Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1962 · Page 28
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 28

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1962
Page 28
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P«9« C.IO--INDEPENDENT **·· »**»· **"· »'··· **"* 1 "*' Television Log KNXT C»»M| TM A»C CM«m 7 l It M m»lalltllrf» Mr C««««1 MM »T tUI»*». HIT* C»MM 4 Kit* C'i"il I KXJ CkMMl » K I I V CUaHJ II KCOr CI MONDAY, APRIL 2, I9C2 + PAID ADVERTISEMENT , 5:45 2 Farm Report 0:00 A.M. 2 College of Air "Bioiogy" 4 (Color) Contin. Classroom. "Contemn. Math" (repeal) C30 2 USC Tclecoursc: "Music" 4 (Color) Contin. Classroom. "American Government" 7:00 A.M. 2 Captain Kangaroo 4 Today. John Chancellor with Casey Stengel, Mcts 7:45 9 Cartoonsville--A.M. . 8:00 A.IM. 2 Panorama Pacific, R Rowe 4 Here's Hollywood, Jack Llnklcttcn Pamela and Portland Mason 7 Seven Keys. Jack Narz 11 Movie: "Girl Crazy." Judy Garland. Mickey Rjoncy 2:55 2 Charles Collingwood 4 Sander Vanocur. News 5 Telecopier News 3:00 P.M. 2 The Brighter Day 4 FRANDSEN'S FEATURES * ACT I--"RETURN IN TRIUMPH"--Oto. Bnnl 5 Makeup Tips; Dorothy Gardiner Show (3:05) T LIVE from Phlladilphla * "QUEEN FOR A DAT" 13 Felix the Cat's Cartoons 5 AM-LA. Stan Chambers 7 Chucko the Clown S30 5 Morning Cartoons 11 Susie. Ann Sothcrn 13 LASC: "Lit. Fine Arts" 9:00 A.1M. 2 Calendar, Harry Rcasoner 4 Say When, Wayne Howell (new time for series) 5 Face-Lifting by Exercise (shift from channel 11) 7 I Married Joan. J. iJavis 9 Movie: "Men Again" the Sky." Richard Dix (40) 11 The Princess. Pat fllake 13 Public Service Film 9:15 13 Guidepost to Art (5G) 930 2 I Love Lucy. Lucillr Ball 4 (Color) Play Your Hunch (new time for scriw) 5 Romper Room 7 The Pioneers 11 The Jack LaLannc Show (shift from channel 5) 9:15 13 Guidepost to Science (8) 10:00 A.M. 2 Video Village. Monty Ha'! 4 (Color) The Price 's Right 7 Abbott and Costcllo 11 The Pamela Mason Show (premiere). Hour-long show of intervicv/i. phone conversations and Mrs. Mason's unusual opinions. 10:15 13 Public Service Film 1030 2 The Clear Horizon 4 Concentration, H. Downs 5 World Advntrs: England. Sebastian Cabot is guest. 7 Our Miss Brooks, E. Ardcn 9 Film: "Nuclear Age" 13 Felix the Cat's Cart'T.ns 10:55 2 Ham 1 Reasoncr. News '11:00 A.M. 2 Love ol Life 4 (Color) Your First Impression. Bill Lcydcn. Jaync Meadows Is weeklong guest. 5 Yoga for Health. Richard Hittlerrnn (hifi frim channel I I ) 7 NEW! "THE TENNESSEE * ERNIE FORD SHOW" . . . MUSIC COHEDT DAILT! Mayor George Chtiftophcr is the "pea picker's" opening guest in a Falutc to series' San Francisco origination. Anita Gordon nnd Dick Noel, college vocal team Hank Jones nnd Dean Kay. and Jack Fascinato's orchestra arc regulars, n Crime Does Not Pay 11 Broken Arrow. J. Liipton 1130 2 Search for Tomorrow ·I Truth or Consequences 5 P.M. Mike Wallace, with Cleveland Amory. Ann Corio, Gcrold Frank 7 Yours for Song. II. Parks !) Medallion Th'tr (telcplay) 11 Songo, Del Moore 11:45 2 The Guiding Light 4 Ray Schcrcr News (ll:. r . r i 12:00 NOON 4 Jan Murray Show 7 Camouflage, Don Morrnv. 9 Movie: "Tender Comrade.' (iingcr Rogers C'4) 11 Sheriff John, John Rovicl 13 Midday Report 12:15 13 Public Service Films 4 Floyd Kalhcr News (12:2S 1230 2 As the World Turns 4 Lorctta Young Theatre 7 Window Shopping, Bub Kennedy (premiere). Con tcstants test their memories and pou ers d( observation. (Replaces "Make a Face.") 1:00 P.U 2 Password, Allen l.uldcn. Week-long guests: Dmig- las Fairbanks Jr., Sally Ann Howes 4 Young Dr. Malone 5 Dr. Brothers; Telecopier News; Movie (1:101. "Rough, Tough ami Ready," Chester Morris 7 Day in Court: Schooling I I The Gale Storm Show 13 Fashion for Living, U. Lynn 1:25 7 Alex Drcir Report 130 2 Art Linklctter House P'ty 4 Our Five Daughters 7 My Little Margie 9 Tic Tac Bowl. D. McGrcw 11 Divorce Court, Bill Welsh 13 Guidepost to Storylime 1:45 13 Guid'p"" to Spanish (5) 2:00 P.IM. 2 The Millionaire 4 Make Room for Daddy 7 Jane Wyman Presents 0 Movie: "Canyon City," Scott Brady (MS) 1.1 The Lloyd Thaxton Show 230 2 The Verdict Is Ym:rs 3:15 2 The Secret Storm 330 2 The Edge of Night 4 FRANDSEN'S FEATURES * . . . HIGHWAY HOLIDAY .. "Santa Barbara Fiesta" 5 Skipper Frank's Cartoons 7 Who Do You Trust? 4:00 P.M. 2 Amos "n" Andy 4 FRANDSEN'S FEATURES * "BANDIT OF SHERWOOD FOREST"--Cernil Wlldi ball player part. On two previous occasions e portrayed a boxer during Somebody Up There Likes Ic" and "Kid Galahad." · * · · WILLIAM A. Wood, an as ociate professor of journal- m at Columbia University, crvcs as referee for the Window Shopping" program making its daily debut 12:30 m. today on channel 7. In 1946 he was host of uiz show on a radio station n Boston. During that time, he met ne contestant who was pretty, vivacious, intelligent nd it came as no surprise lat she led her team to vie. ory." Three years later he mar cd the girl. "My wife, Louise, still tells American Bandstand, wit Connie Stevens 9 Birthday Express 430 2 Life of Rilcy, Wm. Bcndix 9 Movie: "Hotel Berlin." Helmut Dantinc ('·'.'-', 11 3 Stooge:, Don limond 4:50 7 American Newsstand, Roger Sharp 5:00 P.M. 2 Movie: "Sword of Venus,' Dan O'Hcrlihy ('53). 5 Popeyc. Tom Hatter, 7 Love That Bob! I I Superman, George Reeve: 13 Joo P.ilooka. J. Kirkwood 530 7 The Soupy Sales Show 1 Rescue 8, Jim Davis 3 Malone Goes Golfing 5:55 4 News Almanac 6:00 P.M. 4 (Color) News and S|orts 5 Bozo the Clown 7 Baxter Ward, Newt 9 Ncwsrccl, John WiMis 1 Highway Patrol 3 Peter Hansen. News G:I5 4 lluntlcy-Ilrinklcy Roport 7 ABC News. Ron Co:hran 3 Harold Fishman Ii30 2 Big News. Jerry Donphy 4 (Color) Curt Masscy Show 5 Clctc Roberts Reports 7 Beany nnd Cecil 9 Cartoon Express I Space Angel; Dick Tracy 3 Waterfront, P. Foster 6:15 ' 4 (Color) J.ick Lathtin-. New 5 The Big Three (News) 1 George Putnam Dateline 7:00 P.M. 4 Shannon, George N'sdcr. Rival dealer hijacks car r. Beat the Odds. M. S'okcy 7 Expedition! Col. Johr. I). Craig: "Socotra: The Forgotten Island." Primitive cave dwellers 9 Science Fiction Theitrc 11 Quick Draw Mcfiraw 13 Holiday. Bill Humid: "Alaska--New Frontier" 7:15 2 Douglas F.dw.irds, News 730 2 Tc Tell the Truth, Bud Collycr and panel. 4 Everglades, Ron Hayes, Mala Powers. Schoolteacher comes to swamp land (black and white) 5 Peter Gunn. Craig S'cvci 7 The Cheyenne Show, Ty Hardin, Roxannc Brrard Bronco unmasks conspirators nt M.inli Gras party 9 Movie: "The Big Boodle,' Errol Flynn ('57) 11 The Best of Groucho 13 1 Search for Adventure. 8:00 P.M. 2 Pete and Gladys, Cara Williams. Harry Mnigan Sue Randall. Plans lor weekend are rhan.ied 4 National Velvet, l.ori Martin. Series' final first nin has Stu Erwin ar. a circus clown arrested for vagrancy and trespass. 5 Moral Ri-Armiminl prtt. * "DRAOON"--PREMIERE! 11 The Aquanauts, Keith Uirsrn, Jeremy Slate, Sue Randall. Drake mint make a dangerous night dive 13 Adventure Tomorrow, Dr. Martin Klein: "Moon Machine" 830 2 Father Knows Bc?t, Robert Young 4 (Color) The Price is Right 5 Panic: "Love Story" 7 The Rifleman, Chuck Connors, Lee Patrick. Paul Fix essays dual role as Marshal Torrancc is accused by woman of being her missing husband. II EVERYBODY SINQ! . . . * With Oiylerd Cirtir 9:00 P.M 2 The Danny Thomis Show. Bob Hope guests nt himself 4 R7lh Precinct. Robert Linsing, Michael Dinte. Jeanctle Nolan. Big league baseball star lies to protect brother. 5 Night Court. Jay J.istyn 7 .SurfSidr fi. Van Williams. Shirley Knight, Arch - b y TERBY VERNON "' ' I Before becoming an actor. I friends she won me on a game 1 ichael Dante was a profcs- show, but It took three years onal bascbaU playd f... the deliver the prize." Wood d WashinRton Senators. He returns In the diamond night when lie portrays a ill player during "87th Prc net" at 9 o'clock, channel 4. It's the first time since be iming an actor that he's had Johnson. Ken and Dive fake a fight to smoke out a syndicate boss. 9 10,000,000 SLAVES r BUILT--THE LAND OF THE PHAROAHS--COLOR. Jack Hawkins. Join Collins and Dcwey Martin in tale of the building of the Pyramids. 1 Great Music from Chicago Walter Hendl 3 This Man Oawson. 930 2 The Andy Griffith .Show. Aunt Bee considers marriage. 5 Main Event. Rocky Marciano. John Daly. Films of 1854 Giardcllo- Troy fight. 3 Waterfront. P. Foster 10:00 P.M. 2 Hennescy. Jackie Cooper. Chick tries reverse psychology to win Martha over to building 4 Thriller. Boris Karioff: "Man of Mystery/' Mary Tyler Moore. John van Orcclan, Wrn. Wimlom. Singer's life is endangered when she fa'ls for romancing of suave tycoon. 5 Cletc Roberts Reports 7 Ben Casey, Vincent Edwards. Casey battles ig- nornncc and supcrsition 1 George Putnam. News 3 Peter Hansen. News 10:15 5 Big Three Final (Nws) 3 Harold Fishman 1030 2 I've Got a Secret, Garry Moore. Van Johnson is celebrity guest. 5 Countcrthrust, T. Andrew 1 The Paul Coatcs Show 3 NEW! TONIGHT! NEW! Ir THE MIKE STOKET SHOW Celebrity guests, gimmicks and audience participation. (Rephccs "Henry Morgan.") 11:00 Ml. 2 Jerry Dunphy Report 4 (Color) Jack Latham new H Mahalia Jackson Sings 7 ABC News Final 9 John Willis, News: Dow Finsterwald Golf 1 ips 11 The Tom Duggan Show 11:05 5 EICEUENT DRAMA--. . t 'Antil With a Tmrnpll' 7 Baxter Ward News (11:10 11:15 2'Movie: "Canyon Passage Dana Andrews, Brh% Doi levy, Susan Haywaid ('46 .Id. "INSIDER'S" Newsletter" ·ports that television's Dr. en Casey Is nlso adminls Ting to the nation's eco- omic ills.. Merchants throughout the ountry report a widespread sale of Casey blouses, sweat' rs. costume jewelry and unl arms. In areas where general sales dropped from prolonged izzard activity, the demand or the Casey items has roved good medicine for de- rcsscd merchants. The- merchandisers claim he big appeal of all Casey roducts is to older women ot teenagers. * a * · GARDNER McKay, skipper or the schooner Tiki on tele ision's "Adventure in Para isc," recently was fished rom Wilmington waters by be Coast Guard. U happened during the re cnt Wilmington Regatta. McKay and a crewman )on Lyons, were cntcrci vith an 18-foot catamaran. During the race, Lyons ried an abrupt tack when hi pnarently should have ticked The boat capsized and the Coast Guard came to thi escue. In spite of the mishap. Me {ay and Lyons were able to ;ct the boat righted and fin shed second in their class. 7 P.M. "Expedition!" (7) bring! Oxford University films on he Island of Socotra in ndia Ocean. It is believed hey arc the only 20th ccn ury films made on the is and. 9 P.M. The Danny Thomas Show' 2) has comedian Bob Hope ucsting as himself. He am lanny po to a small town or a rest and to get away rom autograph hounds. They an't stand it when they sue- ccd. 11:15 P.M. Dana Andrews. Susan Hayvard and Brian Donlcvy star the 104G movie "Canyon Passage" on channel 2. Own- r of a general store in a ronticr town tangles with a lard-drinking outlaw. , jj Top Flowing Today i 10 AJM---T1IE PAMELA MASON' SHOW on channel'11.'Premiere of daily show featuring guest stars and phone queries. 11 A.M.--TENNESSEE, ERNIE FORD SHOW on channel 7. Premiere of dally show originating In San Francisco. 1230 P.M.--WINDOW SHOPPING on channel 7. Premiere of daily quiz show. 1030 P.M.--MIKE STOKEY SHOW on channel 13. He takes over 90-minutc program vacated by Henry Morgan. 11:15 P.M.--TONIGHT on channel 4 in COLOR. Art Linklctter begins'two-week stint as host of former , j If WO.XT'WOUKT .Don't i'jiwear at itl Check "Call an Expert" In Classified for a reliable serviceman. i 4 4 "Jack Paar Show." i,-;-..---~/;vv;j^sr:T.i.K^^'«"'r7:~strzssraMir!. snssssi Radio Programs -Tin lM«««*i!l nwmn n niM ... , MM Hr elwuM n»* kt " iHONDAY, APRIL 2, 1962 TV | GE 4-3002 IUD-J TV, 111 Ccnittt. Olfici MM C. MOADVlAr 7:00 A.M. KFI--P*t B'tfW Report KABC--ff*"k HemlnffWi* KHJ-Newi: Sport* KNX-wsrid hewt Rftduo 4 (Color) Tonight (replaces "Jack Paar"). Art Unklctter is first interim host, with Carolyn Jones, Lee Marvin. Ronald Reagan, William Bendix nnd Carol Richards as guests. Woody Herman nnd his orchestra provide the music during month- long West Coast organizations. 9 HARK TWAIN'S TALE Ir "THE PRINCE i THE PAUPER"-- FltNN-- RilM 7 Weather News (11:25) 11:30 7 San Francisco Beat ("The Line-Up" repeats replace "The Hpneymooncr" repeats nightly.) 12:00 MIDNIGHT T Birr? Sulllun, Alklra * Timlrcll-- 'THE GANGSTER' lod - t : *n*1 HHJ-RCDfflQ. Lf*'» KNK-BoBCr*^ SHOW KOE R--Ai*f »y Let KASC-- Newt Arrtund WofW KNX~Ff*nfc Colt. News KFllNr»s: SovthUmd KABC--w. Neoi«; Nrws KNX--BobCr*n« l ^«w K.CE R--Heaven t Hoi*t 8:00 A.M. KNX--Nfwt; S KCCR--Wilbur Ne'fton KABC--Hm: Soortt KHJ-RobcrlQ. Lr-«if (.NX-BCD c»»-« ami KFI-Rewrter; N»*l KABC--William W fttf KCtR-veueciCMoa - and Vlrimll KABC--Market Newt KGtR--World Millions 9:00 AJN1. KABC--Ra'efi Jar*s; Nfwt KHJ--F«trr Broo^t. Newt KNX--Newt KGL'R--Lutn*f jm Mcvr KABC-Vr-t"' 1. (r--et KHJ--Robert Q. lewis KNX--Bob Crant now KFI-Ladiei-Dav KGER--John B'ewn Hovr ll KABC-- Carl N.of-'-noate KNX--itory in Hal'rweod 10:00 A.M. Kf l-N«r: Sw'nrn* Vea'l KNX--Nws; ArffHrr Godfrey KFOX--lev Rest (to I:*" KGER--Rescue Million .GCR-OverwmfaLHe 11 **, .F*r-Emoh»v» O O ' S j f * 11:00 A.M. : ARC--Newt, Don Allen 'NX--Newt; Art |mkte*tef KGCR--B.ble Init.Mt 11:11 KABC--Telia Teif KHJ-LK^P..", :--G*TV Moore Show; _ BtbvCtooney(U:«i CGCR--Sumhire Witt'M KFt--Cmen*i'» 111:43) KFI-PAT Bithoti 12:00 NOON KFI--Nwi: firm Reverter KABC-- P*u1 H»f»*» r*wl KABC--J*vnei Lrvlae Newl KHj-w*tier O Ke*»e -Cftiil. Aflf^. K A R C - O p r n L i r e KNX--Pit Buttr««* Show KGEB-Of.Orr. B tie 1:00 P.M. -Newt; B«nrr U» »C--New«; Bi'l Rignetf tLAcvC-- Newi; Q. Howe KHJ--W«Vftf Thorr« f»e»» tNX--News; P*i t*t-nr»m KGER-Armai Frtfn Cod KABC-P-vn " " KFI-B*«b»tt: KM PC-- BnetMll: Ana* Is KNX~Wom«n*'S WM4; Bit*tr«n (t:53) -B H Collie I W J ) ItOtR-- Chrlitiari f rm»dt -Hf»im Ti'k 2:00 PJM. KABC-News; J- C, Swtvit KH-- News; Fulton Lewi* KNX-Nfwt; Pit Buttrim HGER-- SocUl S«tf Itt; Ptttr Slack. Offltn ' Jeii Noble KNX-- Woman's VV-^tld; Ph.l.o Narman C 3J1 KGCR-LKff L*n* . 3:00 PJNT. KABC-- News: J- C. S**vte KHj-Foiter Brocks Ntws KNX- Newt fh f«f ChrUt KABC-- C*e.-B*ert* Si Inner KHJ-Perrv Alien Jr«w K N X -- The StorrLf* KGER-- D*n Pkt lhc« KNK-Wom«n-|UVerM 4:00 PJVI. KABC-- News; Seem KHj-Newi; Sports KFI-- Sc ; News _ _ 11 Sincerely, Maria Palmer; Movie (1 235): "Tha Clock," Judy Garland. 12:45 9 Movie: "Once Upon a Honeymoon," Ginger KABC-- Jim MfCulH Newt KHJ-- Perry Atlm JNw KNX-Tft* StBfV-L'ft* KFI-Mutlc Tint. C. CfCI KABC-- Ai*l Dreer; $«m B*!te^ Soorlt (IT) KNX-- Ch*v Coilr7wood; e Sr . rltt'-jM 4:11 KABC-- Bill Hl*rt The 5:00 PJH. (CFI-- Rroorter; News KABC-- Nfwsi MJffc KHJ-News; ioortt K N X -- Lew til Then-It; PfMl RH!vt»(S:1Ct KFOX-- low«*kin' Of icon R-- Aufrrev Lf» KABC-Soecui Rererl KHJ-- Pe^nr Allen ihew K N X -- ccrraii Akcn I-- Pomt ttL*w(S:2SI KFI-Vd Fwii'er, News KABC-- HtMlin*, News 1:4) KFI-0*ve Shtw. h'ewl KABC-H VittiftJ Newt KNX--Frank Ceilf Newt 6:00 P.M. KM PC--Hob Kenev toortt n - d P Mersn HJ-Nfwt; Scoffs NX--Soortside: Evtfncst FQX--R«Cf Recreations GER-BacktfftMBbl* Fl--Wortd ct Soortt ABC-Newt; HJ-FuttonU- NX--Tht WorW I Ft--Otv News D ABC--Cent Sher HJ--News; Pavt Cometon CtR-- Rev. Ai Marian : ABC-- Finance; Wratvr FOX-- AI Rvdt (to I) NX-t««l Newt U:15J 7:00 PJW. :FI-- Newt; Motertits Weiotfv Tknt (T;05I ABC-- J. Rolfton; Srortt . ;HJ-- Paul NX-Nwt: Rkhart) Hnet .GER-- Family B.bit Hour ABC-- FditorlAl Prunduo IFl-Banditand t^«» .F I-- Newt ot TM World .ABC-- Cartton FrOerKks .NX-- News; Port ft can GER-Rev. Victor Cenn ' 8:00 P.M. K Ft-- Newt; Emr*-«i'»: Uileitones In Mmc ABC-- N«wt; HerrmvMtr N X -- News KFQX-- Frank Simon .GER-- VoKtetCfimA KABC-- Nig^ti Inc. Jc* Pff KNX-- Th* CommuPiit Challenge: Dr. Vi.vJ.mlr Olmitrivlcn Ot NTS .GER-A. U. MKtvlson ctR-Rev. C. T. Waibe'B KGER-- Dan GI 'Mr* 9:00 P.M. KFI-- News; L. O4!terton K A B C -- Nws; O'f* Wei%on KNX-NWS; Op'" 1 *'' Pieait KGER-Re». lee JheMe* KFI-- OwtHtti'e W^t KABC-- N' Joe P^* · a* hM« at REPAIRS WASHER AND REFRIGERATORS UkW WASHEU (mi Jtt.SP BEGHTOL'S U72 w. win«» . c A t-:j:: 20.MINUTE SERVICE .^ MOBILE^[Dov -- Nitt -- Swdoy /CC LloisH f SERVICE Ill-inch [24.ticH CALLS 2' S24] SAN DIM TV HOI McKt»il« GA 2-8690 Til Service Call* $O I Y ? A.M.-9 P.M. L AF SWYItt U Mill GA Mill WE «rr»C« ALL MAKE! · t TEAKJ IN HOKTH LONO tEACH XI |M» Strttl CKirt l»4» BIXBY TV SYLVANIA * Ktl 'S iV: k m T '' M ua tutrn it* Lwit t»e* SS.OO JOSO WITH Clll w ID DAT K4 NIGHT ORANGE T.Y. 1ITH Jr. t OUANGE AVK. HOUSE CALLS HEM919 $2°P Til EXPERT SO I » SERVICE ^ Kay Thompson TV Co. HE 2-2022. gDayNiteTVCo.;; j'SERVICE CALL ' ME 4-2445 2 503 '.* 9-9, 7 Days nm tiKtwooo n-v ' TV Service Specialist B J 2.50 Radio, Pbono., Small AppliaiCM AUTO llDIOt HtPAIBEO II Tt«f» t-^erm-fj 2J)S L Eroidwir CC 1-0011 HOME TV Service Calls Ifttrtduclarv Jo«ttal ^TM AleslaH»n. CarMs LJUfwl. Arm Allos Electronic S«rlct Niar Car,^ SI. HA LET THEM TAKE YOUR SET TO THE SHOP' 'Wl INSTALL SYLVANIA SILVER SCREEN 85 PICTURE .TUBE ]J) K F O X -- Jerrv Wan (l« K G E R -- Of. Orr, B t»e 10:00 P.M. KFI-News; Cmtnnli KABC-- Nws; Rairh Jarfi KHJ-- News; jse tHian KNX-- 10 O'clock t f t KGER-- W'lbwr N»i«w 11:11 KFI-Uff Lrnf KABC-- Ntgntlf*. Jc* Pvr-« KNX-- Phil Norman Ton *· II'W KFI-KFI BanHtta«v1 KGER-- CUrenct We'ctl 11:00 PJV1. -- News; Sports Final KABC-- Newt; A)*i Ort-t f KHJ-- The News-wheel KNX-- News; Phl Nerman KABC-- NighltiM, JOt PvM K-Mwsic'tIOawn KHJ-W«rwTMav 111:311 -- Th "1 Ca'ned lJ*e KABC-- Eafl Nis*it-rg«i* 12:00 MIDMGitT KFI-RmMcCevltol) KN X-- Mwvc 't I 0»wn KCCR-Dr. Ve^non McGe*. Dan P,k* (to J Fftl STATIONS KUSC K F A C K N X KPOl' KCO KRHM K*»C ICKIO KWII n. . ·) S KHJ .. tl.J KUtC . (II KFOX IHKLtC . 91 1 KCLA · 1 7 K B I Q . . O I K F I L I T f KBBI ""tei 3 lev* '.. __..ioi» i».j Rogers, Ciry Grant (M2) 1:00 A.M. 2 Movie: "Please Matocr Me," Raymond Bun ('56) 4 One O'clock Curtain 4 Almanac: News Wrap-Up FM HIGIIUGIITS Earl Fatha Hinen at 9 a.m. on KNOB "Annie Get Your Gun" at noon on KMLA Mantovani at 3 p.m. on KBBI .. . Russell Garcia at 5 . p.m. on KNOB .. Percussion 'M 5 Trio in multiplex at 7 p.m. on KMLA . . . Percy Faith in stereo at 8:15 p.m. on KPLO Murray McEachcrn at 9:30 p.m. on KBIQ . . . Les Elgart at 11 p.m. on'KGLA. BACK ON 11! THE JACK LA LANNE Exercising {or health, fashions.. and fun! 9:30 AM MONDAY thru FRIDAY STOCK.MARKET S l E C f l / R E I t Invrsl a n d Tratf* In ll» stack M . LtcTut* SlafTl al 7:1 P.M LONG fttACH--Ard. Aarrt 4. Marian Hail. Ill tacvsl SI. 10 ANOrifS-- T»M. Aaril I. P a r k Miinr. Ml Sa -- · - - - - CDrNsHAW-TM Transmission Leaking Cimpllll Sill lob. Pint ind lifcor, co Moil Cm A. E, Transmission Huh. 5531 UIIITJ U 1-CS7S The FORD DEALERS of SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PRESENT |Af»erl"temenT) Now! Calluses, Corns, Warts Rub off like Magic At hu ftci*(K« kit fminj ·· initirt new ff »*r 10 rrow*e corn*. «*IU**i, ini »iiSoui u f t i f t rr ute ft t ;»J DIRMA M)IT tb»t ri.n *rJ»»ti:.r(t +'·* il ir ihoie tormrrnfic *itii. Im |nit mi*iitf» I hi I l(»ml«» rrrJ.f itr J cttme vtf.rnl «f*i4 nine tn ihi .b* ntf.f -«. Ititinc ' l Bt Woman Tortured by Agonizing ITCH T U 9*Jtr f rrm/. . Ilift'l lUiar^ Klrtf f f trri ft v i n i a i l ink, l l l iKh, i k l l i a c . nttmi wnk M imurt r«« it K»«W« It*. i ». $*T*s««fli.fc.f I K.f .r : u« I ANACA THE MIKE STOKEY SHOW ************** NOW! ON KCOP TV ALL NEW1 ALL LIVE! NIGHTLY! MONDAY THRU SATURDAY * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 9O-MINUTES OF TOP ENTERTAINMENT

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