Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 10, 1976 · Page 20
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 20

Tucson, Arizona
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Tuesday, February 10, 1976
Page 20
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PAGE 22 LEGAL NOTICE A R T I C L E S OF INCORPORATION PRESENTS- MEN BY THESE .fjM. 1 we- lj» undersigned, having ass»- clajed ourselves tooelher -.or |l» Durrjosi o tormina a 'corooratlon under and bv r l Vf, 5ta 'e ol Arizona TM lowlrl o Articles o " UK; la*o ul [I -v ..c.ebv adopt the f incorporation. ARTICLE I ··K T A^H n |KT 0 VullS 0 Es1 rall ffACH a |NE b S CORPORATION"ar;dils 5 princ[ D alBVace ^business shall be.wllhln Ihe State o ^ 'Jw Board of Directors mav deslgnati }a a \.? l \! er P' ac « either within or wilhou the stale of Arizona where other offices mav be established and maintained and^ fir I 1 ^ B0fate . bu5l "ess transacted so lar^as Ihe same Is done so according to _. ARTICLE II The names and addresses of Ihe incor porators areas lollows: HOWARD SLOANE JU West Las Palmaritas Phoenix, Arizona 85021 BARBARA M. SLOANE Phoenix, Arizona 85021 ARTICLE III at £rh C Si? oraUtx y" av hold lts meetings SU 5 h , D '= c « and at such times as Ihe Board of Directors mav designate T . ARTICLE IV J."e general nalure ol the business in follows' corDOra "° n 5tla11 cnoaae is as 1. To sell, renl. lease, manulaclure · JZ · a ? d ""'"'am business machines and supplies of anv kind and nature in- eluding, but no! limited to. copy n a- hlnes word processors, photocopy machines, typewriter, coev machine paper and coin opera led copy machines. V T« s P . e '' mi "«) by aooilcabie law. I. To act a-, agent tor others or for the Corporation in selling, renting, leasing manutclurlng, repairing, and maintaining business machines and supplies of every kind and nature including, bul not limited lo, copy machines, word proces- TMl' JS^iS^f^ machines, Ivowrllers. 3. To purchase, cwilract for. or otherwise acqu re in any manner, rake, hold, "J of. selLleaje, rent, mortgage, pledge and otherwise whatsoever, whether real! P*^ 5 TM 7 * 1 or mixed or anv Interest therein and to develop, inwove, subdivide, cultivate. farm, nine and otherwise work, manage, operate or control the same, so far as permitted by applicable law 4. To plan. erect, build, remodel. 1 en- is^' ! urmsh - ^ ui P- ourchase, lease or otherwise acquire and to operate, conduct, sell, rent and otherwise control and SliiS 05 !- 9 J 1005 "* apartment houses and other buildings ol all kinds and classes so far as permitted bv apoUcable law 5. Todeal (n i franchises, licenses, orivi- leges and rlght$-of-wav ot all kinds and cisses, so far as permitted bv applicable 6. To grow, buy, sell, store, warehouse, process, grade, pack, ship, market and lo deal generally in goods, wares, merchandise, buildings, maintenances, materials and eaufpmcnt, so tar as permitted bv applicable law. 7. To fssue such Notes, Bonds, Ooben- lures, Conlract5. or other security or evidences ol indebtedness upon such terms and conditions and in such manner and torm as maybe prescribed or determined bv the Board of Directors, ax iar as permitted bv aoplfcabte law 8. To purchase, acquire, own, hold, sell, assign, transfer- mortgage, pledge or olherwise to acquire, disoose of, hold, or deal in the shares of stock, bonds, debentures. notes or other security or evidence of indebtedness, of (his or any olher corporation, association or Individual and to exercise all the rights, powers and privileges of Ownershfp, including the right to vote thereon to the same extent, as a natural person might or could do, 5o tar as permitted bv appffcabfe faw, ?.'K T °. lend °!i Invest its funds with or wllnout securtiy upon such terms and conditions as shall be prescribed or determined by the Board of Directors so far as permitted as applicable law. Jo. To borrow money and fo Issue bonds, debentures, notes, contracts and olher evidences of indebtedness of obligations and from time to time for any lawful purpose to morlgage, Dlettae or otherwise change any or all of its property property rights, privileges and assets fo secure the payment thereof, so far as permitted by applicable law 1- To acl as agent. Irustee, broker or fn anv other fiduciary or representative capacity, so far as oermilted bv apDlfca- ule law. 12. To purchase, own, hold or apothe- cate any oaten I rights, privileges, trademarks or secret processes so far as permuted bv applicable law. 13. To act as surety orguarantor and lo underwrite In whole or narf any cont.-act, jssue of stock, bonds, debentures or other securities or evidences of Indebledness of any other corporation or association or ol any person or persons, so far as permitted by applicable law. 14. To make and to perform contracts of every kind and description to enter Into jomt venture and patnershin agreo- menls wilh individuals and other corporations In carrying on its business (or The purpose of attaining and furthering any of Its objects, TO do any and all things which a natural person mlghl or could do in which now or hereinafter mav be au- Ihorlied bv law and in general to do and perform such acls and things and trans- ad such business In connection with the foregoing objects not Inconsistent wilh raw as mav be necessary and required Designation of any object or purpose herein shall not be construed to be a limi- latEwi or Qualification or in any manner to limit or restrict the purposes and ob- lects of this Corporation, so far as permitted 1 bv applicabfe faw. ARTICLE V The authorized amounl ol capilal slock 9' 'he Corporation shall be One Million IS ,000,000.00) Dollars div/ided into Ten Million (SI 0.000,000.00) shares of common IOCK of the oar value of (en cents [s 10) per share which shall be issued ana paid for at such time and in such manner as Ihe Board of Directors shall determine AH or any portion of Ihe capital stock of Ihe Corporation mav be issued in pay- vices or other things ol value for the use and purposes of Ihe Corporation and when so issued shall be fully paid Ihe sameas though paid for in cash and the directors shall be the sole judge of the value of any property, rign) or (hing acquired in exchange for capital stock The shares of the capital stock ot the Corporation when issued shall be fully paid and nor -accessible. ARTICLE VI The Corporation shalt have the right to adopt By-Laws or enter into Agreements with its shareholders imposing reasonable restrictions on Ihe sale, assignment or transfer of Ihe shares of its capital stock in giving lo Ihe Corporalion or its shareholders the preferential right or option to acquire shares ol slock In 1he Corporation ot shareholders desiring to sell such shares or obligating Ihe Corporation to redeem or purchase such shares. ARTICLE V)l The business aflafrs o( the Corporation shall be conducted by 3 Board of Directors of nol le^s than two nor mere lhan nine directors as shall be set forth tn Ihe By-Laws. Such Board ot Directors shall be elected at the annual meeting of Ihe stockholders which shall be held on the 31st day of December of each year commencing with the year 1975 The said directors shall serve until Iheir successors are elected and qualified. The Board of Directors shall have Ihe power to fill all vacancies occurring in their number and each of the persons so sejected to fill a vacancy shall serve until Ihe next annual meeting of Ihe stockholders or until his successor is elected and has dualified, The Board of Directors, wilh Ihe consent and approval of Ihe stockholders owning two-thirds (-1) of the issued and outstanding capita* stock ol the Corporation, shall have the full power to , arrujnd these Articles, adopt By-Laws and amend the same, and make all rules and regulations expedient for Ihe management of the affairs o( the Corporation unlll liwir successors are duly elected and qualified. The following persons shall serve as directors of the Corporation · HOWARD SLOANE 3*1 WeslLas Palmaritas Phoenix, Arizona 85021 B A R B A R A M SLOANE lu West Las Palmaritas Phoenix, Arizona 65021 ARTICLE VIII The time ol Ihe commencement of this Corporalion shall be from Ihe dale of the issuance of the Certificale of Incorpora- llon and shall endure thereafter (or a term ot twenty-live (23) years wilh the privilege of renewal as nrovided by law ARTICLE IX The executive officers ol Ihe corpora tfon shall be al least three in number to include but not be limited to the President. Secretary and Treasurer. Any one person may hold two positions, but nol more than two positions as an executive official. The Board of Directors, mav determine other executive offices and such other asslstanls arid officers as they mav deem and designate in the By-Laws. The executive officers shall be elected by The Board of Dfredors Immediafelv after each annual meeting of the stockholders and shall hold office tor one (l) year or until their successor Is elected and qualified. The Officers need not be members of the Board of Directors, The Board ol Directors shall have fhe power and authority fo fitl any vacancy occurring among 1he executive officers ot the Corporation until Iheir successor is duly elecled and Qualified. The following persons shall serve as officers of Ihe Corporation until successors are elected af me nexl meeting of Ihe Board. .HOWARD SLOANE, president DAVID BELL, Vlce-Presldent-Secretarv BARBARA M. SLOANE, Treasurer ARTICLE X The highest amounl o* indebtedness or liability direct or contingent to which Ihe Corporation shall al any lime Subject themselves shall nol exceed two-thirds C 7 6) of the authorized capital stock. A R T I C L E X T PrJvale property of (he sfocfthoMers, directors and officers of Ihe Corporation shaM be forever exempt from i's corporate debts and obligations of any kind whatsoever. ARTICLE XII The Corporation does hereby appoint PETER T. VAN BAALEN, whose address is 1ASO First National Bank Plaza, 100 West Washington. Phoenix, Arizona 8S003, and has been a bona title resident of Ihe Stale or Arizona for at least Ihree (3) years, its lawful frgent in Ihe State of Arizona, for and on behalf of said Corporation to accept and acknowledge service of and upon who may be served process In anv action or proceeding thai may be brought against this Corpora I lor In any of the Courts ol fhe State of Ariiona, such service of pr«ess-or the acceptance mereoi by snld agent endorsed thereon to have the same force and ctfccl as If served upon any officer of the Corporation. IN WITNESS WHEREOf, we, the Kidnap figure hired LIMERICK, Irish Republic (AP) -- Tiede Herrema, 53, who was kidnaped last October by Irish Republican Army members, will return to Holland as personnel manager of the Azko Co. He was kidnaped last October near his home and held (or 36 clays before being released after an 18-day siege in Monasterevin, County Kildare. T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N Reforms are goal 0 , ; -- Sunday Prison closing haircuts may be sought okayed TUESDAY, F E B R U A R Y 10, 1976 Mayor worried, asks jail pact alternatives LEGAL NOTICE HOWARD SLOANE BARBARAM. SLOANE STATE OF ARIZONA s;. County of Marlcopa On Ihls, the 2nd day ol January, 1976, oerore me. the undersigned Notary Pub- "f- personally appeared HOWARD ~.P AN fl *!""!" lo mc lor sallsfaeloi-llv prouen) to be the person whose name Is subscribed to the within instrumenl and acknowleaoeo: lhal he executed the same tor he ourposes therein contained. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto sel my hand and olficisl seal PETER T. VAN BAALEN Nolarv Public My Commission Expires 1 Aug. 17, 1778 STATE OF ARIZONA ss. County of Marlcopa On this, the 2nd day of January, 1976, pelore me, the undersigned Notary Pub- cF'r,? e .tS.°" 1a " 1 ' appeared B A R B A R A M SLOANE, known to me [or satisfactorily proven) to be the person whose name is subscribed lo Ihe within instrument and acknowledged lhal she executed the same lor Ihe purposes therein contained IN W TNESS WHEREOF. I haye hereunto set rnv hand and oflicial seal. PETER T. VAN BAALEN Nolarv Public My Commission Expires: Aug. 17, 1976 Publish: Fefc. 6, 7, 9, 10. 11. 12. 1976 The Tucson Dally Citizen PUBLIC NOTICE Pursuanl to Statute =4J.28-(U o | Arizona R^sed Statutes. Notice lo anv and all creditors. William J Shatlley. DBA. Jfvkon Trailers, lotaled at 3772 E. Klein- dale Road In Tucson, Is belno sold and iranslerred lo Duane and Maroaret Jewarl Effective date Thursday. Feb. PuWish^:'February 7, 9, 10. II, 12. 13, H, The Tucson Oailv riti7en PHOENIX (UPI) -- A newly organized group has pledged to file a lawsuit seeking a court order to close the State Prison if drastic reforms are not instituted within six months. The group, the "Alliance for Correctional Justice," was formed last night at a meeting attended by 40 persons, including state legislators and representatives of religious, educational inmate and ex- offender groups. Members include Sen. Lucy Davidson, D-Tucson, Rep. Susan Louise James, D-Phoenix, and Gary Peter Klahr, a lawyer and a former Phoenix city councilman. Naida Axford, a Temple legal assistant, was named chairman of the group. She said the organization already has recruited a core of at least six lawyers, headed by Calvin Lee of Phoenix, to file a federal class action suit based on cruel and unusual punishment and the civil rights act. Lee told the group the suit would be filed against State Corrections Department Director John Moran and prison warden Harold Cardwell. The suit would allege that present prison policies on food, housing space, medical care, mail privileges and disciplinary hearings violate the 8th and 14th amendments to the U.S. Constitution, Lee said. Lee said a similar suit filed last month in Alabama resulted in an order to close the A l a b a m a prisons unless changes were made. Deadly cease fire BELFAST, Northern Ireland (AP) -- The Irish Republican Army's cease-fire in Norther Ireland was a year old today. In the 12 months since the Roman Catholic underground's Provisional wing declared the truce, 290 persons have been killed and more than 2,000 others wounded in the province, according to police figures. Datril Safe,Non-Asprin Pain Reliever BRISTOL-MYERS Datril 100 Tablets Rcvr,o s Low, E v e r y d a y D i s c o u n t P r i c e 99* Every Day is Savings Day on Everything Discount Drug Centers INTRODUCING THE Amana Touchmatic M I C R O W A V E / O V E N . . . 'I IK- lirsi micrm Turkey City repeals old ordinance The City Council has repealed an ancient city ordinance threatening Tucson barbers with a $300 fine or six months in jail for clipping hair on Sundays. A throwback to the old Sunday "blue laws," the ordinance was repealed by the council last night after city attorneys said it probably was unconstitutional. Other action Women -- A request by the Tucson Center for Women for $5,500 to allow it to continue operating through June was approved. Police -- The council delayed action on a request from the American Civil Liberties Union to revamp the Police Department's citizen complaint procedures until it received a staff study now being made on ways to improve the department. The study should be completed in about 30 days. Scavenging -- Council member Margot Garcia said the city should consider ways to allow persons to legally scavenge on specific days and places at city dumps, where scavenging now is prohibited, to allow recycling of products. "What I'm looking for is a way for people to utilize things that other people throw away," she said. Adjustments -- Roy Noggle and Alice Smitherman were appointed to one-year terms tin the Tucson Board of Adjustments. Fees -- The council again postponed action on proposed increases in occupational and professional license fees until they could be discussed again in a future study session. SEE THEM WORKING! THENEWRR-6RR-4 WEDNESDAY FEB.11 --11AM-3PM 'Elaine 1 the Amana Lady will be Here Cooking Up Goodies. All Radaranges Reduced During This Demonstration TV * APPLIANCE STORE HOURS H-F 8 a.m.-8 p.m. SAT. 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Teelirv Dii is knowing your tiro insured snlo . . . insured b the Federal fid Loan Insurance Corporation, an agency of the Uniled States Government. is feelin'safe at HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS 10 Offices in Tucson Mayor Lewis C. Murphy, concerned about the beating death last week of an 18-year- old student at the Pima County Jail, has asked city administrators to investigate alternatives to the present system * of contracting with the county to house city prisoners. Murphy made the request during last night's council meeting while the council was considering a revision to the existing city-county jail contract. That revised contract was approved 5-2, with Murphy and Councilman Douglas C. Kennedy dissenting. Murphy said his vote was a protest against jail conditions. "I don't know if we have the flexibility of an alternative (to approving the revised contract) tonight . . . but I don't like it, and I don't like the county jail," Murphy said before the coniract was voted upon. The city operates no jail facilities. In 1969, responding to pressures for more governmental joint efforts, the city began paying a per diem rate to the county for jailing of all prisoners. At that time, it was claimed that the arrangement would save taxpayers $100,000 annually. However, community and council complaints of bad conditions -- usually overcrowding -- at the county jail have persisted. Murphy said he was concerned about fights and other disturbances at the main and annex jails, citing Thursday's beating and strangulation Rape trial curb moves in House Citizen Phoenix Bureau PHOENIX -- A bill banning evidence of past sexual conduct in rape trials has zippd through its first legislative committee. The House Judiciary Committee yesterday gave quick and unanimous voice approval to the bill cosponsored bv every woman in the House. The bill now .goes to the Health Committee. The bill says "specific instances, opinion . . . and reputation evidence of sexual conduct" may not be introduced in a rape trial unless the judge finds that the proposed evidence "is directly relevant to a material fact . . . and that it is not so inflammatory or prejudicial as to out- weight its probative value regarding the material fact at issue." The chief sponsor, Rep. Diane B. McCarthy, R-Glendale, said the measure is designed to reaffirm a recent State Supreme Court decision to the same effect. Other action Land fraud -- The committee .also approved legislation making land fraud punishable by up to 20 years in prison and concealing land fraud punishable by up to five years. VA Hospital -- The same committee approved legislation allowing state and local law enforcement officers to enter the federally owned Veterans A d m i n i s t r a t i o n Hospital in Tucson to exercise their police powers. Now, they are barred from the hospital because it is a federal reservation. Percy Faith, composer, dies LOS ANGELES (AP) -Percy Faith, who turned to composing and arranging music after an accident kept him from becoming a concert pianist, is dead of cancer at 67. The internationally known composer, conductor and arranger of popular music died yesterday at Valley Presbyterian Hospital. Faith was born in Canada and at 18 was studying piano at the Toronto Conservatory of Music when tragedy hit. The clothing of his 3-year- old sister caught fire and Canadian timber baron dies VANCOUVER, B.C. (UPI) -- Timber baron Harvey Reginald MacMillan, who came to British Columbia with a forestry survey crew in 1905 and stayed to establish Canada's largest forest concern, has died. He was 90. He established MacMillan Bloedel Ltd., Canada's largest forest products company with extensive interests in the United States, Britain, Europe, Australia, the Far East and South America. Widely known as simply "H. R.," MacMillan also was a noted philanthropist, scholar, shipbuilder and sports- Faith severely burned his hands beating out the flames to save the girl's life. His promising piano career gone, Faith turned instead to writing and conducting music. Faith worked cbmposing and orchestrating music and led an orchestra in the Toronto area. In the early 1930s, he was an arranger-conductor for Canadian radio. He moved to the United States in 1940 and became prominent on the airwaves here. In addition to helping singers win gold records, Faith was nominated for an Academy Award and is credited with recording more than 45 albums for Columbia, the company he joined in 1950 as musical director of its popular division. Singer Tony Bennett won three gold records with arrangements by Faith -- "Because of You," "Cold, Cold Heart" and "From Rags to Riches". Faith's composition "My Heart Cries for .You" gave Guy Mitchell a gold record and opened his singing career. "Love Me or Leave Me" won a -1955 Academy Award nomination for Faith in his first motion picture scoring effort. Survivors include his widow, Mary; a daughter, Marilyn Leonard; and four grandchildren. Services are scheduled tomorrow. Citizen Charlie's Crossword Puzzle; This list ronl.iins, nnionf; others I In- onrrrrl words nrcilrrl |o solve Qlizcn Olnrlir's iMvnr) I'liKdc No. 1 1 10-T published in llir Citizen ctttnnlav. AMOUNT C U R R Y CUSTARD DAD DYKS I-;YRS FATK GAP GROWLING HATS HITS HURRY KEEN I.ONK LONG MUSTARD PROPPKn PROWLING R E P A Y REPLY ROUSKD ROUTED SAW SKIiN sr-:w SHORTS SKIM S K I P SOW SI'KI.I. SPOOLS SPOONS SWELL TEPID W A K E WALL W A R I N K S S WAKMNKSS WAVE WELL WOOS *r»lu- ft. v v u i ) n A 8750 |ri/i- in offYrrd for thr oirrrrl *iln- tiiin. All cnlrir-K riiu-l rrai'Ji the' Cili/cn no laicr Ihiin 12 niioii on Tlim-Ml'iiy. *wmxmw#tt^^ 1 death of Paul Robert Simon, a University of Arizona freshman, in his cell at the main jail, 1300 W. Silverlake Road. Simon was arrested Jan. 29 by UA police on misdemeanor charges. His cellmate, William T. Crouch, 20, has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Simon. Normally, all persons arrested by city police are booked at the main jail and put in a holding area there until their court appearance, which must occur within 24 hours said Mark Pettit, sheriff's information officer. If they are not released after their court appearance, men charged with felonies are returned to the main jail, while those charged with misdemeanors are placed in the jail annex, he said. All women prisoners are housed at the main jail. Although arrested for misdemeanors, Simon was in the main jail because officials determined his behavior at the time of arrest made him unsuitable for the dormitory- style conditions at the annex, Pettit said. Other council members did not comment specifically on Murphy's request to look for other ways to house city prisoners, a l t h o u g h c o u n c i l member Margot Garcia did ask City Manager Joel D. Valdez to investigate conditions at the jails. Valdez said he would ask the county if city officials could investigate, but that he was not sure if he would receive approval. RELATED .STORY, Cellmate charged in killing First-degree murder charges have been filed against William T. Crouch, accused of killing his IS-year-old cellmate in the county jail last week. According to officials in the county attorney's office and the Pima County Sheriff's D e p a r t m e n t , t h e m u r d e r · charge was filed against Crouch Friday, the day after Paul R. Simon was found beaten to death in his cell at the Pima County Jail. A u t h o r i t i e s also said Crouch, 20, will be booked into the jail on the murder charge as soon as he is released from the Pima County Hospital, where he is undergoing psychiatric examinations. His release is scheduled today or tomorrow, authorities said, and he will make his initial appearance in court immediately thereafter. Simon, a University of Arizona freshman from Joliet, III., was found dead in his ! by-8-foot isolation cell which he had shared with Crouch. Simon had told University of Arizona police his name was Robert P. Ma thews when the youth was arrested last week on several m i s d e m e a n o r charges stemming from an incident on the UA campus. District 1 meeting is tonight The Tucson District 1 school board will meet tonight in a study session to look at two proposals for-alternative education of high school-age students. One involves a program for dropouts and potential dropouts; the olher would be an advanced high school where students could get more intensive study in their chosen fields. The meeting begins at 7:30 at the Morrow Education Center, 1010 E. 10th St., and is open to the public. 1 Funeral Notices . officiating. Arrangements by HUDGEL S W A N , F U N E R A L HOME, 22nd Swan. 747-2525. DEMAKOPOULOS, Tony (Tony Demas), 80, died Feb. 7, 1976. Husband of Leonia Demas; father of Dr. J. Burl Frost of Calif., and Elizabeth Louise Carl of Tucson; brother of (Catherine Georgepopoutous and Stephen Demakopoulos both of Greece; four grandchildren and four great grandchildren and 13 nieces and nephews also survive. Funeral service 10:30 a m Wed. Feb. 11 at BRtNG'S BROADWAY CHAPEL, con ducted by Elder Edmund Sears, Elder Melvin Lukens and American Legion Morgan McDermolt Posl no. 7. Burial in Tucson Memorial Park, East Lawn. Pallbearers will be Harvey Lubben, Fred Dotson, Mel Olander, Maurice Olson, Bill Hedegore, and James Pokorny. Friends may call from 2 to 8 p.m. Tues. BRING'S BROADWAY CHAPEL, 6910 E. Broadway. Mr. Demakopoulos was a member of American Legion, D.A.V., WWI Roadrunners Barracks, Ahapa Chapter 275 and the Eagles No. 180. OUPRE, Touls Harold, 76, of Tucson, passed away Feb. 9, 1976. Survived by beloved wife, Clara, of Tucson; sons, Louis J., of San Antonio, Tex., Jean, of Pa., Robert and Roger, both of Long Island; eight grandchildren; sisters, Lorraine Tucker, of LaJolla, Calif, and Zita Moreland, of Precidio, Calif. Graveside services Wednesday, 10 a.m. Holy Hope Ceme- 'tery. Friends may call Tuesday, 4 to 8 p.m. EVERGREEN MORTUARY, CEMETERY MEMORIAL PARK, N. Oracle W. Miracle Mile. EITLEMAN, Lawrence E., _., of Tucson, died February 7, 1976. Survived by wife, Helen; daughter, Mrs. William Tillits, of Wappingers Falls, N.Y.; sister, Mrs. Edith Ownes, of Lafayette, N.Y.; two grandchildren; several nieces and nephews. Mass will be celebrated 9:30 a.m. Wednesday in St. Cyrils Catholic Church. Rosary will be recited 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the PALMS MORTUARY CHAPEL. Burial will be in Tucson Memorial Park East Lawn. Friends may call at PALMS MORTUARY, 5225 E. Speedway, from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm Tuesday. INSDORFF, Dorothy E., 57, died Feb. 8, 1976. Wife of John Ensdorff; mother of Judith Stapleton of Calif., Victoria, Debra and Richard Ensdorff, all of Tucson; sister of Donald Reid and Patricia Booth, both of Mich.; two grandchildren also survive. Mass will be offered Thurs., 9 a.m. Feb. 12 al St. Francis DeSales Catholic Church, 1375 S, Camino Seco, burial in Tucson Memorial Park, East Lawn. Friends may call from 2 !o 8 p.m. Wed. at BRING'S BROADWAY CHAP- EL,j910 E. Broadway. FAIRBANKS, Rosemary ].,52, of Tucson, died February 8, 1976. Survived by husband] Charles, of Redby, Minnesota- son, Charles G. of Kiieen, Texas; daughters, Mrs. Linda Massey, Miss Sally and Miss Dorothy Fairbanks, all of. Tucson, and Mrs. Joyce Fafard, of San Antonio, Texas; sister, Mrs. Dorothy Baer, of Hazelhurst, Wisconsin; brother, Warren Hahn, of Hales Comer, Wisconsin; six grandchildren. Memorial service will be held Thursday 4 p.m. in PALMS MORTUARY CHAPEL with Mr. Paul Hutchins officiating. In lieu of flowers, donations may made to the' family of the deceased for her memorial wishes. Arrangements by PALMS MORTUARY, 5225 E. Speedway. GARCIA, Gonzalo I_, 24, passed away February 9, 1976. Son of Mr. Mrs. Lindorfe Garcia, brother of Mrs. Anna Maria Frauslo, Miss Rosita and Miss Virginia Garcia, Miguel Angel, Benjamin, and Armando Garcia. Rosary will be recited Tuesday 7:30 p.m. TUCSON MORTUARY. Mass will be offered Wednesday 9 a.m. al Sanla Cruz Church. Inlerment will follow at Holy Hope Cemetery. GOCLONT J a~cor7 W^sToTTu ~c- son passed a w a y February 9, 1976. Services and burial will take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Arangements by DEIR'S V A L L E Y F U N E R A L HOME. _ GUTIERREZ; N^; ^ passed away February 8, 1976 Survived by daughter, Frances G. Eckes; grandson, George D. Durazo; daughter, Lupita G. Durazo; great granddaughter Valerie Dominguez; cousin, Narcisa V. Ortiz. Rosary will be · held Tuesday 7 p.m. at REILLY F U N E R A L HOME CHAPEL. Mass will be held Wednesday 10:30 a.m. at Santa Cruz Church. Burial in Holy Hope Cemelery. Arrangements by Funeral Notices CAFFALI., Margaret M., 79, of Tucson passed a w a y February 9, 1976. Survived by nephew William F. May of Tucson; nieces Rita May of Chicago and Rulti Schueddig of Calif. Cousins Grace Toff and Lilian Jennings, bolh of New Hampshire. Memorial service 10 a m Wednesday at Ihe Uniterian Universalisl Church, 4831 E 22nd. Rev. David A. Johnson ^ _ _ HARRIS, George Jr., 2-1, died February 8, 1976. Survived by father mother, Mr. Mrs. George Harris, Sr. Services and interment will be held in Los Angeles, Calif. ARIZONA MORTUARY, Universily at Sione in charge of local arrangements. HUNT, Dellamere R., 79, of Tucson, diwl February S 1976 Survived by husband, Maurice I., of Tucson; sons, Paul R. of l.indcnhurst, I I I . and Jack of Mt. Prospect, I I I . ; seven grandchildren am! i wo great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be 11 :.10 a.m. Wednesday in PALMS MORTUARY CHAPEL w i t h Rev. Kenneth R. Jones of Tucson Friends Church officiating. Friends may call at PALMS MORTUARY, 5225 E. Speedway, from 2 to 4 and 7 lo 9 p.m. Tuesday. · May be someone's wanted teure Ml.... i i;

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