Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 54
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 54

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 54
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--Aue^!*lc« rrm »:irtohct« niuTiSH Tuoors UN KOLTE TO CYPKLS ' Soldiers cf the 26th Field Regiment of the British R o y a l Artillery board a ; 'military plane at Lyneham, England, to fly to the embattled island of Cyprus. , - , Four hundred men left Thursday as the vanguard of 2,000 troops being air' "" '" lifted to reinforce the peace-keeping operation there. Income Tax tUeem* Tar FED. STATE--»S UP HAR Blod. Inc. ^NJ+TOH'I L«f$ei+ T»i Scrv'c*" ICS f. T* St 4 Lorrfl Mcctl i:» C. Ar^n*. tBTi| j(*c» TftST t" Florrx*. NuntmoTOt* PL Uta L lUe^V^ A v i . C*ro«fi« PHONE 436-0115 SEAL BEACH R A Y F R A N C t J M TAX COISSUVfAKT I!] tleoric Icor. Hi* * Ifcl 430-2490 We Come fo Your Home COMfTITE FEDEE1L I STATE MCI »T HEAV »ATt» EIS'A'STORES T«D«pi. CHERRY *VT- N L t . NARMONV3N ACCOUWTINO CSV f 1941-- AM »ra*« forml Lor? e - Lor? -I; I t »cll «'««.. !_« irttj FO* OU l «t£«V^-- Tltr V* AMD H1O CwT a.-HY MAC FRANKS, P.A. PueJkC ArcoontiPi *ni »VKE '°\J3 Jf.y* """*iViS«» f m tEL Ch«ar r CARDEH Servic* O SA^t You H Ov«r «n «-- » «».!» * JC 8OVC « v.l Co-J Y«* »«te. Troub'* AMv« «ur Fc Fed. X SMt T«i Returns "IJ Y £ A R J l» IONS 1EACH 2511 E. 7TH 5HE£I t A.M. .»yjm. G£ *4» INCOME TAX SERVICE «n« McCt« t.A. CA 4S1U INCOME TAX 15 UP IN YOUR HOME - . · - · . C.DV.AP3 J I JEAN 1 MORTO kKorn* T*» ft'pir-t ____ K ACCOUNTING SE»*. 9 **v t»^«^ ioogr vd TO J7TT1 , t. t. Prudrvoim. ft Ccvt. T* C*ticR»l. Across from Coles 41EJ A^artt C_A/»____CA_ WCCUWE TAX »".(tf at tiorr Schlitz Prevented From Keeping 'Agreement lo Buy Labatt Stock TORONTO. Out. (L'PI) --^o prevent SchliU from pur-| SCHLITZ, by acquiring La- Robert A. Davits, ToroWchasing 31.4 percent ot the ban would become the Urg- solicitor for the Jo « e p h Labatt stock and gaining ef-' t betr producer in the Unit- Schlitz Brewing Co. ot Mil- fcctive control of the brew-! r x^ukee. said Thursday the'cry- \** SUtes ' The Araencan company has a -legal obliga-j Davits says he thinks company also would acquire tinrT to fulfill commitments ·some type of legal dead-,c"ntrol nl ihe L?.batt-cnn- U it has rude to puhlic share- lock" has been reached as a trolled GentrM Breams Corn- hofders of Labatt Breweries, result of the Justice Depart -^"y of California, the larg- The American company ment move. ;Cst brewer in the West. .ost and found had agreed to purchase 930.-} The Schlitz legal position 1 U. S. Any. Gen. Robert 000 public shares of Labatt in Canada is such that the|Kennedy said the Schlitz ac- stock *t a cost cf about SM'compaay is committed to payt'°n- "could substantially les- xaffiion »s part of its tikeoverfor the public shares by Feb. sen competition and tend to cf C a n a d a' s third-largest'28, he said. The company of- create a monopoly in the sale brewery. The Labatt fanily'.fer of $23 per share for th e :°f **er.- Kennedy said the had earlier tendered 750,000 950,000 shares expired Feb. [District Court should forbid shares worth $17.230,000 to IS and payment was to be^e purchase of Labatt stock Schlitz. 'made within 10 days. ]* also force Schhtz to di- · · « · l -However." said Davies.| v «t 'tsel' t the Burgermeis- THE V. S. Justice Depart- "we have an outstanding in- ter Brewing Corp. of San ,'M*nt Wednesday halted at tcrim restraining order ap-;Francisco which it acquired '.least temporarily, the take-porently preventing us from," 1 '961- over by getting a !0-day re- meeting our obligation to! straining order from * judge these people. We can take no in San Francisco. The court'farther steps in the matter at' injunction seeks permanently presentTM A.. a?e J7. ttjrylwd by wi . Anemone; son. Leonard Legru dJugTIIr, Donn»J BrandcW Idrtn. tAilijrrt, Rcfi*rd, Ctartnce, and H*ro]4, usttri. Luc I IK Bergc. Ptart Jensen «nd A lie* Powers. Servkt Monday, 11 a.m.. · ChunJi ot Our Fibers, Fom tJwn ineftiori*) F»rX, Cvorrsi, _MUMTER MORTUARy Dtrtctorv SANOIERSOM -- tr* t T. Of 25 Oand Art Sarviv«d tv vx C««; 0 aygtittn, lAn. K*tfief in Hameti au · «nd M-M E Uiabe W £fry;c.« Fr d*v. 3 D m.. w\ Or. Cwmg Hudijr ort.ciai r« «t PATTERSON i SNIVEIY 5SS LC?CU^T AVC. ocTol Clubs 1T-A AOOBES LETTS M TO President ef CXftiT ChjO, KO 4tft jt-. re»*'tf!"fl meirvbef^ A',* tor »jf »il«rv:r*! Simj peooft apt 30 to AS Higio: HjgtK-^ *:*nci*rtfs. 149 *ctl fnemberL luon-erofl, iran-cai mcrtiAl. 5m* 4 dvn. OPC-I »'0f tv. Ddncrrta, Picnics. Bowtwfl. etc LONG E1ACH AMIJVAL SMELTEA Location 3CO1 E. V.HID* f. Fti» CA J-99» Hcc'-i; 10 to « ·. m. - n ( blh- t nw M i, 1 yr^ 17 S. ma ». red. 3 vr^ K-il Corker X, rrac, t f c . tj Rfttfirtg Sr^tiol-- K I X. m*:t. fc k. I 1*0, 1 V- fl La Vf« Or -- X II male, eik.. t *M., 4 yr.. - Un« ludk CaDt. Ptfe. ft. l^£f ENOENT--P*9« ravel FLY CAPITAN CASINO WAUEK LAtt HAWTHORNE. NIYADA Saaitamnin, Hospital, Koines 20 Help Wanted (Worn.) 24 1C" AlAMiTO 130-1. Go tit horaei JO-A PACKACC INCLUOC1: . »OUVD TUP Al* TUN], OF ('ART 4 1 1 . . RETUBM a A.M. SPECIAL SUNDAY R.1TI DCPAOT ;·» A.M. -- ·CTURN 18 F BA *Oft K F V AND IROCKUB IONS IEACH HA MJM IUIIAIMK VI » 5561 Ti Add Health Aids IS UFETTE HEALTH STUDIO . «H tvoes *wa *4S2» or 1 £* or_lU _i?Hii ***iJ5i!-f rt - **; .**'· * SUANA iATH t H1ASSAGE. «ll Ve«c* |lwd.. mesftnlT'S'Tr. Ffi. miVA. _10-10. Sun. »1B p ffv ' R i E O Dtneri? how Inr ft* Hand A vibratory mass*?-!. colcnic*. 31'* E - T t u C t Therejs'i Health Center IT i.m,-i 1711 E. art). C3 SPIU T J Hc«rrn o^^* *o» Afi. M«:iti ortlctv HE 7-3O7. Won. 9if9 TftUTi^ U BOOT* - 1C t m. er N,^^Vquf_f»m mjne »tST5. 12_ . Hr». 1M.WO . Men. . . Te-T. X, mak, blk, - t- »!·,, Y?-f WOO ST««ms Ln tovote^b«*a " Also etwck Counfv Peur.A--1137? fr«n'» »aU twt tkMd. Plem« coit*nt», no ou Schools Instractioa 22 School lostrvctioa 22 Cord of Thcnln Funeral Notices I Vilal Statistics Kirtlts PACIFIC HOSPITAL Itirtlis PACIFIC AH TIN-- Mr. ft fAri Wictrf A^cn ' PC-ELL-Wr, ft ttn Patt-1 Eu«e^. E. Maritef jt, bow. fea. J Clfl Leve^ c», ta«f*aoci. Boa. Jan. 17. L Mrs William Oa'fl ' CO«N .'-ELL-- AV. ft lAn. Jai^ei Al'.en, . 17. , . . oiJ tant, Huntlno*o» Oeadi, Bov Tbom«. SHAFLR--Mr. A Sirs. Kofcrrt Wil1t*m,. 36M F*ust *v«., 6ov. F*O. J -hollvo" KUCE*ir-*«r, i Mn. Dy«:d Wirt.«m, J*«- IK. SI* m il- S«iJ £e*C*. flrt. FM. d ! UASCM--Ur. V.r». - fiOJAS--Mr. A «JT- Divid J^ U£2 *54 tlm Art. trft, i* . . C»m*a, »4orwJ k., toy frt i 4 CR£EW---TAr. Mn. ftonai, DAYS--Mr. V,rv RabeVt P»yP. 3)'4 U7B4 Qrwgt, Par«mounT. *rt, Frt. 1 - I COMA1UNITY £ r i CBOFT--Mr. «n. fr*j j., r«a tf i rw-Ting^ · UTVER" __ Nert.r Wav e* 3T4 St. Jjjrvivtd ow eau3H*rr\. Aiice CriTier and ttrv Marr V *-tf. ion, Jofirt F.; I grjrrdchtl , . . Rev. L*wlvn .OST m» cackarvfi. O'tt-vtii ie»d. »fr'!*ie^ te T.J Sutxifin rr*«rfl, HE 4 37^1, CE M£1, I THANKS »o fre many fre^as who ei sincerity ft hmdne^i dyr- our trre ol bercavtrrienf IB cais-na el Jafi" T. Wrlotrt. r. J, T. Wngnr ft Farrtry. Fun era? Dircctcri toy. FeO. S * eOSlSQV--Mr. V.n, Rct:, KVA c*tn.\ f HtBEHT--Mr Mrv Jorhn C, 18OS «3ETltonli«'Roia."«irt Frt.' · -" ' J? l JtlS, rArt 7 Vr'^ i*^ « ic-i 1 ^cfcR.v.ANCt -- fctr. * juui. N«H« ArS.rtirl' ·-. rV*"« *·-?*-· 1C11 JimeS; Jl«l Bififfwood ST.. «er**»i.i pIoRTSNGTO^ *'-" ^"'-- - CALHOUM--Cvi. «OT I, cf 271 j r«:;TLe *y«, S*jrvi»rd ty »oni. Den. Le« and G*oro« Cafhoun; t».l4nm Strvtr* to · m. Fnda^. hUNTtR MORTUABV CKAPEL S«3J_ B. BLVD. CW.BERTSOT*--Etfv* M. «gt 741 erf (02 M, Locust Sr., Ccmoforx Surviw«d ty son. C*jn*er O. «^d tv* K.; tfJuohtw, Mrv Wartori* H;goirn; brett-t-v Corvin and Or^t IJnTt *id Mm Qlivr M^nklcv; S fl-andchildren, 1 B r tat · grandch,»dre-i. Service 14 HUNTER MORTUARY CHAPEL 54*3 L. B. BLVD. FOREST LAWN MORTUARY Orv« ArTinge^ent for and* Ct^«t«r UJl Lincoln 4 Awl MwxiTWif* I LOIS" Personal! 11 t A DIES--G:#T,our portr«.t »iTl WJe*. eve. t* «D3t- Ci«nour ihcutrfer Artrrw wigs make-ui *rtit as-M*;.!* lONE'S STUDIO _?44_E._7» 5V HE^jjSi AMY an* *.tntiijna m* Mjto cci fle^it on Jan. ZTtr-., '44 Aoorox 4:10 e.m. C. B. V »T McF*rLari tn W.lming^n. P'ea«* t^n TL '300 before J 30 e.m. »r TE 1667 *ncr 4 ' 3 p.m. FeO. TELL--Mr. S. Mrv Tftom** Iff, 13tfV--]MPTQU. iir Mr« A-r*rt u tin^l W-1»i A.*.. WrmimtFr. J*r. a. boy. Timm* T«r"fV£?'r^pSPfcnJ' -. ffiETHfIM--»r. i. Iftrs. »'^t' Dtan,[?; mrT1ir l * n "' ^^"^ trovt, to*, J«i. 1151 t, M^rltfT SI- JJft. ?f. bOV ' COT--*r A Mr* W*rr, tCHCOG-- Wr. * IRr». B.M* C*««, 372 -*·- T r* r - * ^^ War. **°P?-V_- T?^*! 1 ^- ^*"2? - .**: -u¥ . isii AC*C.», ap»*V-. Torr*rtr«. Jan. 2?. tcv. i' ieiaiciMljwT" fP,B*K-^r. t l_Mrv tecnKrf M.chMl.9An^^ctS,' C^wi.-bir-Jii' _ . - . . . . _ . . . _ ./arren. Gareen Grovt. Coy. J«v li F-EARSON--Mr. Mri. P»uJ W^ 1^2 V»«"t« *~"tJ«" ·»·" V^t-- Antno«i», C*rOM Ore we, bov- Jjn Ji · iHEIMY^VIr^ I S^.'?i.rt "ito.'HeVlMDJ^tlf-JSl c'S.f'Kr J 0 ^."^ }M Celm *^i^ Camoiwi- ^«" 32- fee* ."LV'/.-PV^^^r 1 . Gr .° v V .***·_ J*"- /?_' . E d w i , It, of 1153* E. Ros*rr*ni. Harwatk. 6!ovtd fiusbtnd of W^rgarrT B r brewer ef V. Allen C*Ju« ef Seal Be*c* and V^TDT K. of Lena BeJcTi; Mn. f a * K_ Woort tt K«ma», Wrv Ceorg · I. Sevwr of Te**% Mr». Certnjde r. Becltri«r ot Vn**, »nd JLVx Atoert* R T**nrfi!T of V^jr^uno- *oit. Set-vet Monday. 1 r.m., t d« Chjrcri R-QSE H I L L S */f MQR I A L PAVK, Vt'HtTTlER. ROS HrUS MORTUARY 01- Be'lflow*r. Survived t* SCUt-UlN-Mf. J ,-.-_,, ..-- i~ ^ : ^"'f^.J?" ^S^'J "u'tMf USE^-«.-."* ?T».' Loiii't~M.7 lio' ri«tS.~j^i *jJ^V .Si ,£· t: TM M- HWhorn.. tov. Jar. J1. I tJ[ L IBTM«..»'«-. i"i,,; T -..; i /J_ e,..,-. I CARU5O-«llr. t «n. BjOOy, W71 jit tt boT .··!· Dr. Huntintfon Setdi. art. J«v *if-TM^f* '· ^_**Ti l5T* r ' **·· *6»AY--«lr. t Kn. P»u J., 1«C3 3»_««r r ! i » *«··. J«!- 31 '. « rrl - . . ..'CooD»r L»t. Hunfmalon »«**, »rx I '^ * · 5CYWCUR--AAr. ~4 Wrv R : char Ho«- --. AIUOKA--Mr. 1 Mrs. L» «nr. lia E. Court. WiUnlnpran. t U.- ss § £·$£"*· Lr1 ' [Ton. J*i I jtNHNS-Ji ,S--Mr. C'enn.j^^* 31 ·* T «TO' WEHTZ-JVU-. A Mrs. CharW, ICT62 , MowiTT; mre-. Loriin Service S«*ur-d.-;v I tm at CHRiSTENSEN-PlNO __ 3-U PEDOttOO AVE. ·V7NC-- Oawis' K. 17 wead t35 MORGAN HALL i^ tor »our carry needs. ng retetrtiotri er ti^ncn. OCUil A^t HE 3 39ftS B E A T . . _ -_OM" 2100 tONO BEACH BLVD.. L. I Vlk CM« A^c^. ' _ f . _WjriJfcw_ROi*fl. ·_ rt - ^*^- ^* _ t iHAj£--AlVI "l AVlT "sidricy Fj , .,- . . _ . fclAVj. Cart' 1 *. Jr, 1323 knrrcrit Av« , MorwilK, « rt, JdM. U. I OCKA C--Mr. ATI. iwger* t- 2^ 1. n«lnut. Or^Of' bOV. Fttt. Z ttrOHT01*-^r. and Mrv Ch«r*k * . 111S if Loon. bov. Jan. 22 '.UMflBuaG--*M-. ft AVT. £dw«r«.S^« . 10* S*. boy, JM. S ·tcOANiCL--ur. * Mn. KrwcTi I- l«l Orard Av». bev. J«n. 74 rHiLUPS--«r. ft IATV iamw A, jr- C*l T«Tipn. boy. Jan. 17 rcTTEH-*/. ft JUITL Tnomat M, USI Per»nOo, *lrV Jan. Ti SAHiDBURC--Mr. ft AVx Canf 105* $t Louit Av».- rrt, Jan. 31 iir,'O\5--Mr. ft MO, Larry « * 2S2S C. 10m f, bov, Jan. I) »-- ~ SUKDAAE--WX. ft JtVJ XAarrn D VAJt ·VRCK-Mr ft «n Then*! »03*_ Wavrriond A*r, tov. JM. " P»*± T91 F*.. ^ t A T U t A Ert*J^^T *· ""' *"- *"" r ""'iwn~Harbb6r, ri. , C-riniT-W. C V^ tarry *l^,' ^^f""^ « *£ W '«*· *» is 3 n*""* "** ·-«**^ ""i°iasSaT^s^riS». R*^ · nFi»_J*r A ttr»_ J*ch Mu'rfl. f-Ti *W* turrt*. rrt. J»l- 31 tS^ViM*AiS^'. j£ w. I «"" T T*'- » "f»- "·"" · urroM--w. * wn. *"» ""·"·* "lA^Ti'.te^^'V »_ r~~. IVSTI M-miin V, »«rwji«. «irt. J«r,. a. -P/t St^i^.. S^ '^^ . WLXO-- «r t Mn. Oorillt t"W«-l z "i.S.i.}S*jfi- *«»-·-·'"'-- ICti tocJior Av«.. WlT»TMTMi. (w. JOHI»SG»-*r. ' BC'PMS-4^r Mn Justin. 7T^ C«^v c *L»_ g(n, Jjo. ». I 1 eiAHSf TT--AIK-. 1 »H. *^r» r-»-lr, ,,, 1^ S H^Oj St. An«fi«m, bov, JJ-i. 27.:* 1 SAir_«r. l Mrv ftnMndcr f'ortj. n UT CiMfomli A/«. «n. J«n. J?. "J KtT-Wr. t Kr» icart Midud. »551 1 ,'- 1 D«« Avt.. »«s*nimW, Bo». J«. \*"H HALEY--Mr, * IHrv J*c* Vtrrtn. «3* * W«r V»«. Sll §««*, «o». J«n I7.| POTTJ--Mr. 1 Mn. Wim«m Frirlir.ii. ISO O«orol» ». «lrt, Jjn. M. 1 TAPIA--«r. t »VJ. «*ii»l Anton!.' tJ3 vi« w«v» A«i^ tor, J«n. a. i HALL--Mr. t Mn. J«rrr HRu«. tT4 Lania VlsT» Dnvc. rrt. J*»_ 2«. . , , ICHOCMAK-Ur. I «rv Rot»rJ Fr^ .u, t »rl Then*! m«oo» A/«* rH. J*»- 21- riinwoo^ *T* »'«. .·'. ..- r - j ,^i «t · ^ ii. a-- -A if -- IAT Hm Chrisli* Easr lvl 51^ (.rL Jan. · At«k*St."^*S H^jJItej^^^ ^j^Ogr,. .. jr. ism sr. bn. 17, D*fcfrj d Cvore. *nd S«k« DarstrJ of MolEdnd; fcra-me'. Yei'c LindPboom of HoilAnd; d*jgfiter-», Ter.a SirDrnc* of tte(- tend, Patrioa Veen:-tra of On- t*rio, CmM . , ^rd Eb t Class cf falibrook, C*!-f.: «xn, Sam, Ted and Ceoroe c4 CvT^m, «rd Wjr- tin ot ta**nf'^a; 20 «r*nac*:i- oVen and 1 wtd ·grtndctiildret. Service FfkJ^v, TO am,, at Cue?'* F»1( Mortuarr »i*H Oc!d Fellow^ r77 ofl*natirB. tnftrmeftt A-'emery _ 0wden ^ffa . _ _ _ A'.ETlfR -- ""wmi"*'., age SJ,"'of ?·!» J.irlire Or. Survived OV W »*, Cenr* L ; daughter, J-^rt; *on, H*TJ 3, mc'r^r. V.rv ETMH W-- «r*r; bro*rr, ?w* E. S*r-» r e f"fjflv, I. a · rn. Angela Ao6r/ V^r-.^'Wjni Ch^DH. MXJWTIH ^ y O RJ ^ f R. T^ O re- tpTT. _ Fssfrd Nsricts f HtL vour LlfE «m O*NClt- tia-,s«i tl 3 Mr. Prrv 12.50 F»-t»i. Fun. Fntndi HE S-411 AlelorJv^drKr STudjo 11 Pacific A S'CIENCE OF'miND CLASSES. Ca d»y tr nii3h». 0.4! l, fren cod* 714--WZSii sotofcing prr^on to practice f« ooen^ .ty i-ONf LY" Teaci* MT^fio~~fr*«n wrifa ft«*erv Social CVvt. PO Box I*?. Bftrtlower._Cal Tl *" YOUNO"W.'O-VlA«l"witl t*JKfc" opft!« ~.jn Zohra. _ AA*-- ancmo. tirj Frt. ^f . ANONTV.OlT ._ At ft* S PROBLEMS? OFFICIAL SV.OG DEVICE station 7TK3 SO. Mar**lk K'vtf., Aries i HA IU1Q FOSTER PARENTS fteeded To femporanr c*re to mt«rvts. _CAJLt. MRS. CRAHiT HE FISW f t CHIPS , . C L W C R S SEA FOOD CRil _t.». Brvd^Ooe^ 13 I. ^ KtXlLO Iddv hwing on Ctue ! wno touna a CoclVrel P e*.* c IP* BKk. f-E *i77*. ___ CAPES STOLCS remodeed »ro vour tur co*T. _ _^ *£ «7 . R i l t . ed^Tyev OST-- O4rk trowo , bus ± f at alraut 3. 45. f«i, . Lnih*'* cf owner on 1- re awner. CJ-*817. Rega CST-- «an'» wallet Cblackl, , ot TTh ft Cherr» er Wonoer 60* (Anaheim/. Pieac* retur« persotv ' COnterrrV Ptl. ~ " ^^ _ OST:~cS"iiiu*iu» ft short ha:rtd l«t-ri«r. Brown female, Ui »a N«mt iv-- "Cjeenif*. Cera Id vrs. Bid · P-JT:* coUflr. V" Aionttra ft Oowney. Paranount Calt 4U-7413. Utali cart S.amr,* car. ' Ijcr, ttgs. tjir--blu* eves. o." Pie*%a help ir« bnd Itim. d. HE HI30 Vorhihire fer _ _ LOST; CaVver School, brown, tan Dune, regard tor retut-* cf c ' ?es._ CE_f j "" ."exprcttng baB* soon. R t.E 3-S^O. .OST. L*d « iMncbax vie. T* Anannm, Jl-3 rew*rs, ro i ns_a^ked.^CE t-?3C9: _GE_J_ t ma Terrier, 1iott 1-m, e^t, name Ti^v. tf-'M^dl. _ Kd. GA Tini LOST--«ld_tlend t»ke, m»!t. Homes CBF'TWOOO CONV*LtSCtNT **C*,PlT 177S CHESTNUT E" 34467 HE 6RIDLEY 6UEST HOME tw«. room. w« «rlv, Banv Brtf ·* persortf k**f * toOtf. C*n*M. V*0 * MO. H411SO ____ St*ri!«y Guest Horn* troo _c*l't. __ I ATLAirr 1C CAP* r-- Orxtor t management. Ambwt toe* cvt *ntf «ood. 1473B __ ^^ CUCCT HOME clew. ho»r»l*«t. FA he XIml ciiTjitV j t! M in» CA ? 3 :j ACANCV ** _ . ttafl fnvLronm^nt. I » __cart, M E ? JV* l*3v « 1 1 V __ ACANCV. Amomatcr* UOv. ea*ji._«ocd_»ood ._ C-e_f 1 301 __ OR ladv. ambulatcrv. Good toed . .. up. 5^. gun3 home. bath. V B E. Mile LCCRLY L*Jv. pvl. horr». TV. OVELY ton* »a toe. Cg I TV. E«.« toot Experienced. Steno City of Ananeim . Aoohr P«ftann*l Aeot. 725 L l«*4**«r rk. m-ona *OTlCt TO TELECRA/A _ . _ ·cteot Kei» ·«nf*4 ** ** federal iv*oe Hour law, ·f ffwv otter int F«n ih* too*! ~ ~ ~ ~ if vou w* afftrrt r ·'·jn:icr»« corKtmir* (tn k* ·Thar ««·» hour icttvit-n ol U. 4. Deo*rttrtn1 ef Labor, er writ* itit deeartmenrt i oftit* at .:a Atlantic Ava- leach. H'ml ·let tcai . TTU. earntSai.Co'.lgfcrall 21 C*t I 1 DO *·* toAAv! Cr,»» «HF « U « monmi* vnymenti l^i IMJL Or vou in^w vet ·" ·mount » SJ-SOO -- t»r«rrs To mormv Ptww ·'·eod tor »o · i/« %· fo · i LOCAL LOAN CO. 2ca c. rn M HE MUI A A tor Cfi Sn**'»n, tMwxr Ont* fn«*i» wnill 7 F ft jarh:n« 314^ er 3iS locj-t H^fp Wontrd 1 Worn. I 2« SENIOR KEYPUNCH OPERATORS C24 t OS* PART TIME Mother* AM PlCKdnt morning work, S'Mtitif %*t*r* It .75 Bf hr, * bOOui*»- RMid »dw «ni rmmi. »ID»T. un- rr^f-j^y. w«t tr*m v (Alia crod H to N »*:«* · rt» »7 per tir | (· t 431 SJIt. H ta O * m. ·*-.. WAITRESS PA»T TlrV-E Bfortt b* «u»fcri,e4. B^ADS RESTAURANT _38CO AfUntic Avt. _ *-_' Registered Physical Therapist PACIFIC HOSPITAL OF IONS IEACH :iT4_r.ctfc A.»^_GA^-l!_»] TELEPHONE SURVEY 6'RLS «IE*rV*t rt r-.urv/ w II Full CWge Bookkeeper "^^"MAiTb R ES SIR 8 Mr^on«l and tb'n. * r-jr^ou-Ji B'V Vat i . . r»n. _Be»__A Ttr __ ___ GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! 21 lo 30-- IP YOU'D LIKE TO MAKE $1 50 WEEK Acpf¥ I to I 0*'lv YOGI'S DOGPATCH 137 E. Comoton Srvd., Cerno^f* BRITANN.CA H» ODcninn for 3 women In Soultvprn *fcT!on. Hit^tit eomtn. C*. bcncfiH. Ha criircw blckt. Mo grc^iom CKO. ti«ct^«rT, Oil ·r com* tn tor *ooT, TtA S 2232. .~53 BelH!c-»*f, 13 to 7 HAIR STYLIST. EXP. CE mo* ATT "R ACTIVE B»r E._AruheitTi St. EmslENCEO NIGHT FRY COOKS R*ncl»a Ce??rt Sncp APPLY i:C W AM*r-tElV_ GIRLS'ATTENTION! 'rinQ a'trardve rris betwf*? A g SECRETARY . . . CR t-TVT. CSHI191 Instruction Information Preparation lor Real Moss College ·x«. v.'hy cM*'t out et town tnr vour ftnow'edne ft ca^rer. w-l = ' ' CONTRACTOR- SCHOOL J9 Pine Art. f-E * TOST--diamond nrtB rw. L, I 13 VPTiCrtiS-Pe^ax- f^t r e" d* ! tr« only Ht » Me? VJ IKS 0" free to »m»-er ovf-t orri »;· Beeotioo A-« , t B CE K*ii HYPNOSIS Insurance 14 Auto--Wt Insure Yn? 1 or alfr-SOZ't, cantr-eo. C'C DW Ihpw--Rate e*meVt tek** OvfT 25, WTO 5 Lew ·) *7* I no AW. * 73, 10 20 S low a* IH 4 mo Sai. » s wttitowa»sai*itifl PAY MONTHLY feA 4 C707_JAggjSE CT7 AfUnriC Travel" IS Open the Door in '64 lo Success TRAIN NOW PAY LATER American BUSINESS TECHNICAL SCHOOL HOWARD BUTLER. SCHOOL OF KEAl KTATE One ol trie a'd«*t ssjwol* i« Wi. · cj -- tnausanA ot erjriua'o. DAYS--* AM. Won. 1 TVun. £VIS.--7 f.M. Won- t TVurv U tE^SONS-- f UVL COVtRAC Vfi't AnvTimt NrKt Ir^MW 1NCOWE T A X E S 1USIKKS PRACTICES Ai..ncei C.u 7 p.m. W«J. C j f l »or rurai'j A Brrxhu'e H ,'« ATLANTIC CA 1*4.1 SALES; GIRL M«FAR LAKES CANDIES t M TO rJv CLERk-TYPIST F X Pt R I E NCt O PMOTO PF I WT t » 5 AND CHrCKERV APPLY C i T Y PHOTO. 171* IAST AMA **EI«. __ _ AUTO ASSISTANT BOOH'KEE rtceivablt I Mv . rsx. c»ti GIRLS WANTED BA* V.AID -- ACD'» -r Pint,- 11714 C.I Mm. Ar*e^». Jim er Pat. W A N T E D for 1 FREE PLACEMENT fcr GRADUATES. 8e · paofFSilOMAL 84RTENOt« DAY CR tvE. COURSE ret i CAYS 10 AM » P.M. NEW METHOD BARTENDING SCHOOL r» E. urajjjj.. i..i HE ;yjj WE HAVE Set *^ta i J^T v Asrx cva PO*D V^-it VCfr lf-9 ttith A'rpcrT t M E R R v 'AASCi-0* t ' J T R A M - ' E B;E »l77i CA _i*t:\ Vt W-- I E A RN" TO" OPt RA r t ~ HEAVY EQUIPMENT Tr*.torw Cratfers. e't* tn C*lil. Assooared DU 2-8327 r.l Sd. Vn-mtrnt tcs Anoe'e* 5 i of 7, Jipar«L l" A VC7. tnd., ^ ___^__ _ FASHION WIGS by we^rlrg rn thi left or iaJl/. MI-,* LouHe r.l *^*3 l f. SECRETARY fl£?« eacpM-. in 'writinfl to K*MV Ca^ P. p._ Bon I. Bei^rtowc/-. WANTtD; Girt to 'liv* m; Ros^ moor, n it* home; own room. Jr-. * board t :oom. Call AAT. "HlEUABLE WOMAN" Lit* fi**_ na ceefc:nfl, L!v* «*, ^TTlSfcTlYE GIRLS" Barm^idi. Arc'y II * m 13 m . _1I307_L.B. B ' * twocj. NCR 3 fOO- * beret K TO »"t«.«. GuOtf _ __ BEAUTY OPERATORS 0-Jv t Fvt. Ood (ii^r-v^e *RINttSS BCAuTr SALON *^5 I _ E - HA Uli A*c«'t W «» M · i · r · Training C«rif«f. Coitvtu- nrtly loc.tej to «U SouA- DILDAY FAMILI Fun fro! DtrtfSorj cciric Ar«. vt Asaiclm St. ALTBlANSHCTIt -- S-nai O. kt1*nf iUuahTef rf Vr «nd Wrv c.v, t«O t ««5:*rr fr ** qr "' .,,, ft WT. 3W ijofj Ft. ff. J*»- . B CUT LET--Mr ft Hftrt v*w* i-«. i _s*i7" ·T-'-.^i *«»"" «'rt " »W "*~ " ~ ' PAKSltF 1 * iK ?-«* i» a ^ i ^^«*ii%vfaJP : . ** *^ Vi?Va?^y^v£\i££J iS: H?:r A ^« S:*? » «.-..! ., j**-.i* 4 BA?RCnirfr-Mr, "i Mrv £.» rim, boy, Fetv t »n Trail T^otr,«i »TTI RSO»-wr.* * »^v Tuarn.!* rwtM. Boy, j«x It -J7-1 te*^ A*«. tmwootf. ft ru J*n, «kion St.. rar tre Fnd.w. 11 a Leon C Perr 93 Dildav CK«el. tf juati t«r ·toberf Coyote* ·* lie* 19 HCOCtS -- C-ve-a Golden A/t. Servi JCNtS llti'iry |_ f*1 , . wool Server · n H*rr» fawner, . f dctwo- Miitva* C · «f c fe. · aj* RRi AfemortJl 1 9 ffi . *rft* 0:iO»T FL HI S till SHOP HE Sm *U FURS r - f a' J-t J tv turner, (.te . e^c, HE J17 CLASS controlled lie* f« «*r». HA fUlT. Social Crabs 11-A CLARA LANE'S Fly Vegas ON THE FAMOUS Hacienda CHAMPAGNE TOUR $24.50' ADDiTIONAl FUGHT STARTING FE**UA*y 2TH OCPARTlN^ ff 9 AUL t. RO, W tram, en 4 «ng ' r . *f Jtr-» ttv*«t 1 T«4 CcxtUl at iho*. } . D*nc*« tJ *-**·» t, toungt nt Cot crutt irKUxleO B A rport Inr 3 M VrvY s WEEKENDER COMPARE o Industry Needs Ycu ·a-PHfl Courvrt -- W o r t V" Trad* V,hooi»_^_*E JM !*BBt R^ 114 Ol.ViAriO irall now ?7 art** «un». R BARStB fOLLlGE _ Long Bexih. HE a Kt?; HE. J tq;t tEAPN A iRA^E AT A T;EST COAST TPACE SCHOCIS _ _ _ AMTRICA* BIJSIMCS5 A TfCHNV _CAt._School,_luE »!1M or r.i £OIX4 fl'ANT A TRADE?"TRY"lK.TtClNGf A rt k d we a. vtw tvnwa. ^e ma School 22*A « v HA 5-1269 roa«rrf Notices ^_5^* 5 _* d ? f f IFnnercl Heticct Oir Facilitit tut Trjitltj W;tl lij Sckool FREE Occi;itionl Ccu»li=l Flictntil Tniiii( Aftilcfi Tistiit ENROLL HOW h Accelerated Coarset SWITWIW WHY W'ATT'T Free tri*l »es»nx |*T,ent. Kremea ^*trerv , American Drivir* School _*:*«£« PACIFIC DRiVIMC SCHOOC INNtRS CA 40917 747 L. . tLVO mottell's jervice FrW«y. M ai a m . Fort r » l « c r a n * Hationai I Me* For**'I/ KM. V.: **»* t«rffia U *'« r y, I oT 1 " ·.m^ Mot^fl^ C ' t l K t i«*** G r * « » r i Co-1v, brcmr-. X^d-vVi* «liMT'Mer^i * L T/ ? ffc J^ TMCVPiOH -- M t?i^- ^ l A r ? ' ·i»*m MaM f n / 1US1IISJ ! tlSHItlllS MISS / tFTUT I /IIK I /UN Til t »;ll»t ·' tlM FigUlKKIIC / itsirSTim. emniis ·' PIS llCtFTJOlin r [LUTIOHt ISSEVtlT ·· atcTtcme · EnroSmenl NOW UOININS. AFTUMOON, FrtNIMG. CLASSES CALL NOW1 ncM SOUTHIAN3 crms HE 9-2153 fBOM O«AM£ COWTT Kl 7-3006 TR 9-8181 tx* live m e^cumBered. Na »mo*n er t» UdrJ (five »re tor m.dc; e lerni rrttred rnon M »*if*l rtmr A-n t-D S._Ocwiie» R A MIT? MEDICAL ASSplSTANT ___ ^ . COCKtArL WAITRESS Arrracl.. 7177. Good *Aeet A»- - RMs _ ErperTenc edl Detfc G^f! l«*ufy 5ato«» -- farl LEAIN EAEH M O R E AT AUTOMATION INSTITUTE "IBM · Keypunch · Tab Wiring · 1401 Programming Data Processing Astomotioa Institutes Are NatTci't largest Independent School! far Enmeis Antoma- lioa HAR STYLIST Furl or n*rt f.rr-e llnd *-r« _ijA_s_4Mi_«r ri4 K;T _ SALESWOMAN Fufl In*. Arrtnir'i je'*e!e'x *'J HBfinfl Sf^, L_B __ __ MOTHERS HLLrt*. d«e ··». f pie »ifn 4 ttnld-e" Ycur r-w priv rorwn. fcJitli ft ?y + -^** _rr^ CA * ^K» _ _ _ TUEfHONl SURVEY Sa'ar* CwAran __ CA Ts. Car _ . TF SCTI i HAIR DRESSER LOCAL, AtANACR feir-n« Lmj*'^ F«ytiM Cornunant». F^it er carl l.rr* C f t l t G E HU1 «all«»«lrfic« | tf Htttn IIM M«ki«« ftisfyvft t' t*i j tor Tiitio* AUTOMATION INSTITUTE 111 t. Ecu tlif loci 432-398 ABrSllTIM. Ltve ki. Kwxn. boarij *TIAM «*i«nr. Cxp^ct*-* motnef a;i-«ng *t»er S §m. ~ ~ _ LVNlTl T ( J* I vl ny ;.' *' .^ _ . _ _ X-RAY TECHN'rCtAN' _ ar* ibr | y^ar *· " TTl'CHCfli Iiiipw^M^t Avrnc* IIS Pw» »m 121 1 utv-.ratss. HMT. ^Cir^iom h*^ti*» *KAff MA O. JMart i IM:I r - - - in the Harbor Area Daily in your IsJrpradrrl _ » - s A n c. CiassiHed Section

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