Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 51
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 51

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 51
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fag» C-8--INDEPENDENT L«H.IMIV, c^n., Fri., M». n. Television KNXT Ctuantl 1 KNIC Chiml « KTLA Ctmwtl I ti M mpMtibiiitv HY cbtm n tr iiitrini. KAIC CMnnl J KCOF Cbaftfltl U KHJ Channel » KClTCnKSiii KTTV CMTJWl 11 u^x e.^«] H FRIDAY, MARCH I I , 1966 * PAID ADVERTISEMENT · · 6:00 '2 Classical Mytliology ;' 6:30 ','1. Expansion of Europe -.4 21st Cent.: "Cities" ,.7 Guidelines: Drafting L'2;News w/Charles Kuralt *.4- (Clr) Today, Hugh Downs t. ' [.with 2-hpur report on * testing in 'education, *. ; business and government · ,":7 Scope: "Big Band Jazz · American College," . V9 Cartoon Shows (to 10) II The Fisher Family T 7:25 .2 Clete Roberts, News ; 7*0 r 7 'Gypsy Rose Lee Show 11 The Hobo Kelly Show ;; 8:00 A.M. . : 2.Capt. Kangaroo: Arts ,7: Girl Talk, Virginia Gra- -'·· ham, Totie Fields, Reiko £ 8:30 c7 -The Pamela Mason Show ' : 9:00 A.M. ;2 I Love Lucy, Lucille BaU ·;4 (Clr) Eye Glass, Cullen' M. Yoga for Health U ; The Jack LaLanne Show 13 Public Service Film £ ' 9:15 J3 G'depost: Soc. Studies (5) -'4 Edwin Newman (9:25) -I-'.;" ··, :*30 2 ;The McCoys, W. Brennan ·4- Concentration,- H. Downs .: jS, Scarlet Hill (serial) · 7 The Mike Douglas Show . 11 Movie: "Belle of Yukon," ·· Dinah Shore ('44) 9:45 13 Guidepost to Spanish : : 10:00 A.M. . :2 Andy of May berry . v £4 (Color) Morning Star ·f5- Burns and Allen Show :9:(Clr) Movie: 'Tea for : ; .Two," Doris Day ('50) * 10:15 13 Mr. Merchandising ··I'' ,-i- 1 10:30 · /'2 Dick' Van Dyck Show w 4'(Coldr) Paradise Bay · : 5 (Clr)' World Adventures 13 Bill Johns, News . ·· 11:00 A.M. ;2 The Love of Life · 4 (Clr) Jeopardy; Fleming ^·5 Peter Gunn, C. Stevens -.7 Supermarket Sweep 13 (Clr) Treasure, B. Burrud ·; . 11:25 : 2 CBS Mid-Day News : ' 11:30 '·2 Search for Tomorrow '*4. (Clr) Play Post Off ice :5 Movie: "Ladies' Man," : : Eddie Bracken ('47) . : 7 Dating Game, Jim Lange .9 Spectrum: Industr. Arts 1 1 ..Sheriff John, J. Rovick 13 Romper- Rm., Miss Diann 11:45 ·2 The Guiding Light '4 Frank 'McGee (11:55) :: 12:00 NOON 2 It's Keene at Noon .4 .(Clr) Let's Make a Deal .-7 The Donna Reed Show ,9, Movie: 'Tyrant of Seas," ) "·. Rhys Williams ('50) -28 Destruction of the In- "f dian (premiere). Brazil. ·* 12:25 "4 Floyd Kalber, News 12:30 2 As the World Turns i.4 '(Clr) Days of Our Lives . 7 Father Knows Best W The Texan, R. Calhoun 13 Dialing for Dollars 28 Heritage: R. Rodgers ' 1:00 P.M. ·2 Password, Allen Ludden it The Doctors, J. Pritchett 5 Movie: "Sleepers West," J Lloyd Nolan (Ml). 7 Ben Casey, Vincent Ed! wards, Lesli e N i els en , 9 (Clr) Movie: "Jamaica Run," Ray Milland ('53) 11 Movie: "Down to Earth,' ; Rita Hayworth ('47). * 1:30 2 (Clr) Linkletter's House .- Parly, Victor Buono 4 (Color) Another World 13 (Clr) Movie: "Simba," ; Dirk Bogarde (Br.-'55) 2:00 P.M. 2 To Tell the Truth, Collyer 4 (Clr) You Don't Say! 7 The Nurses, M. Fickett 7 2:25 2 Douglas Edwards News * 2:30 2 The Edge of Night 4 (Clr) The Match Game 5 December Bride ,7 A Time for Us (serial) 9 9 on the Line (interview) » with gubernatorial '* candidate George ', Christopher V 2:55 £ Nancy Dickerson News 7 Marlene Sanders News 3:00 P.M. 2 The Secret Storm 4 (Clr) PDQ, Dennis James 6 Our Miss Brooks 7 General Hospital 13 (Clr) Mickey Mudturtle 28 News in Perspective. ~ · . .. 3:30 2 Loretta Young Theater 4 Movie: "Frontier Wolf," , Piero LulH, Maria Fran 5 Divorc* Court. 7 The Young Marrieds 9 Astro Boy (cartoons) II (Clr) Billy Barty Show 4:03 P.M. 2 Sea Hunt, Lloyd Bridges 7 Never Too Young (serial) 6 (Color) Popeye Cartoons j 4:30 2 Movie; ^Mission over '·- Korea," John HodialO 5 (C!r). Gco. Putnam News 7 Where the Action Is. .» The Spokesmen, Chris ^ Montez, Linda Scott l) 008th Man (curtoon) 13 Bozo's Big Top Sliow 34 Novela Semanal (drama) 5:00 P.M. 5 (Color) Shebang! Casey Kasem, Ketty Lester 7 News Hour, Baxter Ward 9 9th St. West, Chad " and Jeremy 11 Gigantor (cartoon) 13 (Color) Morgan's Alley 28 What's New? 34 Operacion Ja-Ja 5:30 11 Winchell-Mahoney Time 28 The Friendly Giant 5:45 4 (Color) KNBC Report 28 Sing Hi--Sing Lo 6:00 P.M. 2 Big News, Jerry Dunphy 4 (Color) Huntley-Brinkley 5 Route 66, Martin Milner. Joanne Moore. 7 (Clr) Movie: "Pal Joey," Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth, Kim Novak ('57). Rodgers arid Hart music. 9 The Honeymboners "13 (Color) Lloyd Thaxton . 28 Sports Film': "Twyman on Basketball." The Royals star explains fun- 'damentals 34 Noticiero 34 (News) 6:30 4 (Color)'KNBC Report 9 Marshal Dillon, J.Arness. 11 · (Clr) Woody Woodpecker 28 Physical Geology 7:00 P.M. 2 (Color) Walter Cronkite 4 (Clr) News Conference: Former Ambassador John K. Galbraith 5 Rifleman, Chuck Connors 9 Twilight Zone: "The Hitchhiker," Inger Stevens, Leonard Strong. Driving cross-country, girl keeps seeing same v hitchhiker--always ) ahead on road. II Dennis the Menace 13 (Cli-) High Wild, Don .Hobart: "Wiscorisin Snowmobile Derby." 28 Aerospace Briefing, Dr. Martin Klein. Films of Gemini 7/6 rendezvous, interview with Gemini program director Charles Matthews and highlights of Neil Armstrong-David . Scott press conference about Tuesday's launch. 7:30 ·--'· 2 Wild, Wild West, Robert Conrad, Ross Martin, . Nick Adams, Dana Wynter, Robert Em ; hardt. Free-living South Seas island prince insists on visiting an exclusive health resort where an assassination plot has been uncovered. 4 (Color) Ballet for Skeptics, Roland Petit, Zizi Jeanmaire and other leading European dance artists. Special program, filmed in Paris expressly for TV, sets out to prove that ballet can be fun. Costumes are by Yves St. Laurent. 5 (Clr) Surfing World, Walt Phillips, surfing film 7 (Color) The Flintstones. To get out of taking Wilma to a violin recital, Fred okehs having an "old school chum" escort her. 9 "SHIRLEY TEMPLE" if 'ton Llttl* Rick Girl' Alice Faye, Jack Haley, Michael Whelan ('36). Runaway is befriended by vaudeville pair. 11 The Soupy Sales Show 13 (Clr) The Roving Kind: "The Skunk Railroad" through redwoods. 34 Mano a Mano Ranchero 8:00 P.M. 5 (Clr) Danger Is My Busl ness: "King of Throttle Pushers." Ray Crawford, in Mexican Road Race 7 (Color) Tammy, Debbie Watson, Dorothy Green. Beulah's entered against Lavina's prize milker at the county fair, so it's arranged to have Lucius Jailed at fair time so he can't sing to theTarle- ton cow. 11 (Color) Movie: "Trapeze," Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Gina Lollo- brigida, Katy Jurado 13 Movie: "Please, Mr. Balzac," Brigitte Bardot Daniel Gelin (Fr.-'56). Farcial comedy. 28 Nine on Japan, Rumi Ueno (premiere): "Jizo- bon." Children's festival in Kyoto, first in cultural exchange series. 34 Lola Beltran (musical) 8:30 2 (Color) Hogan's Heroes, Bob Crane, Werner Klemperer. Convincing K l i n k t h a t h e h a s E S P helps Hogan's plan to learn the design of a German noiseless aircraft engine to be demonstrated for the Luft- waffe high command. 4 (Color) Sammy Davis Jr. Show, with Gordon and Shelia MacRae, Peter Lawford, Mel Tonne and Tjmmy Rogers. Highlighted is a spoof on big, lavish movie musicals. 5 Movie: " Til We Meet Again." Ray Milland. Barbara Brilton ('44) 7 Addams Family, Carolyn Jones, Marty Ingels. A cowardly veterinarian is summoned to treat ailing Top Viewing Today 7:30 P.M.--BALLET FOR SKEPTICS on channel 4 in COLOR. The emphasis is on basic explanation of ballet movements. Featured are Roland Petit and his wife, Zizi Jeanmarie. An hour program. Mike Garrison, executive producer .of 'The Wild, Wild West," frankly admits, his series latched onto a trend. With the show a 'ratings success and already renewed 'or a second season Garrison's not about to apologize. "We knew . the western trend was good and we knew he same was true for the James Bond trend," he said, 'so we combined them." Garrison thinks most of today's successful TV shows, "I Spy," "Get Smart," "Green Acres," are trend followers. "Its necessary because television reflects what people are thinking and their demands. Trends are what people are interested in these days and James Bond is a ;ood example."" . · As for the future;, he predicts a science-fiction trend. While he personally would ike to see more straight drama oh TV, Garrison .does not believe the audience ivould accept it. # * * + A L T H O U G H Garrison doesn't believe the TV audience wants drama, another :op video.executive disagrees. Frank Price, executive producer for Universal Studios, thinks viewers are ready if the drama is in the form of a movie. He envisions the day when notion pictures will b« produced specifically ,for . television and take over: the network schedules from 9 to I I p.m. daily. · , ' Several s u c h '-. twc-hour : ilms are in the works for next season. One, being readied for NBC-TV by Price 3 .called "Doomsday" and stars Van Johnson. » « * « SINGER Keely Smith, who makes her dramatic TV debut by TKWV VERHON with "Mr. Roberts" tonight does it smiling. It's quite a contrast to the dead-pan look that she prc^ fesslonally wore when she appeared with Louis Prima and lis combo. Keeley said she dropped :he dead-pan look when she was divorced from Prima in 1961. "The wooden Indian look was great to laugh at while Louis was there, but I could not do much with it on my| own." 7 P.M. "Twilight Zone" (9). stars Inger: Stevens, "the Farmer's Daughter," in the role of a motorist who is plagued by a hitchhiker. 7:30 P.M. "The Wild, Wild West" (2) stars Nick : Adams in the role of a prince. . , 8:30 P.M. "Sammy Davis Jr. Show" (4) in COLOR stars Peter Lawford, Mel Torme,.Gordon and 'Sheila MacRae. 9P.M. "Hollywood Backstage" (9) attends a party for Morey Amsterdam of the "Dick Van Dyke Show." 10 PJW. "The Man from UNCLE (4) in COLOR features Ricardo Montalban in a story about diamorid thieves. 11 P.M. "Alfred Hitchcock Hour" (5) co-stars Jarhes Mason and Angie Dickinson in a murder yarn. Kitty Kat, the pet lion. 28 Comment Perspective. 34 Maximiliano y Carlota 9:00 P.M. 2 (Clr) Corner Pyle.USMC, Jim Nabors, Frank Sut- ' ton. Carter's delighted when Gomer invites him to share an expense-paid trip to Las Vegas; not realizing Comer's idea of excitement is a visit to Hoover Dam and the precious metals mining museum. 7 Honey West, Anne Francis, Irene Hervey. The trail of a can of soup hijacked from Aunt Meg leads Honey to a pop artist's studio. 9 HOLLYWOOD BACKSTAGE ir PrtnieriiE "Tfc» Oscar" John Willis, in color, with "roasting" of Morey Amsterdam. 28 Heritage: Richard Rodgers. His friendship with Lorenz Hart. 9:30 2 The Smothers Brothers. Dick is in charge of the Pandora beauty pageant, and is hard put to keep it absolutely honest with prodding from both Tom and a devastating contestant. 4 (Clr) Mr. Roberts, Roger Smith, Richard X. Slattery, Keely Smith, Alan Mowbray. Capt. Morton's tied to a stake for burning when he rejects the marriage proposal of a Polynesian queen. (The now-smiling Keely is due for a singing appearance with Dean Martin next week.) 7 (Clr) Farmer's Daughter, Inger Stevens, J. Pat O'Malley. Katy, on jury duty, filibusters to pre- SPEC1AL BROADCASTS-8:30 p.m., KLAC--NBA Basketball: Detroit at Lakers 9 p.m., KEZY--Cal. JC Basketball: LBCC (if winner) 9 p.m., KMPO--NCAA Basketball: OSU vs. Houston vent a verdict she believes would scuttle romance for an elderly ; couple. , 9 Step This Way,:Gretchen Wyler, Marge Champion 28 Festival of Arts: "Intol- leranza," Boston Opera Group. Experimental avant-garde opera by Luigi.Nonb 34 Yeah-Yeah (music) 10:00 P.M. 2 Trials of O'Brien, Peter Falk, Britt Eklund, Nehemiah Persoff, David Carradine, Ludwig Donath (pt. 2). O'Brien negotiates for the return of the Balkan jewels. 4 (Color) The Man from U..N.C.L.E. Robert Vaughan, David McCallum, Ricardo Montalban, Nancy Kovack, Larry Mann. Solo and Illya must round up a ring of Mafia-type diamond thieves whose operations threaten the economic stability of the world. 5 (Clr) Geo. Putnam news 7 The Jimmy Dean Show, RADIO TV TUBES 50 OFF GIANT ELECTRONICS 9635 ARTESIA ME 4 5555 RADIO KHC-7H. KEZY-IIN KUS-IIM IULI-IU1 KFU-I1M KCH-lm MIB-IM KFI-W KOH-im RNL-IMI XTU-M FRIDAY, MARCH.ll, 1966 7K» A.M. KLACW^Pyn. Show lllllngnlll :--Chrlsl faith Ml! KFI-Gcon Idwards KABC--John Babcock Nv/s SUf^t?*. Cordk Show CFI--Pat Blshoo; Nevis iABC--Sorts: Paul-Hiirvw KNX--Rwt ConHc Show KGER--Heaven Hcme 8:00 A.M. KFI--News: Geolf Edwards KABC-P. McGulnness nwj 5JJX--Nev/s; Soorlsoeclal KGER--Wilbur Nelson .«:» «BC--News; Oon Allen LNX--Reoe Coraic Sho» Ft--Pal BlsSn, News IRT [Trank. ulnl'^l...,. A«7- IT L i 1 ;' '! IT ra ABC--Frank Herrunflwa' GER-Volce-of CWna KFI--Geoll Eowardj ;8C--Snorls; Business ·ER-Y/orU Mlsilons 9:00 A.M. ;BO-Jotin Babcock News |X--News -ER--Lul^tran Hour KABC--Paul Ccndvlh Show KNX--Ren Cordlc Show KGER--John' Brown Hour . A.M. KLAC--Lolmun I Bavklty KFI-News; Chuck Cedf KABC--News; Brkist crut KNX--Nwj. Xrlhur GoifreJ KFOX--Ce» Ro» (fo 1 KGER--Restut Mission KGER^Overcom^g Life KGER--Rev. 'LcRov KoDD 11:00 A.M. KABC-- News KNX-Ne«s; Art LUikteller KGER--Blbfe Instltule KABC--Mvron J. Qer.nctt KNX-ConflSffi Ma,,|j«; Mike Rov (1I:3S) KGER--Sunshine Mission 11:45 £'' Blihon: Soorfl KGER--Bible FelrowshfD IFI-N l At Service f Collie (to «) o^ Beach Band KABC-- Open 'LIn», J. Wefl! · ?*M KGER-- Senior citizens, KGER-Llli- 2 L| ! ne 3;00 P.M. . NOON i; Dick Slnctatr Paul Harvev Nevw KABC-- Pamcl'a Mason KGER-- Or. 6rr, Blblt 1:00 P.M." KGER-Chrilan KGER-- WorliJ 2«0 P.M. 7'M · . - n Be»lty Nms CNX--Oman's Abnanie CGER-wm. Nlcktrsoo KFI--Bob K«rr, Tempo 8:00 P.M. FI-New«; Bob Ktrr ^NX-News? Firlrg'i^int KGER--Oan piKe Show KABC--Ooen'Llne, J. v/ells 4:00 P.M. KR--News; Dave 5I»« uv C ~sfi!S 1 S«6»ck News MA--KNX Ncwsdav 4:15 ^A'^^^ Cectl ShOW 541?.--News; Arcx Dreler KGER-R.V. C. T. Waltirs KABC--Bob Consldlne; Tom Mjg !k **a* ···-*" ^±TM» w visions at Lakers FOX-w«kl Tomorrow KGER--J. virnon Mv.G«t 9KK) P.M. (LAC-Prlval« Line ""' ' T Welk ABC Reswrt lasket- uston KG E R-- Ch risi 'n Counsd'D 5*0 P.M. _ ;. L. Chatterton -P. McGulnness rws ·Lowell Thomas; i^S'A "I"ulo soli (5:lv) KGER--Ekv Pilot ..,,,- 5 "* !ft8 c -TNijvs: Markrt Ne*5 :"^--KNX Newsdav LFI-E»cc. Wlr. (5:251 KFI-Worldo^Sporls KABC--Newsoand KRKD-Fullon Lev,1i Jr. KGER--Builders ol Fallll 5:45 i;.l--Dave Shaw. News KABC--Kellh Jackson sols 6rfH P.M. ££§-E«*i. P. /Aoron K£95~ Sl » Mkl " Dtacon KGER--Back to lln Bible «:15 KAac-Alllr, I1 sia B te, ! 52«rt, i:H ' i. Shiw 7K» P.M. iFOX-AI Rvll« Show ' .GfcR-- Famllv Bible.Hcur rank Simon- jCA|C-JlmH«1»SJww KGER-A.-U. Mlchelson . Oorv KABC-Nllet'm- 1 , Bob Grint KFI-SoortsrS* Kerr KGER--Or. Orr. Blbli 9.45 ·- · KGER-- Scrlolure, · Com'nl 10:00 P.M. ·;· ^Fff^ 1 ^ iJNX--10 o'clock Wire KFOX--Ba room Remol KGtR--Wilbur Nelson KFi-ur^LiSi 15 dine, Bflb Granl tie! Jackson KH-Urry ChlSterton KFOX--Bill Patterson KGER-- BIOLA College 11*6 P.M. KNx|ih«" S M|chael Jclsr KGER--Clarence Welch, BC--Nltelrne. Bob Gran' IT'U i KNX--Music 'til Dawn KFI-TOwYltled Llf. 12:00 MTONIGHT KFOX--Hu* Cherrv Ho 61 with Roberta Sherwood, Boots-Randolph, Norm Crosby, Marvin Laird 9 AT LAST ON TV! ·k 'DAVID t U$*l' Keir Dullea, Janet Margolin, Howard DaSilva C62-lstrun). Multi award-wining film of two emotionally dis- . turbed.teenagers 11 (Color) Alex Dreier news 13 (Clr) Bill Johns, News 34 Lucha Libre (wrestling) 10:30 13 (Clr) Vagabond, Burrud "Las Vegas Story" 11:OOP.M. 2 Jerry Dunphy, News 4 (Color) llth Hour News 5 Alfred Hitchcock Hour: "Captive Audience," James Mason, Ed Nelson. Fictional murder? 7 News, Baxter Ward 11 (Color) Tom Duggan with Andy Devine, Dale Alexander, Mayor Samuel Yorty (taped before he announced candidacy for governor) 13 Movie: "Abilene Town," Randolph Scott, Ann MOBILE SERVICE SERVICE CALLS | 2 l " P i d u r e T u b e s | - Dvorak ('46). 28 Diary: Duchess Orleans 11:30 2 (Clr) Movie: "Desert Song," Kathryn Grayson, Gordon MacRae 4 (Color) Tonight, Johnny Carson,.Selma Diamond, Murray. Roman, Anita Gillette, Martine Arroya .7. Movie: "\Vinchester73," James Stewart, Shelley Winters ('50) 12:00 . , , -. 5 Movie: "This Above All," Tyrone Power. 9 .(Clr) Movie: "Tea for Two," Doris Day ('50). 12:30 11 Movie: "Gay Sisters," Barbara Stanwyck ('42), This is film from which Gig Young took his stage name. 13 Movie: "They Raid by Night," LyleTalbot ('42) 1:00 4 News Wrap-Up , Irl5 2 Movie: "Hold That . Coed," John Barrymore, · George Murphy ('38) 2KK ... :· 11 Movies: "So Young, So Bad," "Hidden Hand" and "Ramar" · . · · EAGLE TV |GA 3-30(1 · UN 3-1217) 1037 iom E. Msrtet Norwuk Long BCKTI ImMrUI Blvd. COLOR or BUCK * WHITE CH TV SERVICE mt ARTESIA - lellnower TV SERVICE ALL MAKES M O I BTIMATES K «L. I SATISFACTION E* V*V r9 GUARANTEED Zenith Color t B t W Rnfle, MMM, S*wll AppTmcw 3A years Experience 2SU t. BraMwav GE uen ·BOOKS "Hard-to-Gel- Books Our SpeciaJty" TECHNICAL IOOKS PAPER BACKS Iclilll Tllll -- OlIINil tlriii CIVIL S[»IC[ Fktlll -- Xii.FKtlii WALOOW PLUMBING HEATING 24 Hour Emergency Service * Repair * Remodel * Residential * Commercial HIOIO OISMTCHEO IRUtJS 630 Cherry -- GE 3-0943 ROOM ADDITION SPECIALISTS T R E N D CONSTRUCTION CO A'-V CALL 925-3753 SCOTTISH^RITE CALENDAR Spring Class FRI., MAR. 11 7:30 P.M. 14' f Refreshments J SOJOURNERS WELCOME! , LONG IEACH SCOTTISH RITE IOOIIS 1rfi M4 KM FM STATIONS FMHIGHUGHTS^',- I Reg Owen Orchest/a'dt' S a.m. on KCBH ; . . ..J London Philharmonic' at 1 9 a.m^'pn KFMU . ... Oscar Peterso'ivat 11 am. on KNOB . ..KGlb'rial Lynne at noon on At Last on Television! DAViD The ADULT, Motion Picture Premiere You've Asked To See Fri. 10pm Sat.11 pm TEUMflM vr IX Automatic Transmission Adjustment We'll adjust any make or model aiito- ' matio transmission for peak periorin- anc^ . . . let us eliminate that jerk and slippage between shifts. 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