Independent from Long Beach, California on January 21, 1975 · Page 31
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 31

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1975
Page 31
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Ct^lNDfKNDENT(AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) UMtMCk,C«M u Tw«.,JM.ll, im CLASSIFIID HIM«» Job-screening plan for officials urged "*·;'. n« vni?i OVUAW T 1 a*J 11-UJU LJItJll*11 MJ - Our L.A. Bureau Supervisor Ed Edelman ical data including cduca- I^ proposed a new lion, professional business phti for screening county experience and civic ac- dbtflmissioners that would t i v i t i e s ; a financial i.jj elude financial disclo- disclosure dealing with and a waiver allow- information that might re- iiig a nonpolitical back- suit in the appointee bene- topund check by the Sher- filing from any action on Ef'i Department. a particular commission; ptfelman came up with a form explaining conflict the^plan after Supervisors of interest and a pledge to P,etc Schabamm and Bax- refrain from voting should t'er W a r d had earlier this arise; and a waiver presented proposals of permitting a s h e r i f f ' s their own for screening background check, commissioners. Edelman said all infor- .;His plan represents a mation except the sher- c«mbination of their iff's report would become thoughts plus some ideas public and the nomination of h'is own, Edelman said. then would be placed on the agenda for an upeom- , IN THE past, a supervi- ing public meeting so a · s"*6f would simply nomi- hearing could be eonduct- nate someone for a com- ed if one were requested, mission appointment and There now are 102 coun- the nomination would ty commissions with some usually be approved with- 1,250 appointees. The out debate. majority serve without Edelman said he felt pay while fees for others that supervisors, the range from $10 to $100 per press and the public ought meeting, to .have information on Edelman noted there commission nominees and might be criticism that time to digest it before the economic disclosure the appointments are would be considered an voted on. invasion of privacy. But, Under his plan, a super- he said, his proposal does visor would make a public not call for total disclo- nomination and the mat- sure and is limited only to ter.would then be referred dealings that could be af- to the executive office, fected by commission ac- which would begin the lion, screening process. Edelman is expected to THIS would involve present his plan to the completion of biograph- board today. - .-- -v^ --- - - T'TT--lTT'Ca A TSTT^ ·~^-^-^\^~ _L _L-LJ.tiito _r-\. -LN JLJ W E A T H E R FORECAST LonB B«ch Area: Foagv near the coast early today. Otherwise lair through Wednesday. High today in the low 70s. High Wednesday 75 to BO. Overnight lows near so OrlMe County Metropolitan Ar«: Local dense fog early today bul olherwisp (air through - Wednesday. Warmer Wednesday. Overnight lows J7 to 53. Highs today in Ihe low 70s. ' Highs Wednesday In the upper 70s. Mountain Artas: Fair and cooler through Wednesday. Highs loday and Wednesday in ttw SOs Overniohl lows M to aS Deser] Regions: Fair through Wednesday. Highs loday and Wednesday in the 60s lor UPDC ." deserts and 70s tor lower deserls Overnighl lows 25 lo *0 lor upper deserts and in the «0s for lower deserts. ·'* nuch change in temperalure. Overnishl lows in the JDs. Highs today and Wednesday in the 70s. ' ' winds at less than 10 Knots this morning becoming westerly at fl to IS knols this sciuihern waters lonigtil. Otherwise lair weather SUN, MOON AND TIDES Today.'s sunrise: 7 Oi a m Sunset: S:70 o m Mwnrlse: II :JB a.m Wednesday's sunrise: 7 03a.m Sunset: S:I1 p.m. Moonrise: 1!:33 p.m. Today's tides: Highs: 7 teel at 3:77 a.m. and 3.7 tee! al 5:« p.m. Lows: 11 leet at 1I:U a m and 2 1 tec! a! v-?o p.m Wednesday's tides: Highs: 5 1 feet at o a m . and 3 0 tee! at 6 - j s p m. Lows: 0 4 lee! al U 11 t m and 7 ifeel at 10 39 Dm Long Beach sea temperature: SB MONDAY'S WEATHER REPORTS California H L Prc. H I. Prc. Loro Beacn 73 W Newport Bearti i7 JB Balcrsl.eld 50 31 Riverside 81 « Bishop . 73 ?5 Sacramento JS 38 Blvlhe 73 I] San Bernardino 76 39 Bitrbank . 76 SO San Dtego 75 49 ElCentro 75 10 San Francisco 58 II Fresno . . . 46 3fi Santa Ana B5 38 Lake Arrowhead SB 35 Santa Barbara 67 42 Across the Nation H L Prc. H L Prc. ·AIDuQuerque 45 19 Miami Beach 87 70 Atlanta 41 34 .43 MilwauKee 21 2 Bismarck « 21 Mips -S!. Paul 20 12 ·p?Ston ?9 72 .16 New York 37 IB 4! Bjtfalo 15 7 Oklahoma City 55 IB · Chicago , 73 1* Omaha 37 -- Denver . . 63 30 Phoenii 75 41 Des Moines 28 -fl Piltsburgh 70 IS .04 OttrrH 71 ( Portland. Me 71 ' f ilrMnks H 0 .01 Portland, Ore 49 3s .03 Fe-l-Worlh S4 75 Reno M 22 H«T» 43 26 .06 Richmond 47 22 .82 Honolulu SI 60 SI Louis 30 S Indianaoolis 36 6 Sal! Lake City . 44 13 K a n s a s C i t i 35 0 Seattle 45 37 .16 Las veoas (S 36 Spokane 37 31 Mmonis 35 24 Washington 37 22 63 - Canada H L Prc. H I Prc. Eono^lon 34 33 Montreal 6 -25 iHiohesi Temper'alurc Wendfy in the 46 adiaceni states was §5" at Fort Falls, v.mnesota. (SjVEOG- I^EFORrrj ,.H,e Air Pollution Control District MONDAY'S SMOG PEAKS ° el The APCD issued the following fore- "«"* ^"f 00 "^ casiToV atmospheric conditions: "' L " 1 .,····-.-, ,, ,,' , OJDne -- Maximum levels of 05 to ;; -r; ,?r, " ., · 7 %, \B parts per million in most areas and c x ,'°i s n- - r ^f " '« '(( 'TM 15 Wide west San Gabriel Valley. Sulphur Diovioe .03 .17 M ^r-vx: effect^ -- Lioht ^rnoa oene'ai- Readings are per million parts of air i y " ^ , ^" * ' Icpm). California standards are ev -^Visibiiitv -- Lc-.veM visiDiiitv wner- ceeded *hen oiooe reaches a count o a'v three to six miles and eight" to 10 K PPm 'or an hour, or when carbon rriles in the San Fername Valley. monwde reaches 5.0 ppm any time. 3STA."VY SPIIFS .. ' ~ 'DI»A k:w O'-'sk.ii'v DD1 NSY L3VL'3a n e r s . r u " ^, _ . . M-V Cc-.'tant . .. Pie-s. Savsinosc Qwilet Pier2, N»Y Ti.,^ pi* r i NSY pL'atort Pier «, Navsuppac Hartmona" I.'.':.'.;; Pier I. NSY Pluck Al Larson Boat Shoo r rr.TOnd Pie' : NSY H.VWC Pertti (»l*t! Pier !, NSY h-'-'Kje'son Pi?' 3 NSY Pledoe Pier 9, Navsupoac HiMicte* B a tr.|oh-vi *·*=! Phoebe Pier 9. Navsuopac Hul'" Pier : NSY P' Lc-na ... FeHov.-s-Stev.-an Shipyard Marvn Shields '".'.'.'. P.U ?. Navsuow: St Louis P«r 9. NavsuKJK J:nTS. .'.VrCan Pie- ;. NSY Wicvtita Pie- 3. NSY ! f^^j T.^^r TT T_^ ^v *?"")) T^3 ^T"^C 7" k\ *T ^^* ! P"^ _Jli^JL -L iJ»i~ -- ^^Vini . f TJ" ^^\-T-L ^T .-JLJ-ilL-r.-.-lfr-iJ, -1 " v*^M j ---j,, : " j i' *^Tf*^n "^^3 ^V i ^ ' "J 1 ^ ^t ^mH3 TIi^^ CM! · ji 111 1^ j j^ i j '""tjtrjfci. ..Cvr ^M *-ri.mfJ Jw y/ JCiVi IK..... ^··Blfiff' ACTIVE V E S S E L S IN PORT Comciled By Marine Exct\an9e VfSif ! Bertn Owraior Due lo Sail For £ir.aV*-"'tiL.'» t . . l-A-A_;r_ C ^ ' ^ O ^ C c 1 71 Va^'«" Columi'. ?·,*'·: trt 1 . C-'. i-^^c-?* 1 : Vaaw - . .. l I*. Va.xxv.v FQSSjC^;^ 1 . - .- "i Fc« i-3..'';h i T.,"5 .... ... '· X. ViVJfJ GlyJdCia Sum---' ' C , ' i_B;,l Y S LV , . 1 H. G.S^T-3i Go'deresr LB*E Caht Mant-me \ X Ba'bw Hotlts Heffix-rg 'B'l , ,. 77; Cayman IM V«w- 1 13. S*a Iberian Reefer 'L.I S5 Uv!;en Pe^isj.j' it-;. A^xiia^xJ lOaro . i: 1 ? S'aies lir* i :* S Frai. jaiamohan (if LS?i k-ndia S'esn Sat I 73 S fan Keiten Maru Uai .. , ?33 GcvlOlJawi . . . 1 73. h^iMjiy take PalouJ't n-"t 1 ... i; Barrscuds TAP* .. 1 "~. Krora, is LompOkMtfel . . . u; Henav inn Co I T ' Po-' S Luis Moch.calPvl . .. :s:D ReUtg E»e--«s 1 7!, Baitw MoiiWlPafM . . , LB2 So LtQjto Camer* 1 11. Cu'ixo NC-t.atem(ql . . 1C! SAuwBrw Tc-vinq Co . . . . IMH Hordland (Gti .. . 18?OS Std Fruit $ S Co . . . . 1 ?S. 1;*.tO NOftbem r xie (!.! L57S Cr-^e.^ Lot ] ". Vc»!oj'aK NootKfl Cdrnf - C a b g ) . . LBS3 Ct\i«t8n Tra^co'l Co . IrKW*. Pocw (ft) 'w S^bir* Tra-^, 1 :i. \Vsrtio« Pennnwr 731 Calmar LIW . . . . i 72 R.cmx*^ PfttWen? p#r C r - ^ ^^'' P f « ^\ :i, O^.arxl Texaco WiSS'iSWi f t i 7,V T(-*sCf. 'f*c !^^ ! ^t·K^^tO New Jcrwy l') , - LbW UKO, 'rr . ina-i ViCtoro (Br) lfi?;i B^mn S'«: 1 ?\ CWMaM K r t M t Q B r o v i a ( N o ) . LB?Si R t l i a i S C o l T. S Ow Amtncan Legion .. . LB73C- US Lim-i J .X. Sjv.ionji Veuti From Operator Btrtti ftnatrimiihipfU) Ctw.Mo K L.w . . !*OA DA VoTfl/s^o ii' i i LflidfO Cflrflf~fts I'a'tfln Litv . . '·'3 Hfl«vfl'i'fiflEMrr(flW Moftoluty Matvon HflvnMto" Cc. _ f ,...'.. · _jX£ tlaynstuKnnr C/iiru ho J iJtil WduoiN Prlimrmitv C«tm'iS SVC ** MAAUT! Wriia (Col San Jew Dr Gu«». GiafKOtombia^a Line . IB!* Kcdllovd Kcmblft (Dul San f tartcisto Ntditovd L.m-i 7M Af^nni rTMi,f.» M n iCftfw Afifn! OvrrWAV fnntAtiX^ LBi-'J President Jot.nirT ' '."..' . YoVohsma Amorttan Pffiidenl imcs 71* f fi i ftr P.rft-jy.iy /Of! C0'n" MArv!»M TriM A fi '*·. f ft ' W * [ · [ · ( · t [ · t E 0 o^ 0 [_ £ ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ _ o · t f PC 0 vH) . -- (V (SIT 1 OQ\ / J f?3 1 ja, g9 I 3 1 D t · t · t · t · ObituiricvFuneralt 3 h ABEKNATHY, Ethel M. Age 59 of Long Beach. Died Sunday. Survived by husband, Joseph R.; daughter, Lynda L. Manson; grandson, Jeffrey Manson. Service Thursday, 10:30 a.m. in the Chapel of B.W. Coon Funeral Home, 10th Obispo, 433-5717. AMICO, Anthony. John A. Mies, Bellflower Mortuary, 867-1778. ANDERSON, Michael Brothers Mortuary, 244 Redondo Ave, 438-1145. ANDREWS, Catherine M. Utter-McKinley, Lakewood. Of Santa Fe Springs. Survived by parents, Jerome A. and Paula Barlow; sister, Lisa; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Barlow, Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Sass. G r a v e s i d e s e r v i c e s Tuesday 11:30 a.m., Little Lake Cemetery, ben Family Mortuary Directors. BILLMAN, Frankie H. John A. Mies, Bellflower Mortuary, 867-1778. BOULDEN, Robert M. S e r v i c e s W e d n e s d a y 2 : 0 0 p.m, Sunnyside Park Cnapel directed by Motlell's Mortuary. BRADLEY, Bertha Irene. Survived by sons, Ralph and Thomas; brother, George Thompson; sisters, Opal Miller and Elsie Douglass. Services Wednesday 11:00 a.m., Sunnyside Mortuary Mission Chapel, Sunnyside BRADY, Gertrude. Rosary Wednesday 7:30 p.m. and Mass Thursday ,at 9:00 a.m., both at St. A t h a n a s i u s Catholic Church. Interment, All Souls Cemetery, Long Beach. Moreland Mortuary, Lynwood, Directing. BROWN, Gertrude L. Survived by son, Jessie E. Miller; daughter, Blanche Hudson; son-in- law, Jim L. Hudson; sister, Mrs. Ruby Adams; grandson, Dan A. Hudson ; granddaughter, Sylvia L. Blessing; great- granddaughter, Sheila Blessing. Service Thurs- dav, 1:00 p.m. Dilday Family Chapel, 1250 BUNTIN, Lillie Alice. Services will be Tuesday at 11:00 a.m., Grace Chapel, Inglewood Park C e m e t e r y . Hunter Mortuary directors BUTLER, Bail S. Survived by cousin Harriett Stopnik; nephew, Kenneth Templeton. Service Thursday, 10:00 a.m. Dilday Family Chapel, 1250 Pacific Ave. COLLINS, LeRoy V. Service Tuesday (today), 12 noon in the Church of Our Fathers, Forest Lawn, Cypress. Dilday Family Funeral Directors in charge. DAMUTH, Carl J. John A. Mies, Bellflower Mortuary, 8674778. DiJULIO, Helen Louise. Service and Interment in Mount Hollv Springs, Penn. Sheelar/StricHin Mortuary in charge of local arrangements. FALCONER, Sara E. Brothers Mortuary, 244 Redondo Ave, 438-1145. FALCONER, Sara Elizabeth. Beloved wife of Daniel V. Falconer passed a w a v Januarv Win. 1975. Survived by nusband: and daughter. Susan Falconer of Manhattan Beach: mother, Mrs. Mary L. White of Pacific Grove. Calif.: sister, Mrs. Jean Sell of Burklcv. Calif. Memorial Service Tuesday 3:00 p.m. at St. Cross Church. 1818 Monterey Blvd.. Hermosa Beach. Donations to The Braile I n s t i t u t e of Orange Count v, 527 No. Dale Ave Anaheim, 92801. FRANK, Marie P. (461 Survived bv daughter, K a t h e r i n e Francia. Funeral mass this momma ; 8:00 a.m. at St. Margaret Marv Catholic Church in Lometa. Interment, St. Joseph's Cemetery, Hackensack, New Jersev, under the direction of the Luyben Family Mortuary. HOLGERSON, Margaret. 7-16-17 to 1-1975. Beloved douehter of Mrs. Nola Philfiber. A lone time resident of Southern California where for a number of years she was employed as a dietician. Survived bv many friends and relatives too numerous to mention. Service Tuesday (today!, 10:00 a.m. in Patterson Snively Chapel. · ObiluarievFurwrals S 9f_ ?ftffl~@fl GEARY, Lulu C. Age 87, passed away in Tuscon, Arizona on Sunday. Survived by- sons, George Geary of Seattle, Washington, Charles G e a r y of Yucaipa; Drother, Robert Geary, S.M. of Kenya, Africa; daughters, Catherine Uhl of Long Beach and Lucille Lennon of Tuscon, Arizona; sister, rlazel Mooney of Hastings, N e b r a s k a ; '10 grandchildren; and 6 'real grandchildren. Service Thursday 10:00 a.m. Sheelar/Stricklin Chapel. Family suggests contributions to Hand Maker's Nursing Home, 2221 No. Rosemont Ave., Tuscon, Arizona. HAMID, Dolores. Brothers Mortuary, 244 Redondo Ave 438-1145 HOLMES, Ina Louise. Of Long Beach. Passed away January 20th. Survived by 4 daughters, Eunice Baucom, Anne Williams, Haskell Holmes and Frances Yates; 2 sons, Conrad Holmes and Carol Holmes; 1 brother, William B. Floyd; 6 sisters, Wilma, Rachael, Elfreida, Rosa, Marilyn and Ercille; 15 grandchildren; 14 great grandchildren; 1 great great grandchild. Memorial services Tuesday January 21st, 7:30 p.m., Peek Family Colonial Funeral Home. HOWELL, Ethel Leola. Services Tuesday 10:00 a.m., Mottell's Mortuary. JONITIAS, Craig. Sun- nysideMortuary, 4 2 4 1631. JORGENSEN, Mae. Private services were held by Patterson Snively Mortuary. KENNEDY, Norma L. Of Long Beach, Passed away January 19th. Survived by husband, Gordon; daughters, Barbara Davis and Mrs. Duncan Mclntosh. Service Tuesday (today), 2:00 p.m. Brothers Chapel. Entombment Fairmont Memorial Park, Denver, Colorado. Directed by Brothers Mortuary, 244 Redondo Ave, 438-1145. KISSINGER, Clara Alice. Services Wednesday 11:00 a.m.-, . Hunter Mortuary Chapel. KLEIN, Herman. Glasband Willen, Long Beach Mortuary. (4361273). KOCH, Rebecca Margaret. Age 59, passed away Saturday. Survived by husband, Kenneth; daughter, Karen Ingram; brother, Lyle Kelley. Rosary was held Monday 7:30 p.m., St. al toss today, Tuesday 10:00 a.m. at St. Joseph's Church. Sheelar/ Stricklin Mortuary in charge of arrangements. LEWIS, Sandra Dee. Infant daughter of Hazel Lewis; other survivors, grandfather. Virgil Lewis and grandmother, Elizabeth Lewis. Graveside service Wednesday 1:00 p.m.. Forest Lawn- C y p r e s s directed by Motlell's Mortuary. LLOYD, Lewis M. Loving husband of Virginia: brother of Marshall Lloyd and LaVon Bover. Services Thursday January 23rd at 1:30 p.m., Utter-McKinley Lakewood Mortuary. Family requests donations to Cancer Society. MILLS, Rov C. Sunnyside mOrutayr 424-1631. MORRIS, Colista Julina. (74) Of San Luis Obispo. Survived by son. Bob H. Morris of Long Beach; daughters. Billie R. Miller and Thelma V. Harrison, D o w n e y ; brother, Charles Bruner; sister, Myrtle Sixkiller; 16 grandchildren; 2 great grandchildren. Graveside services Thursday 2:00 p.m., Arroyo Grande Cemetery, San Louis Obispo. Luyben Family Mortuary Funeral Directors. PAULOS, Angelus. Survived by wife, Margaret; daughters, Ellen Rode and Rather- ne Weigand; 7 grandchildren; and sister, Marv Tindall. Service Tuesday (today), 2:00 p.m. ft reek Orthodox Church. Dilday Family Funerol Directors in charge PETERSON, Mary. Service and interment Youngstown, Ohio. Brothers Mortuary', 244 Redondo Ave, 438-1145. PR1GGEE, Una M. SUNNYSIDEMORTU- ARY. 424-1631. Obituaries-Funerals 5 NICKLE, Stanton H. Passed away January 18, 1975. Ke is survived by his wife, Leota; daughter, Mrs. Penny Phitnower; granddaughter, Amber Lee Philhower; mother. Nellie Cass; brother, Clifford Nickle; and sister, Marjorie Frazier. Mr. Nickle was a member of the Long Beach Pharmaceutical Association and the Masonic Lodge No. 327. Masonic Memorial Services will be held Tuesday, January 21 1975 at 3:00 p.m. at Westminster Memorial Park Chapel. Family suggests donations to Memorial Fund Long Beach Pharmaceutical Association or favorite charity. RADKE, Estelle M. Graveside service Friday 11:00 a.m., Hillside Memorial Park, Redlands, Calif., directed by Mottell's Mortuary. Friends may call Wednesday evening and tell's Mortuary. RAMSEY, Suda L. Passed away Saturday in Long Beach. Beloved father of Janis Thiessen; sister of Aaron Speer and Esther Krec. Memorial services 9:00 a.m. Wednesday, Church of Our Fathers, Forest Lawn-Cypress, Forest Lawn-Cypress Directing. Family suggests donations be made to the American Cancer Society. ROBERTS, Irma A. Dilday Family Funeral Directors, 436-9024. ROBLES, Angelita M. (77) of Bellflower. Survived by sons, Roy, Arnold, and Manuel Robles; daughters, Mary R. Pacheco, Molly Shoemaker, Rosario Wilcox and Carmen Galaz; 13 grandchildren. Rosary Tuesday, .8: 15 p.m. and Funeral Mass Wednesday 9 : 0 0 a.m., both at St. Pancratius Catholic Church. Luyben FamilyMortuary dij-ect- ing. SEELEY, Christine. John A. Mies, Bellflower Mortuary, 867-1778. SHEFFER, George R. Of Long Beach. Passed away January 17th, age 67. He is survived by his wife, Doreen; daughter, Mrs-. Janice Hanson; grandsons,. Kim and Scott Hanson. Service Wednesday, 11:00 a.m. Rose Hills Memorial Park. John A: Mies:, Paramount Mortuary, 633-1164 directing. SHIELDS, Cecil R. Graveside service Wednesday, 11:00 a.m. Fairhaven Cemetery. Dilday Family Funeral Directors in charge. SOLIS, Osbaldo G. Of Bellflower, passed away January 17th. Survived by his wife Andrea ; and sister, Nellie Anguiano. Funeral s e r v i c e s on Wednesday 11:00 a.m., White's Funeral Home, Bellflower. THACKER, Barbara. Brothers Mortuary, 244 Redondo Ave, 438-1145. THOMAS, Wilma Bleasdale. (40) Of Seal Beach. Services pending. Luyben Family Mortuary, 425-6401. VANDERHOOF, Mabel . Age 92. Passed away Saturday. Survived by niece, Mrs. Marian Kostka. Services Tuesday (today), 2:00 p.m. with Rev. Clarence Miller officiating in Patterson Snively Chapel. WILBUR, Emslie L. Dilday Family Funeral Directors, 436-9024, WOODY, May. Mottell's Mortuary, 436-2284. Funeral Directors 10 /"SUNNYSIDE ^i [MEMORIAL GARDENS i CEMETERY -MORTUARY CREMATION -CHAPELS FLOWER SHOP 4725 CHERRY AVENUE LONG BEACH, CA 90807 PHONE (213) 424-1631 FAMILY Q Funeral Directors. SINCE 1926 LONg BEACH LAKEWOOO nt-ow* H l-ftjll WESTMINSTER MEMORIAL PARK MOKlUAKY-CtMtltKY In Westminster 43)457? BELLFLOWER MORTUARY JMwA Mies 10JU Akxwra Bl 8ELLFLOWER 8M-U78 Luyben Family Mortuary SHI Arbor Rd. iTS-wi (Lakewtt-d Village) Long Beach Fgnerai Directors " Utter-McKinley XIM9M WHITE'S FUNERAL HOME 9903 E'. Flower, Belltl- 8«7-27al BROTHERS MORTUARY (71O 8C-777I (2131 438-1115 B W COON FUNERAL HOME 101; OBISPO 133-5717 ROSE HILLS MORTUARY 6W-0921 723-5391 Florists 15 FLOWERS ALL OCCASIONS FAST SERVICE · VICTOR'S FLOWERS 4333 South St., Lakewood 925-6676 4362 Lincoln, Cypress (714) mm Cemeteries and Mausoleums 20 2 CHOICE Crypts. Angeles Abby, Compton. W. Mezzanine. Main Bldg. Opening closing incl n COMPANION Lawn Crypt, Garden Of Protection, Forest Lawn, Cy- TWO 'Crypts in Westminster Memorial Park. Save MOO now. Bv Owner, Call for infor (7U 534-7130 Cremation 23 TELOPHASE SOCIETY NOW serving Orange County The original low-cyst complete CREMATION SERVICE Longest established largest group not undertaker affiliates ' Dignity, integrity, Economy For information or service (714) 956-8340 (24 Hrs.) No salesman will call Rory Macdonald Mgr. 1201 E. Ball Rd. Anaheim CREMATION $250 Complete With Certified Disposition of Ashes. Ask about our pre- need plan. No Membership Required. Day or Night. Call (213) 867-1770 ·IB Announcements 35 LARRY REICHNER STUDIO Comm'l, Legal, 1D' Portraiture Ask for Charles 435-2211 PEP up your parlies with fantastic music, dancing singing! Call 4391274 or 436-5504 for info! FIND IT FAST IN THE YELLOW PAGES INCORPORATED Income Tax 38 IMMEDIATE INCOME TAX REFUND IF QUALIFIED TREIGER, SEXTON ASSOC., INC. (213) 597-0356 (213) 372-7996 SINCE '53, . 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Many alternatives to choose from Male Female Sterilization Birth Control info available. Pregnancy Testing. CALIFORNIA PREGNANCY COUNSELORING SERVICE, INC. A non-profit Agency (213) 233-5123 or (714) 642-4436 (714$ 956-3400 CALL COLLECT Se habla espanol LOWEST FEE MARITAL DIFFERENCES UNTIE THE KNOT YOURSELF WE TYPE, FILE THE FORMS LONG BEACH J39-9007 3104 E. 7th St. FREE BANKRUPTCY MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION Counseling Assistance Calif Council for Social Services Non-Profit Agency 426-03 DISSOLVE Your Marriage The easy way. We do the: TYPING, FILING, SERVING U. S. SERVICE CORP. 424-6405- AAember of the B.B.B. ABORTION BY MO SPECIALIST, NO OVER NIGHT STAY NECESSARY: ALSO WALE FEMALE STERILIZATION (213) 63M083 NEED MONEY? PLASMA DONORS Needed. $6 per donation. Twice wVly. 7AM-2PM. MAGNOLIA PLASMA CENTER 440W. ANAHEIM K6-W3 FREE PREGNANCY TESTS 1350 PINE AVE. 599-6554 Counseling for unwanted pregnancies. Trained medical personnel. · Lie. PLASMA DONORS NEEDED HIGH FEES PAID MONDAY THRU FRIDAY. LONG BEACH PLASMA CENTER Be Married Immediately In eaut. Chanel. All lw,il papers hero if living together jjo, Certificate tape 437-33; ·OS-4006. m iVtrtooccci IDC OVERWEIGHT )4 HR. RECORDED MESSAGE! 711 U4-YSS6 ATTRACTIVE, active, widow-slim. 5'4". Owns home, wants male com- Mnloo «0 ID 70 w-car . Bo« A «J8 Class Deot. IPT, «M Pine LB 90W LEGAL MARRIAGE fltrWU INTERFA1TH COUNCIL No Blood "«!». Li-rcns* all M«TS secured by Minister. No Waitira. (ferrate ' 5 HEART VETERANS TRUCK. 11 WANT A PATE? Single over me f Do you Ike lo dine, dance, scoff nuntYtlsh, travel, fast good times 07-7)25. 598-1587 1-8 pm 5.I.S. CO. Auto Insurance To Anyone Trmv 1904 Cherry. Lett 439-JOW BORN again, spirit tilled lady, rree rent in exchange lor lew hour companionship. 427-0512. GENT ~!iS, Sara W-few ««* Wan Sharp Gal 401sh w-lew SSS Busines JL rn Tnnv 4r?MtW 9 NEUY At!'"""'"' niwnrrpd man aiin Lmfr 39 yrs old wishes t meet' ladv under 39. 699-2553 LOVELY Conference Room, rent b niahl, week or Month. 434-3367; 434 9759 WE BUY, SELL 8. Loan MONEY on diamonds. American Jewelers 35 Pine Ave. 437-354 BUS. man-35-college grad seeks trim girl tor dates-child ok 433-1541 ·CHRISTIAN Single Adults" Sal 7-.30 P.m. First Baplist 10th 8, Pine COMPANION-F iive-ln, no ties 433 1120 before 1 wkdays-all wkend DRINKING PROBLEM? Call ALCOHOLICS Anonymous 435-533 DRIVER Lie revoked? SR-M today Insure anyone. Trms Lett 439-2062 ELDERLY Lady needs a walke badly. Will pickup. 531-9495 FREE-Lge meeting room for you organization. Call Bill 633-7319 LEARN to DANCE uulckly 8. easil' No contracts. Sharon 438-7130 NICE Guy would like to Meet Nic Gal. Call 432-4090 PREGNANT, WORRIED? Call Lifeline 24 hrs. Confidential. 831-HELP SINGLE DANCE Wed-Fri-Sat-Sun Eves. LaFayette Hotel 435-631 SPIRITUAL READER Advisor Card Readings. Ph. 867-4451 SWIPE Miracle Cleaner. Use it b the drop. Call 213 434-4976 W.l.N. 15 Ballroom Dance Lessons 515. 421-9203 Theatrical and Music 5 PROFESSIONAL Organist Avail fo Parties Lessons. 925-1691 Social Clubs 55 A FOTO DATING (T.WU LARGEST MOST RELIABLE AS SEEN ON TV-NO CONTRACT L.B., 426-1122-24 Hrs-(714) 835-2220 TIRED OF BEING ALONE? Get More Out Of Life. Call: Clara Lane Social Club 3115 E. 10th 434-0383 Hrs. 1-7 Free Brochure. Box 4314, Downey. PH (213) 662-8017 24 Hr Service INGLE People seeking friendship. Join Beverly Social Club. P.O. Bo* 177 Bellflower T06-7210 Lost Found 75 FOUND: Siamese, young. Vic Los Altos Area. 596-6734 alt 5:30pm LOST Billfold w-cardsS, papers. Doo- LOST M. med Collie features, BW, LOST Purse Thur, Jan 9th. Betw 10 8. Calif. Reward. 427-4378. LOST RING REWARD OST-Yorkshire Terrier M. Rewarc Vic. Ocean Ave 7th. 596-2387 thair. vie Bellf S. Conant 429-6237 REWARD F. med BW Cockapoo. Vic Los Alamitos 431-8019 REWARD Lge white 8, black German Shepherd vie N.LB 422-3123 REWARD-Lost male Lab Retriever, black, scars on hind legs 424-0165 REWARD, Turquoise Bracelet. Vic. Lkwd-Long Bch. Jan 12. 633-5267 REWARD Lost 2-IRISH SETTERS MF 1 18 Westside 424-6906 fi-jpfeads fi=lpfcads fi a [p)1jjIMlS ; INDEPENDENT PRESS-TELEOMM m\m DIAL DIRECT TO ii-pads Classified Ad Hours 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday thru Thursday 8:00 AM to 6 PM Fridays CLOSED SATURDAYS SUNDAYS Consecutive Charge Par ntertiont Line Per Day Day SI. 24 2 or 3 Days $1.16 4 lo 6 Days 89 f 7 to 9 Days 80 : 10 more Days 69 1 (Minimum 3 Linet) Count 31 letters and spaces per inc. All ads appear in bath newspapers, slarting in the morning INDEPENDENT. · TKHIFTIEStDS OHLTJ1 See Classification 265 Funeral Notices, Cards of Thanks, Church, Charities and Greetings · 9-l c line, one day 89^ line, two or more days. The Independent, Press-Telegram reserves the right to reject, edit or properly classify all advertisements. CHANGES CANCELLATIONS 432-0907 We will make changes in your ads, whenever our deadlines Monday thru Friday 7:30 »M to 5:30 PM Saturday and Sunday 8:00 AM la Noon You may cancel as soon as you have results and an adjustment will be made to a nighcr rate for number of days your ad appeared. Cancellations or changes cannot be made prior to the first insertion We make every effort to avoid errors in ads. Each ad is carefully checked .but we handle thousands of ads and mistakes sometimes slip through. Please check your ad the first day it runs. If you find an prrnr. rppnrt it to our C L A S S I F I E D CUSTOMER SERVICE immedi- atolu Ku rallinn 411 MM Uf* :: " r :.-:. :·""::..": sible for more than one day's incorrect Insertion, if you do not call 'he error lo Our attention. Tkllk 1H IN IHt CHf HlHN IHoipiNBiriT riiii TCliOiiTM «04 UNI AVI., IONO II»CH, CA WI44 Lost* Pound 7S 3001 E WILLOW ST * Long BcdCn STRAY ANIMALS IMPOUNDED ^X.Wonoti's'l'acljAto Bemiowerl Harvey Way ... K-34 . Mix, M. Tan, 3 Mas. Studebaker Atherton K-K Pdle, X, Fe. Tan, 6 Mo. Studebaker Atherton .... K-41 c^ n Po Rlk Tan. 18 Mo. fib" Magnolia,.,.. ... .^. ._. . ; ....... . K-42 |SFei'H B | l M . T .' n '. 8 .^..K-| 1 0 San Antonio-Orange K-15 Mix, Fe, Blk-Tan, 6 Mo. 1700'W. 18th ^^ K-43 Pointer. Fe, Liver', 3 Yrs. P.C.H.-Orange K-65 Mix, Fe, Blk, 8 Yrs. 3755 Lemon P-C.5 Mix, M, Tan, 7 Wks. Shelter P-C.S 3755 Lemon P.C.5 Shep. Fe. Blk-Tan, 3 Mo llth-Ollve D.O.A. Shep, M, Tan, 3 Mo. 15M)W P C H D.O.A. Also check County Pound, 1125B S. Garfleld, 1-633-3010, South Gate, 732-0113 LOST: KEESHOND. valuable. Expensive reward offered lor her safe return. l'/3 vr old, F. Blk face, short ears, very long gray hair blk tipoed. short beige legs w-feathers, a Pomeranian like tail, very fluffy, face resembles tox w-blk muz?te. 437-2785; 597-8078 eves REWARD $100 Silver Mini Poodle, Black Markings. Blue Collar. Vic. 7th .St LB Wed. (714) 552-6073 Black White, long Hair, Ige Beautiful Dog- Lomita Area Broken Hearted 220-5887 REWARD Black Tan Vic LB Blvd Artesia. Reward. Call 426-1124 or 6324766 REWARD for sml F light brown Chihuahua vie of Hill locust, "Cookie". Days 42B-3648, eves 5914860 REWARD for info leading to arrest conviction of person who took my bike. New Raleigh 3 wheel, 3 spd. REWARD: Grey Welmaraner Male Blue eyes. Short hair. 8 yrs old. Vic Clark 8, Belli Blvd, Bellf. 861-0379 Or ' 869-7781 FOUND, male Shepherd, 6 to 8 mos., Kiana. Black-beige. 436-9041, Ext. 456 or 434-4339 FOUND F. Belgium Shepherd? puppy, vie. Hawaiian Gardens 8600401 FOUND F. Toy Black Poodle 1-17 Vic: Wardlow 6. Studebaker 4292763 FOUND: Tan male mixed Dog. Thursday nite. 2 collars. Vic MAYFAIR PARK. 431-3491 FOUND, young Seal Point Siamese cat, vie Spring Palo Verde. 4250435 FOUND, Siamese cat, collar. Very afraid. Found in Leisure World. Call 430-1886 FOUND F. Husky. B W . Approx 6-8 mos. No Lie. Vic Palo Verde Harco, LB. Call 429-7536 LOST DOG. Ungroomed white F poodle. Disappeared eve Jan 15. No collar. Palo Verde-Stearns. 431-9670 LOST, Irish Setter, temale, Lakewood area. Has skin infection. Reward. 630-1148 LOST: M. Miniature white poodle. 9 Mos old. Vic South 8. Palos Verdes. Family pet. Rew 866-5977 LOST: Sml F. Dog Black w-white ft. Part Terrier Vic Orange Del Amo Please Call, 428-3386 LOST, Yorkshire Terrier, mini. BW. Paramount Bl. 421-2B55 aft 5pm REWARD Mans Accutron wrist WATCH, vie Sirnms Pk, Bellf B67- 0763 REWARD Lost F. Irish setter. Tan collar. Communicable disease, 924- iEWARD sml brown 8. red coin purse vie Wherehouse parking lot or PaV-Lcss LKWD. 429-B228 LOST OR FOUND A PET? PETFINDERS 980-0495 FOUND Sml Black Doq. Vz Pekingese, Vj Pomeranian. Call 421-8126 FOUND, F. Mixed Gary White Kitten. Vic. Los Altos. 430-4678 FOUND, F. Mixed Sml Short Hair. Vic. Bellf. 633 3971 FOUND: Wl. Big Declawed Siamese Vic 20th 8, Baltic Call 432-6187 FOUND, F. Irish Setter. Vic Laredo, Paramount. 633-0621 FOUND, AA. Lge. Mix German Shepherd. Vic. Lkwd Clr. 425-1358 FOUND M. black Cockapoo? Vic Spring Pacific 427-7850 FOUND Black Labrador-Shepherd puppy. AA. 10 Weeks old. 426-5725 Identify; 434-6152 FOUND Afghan. Vic South Woodruff, Lkwd. 1-19. 925-6839 FOUND White Poodle. Lkwd Cerritos Area. Call 866-5861 Health Aids 90 $10 Introductory Massage Now Is The Time To Come CIRCLE SPA ENJOY YOURSELF OUR ATTRACTIVE GIRLS A FEW BLOCKS WEST OF Long Beach Traffic Circle At 2501 E. PAC. CST. HWY. , Upstairs-Side Entrance BEAUTIFUL GIRLS $5 DISCOUNT with this ad ON OUR DELUXE TREATMENT includes Roman baths. Saunas other relaxing services at the Fun Place of The world with the greatest, wildest atmosphere. EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED 6 Days 10 A.M. To Midnight 5465 E. Carson Near Bellflower Blvd. 425-9224 PAMPER YOURSELF TO THE ULTIMATE IN SOOTHING COMFORT AT; LAS ROSAS STUDIO 4240 E 4th St. Long Beach ARE YOU getting enough attention? UP to the minute emovment at an old fashion price. Massage of Tokyo, 2664*3 W. Lincoln, Anaheim. 714-818-7021. Bed bath given by lovely young chicks. SHADES OF MOTION '75 International Beauties Massage-Sauna-Whirlpool 86S-1637; 10913 Orr Day Rd. FRENCH Massages, Steam Baths, Sauna Baths, French Personal Baths. Enemas, Prostrate Shampoos. 6 New Young Technicians. 110S9 So. Atlantic. Call 636-6829. HE 7-3887 Hrs. Mon-Thurs. 12-9; Fri-Sat 12-6 1125 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach FRANK'S Scientific Massage-House calls for men women. 714 9602164. "LONG BEACH OUTCALL" 8, Orange Co. Lovely masseusses tor home or office. 213-597-9977 MASSAGE by lie. male. i6. App't. 433-738J. 3202 E. Broadway 4337384. JAN SALON 3137 E. 7th 51. LB Open 7 Days MASSAGE BY APP'T. 3712A Atlantic, L.B. 426-4616 Hospitals, Homes, Sanitariums 95 WILLOW LAKE CONV. HOSPITAL 2615 Grand Ave., L. B. 426^141 Board Guest Homes 100 PVT. or Semi-Pvt room lor elderly citiren. Xlnl food, spec, diets. Dr. on call. Rossmoor. 430-9358. CARE For elderly cple in my pvt home. Good food. Reas. 589-155(1. WILL care for Elderly Lady In my private .home. Reas. 589-1550 Schools Instruction 105 EARNjSS^SS | 1C IIG TIUCK MIVEU || Make more moneyl Ole»l, oas, doubles for the fob tralninol Olwii TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL W. Of ROCKY MTS. HowTv trimlni or cotjrjov Compare prices of olhcr Khooh. Terms avail. TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL AL?0 OPEN SUNDAYS DAY OR NI1E III]) US-Sill

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