Independent from Long Beach, California on February 1, 1960 · Page 14
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 14

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1960
Page 14
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Page B-6--INDEPENDENT '·"'· »" el " «'"» «·""·»· «"· '· m ° EARNINGS ABE UP! Community gives you Insured Protection too! We've been paying higher than average earnings since the day we opened in 1929. Today we're still paving more-currently 4 l / 2 % per annum. At the same time, Community provides insurance on your savings up to $10,000 by an instrumentality of the U.S. Govern- ment. This is a protection not provided by many finan- cial institutions. The cost to you? Nothing. We pay all insurance costs. These are just a few of the facts on savings insurance. For the many more you'll want to know, see your new account officer at any Community branch. He'll be glad ; to talk with you about the security of your savings 1 program. ALL SAVINGS RECEIVED BY FEBRUARY 10th EARN FROM FEBRUARY 1st Save by mail. We pay postage both ways. COMMUNITY SAVINGS PER AN.NUM Dockers Hop Jobs Oftenest ^WASHINGTON (ffi) -- Are job-hoppers a headache for Social Security bookkeepers? Not if their employers make accurate reports. "Recording for a person who holds 12 jobs in three months is no more of a prob- em than recording for one job, except for the added lumber of entries," a Social Security official said Sunday. "We are geared to handle quantity," he added in somewhat of an understatement for one connected with the world's largest bookkeeping operation. Which workers do tho most job-hopping? Social Security officials be live that longshoremen generally have the greatest nunv her of different employers in given period. Some longshoremen earn wage credits with as many as 20 or 30 employers in three months. Next in order of number of employers per quarter apparently come persons in the wilding-construction trades. REX A. DUNN, PRESIDENT T O Of COMPTON / ,477E.Couplooai«i / BIXDV KNOLLS 3901 AUanlic Arc, leal B«cb PARAMOUNT 15359 Paramount Blvd. HI1LMANSHIP BOB BURT Long Beach Hlllman Dealer A t 1 ;i s t w e have a L: o o d supply of Sunbeam Alpines. The "only all- new sports car" for I960. For the sensation of your life drive one this week at our agency, 3?SO n. Pacific Cuasi Kwy., or Ph. GU 9-0-191 for further information. FOR THE LOWEST SHOP AT THE ... LEOSH DOWNTOWN COMPANY AN "ACRE OF FURNITURE" IN DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH! 7th and LONG BEACH BOULEVARD....HEmbck 7-1295 1st cmd LONG BEACH BOULEVARD....HEmlock 2-5449 EASY TERMS . . . COURTEOUS PERSONNEL . . . FREE DELIVERY SERVICE Youths Beat, Rob Driver in Compton Three young men forced a Compton motorist's car to a curb Sunday afternoon and then robbed and beat him, sheriff's deputies said. Cunnie Lee Humphrey, 24, of 1334 E. 154th St., said the youths' car forced his to the curb on Nestor Ave. at Compton Blvd. Humphrey said one youth slugged him with a gun and another hit him with a wine bottle, cutting his head with the jagged edge. The trio fled after robbing him of his wrist watch, Humphrey told deputies. He was treated at a nearby clinic. IT WONT WORK? Don't swear at it! Check "Call an Expert" in Classified for a reliable serviceman. THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAV By FAGALY and SHORTEN tout *·*! *RO«a COVER OH -MIS NOTMe,BOS6.'IWA9»bMe SICK THAT OAV.'MUSTHWe COST UBToiBAHW.' WHO i ANGLEWORM* YOU KNOW ftUGLEWORM.' WHEHfrlERE^AKUL-UP IT WAS IriREE OTHER GUVS A BEAUTIFUL JOB.' BEST ISSUEJC OHlHAT.'HEHHErl-r-rrtWWASlWeAay.flOSW! VJEEVER PUT OUT.' NICE OOW5,} 7 I MADE SURE EJERVTMlMS VlEWT RIGHT; SUPERVISED THE WHOLE J03 Pi PERSOMAUY.' iaj.%; GLAD VOU U«£ MY JOB.' ^ «i «^\ yjid BOWTOBETAUEN lL.T'OUKN ANGLEWORM B. C. UORTY MEEKLE · Lowest Discount Prices on All Appliances · Apr. 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O.OO · Lees 100°i Wool O QQ Wilton Broadloom 0.00 · Hrth 100 0 ,i Atrilon Q OQ Broadloom Carpet _ 0.00 · Lees 100% Wool 9«12-Ft. ^Q QQ Broadloom Rugs 17.00 EXPERT WALL-TO-WALL INSTALLATION! AN "ACRE OF FURNITURE 1 .' FOR YOUR SELECTION FURNITURE COMPANY !N DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH Take Any Bus to Leo Shultz STORE HOURS: DAILY 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. MONDAYS and FRIDAYS, 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. FREF f\K".'-r. AT BOTH STORES Budget Terms IO' J o Down, 2 Years to Pay AMERICA'S FINEST BRANDS OF FURNITURE . . . CARPET . .. APPLIANCES LARGEST DEALER IN LONG BEACH FOR KROEHLER--WORLD'S LARGEST FURNITURE MANUFACTURER 7th and Long Beach Blvd....HE 7-1295 1st and Long Beach Bivd ME 2-5449 CONGRATULATIONS; BUT IT WON'T BEEA'SV: HOW PO YOU LIKE THAT? Y4i= r JU^T BOUGHT: TH PAP AND PENCILTEN MINUTED l^~. A6OANDALREAPV I'M STANDING ATM 1 / . I'M GOING TO BE A FAMOUS AUTHOR! I'M STARTING MY FIR^TBOOK TOPAY. CLUES. WHICH WILL BE YOUR GOAL? YOU ^TANPATTHE CROSSROADS. "'SOME WRITER'S ACHIEVE FINANCIAL, "SUCCESS, BUT NOT CRITICAL ACCLAIM, ALTHOUGH THfiV BECOME WEALTH^ THEY'RE OE3PI'5EP BY THE CRITICS..." BUGS BUNNY ' 50 LET US LOOK 70 THE FUTURE... STATISTICS REVEAL: BLA... CURLY KAYOE *OH, NO- ITS you! .' AN' THIS TIME W£'Xf AlOHE, PHIL! YOU BUGGED MS FCK A LONG T/M£ WITH Y£K SECKfT. \?/.- TNIGHT- I'M GONNA HAVE A LOOK ATYER CHEST... /·:/. OK fiSf.' IT Wlil HAVE 70 B£ OVER MY MAD BOW! H2^^T¥\ \:,r WITH r "\ SHE'S TfiYINQ j WHAT'S BETTV ) TO MEMO I SELLING TO J HIS BTOKEN ARCHIE? rf LIFE.' YOU KNOW BEHIND EVERY DIPLOMA THERE'S A'WOMAN.' ...AND DO YOUi? HOMEWORK TONIGHT INSTEAD OF FRITTERING YOUR TIME A\VAY.' JACKSON TWINS BUT WE CAWT/ X AW TMEY WIFP1E/ITOUP \CANMEET \OU-EK-KUTH US AT THE ANPCHKXAEE MEETIMGUSAT SOME MXINGEE/ LETS GO KIPSASKEP ( BOWLING, JAN ANP JILL V JILL/ FCKACLASSIN TALWNGTO R3Y5/ THE LAST LESSON IS A TTEMCNSTEATIOJ SETEOCEFT.... TWEBOY5 HAVE SEOZETLY FOUNP OUT W-IATS Uf» MARTHA WAYNE MAKTHA WAVWE AMPHKOIPIDKS» ...AVAITTflEAKKWALOF DP. AS DUSK OEKENDS WAHEACT ATTACK K HE rWAm TOCW.L THE FDUiC.

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