Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1963 · Page 24
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 24

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1963
Page 24
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p t?t C4-1NDEPENDENT Ian. Itaca, Call).. V«4. A* I t IVJ Once Over Lightly (Continued From Page C-l) cnoagh pitchiac or bench strength to finish better than fifth. Pittsburgh sacrificed three veterans--Groat, Don Hoak and Dick Stuart--but strengthened its pitching and will be of one, forget it." tough if the youngsters come through, especially bonus baby Bob Bailey from Long Beach. THE PIRATES HAVE THE BEST 1-2 catching in several years with Long Beach's Jim Pagliaroni coming from the Red Sox to support Smoky Burgess. And an important item to consider is that the overall Carpcnticr, 3Iolo Score Tag Team Win Edouird Carpentier and Mr. Moto took care of The De- DODGERS (Conttr-ued From Page C-l) to mind, he turned to coach Greg Mufleavy with the samejstroyer and Don ManoukUn in quest ion. While Mulleavy was two straight fills la the tag ·Jeep ia thought. Roseboro re-'team wrestling main event »t marked, "Never mind; if it Municipal Auditorium Tues- takes you that Jong to thlnVJday night Results: E ?BZ?*T. I Ooa maroukian n ft. tails, JOm-L There are other things Roseboro sees clearly for thei^.- o-riaiii. *TM.i. first time without use of rnsJMJ"^, 1 "' tu. UMMI, glasses. While unable to catch three weeks because of a severe case of barber's itch. Roseboro took more batting t dtt. Cowtev O'ck team speed has been increased considerably. Where it took practice than ever and re- as many as three singles to score a run with the slow club tnjctived some helpful hints the past, they'll be able to "leg out" a lot of runs. The added from scout Kenny Meyers, speed also win help tighten the defense. Milwaukee stCJ has a serious outfield problem . . . but the spirit is good and the Braves will always be tough with the likes of Spaha, Burdctte. CrandaH, Matthews and Aaron. Meyers has some unorthodox ideas, frowned upon by such oldtimers as Charlie Dressen and Andy High, but Roseboro became an immedi- The Phils artn't quite ready for an all-out pennant drive; the Cubs might do better by playing their coaching staff; Houston is hiding time until its youngsters develop, while Joe Garagiola says "the only thing you can be sure aboutl^st velr u -h cc [ wen t some" in the Nationil League this year is that the New York Mets ··-;-- "-- « ·-- ·»« «»- will clinch last place on opening day!" ate convert. "I wish Kenny could have been with us on our last trip Tuesday Fights U *ev tart -- «irt» OrTZ. 1474. Puerto HIM, OK. m Tara. 147, «rv BLAST BLAIR By Keith Wellington THIS NAME... BUTTS (Continued From Page C-l) "conveyed vital and important information that could have affected the outcome" of the game. Alabama, favored by 17 points, beat Georgia thing like O-for-50. He would hive straightened me out right then." Roseboro's b a t t i n g deficiency (a lifetime .241 and .249 list year) had been diagnosed before, but never corrected. "My trouble is in dragging the bat because my are slow,' admitted. "Meyers seems to have come up with the right Cook emphasized that "The theory is to try to hit no'the ball through the box at BRAKES ADJUSTED AND FRONT WHEELS PACKED · fTC* SS«ialistl »ll: · ctwrk aw*, rtjost kr*4et e. alt four ·*re!» · I'-i triw fj'-S * · checlarrt adjust front rinn · *«T uty ajoncant 4 ts rrrie* N3VT...Gtt both It this low price an times. That way you won't get jammed with the inside pitch because the hands always will be in the correct position to pull "It's worked so far, but it will take a lot more practice. pbyer on either team was involved in any way. Sanders, meanwhile, news conference that the investigation so far had turned vp "nothing to indi cate the violation of any criminal statute." much extra hitting as possible Cook said that Butts hadjand hope I can stay in the «·* Dsyftma Shew Hlffi T*-np«r*tvr* RAW WILL VENTURE DOWN the Pacific Coast today as far as the Bay area. And pity the northern Plains--more snow. ANGELS (Continued From Page C-l) ing last season on the side- That's.what I intend to do'lines w i t h a dislocated;! this year. 1 want to get as shoulder. i Hunt was the sensation of the spring prior to the Angels'! voyage down the Cactus j League trail. Then he fell into \ a batting - slump w h i l e . . -- Know MO--· t i t ). RoebucK (9) and COMPLETE WEATHER FOSECAJT in. Seacft and Vicinity: Consioerat!. felon cloudiness today. Mostly tunny Thursday. Sllonny warmer during days, wttti a kioh today near 44- Mevntai. Ar*** 1 Considerable kick cloudiness today. Mostly sunny Ttiurv day. Slioririy warmer during days. i Three Kidnaped, One Slain; QuizHitchhiker LAKE CHARLES, La. WV-Authorities quizzed an unidentified hitchhiker Tuesday ia their search for the assailant who beat and slashed a teen-ager to death and slit the throats of his mother and older brother. The hitchhiker, picked cp f on a tip given by a taxi driver, fit the general description of the man who abducted Mrs. Audrey T. Baden, 42. and her two sons Monday night. . . . Mrs. Baden's youngest son, 16 - year - old Nealon. was four*d dead early Tuesday. His hands were tied behind his back. · · · · MRS. B A D E N , a widow who works as a doctor's secretary, and her older son. Rodney, 22, were reported in satisfactory condition. They said their attacker had made them tie each other Lei tn been shown telephone com-Jgroove." pany records of calls made by jj 0 * 1 him "to persons known to be «*» interested in gambling.' A rundown of Butts' long distance calls, as released by Cook, showed hejnade IS^f?;^"" ·*·«'·· iatat ta , i calls to Frank Scobey in Chi- ]· $^TM f°S**R£S JS| £!?· ^" ?J*TM d TM n ^'£'«TM«^^^\^ I September, 196Z. One was tor ttie. Codoert and struck out IB a* 'made from Birmingham--site 5t* oHHSSf£?°*,- K*£*?* "" of the Georgia-Alabama game'K'.^ Po £Ps^.-b, Dl £ 1 *n --on the day of the game. Scobey was a Federal government witness in a 1959 i gambling ring trial in Terre ·Haute. Ind. Cook said Butts "continued to deny" that he had information of gambling operations of the individuals. He insisted . _ 4 I W ' B » H » « "· · , larsw m and. Thomas sprung to life. Thomas was one of " four regulars in Tuesday'sj starting lineup and the Hous-jj ton Colt .45s wounded the shuffled Seraphs, 9-5. The 25-year-°ld Thomas demonstrated why Rigne/sj: _ . . ^reasoning is sound by strok- W^sart^Sjjr jj wJMJjIing a two-run homer, his sec- ly Woon to I lui ajaim , j _.-. ..-.loos: Consi3era!i!. aiojl cloudiness today. JBosJty surmv Thursday. sjiotitiy warmer durtfia days. Hirfii today. St ta 70 In wooer valleys, n to 71 IB lower valleys. Lows tonight, 30 to 45 In wooer valleys, 4S to tt In lower valleys. Jiare Wind and Weather Forecast in. CanoticKa la tn. Uiikaa Berder): Llofif yartasie winds becoming westerly II to 14 knots tn afternoons today rnd Thursday. Considerable kigto cloudiness today. Mostly sunny Tnursday. Little temperature cAang*. JVTC, MOOtl AND TIDES : sunset: 1:15. 4*»"teW«t n:B' e-m. and'4.1 feet at MS a.m.; low. -- « ,,ra Prep Kunncr llics Following'HO Race ;OLULU (UPI--Logan HONi Dean Chance demonstrated why hell open against the Dodgers Saturday by yielding only one hit in a tune-up three-inning stint. Bob Turley and Danny OsinsXi did not fare nearly as that his calls to them were Makai^ 17-year*Id Waianae] well Turley put the question personal and "had to do with'^gi. School junior, collapsed,mark back behind his candi- [business arrangements, fi-land ,5^ Monday night after dacy for the Angels* mound nancing. etc, of numerous 'finishing a 440-yard race in a staff by being tagged for five .business enterprises in which track meet. Before the meet. he was engaged." he had stepped on a nafl, but runs in three innings. He, contributed two walks and a h ona eadi on. Beaca Airport . L Prc. lac* a 44 ^eaca Airport 41 3» i?.,-*""'" S S r - · - - · a, * " up in a wooded area on the outskirts of this southwest Louisiana city after forcing himself into their home at gunpoint and kidnaping them. Officers said they had determined that between $60 and $100 was missing from the wallets of the two brothers and $S9 was taken from Mrs. Baden's purse. I Rodney, bleeding from his throat wound, cot his bonds with a p o c k e t k n i f e and mile to a farm- listia!!!--Jsa, April T--AKGEU is. DOCCCRS--Buiiill! 1X1 U1SOI CPUEft--TUtS, APR. J--AIEELS ». RED SOI Intmi Scot md Trip-- JS.S* -MtltT-UACS--- 4111 I. 7tk St. -- G E »-TW - 61 UI4I insisted he was all right and. wild pitch to a four-run Hous- cntered the race after band- ton sixth. 'c«ir Al » M 'AnjtH A l t K - - . - . -- . · - -- -aging the wound. Fazi Tangier.* Hardy xt-rl Staue.rMr Asormntejb J 1 I ISitrmo.Jj-1. » I . I |J l(.Sdws«l.ft 4 1 ( 1 Lowest sxmpentura to tn. 4f adlaccnt stairs Tuesday waa I at C4it Bank. lAont.; Bigtiest was n at auantlca. Va. Ship Arrivals., Departures AUDREY BADEN Throat Slashed ', help. He led of- crawled a xwse for fers to his mother, still tied up. · · » · POLICE found cearby the body of Nelson, a high school senior. Sheriff Henry A. Reid said Rites Slated for Attorney . v C. A. Ruby Funeral service for Charles A. Ruby. 82, the first attorney in the city of Lynwood, will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday in the Church of Our Fathers. Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Cypress. Ruby, of 3829 Pacific Avenue, Long Beach, had practiced law for 50 years. 22 of the ^unge7"boy"had""been!tkem in California. He suf- struck on the head. It was fered a heart attack early not determined if he died Monday and died on the way from the blow or his slashed to Memorial Hospital. throat, the sheriff said. ) Born in Harian County, t Mr*. Baden, who at first Neb, he came to California , was unable to talk coherently, told officers their assail- in 1929. and after two years , in Huntington Park, opened | ant was about 5 feet S, had practice in Lynwood. At that a slight build, and wore a time he was the city's first shirt bordered in red. She ««1 o^Y attorney. He retired iCarmiM ay Marin. IxAjnutl ACTIVE vt»ELl m ro«l i.i IM.[I:I ti ;i[T n naif, tm ru:or maun, i fjts « sue u rat EU i cm PLTI IllIKodsersx III ICV Thorrrt^ a a i t K o c p e . u HH«.; 4 1 1 3 ' t · AohJc* Oemttrios (Grk · i · t aVorurvlH* (Her* !·!· . j,^ rr» (N«r . _er«noer (Nor) , ·i/flata Nor ,, Caa JFiftisTWT* (6*r) , »:'·! 11 · · E ·19cr Ncttcrs Win Long Beach State's tennis earn ran its CCAA record to, ,, 3-0 by turning back San Fer-|"%E£a* nando Su 7-2, Tuesday on »«*»«.« the losers' courts. 1'rep Golf ~.... ..- ---. , r -_r--.i-iif * Afloets Ma lia Id--I Frances satman Millikaa ». takewaod t I FC. SadowskL. t. Sadowskt Staub,| ferore (ttt low scorers: Hams imt M. H.ctiar* po-A_colts »-». A^sels Z7». DP--a. Leland I goan (ar) in (W) 34. Morttnson (M) V, Clarl Sadcwiki Hoso. l_ Ttiotnas. LOB--Colts Lom Bc i_. IOu ",.LI 31. Heweff CU M. Cain (t) al a, Anoels 4. 28--Hunt, Harff/. KOBpe.'Lalu On tar«(Brl """jorsaa 'tf warraa 'lf*°° I Sac.--TurVey** SF-- Hirkostncl. JatrSnl i»4«a Madtioatera C Low scorers: Curt Barrett IJ 49.Vaun. PB--E. Sadcwj*!. jananna iPTitl} ^ary Oroenool* in 41. Hay *9tt J) IP M R tt B B W Wormacfand 42. JV score: Jor«an It. Warren 17. Hoftttiart (W j 4 J 1 1 I ^_ .. 'woodeuiick i J i J I f said she did not know him. Navy Ships i^r.l. Osaka'Ashtal ·.i,San Fran; MUt or. Z. EmDlr* Bcnne -140 Standard Fruit a. W Ca. Aar.r Bolivar.Black LB-1 Interocean Lkia AST. 4, la Havr., Bryc. -·.2. Bonerdam luctley. Dermli J. or. J. nn FTM« . rvnm ~ .*»·»««!·£§?·»» l StflutiSo'CaM : X Oakland Chandler, Thecdor* E. .Apr. 7. Sag Fran! i AorZ I Avo I Corattant - - - - ""-"""T CiaKa ^v 1 " J17 War*.* TransBt Llr« Apr. X Fnwcrt »rt, __ 1S1 wecljova JLlre _Jlpr. X CapctDwn, f amends 1 a Canada, cilf LJr. .Apr. «. tot t-TIJ Feror. Cora inse Marin. Tr a Cunni in 1951, and moved to Long Beach in 1953., He was a member of the Lynwood Rotary Chib and the Chamber of Commerce. Survivors include his wife. Minnie; sons; Jim, of Gardena.. and Grant, of H Centre; and three grandchildren. · U4B* Notica NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Kotltc la £rrtfc7 (H-en fey tba pier i 'mderaln^A Tbotnaa C, ScotX Te- .B-Ij'.idlar at 11121 M«p St, Lea AU- -A«.f! . * Shrao. _ln'«, London ' Enduranct Cnerav . D. ta Mraaa U ..._ Cartv Severvn w» M. Be. StatorB, Twrlev (X.) __ a»l 17. FV. Wsnney f») 71. Sam'chim*! ________ S t SaOer CU» ». Jtev. Contarmon «.»). WP-- T«ne» 1 tJ-Smitti. Waller, 1 JanltuT ICrt-mn I frejOent Unoite J Pmnmar 1.B-I1I CBandns (UVk), me. _Mdefinit. _ZO-E Watlenlus ur. _Aor. 1 S«n Fran _J3»B Maritlrn. Co. of PnjL __Apr. 1 San f ran utnoort, ntccormack Uta _Jkor. XBal«oa _..15IMn» Un. .ACT. 4.San Fran:tsteem -_._ L *"rjInSV:S OEa '- ?Ki ' r--«"·· "»!es, I··". f- *- Paul Jones isn't Myra Johnson's cup of tea Thi» whisVe/* blended for men. Blended rich and mellow--with bourbon for verve, aged rya for heft, a touch of two-fisted corn whiskey, and *ileet grant neutral spirits. Not for Mis* Johnson. For you? When men drink with men 4.49 4/5 Qt. - ---- . -- t SJuis* War. U IJao) Lin- .'*?· ** cor ?* r Announcing the greatest single advance in shaving comfort for the double edge man New Schick KRONA PLUS the long-lasting stainless steel blade! fits an double razors! wn Z«lartiO Co. Aor. 4. Buncan Bay · an «a». Ca. Apr. a, San fran h* v ?" 437T7 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS. FICTITIOUS NAME THE l:MB-TTgTiiMUi Aoel .^. , - Pier f ,ti« Is eonilacUcc a boalKMl At l(2f ^ Ta9d SlwvA-lE. 7li Strwt. Ixinr Buck, Cllilor- ! Ter~fc tta lj *- Im ' ie ' **" thtttlimi Crm »ajn« l o t r i r a at TISIOS ,,, pier * ai ttat Bail fim la compoafd Pier t tha f-.'^-a-inf prraon Ttcaa ram. Ben. SnoydJia J^i uil placa of nalirsca ia VESSEL! OVl TOieim WEBKE1DAT re»s«« Bartl Pram Cawrator Cut M H ; aiiaa JParvl. MS Uanzanillo Concoroa de Kay. Per. tndrfi Far Tf *? er - ?3 -- ·astpariw' · Ckamt«rira"i Ci"_Aor. i'Van Oieoo » Bay. IM _ ^Coos Bay At f.irca Lar. Ca. Apr. S. Coos B ay loor MAersk COant, Artc CuavaouiJ Salea Snprx Ca. A«r j, Kobe la ltra«ta-os CCrk). 1st Vancouver stamatos 4 Ca. Aor.4 London' Everoreen Slate. LB-al __ A\an 0-ego Ifafes warm. Lines Apr. 4. Vokofiam* ran» A Morun (inn. LI174 .Anaconn Rictitield OH Cora _ ' - - - - *aoe Mav«» 1kr)ja Crstobal Harm. xKyM^K^ LrOnt CjT* ISWOl. *V - - L afc0T»\aai-i»fr.r» JOrsfTlOII " " Oceanic Grtl. L»13 u«TMn»ura aonnw. _ aVn? -Pier 7 "" *- 8-a Ant. ··! Crejor W. Uilar. I IT RoVr!« LAn^. JLAaheim. CaHfonla DatM ICapca n. IK1 CREGOK W. *"»,"! STATE Or CAU FORMa, 'tos remen Volkiwaorff Wark Indefinita "«4irt"2i; 1MX"telorl M. a ;:_m-n'Si)taZT ri,bli« ia and for ai'.l Eutn. --143 twrstmallT apprarvd CrFror W. liJ kibi. kium t« ma fj«r t MTA *h/«a. *»»· ' S ra _ eal «an Jac, 174.. Janta Wafla. 17 _ . Union Ennrrorrsa ICtunal.»7 nortan ITraoL LI 7 _ Pasadena (OanY, taVI -- Fran Aitiisuii Una Ai ^ L Antwarp --Oleum Pac Coast Trartsot. Ca. ^f ~ ' Ian fran svesltal ursea Ur. Muroraanil Lira . . San Fran Craca Lira f£. 'the TiU rdreil La axecnted ttia aarae. (SEAL) KCTH C. FAFJU. _ _ _ _ . a -too. lay Solosni Plovta Ura Aer. a, Goayrrm Taitadeaa -ianDieao Th. East Ailanc Ca. -Aor. a, ian Fran Tri£en 1'rep Tennis IVihaa U'4. Oawnrr X7v finales: waterman r#l 44: Buchanan f* »Z; ».eerr» CW1 TVTJ; Incw r») II. Hudson (Dl 11; Ci-.%tem (Dl » »« Mesur (O JI; Ca-.v 405 H Oaualrt: yoore-CTaoman «71 44: M.Ua. X Jaraaa 4 titiatei: ae:noa « 44. Creo* (Kl 41. prrrM ( « ) JI: Tarfan l»l Vl.' ta;al Notlca 421744 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS. FICTITIOUS NAME Tba ttt4rraltBe4 A certify they crmdocttDC a tuzixera at 3001 Oavls LV*~~«_T.:'« K, ·ton IP) O«rtin : " Via?k Sm'm'n.1 111. . · ay III 12. Fawcetsvamau. (p) 11 L (MarasCrawtor* -- · · ,«?- JIS 1 AUTO POLISH tbal paU lira it tm ra3 ao4 placra ef rrrl- ara aa foBovi: « R. «H1 Saa Sutmtyv p»| JJ T commlnloai eijlrta Jssa IS. »2 tiUe*. ' svn Mar. i7. Apr. 1.11 IT 1HI (4t LSI. CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS. FICTITIOUS KAIIE la eoixdoctiac a fcBaiei* at P, OL Eci 1CM. fact Ecach. CaZfonia. Irr tha fjctitioaa Rrai £aza «C ALPHA PT-e.TJ«raiVfl CO. that at!4 f-ja la toggoati «' vboaa cava rtaidctva la -.:« rrotp«t i"^ oo4L CaJiTonil*. ·U AiVriiBeTl^evooil. raflfcrala. 3Iotorht Killed BERNARDINO _ Bryant, 49, a Sanlga" car buyer, wis 2 killed Tuesday when his anto'^^^ ^_ __ ^ plunged 50 feet into a flood-] iJateViarciT control canal just west of the {city limits. ILoa JLc Cm E. cl CalitornU. PL I I L P BETTtK | for your -For Renf ads m Classified. Dial HE 2-5959. .crpVa Cocatr: , - . Kura It IKX. Icfore inc. t j.^.J.Yotarr Fbne tn afid for laid Cute. *^^V p*r»onaJT7 appeared lasea K. FStx- vttbia tnatfUJirfDt aad aca\aov ^r executed tha ECTB C. (£IAL Lagal Vr rcmmi*?to« . Mar. II. a. 17. Apr. X 1X3 («t) LEI. CERTIFICATE OF lUSINHS. FICTITIOUS NAVE Ox Xardi IS. 1MX Icfora mr. a Xotarr Ftiblte la anil iVf aaM bate. pcraoeaS/ apfxanj Atlea O. Dorrr taowv ta ma ta ta tha p«rs«a «-bo.a aama la aubucrfb^ ta ta vttia itnttDrat acl ackaovlearel la ifcvtci tta aaaia. (SEAL) Xotarr PuMie' Var. ». n. April X. SlJ«J («) LEI. n iiura t mm nat ftCTlll . . . *T Jfarlet: \fiasket uni KIIIITI NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS Jt TOU DO KIO1 GH TCXt IEUIA1 CA11IEI DEim«EO C Independent wa wiH a'.Hvar ^ ta ya. cpa- Our aarvica ^.sartmanl k aca. antil 10 am. waai, ·at] 19:10 a jr. 5u«days. Asl for f IONS StACH rnarn affical ArtatTc. lafifipvar, faranBaaat... i a*J -HI Hill _TO a-UJI Here arc tie correct aa- st»»on J«T«, ixizi; Erao. caajor- ____ ... «e._a-^. ____ . . a tia. «ndrr tta nctitlooa Crm «a3n«,S»ers "» MOnaJJ^S CTWSWOra ALLIED CJUtTET thai laid firm U coxnpc»t*4 of *bc** t.affit panle. the .u foOovs: Dxntf-I A. WOwa. I5 Cedar Arc^ Lonf aVmra. CcZlfonta. Dated Kirck Si. 1HX DXXItL X WILSOX 9taic c4 CIJorla, Lt» Aarrlfi CVuatv: Oa Vanrk M. 1MX l-rfort ir«. a Xo-UTT PuLUtf tft *oj (or uu4 Elate. r apjw»rt«t Daiairl A. Wkl- n t* »· t» te tt« eery-* vithiai tajtrnmVaat .deed t. ai arkoo-rl- Kotarr xIr* urtrr. »/i , i Jlir. ft. Apr. J. It. 17. 1M) (41) BnnnRQti oanonni GDD · BQaOQQIi - nr.iri aeno uuuua QUBU QGHOB HDU OUtKia BDHpUOtlfl , BQUUUU 'SSfUOOtJ : fJQKH :**-

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