Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1963 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, April 3, 1963
Page 22
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a. IW 'HAtt HOIUXGWORIH- ExKitht Sports ICtor j Doirt Kill Boxing! I . To date, this corner has refrained from comment( ing upon two subjects which are in the public eye to-day and which are commandeering most of the sports ~ page headlines. ' ja~« The subjects are: _££ 1. The Bear Bryant-Wally Butts college football issue. ; ~S«« 2. The death of Darey Moore. · ~-~ · Which is the most important depends cpoa your par' itculir values. Certainly nothing transcends death (at least ; ^nothing should). · yfc Davey Moore win be in- Tvolved in no more head. ·£lines. Biyant and Butts cer- ; plainly win be in print for ' _£inany weeks. '«M?J Moore's memoiy will be .? respected for years to come. ^for he was indeed one of the ~ great champions of our era. i j However, he no longer will · · be interviewed nor be forced ' f to adhere to strict training i r routines. ; ' Davey Moore no longer · . Is -with us. ! f But back to our initial · * point: The restraint from · editorializing upon either ' issue. ; The reasons are four; '.'fold: I ·; _ · 1. We have spent the 'past month mostly in baseball camps (and therefore not very close to either the box ·Jztg or college football scenes). ·' i We previously had advocated the continuation of · boxing (months before Moore's death). t ". X We truthfully know very little about Bryant or ; Butts (so why blaspheme or defend either man?). · '· '·]" 4. We have sat back and digested the comments of ', columnists and politicians on both issues (and vomited at ' -tie bandwagon tactks of both camps). HANK HOLUNGWORTH TJ/EPUE QVT TO GET US TONIGHT Blades Seek Clincher By AL LARSON inlar Western Hockey SAN FRANCISCO-Hockey competition. favor of th« Blades tonight. SJfe *f JS B3JZ ans bere win sit in judgment If onifht and decide whether the Blades turned in their a third match will jest game of the year ·. if Thursday at the Cow the Seals played their worst As for tonight's game,jf£ when the clubs meet in the coach Red Bownass sait*rt*U,J^-- nSfis - iTai -i . ir -,-.^j-, r i ^ second game of the Southern be a tough one in the' anaDj«^ i s««» t », 1J ^5 1 ^S gjj-, Hvision semifinal playoffs at Cow Palace rink. They"win {· ( »««« B ,* the Cow Palace. Face-off is be put to get us in the first s^y^'g 8 o'clock. period." Coach Bud Poile called San The Seals did a pretty good yrauw '.netcned Francisco's 8-2 loss to L A. job of wracking up a couple in the first playoff contest of Blade players Monday. Monday "our worst game of iStan Maxwell and Marc Boil- the year." teau were hospitalized with By contrast, it had to be kg and thigh injuries. Both the Blades* best showing checked out Tuesday after- against the Seals who racked: noon and the doctor says up a 10-5-1 record during reg-ltheyTl be able to play. . 91. **· »» U« N.Y. Takes Steps on Ring Safety HARNESS 'CAP ROY BETZ FANFARE NEW YORK (UPI) -- The New York State A t h l e t i c Commission Tuesday banned u ._ . . . J . I I Lumber Queen (L the use of six ounce Sto'esltMm "JftW* 1 in title fights and introduced iS5?l - - " three other safety measures to reduce the hazards of professional boxing. It further directed the mandatory eight c o u n t , three- knockdown rule may not be waived in future ship fights. champion- BRYANT-BUTTS enigma will be discussed here ·. £t a later date. This entire black-eye of college football is .; ;too confusing to comment upon at the moment. Anyone * ^outside the deep South who dares try to venture an obser- I 'yation is either an idiot or a prevaricator. I ',' The Davey Moore death Is closer to home. ; .»· Most people, including our good governor, have taken * it upon themsel-ves to try to outlaw boxing. This is not an " ^election year, but such a choice filet as a prize fighting fa- I'ttliiy is the backbone of public sentiment and politics. ft* Little doubt exists that Richard Nixon would have T_cjiarted the same course as Mr. Brown if the Whittier * "graduate had polled more votes in the last gubernatorial ·"ejection. *· What really, though, do men like Brown and Nixon honestly know about sports? One may substitute for the President in throwing out the first ban in an opening game at Washington. D. C, 'while the other win make an appearance at Dodger Stadium or Candlestick Park i! a particularly large crowd is 'anticipated. ^* But does a political position qualify a person as aa Imthority on any sport, whether it be boxing or table leonis? The answer here would have to be a very positive NO. i ·% THIS CORNER does not want to see the end of box- ·', big. If it did, it would similarly have to stump for the eon.;'elusion of into racing, football, baseball and even golf, \ which also have included death as a partner. ' j:_ In the shadow of three major tragedies in less than a j year, this writer realizes that support of boxing will meet I ,wjth less than popular opinion. Yet, despite the screaming t at do-gooders (who always seem to emerge from the wood- f jrork when they think it will be to their advantage), this ( department is against abolishment of the ring sport. ' ST. More effective safeguards certainly should be adopted. jA boy (even a world champion) who shows the slightest s!ga of filtering, or lack of stability or coordination, should be stopped from fighting cither before he gets into the Ting or when his faults are first noticed In a match. »* Equally as important, the crummy element m boxing ^should be eliminated ... and that's where a Brown or i f jfixon can step in. Every sport has its black shadows, but , Tjone has those more prevalent than boxing. J3 BOXKG BASICALLY is a fine sport Collegians and 'service personnel throughout the world have become men Hay so indulging. Properly trained boys, who otherwise I would have been relegated to janitors and latrine keepers Ibave discovered new lives through the medium of boxing. ; Don't kin boxing. Mr. Brown and yoa do-gooders. Reg ;tditt It properly, something which yoa haven't done before. J; Davey Moore's death was tragic, but it shouldn't sig ;nal the end of a sport. If it does, kiss me off on auto racing. J where death beckons at every tarn. · And on football, too, which (at last count) had S6 fa Ulities during the year of 1962! The bigger glove and maa- tory knockdown rules _a1- ady were in effect for all it title bouts in the state. Also recommended by Gen. elvin L. Krulewitch, com- ission chairman: win four ttrandi »l Vim as rtws ad ef th.1 customary Vim TtctioB for smaller boxers. I tun. led pro : at nrte for voting boxers engage* tour-round professional bouts. 1. A Mick eeeisiea be a. ezn nmittee en wnettier to eliminate _- ived bv Hie bell" factor to boxing tv *ine referee continue h!l count ever fallen tighter after *i. ben. « Oil jnt reached 10. me bout would ta ter nated. C Farttiar ttuoV a* a. exisnn. cam- rtee ea Ifte advisability of eliminating. reducing er altering Ire mettiotf af taa- v a boxer's Mends. Bay Meadows Ctoutt* an* FuL fcUJd«« Trat *-y«ir-«1d» an »». PKfsa mat. BOWLING ALONG : i ;^ v Gardena to Stage $20,000 Event By DAVE TAYLOR Looks like the pros are headed west foe another summer stint with us Southlanders. . The Professional Bowtersj = · Assn. has signed to stage its open at Rose Lanes in Gar* $20,000 s u m m e r Western e^na beginning SepC 5. ^ ^ ^ I opening with the usual pro- Standings in the currentlylamateur contest Sept- 5. the rolling CWBA state tourna- PBA tourney win concentrate ment: on professional competition TEAM EVENT Sept 6-7-8. Lewis Police tauiernar* -- 0 lanes -- ArcaTa _ CUtt C 30* Bestauranf -- Xrcata 'M Flirts -- Anaheim -- Paiadena .Urcs HO. 2 -- EVERYONE KNEW the -""California Women's Bowling ..J Assn. was too busy with con: rWvention business over the - "*"i weekend to bother about any: rSo thing as routine as bowling. ' SurC*y C« fEMnsl C« fElwl '*v tSUer . Fullmer Gerni .tr j I Caolam Rebd (Lackey.* 4 th* Great (Ttornton) ' ~har|te Wv Bov ($re»art lit* Tass (Tats!) . _lxi« EEU lUotittiJO) ; 5rtvt Hanover (van Zantm Black Have* (WlM ProtiaDIV 99 Pit favorLI.1 Could *te from ifaJCt Figurn an th* wav , . Heeds r *^"* -T-friJ- I Hardly eWuCie ITieM . Mot m arenyt form VIM ftrobab'v .rait . ia i TH1XO RACf--4-ailiL CUimirn fTC« : £TMj!«^ ^Ttar^im anil BD. Fact. Maidens. i Roberta Tass «Perklnsan . ' Laff* .PwiJy* 4 Redden) Internal Revenue i -*_Tr. OlttCT . Ma* fcantfie »es« «. . (snort last start . - » Fiflum ctaa* us ... -- . . ion* eraces good enouo*. _ Outside chance from inslda . _ Would fcave *o onset __^--. . Has ptcfced · towtl field: -_ kiUnt Itnorove :tl FOJKTM ltACf-44 mile*. Pact. »«ar-»ias Md ·. OaTmiii tljQt. Ptirse VKH- Joni WcK«nrt« Birtar* Brown -- (He* Pric*Cv*lv« Felfcer -- LonB ((^k _ Beftir Arien-Berrr Hart -_ - _ _ __ Uarp* Alamada-Gcrt Hanand -- . tno .LCD . un Patera to Coach Rain Line By JERRY WYNN tliTa ttiie»-Le« Smitft -Un. ...c. Kav H Tcfia ^eoi««fS.i eSS- l'.r_l_ rrt 1 t «'^- Oitma -- TSrtTi.?.? -F Glr«i«n-Oonrv» ***rTish -- -SINGLES C-tll « Andenm -- Let Ano Eadic »ottrT» -- Ancara . Uillit Hizza -- IM Anoeln CLASS · -- _Sa» f «TM"J]° SAN FRANCISCO NONSTOP JET/PROP ElECTRA E COACB CONVENIENT NEW SCHEDULE PIUSTU I Town Bvrd iCemr Jr.l 4 Johnnv Baker (UsTtttiiU) homas V Scott (Cronkl eaOPw Bea ISfonrl . Camoaioner (Russclll 1 Th » We t Ca 1 ftirt WtOem Wis«fn*n) . * VH Vrt (C.WTan _ 7 Zutv Hal tSu*rcz) . CdtTC ·» *n octfi r»cfl . . Driver switch BUY Mia . . Good soot tor .KltoA . Mot «n bnocruibl* task . . F«ilc4 n tavoriTit . R«tn M trsct cftanct _ . Far back recent races . 10 H tJacebsl LONftSHOT-FAlRT WtDOW wennatctied The Kiddie Corps, otherwise known as the -rJcxjaching stiff, has .a new'^tn T«« ~ ti · « * ] Connt* Tttz«S -- MR f-rmanoa - f} baby today. . | E^ltrunoa - LM Anoei« -t! He is Jack Patera, formerL^ A n*«a» - : ,J:! att-Am-rica guard at Oregon iffi? fiJilK - : £{[and a seven-year NFL vet- tlmta Young J^ eran, who was appointed _ FlfTH KACt-l-fnil* .Vrtar-olttt. run* tltttM. _ - liter (Grihara .tr.» ! C4iC8eti Hanover (WTiKler) . Lumber Rod fLrBtiminj -- i*«?e« IVW"*?* : . fceil take . Failed as . Coming v Admiral rAc**rman) LONCSHOT--APOCE_ "JTXTH tACE-l^nile. . Fiaum Mttf «kr-v . * Pacific Mac (Manser.) 1 Krv Ton* (KrnB) I Wiliari Skv trun* . I Trat. -y^ar-».tti antf ·». funt C30H Ftfoe to · tlotrf_rac» UiYtei (Baierl . : 1 Tilom Hanover fwrwelerl f Renate Taa iTassil f LmUlli WIM (Reddenl t rvalln. K*v. . ri. Soeettv SMo, Softn* (.rstar. Olen Kt, Ptscv Oeca Stn or* Home, Mia DAILY DOUBLE PAJO Ul «· rwo. HaJt i ftuier, D:*OI Iltrn--:S»A. SrjatOied--SomeiTel Hi Hi. rasa Kino. Ooft Juan. FOURTH RACE--« farfcnn: ter Warm. Hern _ 1.0 ?· Yanez . Trirtat * «tiv» flat . Dangerous today L _, m , . Thnrat ill Vie wav . Rates an voset crano . . Willing but ta tout.*, __ . Scratchetf . ScratchetX -- T'^' 1 , r» imj *· *v» ·^'|^vx*-^tv-^^ «*- f r «ji fensive line coach Tuesday by"" - {f head coach Harland Svare. j ;J?| Selection of the 29-year-old ijj -,trPortland, Ore^, product cxan-!»i» i «"« l « z » -- gl ^|[pletes the youngest coaching[J«aTM (staff in pro ranks. , |»»t »( Svare and backfield coach tot, ! Don Heinrich are 32; offen-' =i !iS SCVtNTK RJLCE--4-mJle. CUimln. Tret viaralds wttf n. Purve sasofl. Tap Daunin. rnca ti.aoo. J .lite fraia (Grafiam JrJ . Scott Creed irxenier) _ 1 «tal (tvtieeler) -" " (Cruise) . tea . Iiti'sive line coach Ray Wietecha' j^re. tjaisM -- oriw and end coach Bob SchneIker|T«nne -- - are 34 and , field Crow is 30. Franc» Totte -- 4 Mr Jar (Vanes r^vl a Durban Chief (Hiertro) . LONCSHOT--MTJAY EICHTH RACI--l-tnue. Ctuniln. race, Hr»ar-«la and ft. rMrsi ISO.. Tag Pajmjru ffnca tliJOO. Patera Oregon graduated i 1954 and f r o m played . t-00k« . Wil r, 1 PrUM Woolln a:sf.mju LONCSMOT _ Served eonc* tats raft . Jvs beat mini X Itma _ Back where he tekmos . Rates · tonosftot oodona. Koltlnt -- Ma Kralcttet. HflM KAU-- 4 klDamt: e A Oinen, Mevea -- a.U eftoft Reb. Tarn ~aT5»T ajici--4-mae. Candmenad Pace. »-r»artds a«d »e. furve one I rule AdTos CCrulse) "ever better nan cnw 4 a-Edoewoeid Averld fDennisl TJ^*^ .a^ ** ** v · pro ball with the Baltimore Colts. Chicago Cardinals and rWDaHas Cowboys. At Dallas, I** he was tutored in the de: s »i'fensive style of coach Tom jLandry, who also had a great ' 'influence on Svare's career. Alerneda. Hernandez Tene--a:17*. Ma scratcnes. UXTH RACE--4 ajrKr a SuSOtn. Fenlche omMer. Fkcado i lO b-Soeedtionf Irenii , t V*U (Graham JrJ 7 Snafter Reset (Car HARNESS Commander Hennr (Merrmian ennir't Reno. Jenrnrro -- , Turn 1:13. Mo «CTaWie*. StVEHTH RACC-- 4 lurlenvt: Cerna't Uac. Taka _ a.a · hadamire. Cameas .__ 410 powow, Rodrtauez · a! I a la I Klalor Knol (WcCregor) XM m t Wetter Jeart^ «Tisner» . coo ll a-vvar Counsel fO«nnis» ies. |I2b-*Jorthv RAo. (Grenierl e-Oennri entry. Williams in Tough Win HOUSTON Wi -- Heavy weight contender Cleveland (Big Cat) Williams scored a t e c h n i c a l knockout over Young Jack Johnson Tuesday with 2*1 gone in. the round cf a 10-round LEAVE direct from LONG BEACH ARRIVE 9:19 a. m. 8:06' iQ*t- Me tcrateftet. EICKTM RACE-- « »JOonri: aution. wtaes« _ J «a IIARTACK ABOARD FAST BEEKEEPER SAN MATED (UPI)--B31 Hattack, four times the na- tkxi'f riding champion, win ride G e o r t e Pope's Beekeeper in the $15,000 added CaTifomia Dtrtjr Trial at Bay Meadows Saturday, it was announced Tuesday. Hartack won the Ken- tacky D e r b y last year aboard Pope't Decidedly. Morning's Sports Briefs The Coliseum R e l a y i 'opening game against Gncm-j opened the final World Series ' Jet Deck Tops Derby at 'Alamitos J. a Chamber's swift Jet Deck headed a list of 25 three-year-olds nominated for the estimated $22,000 Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Racing Association Derby. The Derby wiU be contest ed at the classic quarter horse distance of 440 yards on Sat urday, April 20, at Los Ala mitos Race Course, whid opens its 25-day Spring meet fog Tuesday. Jet Deck, who banked a record $138,232 as a 2-year o!d and won seven straigh races including the $207,75( Los Alamitos Futurity, the richest race ever held in Call the season opens neit Tues- lg * J. $ T "1 ««« ··««.»· »·-- · aught in the middle of thelnafj next Tuesday. *It hmts'game of 1962 will take the · |struggle between the govern-jevea to lift a fork full oTfield against Houston whea! 1 , i ing bodies of track and Art said. · · fa this country, wiU go oa as! TOP performances i scheduled May 17, it was an-'day 1 * exhibition b a s e b a l l ' nounced Tuesday. games were supplied by the' · · · · f o l l o w i n g : Jim OToole ; HEAVYWEIGHT Alejandro (Oncy) extended his scoreless Larorante, who has been in a inning streak to 22 by blank- coma since he was the White Sox . . . War- out Sept 21, 1962, has im- ren Spaha held Minnesota to] proved to the extent that be six hits as Milwaukee fornia, may have a hard tim HE COULDNT 'BEAR' TO SEE SECRET FILM HOUSTON «V-Former Texas AM associates of Bear Biyant said Tuesday Bryant once was offered motion pictures of a secret Louisiana State workout but refused to accept them. A former AM student who declined to be identified by name said he took the pictures in 1535 from a fifth floor window of an LSU dormitory but Bryant m a i l e d the undeveloped fita back with a letter say- icg be had rather lose to LSU than look at films of a secret workout. . Mountain Gw, Cunningham _ U aa ter we*. Scftw.nnt HUD RACE-- l-mito ran jidV» Prince, Snenk ma) in oretetL Ttefier __^__ 1.40 barter Song. Crawtor* Time--2:0nk. Kg scratches. FOURTH RACE--J-mile sret: ortand. Sherren _ . Il.M J» Uad9« Caines. AKcditnans 4-2. anant B- Jacobs -- Time~2:QB- Scratched--Tin* Star. FIFTH RACE--4-mile pace: Idgntv Ted. Snort -- a) 1« - Defiance. Sor-- BETZ' BEST I* iSi Icr ' t ***- c " it ' ""* T«ne-- tM*. Hv Haves. 1IITU RACE-- «HlUTt ret: Wonder Sara. Cerrr - U tf) r Has*. BaarOman _ Tire. Crenler night final i.oo'bout. '' Williams, 213, had quite a tussle with his 233-pound ad- 4«,Versary in a wild battle that WTnai «o saw Johnson wilk across the icratrtes-lacM Rod-ljijjg jjjj },; t .^. a Jj-jjt blow (after the referee called the Jg.TKO. * B j The only knockdown came jjm the fifth when Williams *» floored Johnson for an right!count with a solid right cross isofollowed by a left hook. .1? ISjohnson' right eye was swol- tn Johnson, who "needled" lg:Winiams t [stages of the fight, lost the I" first round on a low blow. . Time-- Tror.k. Me acratcnes. IEYEMTH RACE-- Unlit pact: a-tyra rates. Crenier Uea )-· Am, oo Star. Omittaii Meado* * _ _ __ Time-- 7:En. ·-- Sctiuttz. Crenicr. Set- deen I. Conu*ws enfnr. Me scratches. RACE-- 4-nn« aace: Stanley Cup Playoffs -_r" }»»«·"»·,, ' CTerente leads WESTERN A I R L I N E S continuing to dominate his KOtT rttOIABU trWME*-- Pale' Lucky Louise . s-lar Ladv. Slvrtlne. Cenfle Hanover.' 1-- S^^day C«w trave Manever. Mark- .»-*. T. Direct, Kanwer Tatev lady 4--Taw. Syrd. Camaalgrer. Jenmrv SvriL · Koqne». FJter. CEdden WUTarf $»». Ulavle*. Mason's Specials f 1ST HT-SaeadneW to .M. HIT CNAMCI JIT laaa'i lar 5-1 ... Grand-slam home!. "£.«"«» rARt*T-«e» ra». «. can open bis eyts. *But Larorajite never win runs were recorded by be a u-hole man again," sayi Reed of the Yankees and Luis' Dr, J. Dewitt Fox. Aparicio of the Orioles. I * · . a · a a | PHTJLLES" Art Mahaffey) S.VN Francisco's batting or. has a sore right shoulder and t der wiU be altered somewhat ."may not be able to pitch the!but the same Giants who enemy- per Bar, who earned J46.196 before pulling up with an ankle injury last October. I Pan Am Basketball Tr-a - .a-.- ·fit eaOKIT FRStrfCT--Scan rard M m. · m FARLIT--Fnt Taema la art la umcsaT *s»cciAi. · w. t-- »VM« a.«ver. »-- r«'e " ~ ~ VooTVH. Wavzac, Vantfvfce i«cs. Seeedngta. Cammander tadrrr ai imh. f te^ra I ICT. JT CHAKCI ICT-ateyiell M I KITJOT BOUMO-SI fHOOf. S SWliH-O1«] SOCeUT BSTUHS. BC. fUWOCT. a. BAMKROU. S'ECUU. CLOCKS*-* --, _ Trtafa al Kama* I '--·Jile Tr»e H se»4 SICA? AH-Stars'i)*'. AAU t(»ird place). a *· i'»rs n irmmcal Advertisement! BUDDY EBSEN DONNA DOUGLAS-TV* C«tAT STAKSOU STACt:...r\HWini «CTS STAG! t WAHI JHOW 100 J4. fTn2rJel.Saf.tfOT. TTTS fin ntTH m oni SCHOOL IOARD OF EDUCATION ELECT DR. JAMES Crawford FRIDAY, APRIL 5 W« Tni«Y*n Mrt Infer Oi IfficMRt OM ·! Oaf IIII; New Treads SC95 ANY SIZE C V t!4t trtra. H u NEW TIRES C.TOilS Wkitl ra«T«*L 18 95 7.50il4 TYIIZ CORS COmTtUCTIOM AM an Me- Ean Lareer tat ALIGN FRONT END Special '6" BRAKES Specia!14 JSMlst Cm MUFFLERS... $8.95 AND UP B D TIRE CO. Wl M1VI THI 11TI1T tOvnCMCIlT T9 BfTTIR ItRYl YOU 446 E. Patific Coast Hwy. HE 2-7497 leetmerk^ Accepted · O»e. D^r, S.ftl a M.ltlMfM. hr tte leK Bed i. Taw. CmM o,

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