Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1963 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1963
Page 25
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_ _ ^ _ _ NOTICE TO eUOOlRJ Tt« Lotf Beaea Valliei School Xutrlct ena receive araled bids ta L tb« cttk-* of the FurehAsmi Dirts km. Rooa 30C iimiaiatraUoa . 701 LocoM Arenoe. Lett SpedEcaUana an« kit fonri may t* obtain^ ta. tia, odea «f the roxkutnx Dirtalca. tO-VC BEACH t^flFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT Bj XAIE WTLLS. . _ Aaaiataat EMUtary itarta g. April X I3« 3U L.B.L NOTICE TO BIDDERS the; oB*t ct tie rtgchnirr Dirt- aioa. B e a m KM Admisiatratica BmJdint 701 Locust Arcane. Lorr Eeach. Caliloreia. cp ta n a.m. April IT. IM3. for the taUo-riif. Sched. IU17-1-- Hachioerr 5p«cd*]catJoaa ani bid form* rnaj obtajzed to the office of tin tARR--wwen K. of C4 E. cm St.. eg* L Survived bv sisters, Mn. teulan I. aiarera. Mn. Erma Fouler. Service sVeOvUn UOOTG BEACH CSV. SCHOOL DISTRICT BT MJLEIE WELLS. Assistant Sn. ruv AJT. x w. i»a in--L.B.I. NOTICE OF INTENDED SALE ! * t l e e U hereby «i»ea that TTJLXK L. SMITH. cf 121(1 Max- noa Arraue. Cardea Grove. Can- forala, intcadj t» Mil to AIJLN }. ETCPHAX of 1303 Airpolzt. Dowser. CaMoraia. and t» VIRGINIA SICKLES ot SOT Hfiotr. BenHow- er. California. AH Block in trade. fixtorel. equipment and rood eriE »f that eertala ."Dry CVanini" bnsiA^vs. anon aj Clork Clraafra ani located at 101* Ernflovrr EJii, Lang Eraca a. California, and tha 1 a aale, transfer and assignment of the tame m-ill lie made, and the consideration thertlor vUl be raid m or after Mar 2% 13(3 at ID La. at the eacrow department of A ant B E3CF.OW. Inc. at ITI« East BroadTay. LOB{ Beach 2. California. feller: rEAXK L. SaiTU Buyer: ALAS J. STEPHA. 1 * VIRGINIA SICKLES A i B ESCROW. INC. 1714 E- Broatfw»» Lena BeacK S. Catif. P.O. Box 13t; rnb. Apr. 1. 1353 lt--L.KI. ClttERT--lUrfia E, of OTJ Vk tor:a Ave.. Soutfc Ca*e. Aae --iveme. service TlwrsCav pm M cnaost of CHR1STENSEN-P1NO «4 REOOKOO AVE. . . Lucille I. GilBert »«x» E. Uxn- »i Strvlci THurUav. «U an. aeeffl* Tax .e$t end Fetrad ITS NOT TOO LATE FCR ULTIMATE SAY11CS MAXIMUM LEOAL REFUNDS "TEW i^*Si MAC FRANKEL. LLB. ·ravel kuixrea al mitts tor eJT serve- TRY US t FIK9 OUT SVHYt PERWAKEMT OFFICES I 1 * lELLf L R A CAROEH CROVC 4C27 Aiondra aivol. 8elltiover Dust East a takevood Blvd.) V WAi^ mis SXV3 Cnaccrian A« v Caroe* Grove tJvst West ol rumor Btvd.1 / JEBertoa 7 KC2 ttoea» *-»«-to · PJH. evert day Apoouihnents MOT kecessarv LOWEST STANDAID FEES ·£( TKl UT1MATES r FAST 44iR. SERVICE S3 tm. " 15 VTL M l_ 8 ADAMS ACCTG. SERV 3355 Attjsfic 6A 4-8535 ALL DAT SAT. SUtitDAY 12 Board. Guest Homei 20-A i IEA04 tLTK AJt l**Al. _ nevt jom f. aiinow si. PV Hours W a-m-a ijn. Arbor Ya. Guesi Horn* HM vacBTCle* tor Den ef vi I»5«CT0« WVlTtO ·» er «·« tor »ee tnx - OUStNtURY GUEST HOME Just aoenLnp. Mome-tke, in_. oactf. ariv. semi ertv. rms. Raenvaoie. P«. CTKO bams. 34 br. c«re. xmt Key Prt ABefinc. CA c«re. xmt. «oe« . -----C. Vra. Ua'e. WW, I vra, a CJ«TT -------- ._.., ' ' ' * * ' * ' **- *"*" ** . tCU.FLOWEIL eidertv care to. to irat; EmplA9'c!ts(Wem.l 23 EmplAg'cltt UYom.1 C-5 Help Wanted (Worn.) 24 EMPLOYMENT utY/inntiii AGENCIES wiyjy Consnlt These Placement EiptrtJ Also* cncck Cowntv rmftfr--"T?1 _**"*· **'«·-»*· c f.*? f * 7 . SffStA^ 4 """To'TrSLbaMtScAConatefol) 21 FLO BAILEYAGENCIES COMPANY PAYS FEE WOULD tne versoa WHO found told colored wallet at F. w. Hoot* worths at Lswd. Center feese ten cam » ' ' b!Kt tat « 4 * mirfc en tec* IOTK*. A.t«- TAX TIME LOAN PLAN Get »!« CBsJiinc*! Casts only S3S eadL Or. get any amount w lo 17 TO-*fim to U monies. Ftwne ahead tor your ken--then, wnet arranged, sick up LOCAL LOAN CO. JW C. Ct.1 SL *+E 7-4T Fret parkin« JU or ISSLAcu 15 . . . INCOVE TAX -- LAST «INVTC. FAST sttvicE- Personals HOUSTON--Osc«r E. 11 « 110 E. BjrneTT St. Survived tv son. Jarnes A.; cautffitera. Mrs. Mar* E. Sanders. Bettv l_ Seal; fcroitiers. Eart. Jonn and UEW CNIVCRAL OAKC£ CLll* CASH T* duircftes, *C9es «r ottver *r- MnizalLans tor irtlirrs km U bol- tes *· wand famous Halms Va- aulla. Far details eTwrw CA 7SS74. At SO: »o.rVs AufclaBlt. 13 . Poor eofxemrat.0* tac* ol eortf.di - -* ·a*Jns? Terw*. iE»r Ouar lasaronce 14 GOLDEN WEST PERSOtlNEt AGEXCY It PINE. KM. tU HE 7-0501 Legal Secv. Probate_- .I37i«3 Seer, to Controller. U.M SJT Steno.--4^al etc. U ai l » _ t EXECS SecY. Cd. exa. oOS M t Oairrta mars, asstnt^ bte S'H · en1 t.o. TtlS.lEai OtDEt DESK--rtiono lt\ type 1 meet public Fft£ CtERJC--hfice il las aaJressoorapa BID. EN7OFC--l.-en^or, records, type -f I0-te r aii HelpWonHdlWom.1 24 THE BROADWAY LONG BEACH Now Interviewing F0« On-Call Sales Positions '--Spel A punctuaH ..ta IJOfl 1301 1380 ' »310. Eve Schedules lflewer at S*eems EXPERIENCED DICTAPHONE TYPIST--Youna. darp, t« ajvanco __t» $335 B/"^/~llr'l / lZCPCP MX RECEfTIONlST-U. rvptnt. Iw, boari t, ,325 DVJVJNNCCTCri STENO-Anlst FresTJent a SaT.s Mr- «SO _^. ,, .t 1 }?^, . , SECY^-foe sales wjr^ pr.t ,3!., sa.tlna let. career ,WO+ COMMERCIAL Of r... IIM, «». s/H J 35 o| NOTE TEL| _ ER PERMANENT' PartTimeWork tnvoTct voucher ejisbmemeni Kkul u accura-e. al .-jjn . I rj». «e a rj«- *o«. mm Frt. EaMONT SAYINGS 4 LOAN ASSOCIATION Ct «JC1 _ Mry lfw'« Jack Houston. Service Frldw. lAKEWOOO UOITUARY 3934 Weolruft A... JONES-WiEarn J. CK tea ivartfra Rd. Survive* bv ton. Jamei; rnoiher, Mrs. Helen Tan.- iftters. AVx Shirtev Nichols. MLSS Jucv Ann Jones. Rosary Tuescav 7 b.m. LaAewood Mortuary C b e a e L Reouiem Mess medneseav * a.m. SL Marie Caret* Church. IAKEWOOO UORTUAIY 3534 WeoJruH A»e. Cl*erl to men d:scriftiinattrg tast sons, proups. «7 E. Ooan i A women w,n AUTO--WE INSUtE ANYONE lastes. Private lev Tnos , cancelled. Sirs. etc. Re-j *"a_ft-»*£l 1 ft «»u.ea ot. aoe »-or .recerd.! COMPLETE OCNTURE SERVICE Reoairs blule Yeif Walt Pension work--Credit DR. C A. VARVEM Sit Cherry A»e. CA »-T»» Tnrrel YOUNG WCMEM win Stack ccnre- WIDOWER at. r rv. ui BS. SemJ^etirtd. tnc Meet tadv Write Club. Box A-IMt teara. P T PATTEjSoN'i'sNlYkYI SSS LOCUST Avt. 'ir^TLr =^01. iMir..~i^ W. G. Ebenzarer. dba Cor McFADOEH-tawTence A. e 7«0 write Jever.* SocJai.CliA.. IpplY Co-, Vendor, whose Rayrrond Ave. SenrM i. 1SU Hsjru Street, to the " JK-,Jr,J! r V».e'S NOTICE OF INTENDED SALE NOTICE IS HEEEET GIVEN: Tt*t W. ~ - d»re Si aildrts* . . _ _ ^ Otr of Lone EeiVch. County cf Los Azi£elcj. SUte ot Ciuifort'.t, ia- tf-nij to fell t« D«.Tii Wtrlsx C»,. Vcndfe. vhoa* addresj ij S*0 S*a JQJI.U SU U th« City of LAI Xfi- FrlfS. County of Lea Anjelfl, Stte ·£ CalifortUA. the foUoTtn^ *^*~ criVd prr»oiial property. to-»it: AH rtock in future*. *qraip- «nfTit ani food via. motor*. c«i*r- »tt»r icti. fclo^-fri. electrical »n^- plaes o · certiia Kectrie Motor. Marine Elerctrical Eupplr bu5ic«M. knowa u Cordage Supplr Co., and located at 1511 K*yf« £t_ la th« City of Lor:.f Ecach. Conaty of Lo» JLccelrs. State of Cj.Ii2or.ila. and that a sale, transfer and ,, .lifTimeBt *f the fame TiH be made, and the c*nslderatioa thrr*for l paid at 10:00 »'clock A-U. ca the llth day cf April. 13. at the enT department of Xarll Weisz Co.. it S40 £aa Joliaa £U in. the City cf .Lot Ance^a. of Lc« Afi^elet. Slat* of Calitorma, DATED Xarch 3. 19«3. W. G. EEEEHATER. Vendor. DAVID WiaSZ. Vendee. DAVIO WEISZ CO. S4Q San jBl^n Street Lot Ana* 1 **. California rsb, Apr. X 1M3 lt--.U.B.I, AA -- ALCOHOL t 1U REOQNDO AVE. . nfan. Ch*-le» r* frank J., klsor. J. T. FtemirTB; siirer, MJS* tricii FLemino, R«*n Wemewl « *m^ SHEELAR'S CHAfE Reooi«~n tfji Thund*y, * ei. WofT htnoctnTi Oiurcfl. Direc y SKEE1AR-S I.AQRTUARY CTS, Eart R. Roorrt X« John O.: sisters. Gladys V. suMrtev. Emily Sorenson. Sendee Tnwrs- PATTERSON SNIYRY S55 LOCUST AVE. ruRNEH--Oebra Cimanri. fCBtiT LAWK--CYPRESS WHITE-- DoniTd S. el S52* Clarl: Avt^ Likewood. SurvTvtd bv wit*. Ruth; ton jame* and John; dain.mter, C*ru. carenti. JUlr. end MTV Joseoh ·.·nit*; bTOir-en- Ocraoa *nd jCMDhr lister. Mr*. Shirlev l+ecfc nan. Service wct*.et.«Yll «.fn- wi» »te Rrr- E, ETliwortft NOTICE OF INTENDED MORTGAGE NOTICX II KEEEBT CITEX That .iULN i J. 5TEFILAN am! V1F.GU-IA S.CKIXS. Mortffa.grr. whose addm4 ia L290I Airp^iiEit Do «TI*T. Calit and 1317 Hrin* r E*HOo*'«', rr^wtiTely, County o Ijci Jtotfelei. State of Cet-Uomi*, rntenij t« moitftft t» rr*nk .U Smith, ICortirafee. vho?* addreis la 121(1 M«»cli* Atecu*. Caxden Grorc. ConzitT of Onzft, State ct CiLhioml*, Aa fixtures «a4 -·- nrni ol * certain Drr buKteaa atao'-rm aj Clock ani located at 3113 E*nflo-»rer UTO-, im the Otr of Lonr B*ac.V Coroty o( Los Anreles. State d Ctiiomi*, and that aa trecutfd mortcart of th« aame via b« delivered and th* consideration therefor paid at 19:00 ·'clock A IVt. OB the 30ii day of Slay. 1**X At the rscrov depart- zncct of the A ani B Escrov, lac. at 3714 East Eroaivty. la the City cf Lour Beach. Cv^cty of Lo» An- rf!9. State cf Caliornia, I Dated VanH ZS. t9«X j. STEPIUX. - lUorteaeor viRGCfiA sicxi.ra. Mortruror : u SXITH. A AND B ESCROW, INC. 1714 East Brcadwajr Lcrtj Beuk J. Cal'f. P.CX Box C(7 rub. APT. j. iao i LAKEWOOD MORTUARY 3934 WoodruH Ave. _ . vers disc an ege» THE SAW! CAT insured Accidents PAT MONTHLY CA ttTP-- JABOSSt C»7 Atlantic e dnvers UO T Uni . Veuna »r olit SWfc-cancrtd. irlc. Can SctfTv irytime. HE ».«8 15 BeadL tpab.- Strict land RUWPEf Sm. Leai . ishe* to term. jaa or Dlaieland Combo. mtnicterm entv- .tn sm. 3* ·MRS. O*t.T jna freuo Anaherirv Social Cbbi 11A THERE IS SOMEONE For everyone. vnter 30, free Over 38. IS ma Men : intra^tia. EARLENE1. LMEET THE RIGHT ONE Thru Clara tan*? Personal (TV froductlorts lf Qranae HE S-7S13 O'l Orbit Club wtwrsT the merrv bers Kdive a f«rtuin* ) ta eacta Btitrr. sWe adults M il non-profit. DATE TONIGHT SMAL£--Jch«i W, ot Z28 W. Cocoa St_ Comston, Survived 6«/ »ite Ceha; sarv. Verr.1; daughter, Mrs. LONELY. AA«t tte cerwti rt your Frartcrs Hcn»c; talt-broTherxl cfioict. Lvna Maries Social Club Artwrt William i Warter Bylt; I 533 P\r*. t *. C74Ca fcaH-sisTer, Mrs. LI tl j an Davrrs; f · r j »T "J ·".§ 4 tranachiidr.m. Sm*lc» T*urv, LOST COO rOBBd K - -. J SJH. Comrton Second svartf' Chisel," LOS" Church." SPONC- · EHC MOHTUAHY tfirrctir». FROM $2.50 ROWERS FOR FcresJ Lawn Funerad CELf/CKED IW5TAH1TL1T BELPfUL COUNSElmS CHARE BT PI ' HOLTON SON Slxtfi and Loctal HE »t7* .IBEP.AL reward tor 5Yr.«ld ma! SftCDhere 1 Terrier. Name "Myrphir" IDC. 136511. Lnt JH welt L-aV. Can nE»TOi LOST~Tav male aict Pontfte, Ume rltftftiind les. Vic. B.riflr. iormj. Keward. 2m Bellflmn HA e-17B er TO a-FTM. LOST--Sm. «rt«fi eunrot Soecia; pel. Ans. to name -Ptoper.- Liberal rrwartf far iVun er · '-so cantipr*, picas*? c«B fe Fly Vegas ON THE FAMOUS Hacienda CHAMPAGNE TOUR *$24.50 INCLUDES: V Pd. ina trans, en ena aircraft 3. Groumet Bjttet Oinner i X Bottle Vintage Chamoaone I a. Midnite snow a) Strn Hotel ! S I Cocstaits et snow a. Oancma t eawit a tourtce ent L Colt, cubs Included «. Airoort Llmo la Veoas ». cnafnoeone cocktail aartv. Fits. 12 30.4:30.8:30 p-m. Long Beach HA 5-I29 Burbant 4 LA TR 7-34S . . Oetat OO. 1*0*. L.B. C75 Cen etc, Cirf Fn. ISM traist. Public Contact San pedre..S3^ · E. Ksvr. tat. L.» 1C* Troist-Ciett. »·». L» sw Ftione order cllu Cen. etc. Tree SO wnm. snar* a e LB Car SO Purch erder tvotst. Cee etc. Ceta'll. ael L». Car tm C»..Tfirt» M-5S. HL» «a» Rapid Tvoist-Recent. tor Med UT£ STEKO-Afiar-aTm. typ« tUetrk $345' F£E | SECY:--AJin^a, UveL eng'nearindj er eteciretitc BIB. to SBOO FERSONNEL STENO--tetruTI. screes) I r«« J390 flATFOHM SECTr-Tor tVIerrflj tanl *o $400 10-KEY ADOINS OPEtATOIl--lite Kem, t, |J25 ACCOUNTINS CUCK--Taoi. tto rvom. 14J3 CIEK miST--Hani posKitd! JJ75 PARTIAL LISTINGS ONLY I3N ECcmpfon B!vd, Compfwv-NE 5-8038 8731 E. Rrtsfene. Downey--TO 1-9231 1409 Crivens, Torrtn«--FA 0-3722 500 South Main. Or.nge--{CoJe 714] 547-9141 UNITED CALIF. BANK 129 L BROADWAY Long Beach, t ALWAYS JOBS Fn h-s. C*. tor S yrs. min. eo. age aa to vi sisa st. E tle Clerk, type, no exa. S239 urrou*» Sens! oor, far* ta. _ ___ UM I B.I Key Punctl. « incs. «O «a» Secy, e«ec. IBM - » a -- -- - ST-.0 U wpm. 1 M 10 l ALWAYS EWPtOYIftEKT JkGEKCY 11i E. ft* C4 I Ved- Indus. Recort Typist . CERTIFIED SECT Acttg Bkgrd S/ACHINE Blur TTPIST « S H LAKEWOOD EMPLOYMENT AGENCY f*3 WORSE WAY Lakewood Blvd., Carson St. Diag _ HE. »»^ CLERK FOR PRODUCTION .OFFICE HeTpWoartdsWam.) 24 EMPLOYE* PAYS fII .' SALFS SECY.-good skills i. «58* __-^- .. . --- «» -to JCSJ PBX TYPIST axel MEDICAL DEPT. CHIEF Laa Tec* e*0 VSO'. A3STNT Bkor Secv exfl. _* UOO, t»» Receot lynwood . REG X-Rav Techs 3 SAED Receot Secv, exa INDUS Rel Persrt Sup» LAB X Ray TOD eo a --wn -O Asstnt Mature vn iURO TecS OC + l»I CREDIT, Ind Ins wool ·njRSEl Aid ew 10 130 MANY V-ORE PREFERRED XtS i accto, tor e /r ORD l ER DESK-fjeed eo. persoriafiie, phone voice .. lcaj+ y" PAY ROLL CLERK--construct. e*a~ onion exoer. **» » FEE ' STEHO--«»d skins. soir« era. Attractive Birt. Locaf SK3 «· CLERK TYPIST--tyce U e'ec- local lirm --to SJOD,^_ · .-.Fc.^pR.-thr.T...,^ ASSEMSLERS OfFlCE MACHINES lEiCN A V A R I E T Y OF MACHINES A ADVANCED TYPING l» One el fte Fin* S At PVI--1/2 Price PACIFIC VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE ICO W. PAC CST. HWY. SP s-lKa DA Hl« See eur Ad CTass a WAITRESS THREE CROWNS S4ED 1« i-Y-CHSiSSO" Acotv to cerso Between 12 S a.m. ISXt S. Atlantic, Cflmoton . like btkog iruchlne exa- CALDWELL PEKRSCmKEL ACEKCV It Pine, iuile »1 HE JUSl C"O Ptionei. It. BVkce SECT. SECT, f KPR. C Bk J100 . -«50 _trs _*«x ttECTRONIC Lrar.1 color cade, utdertng, liar- neumo. w^rt trto. cuttino. Cara tea en to 14 wkt, WEST CCAST TRADE SCHOOLS 1«S4 AfTevrtic CAa-136 1 S«?t !· C.T.S- .Ktiool id cl . _ or. mr« T B FLY Custom Delui* 4-ENGINE AirGner Jaily la fatuTcu* EL CAPITAN LODGE L CASIHO hAWTnORNE. HEVA3A $10.00** ./ memoes : Round trt» *:r f are-- Oourmrt ; dinner -- 1 cacttait* -- Hmowsine service-- 4.curoe etiTenaif»pnent For tnta. A reservations can LcnaBeich HA 5-0311 CHASTE* FLIGHT J ARRANGED « 1 Eno- Aircraft. lorne . r«lj SIERRA E»PLOYKENT AGENCY 5Q7a Faculty Stunn. L.kewood 1AE 14147; KE*1«4 PtHSONSEL Seo. COO. U»J » Ind. Cd. Exa- -- It SAO, STENO. tank ei7- Ptiortei. | rt. crett I'M »ioo _»«50 NCR roo-A.'P. if some exo. _ C. WLU train Vieir way -at C3V! OFC. 10 krr . Flz. . _ LT. i rl T»oe Billing ____ _ KOi \ INSU*. nl. eun. Fke + I:M, TYPE .a worn Hvv. file _ LUS CLEIS-Travt _ __ IM TYPE. «le A phones .. _ _ _irj COOK S«nl Aut. Fm. _.« . . _. MEDICAL DEPT. LYN FOR SHIFT SELItF EXP. NURSES AIDS KCLLFLOAEIt CONV. HOSPITAL lAiss B.EItnn Bet. I A 1.39 p.m. en. S37S t «00 . __ DCMTAL etc. Mar. -- WM K-ftAT T«c3 _____________ 1UJO GF SVIF..OYJIAENT ACtNCY PwsortrH Sect- «ic« etc. m WOO ~teno^ local to WC8 ·.irt Friday, ices* TM_TM uoo ccts. Pavabit L Rtc. Good Cov _- » 13T3 Cik. T»fp'its (mart» local to _CEK Schsol lostrBcMou BENEFICIAL EMPIOTMENT AGENCY ltf.NE.RM. I238HE5-I91I tSJT JOBS--TOP PAt Aeelv PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. Cei^nfi A Rtiins DivisTon 465 CSENSHAW ILVO. TO 5. RANGE POLLY PRIEST EMPLOYMENT AGENCY K43 Fine A.a, LB. IJ. CaTii Fror. HE 7-0907 NO CETOSIT P.. Al To. Ear.! CrecTt CV (MecM _JJSO Rgw. ClerVi $325 General Offic. J760 TvpTsh $250+ CNtY A PA8T1A1. LIST IKS ESCROW PART TIME EXPERIENCED TELLER UNITED CALIF. BANK 17037 BeHf^wer Blvd. BELLFLOWER ' STENO-CLERK . NEWPORT IEACH Imme4ia"« i M:»i, recn.ur»rneTf» lnctu.3efJ: H S* wai. I vr. s^vno-clt. noer^ *vot M wpm. «0 wtim icTenoit. TrxTine l:3a a.m. Tuesdzr- Friday, bv acpt. If voa tke to Urk vim DCCDIC. . fcandle mcnr* t car* tvre lurw. wtn. we wia consider voa tor a . · Ice tab tti«t BfTers an euntandine future. Good salary. Pa:tf ·acation* ·; menr trurr cnmual bctvfti. USERTY LOAN CORP. * 17O tQNG BEJ^CH H.VO-, t.t.j -Vvv IcCts. toca* · Officer or exonencvd ·sist«nt who wants to advanc Oood taianr. muae cmcrm benefits, aoe to «. Aames Mortgage Co. ri W. Ltarceln *-* . Anahei rtarby . _ WAITRESSES. Ojrtiena __ Tocr WAITRESSES. (Otncrt) ttoom. 1 board. Bocd tin 4- 1700 n«.* FRT COOKS __..«IJ 1o t!5 «hHT Mo Deoesif; tc« 15% ef Itrst tr*.* CWlNN'S tmolovmertt Aoencr T n* rim, tcyij fceaca HE 7-2888' STENQ-CLERK perm. po»jtlcn tn im*H fin»nc« ettic* 40 rvour ««*. »aotx mr» f=n Cl«ctnc tvp* *0 WPM, Mm) havt tr«mo. COST of C«. * mccnt. tncrt.nn. St*rt OS to SCI. Pot usq TE *-»sa. INSURANCE CLERK for Hospital. Must be eicper. ItnowleCoe of sen, office Broce* ure euenrlal. S.lerv open. Can (Mrs. tVano*«.v. Picneer ttospital. U« 5«Jtl. IXMTtD-- *oman between aaes 2S- 40. to fiR permanent position tor 1 Birt offc* hi Wilmirrtrwt. Position tnctude* tvomo- Mrrott. boofc- kcvainv A It-key, for interview. call TE 4SU*, , . , betwevn 1:30 a.m. _ _ _ T T P I S T - [iTftet- Lone Beacft aoo. . SAT. I MOC1DAT! LCST -- *«s«tt putww, tn-cofor*d. Cnpp!rt cfultf"* erf. Pleas* rrfun to i'6S c. *-o»?w«* er en HE a UC «T I.M. Rewara. LCST oiaca A white. BOSK Ooo. «io collar. Sick. Cnil "ewart GE av $H* --VEGAS · VW»* Rd. trip trora L *. AIR TOURS 6£ 3-7211 )«rvi» ftsTio. Caronna Jaf^. Aw 4D. Wanf sarvlca man cr eTner * M ?? S 8*Sk fl 5:30 ^ Hcolth Aids 18 .Income Ten I IFmartie» 9 LO5T--AVial tool bo.i oa : * | M a r Lakrwood B'vfl.. S . I aei toon, «eward.^.Lj U'Ol NOTICE OF I N T E M B C D SALE KOTICE 13 HEEEBT GIVEN: Tfeat rredloa Uaiatenance Co.. Vendor, vhotpe addre?l tj 2tCS Gundrr ATC^ ta the Gxy of Sl£nal HiH. CoTOtr ot Loa ACfelei. State of Catania. Utends t» eeD to DAVID WEISI CO.. VeniV-e. »rho»e addreM ii HU San Jaliaa Et, in te Otr cff Loa Anrelrj. Coizotr ol Loa. Aczelee. State of CanTorsia. the JolloYiBaT tfeacribeii penonal sropertr. t»-wii: Aa atoca: ta trade, rirturea. eqnip- Kent and Coo4 via. x^acMae toola. fiztnrtj. cutrameDta aztd paru, plant ani ofTice untymert o( I nrtaia Ueter Eepax and Jlaicten- boiiceia, lacn ai Prceuioa Co.. acl located at Income Tax Returns PREPARED BY EXPERTS LOST-- ma'4 tor poodte, AprH 1st, 1X91 Etf*ar*w »eirmJn*ter-. ^____ . Uc. WJ. R»?wara. TW .VS3..7 CHERlES Htatfli PBX tECE?T:ON;ST COR3 CORDLESS ROA^^S LEACH IH t TO I »EEKS B* Or. ef f-« Fnt 5 \ AtPVt--1/2 Price FACTF1C VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE leCT W. PAC CST. H-*y. SP Vl*^ DA J-J141 Set BUT Ad O*ss a SECRETARY Keeded fcv dan] pressed vie* r . of tman U tt, aircraft co. W-tf ·tart · eoised. mreniBent ffrt lo 30 vr»- wtxrse rVQino. Tiling, cram* mer hidomcnt A wrirns ablitiei art mucM above awrior ICO mo. Send Rriumt. BCR A lima rnd., Press. Trteor am. _ . ^ tLDERtY laidv t daugrirtr wish to -. . Colon*, ·.team · expert Udv lecrinicians. TUlysJC* h£ *4i3 ·r LU j-3Cff. Japans tatM. I -i Masuoe Stutfia. _S23 C. Of Hwv. CA *ETt rs: Mon^ f-fL. »I; Sat. M AFAR'S TUOIO--maxsage, ttt fcatn, / days W««*L. 18 rm. W» Com* to Your Horat Funeral Notice* fcA M Cene L. SoratI ig Maca HOME er »ur cttict. rfticiert year ·round ta» service. Dependable .unci W3*. S2 t trp. · WM 5?sa Ananflc Ave. C* naOT C E. PRUOHCW*--CK- Cc*. Tax SeT'-i J ?r.'^."?,« i -* 51 - ll.a-1. Onea evevSun.. *" lltio NO.SESV S-TTll EBWASO »AORTCI« INCOME TAX --. - UTQ S'anton Place ._, Cimdrr Ate- tn tie City cI'i K cOM£ TAX. MOWE OR CFFICE Ei«al Hill. County «f lx« Alt-l.'S. I Days. everuRBS. Sat. or S»5lay_ State c Califurola, sxl that t aale.t Srvinamtl pnonecnos transfrr aai! a-iairrrnient of the aatoc mcowe TAX SE«V.--Oevj. Eves. -rill he made, ar,* the eonsiarratiOT 4? »'£·''·"£* * Ga" fsS therefor B-iH te paid at ii»-m *' Accountino senr « ""^ e'elock a.m. «m «r alter the- Ilti^EPEsiOABLE toy···»"*!· ja c» ApriL IKl^at^tie escrow) g» r f L '^*jgt i ",?· Vg {alS I WEST S. 1732 E. Pacific CsJ. rhrv. CoratT ft lot Ai- rrlet. f.ste cf CaUfcnila, DATED Xarc» OHO. 1-RECISIOS JtAtSTENAJ!Cr CX. FT A. r. KcQnSTOX. Pm., I Tender UAVID TST33Z. Veidr* DAVIO WE I SI CO^ 4UO Sao J»ti»n Street. Los Angeles. California PUBX April J. ISO ltr--1-B.t. TOS1I NOTICE OF THUSTIC* »ALE No. 1(5H On April li 1S«, »» 11 ·'cloct A JI_ at tie Cazterir ettranre cf tie Baa ft Janice fa tie City of Lo* AOJl-ln. Calilornla. tD3 JJC; 00X3 Tmj: AJ!T AE3TRACT CX)EPORATIO.t aa Tmetet. srader tie teri tt «ro«t ica4« »r Fj:»T O ' Do^dMc^i?. an* recorded £*?- t'Cbrr 21. 153S. ta Book T3« race S3 ot Omdat E^oria of Ix« AtrrVf Cnmtr. Catlorsla. riTtm t» ar^re aa iodebtrAnree I* zaror of Albert W. XarCorieH. »ow rnrt anj I'll tr Earxett X. E^ebnas aad Frattcra F. Edetmaa. t,r rraaw« r« »rtack rf eertaiai «.Uir«»«J anrere* thertbr. Bc e watck waa rrccrde* Aorort 1JC. ta Boot aIJ»n P a f e J O J «ai4 Ctnrtal »X*ll». f£?_ - CELE3 TITLI AXD AESTEACT CC^PORATICW. aJ Trortrt. p-H as rablk: aurtkm « UK ert Md*T for easlL r»TAMj ta Uer- fai tnoerr ol a* riifJ CUtei at the erne »f »a. entirct wtrrartT as l« title, wwararfott or earffia- »raBCe«. the totrrrat etMTrre* to aad no-sr aeli «7 said trustee smdrr Hid er4 eC tnut. ta axd t» tie follosrtr.a: eVwril** rropertr. .»· ea»4 la tie CcWBlr o( Loe Jxtrk Jtate ft CaliJorBla. ta-srtt: Lot 4M ot Trart 1WTJ. ta ttei C5ty ot LonaT Be«c*aJ rercrdei t» Boo* S^. t* M torluTiT. o( «»r«. cOcl of tie COCETT Recorder ot Fsaerd Notices : = ANNOUNCEVINT Of FUfERAl SOY1OS Ii tl esrfx!*4 IT rhbttell's AND riu For ti« ptirpoa* tit parter etn- raaollJ aecBrel If »Aii 1X4 « TnaL. tectodisa; (ee«. chArrfa a\a eT^evej of tU Trustee. Adraarfa tf aar. »«4rr the teroa cf »«1. Cert o( TnaL, txtertat ttereosi aa sn.(2 ta smpald rimrJaJ e te . iota aecsred »» aai ·eraa tntrrert aei-a« from Octobe ». IM1. aX VTT* per a MI mote a»4 ty Uw D»!-«: Xarca li. I I»S AXCIXES TITiT ABSTRACT . O-orra L. Martjvr«. PrejidVnt Hart* JO, SI. April i 1»J «3t) I.B. »EST rlEALTH OFFI« 1 Anantle Ave HE 3- MEN WOMEN SPECIALIZES TtAIKINC IN , ELECTRONICS : / Animb r er-Tesi Inspector / KaJlo-TV KepaV / Electronic leclmcln* 'Approved for Vf?er»n« Dav A Evenmg Oesses LAW Tuittoft -- EaSY Terms Free Placement Service CALIFORNIA TECHNICAL TtADE SCHOOL SCf Atlantic Ave. CA i S467 BE JOB READY! CALY fcas aWCC-nsturnr TRAINtO thousands tor almost a years M me-rtma mdustrvs dertiand* JOIN THE SUCCESSFUL! --tlecfrwtic AssemStv A Tecft'e --lit* KevoiTK* -- Taa. Wiring --Carmertr Poi*«r Sewiro --JLforioKrenr -- Talevistot* f»*!1« MOW --PAY LATE* PLACEKEKT ASSISTAIUCE ·CALY TRADE SCHLS BioncHE7-22BI LEAHNETT1 H«n« Kassaoe--*JnL 9 til f. S7 E. 5th. HE 1«0a7 LIC. aAanevse warrteS tor Wanri fa.m.-V ICT t. »awy. Ht l-CTt, SPiiYTSELAXlSIS SYVTEM ra ATLANTIC HE at7 Scrartarrems. Hospitals, Homes 20 Mess Collegi for Real Esfaft Knowledge Instructor "!« ever 30 years e»- e«r ence to Sxad» voa eoouf ere- «arm» HsfirBs. eeoosiU. leases. sales eiDs ·» anV » weets. MOK. CR WED. ' P.U- COME IK. LtVTE* l«. SICM IK FC« SALEWEK. IDCKEIIS C* IKVESTOBS. Caoi for brocnure SIB f. 4TH ST. H MEET TMC CHALtEHCEl LEARN A TRADE OuarifV In Tl »t«*i4 irwitM tor en* of the tusitl pav're rosihorts now « BTtat demand hi tocal m- HERE ABIE N9 JCB SHORT ACES F(M THE SKrLLEDI ·/ Day A «v*. classes / Train now -- eav later ./ Ko Rign school ttfiiorna nee Free PUcemeni Service VOCATIONAL T I A I W I N G IN: * Electronic assemOierv-lectii. e/ Cash ervOedters- Stock ./ Offset prmM^g ./ IBM hrvDunck Boeratw* ./ »»fl* taS A wirvr* ,/ Tvoino -- snorthand «/ VPfoister» -- ccwer sew'ng v* tnA.'Strial e-inifTi »/ FIX m-trtionist Cafl cr aurt./ «l da*!* af: WEST COAST TRADE SCHOOLS IES4 A«ar,Kc 6A 6-3369 Htl 5111 ALLtK-rtenrr J, ·»» Ceyl- «a A»e. JurWveS W I »v wrt, »n. Wyrlie ietn_ana , . _ *Arv vee Humoferv brother. 35m. vromamr.l.X a.m. Dilda HIOCOTT-- fra V~ Sertllever be announced. aC- «SJ tv«« Service «N CMASeT-Laura. »er»« ICT Cawson A.« S weanevdav. f:Bv I tt. ttiri sMrtoarr. ; F0«-»o6ert *·£?, St Service wednndev. . fm^ asoners awrtuarv. ^»i-j;«^xl?-- KARAM--Rjls, 1CT7 B*lra Par **· / · MrLLm^T^ -- -Ufl-t sn if ·* «etiuse*ri Veador. it BT»r. J^C- jTCA--* IT S^ hVt.r ·theM-lR.- ffn. FrOav, n,0i a.m^ / / !» UST TWID Waled |-nil Flrnr »M I-MI1 tx. ta. 1-1:14 HtHSCHEL-- E«» C- aauiriter ef Kir. and Lev Caror Infant Mrj. emcie, e( Id ve. s e r v i c e tteoneuuv, t anu Dt^ey Vlorian Cnaoel. KEEFEff-- Aide p^ ef Ehirtere. PC--OTve «-. 7TS W. 7« S e r v i c e Thursday, II , Dilday Qiapel. LEWIS--Kfcnael A. O C. San Arnont» Dr. Survived »y w:te. son, WJIiam A.; I -**.A"»Kai PIONEER SANITARIUM Ladies Only TV F:ecreatonal Room Occosanonal Tfteraev Seacttus Creuncts Invited VH ^ CRESTWOOO * CcnvaTesccftt HcspHftf H E W -- KODERK 30-BCD JOOJTMOm R« Suceryisor » Hour Care Gracious, tiwe-tva 1 surT9undlras. D1MNO ROO». TV. P4TIO SEE I COMPARE RATES I77S CXESTHUT HE :n»? * HE s-ass IDS ALAMITOS SAN1TAIIUM Over B TEAKS excerience H HOWARD SUTLER SCHOOL CF REAL ESTATE One ef the o'dest schools tot this area-- thousands ef gradua-rs. DATS--1 A.M. Moa. S Trurs- EVES.--7 PM. MOD. t Hun. U LESSOtlS-fULL COVTHAOE Neif LeSJt'r IRVJ1? DEEDS AHIO EmCUWBBANCES. Advanced study sled.. 7 a.m. Cat tar det*rs A brecfii ~ «TTa ATLAKTIC GA comfort*.: to bom* + To congeiial. wfi.Tt Christian ladv M excnangt tor housework A driving. Kon imofcer. Rets. Wrtt* Bon A 9774, tndeBrf_^resTei_e. _ EXP. CAR HOP OVER 2 1 5 » P.M. to I 4 M. iDrv track. CR1SIMCERS DRIVE-tN Pac. Csl_ Hwv. ·% Sarta Fe. Atlantic Av«. I Sin An;pfli« . Aoolv m Denon 1 fo I * m. to Mr. for A. frtd Allaire STu 371 t. Ocean. ATT RACTIVE vamrn (I) ne on can T^me basis In Raw^c tfi CaTaJoa Diwson. S«n Pedro, «Uil- : nunatDn, Torrartce. Ceavtal art* --Phone TE 1431.1 »13 noon. Loop np!oymenf Agency GemeraJ lacronr C«nt office triinc Mimerjoraon flor. Asst. ikksr. . ^ Clert FvBts* Sfeno "A* *Q3 S, Lung in ConrpTofi Compfometer Opr.* Recent office exocr. Musi bet ·maiited m a*l of^ases. Xlnt worn-, Ina cond Empovee bereliti. OWM . UNION OIL COMPANY. 13707 So, Broadway^ L. A. *~+ _Ait Eaua) eeporrunjry Emotovef · Insurance Girl . t u xper. A3 - leat :Dn» ranfidentiat. H «ualif:e4 ' VM win te caned tor tn*«rview Write Ar. Mamman at 3B eH*id"JT.v CLERK · ACCCTJ^TINC (Vacnirrc):- 117* 1J?1, Lberal Civil Scrvire , benefits. Reoutrtmenrt: Age 71*. SO. M.S. grad-a 1 yrs. recent a», countira rKoerience, nunycEoaf e*- eerk«nc« prrferrtd. Obtain aogll- . cation and fuN information tram'. *tfc» of Citv OerU, Cit» Han,* Calif. Closing dare: Aor4 · ir EXECUTtYt SECRETARY' __ %OO mo. Btacti Bl«d. NE IC3Ct / AIRLINE Fngrd 1 eroutid bo». AU tor in Ll. CaB^JiliJS. p»T 5 -5»4. A^bne Scnools Pacific Esl. IMf Se. Aff cass a . CONTRACT--DMY Dea'er tvoerltnn rauirvd. Man. benefits. Ba.a vacation, greu* tn- suranc*. AOD'V Hi oerwi enlv TO ROY -VOOO-AARO ?MI E. ANAHEIU t.1 esl caroet t ucnolstcrv c'«anmv Ca. has epenM« lor 2 «;rhp wart with estimators. fou^ to t, POO cer hr. TQ -T F-I-SOHE-R tV.PUCtaV.EVT AGENCY Sal anr and aoe eoen Somt conitrvction, real «5ta*e. 1 boofchpeoinff he'chM. Send r*- ' sum* to Box S »£·, tnd. Pmv v _T«t«oram. T STENO OR SECRETARY. DtSPONSBLE POSITtO* -. Duties tncKjde nting, tvttng A * answerrrtg trleprton*. Smalt 1 *-·* ·cutive office. Must toe accurate - a^ert, cersonabl* wilti pheasant tnet*en« tnanner ... voica. ·*+- HE 3554} ' _ ^ _ ECECUTiV.t MEDKTAL S*artarY tor fcys-/ Hospftaf, RacT- * OIO.TV Desrt. Vust · r«ceii«nt ' tvoist personable A rrspcns,6.r · i iiarv commensurate with trow. a Hondo Wcso-Tar, KM To ·- , grann Rd.. Dowtrty.. GIRL 30 TO 5, w m ta'n ixcer- tence, team fyrtiiturr and dfcer- a^no. Handle liont cftice wort. riiTit Do^itron. wtttt a futir» WRLS BROS. . 5 3 1 6 East 2nJ Sf. .- ___ ..... _ ._, . .. Pine, g.Tt. 4H A *CJ HE .t SC7 PAYROLL CLERK E icceriericed MILLIE * eixrtlruction. SEVtRSON A». GA TYPIST Exmrienced with some ihoi-itund to amwtr ptvaoej A do eerrraf officst worn. Call lAgr. TE 14*Sf COCKTAIL WAITRESS ,__^ Attractive OTder Si Thurs.. Frv.'MAVE epeninos tor t smote B:rts Sat. to st»^ »«OI CRASl U IS. tree to travel Western 5la!ei Tl ALAmTOS I and re'urn. Guaranteed sTM a Tramjsortafio« ftjmJStied. See Mrs. a m.^ t.m. EXPERIENCED CAR HOP A 1 W HOOT ICE* 13C1 Ln Aiamiftx « vl LPI AtamLtot C E V f s ^ JR. TYPIST I29S MO. TrolriB Clire. t.lte. Experience WES EMPVOVMEKT AGEKCr tar t. md st. OQ--*Y »A -- . ^ 1! - . r. TO 7-TTia' cr.nkerv S*e»r» . otat fct f C713. On. Sfrarg A Ivn. HE »-?«SO' 1JBJ Termfno. Mo on. CE WOVtl Of AU. ACES KEEDEO AS ·A- MEDICAL--CENTAL * X-RAY ASSISTANTS ./ Enroti Mow for Aor4 Classes -' LrW:ir»a SeKuntv Fr*« Placem«M Service _ EEAUT1 OPERATOR LAOiCS-- Can »o»j U tor ] hrv a m. C* ?SS7t. A^« fuB time, f t. «/ Free Pl*c*m*m Service WQlVLAft, . SOUTHLAND COLLEGE fS 1 *^! eoe » to A to wort In ' te 10 PJW. shift. CF WED. DEKTAi ASSIJTiKTl loi?» An'anric'~ tynwooa Avtturi2ed tv Suet of PutLtc I »rvi/T a II \A/ a 1TDCCC tmtr. srate of Calif. COCKTAIL WAITRfcii t3K W. W» Uonteterlo vovne. ArtrKtlve 1» E. Oceen. PA 2-204S S K B E R S 'W DtWAKO Enron now 27 were oxirs. AMCR. fiABSCR COLLEGE Lor« Beacfi. HE lf2C: HE i ~ . . wort:. Arefv I t» f Wanted to fiP ODfrunss on 71 3D ..ntj T1 M shifts, an areas. Ari« t«*Ti*red Eftning Suoervisor. Irlartw Luffier How tat, Anarwim. Medical Steno Clinic rtasolial. Dicteionone ei- p-mence nroirired. Eves, ft lotre wk.-endv writ*, dating auBllfica- ttons la Box A-495A, c'* tndepend- MODEL-TYPE 6IRLS fcr "P«:iftc Fine Food I trv- erage snow"--Biltmore. Aoe II-M. CHV. dav or eves, ttiss Voss, HC I8S77. .» IBU E*PERIf»CEO » oene-al ettica work. Tvoino. addino na- ct:ine and eofld rentnamnio. Salary oood. Perm. Jdav wk . J£M JEWRERS *0 P : ,ne A,^ta W-TEM-V tor wearing tovt'K dresses received" as extra ra- * wards. Just show Fashion Frocks to friends. »3 ifrvest- earmassnff · ef txper. r«c. Fashion FrxU. . _ ,,_- Cinctrtnatl, Otiie. " * TIM* :; COOK Prerar* bnakfast A as* it M Hcsp:t*i kitchen. UK mo. Aopiv *» W. C i m » J e * 8 vo.. Comcton t »l. a.m. art* tav tut yonUy. ^ TttEPHONE RECEPT. tocaf Ca. Work on Front Desk- Win trjTti far Personnel wort Sotlclfors t.9 ttec. trom. «r eve. snitn. Cyar. sat- ary + bonus. Can BcFlfl. 167*091, f a.m. to 1 ·.m. of »* m. ·· CAR HOPS Experienced onJv. Aeohr M * HARVEY'S BROILER I ^7 E. fircstone^ FREE PLACEMENT for GRADUATES. E* * PltOFESIOflAt. BAftTtur* OR COCKTAIL »»:rH51 OAT OR CVC. COURSE WEEK OATS ·£AX PJd. - NEW METHOD BARTENDING SCHOOL 0» t. aV-t.eJ.r». 11. Mt SSta MXtSlOE CUEST MO«E-«ai I " " r* t*a fs^l ^"ip.1. i 'fiJ · r a a d c l l l d r t e , Rosary ·vedreseav, 7:3V B m- Q^ldav Oiaeel. Reojuien BAass THurs- eay, I anu. Sarn OwrdL UrnoOUHT-m.neer A- ra M e a t a e r R e a * . Service Wednesday. I a n- · 11 B. Emr Samuel Scouten and Lemita Ledge sio. »44. FSAAV afndarmfl. DiWay Oapet. Hff/ARtSI-Blanfiit f, JCJ Ru*gers Ave. Service ~ " day. If am^ Dildav PATTlRSOi»-j»pes L. 2 So. Oa-sv. Gravnlde s e r v i c e Wednesday. It* STL. Fort Rosecrans ·anonal Ceme^ry. PCX in--John, n BL J-iad. w liihuu'ji. Senr^e Fr«av. · JB ant. Cilday Oiaoet. wooos-James j- nse w. 30TtL S e r a I c e Wednesday. 11 a am., w:ti A'^tmr t, yjson Post ma. 27. AL_ cTetino-. O l l l a y Chaoet _TiiV rrauers contrieufiorta te made to Airvrlcaw Cancer rm w. t» an- CALIFORNIA SA1ITARIUJ M A A."accrrtd. J*nr. « ". i CA MIU Eves-. CA I PLAN FOt THE FUTUU Become a Gridujfe Pr*cfic«l Nina Free Placement WMe learnma GrvlorJ Scnool ef N^rslo, »RS. C. CATVCRa R » . tSr. IH. Afa-rfc Ave. 6A (-1737 INSURANCE GIRL ^arx-e ev«rwnce requrrtd. Cal · _4 aiQOB lo«^ anrcrvlew v t EXfER. WAITRESSES i: PPLT SOT'S COFFEE SHOP' 1 E t»3 PHONE Baord. G»est Homes 20-A BTTU.IAWS- Ararwrn. S RSjnced. DILOAT FLOWII SHOP Hi lain er ME J-SvOI Issured hnterd Prefect is · NEW Huntington Visfa Guest Hotel (Fersnertv rWrTirtota. HoteTS Ne* fosf « re^'menteol liatrt a* 1 ins£h!*To* e^ere every- cna kai ta tat tfce tame face's at tiie saina fima. Auto Incfntry Neec!s U BVOAJIER. WI*J Auto Sar. Cas^e-l t Aute DW rts ear* tJDfrun rne. ·Aute avcfts: autom Iraris. ·Aut» uorwW; KaT'er tune eex ·S»a"e retraimna- aaoreved ME V.7 Auto Trade Scnis V.7S33 /AIRLINE Free wortf travet. Toa aav t future. A* fcr Ion wfi:fe *rai«m«. AJRimt SCTOOLS PACIP* 1 LEAR1S nsVtSTtCATlOII. SI no. Secor.ty, r« lay etn er i rw. Secor.ty, r« lay efl er Fmif. Erraa now. 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