Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 7, 1929 · Page 29
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 29

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1929
Page 29
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WILL HAVE LITILEARLIN6TON (By United Press.) AUSTIN, Tex., Nov. 7.—L. W. Kept, of Housten, has a flair for, htBtbry, but after reading all the Texas histories he still did not know what became of many of the men who established the republic of Texas. Methodically he began private" in-, vestlgatlons. Through his Inquiries the graves, many unmarked, have been traced, With an aproprlation from the atate legislature, Kemp now is gath-> erlng their remains and relhterrlng them In a state cemetery at Austin. Monuments briefly reciting the founders' deeds will form the nucleus of a state "Arlington." Among those to be honored is Oliver Jones, native of New York city, who met Stephen F. Austin in Mexico City, cast his lot with Austin's colony In Texas and was responsible for. the adoption of the Lone Star flag of the Texas republic, .and its national seal with a central flve pointed star. Kemp found the trash heaped graves of Jones and his wife in an abandoned cemetery In Houston. The remains of the former governor, Peter Hansborough Bell, are being brought to- Texas from Littleton, N. C., permission for reinterment having been obtained from relatives living in Culpepper, Va. Bell was one of the most powerful figures in early Texas history. He went as an ambassador from the Republic-of Texas to Great Britain and secured England's recognition of the republic. Another North Carolinian, Colonel Alexander Horton, will be honored by a state monument at his present grave at San Augustine, Tex. He was aide to. General Sam Houston In the battle of San Jaolnto, ' ' Others whose remains are being brought to the state cemetery include James Plnckney Henderson, first governor of Texas; Robert A, Irion, secretary of 'state of the reubllc of Texas; Governor Hat'din R* Runnels; Robert M. Williamson, known in Texas history as "Peg Leg Willie", the preacher patriot J-W. B. Skates, signer of the declaration; Richard Ellis, signer; Robert James Calder, captain at the battle of San Jacinto, and James Billingsley, captain of San Jaointo. One citizen of England will be honored in the same way, the Rev. James C. Wilson. Wilson accompanied the ill-fated Mler expedition into Mexico. When the participants were captured the fighting parson refused to claim his English citizenship and perished- with the captured Texans. CHICA'GO HOTEL STAFF KNOWS MANY LANGUAGES CHICAGO, Nov. 7.—Because many professional men of'high standing in their native lands are reduced to dishwashing and pantry service during the period of adjustment in America, the Drake hotel boasts an interesting service competent in thirty-six languages. Tickets in the card-index of the maitre d'hote! are the liagtfistic accomplishments of his subordinates. Reference to this index furnishes an interpreter for "the financier from the Argentine, or a resourceful courier for his wife, should she wish to shop while her husband is engaged In La Salle •treet. During the Eucharistlc Congress In 1925, the hotel staff was called, on to use twenty-five languages. / . FLIES lit Great Britain's (ilfheit aviation official, Lord Thomson,.air mlnlpter, was a passenger aboard hit conn- try's—and the world'*—largest airship,, the new dirigible ll-WH, on Its official test flight. He Is pictured above as he entered the giant craft through, a iloarway In the P'«w after ascending to the top of the dirigible's high mooring tower at Cardlngton, Engjamd. The lowest point for thousands of miles of the Andes la 10,000-feet above the sea. The annual rainfall in the United States has been estimated at 153 trillion cubic feet. • : Qargk n».u,*.MkT.orr. latest scientific discovery for tore throat do this; Gargle a spoonful of Mistol And your cold won't work; liny further down. Mie. tol checki .M i mi in head colds, too. Soothes Irritated mem* branes. Doctors use it. Keep * bpltte handy and play safe. At alt dnigitorw. MADE B* TOE MAKE** Of NVJOb ANNOUNCING That we have been fortunate in securing tine Meadows Select-a-Speed franchise for this community. Meadow* Model V Select. a - Speed Washer U the only clothe* wa»her with * different speed for every type of fabric. It U the only wuher that meeti all the re* quirements of th• modern home laundry. A gentle, fliuhing speed for your lace*, silks and dainty thing*) a vigorous, rapid speed for the heavy, badly soiled garments. Any desired speed in- between these limit*. There Is Only One Select-a-Speed THE LATEST DEVELOPMENT OF THE WASHING MACHINE INDUSTRY Homes not having electricity need no longer be denied the satisfaction of having Meadow . washed clothes. \ The Meadows Model V Selecta-Speed Is also equipped with a 4-cyde Briggs & Stratton full power Gas Engine. CALt US BEFORE NEXT WASH PAY Arrow Furniture Co. 1430 Eleventh Ave, Dial 2-9537 O. W. 1OUDKN, *B., V*«». HOMES E. WBBTBBOOK, g«o. .:.... THE At^OOKA. MtRROR^YHtJRSPAV, NOVEMBER 7> 1939 ftAIt TRAVB1 CHEAPER THAtt PRE-WAR TIMES PARIS, Nov. t.—Despite the general rl*« In. prices during the last ten y«ars, French railway fares for passenger traffic are one-third cheaper than before the war, figured on the gold franc basis. These facts have been circulated in a report on the management of-tho French atate railways. ; In 1014 it cost 0.112 francs (gold or paper) to travel one kilometre in first class; today, -the .price Is 0.4605 (paper) francs. Accordingly the rates have gone up 302 per cent in fmper. but they have gone down 32 per cent in gold, the report shows. French passenger rates are the lowest in the world today, it la revealed, being exactly 08 per cent of pre-war rates. The percentages for other countries (present tariffs compared with 1914 gold rates) are: United States, 149; Italy, 72; Great Britain, 150; Czechoslovakia, 80; Germany, 154; Spain, 97; Holland, 1B7; Switzerland, 162 Austria, 100. count SHOWS WISDOM, NEW YORk, Nov. 7.—::Other fellers had bicycles and I didn't," la wfiat John Gabowakl, 12, told County Judge George H. Furman of the children's court at.East Patchoque, L. 1., when taken there after stealing a wheel. So the Judge ordered the court to buy John a wheel and put him on a mortth'a probation. A MEW CHEESE VELVEET For Sale By Yout Qrwet VALUE GIVING AT IT'S BEST We will be glad to help you Order any merchandise not carried in thii (tore. REMEMBER WE PAY THE POSTAGE WE PAY THE FREIGHT On All Merchandise Ordered from Our Catalogues Value giving is at its best in these" items. They will give you long wear, reliable service and they are priced low. Tremendous quantity buying brings manufacturer's prices down and you receive the benefit. We never sacrifice quality for low price. We never sell "seconds." Our experts in our laboratory place exacting tests- on every article to gufrd against inferior goods. You always receive the best. •This Popular Day-Bed *13 45 New Style Coal Range It Burns Wood, Too! $78 Spring Green Ivory Tan .95 Porcelain enamel finish. As easy to clean as a piece of chlnal Heavy body castings; economical flre box; big capacity cooking top; dependable cast iron . oven ', warming closet; large, roomy ash pit; heavy steel pan. Saves You Money on Fuel Hill.. Weight 535 pounds. Bake and Cook Automatically With this Gas Range *75 .85 Modern In every way! Automatic top burner lighter . . . oven regulator . . . extra large oven burner heats broiler also. Non-grazing enamel—unbreakable angle iron cooking top frame. "Entire range porcelain e n a m e 1 e d—easy to wash. Spring green and ivory tan. Sold on Easy Payments * The Year's Furnace Value Save Money Save Fuel With Thii PIPELESS FURNACE $73 .95 GUARANTEE : Should the Windsor fall to satisfy you A!HO on HIIH.V Payment* »«.00 JUown—$8.00 Monthly Bigger flre pot gives greater heating surface. Roomy ash pit assures good draft. New Fuel Economizer admits fresh oxygen that burns escaping gases and soot, turns waste Into heat! Extra heavy castings mean extra years of service. And only (8.50 Down puts the Windsor In your home) ' after 2 years' trial we will lake it back and return your money. A Warm Garage Means a Ready Motor Thii Ideal Oil Heater Keeps your garage at a warm, even temperature, is absolutely safe, and runs continuously with u minimum of attention. 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New improved Gyrator Agitator swirls and forces the 1 hot soupy water through the clothes,- taking out the dirt without harming the daintiest fabrics! 0 to 8 sheet capacity. Sl'KCIAL FEATUIIKS All cooper tub holds heat, kjeeps, water hot, No center post to tear fine fabrics; 8-posltlon all steel safety wringer; splash-proof electric motor opurateH wringer and washer at the same time. All enclosed driving shaft. DemonHlnitoN Jtnulf—SflllH Hsolf Bold on Eutty 1'uyments, Too With Thi$ Vacuum Portable Ironer *39 .95 Made for use with your Gyrator Washer, Heats to Ironing temperature in 4._jninut.cs! Cuts ironing day from' 8 hours to 2 .hours. Light enough for women to handlo easily. Let your washer motor do double duty. Attach ironer in place of wringer. Ball bearing motor and motor- driven brush; light and easy to handle; cord 23 ft. long, won't pull out at terminals; trouble free switch in handle grip. Hold on ICusy Payment* Work Clothes for Men Low in Price — Long on Wear! 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Coverall 'House Paint , V "I, Ver tillllOII .05 Pure us you can buy anywhere else at $2.85 pur /jitlloa. 1 gallon covers 250 square tool. Your .choice of 30 colors. Lustre Liquid Enamel (iullou $2 .38 Una It almost anywhere Inside. Given a bright new lustre to walls, • woodwork and furniture. Flown from the brUHh so smoothly anyone eun apply it well, , In black and white and many cheerful colors. Fine Floor Varnish 1'er Ciulluu .60 Contains just the proportion of oil for long wear, just the right amount of imported gums for hardness and brilliance. A Paint Brush for Every Job There is a Wardset brush for every paint Job. And every one is made of fine Chinese bristles net in Bakeliti' su they can't come out. Liquid Solder for Radiators 68c .ounce can MONTGOMERY WARD 6 CO. 1117 Sixteenth Street Phone 8141 Altoona, Pa. Non-Freeze Solution OAtLON $ Effective in coldest weather, bermfeaa to your motor.

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