Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 53
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 53

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 53
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I : Television Log KVJT Oral 1 me i***** « *n.» CtanM « «i«C · KKI CIWH » KTTV CkMIM II ICO* CUMU KMIX CU.-M M · . - TM UKtjmatM ·tMinct ·· rttMetiftibTv tar cft*»m fe« FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1564 -*· PAID ADVTRTISEMENT 5:45 2 Farm and New* Report 6:00 A-M. 2 NYU: "Greece Rome* · (Homer'* Odyssey) : - : 630 ' 2 Amer. Political Heritage · '4 (Color) American Family 6:45 . 7 Daily Word; Farm News 7:00 A-M. | 2 Captain Kangaroo , -1 Today, Hugh Downs with ·, ' 4-part. full 2-hour study 1 " of poverty in the UJS.. I · 1 both urban and rural. j : Interviewed are persons in J . ' New York City and the I · . eastern Kentucky } ; Appalachians. * -7 Cartoon Capers I - 730 · " Zoorama (San Diego) - 11 Columbia Univ. Lectures 1 - 7:45 I *S For Kids Only (cartoons) ' 9 Cartoonsville 8:00 A-M. 2:30 2 The Edge of Night 4 Male Room for Daddy 7 Day in Court: small cuimt 1 Movie: "Babes in Anns." Judy Garland f39) 13 The Ana Sothem Show 235 7 lisa Howard the News 3:00 PJVL 2 The Secret Storm 4 Bachelor Father. Forsythe 7 Genl Hospital. J. Beradino 13 Felix the Cat (cartoons) 330 2 Top Viewing Today PRES1DE.VT JOHNSON'S visit to Southern Calif or- I nii via be extensively covered by channel 5 starting ' 8:45 ajn. with a half-hour telecast and resuming at »p- ; oroximately Ift30 am. Extensive coverage also is [ planned for Saturday. * »J» Pit--FRIENDSHIP ^ on thanne! 13 in ( COLOR. Documentary on CoL John Glenn's three-orbit flight. 10 PJL--JACK PAAR PROGRAM on channel 4 ia COLOR. Guesti include singer Georgia Biggs, author Alexander King and the four singing Younger Brothers. K R A D I O U1C-T1I Utl-- I 111 uu-ini HIT-IJM urr-nii IJU-1J3I LFh-UI irix-mi tret--in 1GIS-II2I ItU--111! Mil-Ill IO.H- T«l iiu-u ui curt-lit UI-IHI WOl-IHI UU-HM .UU-IIII (wu-iiii [ · I W - I J O l J ITU-*!I FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2f, 1964 SPECIAL BROADCASTS-- IfclO ? TM . KNX; 1055 am. KF1--Meeting of the Presidents (Johnson and Mateos) at UCLA 11:30 P.HL. KABC--Sword of Damocles (flood dangers) USED TV'S $1O95 19 AND UP POGO TV 1231 435-7380 ATLANTIC »C-- . J -- » *· in K.M 7 Queen for Day, 14 Reloj Musical (variety) 9 Wayne Thomas. Newi 2 Life of Riley/Wra. Bcndix 5 Just for Fun, Tom Hittca 7 Trailrnaster, Ward Bond 9 (Color) Mighty Hercules II Superman. Georse Reeves ' plo *. menL 71 I fr* .T^ntr. rlf M^Tirrt T _ . 2 Panorama Pacific. R. Ro\re 34 Un Canto de Mexico 4-29 2 Movie:' ; 7 Cartoon Capers ! · 9 Pancake Man (cartoons) · 11 The Chucko Show ' '} Love That Bob! Cummings ' ' 9 Biz Babysitter (cartoons) ' ' * . 8:45 I 5 President Johnson waits j for President Mateos' I ' arrival at International ! '. Airport 34 Meeting of the Presidents ; ." Pres. Johnson and Mex- · I ico's Pres. Mateos meet at I · International Airport, j - journey to UCLA and then t depart for Palm Springs. { " Live coverage, in both | " English and Spanish, will { ' be micro-waved to Mexico i · City. 9:00 A-M. ' 2 News with Miie Wallace · 4 Say When. Art James ; 7 I Married Joan, J. Davis 11 The Jack LaLanne Show 13 Morning News 9:15 5 The Romper Room 13 Guidepost to Science (6) 4 Edwin New-man Nws (9i25) « 2 I Love Lucy. Lucille Ball · 4 (Color) Word for Word 7 The Pamela Mason Show · 11 Movie: "Kid from Texas," · Dennis OTCeefe ("39) ; 9:45 · 11 The Intelligent Parent 10:00 A-M. i 2 The McCoys, W. Brcnnan ,.- . Ktrk 11 Livin'It Up, Al Lohman 34 Escutla KMEX (English) 4:13 13 Rocky and His Friends . 7:00 AJL KFI--** · iho* tniert K ABC--frv* H«fin**l« mj Mr*!, kol Fm4 · X--Wor« Nlwt K *J9 KNK --N«wi; STOrn4Jnl «Ct R--Airma-l tfon Go4 ifcik--J4C . F»im Miifm ,KFOX--Atk IT* Ttl .tH--Hit tm Hot* j»CI« !««· »1C^«»»: _Scor* !(EI-V«V Jctioot «f Air L quartet to idy Bugs." The girls' group, with crew- cuts, night prove to^e equally as popular as ~ -The Beatles," Resnik felt. Nobody has cast doubts on the originality of the proposal. But the name, 'Lady SS." already has steady em- ""'·-jj. tilC-*lr« Arturtf World MIX--*ewv HlAS ~ (Fl--fiBwv KABC-- SOOTtv *«J-BaB l/wi vw« tGCd-+**avwi Mwrl 00 AJM- IFI--Ntm: Hit f-i «o«« -"·u C-*r»if ·?*»* ~Woman'! World 2.-00 P_M. KABC--tilwv J. C 3w*v:t KMK--hFW« x -- »,tf Cam* m S :«--Un« B»*d iJrt Ml KABC--J«x will VKM ^HX--Thl StorK Llri *» Oe* itFdx-^AI~lt¥ti~l r« t 7*0-PAL ·{.Fl--We**; Suecnrnort CHIC--Owi Antru Nrwi IKX--Ww*j Evening Itcot tCR--f«wl* « 6 * Hour KABC--B« Hunger r» TZ) KFt--ftanostvd 17JC) RWX KCEB-Wm. 7.0 CRAIG DENNY BEACH PARTY NOW Sundays 12 Noon-2 p.m. KLFM 105.5 FM Mrs. Marjorie Pike of the Pike Termite Control Co, [Tomnce, phoned to impart that inlormation. "Lady Bugs is the name of the auxiliary of the State Pest Control Operators of Calif, 'Inc. 7 Hawaiian Eye, A. Eisley . T 1 * " u * M " X" 9 (Color) Engineer Bill » brunch Saturday at the 13 The Lloyd Thaxton Show [Edgewater Hotel here in con-^. 34 Noveia Juvenil '' '"" ' v ' T I JtM-4.e« Ourodw; «rt 3:00 P»L 2 S «) iKFl-- Ht*n; v*^'e« t } lC.t«-voct iff CH:'« lKASC-lrwi; 1. C Soil ^ 1 ».5 'KNX--News J 'in-Fm«Ki«l; tm#n* ItOEH-OJH Mil it"' 1ABC--ioorti; ftkAjresi Kf a--world Miujom INX--Ailm jKkion (1:2) I 9.-00 AJtL f:m: H.t «-· I JAVET BLAIR Acting Problem . /J «E«--tutlwrtn Hour USC--Um?f. »erm»tt RNX--Bob Crini Show R--John Brewfl Hogr f:U - C-~WendeH Moti --As« «:s F-rt.J AJL i; L*d «· 0«v BrtU Clu» C.t«--0 lllC-Jjct »«'!» sno« lt»X--TM Story Liri 1» ; Time, KNX--PcnanM Cto Tnt Slanr-Liril 13:. 4:00 PJL IFl--Una; D«v« BC--*«w»: Boe dint: AB about Monty H~Jlm Cov (to n 5 Whirl)*irds, Ken Tobey 1 1 The Mickey Mouse Club 34 Usted y su Salud (health) 4 Believe It or Not (5:40) 5:13 4 (Color) KNBC News 13 Bill Johns. News 6:00 P-M. 2 Big News, Jerry Duriphy 7 News Hour. Baxter Ward 9 Maverick, James Garner 11 M-Squad. Lee Marvin IS (Color)ToucheTurtle nection with the annual con( tive director of the National *' vention of the pest control-Council cf Churches' Broad- [r l^rs^ casting and Film Commission,! m« rm Instead of feeling slighted'* Protestant unit. jJcci^Vu at the mis-application of their| In his first speech, he called Vjj-m.ii n a m e the "Lady Bugs- -- ,for emphasis upon quality! "' s p o r t s m e n through a n d programming rather than on · through -- invited Resnik to'quantity. | ~ ' join them at brunch. I He emphasized his belief I K F I I He declined, the termite, on in this stand even if it meant « the basis he was one pastjsome sacrifice of program op-j Importunities. · , "A mediocre message is worse than no message cu» ) ] 8KW PJVL ! ltASC--«*'*: Fl*r »««r*i iltMX--City t*tor-» BKCft aylt ICFOX--fr*k Sxnon 'KGEH--R«isofli Hn» I.II CABC--tt* Hunter Stic« KNX--M«*!OCOIH It MiBttf K.CCR--A. U. Micn^ai KTI--Cmptttf^v Tcmn K.CER-X vimon AUO1 5:00 P.M. - a § L A3L Y «r. _. 'tnct ttttt KABC-- Wwv Fl«:r ffeoorti KM X--Newt Ron K.NX--*«atoooli» At I r» KPt--Sports; TcmD« CCER-Or. Orr. I t 10AO PJL k--CN1 Huntl^r 44O) CFt-VVOrld of Soortl KFOX--W*yri Kt^nc KCl--Chnxr» Ours.ll 'KCCR--Wilbur Kllvm INX--Tom Kelly 14 SSJ NEW FACTORY-DIRECT FORDS · Ftoet Dears an ino · Uniti · E-Z *·* T*rm» · S« ih« COM Gw» LIN LINNELl WALT JENSEN ED COUSINS 3580E.Pac.Gst.Hwy, rhoai GI 4-0171 DOOLEY SMASHES ALL DISCOUNT. PRICES ON GAS RANGES Htff 1964 WEDGEWOQD Gas Ranjt KABC-- A(e» Ort : tr; Torn n. Y «r. icAic^Ni»r«««r{t»"«t«iT t , ii'X. !Kfc5.'.7«r?fi^7* !j£ A HAPPILY married actress often encounters a major dif- 'all.~ he said. He has a point v Fl _ rgr . Concentrat'n, Hugh Downs "5 Restless Gun. John Payne d Movie: "God Is My Co. Pilot," Dennis Morgan 10-15 J J Guidepost to Science (B-9) 1030 2 Pete and Gladys 4, (Color) Missing Links . Guest: Marian McPartland 5 Two Presidents at UCLA. ; LBJ and Pres. Mateos ." appear on Bruins' campus. 7 Girl Talk. Virginia Graham 10:45 1} Guidepost to Spanish H 1140A.M. 2 Love of Life 4 (Color) First Impression 5 The Cheaters, John Ireland 1 Price Is Right. Bill Cullen II The Jean Majors Show : Jean tells of her trip with the Blue Angels. ]] Mr. Merchandising, David 5.chwartz with 3 execs of Continental Baking Co. 34 La Madrasta (drama serial) ficulty, according to Janet 6:30 4 Huntley-Brinkley Report 5 The News, Joseph Benti 1 George Putnam Dateline 3 (Color) Magilla Gorilla 4 Noticiero 34 (News) 6:45 7 Ron Cochran News 7:00 P_M. 2 Walter CronVite, News 7 PJVL Marilyn Monroe. L a u r e n | "itoo NOOV Blair/who guests"on tonight's Baca! I and Betty Grable star ·y^y^rtm^a^ "Bob Hope Theater." lin the 1953 movie "How to·JgJji5J!J*S l £n"'i'b' It is tough for such an ac- Marry a Millionaire" on chan -|, AK _ I?b 'V^ rS . ,,,, tress to make film love while'nel 11. Three girls plan camyFk-ci.t.^.c kii.a her husband is oa the set. ! p a i g n s to l a n d wtalth y l JJ,---7^^1 tlw "I don't allow my husband spouses. ;KFO*-CIM« st»n» | (Nick Mayo) to watch me do' 830 P-M. (""""^nfu' " love, scenes anymore," she "Route C6~ (2) is a story wx-swnj "«oi'»««. 'about a disturbed teenager! 1:OT f-^r ]KABC--Ben Humtvf- V-ow Intones ta IL^Iodi FOX--O»nr» Mcfi«rlt KCCII--CUrmct V.'tlcO 1I.-00 PiL tn-Xrm: ScorO Finjl RCA VICTOR Portable C TV ^ Jirl'l Frici HO T«AOI MEEDEO -- Vtii loillv. Soortj KABC-- H**mifrt Hew* KM-- IM Ounxtier; Jin* said. 4 (Color) Curt Massey Show | me ku$ t ^ _ and ^ don't want him watching'who accidentally kills hjs only 5 Leave H to Beaver 7 (Color) Lee Marvin Pr esen ts--Lawbreakc r. Buffalo safe-crackers trigger fire alarm. 9 People Are Funny II -HOW TO MiMT A * HILllOliIRr--Marilfi . Muni, IiH/ Griilt Lauren BacalX Da\id WaTie f53) II RJPCORD--COlOFt--w/L ven blush." » · * * The cast of the "Beverly Hillbillies' will be at Ma- rintland Saturday and Sunday shooting aa hour $pe- ctaL Doors open at 9^0 i-m. CABC--Mtwt; AJ U«nn KA§C-- BCT Hunttr Show IB Frf'i !l C»«« KABC--"Sam Kart^"- Mewl ifcFOX-- Jerry U«n MX--Huon WCCM: ««»» 'tft--Oirt Sinclair 111 «) 6.-00 PJL ! 11» Kri--Nw»: Buxineis: Wlfiw.^^*-- Thin * C»l*i LHl ^JEif^- s fieS rl K« «00 MIDNIGHT ! KMX--Npwi: Bminnl KFV-Run KcCav ftB 5 KOtR--B*ct h) n B b 1 . KABC--RadJl TT--*-- 'iTI--featur'e'ilr, HMJ-StuO « X I. |-'BC-- KABC Kr«l «t«t VUX-MUIIC til 0»«n A»x~Thl ·»*'« T"igft ICFOX-Hutm CTiirr. (H ») GENERAL ELECTRIC " $ftft95 TV lirk's Prici 99' KO TKADE *ltOf0 . to ] li George Putnam. News THE REV. William F. Fore daughter's ·ccently was named execu- half-breed. «0 ·Tne Rebel- (13) Hnds a |J SS"/^ 1 ?^ babbling man at an abandoned Army post. . 10 PJL Joseph Gotten and Vivccaj Ijndfors star in the 1957J13 Alan Sloane. Sports movie 'Halliday Brand" on 34 Festival de Estrenos channel 9. Man opposes his nsHKii HEWS mitm COAST riDIRH UYUGS romance with a 13 Guidepost to Spanish I ; 2 Robt Trout. News (11 i5) 11 JO I 2 Search for Tomorrow I 4 (Clr) Truti-Consequences 5 Peter Gunn. Crais Stevens 7 The Object Is, Dick CUrk I 9 Contemp. Latin America 11 The Phil Norman Show 13 The Ann Sothem Show . 11:45 2 The Guiding Ltjf.t 4 RayScherer News (11 As) 12:00 NOON' 2 Bums and Allen Show i 4 (Color) Let's Mike a Dca! \ 5 Thin Man. Pelcr La-n (ord 7 Seven Keys. Jack Nan i r Hcmr of St. I rancis (nMf ) 11 Sheriff John. John Rovnk 11 Movie: "Africa Screarni." ' · Abbott iCo«e!lof 49) 12^5 4 floyd Kalber. News nzt 2 As the World Turns 4 The Doctors. J. PriUliCtt .S TV Binso. Colm Male 7 Father Know s Best, Young 9 Championship Bridge 1:00 P-M. 1 Password, Allan Luddtn 4 Loretta Your.j Theatre .' 5 Movie: "Keys of the Kmg- · dom." Gregory Peck f 4«) 7 Tennessee Ernie Ford 9 Cartoonsville 11 Movie: "Libeled Lady ~ 34 Divorciadjs (drama serial) 7:50 2 Great Adventure. Russell Johnson: "The Night Raiders." Jack Klugman, Torin Thatcher, Less Brown Jr, James Beck. Story of abolitionist John Brown's abortive attack on the arsenal at Harper's Ferry and his subsequent trial for treason. 4 International Showtime, Don Ameche: "New Vienna Ice Show." Dancing, acrobatics and comedy on Innsbruck ice 5 Addograms, Jack Barry 7 Destry, John Gavin, Fess Parker. Mild-mannered farmer sets out to tame a tough town without a gun. 9 Dobie Gillis. D. Hickman II HUMM JulGlt * -THE IOJT HOUM" Herbert Lorn stars. Poverty and harshness of his boyhood takes iti toU rrt a man's marriage. 3t Estudio "A"(musicil) 8:00 P-M. S The Lawman. John Russell j 9 Movie; "CotdiU Story," I John Mill* (Br.-'57) 31 La Desconocidi (serial) Jean Harhw CM) ' 2 Art Linkletter House Party Guest: Pat Buttram 4 (Color) You Don't Say! 1 7 The Mike DougUs Show. '. Ger.evieve. Eddy Arnold · 13 Robin Hood. R-Grefr.e 1:45 ." 9 Feature Page. Joe Dolan 2:00 P-M. I 2 To Tell the Truth. CoHytr : 4 Match Game, G. Rayburo 9 Movie. "Fort Defiance," 1 Dare CUrk f 51L Mike ' . Romanoff and Japanese : . · chef *re in-perton intermission guests. I 1J V«gabond:-Skiing fa - " · Squaw Valley" ; 23J j 2 Douzlai Howards Newf I 4 Sander Vanocur. Nev,« 2 Route 6, Martin Milner Glenn Cor belt. Lee Kin- sofvir.g. Tod and Line are forced to help in emotionally disturbed youn; fugitive who is the target for an anpry teenage mob search. · 4 (Color) Chrysler Theatre: -Wake Up, Darling," Barry Nelson. Janet Blair, Roddy McDowall, Ann B. D;nis, Joyce Jameson. Young advertising execu- ttve hatches a "diabolical f lot" lo pet his wife to abandon her actir- ambitions and settle down to raise a family. Bill D-iru. as Jo-ie J.rnenez. arpears in a brief cameo role in Alex Gottlieb's domestic farce. (Series will retain its same 13 FRIUDSHir T--10HI * GUll'S SPICE TRir Award-winning NASA documentary, full-hour, in color. 34 Voces de Mexico (musical) 9:00 P-M. II Checkmate, Anthony George, Ricardo Mpntal- ban. Jeakxus conspiracy 14 Agonia de Amor (serial) »0 2 Twilight Zone. Rod Serling: "Spur of the Moment," Diana Hyland. Philip Ober, Marsha Hunt, Rich, pampered beauty fails to recognize * warning from her own future when she's pursued by a dissolute-looking older woman. (Next week. ~Zone" departs from its regular format to air the 1962 Cannes prizewinning French short "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge") 4 That Was the Week That Was, Elliott Reid. Satirical topical revue. 5 Movie: "A Bill of Divorcement." JoJin Banymore. Katharine Hepburn ("32). 7 The Prke Is Right. Bill Cullen: Carol Channinz II THE R E I E l S T m IICK * tOlMS IN 'TEUOW rlllR' 34 La Hora de Raul Astor :4S S CUTE RGItm 10:00 P-M. 2 Alfred Hitchcock Hour. -Final Escape," Edd (Kookie) Byrns. Robert Keith, Stephen McNaDy. Prison trusty offers macabre terms, and a gruesome ruse, to guarantee prisoner's escape. * now iii iiiis *.HJ 4 IICK run! Gtir{ii Gills. Jin Eistop, Alii Kii{ t tit Iti City KITH Also the four Younger Brothers, from the Pepper mint Lounge, in a spoof of the Beatles. Hour is ._' in cotor. 7 Fight of Week: Eddie Cotton vs. Johnny Person (Garden) 9 Movie: "Halliday Brand," Joseph Gotten, Viveca Lindfors f 5T). Western. TV Semci Specialist n O I GBmiTtF.9 KXl I ESTIMXTIS UI5J t UTISfltTIOI !):·. PDnt. lain Ipstiaaen AUTO lADIOf IEPAIIEB 33 Tt«r« EKW««C« 2535 L Irxiil.l/ U 1-BI11 13 It's Country Musk Time 10:45 7 Mate That Spare, Johnny Johnston (bowling): Ray Bluth vs. George Howard 11:00 P-M. 2 News: Dunphy-Hart-Story 4 (Or) KNBC News, Latham 5 The News, Joseph Benti 7 Bob Young: News Final 11 Movie: "Bird of Paradise," Louis Jourdav 13 Boston Black ie, K. Taylor ' ' 1 1 : 1 5 4 "Til Tlii(*t Shew will t iiinj tint*"--f* Mil Ctitit KiTiiUj, Oi'« RtBirlsei ml G«|I Eriii also Corbett Monica S T . Snydir; Stout/Duggan 2 Movie: "Union Pacific," Joel McCrea C39) 5 Steve Allen Show, with Andy Russell co-hosting a musical salute to Mexico, with Miriachi band, Aztec dancers. Mexican food, Steve in a bullfight ooooocc Eltcfrolax* Owners finmt^*** y*«r»^tj i«r«"c« 01* rovr ptctrolut eTt«ier fcf El£CTIOUTX AUTHOItlZEO SALES AND SEIviCI III! Ncific lit. URGE2l-[ick OVEN IDEAL It-lock SIZE RiXGE wilk ii'l-til' (nilcr Driwir 196423" TV liaitilil C Caliut V It Tndi Rtidd 148 7 (Clr) Laramie. John Smith 13 Movie: "Hidden Homicide." Griffith Jones 9 Clcte Roberts (11:35) 11:45 34 Noticiero 34 (News) - 11:50 } -GOO is KT co-mor TRIIUTE TO FITIIS TIGERS Dennis Morgan, Dane Clark, Raymond Massey 1230 7 Movie: "Daughter of the West." Martha Vkkers I.-00 4 BRAID ACTIOI THEATRE * ·'Did « MiiiissifBi" Oily 4 Coals iriii Him! u-ith Lex Barker f 55) 5 Changing Times, Ed Hart 1 AD-Night Movies: "One Horse Town." "Keeper of the Flame" and "Nothing But Trouble" 13 Movie: "Joan of Ozark.TM Judy Canova f42) 1:15 2 Movie: "Rhumba." Georpe · Raft. Carole Lombard Q35) 5 Movie: "Berlin Corres-' pondent," Dana Andrews 9 Movie (1:20): "Garden of the Moon." Pat O'Brien WHY PAY MORE? iw COLOR TV $ 318 ·S 356 Long Bead) Elid 5312 Lone Beach Bird. $ 118 Flit BRlTElT. SEITlCt ; I CDllUTEt Dooley's Hardware Mart S97S LONG IEACH IITD. NOITH IONG (EACH DOOLEY "Smashes" GENERAL ELECTRIC ! PRICES! MOMMY, WE'RE RICH! I DISCOVERED OIL IN THE GARAGE! rn »ut Je**t: ons c*n Mad rfo«:rv Lani tea New 1764 COLOR TV CONSOLE rosl'v. BtvC *ri* ftdiusf Dou ft-invniu^ea tor 4.IS. TrieyTI rr^* » tfrent 1 rr*n «or 31 « vtus fiui« 9r rturitf irxnf 0f 1hmt lor »nrv * 50 elu* «vt«. f m How tervSct v*4 Ran cart, to* C*"t mem »f CA 44407, Yeu't ·*!· **v» children'* roi»o. Uundnr wae. frrtv lowcu anrf fravrt friort AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SEAL First in 2-part segment r,f adventurer who uses his schooner to supply rum runners. T lUUE't UN * smma CEIE IAXRT FJizabeth \!fn!gomery, Linda Darnel!, Mickey Rooney, Telly Savalas, Bert ParVi, Gale Storm. Phony grand duke it ilain over phony nctkUce. Automatic Treas. OYEIHAUL $39.50 NO MONEY"DOWN · tXII TOWIK · 1 IOCATIONS · nil IOAMCAU QUALITY TRANSMISSION itirx tets rue* IKI Jlru«fi4 lit. 111117) BOnilT ant Pinwiif i:»i. Tl Mill 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Fumifure · Carpet · Draperies SPECIAL PURCHASE OF LUXURY CARPET! 1 (fierce of: ALL-WOOL PILE or ;:r soi NYLON PILE 9 St Tl. ««r tii wnic. *r tttt t* 'itn c» file f« tlinc« Vftr»i. CUict.1 c«!« II n It Tl. WOOL PiLE OR COHTINUOUS RLAMEMT NYLON PILE 5 95 St TL COXR4THT HUUitl TWirOS. MUlTVCOtOIS. SOLIDS WOOL m OR 501 CONTINUOUS HIAMENT NYLON PILE 7 95 Tl. nts IMS IT 6BIISMN. Uit!. MOH1WI CHCXI or cotcu. r*mtKt Furniture · Carpel · Draperies ^, - 4134 Orange Ave., GA 4-8131 ^ LOXG BEACH -- Eat; Tiras ait Kiv liw lileml Rail town! fricis CB GaCsttrt. Mekgwt. Majte. Rrtfc cirf Daws nit IIUIIIT HI UI.II hr »t 11(4 GCIER1L EUCTRIC 2Mi. COISOIE TV 168 PAU 7 1 1 III ItUTlir I II lit t(If:tl lit! CEIIRU EUCTRie COFFU Ttlll JTtRID Sl-liclti IGXG 108 nil itutui i iinr iimtl Dooley's HilDW/UE M4»T 5115 IBIS IE1CH IIVD. IORTH IOIS IEKK .

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