The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1934
Page 2
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 16, 1934 I ILYTHVILLl, (ABU COCRrSR FTEW1 lESjyTlHEI Ex-Senator and Son Begin Jail Terms 0 And Some of These Gentlemen Dancino Partners Starred on Gridiron. BV HKI.rN WKI.SHIMER NKA Service Staff CorresiKindenl NEW YORK—Gigolos arc hited lo dance—not to talk! If you liaye rented a (lancing partner to' s:e you through a waltz orl fox trot, don't ask (jiiestions. That is. niili'sii yon art; a news- | pa|>cr writer who has been sent to interview him on ho\v 11 fwls lo be a gh'olo. whal aiv Ihe qu.ill- ficatiot>s for becoming a RiKOto. and what lie will be when he i^i Ihrcuph being a yisolu. Then: he'll cay-•plenty! Anyway, here are the at:sw rs, ]. f.o r.ll yon will need to do. Ma- j fame. Is dance and pay your I tip. A dollar, by Ihe way. is the | usual generous gesliire for a i (lance. ' TlK 1 Casino dc P.irre, a Now York night club, has employed six tall young men dancing parl- ncis who lake the prescribed steps with insciulablc faces. Unlike palem-tealhr-r-lialreri. eontln- emal-lypi- gis(j!os, these are rcd- blcodrd. handsome young Amcri- enns. who know what lo do with footballs and college diplomas. Retguni/i-d by (Iri-cn Carnation A green cai nation is pinned on each one's lapel to set him aside DS ladies' choice. The dance began— "Slay in this racket?" Gigolo No. 1 icpcaled. He has a name but that's his secret. "Not much! None of us is. But J needed a job and this one pays well. "1 attended Carnegie Institute of Technology, majoring in drama. 1 used to be on (lie stfigc. Then ilic big economic flop came along. . Now I model clolhes in Ihe day• time—mcst of us do some of that —and three mornings a week 1 ttudy linens and wools at a lex- -JUST A 4ISOIO" TO THE LADIES: Maj I ptaVtr.l A qrcLp of 1opl-\lkal*d, an-.aiV.^ty >-4nc!jcm« yo jng m»n. K Madarre't «teo,t do«y<'t 1«*l Ha da-K'wg. ih» can "tfip IU Vght fanl»,tic" wllh lAi. 1hj»» cf Mr. S«v>n. fjh«y K»v» fid norr.ti). "IK*y !••, t^it<f fasf, kvt l«nv«nib*f r.^ll-r.tjl You') Ino^ iWni' by l.p^,.- LOOK FOR IKE SRtEN CARNATIONI Uy&B a rty«i» 1« tW waiter. ••• iA \\t\t qtttfamtn wiR come f o y««rJaWt. A world war hcto, former Unile<i States Senator and influential poll tician, Luke Lea i right) is here shown with his son. Luke. Jr., i prison stripes after they had been committed to the Raleigh, N. C jail following their conviction of fraud in connection with the col lapse of an Asheville bank. graduate of the University of Idaho. He is big, blonde, lively. He up all week to come on Suturda night awful!" is the only married gigolo and his- If you ask questions you'll ge wife comes along often to watch the wrong answers, him wear the green carnation. "I played football and baseball THBKX xposition and Celebration Scheduled (or Caruthersville Next Month. CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo— Lead- rs of Pemlscol County Post Am- rican legion, have announced a icrchonts e\|>osiiion and seliler.s ubllee for June 11 to 16. The MXKllion will be held at the ew legion Park. A. C. Perry- lan has been placed In charge program niTangemtms lents. enieilainn:em and securing xhtblts. The Perry Amusement company 111 furnish rides and shows. Various contests will be held. In- ludin? old: fiddlers contest, am- tenr contests hi music, singing, uncing, husband calling, yodel- ig, whistling, and sack racing. A ubltc wedding Is lo be staged Ihe Inal nlghT. Merclmnis exhlblls are to be )lnced In tin: Inrgc aulumoblle lall. A pel parade will be one I the features, pets of loeal and ounly bms and girls lo be enter- d. A baby show, of children under Jive years of age, Is also jlanned. "Live at Home" Program Puts Few Limits on Diet county docs Slrlclnl dh'l. not dnnnml » re To -live nt home" In Mississippi penr preserves, fig inescrves, grnps jam. Mlscellnnfbiis:— Hums mid other cured irn'iit-s. iurd, uieul. Lions Club Observes National Music Week Hecenlly Ihe eonnly fu-.iiruUimil ngeiu of Bliclby connly, 'IVniH-sM-e. Hslt-il 3>J food Hems \\iilcli lie «ild unyonc in the Mill-Smith with u lilll" ground at his dl«|>u<iil could pioducc for llx- stnlemenl Riiil Mis. A. O. l.iltk'. whose hume .slioil dislani'i* of lll>- Uii'vllle on Hie Promised hand load, in lake im-mimy of their own iveoril uf home production for lioaie use. Tl:i' re.snlt MIS Mm Him;. No ,„ HICK- 3U Items, bul upwards ',( HU) I <it conn 1 to tin- I.IUli' iiiblr 1/ijn'i I!K''KI •Soviet Awardi Artist Its Tighest Decoration MOSCOW .(U!')-A Soviet nrtlst «'lio once wna under lire for lack of rt'VOHitlofc'.iry spirit--!. I. Hiod- The loc luUuns club observed N'iitloivil Music wi-ek ul'.li B ni m yesterday «t the weekly luncheon mirilnt; :ii thi' Hold Nobli'. Miss MuiKurel Mm III |;:uc :i lulti. MLv, KI.IIU-I-S Wmbuiii MIIIS si'l Ihe IKJllllly yiniU'ii, o( Hit- l.lllle As :in example of lo which I'vi'iy ruriii i(f;loii cun be iniidc tin- list is reprinted. rllon.-. with ,\h;:s plium nnd Miss )\ ]:l:iyi-(E u piano in v.i;-, Wall. hl:y iias Just been awarded the "Order of l/.-nln." hliliesi of Soviet di-conit Ions'. llrodsky follows UK- n-iillstli: .S'.'hcul of panning ami. by COIIM-- i|in HIT, las often iK'i-n acriiu'd by revoliillomiry nrtl.sts uf -jussive rcth'Cllon" und "pholorTap.ilc mi- lin-iillsm." lint iij!|xm-n!ly tiles.- .erilldsms Innl no i-IIect on tht- All> n "' Union cviilrul Kxeciillvi' Com- mllli-e, who conferri'd the decura- t!tm. 'Hi-. 1 urtist Ins pulmcd n Hum- IH-I- or u-ell-kiiown piclmrs. tir:i:iiii; Kutffry Aldfd Guinea Hen PALL MIU£, Vfl. CUP1-A successful Job of plastic surgery haa been performed by J. A. Pealte, Hill Mills ponllrynmn, on a guinea lien. The lien got her bill en- umslnd In n wire fence nml tore II off. ivake f>lued the bill back iiiul 11 lius piowii Inlo pluce. CoinliT Ncivs V/nnl Ads. Anytime, Anywhere . . if CONSTIPATED iloii'l li stljeUt-ailly ol Ki-i-n-a-iniiil. \'uu ivc lo w.ill ami d,-l:i)' wliu'h aim i hi' 1-Vod nnlr.hls mid ixiulii-y:— | lleef, boas, chickens, KI-I-M'. BUinfns. j Garden and truck [inidiu-:--! Anotlu r rll. Jr. esii'iu I .vif-Misi!un-|Phi! Levitcli Postpones Visit Here to May .Mi-lljll| ll "''" : "ttw-Lon of t..e Ki'i-oml (.'on- Bie.'.'i ol K(.iii!nterii." "fii'sslmi ol tin llevoliillonary Mliliary Council 1 ' and "Hliiwl.inr i>r Tvu-nly^lx Coin- nuiri: p<.i« i> I', u,.;i.i ., ,| c , ibi'i. UiiW- Ilii-lil llliifnriiily lhniii)fl»'nl I il,,-,,, , : vile in.-ly, fur it lu-||is ilU-u,|ve 11 and "Hliwl.iiu ur Tvmily-'.lx Com- ' ^"'""''y, fur it h,-l|is ,]U.u,| ve mis.s:uv 11,. M ] S:) lms ,. x ,-,,,[,.,| .,.„.. ""' 'lf> ".'-I- "i.-iin-r., K ,. H || C . Hulls of Hfilin. Vc:r<hlil!c(v and nil- I !"-' " I " I .''" I . I1 I J| ' 1 ';: l'"-iwi-iniiiL «,ii. <•:• llHl ullH-il-i | aii,s:il., l; ,|,v i!;,.liu,tlluuli,-i.nrl,l' 3 - "_'^ i 1--1 ].liv-i,ia,,, ,,|,|,r,,,,'. ItMMl, ••]„„. , livi' ilr.-:,.i." Y.iilfllj")'l'Iu-« infill la i,,u, 'I'lu- bidy li'iii]>-i.iiuii' nf a snuki' '[."'"l'.'"."""^'.""-' ''"-"'UK «'iui lavuiivp. (!l IU'lltis rill li-ii|\> fni r It.t i ..n> ^ ' J Mil 1 ' HIilil. ^eiulo illiil lliornlli'll l:txii<. I'lill I.i'vlicti. of ji. 1 ; to i-ifniluct. 'Hi,' tiuly li'Hi]>-|-iiluii. nf ,i Mink,. I'llllivly oil tho U-llllJrl ii- Rf lln-fiirii)iiiiillii|j ulr. in.l! i'.vi>j'l'i'i"l'l« iM' p,':;t|Hini d Irish potatoes, sivt vurictles of wlnlfi- onl. onions, red |x;])|ii'is. .swci-l ]n-p|»-i;:. f(|iii»h. swcel corn, toniuiin-s. ciitj- Un&a-. turnlp.s, itsusliltd. ;isji;:i:i|nis. pai'Milps, cnnol.s, ]<-iu:i-,-. r.idhln-.s. lokrn. Ftujllsh pms. Iv.u vaiictli'.s !ol fli'id ix-iis. Ilinn lh;u;s, mini Ili-l Fiiday Ills .'iininr; ;. M-,i> •>',.' Vazarene Sunday School* 1 * ilI1s ' » I1V >' ^""- w '<»»• i*' 11 ii>-ii ii • i n, ii >• "" ISl bt ' l ' ls ' Minnic-li. ciifiiinlji'i-s. Will Hold Rally Here bi'i-rli-.s-~A|i|)li > .s liopreseiuaUves of Sunday schools of [he Church or the Nuz- irene Qt Jonesboro, B^ecli Grove, Searcy and Blydieville will meel here tomorrow for an all day rally ai the lent, on Second ets where an evangelistic meeting Is being Jield by Hie Rev. Elipha IX Beasley, pastor. [ Dr. London. wlx> is a nationally i known figure In Sunday school fields of this church, will speak I ru 3 p.m. and again at 7;45 p.m.! Will Dance at Carnival "They ask us where we came from," No. 2 explains. "If we tell in college r.tid then played them a , el|| tl]e trul!l thei , thlnk wo arc lii-oft'Ksioiiiilly," he admits. 'I'm ! high-hat so wo make up tales ol tern In more than 20 professional;starving families for whom we are boxing bouts. See my nc«e? It's | dancing and they swallow- It. been punched.^ I've dug dUchcs. Thnt . s whal tney ttant But somc talk. We like ihem fol- — IILIT K tile school. Another gigolo lows tlie same toutlne. The job pays well.- We don't get salaries. Just tips. Once in a whiie .'ome):ody pays $10 for a dance. Not often. They rim about one dollar. Usually a woman's escort has the bill in his palm and it to us unobtrusively as he shakes linnds lo thank the gigolo." The six young men in the green carnations are present from seven until ihrre In the morning, imles-- tlioy want, to lake time out. It': their lime. They may. A woman's escort— or she herself, fhe Is alone— asks the \saiter I- bring her a gisjolo. If she hu» teen there before and has a prcf etL'nce, she asks for him by ninn ber ---- "May T have No. "3?". . . "I should like No. 4 as soon a: he is free." "Some women come alone. Usually they are accompanied bj men who either can't or don'; Nanl lo dance, or there are mor, women than men in a parly," Ni 1 says. "Middle-aged men ilon' like lo riance— at leas; nol will Iheir own wives— so their lius bunds cnaaje gigolos for tlu-m Men look 0:1 dancing as one o many minrsemcnts. To women si.'jms romance." Walch Their Step Mot lomance with the imper .'oniil gigolos, though. They kno, their .stejxs and take them fur : lip. thaL'.i all. They won't com in tea. either, unless they knoi joii. "Ciijololii"" is a job. and n more. I'.igolo No. 2. who resembles ai all-American fiilltack— and he a ioottall star by the way— is -n'Oiked in lumber camps, been in Ihe movies. I was down in • Wall trcet when Hie crash came. Now ciggolo nnd if my family new it I'd be shot. They wanted to accept an appointment to Vest Point but 1 wanted to be a oc-lor in obstetrics and studied it year. "In two weeks I'm Bolng to liEsia with the labor commission ui when T rrlurn I'm finishing iy studies in languages and fiance at Columbia and going back Wall Street." Serious Steppers Incidentally, he says he is a Jnited States senator's nephew. ml he poses for hat, collar and hewing f.;um ads. You've seen s picture, more likely lhan nol. As lo a gigolo's technic? "Be mixirsonal, pleasant, inul don't of- eiKl!" says No. 2. The gigolos have their own cli- inls who always ask for them. Outsiders are impartial. No. 1 ays lie has an equal division ol Id and young women. No. 2 says nis are all young. "People who have been around accept us as equals." No. 2 con- esses. "Those who have saved women never bi-st." "We can tell our grandchildren \ve were Ihe first American gigolos—something like the original l-'ioradora Sextetlc," No. 1 grins as he talks. Caruthersville Youth Appointed Alternate CAKUTHERSVILLE, Mo. —Caplain J. M. Cannon has received a telegram from Senator Bennett C. Clark, at Washington, D. C., stating that Joe, Ihe son of Capt. and Mrs. J. M. Cannon, has been appointed second alternate to West Point Military academy. Ceclte Wolfort, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roland Wolfort, and Bill fiuil.s and ])«us. Caches, plum, il".s. dewberries, raspbi-irks. Miaw- berrlc-s, grai>es. Miscdlaiieoiis:— Milk, en urn, C',1- lage cliuesi'. butler, e;'t'.v ,„.,, Tllllt too)ls "ke iiHl,']:endi'nc" and Vine frcm " lc grocery store wiille fresh fruits and vegetables and hume kllird meats lire In sciiscn. but il iloi'sn'l end there, [or from Ihe above liil Die foil, mini; pi-ixhicls are pieparetl for use lluoiighoul the year: Canned meats:— Clilt-kcn— stewed. niish. soup, giblets: licef- -sttw, steaks, roasts. soli]i. hash, ]o:if. chili; Pork— ribs, irast.s. clHip;. steaLs. sausage. Canned vegetables:— Clicen beans limn beans. Knglhli peas, bluek- eyvd pens, beel.s. parsnips, corn Sues for Insurance lliifoid /. llixiiii has lilid Mill i fiKulnsl Hit 1 Life and L'usiialty In- | company of ''i' In clleuU coujl hen 1 , nlh-i:ln^ ti'fu- ol the company lo pay chdms im- { di-r the total disability clausL' ol a SI.CMI Insurance iwlluy. lHiiii. nllei'lii.j Hull he Iji-cnme disabled by discus.', in l)eci-nd;vr. lii^l. charges that the company hns failed lo pay $10 a moiiili tlniT thi' dlfiiblllty ii;x'>i:n'd. Ifiinlson, Kmlth mid Tuyiur n p- n-. l :,'nt. Dixun. United Toilers to Meel The Unllcd Tollers ol will hold their next mccDim :u llif w. O. W. hull. Fifth mid Mil j, Mil-els, l-'ilday. May '&. II was nti- nininred loday. Kiittnv i nl llii' organisation will IK' iii'1,1 i'Vi.'|-y jccoml Friday ilir-realli'i. Finds Map on Chamblin, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. inuslard urccns, mvnlp urn-ns uVTii D. Chomblin jr., will dance to- j ininnAIn, .stimish. tomalms. 'kriiut morrow afternoon at the Mem- vegetable soup mixtiiii's. chilli phis auditorium In a program of ^aucc. |>epper sauce, bell jn'i:]K.-is. Vf. D. Osburn luiinil -i lien the cotton carnival. They will give Conned fruits, berries and pre- loilay which lias Iwo discoloration* a pirate number. Uervesi—Stiawberiies. bliickbr-rrles, >n it closely resembling maps of Cecile has danced for several dewberries. raspberries. grapes. I tin- world. The CKS Is brown and i pears, apiiles, apjilc hutter. iX'Ciches.j the "map" deep tan. I crab apple jelly, blackberry jam. years and since Bill look up dancing last fall he has appeared on several They programs, will be accompanied by Iheir tnolliers and their teacher, Miss Margaret Mollitt. blackberry Jelly, yellow tomato pre-| The scaled frontier of the- Unll- scrvcs, watermelon preserves, ed Stales In 1830 was only half- strawberry jam, plum Jelly, ix-ach.way amiss Ihe continent, at Imle-' preserves, peach bnuer, a[ip!e jr-lly.' prudence. SPRAY AND POWDER SOLVE YOUR INSECT PROBLEM THIS MODERN WAV HOIIM viirs ('mil iluu sprnjl ig Hllli Hit »:iM-»-lhim mom.- No mnllisruiniii), i-lottie*taorlli I,,,,,,lroli of dnll:ti>. No mitt uhr, riniiliiift fiKSil. IIHI, ihc lumsr if i' Ciirlnlil,' nml frrrd from iliit^ ili<M'iiit>.|i>'iiriiiK lulu- u,,|! [|>. f wllh |Tr;irllrirlly no vrry tillK- tubt. j> ,-ju-Ii riioin, Ironi SO LITTLE SO MUCH Etowah Woman Hurt LEPANTO. Ark.—Mrs. Harrison Langsion, living near Elowah, was accidentally injured when a car struck her as she crossed the road near her home there. Monday afternoon. She was considerably bruised and shaken up but her condition is not considered critical. NON-SKID Ki'OT PAD TRUSSES The Perfect Rupture Holders! SKK OUR FITTER NOW Consultation and Advice Free. We liave a 5|)ccfal type for your rupture! lioltinson Onig Co., Inc. , Ktilrrad & Main St. °or all these! Experienced Itrnkes Adjusted Brakes Relined Fenders Straightened Motor Tune-ups Minor Repairs Hydraulic Washing Specialized Lubrication Standard Gas & Oil Firestone Tires Ford Halt fries Radio Repairs Phillips Motor Co. OneStopServiceStation Bernard Gooch, Mgr. Corner Walnut & Fifth OU CAN USE MOST THINGS that grow out of the ground just as soon as they are harvested. But not so icilb ciytretle tobficcos ...not if you want them to he mild and taste nVht. ' O the cigarette that's MILDER the cigarette that TASTES BETTER It takes many months of ageing in the wood—2'/a to 3 years to be exact—to bring out the flavor and mildness of the tobaccos—just as it takes many months of ageing to bring out the flavor of rare wines. It means something that Chesterfield tobacco:; nrc aged and mellowed like fine wines- it helps to give Chesterfield its milder and better taste. . IIKITT * Mm» To*>co> Co.

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