encumbrances, to pay the : rincipn! sum of said note. *-?curtd y said Deed, to wit: "" ' "' with imere.ii i"rcm August as in said note provided, advances. therehy, heretofore delivf-rr-d to Hie nnd^r-'ignnd R n ten Declaration of Default and IJ*--; mand for S«lo, nnd ft-rilt°ri notii *· of breach rfnd of tl^riion 10 cau.-"! tiie u n d e r s i g n e d \" sell *dkf p r o p ^ i - J ly to satisfy a^ul ohliKations n n d j thereafter, 01 Novumlxrr L"*, IStiij. :Iie undfrsigTied caused jiatil HOIK c of breach and of election to IK* r e - corded in book SI2flo'J, page 4:i9. of said Official Record*. Date: March 1. 19S6. TITLE INSURANCES AiS'D TRUST COMPANY By Richard A. Waiter Assistant Secretary Pub, Mar, 4, 11, 13, 19dS (3t L.B Said nale will out convenint or mzdf, hut with- if any, under the terms r,f -aid Deed; feea, charges and *Kpfns*-s of the trustee and of thp trusts created by said Deed. The beneficiary under «Aid Deed, hy reason of a breach nr default in the obligations secured thereby, hpretftforf executed *ni dehvpr^d to the undersigned a written D^rla E9453 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE T.O. No. 6S-5CO On Tuesday, March 22, 1965, at 11:00 A.M., TITLE INSURANCE AND TRUST COMPANY, as d u l y appointed Trustee under and pursuant to Deed of Trust dated April I. 1364, executed by; ANTHONY PUNCHARD, an unmarried man and recorded June 1. 19S4, a^ instr. No 2033. in book T3723. page 994, of Official Records in the office of the County Recorder of Loa Angeles Counly. California, will aejl at puh lie auction to highest bidder for ca?h (payable at time of sale In lawful money of the United States) at ihft entrance of the Lo* Angeles Counly Courthouse, at 601 Weal First Street, Los Angeles, California. all right, title and Interest conveyed to and now held hy it under i T V f d of Tru*l In ths properly i t4.3S Air compressor, p u m p or gen^ralor operator 3.SI AMpliaU raker .ind ironpr 3.70 Asphalt. inov«I**r 4.97 Boring machine operator 1.61 Carpenter 3.S1 Cement d u m p e r 4.29 Cement mason 3.79 Concrete curer, linpftrvtou.n n i f n i b r a n e and form oiler 5.26 Concrete m i x e r operator (mobile and paving types) 4 62 Coticrete mixer operator ( s k i p type) 5.16 Concrete or asphalt spreading, l a m p i n g or finishing machine operator 4.24 Driver of dump truck (Ifesa than 4 yards, water level) 41.23 Driver of d u m p truck (4 yards but less than 3 yards, water level) 4.25 Driver of dump truck (8 yards but leaa than 13 yards, water level) 4.20 Driver of truck (legal payload capacity less than Ions) fi.46 Electrician 4.3% Engineer, oiler, Jlgnalman 3.70 J'ine grader 3.60 Flagman 5-lfi Heavy d u t y i c p a l r m a n 4.3? Heavy d u t y rpairm*!i'j helper 3.fO T.alorcr 3.^1 Layer of non-rnrtalltr pipe, i n c l u d i n g j r w r r pipe, rlrain pipe and und»r- gruund t i l e H 7H Maker and raiiiker nf ^11 non-rneintlic ptp^ jonug ;i.'_1 Tolor palro 1 operator 4 7A rainier 4.S"1 Power concrete r u r n IK machine operator 4.Sfi Power concrete saw operator n.'*f] Helnforcinp ironworker 5.16 Road Oil m i x i n g machtn* operator 4.97 Roller operator 4.97 Screed operator 5.16 SJclploader operator, wheel type over H yard up to and I n c l u d i n g I'i yards 5.25 Bkiploader operator, wheel type over I 1 ! y a r d j 5.41 Structural and, ornarnenlal ironworker 5.26 Tractor loader operator 5.23 Universal equipment operator, ahovcl, bnckhoe. drag- line, derrick, ilerrlck- barge. cl^m^bell, crane, pik'lrivrr and mucking machine 4.-6 Watfr tru*k rlrlvr . (under i^j'X) ga1lun»i 4..S Walrr truck drl%r 13500 lo 10CO gallon? i 15cpbw/p 30c phw/p(4) . .. I6 1 /ic phw/p lOc phw/p I5c phw/p Itf^c phw/p lOc piw/p ISc phw/p lc p h w / p -10cphw/pt4) I5c p h w / p ISc phw/p ISc phw/p 2oc phw/p I6',ic phw/p lOc phw/p I5c phw/n ISc phw/p lOc phw/p ~ ' 16',ie phw/p lOc phw/p ISc phw/p 15c phw/p 20c phw/p 15c p h w / p 30cphw/p(4) 15cphv/p 30cphw/p(4) I5c phw/p 15c phw/p Me p h w / p 30c phw/p4) I5c phw/p I5c phw/p 15c phw/? iflc phw/p ISc phw/p 15c phw/p 20c phw/p 15c phw/p 15c phw/p 20c phw/p 15c phw/p 35c phw/p 20c phw none l% of jrw(3 I5c phw/p 30c phw/p(4) I5c phw/p 16lie phw/p lOc phw/P 15c phw/p ISlic phw/p lOc phw/p 15c phw/r» I3c phw/p 30c phw/p(4) 15c phw/p Ifi'ic phw/p lOc phw/p l.v: phw/p phw/p jC p h w / p IOC p h w / p IS ! 7C p h w / p lie p h w / p lir prm p U'.iC p f l W / p IOC p f i * V P IA*: 0^'- P 15^ p h w / p We p h w / p ( 4 i ].Sc phw · p IT.jC phw lOc phw 20c phw ISc phw/p Zfc. phw/p(4) Ix phw r* I5c phw/p SOc phw/p(4) 15c pht/i» 35^c p h w ( l ) ISc p h w ( l ) 16c phw(li ISc phw/p I5c phw/p I5c phw/p 15c phw/p lac phw/p Me phw/p(4 15c p h v / n 3Ccphw/pf4t ISc phw/p 30c phw/p(4) I5c phw/p 30cphw/p(4) 15o phw/p 30cphw/p(4) 150 phw/p 25Hcphw(L) l E c p h w l I5c phw/p 30e ptiw/p(4) lie phw/p phw. p lie phtv/p pn^ ,'p I5c phw/p 15c p h w / p I5c p h w / p lie p h w / p I ravH Inn* I s conaid*; eJ t. lijne worked (3) In accordance with th« "Kni- ployee Benefit AKree-npnt" plun 20c phw to Itxal p * n « f i T plan DEPARTMENT OF 1 WORKS DIVISION OF HIGHWAYS J. C. Womack State JItsniray EntfnMr HatM February 25. 19S K*f. ?5, M»r. 4. II, 13S5 (31) t..B

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