The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 11, 1957 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1957
Page 2
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p«ni R Meet* MM. C. ton JU4IMMA it. tutat ttkHef Itederi Ote*o«t i». J. Q*et«tf O«i*fy too* frkak Fabtl* t. D. McC<»lln Begat Serrie* la**** C. Vuket PtUttttt HM>lt*V jr. W. 3. Dart* TaMs Hag**) Vat** Jteesr* C.. T..0hrk TID* fletf MODERN CLEANERS a rsANX CARTES OUL 3-5222 ntEKTOKT, nXAC •^ViW^ mmmmmm "THE HOME OF GREATER VALUES" WHITE PHONE 7-21OT LAKE JACKSON New NEOCHI r«sb Batten •writ* MM** NOW ON DUTLAT! ___^ CMU IB aad nu <h* WONDER or WQNDERE AT TOUR NECOHI-ELNA DEALER FRENCH aWOH» SHOP ww*)* i PACE'S SINCUi •UtVIUI BTATION DOWNTOWN nKXPOKT "UTPBSEBVUa TOUR (UB WHQJI TOO SHOP" ' snw. tad A*t**s INSB Orute Air Conditioner SERVICE • EMM Atr CMrfiUsoen • E*sUMttaI • OMSSMNlal • Aay auk* *r *M*M • • in Bb*s *f Filters t* Itoefc ANOLETON TIM CLIMATE ENGINEERING CO. Atr Otmaa»mim m E. OiwgT^ THE TElilTOX CO, nu tsruuru P50NB Man CAN SUPPLY YOUR 0$ SUSS I Byrd, Wanek Undergo Basic Army JMvate* ChWlle ^ Byrd, II. and William A. Wanek, 13) of Damon, are receiving, eight weelct of ba*lc eombtt training with the 4th Armored Division at Tort Hood. ,: Byrd I* the 'soft of Mr. and Mrs. 3. M. Byrd of Damon and Wanek 1* the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Wanek of Rout* 1.- A dead person may vote, legally, if he mallt an absent**' ballot and then diet before election day,- given » ciftntn meats** ot »ot*s, en the ^x^ stayon** of hif cholc§» cofttttt clos*«;eu to ao^rtOM reeeivM * portatte ap^' aliane* ff«ft Leslie and Morrow, wh«»e or aot «h* place* at in* flfialsin Hottftott . ,Sflt asld* iront tn* unique be*u» tywntett, LetU* and HorreWf whd Iftvtinonf the leaden la th« rite and ««g« of their appliance •Mete, with an estimated |S0,UO la nwdeli on display, are also em' hem* tin. li appliance ia good otde* far the first year without added charge. MfMfcfy Mttwtal Unique Beauty Contest Sched ter bttwten Jun* 17 wif II tt aad ni/M 'ft*r*Af tUaiMti ^tcitiiilkA •WataW TIW xHtStt \W9 WVOKS IXtCr t&* ftHttftttim dtte th* ph«tt will g« «R dltpUy with fib* phoW* ti others who enter at th* HttiD&fid TOKYO -«- And ft*ft tftete wo the Wottan wh6 to. h*f htttbind* 6tit tddlof ift apliatw* IB th* wtaatf, It the ttme cort, with eftarttt tt same tt tnot« tt An- gfeton. htttblfti would torn* new he* SB* would break out ia a fash similar to poison I*/," a dorter Mid. "When ** u away th* rttot handles th* M-d«y Oft* t*N vice guarantee oft til tettvltlon fib told at Letli* tftd MorWW. service it given anywhtr* ia Br«ori« On all white DMnl •vie to uMttFnUttM uW caa*« but they «« now in*(ft«. gating th* Mtgttat-* hatf 6tt and aftet'shave lotion M po«« able clue* toifiw A n«w trp* ef beiuty tontett for girls between ffi* iget of ft and 20, either single at married, will begin next Mondty, Jane 17, tt the fMle and MofroW Appli* anee Center on HlghW*^ SS in Attgteton. 1%e contest Is ta select cal etndiditt* for th* Mm Portabf* AppUance contest to b* held 13 in Houston, th* winner of the»* finals and her escort get tn «xpeni*^pald t(x days tt th* ttsaiot rfbtel & Holljwood, two-way passage oft aft Afne Airlines plane, guided tours tail entertainment there it no obligation on enter» Ing. The procedure for • eirl to follow It to bring her photo by the Leslie and Morrow Appliance Cen- Wright's Pharmacy, now ot pltUflg It* first year of service la Bricorta, has as its slogan "Qual* ity, Purity, Service." Their claim of complete drug servic*; complete cosmetic service; iad th* cleanest'soda foun«. Uin in Brtioiia County hts beta Weddinqs Are Stop's Feature •".'.. • ,.*v".-. Ravine a problem With decisions -Hi«v shop, she it very experienced . £iZ°l <.._.•:• "» ; - .- • lteVMU*-4t^.4«^i«<' about ifot'af th* hio«t momentous,^ I of your life, your weddittgt you should s*« Mrs. X. C. Ktrisch of rreepori'a wedding nnsutant wte knows her tw*.* is th* owner and operator of Karisch's Materials en Broad in IVeeport In her shop L rjH. the lajgert telectlont of ^^nltpOusT Ol M % and fre« at any flm«"to' consult with bridal parties on their choice of patterns, materials, and cus- tomes. Having once been a seam- tress and owning her own s*w- EiotUBOMnrs raOTOORAPR • BTONO Next to ifctnlii TTlMastt FABRIC SHOP E<OT TBB EEETAT KO ETTEH OOwT • Ooos^tte ttMjC tJutMh, • MT** TAUUCr EOTttkg AMI| OONflDEIITIAIi PANS |TimB«ns«wto. BURNO Dana COMTANT N AM K STORE" WWf 1 IfflMTMHi^ TCTA1 "Tin* ot merchandise, i includes heavy slipper brlday satin, Ichtn- gaUon lac* and Illusion, net XU» beads, _.. pearl*, aad sefrfns far head ^fee•s. Mrs, Xarlsch has recetriJy been destgnlag novelty tienaa for bridal parties. A large selection of patterns for formmls and Wadding gowns' aad on* of the most exclusive linei of buttons and,.coverings can b* found ifri&tetibp. upheld by their customers. Their preparation 'for observing th«lr first anniversary in BrMjorJ*. has included greatly Increased, space, new stoats of cosmetics; snd morV and new camera su- piles and services provided. Owner it. J. Wright's year* of Service in the I;. \ Navy taught Mm th* way and means of making* do 'with available material when better could not be obtained and of making the most of supplies when he had an adequate stock. Brazorla citltent still remember when it meant a 10-mll* drive to get a prescription filled. They a'p- j**dato haying this serviette* i^fUu'tt ,tM| fu^tt^Mt- < £iion€f wittr tb* filled prescription delivered to th* horn* if a real emergency threatens.*^ * ' Braxorlana have died ttr lack of snake bite serum. Thi* itltno.thjsr. of Wrlghfs service*. "The serum is always on hand and kits with suction cups for first aid in case of sntk* bite* are prominently Betides cooperation with med- For Infonaatlon ft R«wrjrili<m Tor Thii Bttuneu Beritw CALL THE BUSINESS REVIEW EDITOR at the Braioiport Facts Angleton 6846 ^ Freaport 3-3511 ical doctors, Wright's provides quick, efficient prescription serv-' te* ly "•' ' •' "'"" "" ..- Two telephone Alines <are kept- busy throughout the day to provide a straight line to relief, service, and Information via Wright's Pharmacy, thirty seven' years, pf experience 1 have provided both Mr* and Mrs. Wright with, the know now to perform those services most needed by* the people. Participation in all civic enterprises and all dvto elub« hat,been an important part of the service* rendered to .the cfnuntmfty by th* couple,. It W8t,f«ycaffl'«ta *ftom the camera shop In Wright's that rwx)rded jthe *ctlvltfe».of,th* mop, «nd- brVwmrtale 1 tpdnsor*d V«the Brtzprla, Liont qub.-Mr. Wright It now vicOresiden^ot-th* ela1>r And it was ,* camera from the $iat,s,Jso recorded the activfties- of the American Legion at tt decorated the graves of the Brazoria war dead. He it a charter member 6f the James Ander- son..A^n«ric»n .tegioji Post.and- she.U a charter number of'its' auxiliary. I" ,4 tsttsr 0 *- WbUrt ji -7t *•'' HMKll J.O. Mtela&son Benny VteMh Hewing Wniiev Bhoppa VeUtes. <$J L.O. OhapmuJr Cthaatt Knttneerteg THE • fOntft • SEKvlCV | HI THE BIUEO*JPOt¥r AM PENNER'S HUMBLE SERVICE WITEilltOpATlONE «fl •EBTi TOO. . • WOTtniE FEAikntO t.y, TEUVUHwN It Onto Waj FORD 8ALB8 * 8BBVIOX C(yd* V. tw> WEfff OOLCMBU, p KXTBET SKEVICI ON A|4« HAKE* MARTIN MOTORS LIONABD'8 floor Oimring Co. m MTUMTH ^ LoVi Oo TUhlng VON'S TACKU. ^ :,m n T , <m> ••» w"i«w» 9»'iisniH> W W^FTP*» WWT wi wiw, roiAjrw IT. tf C33Flf84iji 41 ff' s^^ iWW^r ir^Hf jnppjnll Sp*' Lower pilae*--L*wer preflt •eewt** efSartltr Overhead . NEW MM MEp CARS } Os*r Ato, ™*Ure^ *P state? LEE JHEARN^MqTOR c£ On EV MUberrr Etl n. Utt '' ** *WiiXHMitEff Tt EM ?-ABB as » tuv« TBI v*i«T M W. Breed ftae 1*1 II FENCE -mum BRAZOSPORT fLECTRQNICS raoNBJ MTM NEW CABS LOWEST PBIOES PARKER :l'TQf QWffim AIB )OW AW rrK^-,?"?' -'if T REGAL SERVICE | WE CARRY THE LATEST JADBI. M[I|US. TEENS k JvmoEl orx)Tim<o AND AOOE8BORIM, FO* BWMAfEB < MAR-LENSHOP I tAKEl^ESON •' • jmic^x EOA RECORD rtATBBS •W E. >*rk rr**p*rt I*«M t-XEU .JOONION ODTBOARO Sporting Ooodi % UOKEON ED. SANSOMlDAVIS ' Insurance Agency ALIi TVPEfl OF INBtntAMOB DIAL *.Bt»» r« Pftik. AT*K . IncMport WRIGHT'S Wright, n. o, B. p. Phone 3333 , 6435 Bruorlt CD SUPPLY CO. _ .Industrial Suppli* Pump & Tool B«nUl§ A«rM* free* Th*. Oorbitt Marine Wftri, nmUFOtt, TBXAi 37th ANNIVEB8ABY NOWINPBOOBlSai v *«ii^^g«»»» ^Si* LABOK8T BTOOK OUTBOAED BOATS ami MQTOB8 W OOTTNT? WHITE WAE4 L«M ? AWT I AC CO. VrVVVHp W tan *

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