The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 11, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1957
Page 1
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?>i3 ;> .-<*Wf- S<v* 'F' O J s 7* fltr " (*$&. ^ '} t I 'V is^ *fy&' VM t£tt! M. ,*.* pi*/.* ,,?*«, J*f«*t •s * i^TLl a? 7S^>' 4&>Sr ^ fh»Vfi<e*6/4Hft««^ft &?• ;* -,, f -fi 1 ft v I PMS i***;' assssrm? f- .-^: refill'' ^Ygfr ticed' ja ^ife UP *AHLY AND AWA if jttul tint* diteelor, j, A. tuek piaee* t< E* r-> J*^ • tiki Irti »ri iliji.'' •>•"" >r Colorado Uuf w' Ht 94 mM)b*» at ifal Kra»«iport High Behoof IftlltT thdrW, "" tk«it ta»»i uef«, g.Whatl.f.Tln ba*t w»T Hag thett way Hospital ings oft'each of two petitions! asking for creation of a hog-! pltal district in" the western portion bf, the county. J This action follows the re- and 01 jeht B»M|ge and signing of legislation allowing the crea- ., appoinSSiW-tht court as . held *t 10 ».m.; county treasurer.... . 8,. on a petition) The appointment •> wills be- W. Lawlis and - com* Iffeeiiv* 'JfitW IS. The ring on the H. A. Fleming . » /or a Lions also •a. about ih* ttttdti Fails' ellHitiitf tt Fr«*poH> ««en it thai M i I(H fall «d Uti WWfc Set lh« Mar « pbeM ' mliiak*. "W» _____ »d 4M) call* fllM houti, ilaHirtft . h* pa»tr «di out IBtl aJttffioefl. W« e««jldfl'l |*t *ftf Work dsnt," O«. W»4 WlhpUlntd. ' - tflt 111 ftraighltflM •if »>f Puwafcw ji<n UMf tt* In. eomlntf Broi Homed Commander Wr*z was named Corn- minder of the Mattvm-Ring- gold American Legion Post SOI lif West Columbia for 19S7-M, to be installed July 1. Also 1 ' Included on the new slate art D. E. Grandstatf, first vie* cwnmandcr, D. J. Martin, tecotld vice commander; Freddie Godkiti. adjutant; , Hall Griggs, service officer; Billy office, will come up for elec- j lion again in Jul.v. 1938, with the successful uuiiHcIale taking office on Jan. 1. '1039. ^Commissioners voted to as- list in sending representatives is the retiring commander. A joint installation with the ill be held at the TE BULLETINS- WOfOfJ ~ thi AflWSiO execuWV* Cfcawii jSrorfiKM pfbmpl action an three carpenter* tiniort 'ftp ot* fiajft accused ot shmiag |78,1»« M a tight-t-kway dett' TWs includes the union pfesidsnt, M. A. SutcBes*. *h» Cited the 5th smcituintnt 132 time* in testimony Monday;' tJffAWAt Ont. — Lal<? ftturfts show c*S5*rvs,«vei e.*r8i assHorf t& are ntit nm« ift si But lac* at t m«<ority feft no party in control, •irA$HifoOTOW ->. ftserthower's latest illness t*Mf M a h#*f triotfty for legislation to wfttS r jiresidttil i* unable to peffofln hit dulls, ,v»ASHIfi$TOt» — Elsenhower ha« "virtually *r*d" but will m»kt no engagements today, the Whit* Hotfee sty* today , 111. — A tonwdo'i two-mile path • j-,mt,m«sed tfifo capital Sly Mrly today M a squall lint *Iaaimed into the upper'Mississippi Valfey. , ^WASHINGTON -t QtMwtt glitabeta and Kin* ttiilif havt? accepted an invitation to visit 'ttie V. §., tentatively on Oct. 18. ' WASHINGTON — n»e Army say* » ha*a mu«ut tBsi will knock down low.flylri* aircraft. PrevloOsiy,- tn*y had developed mi*411e defeam agalnit plar.ei. WASHINGTON — *J»eflliower returnM to hte d«k it tO a.m. today. He wu to go through mail, buf not to receive of/lcial eallerx. CHIcmWTtR, Eng. ~ British police maintained secrecy on study of a headless frogmjin believed to be Lionel Cribb. but there were Mnto the U. S. Navy might b* involved. * BP teen Canteen Optning Tonight popular «a»e» win sedan, ca.-n-jp.nv #nd< rewali*, opts*, io and white ill p.m. on w«elc nlihts, at a, gate prize. fit will be open until 11 planning a bath- on Saturday nighta. Tex., Angleton, died Monday at John Sealy Hospital in He wan '84, and htd bp»n in 111 health for tevera! month*. , Services ar« 3 p.m. Wednwday a't the First Awembly of God - Church in Angleton, with ljte pastor, the Rev. D. V. Hoblson, offie t *t> ing. Interment will be m Ar.gU. ' ton Cemetery, under the dli-ec. tion of the Angleton funa.-al Home. He is survived ter. Mrs. J. O. Meyer, of Ang- lelon, three sona, Emejl -of Oanado, Walter «fld Pa- 1 ,»r, of Angleton: three grandchildren and three gmt-imn"- children; one sister, Mrs. T. J, XlBttk o( Dstlsi; and sin bro. thars,' Frltt and H«rm*n of Hobaon, Tex., Out of Need* vjlje, Hobart Of Houston, Hari- ry of McAllen. and Ed ot Vemon. T '•** Around Ridar Control this summer. As was the cs the Canteen will 1 the Braiosport Music HSlt A, pong, checkers The of .«. L this |,roj.ecl. U in the for their atCf in such m the and West Col •whose use the bill was intend BRlsaURO, Pa Peoo«yfvanl« struCtton Deparuwui en «%age from its Und begun issuing t« Ita employes. The tired from farming at Ganado. clency reports," 20 rears ego to mov* to *«*ng offlctala' wcr * permlj, «rant«d ttfird Statement fe Called 'Lew Blow' for U.S. By USE MCHoLS ,/ United* J»tt« Stflft dmeipeiutatt mo T ON ,~- m *- A high detents dtt, a bombshell in the Gtfartf caw today By dis» goveriMSeftt evident that QI WiliiAft S. $&' * Jap<weie wamari dossr «>«. wit. ------ <Mrard'< 'American soldief^eotnpanidn Hade it appear th* p*fiiali«t 3-C IMe eiviliant prior to nil drtd act Gifard had been ordered to uard a machine gun emplacement on a firing rang* in ja> ian where Japanese were ae-> usomed to pick Up fired *helU & tell »'« icrap. The. defetiie council taid th« vldence showed Girard en. Iced the Japanese closer to he guarded area "by throw* ng them expended shell ett- killed He called it "one of ffie *t possible -blows,'' tafiliy chaff*" 'tSat daftiage the tt ' United States the wrrld. tfoting Girard's _„.. genefal certified" ih* __ H» duty status when Soli Mr*. Sakai, Carroll told United Press "somebody is "I." ,, He said if the government hai it* information it euuifil about "enticemett" and sdlj turns Girard over to Japto "they're really throwirtt: to the wolves." He said Japanese do not allow, examination, and witnesses-to the charge "could be Icing.*.,' Carroll said Dechert'*. dU» closure raises a "question 'M Met" and makes it imperifly* return trt6 KB* ?l — W — .._„ : thr*e feet :«*, *tfHHmM 'Srturday to Ann* Burrough, U; and five in feet six ioehe* taU,-,^We are in Senior -With tov<«ndMir-* ——"-^ ^-... last be held and' ^ ... „. «Bd hopes Girsrd'a " ma else, 1 ? !,?>!. de • th«n fired a shot that Mrs. Naka Sakai. depertttM Turn Duly (fo. one savs he deliberate. y IHHed the woman," Dechert aid, But he added the Ottawa, 11., soldier's action was "such complete departure from hif uty... thst he could not have eeri wxisidered 'on du'y." Japan, to whose jurisdiction i* United States has sun-en- ered Girard, has made the ami.he enticed the Japanese shell gatherers. But .heretofore, this country a« said only that Girard de* nied th* charge. Oeehert's surprise statement mounted io'a bombshell in the 'Previously, Defense Depart- had indicated revaal evi- Glrard for fearjtween the. city and the firm; his Dannenbsum-Walsh' coh< .tatantM ^outu. ; .',. .„ . jcerning the new Water 'and Att«rn*y Oliver Caich, fewer disposal plant for th* begin at 5 pA today to a\>6id ifliet with the AnglelJtf Club Ladteo' Night' p: also scheduled for 1 nlfht. ** Other items to be di« include a reauest f or th n«x»tion of the Shady >___.. Subdivi.'ion into the corporaw battled OI to this eountrjt testify and cross-examine' nesses. Engineerina i ^sF ^^ •*». Agreement On Council List I Among the items listed'- tttt study and action by tne AhJJ leton City Council a< tt*'ie»-^ utar meeting today will ,6e^ enaineering agreement ' country - before Judge Joseph today, told ;know Mr. Dechert ;*to say that." tilling Words tart'?. Carroll of New York, chief American coun- iUced Dechett's state- Most biting Urms. Council: ty and attendance, eludes personal ttlative and , h ment and comra ty. lntem«enc«K» «(C«cUvan«M in meettng dead- regc".' Pvt.Gaorw H*.'Cahnori, son' of Mr. and Mrs. Xtnwr M. Can- , non Sr.. Route 1, Amdeton. Ifl recelvini «tht WMta of basic 1 .tralrdnf with the 4th Law. %T- •ITi—l.. MO fulfil HOLLYWOOD —«*— police rushed for tbKrule tor club is nor told on a current claim that radar is developed ware-enough la cufcbjnt speeders to •at-,tepUc« 'tried-and eKective" an- methods. .'* ;l ; . secre- J. MaxweH Smith, president pipeline of the Kiystin* tha court Club, said' * ~ hasty In .gadgets . t Smith's 'recent Building Plans Are Nearer limits; a study of petsonM property, tax aMessments" collection* on automobiles; ! nppointments to the '.onlna; 'board of adjustment:- and ^a proposed slfdy on tne keep? ing of livestock and poultry m the city limits. . ~ Recommendation for change !n the city's electrical code. 'will be presented, and bl Is for A superior ratjiAt. indicates that a pay raise U in order, An unsatisfactory ntUtt means movie. n~.,.. Oeora. Smith added, Automobile; The Brazosport Council of iwmbers found not be tnr presidents was a stop nearer! held at now Monday. enforcement to their project of providing a ; Arnold . Hathias, building for welttra work, for the orfanixattoa, raporud related'to a tvote by Oov. traffic council bo legal- fnforcement in convinced." the devel- thatan,«mpla»J tor Sun Data Sets today at 7:JJ p.m. . The desk sergeant found a cl- jopment of radar has reached a ty ordinance which forbids wearing bathing suits on city Rises Wednesday at"}:30 a.m.' streets—but not a Word about Seta Wednesday. aV T:S) pjn. I nightgowns. whtjf H <»n bo s^id Io fairly and accurately do the job claimed foFit ai a medium of speed lawt; enforcement." VROMAN, 12Migr at e meeting that contributions had reached i **""£',"?* T 11 . 1 ..?*, nday, ;a toul of $115.for the build-i»' on «* lth «"« """•> < treasurer ing, wh$«h will be used to store j busineff. reported used clothing in various drives. ,^=3=- iheld during the year. ; The building, itself was up: for discussion during the meet-1 ing, end It wax agreed among j members that if it were completed, iti.use would be ra-1 stricUd to welfare projects. Another project of tha club, one of the originals that retul;-; •d in thf organisation being! formed, was begun at the meeting when the Rev. Law- i Klwauis that questionnaires be are ,»- J. 1 Twelve migrant larm workers when to er tha bodice. All had not been removed from the seen* by 9 a.m. cat. Tha Sttur freight was en- nute from Putblo to La Juru. It was being held at the cratb kite antil all th« bodies were removed. < * . To: sUta, ualrbl saj» th* truck was a mass v o( twisted stea). Most of the victim* were thrown ci**r by 'he impact. , Several «£$* live wrvr.ors taken to tb* Rocky Ford and ra Junta hiiu>tals, were no* expeclei to 11*. Authoritier (aid thero wejH) about Ji per- rnne on Uie tr«ck. Western Auto tt fretport. . . °" * Factf Prootreadar LKR,, ,.„ -^^. »VHP was welcomed back to Rpcky ford, vor#- ibjli (W.fek aftor belfis! idudM) ntefu ' toilTaVsspart of l#»t weak, <., bat "aom* TrUeThUt trut, Hov»U»'s "'- m *will .b^Lakt Jftlwon's QUINN tnd th*ir lhr«* until sons dupart for jfeUwstoo MNH to a .ntw |4li for Oave. , . ,y There'! aa anjilvarsary today. all from Badi»s. W*p JtfWteit ter»Tlw <r%mW fJH Mrs. iyth Resigns: TB Group Seeks Secretary Ifoethmyi , • resignation aa iryoftneBn Tubercylosii refiilar hat staled that during tke niittjn* LyUf ««rved «( . ^va'SwretaryTtb* """ Coiui-itipn and CM* «t"~-——~——•*• grams hav* f^ forward very Mrs, 8(PW«yii»« said **t re- p^lptc ffom tHf €brly^iy^§ S^#i S»li h»v» itteraasod each year, enabling gte fB control program to nsani both in work and servioii,, J s were cnicktfl i Police Report ; Police Unit* -w - fraoMrtj Clute and Laka Jackson Tfparn ed no accident* inside thaU city limits over U»* past M hour pariod. 1 * ^KWf i^** 1 W*TW^- w^^^t W TII Hi nttnr Tl»nr m I |>lfi tt 8otltbwe«tcrn Bell Tele ^ in brief wW be local delegates t« thf «»d annuai convention of Vf wania International to ."tl«; * C ^ '"» *•• -' r« M take of ovvnu. Through this, an or- The take Jackson Kmeraen* (MUiatton hoWiS)g an event at cy Car answered a call -at dlt* will be abl» to around 7:45 p.m. Monday, |o> btforttwnd any oth- ; ilt« to m Jasmine, home of «r fooflicting eyont. \ the M. R. BeaM, Bean's wothv> Tito calendar will probably er, • o was ill, was taken ta? b« posted with tbe Bruoiporl Do Hospital. ^ ..2 of Cwunercc when hbrid. «aiv agi U? -w«. stflw^ " WM r *'°^ hw » ** A few hwrs later tha brl4»-, the cofljnUtte. on » newl om«r, for th, wm-i meatin, Monday ,! *<«

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