Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1962 · Page 27
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 27

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1962
Page 27
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IOM MAIBITATII 15) ·it JNO TRUST DEEDS «.;L 4tlt «n qMtfito] loiii. " S.m p lo MB. r«rnh. on VnJii $1000 _______ $15 .. $1500 ,, ....... _._$« ·· $2000 ........... ..$30 $2500 _________ $37 , (Uu «Krt» I ctmnlulon) ,- NO BALLOON PAYMTS. | Shop Compare!! : Di.l With a Local Co. . THE GUIVER CO. - Lender*! Atffil) HA 1-8261 'SHI Del Am* -- Ltteoooi (Corner Beliflower Blvd.) Private Money ' LOANS UTS t 7NDS LOW INTEREST-COW COST MONTHLY PYMTS. ON 2NDS V.C ALSO ARRANGr 1ST TO LOANS 1LOOO-1MCW1 JAVC TIME--SAVE COST · WE BUY I5T-IND TRUST DFFDS CASH HOW-NO XYAITINO 1 Hanbery's MO E. BROADWAY C E 4 M l t : NOW Available! 24-Yr. Loans · on Multiple Units Eiisting or Consfruction Any Amount--4'/J% Int. HOME LOAN INV. CO. NE 9-4821 NE 6-0553 HA 9.|8o5 |24-rir. arts, sv.] BRACKEN MortgageCompany A Third Gtntratien. Bgl'ptlt Mdiimum 1st -2nd Loans QUICK CASH LONG TERM-- LOW PYMTS. li:l Long Beactl Bird. HEmloct 2-7941 loots Md Outboard* UO SMALL1*10TOR BOAT Piker* m ML, rebuilt Crw«t 11 *. ' *«*· ^3SJ?iS!*£?®ti mi Sania CalalmV, oc. TiFirMtbtare) 'U k*'t^aX~i trailer. Can TE STtit ail. S om. jBofoi' JOHNSON MOTORS Iftl MODELS. CLOU CUT LEACH'S til]] E. CARSON. ARTESIA Trailers 165 USED TRAILER SALES ·vit Deliver Wn»t V Senf ·11 FiberflMi -ntHCBAM-, TT -BOLLS AtRO". 77- re* ttitUO Ibdrn. l.«. f.,l»m fborm. I9KSI. Rod 1 Reel IJxvm. "ANGELUS-, It«4J IMrm. ··BUCKINGHAM', 1 Wrm. niNIVE^SAL", liljl AUti tn · nnaatM eller. And 09 It now) «4J ' BctwMn Cherry 4 Ptramount BI. ODfl 0»if t l« 5:30 em. WE STILL HAVE DARNED GOOD BUYS IN GOOD USED 14 TO WFT. TRAOCINS tOHZER-FREEWAY 44U ATLANTIC BLVD. LONG BEACH CA 10441 AND TA · $300 CASH I TAKE OVER PAYMENTS ON ·40 MODELS--ll WIDE BONZER-FREEWAY MOBILE HOME CENTER _44» ATLANTIC CA M444 $2.700 FULL PRICE 4)11. Spailm. Ill wWe, luth/ turn. Will cwtilder low dn. nrrrt Or. HA S-IISI or ME tlll» IXI WESTvVOOb~Tr«ler. JI/Tw? toilet, xmt. cond. S700. set at vlU C. Artesla. Space 7S. Bnlllower. GA 7OOI7 EXPANDO 17144 LAKEnOOD. BCLLFLOAER Also Oranot Co. HARBOR ft CARDtM GROVE it. ·44 SAFEWAY I5i» l-br. tal'.... bit. Irlr, w/fi4r life shad* awn. mg. rmnt lee tt appreciate, tats 01 e«lras. A'E 0-aa. NE t-;si4. IT- AUO~Tra.ler. '41 moctl. Ll new. Sell contained. Trvck tires ft wheeH. cas retrtg. ft gther ettras. 1C S-149. '40 CRETT LAKES 10*44. 2 Br. mod^ ar cond, sioo and tak. ever _pavments._Mf O4347 GOOD PRICES ON'USED i V^IOES OLYMPIC TRAILER SALES 4t4l Urg Bearnjllvd. L.B. ir TR*NS*Tlt54 model. New pamt A awning. Mult icll in ?0 davl. SISSS full price 411-K4J Yr.i' ROD ft Reel, mod. tO'let. elec. rctrig. Mien, lots ot titrat. Jlno cam, iltl San Aniellnt. BARCAINS on OTSPLAY MODE BOYER TRAILER SALES 4441 N.L.B. BLVO. HI H47] 7~BR~lfiIs~treTer, dkt new. wi fmanu. 1143 Y/. Alonora. Compl. Peler PanPl. Ma. 41. Ill UK LET ME SELL YOUR TRAILER on ient. CA 2 X70 of CA MY 3 bedroom furnished, hdwd., eleie to Brca4wav shoo center. Vacnt. Ownr. UH 11717, LA MIJI t'RADE mebl-w home tor J- or Jbr home. Pttti|_UN H7i7. LA_I 4(17 '41 US~EO TravVete--twin bedi! JI!4_Lake«od _eud^_Da«me BY O«tiCR-"»tt. Sia'tan IIW. Sacnlne. »»» caih. ME 14J4I J7'*SCHULT. Te.iet. refng. lit S3»S t4*ei. 114.1 Atljntic. ComQt^n. I6S-A Sport CoitipHtrs 1.7-A ·RE-SEASON SftCIAL ON CAWIRS WES1ERN UK. CO. eft«. AI » trucb wTTracton lit J50DRT ·S7 CM«r.'et M. can-ptr. Real K«r*. *f* **, unlract CM bt financed frmt. C ROSCOE MOTORS ,_,, 7»» LB. BLVD. 6A 4 Jtll : jrFdRO"Kloo"\vten PICIUP. VS ·lick ihilt. I It. bed. tilt r«w. . . . . nth with normal own. it rnanaoer. GA741)'. Y Hail- SEE SAVE Cat credit WHY PAY Hail- MORE. 1741 CHERRY from Tlaroor. . SAVE acrtll WANTED Older model wall-to IVPO trwct. Good condlt-on. will cay cam. HE SAilOi.Mr. J.udS..^ Import Sport Cart 174 Imimt * JftMt C-rt 174 AT JAMESTOWN FUN CENTER SPORTY CARS Aunt for Solo "QUICK ·4 SPRlfFI ·1 MftC(0«1f9M.H»rttM «thtn And pniny t* ·St JAO. coupe. Wlfei ·it Tit ALE T 4 niter. Din. EVERY OR FIRST CLASS AND GUARANTEED . JAMESTOWN CADILLAC M CAD. iadan Ut Vint. B«rggnd» 1350 IONS BEACH IIVD. HE 2-7.IS Import .V Sport Can 174 - i i irp *» lob. Mxman down jtjt* tacn. will Imanct. CHI OX 10647, OX 14644. BUY · pew l42 l^ord truck, an/ Br!- 1 ·mrovai. call ME «)!!. Olr. Ray at TTTCHCJT~PRICE» PAlD F«r Vakn Pickup Trucks ft.. ALr«0 K RA THOR p N AiAVoUNT 'jrCHE' JSjLSniLiO ·41 FORD Econolint Van. Sldeload. RtMMTJ delivers ear. _wk. Call Mr. Seectv. LU »·!»». OJr. ·40~EL CAMIMO wl« radio, heater. »J7 delivers, car pavtnents 11414 wt. Call Mr. Beecft. LU «-J77» Oir. 'Jt^RANCHERO. RIM..W.W. tji mtr.. ntw brants, ovtrtiayL SI LI l-Uiv ·ITsfuDEBAKER ii-ton true! JJJJ lor wuitv-134 mo. tal. JE 4J3II lor tavitv-ua ROSS l~t tort lilt. pneu. llr I7M Palm, Belltlower Hf-431 ·» INTERNATIONAL l-Ton Plcliuo 1714 Fa'm. Eentlower ME 4-X4I '47 FORD pickup. Sell eouttf trade. Call CE M714 tr GE 1 UO. ·'Js'bbDOE PIcloB. soerttinan tc». tin. Cot.' cond. TO 4-7177. ·14 FORD. Vi Ion pa. Auto. tran»~ R«.H. S4M. TEIS-SUl REFRICERAlTD -- Seil-Conlamtd 't-Hiii -II Ford. TO 4-vt44. Truck Tractor Equipment 168-A TRUCK 1. dunv beat), tractor equipment, winchn. auciionei. pew And used. COMMERCIAL TRUCK BODIES J4ja_w.Bowles. LB. HE S7ICI Auto Perls 'Repoirs 169 ENOllfE. ml Plvm. Funr VJ. ill cubic Inches. I1JCO ml. Uied r mo. Altemaw met. Con-pie't w starter. SM or oiler. TW H447. TRAtiTMisllONS INSTALLED Peouiit ft used. O»fTY At-ta Parti Jlt7 CHERRY AVE. CA4IJII ; 17~BiG SPillirt C7ITY. VI t"gr» lisa. A-l shape. TE l-Mli ·SI OLDS eng. J030 over, new c _ . . solidi. Beii_otter. CA_S-7f30. Autos Wanted 173 It's Jamestown, Too! Econ-O-Cars Evtnr Car On Tht Lit LESS THAN $975 Low as $50 Down ·nTRlUMPM Station tYlwn ·StFORDANCLIA ·it RENAULT ·SI FIAT 1100 ·M FORD 7 Door ; s4F p g. gW0 .r,. JAMESTOWN I coo Long Beach Blvd. HE 1-Ttll SPRITES Wt Ha.t 21 Umti for Your Stltclionj 1959s thru I?o7s Pncrt fnn $995 Cery Car Oa» ft Cuir. JAMESTOWN 11M Lonj Beecti Blvd. HE 17111 VOLKSWAGENLAND n USED VOLKSWAGENS IN STOCK. ALL BODY STVLES. 'Sit TO '4I». UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED BY YOUR AUTHORIZED WW DEALER. BAN KENDON MOTORS t!4l Pacific Cst. Ftwv. TE M4U 4 BLKS. W. OP HARBOR FWr ( OPEN SUNDAY ft EVENINGS '62 Alfa Romeo "Guiletta" convtrttle. Brand ntw Fire er.olr-t red wim red black leather interior, wni'ewaiii, heater, directional!. Liberal trade In anewanct. PrtcM rer tft »ee«end at only $3095 PEAIRS BROS. IMPORTS Your Authorued Alia Del er 1S714 Betlflower Blvd. TO 7-1711 I Trailer Specs 6.6% INT. ' 1ST LOAN _ 54 YEARS SYEAR. JNDS. NO BALLOON HOVE. APTL LOTS. INO. · Ut COME TO%OUK HOWL. TD-i LOANED ON. ATLANTIC MTG. CO. 3170 Atlantic. Km. JO*. CA 4-1714 1VC MAKE »0 TRUST DEED LOANS. BORROW ON YOUR HOVE. AS IOW AI 1% INItR EST ON WO T.O.S AVAILAILC ON QUALIFYING LOANS. LYtlM J P».PH*Ft -- M A * Silt 44JI E. SPRING IST-TND-1RD R E LOANS CASH QUICK V.L COME TO YOUR HO'/F BANK MTG. LOAN CO. 3a4j Atiant-e CA_ 4-3S2I COMBINE AU TOUR BILLS Into 1 E-I pvmt. Ut ft Tnd k»-i made. Wt buy TO': ft mtoes. No cfinvntsion or tscrcw Oiarpei to vou. 24-pour pome service. NE-73M H. E. DRAKE. Rltr. CHLCK OUR TERMS ON JND T.O" REAL ESTATE LOANS. ' ' PROV.PT. COURTEOUS. CONFIDENTIAL SERVICE. Mary Holland HA 1-8231 ._ Eves: HAt.1744 or M E 7164 S4200-4% en well mired~L. B. proptrtr. Or. CA 7»47. Trust Deeds 152 No Commission Charge SPOT CASH For lit *^"3 T^d trust tJtttfi «^*- witft, ha eicro* ttt. ho *o c^Jiil "tf QU'C ACTION. M ve*r» In T.O. bviintt- tit L B. DOHT SELL YOUR T.D.« GET CASH QUICK WITH COLLATERAL LOAN _ Cftil ed_Hemt Loan. CA 4OT4 I BUY T.D.S Too prlcrs. lir-ritd:..'* rait. Mo commiuton -- N9 escrows. Mcftett . CA tcm IstTJ). 10 to 40% Return - Short Term. OWICt Artll. Print Only. Aya. Inc. (Owner) MA Kail Rf ADY cash tor small trull deeds, sattir. Rltr.. 414 E. Brtfwv. HE 741St. HODMAN BUYS RE. LOANS FAST 774S E. BROADWAY CE 10500 VIE pay Old tor lit ft.Jni.Tpv Too pnct No TOP DOLLAR cad tor TOs and notei. HE 7-7441: UN S71S4 PRIV. party will buy Jnd or lit . TO. from cwneronly. GE 14M7 40S OFF. Van Md T.D. «!4 mo 1%. due 1 vein. ME 4X11 HIGHEST unces paid tor TOs a-4 nolei. HE 77441: UN71M Money Wanted 153 $9.000 Rrst 7'A%. Owen REX L. HODGES CO.^HF 7HJI lit Mortgage. JEI»»- 41 $id* proo- HE fl»J MONEY wanted on lit Mortgage. 7077 E. 7th, L.B. Cr iTEED Investmenrs 154 PROMISSARY NOTES from Kev- itono Baotilt Churctl. terraiK. 4% Interttl. Call t to 17 «/n. only, Oil end Mining 155 CALL CArtietl 4 tun tor cash en vour oil rayall'tl. sm. or Boots and Outboard. 160 ·OAT WANTED, will Iradt 1JO.OCU euuity In J» room Hotel In Long Bestti. HE 70111 davl. FRAILER SP-KCS si^'ft UP. ano one TO *744i; TO 4i4lt.' ^ILDRFN ft pell wcTcqTie. iwim- ming pool, refrc4*onal hail, SM to U4._NE SI711._HAJ J14I HARBOR AREA--Modern Spaces. Children_pK. Reas._Tr S1U4_ BUfNA~ark ftUner. 714J~oraroe tnerpe^Butna_Pa-t. LA 7 lilt Troilers for Rent 165-B NCvV ayid used vac. tnrt. sell--re^t. HE 7-S71I Bumgarrer. 1141 E. (Cm troil'ers Wonted ItSS-C WE NEED TRAILERS"! Cilh for Yours 1 CFRTIflCD TRAILER SALES till F. Artei'a. Beimawer TO 41777 HA S4IM WE 'PAY irot cash for trailers or wilt stfl on consignment. RAY'S Tra.icr sues NE SSII7 CASH of your tttiltr.NE l-oIOZ Troiler Towing 165-E f H ATtC R~ TO«VINO t SlcTRACt WIlCHFtL T R A I I F R S UN Ml" Motorcyclts,Scooters 1 ti BRAND NEW-ONLY ONF~Tf FT DUCATI SCRAMBLER FORMERLY tMT. HOW S4ft DALE BROWN MOTORS _!lll_L.B^_BLVD. L B. Culhman Motet Scroltrs-- SALE ON DEMOS. NOW! LEACH'S miijjCAiui^Aiiit^ elA-BM.V ft LILAC 'orcytles ft Cushman IcM'en joL"ii.66NS M'OTORCYCLES IlM E. ANAHEIM HE_7.liJI TRIUMPHS -- NEW AND USED 10S ON O4C. NO GIMMICKS. LONG BEACH MlUMPII ~ tSt. HE »C1JI Kl W. P»C. CS H47 ALL STATE .,. rrctor skooter. Austna'vmaae. Ill actual miles. SiiO. HE tllli al«r_5_pm. HONOAS-IOi. dn. lOtC) NC 14170 11114 SO. ATLANTIC, COMPTON TRiUMPHS-Belltlower Cyde Shop. II1S C. Comoton. BlHIr, TO 7-4700 HONDAS 10% DN. 04C L.8.HM4 I1C1 All V1I,(_O» 3-IOI ·i? HAHLCYT'74'seriesrFull drened. A I cond. 144JrJ. i COOIi18e. Sport Compers 167-A Complete With Camper "VACATION SPECIAL" ·47 Onrollt ··ton cxcluo with S45 Ktual miles. Radio, reaier. Complete with Dreamer 18-tt. cab ever camper. Sold rew with true*. Hal refrigerator, water svstem ft, intercom system, etc. Their Loss--Your Ga-n -.Sec It Now -ROBIN MOTORS COMPTOM HOME OF THE -OPEN ROAD' 2MO Roiecranl NC t 7410 Acrais Irom Comotoi Drlvt-ln Theater ·41 CHEV. i j Ton or~»« Ton Pick, ues wim new camper. $2414 ue. SKtUTO. HE 4-J7II PIT. CAMPERS For Rent-- Reterte Now 1131 Alondra Paramount ME »74JI DO YOU NEED MONEY? CAR PAYMENTS TOO HIGH WE WILL TRADE YOUR CAR OR EQUITY FOR A LOWER PRICED CAR OR tur IT FOR SPOT CASH. CREST MOTORS _iaS_Lorg Beacn Blvd. HE »JH WE Dl5PERA~TELY~NEED~Ygur Uied C4r. most any m4lt or moJel. I'to'i thru IISI'i. Or wt will til. !t in trad*, for . leu t.etniivg car «nd pay tht difttftnc* in caih. GLENN E.THOMAS CO. DODGE Druer ClIalllsKed IK1 _K1 E. ASAnEIM HE 4-1711 JUNK CARS WANTED" Free Pick Up Top $ C A 4 I 4 I I OR CA 4WM SIGNAL HILL AUTO WRECKING 2)11 L. VVILLOrV L B. (Between Cherry ft Redondst 1962 PORSCHE tin COUPE BeauTM slatt gray. Net futty broken M. CMton traded down Int. · new VrV. You cannot lell It Irons · new ent cwi our sttow- room floor. Savt hundrrds ^RKiKETTS MOTORS ISOOLena BtlCf. Blvd. HE mi4 I It SO MCBCEDES 6CNZ 27.SC' b«#"j*ilw. rtd ImlilS. ctnuiff l»«tiv ccntj.t-cned. rtctmif.) svitt. ·nd wrvlced bf v. .-». 1 _ . JAMESTOWN ll» Long Beach Blvd. HE 7711 '58 Raniult Diuphin* 4 dr.. htater, directional!. New met. Real rmietet wtiard It n- cd'int onojtion. Juil . . . J599 OPEN SUNDAYS PEAIRS BROS. BUlCK 15714 Bent lower Blvd. TO M7I1 HIGHEST FOR EXTRA CLEAN IMPORTS Woolpert Imperil 411 w. Pac. til. H«y. HE SHI V THIS- WE HEED JUNK CARS HIGHEST PRICES PAID MEE PICKUP SFRVICl CAVItt JUNK t WRECKING MCA'l ·4-aO-a! F'.m stl. Bftwtttf Grar, 3515 Atlantic Import Ste'im) and* RotdMtti -^-NEED lADLY-ir Top Dollar DAVE THOMAS MOTORS im L B._BI;JWardlOwl CA 444J WE NEED CARS!"! Ho*eit prlcn paid tor ItUl ttvouot IHIs. set Norm liaau. DICK BROWNING Eictusivt OLDSMOBILE Deaer iXiLong Beacn rivd. HEJIM34 TOP CASH IDS '44 THRU 'SI CARS In mod condition. Ooen | a m. to t p in. / davl wk.. 7lJ» wfPAC. ttT. H«/ _lONG_BtACH^_ CE i: i^=»TOP PRICE--^- \vt*ar. in urgent need cf clean cart. Stt us today tor a good deal tn cath er trade-In. URGENT VERNt HOLMES--Dodge _3Jm t Atlantic CA 4143 \YANT~ED-Cari reedng automatic transmission And tureuo repair. You pay for parts only. Labor tiee. Midweit Trade Scnools. 7s UB. Blvd., South Gale. LO +-4X4. LLOYD C'PAiTERSON" Top Prices tor Ckran Cars 7»l LONG BEACH BLVOjJ.» WE'BUY JUNK CARS A VIR'ECKED CARS FREE APPRAISAL TE SJ041:J^E S-43H4; Eves. TE S44S4 YVANTEO-VTW. picluo or van. any cond. FTIy. party. GEO-43JI. CASH tor lunl or wreck; cars ft Hucts. Call TWJ-1470. C A S H F O R 'S- MODELS .JJEJ.-17J CASH ioi- Clean Uied Can at vour aumorind V/W Deader. TO 4«I4 ~ ' aumorind C ' A S~H rOR MOSELS 'Sil Od'OLOER CE »31I7 Import Sport Cars 174 ·irvOLKSviAGON 7tf. ie«an. R 4, H H7JJ. Can :jitl. i(M~Voiknaien con.ert.t'e. xmt condition. GE 1 7I». ·41 MGA Magnette 4dr. sedon. Tco dual. 30mpg._likt_ ntw. HAtlRI ·S7~V6rKSVVAGEN. RIH. ww, eictl cond. Prl. pty. SHS. CE »!44t._ "Auto Parts Repairs 169Auto Ports Repairs 16^ CAL. yrav Bcttcn nxff, s»»i. Lkto 14- 6,not.iet. S ,W'';»' M«rtn« BiZB4r B'aa. CC )4M tVINRUOe -- Elec-«nilt Ntcolnn. But «t AII twn. urn s. P«C. s. E 1 coait HWY^ Surtii'de. Cl HFT. caMn cruilir, she to snort. 14' FIBERGLASS boat ft "·'tr tn». HA «4«71 fl'FTTithns Cratt. inboard M . r'O Mvy t'tras. SI50. Prlv. ^Party. ME^«7DI after » » pm. i4'*HUNTCR l»dan.. Twin mttirt. Good cond. PrtcH SII.VD. . tf v.sta caLCjttg ee »n AiODERN'SLIPS. WATER ft ELE TRICITY. iCn. ».a n. AI I ft ELEC. .-."»,»·» "· *" rmtot Bar. 08 M741. U DRIVE, sport cruisers, IS-a ft, lor charter by day tr wrt«. CE uni «f_cc_uj4X lr~CABlN crwier, twn trtrtl. . tladed. tmf; ct_t«nt Ir'YELLOWJACkET win tra ier. · Mart SIE motor. STSg. Nt_M4q »~ll.AlS shKM, Iteeos pa nt. S41«. C«ef_tr«)t. tC4«1«_ !»iBt »(,L"ASs"boat HONEST VALUE! CHEVROLET Motor Overhaul Special On 6-CKL-- Similar Jiilnr,, on V-l Medils ?sttzRiss vatiev Adiott an Nar »RTS INCLUDE: Complele $ REMEMBER ... We Grind Your Valves and Adjust All Bearings Slallcr $4rlBfi f»r Stnlc* Ptrftmi4 ·· All MAKES «itl MODELS. All Witt Ctrtrail by Wihtt* Gior««tt«. NO MOHIY DOWN ON AP*ROVf 0 CRIOIT FIN1NCI COUNSILOR ON DUTY AT ALL TIME! HARBOR CHEVROLET 3770 CHERRY AVE. GA i-334? siRvtcr Dtvit'ON o'ti r A M 10 t PH-CLOICD syNniYi f A R t s oiYiiio-4 nrri T-it. t PM tn. 4 p« «'i e« re-te V THIS- W«irp«.t Hfl'ty M t9*1. 1*42 AUrlk, I tTrOCtl. 8ft».t»f Gfty.J5I5 Atl.fitic r il VOLVO JCtoOf. 4~IP«fd tr*tv hlutl wltfk t»a A. «Sf4)ft D;r figW" it., ,_ MOID wim »4 R-tt vl«3 da. |-t*4. Ktxll In »lnt. cotMt. Pr vi't P*ftY. TW.? JX», ".4 VOLVO--B«ck. CictHtnt cond Von. Nrw **hit* »i£t wfttf lifts. fnvi'e Dirt./. C*u HE Mm. OU,iW RP, u; d*nvtn. c«r wk. Cut Mr. Bmiyt ' 'V HIL'U/AH 4 euor. running cendit.on, io« ronm. HE *-i;il Dir. . io« oowtx 31 '63 VOLKSWAGEN. RiH. KCA JHAi " " Illi ·»i MC. t» V I.NO. 1)4 t S-S7H. , t»-e «Y»r pt-t"tntt. I-U 1)43 (t«vtnn«, WUmlnstcn. ^JSXZV* 1 -'"-^ *"" lino. GE MI74 alle *i» K-CHIA convtrtlttif, Lt.»ini fo Curoct^Mutt It'l. Td 3.717). till E NCW. ·54 PORSCHE COUM. EceL. Prlv. party.^CE »tlil. 1157 JAGUAR, XKin. See la anxei sm, 1441 Harbor Aye. 5« TR-J^TOP""COND. Orll. own. «UI9. GE 4«4j|._Cl_«S" ·» MGA. RIH. Low miles. Eire cond.tion. «» 74SS Auto Ports Rtpolrs 16 mport t Sport Con 174 LAKEWOOD MOTORS AuthomtdV/WDtiMtr SALES -- SERVICE -- PART} "ORDER NOW" New ttll Vl!k4»ttena etllvtrtd In Cwropt. $1195 «ood Ued VolMwagtns" iu.s~ti.jt o^jitgn it CAbrTfectwood witn air ft an power. Can MR. JONES, HE MS07. Alsumo contract wltn S1I.I1 Btrwtelc. pir. 4 CAOKLAC l-doar Hardtc*. Call Redd. 417«SV. -contract win totion Wogont 175 ZOTTER'S STATION WGNS. Ovtr 25 to chowiisi fror ItSS'i thni ini's. ATI ther. eughV M condition tt! rtidr for tht road-Prictd ta Sri! COTTER'S Tht IIj. Let North «t Kin St. H13 L I. Blvd. GA M555 ORO 'J7 COUNTRY SEDAM. Automatic. trarumKiton. radio. ntatcr, 2-tone. wtiitewalli. S./ ALL OtEOIT AlANAGE* V-WSTrrVhy Pav A»ori Set- Savt Hart, an Oitrnr Avt. GA - Savt Hart, an $50 DN. ·St Chevrolet Irookwood 4^r. it on wagon. R.H. A AT. Real met. Bat* dn. pmt. cantrtct cai . ^ . _ . r»tfi« r»«ter. tulort p**nt, t Ptiv *-plv |ir«. O ·r. no ctlrs. ME 04.77. IS CHEV. VI. 4-Or. Won. Auto- RiH. tint cond. Tinted glass, toe tires. Orlg. ewner. HA t-17^4 0 FALCON waton. ttlci, RiH »» CalMMJr. BeeST'l." t-SCT, Olr TffOHO Ctveittv San. 44r Itri Kecrn Hoffman Trucfca--NC 74171 411 SO. LB. CLVD-. COMPTOH "RivXtl- party--UJ7 Ford Country Sedan. I twner. Escellent cnodl tltn. S77I. HA S7C7 U CHEV. W4oon. t cvl. Talt over pvmtt. tl ill mo. 7ii Sen ' CE l mi 37 FORD f pus. 4-dr. Wtgon. Pwr _Orlginal owfer. step. Call 417S1K SURFE'RS utciai. -si F«n). bo' I17Jor dlUf^CE t_«H7 StlcH, H'tl CE 4?ni. S4 FORD 4«r. V-l. RIH. 10000 on t*g. ft/rans. CA 7.757 'AIR It.. wa. 4-dr. -700 ~ A 18417 alter S:M p m. 176 Autot for Sale MISCELLANEOUS CREDIT HERE CREDIT-NO PROBLEM AT LYNN'S USED CARS fAere*y ta.e .ver STia'l months' ·avirenti il you ire il er tut and wed he. FOR INSTANCE ·55 CHEV. IA Hip Uf *5i OLDS Hip, p.r. _JS» ·55 FORD Htp, p-r. _»« '55 PONT. Hip. ,4t ·54 LINCOLN Hip 111 ·51 MERC. Hip * · ·SJ MERC. Hip $ 7 ·5J FORD «-dr. » 5 MERELY PHONE APPLICATION HE 2°7534 LYNN'S USED CARS 912 LB. BlyrL _ L.B BETTER CLASS TRANSP. t WORK CARS PRICES START AT SltS ·M Slude. «r. 4, Oar. Nice. ·1 Buicn 4 dr. R.. H. Aatom. Ctn ·M Olds. U 44r. M. H^ AT. Soli ·SI Pont. CltL H**. R^ H. AT. Cd. ·SI Pont. 4 or. R_ H. AT. Solid. ·14 Di»e 4Jr. 4 Htr.. AT. Silo ·S4 Ford 4 Or. 4. R.. H. AT. Smtn. ·U Pont. Call. Hd. R.. H.. cw bil. Snaip. Altt Mod Se'ec. tt La'e' Mode BETTER VALUtS Br LLOYD C. PATTERSON SISI L. B. »L\-O. Ht 4 « ·40 CADILLAC Couee de VIlitTFuU power ft «r conditioning. Can MR. BLACK, HE 7-OS04. Allun e _urlracl witn SI4.7J eerwMt. D:r. 171 '57 BUICK Rtadmtlttr 4*. ktxdttw. AuH. adit, r«altr« Mwer ttttr* tr MaAea. tiadflc wi» $999 STCAD. Fltetwttd. ltd. air mSZ Pt.l. cnromt. ttouL IMm. tl.TH. Orlf. twfttr. taw Itc.l Oel«444 dlrI.Ce 41144 ivts.^ i~CAD7leet»ood. Wnitt win a f ft full Dower. Call MR. TAN. HE 7-O04. Aiium. ctntrgcT wttn . fn eer wk. Dir. . Alllimt rew car l Slitl per wk. due. 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S^vT^OWc*TM Across from Harbor. ft -SI CHEVROLET **. month nOtf VTUI . ..C ptr m down. CHI Mr. Kirton «t Cr»C7 tof fr»« horr* frt»i er Vint w « HJ* jfounoi Ford U**d C*f Ui a Dtr monm ifttr tm*n down. AAr. Klften at CE t4TI4 fret rrOtrt trul or vf»t w ' Kliton at CE »-«C4 tor .... -- t trial or visit vs a Halt Youno-t F«rd Uted Car Deot.. ?44| L, Anaheim St. L._B H'tHEVROLET )door. Stick snilf F.P. S250. Will finance. Call cretf nanaoer, CA 74H7. V.HY PAY MORE--SEE SAVE MORE. 374S Cftemr, across Irom Harboi ·J» CHE^ Imnala ha"rdtoo^ - _ ever. US dtnvert. it no on* u»h lust pa* S1Y mo. and assume unoald bat. Ca'l Mr. Long FA e-HIS dir. FOR me er tr*at, t-tra »nar0 '17 CM*. BH Air tporti cw. V-l litf*, RiH. tow rrviicin. Rd..Lo« Alamitot . po-*rclitf* 1I«; H«n " . MR. WHITE* HE 7-OS07. Attumt ur contract wltn H.CJ rtr Olr. Autos for Sol* 17* CONTINENTAL lim* Pww car CMtfKl wild illll ptr wi. Olr. CORVAIR ·61 CHEVROLET ·Meoia" Itoir. fiatw. htHer, trammlaaMn. thli t«i»- Autos forSolt 1741 174 FOR!) ^58 FORU POMT1AC pay ta7 fnd.'«nd~ atsvnt'vnBaio: Hi. Ca'l Mr. L»n«. FA C-MH air. IB""* 'II CORVAIRS t, ft 4doort Powtrgiidt ft tficn fun. it · m, S]l month. NE 4-1711 OH ~i\ cdfivAIR Monza. A ^s ._«», CORVETTE il COIIVETTE-Sitver blue mitt DODGE $50 DN. ·M Dodlt Eunomy 4. Slick initt. RiH. TCInt. cond. Unt mllaaoe. Bai. dn. f»tit. contract un pt 'il'DODCE JOoor. ta. over delivers. It no tttier cash FALCON ft 'll FALCON 4 door, tuny tautcoed. Uli/ per month after liwall down. Calf Mr. Klrten at CE l-MSa ftr fret IK»»« trial or vtiit us at Hale Young's Ford ·'led Car Orel. 2441 t. Anatie.m L B. i','."' $50 DN. ·M Falcon Jar. R II. t automatic, custom Interior. BaU On. pmt. ft contract can bt Imaged OAC ROSCOE MOIORS Xn LB. BLVD. CA4KI1 ·II FALCON Futura. lully eowpped Turouolst fmJih. wtiilewalls. Inv macvlalt. SI7 a month wltn normal down Bwent. Can crvd manager. CA 74«». WHY PAY MORE-- iEE SAVE MORC. 174S CHERRY across Iran Harbor. ·Tl FALCON Futura fir. icdan Fordo. l»hp. CambridM blue RIH. BoucM in Aug. itm met. _Pnv. party^ SMCO. CE 47441. ·49 FALCON, tiki Over. S41~dC~ilv ers. tf t»o other cain lust pr S14 mo. and aitum* unoald bi Ca I Mr locg FA o.jsisdir. u' . reaier. S77 del. S17 wt. Cin Mr. Beech. LU »)Jf. Olr. FORD ·43 CHEVROLET l-OHa Cte. Stn» lit del. witn Prmlt. S'4.J7 Call Mr. Snort at 'II CHEVY £dr. Full factory c»t. Low miie»te. lilt new. S7t han- des on OIC cred t Low pvmts. Call Mr. Black TO 7-1771 dlr. ·II CHEV. Impala 44r. power steer. Ing ft brakes, padded dain, tinted windows. 100 tires, fawn tt'ge. _y e new. s?4H. 37M ranwood. ·It CHEVROLET wagon, late over, S4I delivers, if ria eitier cash luit pay S2t mo. and aiium* unpa-d bal. Call Mr^Long FA 01511 dlr. r U CHEV. lmpalt~4 Or. PS, ft PB» «utonu* w/i/w, RiH. tinted el. aaa mnes. CE IJOOT. 'iS CHEV. lor. C-vt Cpe. Catd mechanical cond. 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R»H Owfer. llltl CA )JS4f-CA J-lie! ·54 " CHRYSLER ·14 (HP.VSLCR 4 dr. ^«^d·fo, RIH, 1I4JO er tett cller. r-Artai 14917. DUICK ll_'ff, ·wTa^ tr*n.u'Mwtr tUcrTng. pa*- ·r b- 1 *-*., tlrclric wtnoow., ctc- trtc «_1. Thu I. if) t.tcwt.vt t*r r-tohf. WMlf in color witn »tyn- pint rtd mtmr micrior. \w 4\occi«l *t emu $2899 OPEN SUNDAYS ._ PEAIRS BROS. BUICK . 15714 Bentiawer Blvd. To 7-UII ·St'BUICk. fully eo-'ipped. W! 44 . _ iwn. Can tor tiee us at Haie ^J44i;i:: Anatitlm;si.._L. r »."'* 'S? IUICK ELECTRA 225 4-OR. Ht». Etceptionatty rile, ttiruout. OStORN'S tOTH t CHERRY ltS7 BUICK Century convert. Bme. RiH. w.s.w.. full power. I owner. Geod conation. Call 414 n;i ll BUICK tDxr Hjrirco. A Cream Beauty. Low down. Sll rnanm^ HE a!7ll_D·?._ r 4l BUlCK Ll'Sao'rt 4 Dr. HO. «~. I H.. pwr. 1't. ft brls. HID TW I n44 !·«"',««:·»!;·«' «· »·« "''»: COMtT ·wTcovrT 70» . tu C. BOB AUTREY MOTOS IJ75 L.B. 8LV5r^_HE_74ltt ; 4S f O V F T V/ACO'l. llllt C BOB AUTREY MOTORS IJTJ L.8. BLVO. HE 744, _ fONT1NENTAL_ ·TTcONTrtiENTAL 4l»r Hard-CD powe'r 1 »lr. Call MR. W40r. HE 7-01C7, Aitunte rar contracl _w;!h_SI4ll per wl^pl^r. ·Je CONTINCf;T#L Hi'~crTo Full ecup with a,r 117 Cl' 171 »k. Ca'l Mr Beeh, LU I SITf. Dir. ·SJ FORD 4door, Mly 174 04 per month alter imall down Call Av. Klrton at GE fOZM to tfet homo trial or %IH1 us a Ha-e Youno's ford uied Ca Dec!.. 1441 t. SI, L. B «"'40"rORD*Slariiner. lull powei IV4 74 per montri alter imatl d)w Call Mr. Klrton at GE f 0714 le free home t'141 or vinl us at Hai Young's Ford Used Car Deot. 7441 E. Anaheim St., L. B. "·it »ORD Jdoer. tully eouippeo Sit gj per month alter small down tall Mr. Klrton at GE t0714 tor tret nomt trial or vnt vs a Hat Young'* Ford Uied Ca Dett.. 'Ml t. Ananeim St., L-_B tt"'il"F6RD*Calaif.. Fully eoulpped 141.17 per montn alter small down Can AirV Klrton at GE f«7U In tilt twmt trial or visit us at Ha Yeungt Ford Uied Car Deot IT'J7~f ORD Ciub~Coup«^ f"_ euulpDMl 14ft. Call Mr. Klrton a GE t«U4 for Ire. hem. trial t tint us at Hi't Young's Uied Ca Dent.. }44I E, Anahem il, L B 'if FORD hardtop, over, Sll delivers, if nt orfe cam lust pay SJt mt. i ' bf-oald bal. Call i _FA »)Jll_d'r. ·M~f6RD"siail,ner, MO It P. T BT heeds pa«t. SIU Cvilom lodder dream. £ti.^Vlking 77Mf ·4~1~*ORD Gaia^it 7toor I Ca'l MR. IAN. Ht 70504. Allum car contract with 17.1] per wk. U'r. fllE PERfECt Y.ORK £AR -- Its 44»ar 4-ol fords, sink, i New pawt. SMS. Set Tt« It San Francilta. Via FORD, Automatic, tjll . lnclud.rg Air cond tion. Slfl I1C 4-iTII Dlr. BUY A NEW l4 Fofd falcon T B-rd at !·« o*er attutl factor C«o coit. can Mr. _ ._ IlM FORD convert^ as engine. Beit e"er. :1J , Apt. C. _ t l L 4 r C 4 ·U I OHO SIARLINLR, OANER ME 04411 ·il FCRO Cultomlire. Evcellei condtwn. HL anjl after 4 p m IMPERIAL ·S. La liron 4-Dr. Htp. J2«9 Immac cond. w/every Acceisorv. kx. tactorv aid rand. Local CaM. '*' ADVANCE MOTORS 1741 L. B. BLVO. HE 70434 LINCOLN MERCURY 49 MERC. Montciair 7 Dr. Hd*o. A,V."RlH.Tp«r. S3J. tl. car pvmts. til. w«. Cail Mr. Beech LU Hm Or. M"MTRCTa'Hant 4 Dr. I ewner. Full ewr. wair. S etw tires. Just likt rt*. Slttj. TO M744. "sTTJlERCfTdr. Odts. New n»M. pn«tte t4rty._PLymoit'i t i»gi. JUETROPOLITAN 5R NASH IS4 NASH wetreoolitan Convert tie. OLDSMODILE pmj °* $50 DN. )ldsmobll« 7-dr. Holiday Cl power. R.H. ft AT. Dei. ' ft unhacl can tt toanced · J0|CO Y |MOTOR«. S50 DN. SMQBUt, 1 U 1 1 V . wia can Mr. KJrtor f-tt-4 tor frtt hor^t trial or »i»H w at Ha't YnjntJ'f Ford ^ 2441 C. Jknaht '*? OLDS. "il*rtirt." IHdl P tlltt Cellrtf, wltn fnrrT-T*. , . iy. Can Mr. Start tu.lf 17 OLDS II. J 7 Enone. RIH. autom. trant.. f-wr. strg ft brks. new tires, cno. pamt. leal clean. C,E ^0734 a OLDSAAOBilE It Hoimay CM. Full power. 147 del, with pvmti. Sll 12 whty Call *Ar. Short -* SP 4«tl Dlr. '61 PONTIAC · tamtvin* A*. MrdtM. *atk e n a v o t o r . artat · taci.aod wIcH rtr t~i wtM. ·"-""',3099 OftN SUNDAY 'STPONTIAC Cutton S»af CWtf ·»·«·!· la-. Mrott*. Aut*. tram, ratf«. N»t- tr. po-tr |)ttrmai V tVaktl, a-r PO-»». ttr-*OW.T tJ/CWfat-**". .W ·*-rO*n4l l-*«ntr t-rown btag*y wim fiwitit* txvwn jtttr it- f -" l-W itutiawe? Blvd." ' to 7.HII '5? PONTIAC Cattlina nmtftibit. Auto. Irani. ra*». hetttr. p«wte steering. p»»- er brakes. New wtiitt nylon top. matcMHS rtd toother m'enor. WtutewaTl l.rcs. An erlBiftal 1- owner beauty M lachn-r-trtvi condition. Hurry a f _ r ' onhr OPEN SUNDAYS IC 1 SUND PEAIRS B60S.BUI U734 Bemiower Blvd. RAMBLER SI RAMBLER American. Hi del. wim ny ' " Call Mr. Shorl i STUDEBAKER T»UNDERB1RD it I BIRD Hardtop. Fully etuiceedT 2 ton. palftt. wMtewalts. Firltf n-. otlered at S7341. SS7 a monn wim riormal down. Cait cred'l manager. GA 74157.WHY PAY MORE T-BIRD 1114 EXCELLENT CONDITION. SUyt. CALL HEN" STATION, HA teen. KEN'S SHELL ·it T-BIRD. Full ivr. with a r. elect, setti ft wndowi. leader tnfenor. NE Q-tTII Dlr. ·J» T-BIRO. Privatt partr. lmma RtH. eitras. J'.M. "VAUANT ~~ 1 C. '60 VALIANT 4fcer. Autonutic tr*.nvniii ei. r.«d e, r*t?rr. An ·i H anat l-o*wr bi-U bout*, v.nitt«a'i i.rf,. Craif ft r»d Inferior. JfRt)»»fc^"i f(r.n In tverr resoecl. Hvrrv tar tMt Oft «t cnJy $1499^ PEAIRS BROS. BUICK _t!7J4 Benfower Blvd TO 71,11 ·41 VALIANT, whit. V.XO. s ' c k . RIH. lion ml Eiceoliona'T clean, firm price SM1S. GC }t9m 111 Gtendora, after 4 p. m. 'SI OLDSMOBILE, lull power, SJI d*. with pvmti. SH 01 w h l v . Cal: Mr, Snarl at SP 40:11, L d^r. . ; 3t"OLDS 4»or SedrEiecl^ieal^A I Nt^l7il Or. ' _PLVMOiJTll ·4I~pCYM6uTH Savoy 7do«r couee. VI. automatic 7 tone, wtuttwaui. New low 111 a montn after normal down payrre-t Can credit mart- SJV. CA 7wV. WHY PAY MOBE --SEE SAVE IfO'f-. 17IS LM'ry 0011 fr« · · - · - - from Haibor. ^t"PLYMOUTH itition wagcn, t«.e over, til deliveri. II no otner cath luit pay Slf mo. and assume unpl'd bal. Ca l Mr. Long _FA ellli dir. ·il PLYMOUTH Sed. la'e Ill delivers. It no ct^er calh luit pay Sll ma. and anume vncad bal. Cart_Mr. Lorg f A_6:lll_dlr. : ig~PLYMOUTH Autumn go'd l»i lih. Rad't. tea'er. Low down ft Ii4 month. HE 4-1711 Olr. 'POMtl'A'C^ $50~b'N. ·41 Pentac Cat4'.na S*i loaded with t.lrai. Bal.. on. pmlift ctn- " Kt t "TM 0 *y°*fc IM i ^Ssffia'sssFttiix. JONt$. Ht 7M'. Auw^-e c«r fMttrKt »i«i V«L?? f -*l- D ~ r - ·j.'^PONtTiC'Tt.Sth'fi *"· h *'* too Po)*tr t'((" n O' Lf'ft **« mt,. Airl.ond jwis lit jwn ·Sj"pONtlAC""xwl. fona.ncn. tlel. Call Ht 7l») a"er_a pm ·jr~p6NTi»cr f»*«', ·"·:;·!.;.'.' jbrakei. Ptiv. »V. SM. A'C 0-4U. A VALUE RATED CAR H I960 FORD STARLINER Peak Ha'dtco Coupe cf ti-e lo,a Ine. Fo'domaW. p~rr lieeiiro. f~l«. reaier. Orin while t n'lh wi*n I t t r e w trans. Prlv. p'y._SI7S._HA 104n ·il FOR3 7door sedan. «e'l _trade. TO 7-itlt al'er 4 p ·4f~FORD tar. Rftil S1Q on. tn per wee*, tvt. F.P. D ! r. TC 477'f n IMenor. A tow r-ne»oe e^» Q cwrer car. Tlue value at rir 17S. HA 104». S /» _ 4mwk ** .edan Irn c 2 S IIQ$3*1 m.ivr^n, * f i £ 5 Y Y i tin «. in I I li**' av a DICK DROWNIXO ji FORD Model A Bo'amter w' hydraulic brake!. tMO DA S4177 ·J4 FORD~lbr. HJto Sim. Vg ci"nr. Nie. UH sM10 alter 1 . . HA 14X0. MOP HffAUV it per tir «r- iBrnlKI-- tit Clarlt t'.l 1st* xiUi in mtrinl it CNCIKT. AJUHtlU (ACME tnuiLDUl no BMKIIT. cioiair. ex ttOWIT H»E-- Jnt t»»-nH» ctnina srjtvict tr rtotcua UtCXn.lICI (AM.- falUtnO. vfi cnef i ninam) iixe . VUVI KB for *A *4UO (met (U CM nut RiiKN vntinus in: RttuilT won ntXQ n IM n jm-' J15»-'4t It Qtrnkt M|f Ci;rUlTOUnTK T SION Rut M t Aflat) UUO. NO DOWI-Vr TO 24 UWTKS TO MT-rm IOM cM-mc TOWIKI MWWIOBCAa MO CHtur ANAHEIM ENGINE « IIWUn$ IOU t. A^H-. 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AT GLENN JONES CHEVROLET FREE CAMPER WITH PURCHASE OF A BRAND NEW Vi.TON PICKUP TRUCK AT ANOTHER SPECIAL OFFER PER MONTH BUYS A BRAND NEW '62 CHEVROLET Vi-TON PICKUP iKblel I4i. l«mt and Ml tunnel CMrllt DOWN AND YOUR GOOD CUBIT INAILIS US TO DUIVIR TODAY REMEMBER $ OUR EXPENSES ARE p» CAR THAN IIC CITY DIAIUS GLENN JONES CHEVROLET Ctrntr tl CtmpttK lied, (fid fdtdmlgtlt lit.. 14925 PARAMOUNT BLVD. IN PARAMOUNT ME 0-5861 OPIN DAILY 7111 P.M. SATUIDAY TIL 4 P.M. ClOSID SUNDAY . wruMOlla tnit Bucteiieati.i tc. 4CW mi. ·40 fLTMOUIH tw r*^t r»ut» VI lo«3«d. w i t h iieerm. · Bronie wim |iarm**ii . S"4ro . ·tl MONZA Clun. ItnrH lra-t'"il- t'on. RIH. du«l eihev**. Fawn De ge. tjnatt tut rew «tuaa ·St CHEVROltT Idoor. VI. STICK, ra- ff. a"d M4IH B'a · witn wMe trei Hum B '59 CHEVROLET 7 dr. Waoon VI. auto. teller. Sound S t i tiue Real l dentatie 59 FORD 'cwntrv *fd*i. v 1. « , i**4 . All $1595 Sunder C o u o e . V I .,!». Pill. 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