The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 10, 1957 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1957
Page 6
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i o^^f-^^^pyi-r^-j^^eivr *®sr/ i'/ < * '' •,' ** V * * ***?'' •vsrf >1V?e »w>' Elt? ftl fAOTS I/ Yott Sell Sewtcei, Let 0ossifie% Ct$t< ' i /*?•. • s ;,-T ..** 'rrvt* n* **»**, *#, >%>J #^> **?«5; I 5«5£i*';r,1 for ftff help in ptoeifi classified ad. 14. «?*, **f KM I <*y» w <awe 51. Altfttt-feS BHWGLytfKf w.oio'eaibu, . 8»a«Jrtt, tews. W« J tftffit, wdl pickup. Ja_ Past, Sslsi «e. ifc FLAVORFUL aitfr «rib wet j^Sftmenu •HE tt* *t-t6%fttft« smtcfts i , tmrofixtsmn HOUSES .MJ4.68 T* taf t« u«e1S dot wlstl- PH. s-sssa. ,xa*J .^j^teauli^ JTOflCKB Foot long Rot dogs, Ka«iburj|- er«, Bar-S-$ue. AcV» Hafti* burgers, 19 Stt. Ave A, PS. 3-9279. K»m fcofte with large yard.) Fenced. M J we**. fctrtrple 1 eri I child. Hu Mfs. LyKtets, Bra* T!«v.oV,. 2 ddor sedan, M«-vd o".^ ) 0 cho<«* from. ffiendly Servic«St«U6Br Wi- OP "btUTS w,» b * h Council M. MISfe F0» of regular f of t«e meeting date. This will be held for con- general have three 5-toti Water CooN en Package type 3 ptia» Air c6rtdltio«ers bargaitf priced. Can be seen and ,e*afnined in our warehouse. .Regal Service, 802 N. Gult Blvd. N. Freeport. FOR INFORMATION oft AlecK' CEMENT SHXEHT^AisF tent, Holies Anoflym' dial i- , aelco , ^.jjotor, Hafid Plow. e«3l _ _ i Ph. S-5213. RWuLAR"cH-.fTCBI SSVIC- '" 10 a.m- <»nd 7:30 pm. «.«At* IB* JttfjtfSfeS •_ Furnished Rothe, < p.m. j 6th. Ph. S-4297 good shape. Will contact Texas "hi flflfflit*, JONES CREEK: Small furnish- 4 l ed c6tta*e for bachelor 6f couple. Utllltfe's paid. Ph. 3' Set at 318 Huisachc, Jackson,. , *, i 89. WANTEB tO ftfiNf DRESS yOHMS: Special sale Sunday; T »0 p». "=o- CnurcH of Christ, Velasco Jt High School French , Ph. S-2751. _ . ..—SSSSSSSTO-C m ar HOUSE BOATfFOR SALE: 25' WAWES ENTERPRISES War Wng> 9> beflm pajmef MaHnft Surplus Store. Open 7 flays finglne practically new. a week. Weekdays from £ to < ?M(Jy t? ^ Cal , ^^ pe . M. BUSLVtlSS MOTAt.8 BUILDING: Fof MBt i»V 'ease, 1250 sq. tt., Gulf Blvd.. Vel- 'asco. Photie Bill Plurnmer, 34771. . . 288, Clute. £30, Sunday 10 A. PM. Highway "" P>. 5-2012. First class me„._..- wanted. Excellent working conditions. Vacation and sick leave. Hospitallia- tt«h and life insurance. Must be No. 1 mechanic, honest, sober, and prepared to *Uy tst vears. curry Motor_>.o. M. WANTED SALESMAN: Must be reliable and ambitious. Excellent opportunity. PH, si'2441. . ...... M. StAlt-rtMAtlt BKLT WE NEED a good insurance aoticltor. E. L. Stuer, Ph. 77761 of 3-2487.' ti. FEMALE HKtr WANTED GENERAL OJTICE: Freeport, Extensive use of telephone. Prefer typing and shorthand. State' qualification, experience and minimum salary. Write Box 1055 H Freeport. M. WORK WANTED, MEN TEACHER desires summer work in Brazosport Area. Ph. 7,7085. ____„ M. WO** WANTKP, WOMKM SITTING: Mrs. Mamie Carr, Surfside. References. Ph. 3-1238. . BABT SITTING: In your home or mine by hour, day or week. Ph. 7-7530. CHILD CARE: while you worfc pity or shop. Fenced yard, T.V., air conditioned room for naps. Ready June 10th. Mrs. WTj^Prather. Ph. 5-5572. CHiLD~CARE: For working mothers; Experienced, re- ftrenaes. 515 W. 8th. Ph. 3- 3S6J. TACTICAL NURSING: Spe- o'nMzing in OB cases. Ph. 38081. •SECRETARIAL WORK: High ' school graduate desires work in Brarosport area. Typing ;.' and Shorthand..Ph..a-2125. OFCTMTO <L, «t 8BKVICT8 'j iRAZORIA COUNTY SEPTIC •> ,, SERVICE: Tanks cleaned, in- I'i »UU«d. Tree estimates, da- daWe, lair rates. Ph. 5- or 5-2652. SITTING in yourhome DAVENPORT UPHOLSTER. • mO: Call 1-1272. Free estl- .: ' mates gladly given. Moved . to Slaughter Road. derson. Ph. 3-1116 or contact Joe Day, Surfsl WS&CKING AND Complete line of used auto parts and accessories. Highest prices for scrap *rOn uf any kind. Todd Motor Sales. Ph. 5-2821. Lake Jackson Road. WAR SURPLUS: 1001 Uiffet- ent items. Waynes' Enterprises Highway 288 Chile. Ph. 5-3012. Open 7 iay« » week. 54. HOME FtrttNISHlNOS BABY tRIB: Solid panel with adjustable springs and wet proof mattress . . . . . $29.J5 STRATO-LOUNGERS $69.95 waouGMTiRON CHAIRS: with colorful plastic sett and backs. Good for any room, pair . ...... .... $19.95 Irby's Home Furnishings, Across from poet office, Clute phone arid call "Miss ftassi- fled' 1 direct at 3*2611 or 3,1511. "#. •f Mlftsti W ft,; >*H9 tW B HI* A The »6hoei cu. by dlflf-WoWerl'* _snow, presented m £*»; "and' t»r°'cmffiUnll& ««•»••• JET if»»i thitl iffferSst J---. - tbe crowa ro% tfilr attempt' at this tyt _^ The itsrrawr if rtW'alflKw wlM Mtts' Pe^gft Jetft oYeWtj dfetrtcl; "ftet vie* president. M » lecal offle fltt" ' ' " hfinWe" rred peotle attehUed , „.....' sftd it is hoped, thai tfill beeottt an annual-6t -V * * Jji 1«. HOUSES FOtt SAtE 70S Alters, room home, attached garage. Terms arranged. Ph. 3-1889. E\~Lorraine, 3 bedroom home. Carpet and Cyclone fence. Ph. 5059. CLUTB: 3 bedroom home, very desirable, reasonably priced. H. J. Davis Realty, Ph. 3' S229. FREEPORT, lilt W. 9th: Duplex with two and three bedroom apartments. Equity only 82.000. Ph. 3-4398. JONES CREEK: 2 bedroom home and garage ap-trtment on one acre of land on Hiway 36. Ph. 3-5053. JONES CREEK: Home on lovely acre. 200* frontage on Hwy 36. Fenced back yard, targe chicken house. Pecans, pear;, figs and citrus tree* ill bear- lag. Ph. 3-2078.* BARGAINS in Living ~room JONES CREEK;; Live Oak and Dining I Drive 2 bedroonf home ) acre I - - - ' tract. Ph. 3-2891 suits, Dinette room suits, llano and Tele visions. 212 W. Broad, Freeport. ' . ' Modern dining suite, occasional chair, automatic washei, electric range. See at 106 Laural, Lake .Tack- son. Pft. 7-72J7. •--,. 1950 model, tff Good condition. Ph. 3-347|k REPOSSESSED' FURNITURE: Drastic reductions.,'New 3- room group, $399.9$. Bargain Furniture Ph. 3-1791. LAKE JACKSON* -2 bedroom Home, screened porch. Hum- can fence. Equity $2,500 on terms. Payments $63 monthly. Rowland Realty, 103 Plantation Dr. Ph^ 7-6543. [LAKE JACKSON: sTbedroom home with family room, 2 car garage. FHA terms. Row-. land Realty. 103 -Plantation l Dr. Ph. 7-6543. ./ . I LAKk JACKSON»;2tl Birch, brick veneer 3 bedroom «nd TWIN BED SPHtNGSraWh den.,P.h. 7-691^after 3 p.m. like new. Also 2 unfinished RIVERSIDE TERRACE: S-room book cases. Ph. 7-2160. USED BARGAINS: Washer: 1956 Norge wrin|«r with timer. Was J189.95 Now .. .$99.98 Refrigerator Freezer: 1956 GE, 12 cu. ft, 4J yr. Guarantee. Reg. $497.95. ' i Now . . . $329.95 TV: 1957 GE, 17' Portable, guaranteed picture tube. Reg. $159.95. Now .. .$118.95 TV: 1955 Westinghouse 3r. Only I79j95 Goodyear Service Store, 122 West 2nd, Freeport home on corner lot. Make «n offer. Ph. 3-1180. THREE BEDROOM HOMES in tne Lake Jackson and Jones Creek areas. Mrs. W. L. Wal. teg Realtor. Ph. 3-2541. __ ^BEDROOM HOrIET~WitlF2 bath*. 86'xll6' corner lot on concrete street. -$7000 total sales price. ABC Realty. Ph. 3-3222. PARKWOOD mi ef Oyster 'Crtrt firlr* <nft THr« bedroom*, MODftBN BATHS, fat ____________ t _________ KITCHBN, patios, mtilow brick veneer, bswtifutly WOOOE0 lots. From $14,OOP to $lt,000, PBU-Of tSUMS. , , TOM CARTER ill PiaVlauan Arite Ph. VMM or f -em why pay R E N T? YOU CAH OWN A HOM& IF YOU EARN $333 PER MONTH Brick Homes $11,000 3Q,Ywirs GJ. Loans FHA Terms $26 Earnest Money ,- More In With Credit Approval Informality C»n Mrs. Violet Luke /bone 7-7010 Mitt Marilyn Friday Lake Jtekrae i'.*.-- ing sftrtl tarry- rt 1« fl clo^ft't 1 satlort TV wttK him* * ( 45 IWott Haftt s couW be clarified , ai aft upper Will Hogers. Irt rapid-fire delivery, gives satirical commrut current events No group is biting ; satire. Sahl hs safe from his Spme typical 'He's tile kind i iQnpflji this ^tetf tab *41£ ^_^ JUMM>4 Witt Rogers Type ^isfeeiit P«le:ton!the cover-of an abunoant UstlV and writes 'Be Olnd V6u'er d, .uh. ,'Be the 'Neighborhood to r-*. kind of hujs- .Uook*'* . ph bopksi "I read a .picture 2 Artgleton Members Af Afigleton's " chapter 'On «ac|al inlegration: MI-I. -/vv «V fall, Blseiihnwer siid *e snouldlMaftrflaH _ . -,..-. approach t»ie problem moder-!« th ,e Ne w Homerhakers of ately. But Stevenson said we! America returned tecenUyaf- fhould .solve ', ih £ . FiibtoMliS/JiSSl;;,!* gradually. Now If lust bit a comptor4ise>bGtv these two exlretne^?^ *^ On Expose magazine issue they, 'haye ti>h nrticie National NHA convention at GfamBltng i ColltgeJ in .(3ra^iejlflf4 f , La, the girl^with a torn blouse, tied up on a^beam by tfte wrists and a prlvae,detecttve is whip- pug 'her, Uh, they changed the It «*U. It's called "Here Is my Flesh.' inside it says, 'formerly pub. iished under the title, 'Intro* ductlon to Accounting.'" Instead of regarding his su dience ns the traditional 12- year-old mind, Saht Uses $2 '.vords. Sometimes it helps to kncnv something about psy. chiaify and atomic science to catch; his routihes. Saht firm-, ly believes "you can do Intelligent comedy and still > pay the bills.' 1 but so far he ha; befuddled'TV. "I was signed by CBS In 195S but they never used n\«," Ai-1 f . ...._ imtitt >atlst« af* ooMWAed <6f,* drerf, jacket eoitum« from j*ft fioitdh«lift'» iprttf and lummtr c6ll«U««. In Water* netoit red, the dim ikirt la aU aehed to a rtd and pinK print' id btouw with a nerbtmd. shirred cum» K-LEGAUI Sp«ciflt*tlbn« Wa.'.Jl operating Shppliea For SeeoAa SIM Manlhs ofl«»7 Sealed proposal, In dupli cate, will be 1 '- received until 1957 at entitled^ ''ABolph Alive. 1 It's true. -Kitlor I* He's living r#Bis-,iut me on trict, first vide president and | '-lour" and Ih* the dark-heired cbrric siihed, 10:00 A. M.. june j», i»oi RV "I signed With NBC ahd was,thij District's Office, 1001 Pirfe them for a year. They, Street, Freeport, Tescw; for rip. The mall Comedy reaction. Miss Gladyce 'Jeifri HuBbardf|was terrific. they f ttever used Area . in Greenwich ;•; Villa ge..Ha's I Mis* i palnting; rtoW -..with 'k rbjier — and :he ,\y»nU; to b«r Judged on his artistic -merit - ratSe* ^ than on hls,.,,pojittcaj.., affljia lions. d'yeU leader. bard lhad ties : ar the Natidnar meeting. Miss- Grfeeri' has 1 assigned to 31. SEB " iCES OJfFERED . v • **. --- . ,;-ji ^^^^^' ' u^^.^ Ltor say me again." Chicago Wants To Iransit a".-;: er.tlng supplies estimated to be required for the,i secpndjlx US. USED OAKS FOB BALK 1M. BSBD CABS.FOR }BSO DOWN buys nice home on paved street. Fenced yard. • Near school* Total price $6900. Rowland Realty, 103 Plantation Dr. Ph. 7-6343. U. SPORTING OOODI . Also 21" Sentinel T See at David Bait Camp, Front St^ or Ph. 3-3000. BOATS, MOTORS: New, and used. Will sell or t»dt. Terms. 230 Weit 8th. PH. 33610 after 4. f'- •'• 1*1. Unn FOB SAtK ._ HIWAY 288: Frontage up to 400*. Also large tracts near hi- way. Beacrof*. Realty, Ph. 52102, nights 3-4217, 3-1814. ILECTRICAL CONTRACT TWORK. Specializing in air ,{, 'conditioning and electric , nmgaa. Wayne* Enterprise* ,- Ph. S-2012. ' OLOBE DETECTIVE SKRVICK ,/ 'Vor information phone 7, (t« or wriU Bos 214, Lake •• jaeluon, Texai. f ItAWNMOWEH RENTALS: D«- j J . livery ahd pick-up. All makes 1 "' power mower*; repair*. Gor- 1 ,„ don'«, Pb^-Slli^ciiiu. Exterior, interior, work. Varnish. aheetrock Ou*rante«d. o. Gilliam, »-»«««. o-4»J7 night. amC TANK CWtANINQ' IStctrie Sewer-root«r aervie* |r«|*oMble. We pump »ny» .thing, »»ywh«re. Ph g-83»7. 1 *^°'u rf 'L We feonpr W,»5 . cartinc»t«, Mintment 12.50. now all album For horn* *Bc a U H«n»on'» Studjo, Ph. i-4533. _ met '»nd » complete liSi ^_?^»<.'%-»R» .»•"» .f window unit Fllt«r», capaciT 5u^*r/r f«A motor*, relay*, _ flUCl -*a HIGHWAY 288: Corner buu- neta lot. Rowland Realty, V& Plantation Dr. Ph. 1-6543. ' ' CABIN CRUISER. IV. 2V HP Electric motor, steering, Control*, trailer, complete »10»5. Johnson SO HP Electric, new motor guarantee ... $ <2S, M Johnson SO HP Standardise* NIC* motor guarantee . , . * 350 Mercury, 30 HP Electric, ooroplet* with control* f "398 Palmer* Sporting. Glut*. Ph. »-24i». • LARGE CHOICE LOTS; On Oyster Creek, Golden Acres and. Lake Forest and other addition*. Garrett's.Real Ei- tate. Ph. 7-7721. Good*, GUAHANTBBD Hoff. AUo all type* of camping and fishing equipment »l , .discount. Waynes Enterprise*. Ph. S-2012. LOT! Near Southern Oaks, Term* arranged with low down payment. Call 72231 or 7-6231. 104, BVSINfSS PBOPKBTY BUSINESS LOTS) 1): acre* on Plantation Drive. 2.8 acres on' Loop {load. Two *od three-bedroom borne*. Gar* irett'»_Rea^E*Ute. Ph. 7-7721. FOR "BENT OR LEASE: 8u»f. ne»« Building. Ph. 3-2189. OUTBOAHP MOTORS: $ hp Sea Bee w}th (ear *hUt and ,._ throttle control, Wew guajrtn- ,i«, ACBEAOR TO* tee. Heg. $216.95 for t||».9$ ^™r=^SiV~«- — U««d 3i Scott Atwater out-' BRAZOBIA; 9 woe board motor ... I 49.99 4 m l l ^..°,l |t °* ^ Goodyear Service Store, 222 ..LiLJLiSSiM^^. Uffft Jnd, Freeport. IM. ME44 (iST'Ctl? Browning Auto- im~wnr? n * o"-j* uge. Ph. 7-7039. E NEED 2 apd 3 bedroom homes /or ijnmwUat* buyers. If you want to Kll see Tom Cwt«r, HI Plantation Drive, PP. 7-2010 or 7-fl823. row;- cuWv Ifaatey '^^Li^ u ' p ^^!??L£ i ^5 l4 'l 11 ?*' ^Bs, y' O^^t-flSlr'aTOWd/rMure w UU>H»«, .n.j., _ -—i_i352$-^-5—T*-It—_ I foxier vice and savina. Gulf «?• M^^' M I ' MI.^ StwSVSKlofe Gulf ^^JrtcSI.^WWOS^ai^SBr^l SJ^^iK AUTOMOBILE AIR CONDITIONING ,95 INTROOttCTOkT for Horn* ' kr»«w fcy «ui 1/iMlilriy MunlMf ; Bet. •*&» :'• •• .•: ' Stall order* aoef pIM. t're* Pickup unit <t«llverY. •' FOKEVER YOUES METALIZING 00 UU W. 7th Freeport Ph. 3-4W muiths of 1957. ALLjARfl** CLES ARE TO.BE DttrVERi :-. ED TO,THE DISTRICTS^OF* FICE OR TO THE-DEEP-SEA TERMINAL ADJACENT TO THE OFFICE. The total quan- titles sbawn are^sttmated, on_v „ . n ... ly; cichr,article,?iwlU be dellv^ Wiln billing •lor'each-monthii* • ... . , sucpUes ""are obt«vrt*'rtt : THIS*"'• ' . CHlCAGO^.-nWi. The city's'MUST BE COMPLlED'>WtTH; ^north-south elevated - subway, -tf(j DELiVER^ OiV/»'L>!-, Tctii ffaellltjes do the 'job ot Awo/JTEMS VILL BE iRECEIVtD,'. ; fitaht-iane superhighways, .the OR HECEIPTEtjS'OH»f. .Chtta^o Transit Authority has! I- M Schedules Of ?uppUj!» ' U reported. • 'follow and ,each,!bidder must ln< ThejGTA said a rtbse count,bid a complete;, ichedule. Ex- to showea that ^torth Side rapid ce pt for Schedule" J, a bidder , n transi| trains, carry 31,700 per- mu .t bid'at least brie .complete * rWro- !on * lifl8ll-*0Wt in the heaviest!section. • •' • • , \-f'~ ' • hour pf the /weekday, morning I. .Schedule A—Oflice Supplied ruah,;,{. - W . '" ~ ' - • '- -••••-- year. sa er al , '• session. •:.<- , ... L ' '•'•/* •. The purpose '.of the NHA to concentrate .-achievement, the ho^ttneWrtg'i'flelc! ««d show^ftSt unr gram During the* same KourJ^lKe CTA faid, 15,000 persons go south In autos on North Lake Shore Drive, The drive is crowded to capacity during the rush'period. . : • . Virgil E., Gunlock, CTAj Jim Nabort, publisher of th«;board chairman, pointed out' IrazoKDOTt t>cf», described .the that it would cost hundreds of lelationship between a. «om- millions of dollar* to-build two newipaoer and the, more superhighway* «uch as ; nd brlcny outUned th*^L,ke ShorerfDrive, And it of tl»« pjner Ui a tat* Lwpuld additional million*, hej the Lake Jackson Bu»;Ftaid; to build downtown park- Schedule B—PrinUhj- ScheduW C— Gasoline Schedule D--Lumber ' ;$»„•<;'! Schedule E—Concrete ind : Building Material* Schedule F—Janitor's Sup'••..- ..'-.••••.•:'.. . Piles .. . , Schedule G—Paints and "''.'-.;• Brushes •' Schedule H—Rubber Tlrea for .Lift Trucka • Schedule J—Repair Part* for '•••-• v.- v (Utt Truck* ; The District., reserves sh'a 1 Wub •Thiirsda/ night. .,., i auf yDltrcusced ,' In the buslrmw . 10 h » ndle »<«ditional ! ,ig W to reject any,or all Wdi* le., . . . !an«ta waive any lriTormMl4M meeting was the coming convention and the in«tallation of ck used the CTA sur- be held Jiu Ut* Thelm* Willis hSi He«l!ra»te4 *» the install! fleer.; •.,•";•;„"..•"-. V27. vey a* an argument for allot' iway fund* to rap- f*. The trawit ing a subsidy •apld' transit, facill- In the bids. O«brgo 0. Badge^, Chairman * BFawfciRlver' Harbor Navigation District M ,',- Ji|pa S, 10, IT INSTALL1D Small down P^ywent 4 tor Monthly iriBtiftJinjflnti. Immediate JnitaJIfttion By Twtory * jj- " ^ft*wWpvl* ^frywJliiBtJmiiijIfa f 9» enf%,lRte?6totgi§llf to pur »»«t ?»r, want ads do the work of a •f. whole How iimiv Balesnien would you need to call at over 7,200 homes »JV$i<y 4fty17<jHifts afw . , . and tlieir snln-ie-g w u u!d be ' ,\ HUW. l;h|t % v|«at j'ojii i*s« The Br«zo8|ioi't Fftt'tj*! M'ant • yo^ tft4 *n« 4*-Kvi<:«ts qf *»*!alesrueu" calling on over 7,300 I .- - --». - ' - • - - .-.,-. , ^.- . . --p^, w. v «F T Vf f |^f «VV» 1 ' Cl (I I^B da\ . \\tul you xoi tun»e wtvieen for just H few cents a day. |w *' ^li*^ WJUj Wi ^ w ^ pV you? 1 ' ° r ' e 8trvice * J0li ° ™ t v • '• ,' i-*, I .-£*..*& '.* *• 1 • ; tf*'t >» *»• \,."»* . ^^\f*: i« AJ ' *. -» *f *,.-») v ,|>;A^l(i«|:'*d lifter •^*J rf .IfcHwIi jfu w«4,jw M.

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