Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 10, 1976 · Page 19
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 19

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1976
Page 19
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1976 Ann Landers T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N Dear Ann Landers: I just had my annual checkup and received some bad news about my health. I'm not dying, but I need serious surgery. This brought to a head a problem that has been keeping me awake nights. We are good Catholics and have seven children. I often wondered what would become of the kids if anything happened to me. My husband is a completely selfish man. He becomes hysterical when the children bother him. (It can be a simple thing like asking a question when he's reading the newspaper.) If a child has an accident he runs out of the house and I h .'0 lo take care of everything. My husband is a nervous, tense person who cannot cope with an emergency. We have no family near and this isn't the kind of problem I can discuss with neighbors or friends. I have two sisters who have told me they would take my children if I should 'die. If I put this in my will would it hold? Please give me some help, Ann. I'm -- ON SHAKY GROUND Dear Friend: Unless your husband was declared unfit (mentally or morally) to raise the children, your will would not be an adequate instrument to place your children in your sisters' custody. Husband unable to raise kids alone? Strike blamed B52s adequate? for 20 deaths Bl unneeded, study PAGE 21 Since you are a "good Catholic" I suggest you discuss this problem with your priest. Your husband obviously needs counseling and the priest would be the ideal person to turn to during this crisis Good luck to you, dear. 0 Dear Ann Landers: I made a fool of myself last night and am ruined for life with a wonderful guy and his family. I'm 15 years old and a good student, but being book-smart doesn't help much if a person doesn't have common sense. Here's what happened: This neat guy asked me to have dinner with his folks at a fancy restaurant. Well, the waiter asked me first what I wanted and I didn't know how much I ought to spend or what to say, so 1 ordered a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and a soft drink. Everyone else ordered a dinner. I felt like an idiot. Please advise me for next time. -- THE FOX'S PAW Dear Paw: Next time tell the waiter you are undecided and ask him to come back to you after the others have ordered. Then, take your cue from them. And stop kicking yourself. You didn't kill anybody. RGA Owners: Looking for expert service? Call the Specialists Only RCA Factory Service Special- isls work on RCA sets exclusively. So chances are they'll know yours better than anybody else, And jus! about nine out ol tan times !hey can f i x your set right in your home Call RCA Factory Service Specialist for fast, fair, dependable service, We take care ol our own. We hwio - 602-881-6969 Service LEGAL NOTICE STATE OF ARIZONA Corporation Commission To all to Whom Iliesc Presents shal Come, Greetings 1. 6VO J. DC CONCINI, secretary ol the Arizona Corporallon Commission, do hereby certify lhat the annexed is a true and complete coov of the ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION Of BARK'S SUPERIOR PAINT BODY SHOP, INC. which were fifed in the office ot the Ariiona Corporallon Commission on Ihe )51h dav of January. 1976, as provided bv law, IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have liereun to set mv hand and a (fixed the officia' seal of Ihe Arizona Corporation Commission, at Ihe capitol in tiie city of Phoeni this 15th dav of January, 1V76 Bv EVO J. De CONCINI, Secrelarv ARTICLES OP INCORPORATION OF BARR'S SUPERIOR PAINT BODY ALL MEN That we Ihe undersigned do hereby associate ourselves together for the purpose of forming a corporation under Ihe Jaws of the Stale or Arizona, and do hereby adoof, sign and acknowledge (he lolfowlng Arlicrcsof rncorooralion: ARTICLE i: The names, of Ihe incorporators ana Ihelr respective address are* Stanley L. Barr, U16 W. AHeghanev Tucson, Arizona, idamae Barr, 1-116 w Alleehanev, Tucson. Arizona and Dean A. Lester, 1740 W. Klamalh Drive, Tucson, Arizona. ARTICLE H: The name ot the corpora- lion shall be: Barr's Superior Paint and Body Shop, inc. ARTICLE ill; Tlie principal place a( which business of the corporation Is to be transacted is Pfma County, Arizona, and shall also have Die power lo establish branches, subsidiaries, or divisions in any itale. territory, or colony of the United States, or In anv foreign country or place, and to conduct business in all Us branches, subsidiaries or divJslons, as mav be determined by Ihe Board of Di rectors of Barr's Superior Paint and Body Shop, Inc. ARTICLE IV: Trie lime and commencement of Ihis corporation shall be when the Arllcles have been filed in Ihe office of the Corporation Commission of the State of Arizona at its office In Phoenix, Arizona and a certified copy thereof is recorded in Ihe office of Ihe County Recorder's In Pinna County, Arizona, and the corporation's termination shall be 2i (twenty-five) years thereafter with the privilege of renewal as provided by law. ARTICLE v: The general nalure of Ihe business to be transacted bv Ihe Corpo- ralion al any branch, subsidiary, or division in any slate lerrltory or colony of Ihe Uniltd States, or fn anv forelon coun try or place is as lolfows: To conduct the business of a body and fender repair shop, including but nof limited to bodv repair, fender repair, painting, sanding and detail work both on the exterior and interior of automobiles, bcals, trucks buses, afrplanes, bicycles, motorcycles, railroad cars and engines and also do mechanical work, welding and cutting, soldering, frame straightening and alignment, buying and selling, assigning, leasing or otherwise acquiring salvage cars, oarls and accessories; to operate a towing and storage service for customers of the Corporation and for any Stale, Federal, County or City Governmental unit, and for the general public, To hold mecljnos at any branch in any state, territory or colony of Ihe United States, or fn any foreign country or place, to carry on any other lawful business whalsoever, lo do all and everything necessary and advantageous in connection with enct for the accomplishment of the lorepoing or which is calculated, directly or indirectly, to promote the inlcr- esl ot the Corporation, and to do any or alt things herein before set forth fo do Ihe same extent as a natural person could do, all upon such Icrms and conditions as Ihe Board of Directors may delermfne. in furtherance of the preservation and acqu/isilion of capital assets and In conducting it's ordinary business the Corporation shall have the Following powers: To take acquire, make conlracls, buy, hold, own, maintain, morloaoe, exchange, improve, insure, and otherwise deal in and dispose of Improved and unimproved real property, personal properly, pose of Improved and unimproved real property, personal properly, lo buy and sell commercial paper and other evidences ol indebtedness to loan, Invest and borrow money, fo issue shares of stock, debentures bonds, notes, conditional sales contracts and other obligations and evidences of fndebled- ness and secure the same bv real or cltaMe! mortgages or otherwise or upon such olher security or terms as may be arranged; fo, handfe, control, fssue. cancel, retire and reissue shares of ils own capllal stock, to own. hofd, buy, handle, control, vote, sell, guarantee, deliver and otherwise deal in slocks, bonds, debentures, and securities ot any other corporalfon or person. To enter into partnerships or into any arrangement for sharing of profits, union of In- teresl, co-opera live, lolnl venture, reciprocal concession or otherwise, with any person or company carrying on or engaged in or about lo carry on or engage In any business or transaction which Ihe company or person is aulhoriied to carry on or engage in or any busfncss or Iransacllon capable ol being conducted so as lo directly or Indirccllv benefit Ihe company; and to lend money, (o guarantee contracts of, or otherwise assist any such person or company, and to faVc or LEGAL NOTICE otherwise acquire shares or securities of anv such company; and to sell, hold, reissue, with or without guaranty, or otherwise deal with the same. The foregoing paragraphs shall be construed as Ihe oblecls. purpose and powers ol this Corporation, and It is expressly intended lhat said oblects. purposes and cowers shall not be limited or restricted by reference to or inference from the terms of anv other ctauso, term or paragraph herein contained. ARTICLE vi: The authorized capilal stock of the Corporation shall be sl.OOO.- 000.00 (one million) divided rnfo 100,000 shares of 510.00 par value each of common stock. Stock shall be issued when paid lor in cash, services, real estate, or personal property, and shall be Issued as luilv paid tor and forever non assessable The judgment of Ihe Board of Directors as lo the value of the property or services rendered in exchange for stock shall be conclusive in the absence ot actual fraud in the transaction. ARTICLE vil: The highest amount of indebtedness or liability direct, or conll- gent to which this Corporation mav at any lime be oblioaled lo or sublect llsclf is lhal amount as prescribed by law. ARTICLE VIII: The affairs of the Corporation shall be conducled by a Board of Directors consisting of not tess lhan two nor more lhan seven, which shall be elected annually bv Ihe stockholders at Ihe annual meeting ol the stockholders and shall serve for one vear or until Iheir successors are elected and qualified The directors need nol be stockholders ol the Corporation. The first Board ol Directors shall be elected at fhe organizational mectino of the fncorporators and such directors shall hold office until the annual meeting of the stockholders ' ARTICLE IX: The annual meeting of the stockholders shall be held at the time and place set forth in trie Bv-Laws, and unless provided otherwise bv said Bv- Uaws, the annual meetings shall be held on Ihe third Tuesday of December of each vear. Special meetings mav be held at such time and place and In such manner as mav be prescribed bv Ihe By- Laws of the Corporation. At the annual meeting, or anv special meeting called for that purpose, these Articles mav be amended bv a vote of Ihe malorily of Ihe shares ol stock issued and outstanding and entitled to vote. ARTICLE X: The officers of the Corporation shall consist ol a President, vice Presidents, Secrelarv and Treasurer, and such other officers as the Board ol Directors mav from time lo lime elecl Anv office may be consolidated and held bv one person. The officers shall be elected bv Ihe Board of Directors al Ihe annual meeting ol the Board after the annual meeting of Ihe stockholders and said officers shall hold office for one vear and until their successors shall have been elected and qualified. The first oflicers of Ihe Corporation shall be elecled by the Board ol Directors at their first meeting after the Board's election The Board of Directors shall have power to adopt by-laws and to chance or amend said by-laws as may be expedient. Any and all vacancies that mav occur in the Board ol Directors or in any office mav be filled bv the remaining directors and the person so chosen to fill the vacancy shall serve during the unex- B lred term of his predecessor and until Is successor be elected and aualilied. The Board of Directors mav amend the Arlicles of Incorporation by a two-thirds I'/jJ vole ol the Board ai anv annual meeting, or al anv special meeting called for that purpose. ARTICLE XI: The private property of Ihe stockholders of this Corporation shall forever be exempt from all corporate debts and liabilities. ARTICLE XII; DEAN A. LESTER of Tucson, Pima Counly, Ariiona who has been a hona fide resident of the Stale of Ariiona for at feast Ifiree years, is hereby appointed Ihe lawful agent of this corporalion, lo accepl and acknowledge service and upon whom mav be served all necessary process or processes in any action, suit, or proceedings thai mav be brought against Ihis Corporalion in any court of Ihe State of Arizona, and for ali purposes required by law. The Board ol Directors of Ihfs corporation mav revoke Ihis appointment of aaent at any time ana shall have the oower lo fill anv vacancy In such position, IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands this 1) dav ol November, W75 STANLEY L.BARR, Incorporafor IDAMAE EJARR, rncorporalor DEAN A. LESTER Incorporator and statutory agent [SEAL) STATE OF ARIZONA ss COUNTY OF PIMA The foregoing Arlictes of Incorporation were acknowledger) before me bv STANLEY L. BARR. IDAMAE BARR AND DEAN A. LESTER this 17 day of November. 1975. 3EAN A. LESTER. Nolarv Public My commission expires Mav lo. 1977 101413 ARIZONA CORPORATION COMMISSION Incorporation Division FILED JAN. 15, 1976 Al 8:45 a.m. at request of Jean A. Lester, Address- p 0. Box 57W, Tucson, AZ.B5703 W Nathalie Schaub, Secretary :vo J. De Concinl Publish: Fob 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, II. 1976 "·"he Tucson Daily Citizen Dear Ann Landers: Is there a polite way to tell people that an antique mahogany cocktail table is not a footstool? I have two well-brought-up friends (both women) who always take off their shoes and prop their feet up on my lovely table. Stockinged feet can't scratch but I'm afraid the table might collapse. (It's 150 years old!) Would I be a poor hostess if I said something? If you think I should, how can 1 get the point across without sounding like a fuss-budget? -- TIMID IN TOLEDO Dear Tim: Say, "I know you'd feel terrible if that table caved in -- and it just might because it's 150 years old. Let me get you some cushions for your feet." Then go get 'em. 0 Read Ann Landers' booklet, "Love or Sex and How To Tell the Difference." For a copy, mail 50 cents in coin and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request to Ann Landers, Tucson Daily Citizen, P.O. Box 26767, Tucson, Ariz., S5726. Ccipyrighl l!7fi NEW YORK (AP) -- The lives of al least 20 elderly and infirm persons were "prematurely snuffed out" as a result of a week-long strike against New York City nursing homes in 1973, says the city's health commissioner. Dr. Lowell E. Bellin said that the findings of an 18- month study made by the Health Department "bring into focus the tragedy thrust upon helpless i n d i v i d u a l s when health care facilities are struck." WASHINGTON (AP) - At a time when a decision is fast approaching on whether to start production on the new and costly Bl bomber, a private study group says the United Slates should scrap ii and rely instead on its present fleet of B52s. In a 116-page study Ihe Brookings I n s t i t u t i o n s;tys that "there appears to be no significant military advantage" in deploying the Bl and that scrapping it would save up to $15 billion in the first 10 years. The study, by Alton H. Quanbeck and Archie L. Wood and entitled "Modernizing the Strategic Bomber Force," says the current fleet of B52s "is more than adequate nnw and, with minor modifications, will remain so in the future under foreseeable conditions." Air Force leaders are study- says ing the Brookings report before responding to it. In the new budgei, the Pentagon is asking Congress for more than fl.5 billion for the Bl. $1.049 billion [o finance the start o( production should President Ford give the "go" signal and another $-583 million to continue development work. The Air Force hopes to build 24-! Bis, M a cost esiinKttod as high as $11)0 m i l l i o n apiece. outdoor F1SHERMANS FAVORITE BEGINNERS OUTFIT Zebco BAIT CASTING COMBO S-63 Costing Reel With Level Wind. 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II MUMMY BAG Backpackers Special With Stuff Bag. 81"Long. 88 I I\J\J «JU T T r-*r\i_*j -- *Ji \. yELLOB FRONT HOUSEWARES · SPORTING GOODS · READY-TO-WEAR · TOYS · HARDWARE · ELECTRICAL · DO-IT-YOURSELF · AUTOMOTIVE · GARDEN SPEEDWAY SWAN FIRST GRANT KOLB GOLF LINKS SIERRA VISTA, ARIZ. 5045 E. SPEEDWAY 825 E. GRANT RD. 2540 S. KOLB RD. 316 FRY BLVD. PRINCE FLOWING WELLS 6th AVE. 33rd ST. 8360 E. BROADWAY Pricts Effective thru LIMIT RIGHTS RESERVED NO MAIL ORDERS 1557W.PRINCE 2310 S. 6thAVE. AT SPANISH TRAIL rSSfffm SIX YELLOW FRONT

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