The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 2, 1906 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 2, 1906
Page 3
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CHILUCOTHE CONSTITUTION ULT 2 igoo ffess J w -® :-;sra ®£ m m^. Wy- To sweeten, To refresh, To cleanse the system, Effectually and Gently; •—^. There is only one Genuine Syrup of Figs; to get its beneficial effects Dispels colds and headaches when bilious or constipated; For men, women and children; ^""<i^~—Acts best, on the kidneys and liver, stomach and bowels; Always buy the genuine — Manufactured by the m&m «?§£• riile, Ky. Francisco* CaL The genuine Syrup of Figs is for sale by all first-class druggists. The full name of the company—California Fig Syrup Co. — is always printed on the front of every package. Price Fifty Cents per bottle. HEAVENLY HASH FRESH EVERY DAY FARRINGTONS The World's Most Popular Piano Folio McGormick Bros. THE SOUTH LOCOST ST. LI VEIL YM EN have added to their stock the finest Funeral Car ever brought to Chillicothe. Besides doing a general livery business, they five special attention i o funerals. 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It's Kockj-JIountaio Tea in tali let form, 35 ecst.s a boi. o^niiiua nuida bj SOLUITES Dura COJDUKT. Madisnn. Wia. WGOCTS f Of} SALLOW Pf OPIE BY GEORGE ROSEY Complete Table of Contents: Secret (The. Intermezzo Pizzicato ) L. Gautier Serenata M. Moszkowski Palms (The) Faure Soreila (La. Spanish Maftsh) Boi-el-Clare, C. Salut D'Arnour ''. Elgar, E. Nocturne (Op. 9, No. 2) Chopin, P. Bleue - Mai-gis, A. Bridal Chorus (Lohengin) - Wagner, R. Czarine (La, Mazvrka) • Ganne, L. Polish Danee Scharwenka, X. Shepherd Boy Wilson, G. D. Funeral March of a Marionette Gounod, C. Gavallei-ia Rusticana (Intermezzo) Mascagni, P. Naila (Intermezzo from "Ballet") Delibcs, L. Paloraa (La) '.. Yradier ^Cinquantaine (La) ..". • Gabriel-Marie 'Melodic in F '. Rubinstein, A. Waltzing Doll (Poupee Valsante) Poldini, E. "Minute" Waltz (Op. 64, No. 1) Chopin, P. Evening Star (Tannhauser) Wagner, R. Anitra's Dance (Peer Gynt) Grieg, E. Spring Song^ Mendelssohn, F. Largo Handel, G. F. Gavotte (Miguon) Thomas, A. Love's Dream After the Bali Czibulka, A. Trautnerei . .•• .~." Schumann, R. Wedding March (Midsummer Night's Dream) Mendelssohn, F. Monastery Bells Wely, L. Pizzicato ("Sylvia Ballet") '. Delibes, L. Maiden's Prayer (The) Badarzewska, T. LoinduBai Gillet, E. Longing for Home .' Jungmann, A. Under the Double Eagle (March) Wagner, J. P. Stephanie Gavotte Czibulka, A. Soldier's Chorus (Faust) Gounod, C. List Price 75c. Orders booked for October loth delivery at 50c. We hope' we haven't a customer so fastidious as to be unable to find some selections to his liking in this folio, whether his taste inclines toward the nocturnes or waltzes of Chopin, the delightful ballet music from "Naila" or "Sylvia", or the latest dashing Spanish march success, "La Soreila." $10.00 WORTH OF MUSIC FOR 50 CENTS. BOOK YOU* ORDER. TO-DAY. Sample Copy can be examined at Stone's Music Store. Price 75c after October loth. S. A. STONE, 512 Washington St., Chillfeot'ae, Mo. 'Phone 186. COMING ATTRACTIONS. At the Luella next Monday th most vivid reproduction in th motion picture line will be seen The championship contest h?l recently at Goldflelda, Nevada between Joe Gans and Battlin Nelson will be reproduced in lif size and wonderfully clear dotai Every movement of both the wirj combatants including the fou tactics of the erstwile invincibl Dane will be distinctly shown At the ring side can be seen thous andB of faces of well known sport ing celebrities watching with in tensity the movements of th champions as they pummeledeac other about the ring. "The Earl and the Girl," which comes to the Luella next Tuesda night, is a musical comedy in tw acts by Seymour Hicks and Jvan Caryll. "The Earl and the Girl" has i plot that concerns a young noble man, Richard Hargrave, who ha eloped with a pretty American heiresss, one Bunker Bliss. Thi gentleman pursues the English youth throughout the play with a huge revolver and it requires no great stress of imagination to picture the cowboy make-up in English surroundings. The young Englishman is also pursued by beautiful and muscular strong woman, whose daughter has been jilted by the scion of Briton's nobility. To throw off this accumulation of trouble he engages one Jim Cheese, an itinerant dog trainer, a part in which Eddie Foy has made a tremenous hit, to impersonate him for one evening Hence, the things that should happen to the real nobleman occur to the bogus dog-training nobleman At a fancy dress ball all the parties meet. After a series of sidesplitting incidents and complica- ione, order comes out of chaos and everything ends happily There are twenty-two song hits. It is a well known medical fact ihat pine resin is most effective in :he treatment of diseases of the )ladder and Kidneys. Sufferers rom backache and other troubles due to faulty action of the kidneys ind relief in the use of Pine-ules. il 00 buys 30 days treatment. Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. OSCAR SUMMERVILLE MARRIED Word has been received in hillicothe that ^scar Summer- ille, a former Chillicothe boy, was married in Salida, Colo , londay, Sept. 26 to Miss Pearl 'aul, the daughter of a couduc- or on the Denver and Rio Grande ailroad. Mr. Summerville, who graduat- d from the Law department of he State University, has estab- shed a law office in Salida where e is practicing his profession. Mr. Summerville and bride are xpected to pay his Chillicothe elatives and friends a visit soon. THE TEXA.S WONDER ures all Kidney, Bladder and Rheumatic troubles. Sold by all druggists or two months' treatment by mail for $1. Dr. E. W. Hall. 2926 Olive street, St. Louis, Mo. Send for Mo. testimonials. PUBLIC SALE. I will sefl at public auction at my farm 3 1-2 miles southeast of Chillicothe. on Wednesday, October 10th, sixty asres of corn, cattle, horses, hogs, all my agriculture implements. Terms made known at sale. s!8w3dln- ' H. C. LAIB. A sour stomach, a bad breath, a pasty complexion and other consequences of a disordered digestion are quickly removed by the use of Ring's Dyspeosia Tablets. -Two days treatment free. Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. loflaxnmatorv Rheumatism Oared in 3 D av» . Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon. Ind., says: "Aty wife bad Inflammatory Rheumatism in everT muscle and Joint: her suffering was terrible and her body and face were swollen almost beyond recognition: bad been in bed for six weeks and bad omlit physicians, but received no benefit until sue tried the Mystic Ourc for Rheumatism. It gave immediate relief and she was able to walk about in three days. I am sure it saved her life." Sold by N. J. Swetland Drug Company. NoricT We, the undersigned druggists, agree to close our places of business commencing tonight, October 1, 1906, until further notice at 7:30 every night except Saturday,Sunday from 12 o'clock until 4 p. m. SEYMOUR WIG ELY, A. E. BRAUN, N. J. SWETLAND, J. W. POTTER, G. E. BRAUN, d2t O. P. CLARK. ~—^—•-•—»~ A Perfect Bowel Laxative for constipation, sallow complexion, headache, dizziness,sour stomach, coated tongue, biliousness. Lax- ets act promptly, without pain or eripjipg. Pleasant to take—Lax- e'ts'^nly 5 Rents. Sold by the NI J. SV.etlagd Drug Co. I Whole Foot Nothing But Proud Flesh — Tried Different Physicians and All Kinds of Ointments —Could Walk Only With Crutches-Ohio Man Says: "CUTICURA REMEDIES THE BEST ON EARTH" _ "In the year IS99 the side of my riglit foot \v:is cut off from tile little toe down to the heel, and the physician who had charge of me was trying to sew up the side of my foot, but with no success. When he found out that wouldn't work, he began trying to heal the wound with all kindsof ointment; un t il at last my whole foot anil way up above mv calf was nothing but proud flesh, f suffered untold agonies for four years, and tried different physicians and all kindsof ointments. I could walk only with crutches. It is sixteen months ago since I began using Cuticura Soap and Ointment for my limb and foot. The first two months the^Cuticunx Remedies diii not ecera to work, but I kept on using them both. In two weeks afterwards I saw a change in my limb. Then I began using Cuticura Soap and Ointment often during the day and kept, it up for seven months, when my limb was healed up just, the same as if I never had trouble.. "It is eight months now since I stopped using Cuticura Remedies, the best on God's earth. I am working at the present day, aflcr five years of suffering. The cost of Cutiuura Ointment and Soap was only 86; but, the doctors' bills were more like $600. You can publish my name and refer any one to write to me about Cuticura Remedies. I will answer all letters if postage is enclosed. John M. Lloyd, 718 S. Arch Avc., Alliance, Ohio, June 27, 1905." Compk-tf EstL-rna! and Internal Treatment for ever? Humor, from Pimple* to Senifiila, from Infancy ti A-..V, consisting »f Cuticiira Soup, iv.. ointment, W.'., Ki-voi- vent.JUc. (in form uf Cht>e.iint*. Coated 1'ilin, ^V. JUT vi.-ii of 0>), may lie tiarl of «]! dnjfrtrUt*. A sifii/lo >°et ofteu curtfl. Potter Urns .V Them. Corp., Sol.- Prop... Iloston. O=tf-3Iall«lFrev, " How to Cure Skin aud 111uudHumorB." PURCHASED FRUIT FARM. Sampsel, Route 2, Oct. 2—(Soe- cial Correspondence) — William Grizzle has purchased a fine fruit farm of eighty acres, fifty miles west of St. Louis. He and his wife will leave "for that place Nov. 1st. 'Mrs. Al. Whitaker of Chillicothe is visiting her sister, Mrs. Quinton of near Sampsel. Miss Mae Boucher spent Wednesday night with Marie Johnson. Mrs. Julia Whitaker and Mrs. Jane Gann visited with Mrs. Jas. Wilson Friday. Messrs. Jasper Minnick and Charles Houston haye each purchased a piano for their daughters, Ura and Inez. Miss Stella Phelps was at home the latter part of the week. Rev. O, L. Bishop of Liberty preached at Pleasant Ridge Sunday night. Mrs. E. Boucher and daughters, Misses Irene and Laura, and Mrs. Nova Johnson and daughters, Misses and Lucile, called on Mrs. Jasper Minnick Sunday evening. N. Z. Johnson and R. K. Dunn shipped a car load of wheat Monday. In these days of rush and hurry courtesy is often forgotten. In the mad, pell mell rush of our life little things are done].to offend that we rather remained undone. A hastily eaten meal andjjits resultant headache may cause us social or financial loss. The wise man or womam is the one who relieves little ills of this sort by a little dose of KODOL for DYSPEPSIA. It digests.what you eat and puts your stomach back into shape. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. SET IE BY TRENTON JANITOR ACCUSED BY CHILD OF ASSAULT Oise Which Attracted Much Interest Results in Verdict of Acquittal Monday Evening WILL MAKE A RECORD. 'rom the St. Louis Hunclny Irish-American When Mr. W. L. Watkins was appointed receiver of the National Bond Co., no mistake was made. Mr. Watkins is a painstaking gentleman, and it is his intention 0 make a record for himself as a nancier, fti closing as quickly as lossible the affairs of the Nation- 1 Bond Co. The Sunday Irish-American is •leased to state that Mr. Watkins as a host of friends not only in >t. Louis but all through the state f Missouri. Escaped Death. It is not au uncommon experi- nce for us to get a letter describ- ng how the writer escaped death y taking DR. CALL)WELL'S LAXATIVE) SYRUP PEPSIN for ome violent and dangerous stom- ch or bowel inflammation. The entle, soothing, curative, purifi- ative action of this pleasantsyrup without any_equal in the science f medicine. Sold by all Drug- ists at 50c and Si.00. Moaey ack if this fails. KILLING COSTS $89. Bloomington, 111., Oct. 1—Anrew Kuk, who recently killed :rs. George Seilagyl, a bride of a ight, must pay the funeral ex- enses. He was one of ^the wed- ing guests, and while he was ex- mining a revolver, it went off. It cost SS9 to bury the woman nd the bereaved husband sent he bill to Kuk, who declined to ay. The courts have decided he ust settle. A Weak Seldom gets strong again without help. Awake or asleep, it never stops, and consequently has no period of rest or relaxation in which to regain lost vigor. You should avoid exertion, excitement and worry as much as possible, to relax the strain, and take Dr. Miles' Heart Cure, which is a heart tonic, to strengthen and restore vigor to the heart nerves and muscles. The symptoms of a weak heart are shortness of breath, palpitation, feeble or too rapid pulse, hungry spells, hot flashes, dizziness, smothering spells, pain in heart or side, etc. "I had been treated for heart disease by different physicians without any improvement. Finally my doctor informed ine that thero was little hope of my ever beins: able to do a oay 3 work again. About that time a gentleman called upon me, and said, I heard of your condition, and have com... to tell you that Dr.- Miles' Heart Cure saved my life, and I want you to try if I did so, and after a week or so I went to my physician and tola mm i had been taking Dr. Miles' Heart Cure. He examined me and said, 'God bless Miles' Heart Cure, it lias made you better In a few days than I ever expected to see you apnin.' I am now well, having fully rcsalnpfl my health by the use of this remedy." B R LANSrNO, Hensselaer. N. T. Dr. Miles' Heart Cure Is sold by VOUP druggist, who will guarantee that the first bottle will benefit. If It falls he will refund your money. Miles Medicai Co., Elkhart, Ind . HOCH VICTIM IS MARRIED. Los Angeles, Gal. Oct. 1—Martha Herzfold. upon whose evidence "Bluebeard" Hoch was convicted, was married at Pasadena to Henry Hemmelcarn, a retired banker, who has a handsome residence on "millionaire row," Orange Grove avenue. The] woman has been reticent about her connection with the Hoch affair and at the time of the^trial of the murderer she refused to return to Chicago to testify, but the sheriff of Cook county succeded in persuading her to give her deposition. Mrs. Herzfeld was one of the victims of the man and after he had married her and had taken all her money she was cast adrift and came to Los Angeles. She was for a time Hemmelcarn's housekeeper. Beware of Ointments for o-atarrtt that Contain Mercury, as mercury will surely destroy the sense of stm'l! and completely derange the whole system wiien entorlnff it through the mucous surfaces. Such articles should never In 1 used exc'-pt on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the damage they will do Is ten fold to the (rood you can possibly derive from them. HALIVS CATARRH OUTRE miinufilc-tnivd by V. S. Cheney £ Co., Toledo, O., contains no mercury,and is taken in- ti-nially,iK'tlnK directly upon theblood and mucous surtaeas of tin- system. In buyins Hull's Catarrh Cuiv be sure you get the Keri- uine. It is taken Internally and made In Toll-do. Ohio, oy K. J.Cheuey &Vo. Testimonials free. Sold by Drcpgists. Price, Toe per bottle. Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation. CONSTITUTION Special Trenton, Oct. 2— The case of the -state against Theodore Cyphers, charged with attempted aa- sault upon Lucy Vanderpool, a nine-year-old girl, was brought to a termination here at 5:30 (Monday afternoon, when the jury returned a verdict of not guilty. The case was one which has attracted much attention here and has caused not a little feeling. The defendant, Cyphers,is fifty- nine years old and has lived in Trenton for twenty-seven years. The crime with which he was charged was alleged to have been committed in the furnace room of the Fourth ward school building. Cyphers was at that time janitor of that building, having been so for eight years. The child wag a pupil there. The case went to trial Saturday morning, with Claud G.Bain,pros- ecuting attorney, and Mr. Wilson of Bethany representing the state, and E. M. Harbor and A. G. Knight appearing for the defendant. The case went to the jury at 4:15 Monday afternoon, and the verdict of acquittal was rendered in an hour and fifteen minutes. Tone the liver, move the bowels, cleanse the system. Cade's Little Liver Pills never gripe. Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. Pimples call for immediate treatment. There's nothing more offensive and dreaded than a pretty face covered with eruptions. The body must be kept perfectly healthy with Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea- Tea or Tablets 35 cents.—N. J. Swetland Drug Co. MARIE JOHNSON ENTERTAINS. Pleasant Ridge, October 2.— (Special Correspondence)—A few friends gathered at the home of Marie Johnson Friday night and enjoyed a musical treat furnishrd by Me.ssrg. Bradshaw, Boucher, Walaer, Carra Poe and Glen Pou. Mr. and Mrs, Ezra Eberlin spent Sunday with A. J. Boucher and family. Misa Stella Phelps returned from Chillicothe Sunday evening. Mrs. Pursely returned Saturday frjm a few day's visit east of Chillicothe. Gertie i Carpenter spent a few days last week with her grandmother, Mrs. Morgan. Mr. and Mrs. James Dunn left for Kansas City Tuesday to attend the Priest of Pallas parade. Rev. Bishop of Liberty held services at the Pleasant Ridge church Sunday night.. Miss Pauline Shumate spent Saturday and Sunday with friends ia Chillicothe. Miss Blanche Morgan visited with Fanny Sterling a few days last week. Miss Byrd Patton called on Mae Boucher Saturday. wr* eaoMd bjPIndVestloa If yea Mt • littl* too much, or If you ar» subject to attacks of Indigestion, you have no doubt bad shortness of breath, rapid heart b«»U, heartburn or palpitation of tbe heart. Indigestion cause* the stomach to expand—swell, and puff up against the heart This crowds the heart and interferes with its action, and in the court* of time tbe heart becomes diseased. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what you eat, takes the strata ofl of tbe heart, and contributes nourishment. strength and health to every organ of the body. Cures Indigestion. Dyspepsia, Sour Stomach, Inflammation of the mucous membranes lining tbe Stomach and Digestive Tract,Nervous Dyspepsia and Catarrh of the Stomach. Alter eating, nr/food would dlstras mi br maUni my heart calnitals aol I would bacoma Tonriroax. Finally I £ot a bottla of Kcxiol and It svn ma Immt* liata reliof. After using a f aw bottles I am curad. MRS. LORINQ NICHOLS, Peon Yin. H. T. Ihaditomachtroublaandwaslnabaditatau I Bad haait troubla with IL I took Kodol Dyipajsia Dun (or about four months and It cozed ma. D. KAUBL5. Nandi. O. Digests What You Eat Dollar bottl<b>U>2H ttm«i H mftefc u U» trial, a to omnuy Txtpkred aft !&• «atorr«(B.OJ * Co.. OMnalo, 0. P. Clark, Druggist A positive CATARRH CURE Ely's i quick,, absorbed. Gives ffilief at Once. It cle jises, soothes heals the o brane tarrh away , protects 3ased niera- It cures Caad drives Cold in the ^ FlYER scores mo oiui=ra "- — Taste and Smell. Full size uO ets., at Druggists or by mail; Trial Size 10 mail. EljBrothers.5CWarreaStreet.KewYorfc. HUMPHREYS' WITCH-HAZEL OIL : : : : : : FOR PILES, ONE APPLICATION BRINGS RELIEF. SAMPLE MATTED FEEE. FIRE DOES DAMAGE A fire Tuesday morning caused by a defective flue at tne home of Grant Martin on North Vineatreet damaged the house to the- extent of S159. Tae roof and cupalo were burned off the home. The com-( pany responded to the alarm and but for their timely appearance the house would have been totally wrecked. Itch on human cured in 30 minutes by WOOLFOKD'S SASITAHT LOTION-. This never jalia- Sold byS&fl jf.rj.LSwstJaad Vcug Co Streets, New York. NERVOUS DTTRTTtTTY, Vital Weakness and Prostration from overwork and other causes. Humphreys' Homeopathic Specific No. 28, in use over 4O years, the only successful remedy. $1 pep vial, or special package for serious cases, $5. SpM by DrussiaO, or sent prepaid on receipt of pricft Hovfkrtrf J»W. Cfc» Wi»!«m & J*> St». ; H, Y>

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