Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 31, 1950 · Page 2
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 2

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1950
Page 2
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Politics ; Enter NoB-Political Tax Meeting What.started as * protest meet- Ing "against taxes turned Into a political, quarrel last_night at the · Shrine" club in; spite"-of'"the fact that it was billed beforehand as. a "nonpollticar meeting by^the sponsor--Mrs. Marguerite, -Halm--who made several feeble efforts to keep it on that plane but failed completely. Considerable publicity was given by the press and radio to the protest meeting and a -crowd -of approximately 100 Tucsonians reported at the location between.8 and 8-30 p. m. to hear about .taxes,to discuss their, tax .problems' and make an attempt to set-up an.or : ganization which would investigate taxing, procedures and check ' on rates and valuations. Practically "none "of this happened' because .the, meeting'got bogged down in argument · shortly after, it was.finally,started and although-several-attempts were made to revive it for the original Intent it was officially closed at 10:30 p m after about half of the audi ence had, left in disgust. Outlines Purpose In 1 her opening statement, Mrs. Hahn outlined her purpose in call- Ing the .meeting.-and expressed gratification for the fine attendance. . Taxes in Tucson are almost prohibitive, she said, and there Is almost a constant cry from every quarter, demanding that something be done to · alleviate the existing situation. Ben Solot, local realtor, was the opening speaker at the meeting and recalled that he, had appeared before the Plma county board of Like a boxer before a fight, candidates are getting "on edge" as Nov. 7 draws near. To the-iininitiated,' it would appear from the comments^of candidates that both^parties are split-wide opfen. and nothing but *a nice,.fat campaign kitty would-draw each-together. For example, the other day 'three ofi the county Democratic candidates and some of their supporters held separate pow-wows and 'decided to strike out on .their own. HITTCfG BUSHES These .candidates; supervisors when they -were sitting as a board of equalization to protest the assessments on his business properties. After pointing out the "unfair, unjust and discriminatory valuations" he said that most of his properties were adjusted. It was his suggestion that the suaervisors advertise each year EFFECT Net result of the whole situation isuia a^vcici^c =«-** j~~» ·when "they could be contacted by Ana property owners to discuss valua tions a n d taxes. . . . Mrs inne E Rogers, retired hixh school teacher, was the sec-is'to drive quite a few of the candi- ond speaker She pointed out that dates into the streets, figurative*}' the school tax was approximately speaking, and probably prevent a one-half the total taxes and taxes couple of upsets along the line. were about one-half the income. CONTRAST After payinz taxes, insurance, fed- Out in representative district No. e-al and state' income taxes, it 'is 13, where there'is no incumbent for not practical to own income prop- the state legislature and both men erty in Tucson, she said. ' "If this would --~ - --«*w= ·-·»«·*. Leo Finch, candidate-for' re-election as county assessor; Lambert Kautenburger, seeking re-election as supervisor, and Frank Eyman, candidate for sheriff, all rounded up some of the workers who helped them m the primary campaign and asked-them- for support. While they expect to win, they believe in the old political adage that any opposition is serious opposition. OUTGO One Democratic candidate wlio is listed far down on the list of hopefuls, was- growling about his contribution to the party. "What has it:done for,me?" he asked. '."I haven't seen anyone coming around to do any work." GREEN GRASS But if "the Democrats think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, .they'd better take off their green glasses. The Republican candidates are voicing gutteral protests . about the same thing. They complain that all support is- going solely 'to Howard- Pyle, the candidate for governor--he is stealing the act. Other candidates, like William Dunlap, for county assessor, are having to row their own boat against, the stream, with only nominal active support from the party. And the- cries about Pyie are echoed across, the fence by Democrats, with the name of Mrs, Frohmiller substituted for repre- MORTGAGES Low Cost-- Quick Service Life Insurance money and "prt vat* fnnds to-pcrchase."bnlld or refinance. Residential and conv mercial. 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Or oiUy -J Jlf FIIN-A-MINT -euM L the S ertv in 'i"ucson, snfi saiu. j.i UZAO TT^W^V* inake a creditable *._ r .~ psychology .spreads -- that' Tucson sentative of the district, the race is an.unfavorable place to own in- · · · ' ' ' " "TM ' · '· ·" vestment Broperty-r-it can .and..will kill Tucson,"'she" added, "and the city's future will be damaged." TTrges State Code Adoption of an^over-all state:code to be used in the. valuation' of all real'- property taxes was-.urged by Orlando 'Fiandaca, another speaker. Following : this speaker- the meet- Ing took a definite political turn when George- Kerber; Amphitheater district businessman, delivered a long- oration on the local. tax structure and; .wound--up- with a statement on the highly controversial ."increase state aid for schools." · William I. Dunlap, Republican candidate,for county assessor, was the next,speaker and.iie .prefaced his remarks with the .statement that he was speaking as a "citizen and v a taxpayer, not as' a office seeker." However, he used his political' implements to illustrate his; talk (charts, tax examples, etc.) . · · - · · · · · · · " · · . ' · -·' · -This was the trigger that started the meeting into high gear and the argument- ; was on hot and' heavy. Tempers flared-several times in the confusion .that followed -because four representatives of the county assessor's office were in :the audience-and they .demanded a .chance to refute . some vof,. the,;statements made by Dunlap. " · : · - . Boos, catcalls,. and demands for the.speaker .to-"sit down" were heard .many times before;the meeting finally .was returned to the control of the.chairman."- . Battle .For Hour , ... After this . rhubarb. was quelled and each,.side' had made, 'all 'the statements. .they, wanted, to make the increased state.'aid for' schools was dragged on the. floor and opponents and proponents of this measure battled for an, .hour on the various aspects of. the .measure. C. A. Carson.'-'assistant city school superintendent, defended the.meas- ure.stoutly in the face of numerous persons asking questions and'de- manding information 'on the: proposed amendment. ·- · - - · ·-· · Mrs. Hahn :-got control, of .the meeting at a late .hour and-said that she would proceed with-the formation o f - a citizen tax associa : tion and would-v2ll-another meeting in the near future to complete the .organization. - . . . '.--.·· ., -.\ _± · . /ill probably be decided by which f two types of campaigning is most effective. · David G. Watkins-Jr., Democrat, s'' taking the more leisurely method "of the door-to-door cam- aigning by taking time to visit nth' members of a household. 'homas Beaham, Republican, on Jie other hand, is going more apidly, usually contenting himself dth meeting the voters, talking;a ew minutes and' going on.'Prob- bly the reason for the difference s that Watkuis covered the terri- ory thoroughly during the primary when he -had a tough.battle on his hands, 1 while Beaham had. to 'wait until after the primary election to lo his heaviest campaigning. Search Abandoned For Hunter, 70 MAYER, Get 31. (U,R)--The search 'or a. Buckeye hunter lost in the 3orse Thief basin area southwes of here, was abandoned today. .Yavapai County Deputy Sherif Clyde A. McDonald of Mayer, said the elderly man, J. D..Stewart, was elieved dead, since he was'known o have-a weak heart. Seventy-year-old Stewart wan d'ered'.away from a hunting party t the Cole camp. Yesterday a posse of 25 men rom' Crown 'King and Mayer coured the wilderness for the man, but no trace of iim was ound. McDonald said the 'only ope of finding him lies in- some lunter stifmbling upon his : body Always Plenty of Free Parking Space DON MEANS 738 E. BVay Ph. 2-8337 poke briefly. _ . . , ' Mrs.^Frohmlller declared'that in addition, to pledges,^ade".thr6ugh he platform, she would take the irst ^tep toward efficient and conomical operation of the government Jbyr fulfilling a pledge'^rnade n'the-primary campaign--present- ng a carefully" t studied budget to the legislature. ' , She also chidedHhe Republicans or failing to take a-stand in their platform against/ legalized ' gamJling: 'She cited GOP statements against gambling in the primary; and asked why they suddenly became silent during the general election campaign--when the gam- jling issue is to be voted upon ·Tpv. 7. 'Speaking with Mrsr Frohmiller, in addition to county candidates, Tarland and Congressman Harold Backs Party Platform ' " ' ' ' A f . - X ..... T , _ _ " ' - . - --~~ - · ; r ,fhe Democratic party platf ormf will "ba'-the -guide in adminis; it t e - m p e a e r s c , . nd at^adTthe national, state and county candidates appeared 'and New Model Plane Rites : Wednesday Clui»Is Organized For^Mtr. Tucker Thomas'Collins, state »enator, Lambert' Kautenburger, board of s u p ^ visors, district No. 2. Robert H. Frick. representative distrlcMfp. 3,-Paul f J.4 1 ley." N °- 4 - John'-sr Hardwlck'i, N6."i5; James Bennett; No;-8, Loui^J.-McAUoter, No. 10;MUy t Martin,-No. ,11, and Marvin R-lErlce; No. .via. latest Piggyback Theft ctt ? $590:39 In Cash Sheriff's deputies today had under Investigation .another theft from the Elggybank service station, 3640 S. Sixth ave. Station Mgr. Ralph Spratt told Deputy Arthur Grange $590.39 in cash was taken- from an unlocked sponsorship o£-Milton_MaUls, aeronautics Instructor. At least 20 ··mem" : bers are' expected "to join. Club^ activities v^l, include ^flying of model alrplaiiesion the fopt- ball field, provided permission' can. be obtained. Nfany students already are building and flying model planes. ,, " , Election of officers for- the will be held next week.' ment., il ((LtlllUUiJ. \,\J WVWiit'J' %,«.*.i^- -- _ ,, _ _ , ^^jjn TYaa ««v^t» *-*- w»-- -were-TJ. S. Sen. Ernest, W. Me- drawer. Nothing-else in the office A. Patten. Sen. McFarland described the r slate of Democratic candidates as once, the best in history, and urged full support for them. Patten credited whatever suc- oess he has achieved in congress to the wise guidance by Sens. McFarland and Carl Hayden. . Judge Lee Garrett, Democrat I seeking re-election to the' superior I court, declared that Mrs. Froh- mlller's rejections of claims had I excellent basis in the law, and that): the supreme court has upheld her in almost every instance. He then cited her" 24. years experience as state auditor, and compared this experience with that of her opponent, whom he declared lacked, any qualification for the office-he seeks.', , , ~ ·..;.., ·· Other-candidates speaking-Were Judge J. Mercer Johnson, superior court; Frank-Eyman,- sheriff, Carroll ..H...- Christian; treasurer, Mrs. Anna. Sullinger, recorder, Robert Morrison, county attorney, Leo was disturbed: In recent months the station-has been .robbed twice and burglarized CELEBRATIONS OF HOI/Y COM- munion will be held tomorrow, All Saints' Day, at Grace Episcopal church at 7 a.m. and 10 a.m.'There will be a corporate communion 'or-the women's auxiliary at the LO a.m." service when the United Thank Offering will be taken. Rev. Jerry Wallace is rector of the church. F,Inch, assessor, R e e c e, school Mrs. Florence superintendent; it the time to plant your Winter Rye' Lawn. NEW CROP RYE GRASS SEED rad Hy Test MANURE Pulverized Prompt Delivery . Phonei 2-8834 PEOPLES [FUEL FEED co. 663 St. Mary'* Bead $100 IN YOUR HAJND TOMORROW KOM BOB BOVARD Pertonol SAID YES TO OVER A MILLION CUSTOMERS LAST TEAR; Speeutlirfnj: if loans to people married or single. THE -TO" MAN LOANS S25 TO 51000 -- COMETjTOR PHONE ^ . The club meets every Tuesday; in the school aeronautics depart- - Funeral services will be held at 3'Homorrow '^afternoon in Brings chapel for James Elliott Tucker, 37, oi 707 S. Bean, who died Mon" " , . , day in a "local hospital. " '' " " , 'Dr. "Harold, LungerY"First Chris: tian church, will be in charge of the services.. Burial .will follow in SouthlawnMemorial park. ·Mr. Tucker, a resident of Arizona for 24 years, leaves his wife, Julia, and his mother, Mr. and Mrs.^Her- CJttlinf/ Tu«id«V Iv4nlnt, Ort. at,.1 bert ·!,. Tucker, all of Tucwn.,, , The^ body will lie - 'in^8t«tt'ftoni 7 to ""S -this evening in Bring 1 * chapel.- · - " · ORDER NOW -^ " WINTER I/ WHS Tucson Fertilizer Co, Grass Seeds-- Lawn Maleh DRESS UP YOUK HOME WITH SMART Lounges, Steamer Chairs, Deck Chairs, Director Chairs.. . · POLISHED ALUMINUM · REDWOOD "... - ' . . . . · COMPLETE R A I N B O W C O L O R ASSORTMENT OF KAPOK W A T E R REPELLENT CUSHIONS. CATALINA FURNITURE CO, 2719 "S. Campbell Ph. 5-2442 In MODERN OR TRADITIONAL DESIGNS Come and see our new shipment. They're works of art ... to beautify every room 'in your home. PICTURES . MiniatureSt Reproductions of Oils and Original Watercolors. , MIRRORS... Any Size in Venetian Style Plate Glass .' CUSTOM STUDIOS, Inc. Broadway at Fifth Ave.. Phone 4-1312 FINANCE-COl 12 West Consrfss Street (Opposite the Fox Theatre) Phone 2-W01 90 that have EVERYTHING! THEM ALL! PHILIP MORRIS challenges any other leading brand to suggest this test! 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