Independent from Long Beach, California on February 1, 1960 · Page 13
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 13

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1960
Page 13
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Red Chiefs to Attend Russ Meet By PRESTON GROVER MOSCOW W) -- Communist premiers, party chiefs and high-level officials of the Eastern Camp moved on Moscow Sunday for what has been billed as an agricultural conference. But with such big brass taking off for Moscow, the only presumption possible is that a high-level conference is shaping up. This seems roughly the equivalent of the Atlantic conference held by the West in Paris last December as a preparation for the East-West summit meeting in Geneva next May. There has been a busy exchange of information among Western embassies since the governmental level of the delegates coming here became known. * * * * ALREADY here are Gheorghe Gheorgiu-Dej, Romanian party chief, Chiyu Stoica, Romanian Premier, and Enver Hodaxa, Premier and party chief of Albania. There has been no mention yet of Wladyslaw Gomulka, Poland's Communist chief, although unofficial r e p o r t s from Warsaw said he was probably on his way, too. Radio Moscow indicated; Janos Kadar, Hungary party j j chief, and Premier Ferencji Muennich, were en route as I well as Walther Ulbricht, Communist party chief of East Germany and the East German Premier Otto Grotewohl. * * *' * T H E ANNOUNCEMENT that an agricultural conference was being held here beginning Feb. 2 was made last week. But there are several obvious reasons for a more important East-bloc summit conference. None such has been held since the date o f j | the East-West summit meeting was set nor since the NATO conference was held in Paris. FREDDY by RUPE ...YEP.MOM I FOUN' IRLSARE O WELL? IH SO UAD YOU'VE FINN.LY LEARNED THrXTl v-t^ |JL JUS' PUSH 'E* OVERTj A Bit of Erin ior U.S. Bar CASTLEBAR, Ireland iff) -- immy Kelly, a tavern owner need the problem Sunday ol how to get a real old Irish ottage to Washington in ime for St. Patrick's Day. Kelly got the rush export rder from his nephew, Mati eane, who is to open a ta r ern himself in _the U. S capital. So Kelly put a carpenter to work making crates to hole WANT AN EXCITING VACATION Personally Escorted 9-Day Tout HAWAII .,,,, 361" Indodlcr Roinf Trip Air Firi stones, timber and thatch taken from the old homesteads of the Kellys and the Keanes in nearby Kiltar- shaune. "It's going to be a headache, said Kelly, "but March 17 should see the Washington (Aaverllscment) Worry of FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irritating? Don't be embarraaatd by loose fal» teeth flipping, dropping or wobbling when you eat. talk or laugh. Just eprlnkJo a little PASTEETli on your plates. This pleasant powder gives * remarkable Beiitse of added comfort and security by holding plates more firmly. No gummy, gooey, pasty tnsto or reeling. It's alkaline (non-acid). Got PASTEETH at any drug count* INDEPENDENT--Page B-5 Long «e«eh, Cillf., Monday/ Fib. 1, KM Irish drowning the shamrock in a genuine little bit of heaven." (Advertisement) Do You Need More Sleep? · What happens when yon don't get enough sleep? What's the effect on the brain? Will "one night's good rest" make up the difference? Here in February Reader's Digest is a report on new studies which show that sleep loss is subtle poison . . . everybody needs at least 6 hours sleep for good mental health. King Visits Iraq New Amherst Head BAGHDAD, Iraq MB-- King AMHERST, Mass. Wl--Dr. state visit. He was accom- versity Medical School, has Acme Travel ·"· Mohammed V of Morocco ar- Calvin H. Plimpton, 51, as- panied by his son, Prince been elected president of rived Sunday on a three-day sistant dean of Columbia Uni Maulay Abdulla. Amherst College. Irish Block Shipment of Horses Ireland (ffl angry Irishmen DUBLIN, Dozens of linked arms in a human barrier across a Dublin docks gateway Sunday trying to prevent old horses from being shipped to slaughterhouses in France. Police reinforcements were called in as the banner-waving demonstrators blocked the passage of trucks bringing horses to the quayside. The demonstrators failed to slop HO horses being loaded aboard the freighter City of Waterford and watched it set sail for Dieppe. In London Saturday night, Irish Premier Sean Lemass j denied any cruelty was in- I j volved in the live horse shipments. He said he favored an international inquiry into the|j trade, which has stirred pro' tests in Britain and Ireland. POWERFUL NEW PLUNGER CLEAR! C L O E D TOILETS in a jiffy! NEVER AGAIN that sick feeling when your toilot overflows TOIIAFLEX Ordinary plungers don't scat properly, forcing oir and water to splnst back. Thus you have a mess and you lose the very pressure needed to clear the clogging mass. With "Toilftflcx", designed foi loilets, no nir or wnter cnn escape The patented, tapered tail formi nn air-tight fit: the full pressuri plows through the obstruction anc swishes it down. Can't miss! i · DOUBLE-SIZE CUP, DOUBLE-PRESSURE ! * OESIGNH) TO FLEX AT ANY ANGLE · CENTERS ITSELF, CAN'T SKID AROUND $O 65 «"* . 4b guaranteed AT MOST HARDWARE STORES .-IDES.-WED. FEB. 1, 1, 3 Belmont Shore 5286 E. Second St. Paramount 782E Monroe Long Beach Anaheim at Cherry Long Beach 1 E, Long Beach 2824 E. Anaheim | 4232 E. Anaheim N. Long Beach 5800 Atlantic Ave. Lakewood, 5820 Bellflower Bl. Hollydale, 12222 Bellflower, 17602 Bellflower Bl. Long Beach, 2290 Downey, 13235 So. Woodruff CUP THIS COUPON MONDAY. FEBRUARY 1, ONLY ONE BOX DIAMOND SPRING CLOTHES PSNS -FREE LIMIT ONE COUPON --ADULTS ONLY TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 2, ONLY ONE BOX ROYAL PUDDING ·FREE ·FREE LIMIT ONE COUPON --ADUITS ONLY CUP THIS COUPON WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 3, ONLY ONE PKG. MARCAL 80 CTN. · FREE LIMIT ONE COUPON --ADULTS ONLY NAPKINS FREE Every Store in Town Is a McCoy Redemption Center--Redeem the Money You Save at McCoy's SWEET MAT IARTLETT NB. !'/j «ni ,. CUBFEW Hi. 303 cini C A S E - S W A T H E Full itlDrtmtn, 24-oz, cint INESTLE'S MILK ,.,,«.,, SODA CRACKERS Ri: K Z, GRAHAM CRACKERS BUTTER WAFERS S T A KRISP ROYAL PUDDINGS.,.,.... 1 2 * MINCED CLAMS 5 u ,:'U".r°... 4 hp ASPARAGUS 'Kf ,,, 4 ,,,$ PEACHES FS ,S. M ". 5 ,,, 4 , . r 8 ,,, 6 ,. r 8 , ir 5 l.r 4 l,r 4,,, TUNA T./.'cr..'"."".. 1 "" 10 ,,, MUSHROOMS JT.. 0 .*.*.'.'::::.'.. s,., T I I U A ST»R-KIIT * IUnH HI. i/j cini 4 Icr PINEAPPLE ;r, sir ·' Tld ""..5 ,,, ft A If e MIY (£nr cnocKcn i U U I V C I T I I A BLACK W A L N U T , 2 0 o i . . . . 1 l o r I BABY PLASTIC PANTS v !iV 6 ,,, TOMATO SOUP,ST. 8 . 12 ,., VEGETABLE SOUP ,,,«,.... 10 ,,, PflDM KOUNTT KI1T Vlcuum Pick n UUnn JJ.oi, cmi 0 ,«r APPLES r/r, e ,, r Corned Beef Hash fir.","" 3 ,,, SHRIMP r..,'". 1 :,, 3 ,,, BISCUITS r,: 1 :; 1 . ""·""". 10 ,,, PUSH-BUTTOH CHARCOAL LIGHTER ,, r ,,« 3 ,,, SARDINES W.: 1 !'..TM' 11 8 ,,, CAKE MIX .T'toV,". * Mirt "" I0, w BONITO £%",,':: 8,. r E A V T STRUP c /i c,ni 0 tor PIZZA PIE AP,,AH W A T 3 , o r McGOY'S DETERGENT,.,';.-,'.'.,. 2 ,,, 6, o r 6 lor C O K T A D I N A M l n l i l n n i No. 2 c,n I HI En SUK V A L L E T lULCU i.| b . ,,,,. ,-, 5 ,,, HUNT'S PORK BEANS PORK BEANS SPINACH Hi. 2'/j am 6 (t, , FRUIT COCKTAIL KM,... 5 ,,, POTATOES APRICOTS " UNT! 10,., »«. J',j cm 4 lor TOMATO SAUCE IT,!;! 0 20 ,,, TOMATO JUICE JR-'V. 1 . 0 . 5 ,, r BROKEN PITTED OLIVES ,,, 6 ,,, . O icr .3 ' 5 ,., TOMATO PUREE r T i""«*« GRAPEFRUIT ff."V.i OYSTERS ,' H . i r. 11 *" 4 TOILET TISSUE K ! c :'.'. 10 ,,, TAMALESSV 4 ,., OERIT CHILI CON CARNEr sIT ,!.'.r. 4 ,,, LUNCHEON MEAT "!,'?,. li.'!! 1 . 2,,,69c SLICED BEEF OR PORK "T mm 43c PUFFED RICE w TM 2,. r 29c McCOY'S SHORTENING ,.,,. ,,. 49c HERSHEY GIANT BLOCKS ,,,,.« 39c LANCE BLEACH,,,, 39c LANCE STARCH , A ,,, 39c LANCE AMMONIA , M «. !8c SYRUP K!.,TM"*"°° 25c ,,.,,,,.. 69c SUGAR BOWLS ,,,,. «,« I9c TEMDERLEAF TEA BAGS V,,.V." 6Sc SWIFT'S JEWEL OIL , ,,,. 1,49 Chocolate SYRUP ^v. 1 .'"" 1 " 1 '"""" 49c SUGAR,",:. 1 '" 111 49c SUGAR p s :S ES . r ,,. 2,o,29c SUGAR ?,T* eu 97c SPSGED PEACHES Nc ,T!"c?n I5c HOLLY CORNED BEEF ,,.,,. ,,, 3Sc MAYONNAISE \^ rt """"""·' 45c BON-AMI ^· pu . flp ! 1 : t .. CL . ul !" 49c BON AMI DUST'N WAX SKIT!' 49c RANCHO ONION SOUP ,%,,"/,,,, 2, ( r 25c DOG BISCUITS YunTS 95c niBIO REAL C R EA M TOPPING. Qft^ igUllr Hif, 4Sc Ovv PANCAKE FLOUR ,"Jt IIU " 45c MARSHMALLOWS r ^, mn 2, t r 28c MARSHMALIOWS ^'.V""" 1 " 1 2,. r 38c PEANUT BUTTER VS."" r "' h ' rml 35c PEANUT BUTTER VS. 11 " r ""' """ 99c VET'S DOG FOOD , ,,,. 49c ,, ,,,. 95c CHARCOAL BRIQUETS 20,, 1.49 SYRUP p-Hivr."." isc SPAGHETTI .TIT muir IGc ITALIAN DINNER .'.M 35c SEEDLESS RAISBNS ,,.,,..,.,: 3,.,49c BRUCE YAMS 5 d;" 3Sc BLACK PEPPER fit.TM 1 ; 1 " 1 PURE 8Sc GULDEN'S MUSTARD ,,, 2, t r l5c T C B BISHWASIIINO COMPOUND OQit TOf MARKET QUEEN DILL PICKLES II 23c . 6 , 4 . 43c I, 1 , 1 79c MARKET QUEEH SWEET PICKLES V,.33c II 79c 7.'° 1,29 RELISH ?, A T OUEE " 29c STA-NU Si. 11 ,,',.'""" CLEANER 38c BARBECUE SAU0E rfl KT 25c NOCflL DRINK .'.'l.", 1 .',',?^"".; ','·"· b0 "" 1.29 TUNA Kf'Sr...4,.,1,00 w« 29c ICECREAM CONES "",",, 3,,,Z5c MARCAL NAPKIKS ,, ,,,., ICc WAX PAPER RRrJ""" -2 (or 39c INSTANT COFFEE 'IT' 1 89c ,,.,,. 1.39 COFFEE ITT, 63c 2,, 1.25 VANO LIQUID STARCH % ,,,,,, 39c VANO FABRIC FLUFFER , ,,,,, 39c KRAFT GRAPE JELLY ,,... 29c ICE CREAM ,';",T ° M " s "" Fimi " s "" 59c ICE MILKr,". 1 """"" 49c COTTAGE CHEESE ,T 8EU 23c SOUR CREAM ^T" °""° su " 25c FLOUR TO* 39c ,,,, 75c [ 29c 25c ROAST BEEF,, MV .?. 11 59c BISCUIT MIX V.T 1 . 1 ,, PM6AKE MIX ?.fJ! E E QUEEN'S TASTE--WHIPPED CHUNK--NO, i/ 2 CAN 5 00 ENCORE--HI-QUALITY I-LB. CAN BEST FOODS QT. FREE FLASHLIGHT with purchase 3 Bath Size--val. 1.49 FRESH LARGE GRADE A DARIGOLD--IN QUARTERS WATSONVILLE FRESH, GREEN, LARGE PIPPIN APPLES Excellent for Eafing or Cooking EXTRA SWEET, FANCY, NO. I, JUICY WINTER NELLIS PEARS B COACHELLA VALLEY SWEET, THIN-SKINNED, LARGE, SEEDLESS F 0 R EXTRA FANCY, LARGE, THIN-SKINNED SUNKIST EXTRA FANCY, U.S. NO. I SWEET SPANISH B cCOY'S TRIMMED · WASTE-FREE PORTERHOUSE PORK SHOULDER STEAKS FRESH GROUND BEEF «* ., $· 00 39c Ib J lbs ' 8 LEAN BONELESS STEW MEAT

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