The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 29, 1952 · Page 7
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 7

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1952
Page 7
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THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, FRIDAY EVENING, AUGUST 29, 1952. Severn Radio Program KMBC— 980 WEAF—610 KCMO—810 WHB—710 FRIDAY 6:00—WHB—News KMBC—News; Sports KCMO—News; Sports WDAF—Date In Hollywood 6:15—WHB—Sports KCMO—Freddy Martin Show WDAF—Evening Varieties 6:30—WHB—Gabriel Heatter KCMO—Lone Ranger KMBC—Club 15 WDAF—News of The World 6:45—WHB—Les Brown Show KMBC—News WDAF—One Man's Family 7:00—WHB—Concerto Festival KCMO—Top Guy KMBC—Musicland tf. S. A. WDAF—TEA 7:30—KMBC—Musicland U. S. A. KCMO—Your F. B. I. WHB—Hall of Fantasy WDAF—Music of Manhattan 7:45—WDAF—Bob and'Bay 8:00—KMBC—The Big Time WHB—News; Today's Hits WDAF—Mario Lama Show KCMO—Newstand Theatre 8:15—WHB—Blues vs. St. Paul 8:30—KMBC—Steve Allen KCMO—Summer Cruise WDAF—Music SyX>— KMBC—News WDAF—By Gardner Calling KCMO—Bing Crosby 9:15—WDAF—Words In The Night 8:30—KMBC—News; Sports KCMO—News; Sports WDAF—Robert Montgomery; Stern's Portraits 9:45—KMBC—Curt Massey Time KCMO—Elmer Davis WDAF—Pro and Con 9:55—WHB—Scoreboard 10:00—KMBC—Organ Concert WDAF—News; Weather KCMO—Back To The Bible WHB—News Comments SATURDAY 6:00—KMBC—News; Sports WDAF—Symphony WHB—Rollini Trio. KCMO—Sports 6:15—KMBC—Weather; Novelty Tunes WHB—Pentagon Report KCMO—Freddy Martin 6:30—KMBC—Gunsmoke WDAF—TEA KCMO—Dinner At Green Room WHB—Down You Go 6:55—WHB—News 7:00—WDAF—Jane Ace, Disc Jockey KCMO—Dancing Party KMBC—Gene Autry WHB—Twenty Questions 7:30—WDAF—Stars in Khaki 'n 1 Blue WHB—Blues vs. Minneapolis KMBC—Tarzan 8:00—WDAF—Ohio Hiver Jamboree KMBC—Gangbusters 8:25—KMBC—News 8:30—WDAF—Grand Ole Opry WHB—Tunes & Scores KMBC—Brush Creek Follies S-AS— WHB—Baseball con't • 9:00—WDAF—Reuben. Reuben KCMO—Saturday At The Shamrock Kmpi:—Brush Creek Follies 9:30—WDAF—Duke of Paducah KMBC—News; Sports KCMO—News, Sports 8:45—KMBC—Talent Contest KCMO—Band Concert 10:00—WDAF—News; Weather KCMO—Here's To Vets SUNDAY 1:30—KMBC—String Serenade WHB—Blues vs. Minneapolis (Double-header) WDAF—Symphonic Adventure KCMO—Lone Pine 1:00—WDAF—Elmo Roper KCMO—Around The World KMBC—Galaxy of Hits 1:15—WDAF—Intermezzo 3:30—WDAF—Bob Considine KMBC—Music for You KCMO—Singing American* 2:«—WDAF—TEA KCMO—Dale's Orchestra 3:00—KMBC—Band of The Day KCMO—No School Today WDAF—The Falcon 330—WDAF—Martin Kane WHB—Tunes & Scores KMBC—Pick The Winner 3:45—WHB—Second Game 4:00—KMBC—Godfrey's Roundtable KCMO—News: Sports WDAF—Hollywood Playhouse 4:15—KCMO—Guest Star 430—KCMO—Backstage At Starlight WDAF—Whitehall 1212 KMBC—Bob Trout And Newt 4:55—KMBC—News 5:00—KCMO—George Sokolsky WDAF—Ronald Jordan KMBC—Golf Tournament IUS—KCMO—Monday Morning Headlines WDAF—News: Sports KMBC—Music 5:30—KMBC—Weather; Sports WDAF—First Nighter KCMO—Time Capsule S:45—KMBC—News, Sports 5-JS5—WHB—Scoreboard 6:00—KMBC—December Bride WDAF—Concert KCMO—News: Sports WHB—Peter Salem 6:15—KCMO—Music Hall 630—KMBC—Doris Day Show WHB—The Shadow 6:45—WHB—Band of Weeks 7:00—KMBC—Frank Fontaine Show KCMO—Marching Music WHB—Family Theatre WDAF—Meredith Wilson Show 73»—WDAF—Best Plays KCMO—Hour of Charm WHB—Proudly We Hail KMBC—Playhouse T:55—WHB—News Comments »:00—KMBC—Meet Millie WHB—Theatre KCMO—Drew Pearson 8:30—KMBC—Inner Sanctum WDAF—TBA "WHB—Scores 8:45—KCMO—As Others See TJ« 8:00—WDAF—Meet The Press WHB—Bands for Bonds KMBC—Bond Program, Music KCMO—Paul Harvey 9:15—KCMO—Gloria Parker 9:30—WDAF—American Forum WHB—Chicago Theatre KCMO—News; Sports 9:45—KCMO—Masters Orchestra KMBC—Adventurers In Science 10:00—WDAF—News; Weather KMBC—News; Sports KCMO—Billy Graham WDAF-TV Tonight 6:00—Curtain Call 6:30—TBA 7:00—Doorway To Danger 7:30—Playhouse 8:00—Sports Reel 8:30—Greatest Fights of Century 8:45—Nature of Things 9:00—Bill Vaughn Show 9:15—TBA 9:30—Town & Country Quiz 9:45—Newsrecl * 9:50—Community Forum 10 .-00—Boston BJackie 10:30—News; Weather; Sports 11:00—Easy Chair Theatre SATURDAY 6:00—All Star Revue 7:00—Dance Band 8:30—Assignment Manhunt 9:00—Cavalcade of Stars 10:00—Wrestling from Hollywood 11:00—Beat The Clock SUNDAY 12:00—Telenews Weekly 12:15—This is the Sujry Barbs BY HAL COCHBAN A record Saturday-Sunday driv- ng is reported over the U. S. It's a great life if you don't week-end! The good man you can't keep down now has plenty of company. Look at the weeds in your garden! How about releasing some of the veather that was kept in cold storage all winter? A Wisconsin man has driven over 200,000 miles in one auto. Another argument for more parking space! Travel and see American scenery—advertisement. Will someone )lease move the billboards? PHERE OUGHTA BE A LAW Bv Fagaly and Shorten HAT ITEM CRIMGELV WANTED TO BUV; HIS PAL INSISTED ON GETTING IT FOR HIM WHOLESALE •« ND RIGHT AFTER HE GOT HIS BARGAIN WELL, IF UES A FRIEND OF VOURS! A JIFFY'LL COST HIM 4 2SO. HE'LL HAVE TO PAV SHIPPING AND INSTALLATION CHARGES PAL HERE , WANTS' A dIFFV WASHING- MACHINE! I TOLD HIM I'D GET IT POR HIM AT COST. SALU BLMCHAKD, ft THOMAS ST., M£PFOKP,MASS. 12:30—The Living Book 1:00—Wild Bill Hickok 1:30—TBA 2:00—Lone Ranger 2:30—Summer Theatre 3:00—Studio One I 4:00—Cisco Kid 4:30—TBA 5:00—Pulpit Portraits 5.05—News, Weather, Sports 5:30—Your Lucky Clue 6:00—Toast of The Town 7:00—Information Please 7:30—My Little Margie 8:00—Summer Theatre 8:30—Playhouse 9:30—Dr. Fixum 9:45—News 0:00—TBA :0:30—This is Kansas City ] :00—Plainclothesman WAYNE FEEDS with the I. Q. Test • Armour's New Pebble Plant Fertilizer. • Leavenworih Feed & Supply 722 Shawnee 1 Phone 799 Hope Says Fanners Key To US Winning Cold War MULVANE, Kas. H5 — Rep. Clifford Hope said Thursday that "Kansas farmers and production workers have been hard-working soldiers in this cold war." "We've won the peace so far because we have food on our side," Hope told the crowd at the 79th annual reunion and picnic of the Quad-County Old Settlers Association, attended by more than 8,000 persons. He said farm lands must be used to better advantage because "we're gaining 7,000 new mouths to feed in American population daily." SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TIMES Easy Settlement For Greasy's Taxes WASHINGTON (ffl— The government, peeling the "secrecy" label rom compromise tax settlement cases, says it accepted 5100,000 from Jack (Greasy Thumb) Guzik as full payment for $900,000 it had claimed he owed in taxes and penalties. The eleven-cents-on-the - dollar iettlement by Guzik, once connected with Al Capone's organization in Chicago, was one of several disclosed Thursday by the Bureau of Internal Revenue as it put into effect a new "open book" x>licy. Under the new policy, all cases settled on or after Aug. 20 with axpayers for less than the amount of taxes assessed will be nvestigators to determine what he ivas worth; and "reduced earning power." For one thing, agents could not or did not get to him to talk about his worth, and could get no nformation from other sources. The fellow who is superstitious obout block cats may be more of o mouse than a man. ©NEA Father of Nation's First Fet Ace Becomes Citizen WICHITA H) — John N. Jabara, made public. Those before that date will be disclosed upon specific requests naming the taxpayers involved. The Bureau said Guzik was granted a compromise for three reasons: doubt as to whether he owed the full amount; inability of FURNACE CLEANING Reasonable prices Goodyear Roofing & Heating 416 Cherokee Phone 165 or 4765 father of the nation's 5rst jet ace, became a citizen of the TJ. S. Thursday by completing naturalization proceedings. The 58-year-old grocer is the father of Ma]". James Jabara, who has been stationed at Scott Field, 111., since becoming a jet ace in the Korean War. The elder Jabara is a, native of Lebanon. USE THE TIMES CLASSOTEB Let MAYTAG Do Your Washing Automatically While You Visit or Gad-about! See the automatic * MAYTAG at— Batman's Town & Country Store Across the Street from Berber's Gift Shop—Phone 2686 Treat the Family Milk shakes, 16-oz . 190 Sodas, double dip ....150 Root Beer, 16-oz...... 150 Froz, low calorie dessert Qt. 370 Ice Cream 1-2 gal. 980 Fudge or Vanilla Bars 6 for 250 Besch Pharmacy NO MORE IMCSHINED HANDSAND OOTHES • Bankers Approve the great new Paper-Mate Fen. Leak proof ink can't FT""-, can't transfer. Only retractable point pen guar- , anteed not to leak. Always | a dean point! DELUXE MODEL A COMPLETE LINE OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES! Geo. H. Geiger & Co. 521 Delaware St. Phone 102 14th & Metropolitan TAKE ADVANTAGE OF our on all orders of FIVE DOLLARS or morel Good until September 15th only. WOOD The CLEANER 710 South Fifth Phone 796 T± n f oifi nnoif f It Means ^o Mucn-lo J>o Many! _1L ^.W Js. Pio^ -*•• " -* 1 - *~~' -*-•-» ,/ In all the history of the world's commerce, it is doubtful whether another manufactured product has ever had such a hold on the affections of its owners as the Cadillac car. There is a well-to-do gentleman in a southern state, for instance, who will permit no one to minister to his Cadillac except himself—other than for its mechanical needs. He washes it, polishes it and cleans it... himself. There is a family in New York which has owned a long series of Cadillacs to which have been given the names of people—because they regard their cars as all but members of the household. There is a professional man in a mid-western state •who insists that his whole life changed for the better when he got his Cadillac. These are but typical of innumerable instances of the deep regard in which Cadillac owners hold their cars. The loyalty and respect a Cadillac engenders are extraordinary indeed. You might well ask what there could be about a motor car to make it mean so much to so many. The answer is not far to seek. Because of its world-wide standing as one of life's better things, it reflects credit upon its owner and indicates that he is a person of substance and good taste. Because it performs so well and so dependably, it is conducive to his desire to travel and to see the world— an inspiring companion for his daily movements among his fellows. , Because it is beautiful and luxurious, it is a joy to own and a pleasure to contemplate. Standing in his driveway, rolling down the streets of his favorite city, or parked at the entrance to a distinguished club or hotel—it is a credit to his judgment and a testimonial to his work. No wonder he cherishes it, and thinks of it as all but a part of his own personality. Don't you think that a car which can mean so much to so many could mean a great deal to you? Better come in today—and talk it PERRY L BLACK MOTOR CO. 200 So. Broadway, Leavenworth Phone 608 VALUES Come in and look at our amazing buys in fine quality jewelry. Our selection 'is _large . . . our prices reasonable . . . the quality — the finest. The Hogget 329 Delaware Guuranteed by *o ^Gpod Housekeeping y C^J Qfl Gallon Seidlitz $ATinTone Rubberized! Custom *Mixed! Latex Rubber Base- applies easily, dries in 30 minutes. Smooth, velvety finish wears and wean. Resists dirt, washes easily. Guaranteed scrubbable. i 100 Fashion-Right Colors...Every shade, freshly made in only 60 seconds..4at no extra cost. • Color accuracy — color matching guaranteed. HIXON'S ISLAND ? I NEED FIVE DOLLARS, DEAR! / MUNICIPAL tMPRO VEMENTS! DID YOU SEE THAT NEW TRAFFIC LIGHT ON ELM STREET?

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