Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1962 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1962
Page 3
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. By BOB WELLS · For Humor, Peace and Sanity One of the more enjoyable aspects of- the American character is its ability to restore perspective to political discussion through humor. When the radical rightist John Birch Society appeared, it was countered by the moderate Webster Quimmlcy Society, which restored perspective to anti-communism through the gentle use of parody. "Patriotism without panic." is the Al- Quimmlcy slogan, and it is a good one. Currently, we have a political aberration on the radical left that in many ways is similar to the "anti-communism" of the radical right. This is the so-called "peace" movement. Now, few in this country arc really against peace, just as few arc really a g a i n s t anti-communism. But the "peace" movement is scared to death, just as the rightists are scared to death. The "peace" people arc scared of nuclear war. The Committee for a WELLS Sane Nuclear Policy, "No More War" and similar organizations think even President Kennedy's fallout shelter program is sinister. It's designed to make people accept the idea of a nuclear war, the pacifists argue, and thus aggressive. Besides, if we'build a lot of fallout shelters, Russia might take it amiss. We should forget shelters and "work for peace." How? At this point they get a little vague. nsr and Security A wonderful parody of this anti- shelter nonsense lias been issued by .1 group of Harvard University students organized as the "Committee for a Sane Navigational Policy." I quote from their White Paper, or cvcrwhat they call it: "It has been brought to our attention that certain elements among the passengers and crew favor the installs- tion of 'life" boats on this ship. These elements have advanced the excuse that such action would save lives in the event of a maritime disaster such as the ship striking an iceberg, though we share their concern, we remain unalterably opposed to any consideration of their course of action for the following reasons: "I. This program would lull you into a false sense of security. · "2. It would cause undue alarm and destroy your desire to continue your voyage in this ship. "3. It demonstrates a lack of faith in our Captain. "4. The apparent security which 'life' boats offer will make our Navigators reckless. "3. These proposals will distract our attention from more important things, i.e., building unsinkablc ships. They may even lead our builders to false economics and the building of ships that are actually unsafe. "G. In the event of being .struck by an iceberg (we will never strike first), the 'life' boats would certainly sink along with the ship. "7. If they do not sink, you will only be saved for a worse, fate, inevitable death on the open sea. "8. K you should be washed ashore im a desert island, you will be unaccustomed tn the hostile environment and will surely die of exposure. "9. If you should be rescued by a passing vessel, you would spend a life of remorse mourning over your lost loved ones. "10. The panic engendered by a collision with an iceberg would destroy all vestiges of civilized human behavior. We shudder at the vision of one man shooting another for the possession of a 'life' boat. "II. Such a catastrophe Is too hor- rihle to contemplate. Anyone who docs contemplate it obviously advocates it." ·Bus Union Accepts Firm's Offer UnruhBill Passed by Assembly V (Continued From Pag* A-l) San Diego and Orange coun- ies. Metropolitan counties would get additional senators iftcr 1970 and subsequent census counts. THE ASSEMBLY vote split party and sectional lines. Two Los Angeles Republicans. Joe Shell, candidate for the GOP gubernatorial nomination, and Harold Levering, opposed the plan. It was endorsed, with minor reservations over the weekend by Richard M. Nixon, Shell's op- wncnt for the nomination. Unruh was supported by 16 members from Northern Cali- 'ornia, including John A. Bus- ;erud of San Francisco, chairman of the GOP Caucus. 'Battle lines are i n d e e d drawn," commented Bustcrud. * · * * UNRUH told his colleagues defeat for his measure would 'indicate this house is not capable of legislating on its jwn, and would destroy the voice of moderation." The speaker said his plan was logical, would not destroy Ihe Senate "as we now know it," was not based solely in sectional interests, and should provide a permanent solution lo the "out-cry for Senate reapportionment w h i c h h a s plagued California politics for years. Unruh declared his plan would achieve a broader base of support than a plan rccom mended by a blue-ribbon com' mission appointed by Gov. Brown. The commission's plan would give Los Angeles three more senators in 1064, and not add seats for other metropolitan counties until after 1970. Unruh said his plan would "water down the rural voice without inundating it." "Many times," he said, "the Senate has been the voice of reason in this legislature." (Continued From Papc A-l) after rejecting a company offer of the 16-ccnts wage increase without the fringe benefits. · * * * AT A 2 A.M. meeting M o n d a y , the membership ch voted 142 to 17 to accept the offer, and bus service began as usual three hours later. Meanwhile, City Manager John R. Manscll said the settlement has not ruled out possible city purchase of the bus system. He hinted a pur plan may be submitted to the voters later this year. The $74,000 wage-benefits package accepted by the union will cost the company $10,000 more than the money made available earlier for raises by city intervention The city offered to give back the $36,000 it had collected in annual franchise tax and In duccd the Public Utilities U* IMit IUI, KM, AM* I. IHI INDEPENDENT-^. A-3 PriU WlmftdU DIFFERENCES OF OPINION in the state Senate and Assembly over the controversial $2.9 billion state budget are to be ironed out by this six-man conference committee in Sacramento. Listening to Legislative Analyst A. Alan Post (back to camera) are Sen. J. Howard Williams (left), R-1'orterville; Assemblyman Glenn E. Coolidgc, R-Felton; Assemblyman Thomas M. Rees, D-I.os Angeles; Sen. George Miller Jr., D-Martincz; Assemblyman Robert \V. Crown, D-Alameda, and Sen. Stephen P. Teale, D- West Point. Commission to defer an order for the company to buy $28,000 worth of new buses. Bus company income will have to provide the additional $10,000. Graver Markham, company superintendent, said his firm hopes to hold the line for at least a year on bus fares and level of service. Morse Raps California Water Plan (Continued From Page A-l) funds were financing a key part of it. * * * * KUCHEL, a member of the Interior Committee, said he was confident the committee would reject the Morse resolution. Morse said he would move to discharge the committee, and thus get a vote of the full Senate, if the group did not send his proposal to the floor. Kuchcl said "I do not deny the hazard of unjust enrich ment" if large water users arc permitted to benefit heavily from the irrigation waters. * * * * MORSE charged that "giant corporation farms" seek to prevent application of the ICO-acre rule. The California senator said this was a problem for his state to handle. Secretary of the Interior Stewart L. Udall approved the contract last D e c e m b e r . Under it, federal waters in the San Luis project would be subject to the ICO-acre limitation, but those con sidered financed by the state for state service areas would not be. The Day in Sacramento THE SENATE C*ttttitutl«n*l Amcmkntflti AtfOSted: r*f--lncrt*m m«iifiwm P4* tor ItgriUttri fr»m |509 U I4J4 » rntnthj SCAi. $haw, D-Ontarl*. · ondv-PiiH* $T7I milliM beftd »T»- Ptlll f» fflttlCt lt«| CMltrwtW* M jtffit baiitt; SB1U, Fitlwr, D-S*n Dif«* PIKM «M millltn CtMtTMKi cwntrvctitn btmt m» *n Jvnt b*«»t; $8i3i, Dwrntiiy* D-TurlKk. ABTtmatt*-*--CWti *t*tt Cwnmitln ·n Avtvmatmn «nd T«hn»l»flic«l Dt- vHwrntfit t* tttk wlvt *t Mtin* ftfKt *t rw* ttttuulovicjl ctiwtft *n werkers; $814*, Rltiiartfs. D Lts A*- Printer--M*kn Jtatt ertnttrt'cwtitwfi apMwitivt fcr ··vermr *t a yew taivv; jam, O Svii»*n. D-wil- Rrertttton-- Authtrlrw 11tt mitltcn fratt H Monteftf Cwntr W*trr On* trict Hf rrcrtitMftU tfevtltDmtni at San AfltefM* Dam and Rnnvcir; SBtt*. f*rr, DCarinrt. Water-CrtaTtt Upper $»"ta CUr* Valley Wittr Aftncr tn ntrttmnt L*« AngHts Cvvnty; ABIli, CarrtiL D-San FtrH*n4«. Priwnm-- Pmnifi w0tnrit«f« It at- iton ctunlv prlitntM t* l«tit ftml fares I* iw-iehbfrin? ctunlitt tindtr ttr- Urn cvndiMm; SilSi, Rmkftitft* Adapted; Sh-vv-Atts President and ta maintam i ptr ctnt eofitlraetitn bid «irt»»itff ftr vmt CMit thwvants; SJRL McAtter, D-San Franrttca. Park--Aiki IMcral tivtntmtfit tt ·ivt tUtt part «l Anflel ltl*"d hi San Irancitca Bay Itr rrcrtatienal d»- vti«»mtfitf JJR7, McCvihr, R-San ··Htfs -- AUs CtRtrm ta aftft amrndmcnt t* UTti Ainrndmtnt t* U. 5. CtmTihtfen U Inwr* tat« and mvfiici«ai b«nd inttrett will remain tin- (jitd; SJRll. McCarthr. Farnv-Atkt Irgillattv* irutf/ «f Plt- Ubititr «f iiatt-ftackrd Mndt tt m#^ct purtfiM* ·! rnibilt homrt by frcupt ftr m^ranl l«rm wtrktr kit; SH1I, Cruntky, R-Matitnviltt. THE ASSfMBlY Ctnttitutitnai Amendmeitt A4t»tfd: ·tt Prtii Stnatt -- Give* heavily ptwlattd ctuntiei mart reertvntatian MI itatt Senate; ACAII, Unroll. D Lit Angeln. Billt Pati.4: Bwiidir*-- Transfer* Statt BUtd'M Standard! Ctmmiuitn rrtfn tM Public Wtrkl Defiartmtnt tt tht Firianct Dt- ·artintnlj AXIL McMillan. DLt An- wtmen-- PermiM »tmen ta wtfk tvtrtimt In tpact and dtftmt pUntt; ABIS-4I. Blflt. D-Tulmgl P»l'Cf-- Pefmtti univvrsilr tf C*U. lornia c*liet It pjtr»l «ll cnonti ·*n«l tr U. C. Rntntlt ABlti, Brt. D-H*v«r«rd. FtirtiJ*-- Trinifert t* Ctn«f«l Tundt far lunw cint^t ctnitrvctifn t \l millrtn drbl t»f4 fay tri* Cttatn C»lt Brtdgt *mt Hitnwar DtlUICIj ABiOl. H*nn«. D-GanJffi Crvv* Altmle-IIUilin «retm»nl trtwrtn ffdrtM and ttatt Qtvrrnmtmt tranttrr- ring lurtidictitn titr ttmt nucltar vntrvy fwftcti«ni I* ttatt ftvernrrifttt; ABni. Rvmterd, D BtrhHcv. Bill) ratltd: Scti««l»-- Dtlavt ftr trrre* vtart rttt tifKt ·( » lt«l law 01*1*19 ttfturt t* tcacnn-i M Kn*«l enTrKts with an avrraf* daily attendance ·( m«rt ttia 1 ! » and le» Itian t»; SBIJi, Crvniky. R-watitnville. Ft«v~Eitludt( fr*m hiotwav carrkr fttt ptnani carrvinq U. s. mail under a Oflvernmtnt ontract; SBti. Chrn- lenien, D-Cureta. Rnelwlttnt Adattfd: BrMie--Aitt ftr «tud» tl Iralfic ctn- djitfll tn ttw Calden Catt Bridge; ACRlx, Bmttrvtf, R-San rrancltct. Fratitt-AUi far txulatitt prrtt ef criiefightlnt M calilernia; H«H. ichradt. RCI calm. Bllli IntrtductD: Btndi-- Placet all ftvr ff n«v tnan Number tallltl ABU. BrlhUigt R Re4«atd city. YOUR "FOR RENT" sipns come doxvn fast when you use Classified. Dial HI; 2-5959. Anti-Nasser Men Exiled by Syria BEIRUT. Lebanon, Tuesday OD--Six anti-Nasser officers in Syria's six-day-old military junta were reported being shipped into exile early today in a move to avert civil war. Reports reaching here from the Syrian capital of Damascus said two top Syrian political figures were seeking to quell a pro-Nasser military uprising in northern Syria with a solution that would turn the troubled Middle East nation back toward close tics with President Nasser's United Arab Republic. Those tics were severed last September. JJEAUTIFUL LOTS IN TIIEE SHADED LAWN Including KuH EnJownwnt Care and Maintenance Purcliaw today for immediate or future UK. Intn- fit fire tom up tn 33 monthi,.. ftre Insurant* available on unpaid balance to prf-nrrd buym. ! COMPLETE FUNKIUL FLANS Includine caiVrt and all wrvlcei, rrmctcry lot, cloning and doling frrs. COHTT vaK, etc. Full cost J300. For Comflfti Information Contact NEED CASH? For Bill Consolidation Medical Expenses Any worthwhile purpose See the man at MORRIS PLAN Th« Mnrm n«n ComoJnr C* Ctlifomlt 213 Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach HEmloelc 5-8901 s Iriclly personal . . . Tab-'ur-lcHcr Robe with your initials custonvmonogrammed on the collar tab of duster style or zippcred flared brief- coat. In launder-light woven-stripe cotton. Pinlc, blue, mint. 10-18,9.95 Robes, Third Floor PINE AT BROADWAY. HE 4-9841 beautiful profile for Easier . . . ... FLEXEES new and quite sensational design -- introducing iho hip-slimming panel in foundation and panfy -- for beautiful profile effect, in the Junior and Average figure! Left... Profile one-piece Foundation in lightly controlling Spandex* Bobbinotte. Low-scooped back, Cushionaire* bust cups. 22.95 Profile Long-leg Panty Girdle ... right, has flat-flat scams, removable garters. 13.95 Cushionaire* Bra. The new shapely concept of bustline. Elastic in the shoulder straps. Low back. 5.00 Foundations, Third Floor Long Beach Santa Ann STORE HOURS: MONDAY. FRIDAY. 9:30 A.M. TO 9 P.M. OTHER DAYS, 9:30 A.M. TO 5:30 P.M.

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