The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 1, 1906 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, October 1, 1906
Page 4
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WOMEN leirHard Struggle Made Easier—Interesting Statements by a Young Lady in Boston and One in Nashville, Tenn. women vrorkV~ some In their homes, k some iS church, and some in th.e whirl «f*soeiety. And in stores, mllM and shops tens of thousands are qn the never-ceasing treacfmill, earning- their daily bread. All are; subject to the same physical taws; all suffer alike from the same* •bance, and tha nature of in many eases, quickly drifts tHenrinto the horrors of all kinds of female complaints, tumors, nlceration, fall ing-fcf and displacement* or perhaps iwejrularity or suppression, causing- backache, ner- vonsnels, irritability and lassitude. They esjje/dally require an invigoi^t- Inff snstainingttnedicine which will ttreng-tfcen the female, organism and enable Siem to bear easHy the fatigues of the day. to sleep -well at night, and to rise refreshed and cheerful. How distressing to see a woman * 3 jnp toi^arn a liveHhood or gpr- ter household duties^when her back and head are aching, she is so tired she can hardly drag about or •taxd up, and every movement causes pain, the origin of which^Tis*clue to some derangement of the female organism. IfiSB P. Qrser, of 14 Warren ton Street. Boston, tells women how to avoid such •uttering; she writes: " DMT Mrs. Knkham:— "Isuffered misery lor several years with fenuQe irregularities. My baek ached: I had bearing-down pains, and frequent headaches; I ccmldnot deep and could hardly drag around. I consulted two physicians without relief, and as a last resort, I tried Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and to my surprise, every ache and pain left me. I gained ten pounds and am in perfect health." Miss Pearl Ackers, of 327 North Summer Street, Nashville, Tenn., writes: Dear Mrs. Pinkham:— I suffered with painful periods, sever* hsckac'he, bearing-down pains, pains across the abdomen; was very nervous and irritable, and iny trouble grew worse every month. "Jly physician failed to help me and I decided to try Lydia E. Pinkbam's Vegetable Compound. I soon found it was doing me good. All my piiins and aches disappeared, and I no louger fear my monthly periods." Lydia E, Pinkiam's Vegetable Com- pofind is the unfailing cure for ail these troubles. It strengthens the proper muscles, and displacement with all its horrors will no more^crush you. .Backache, dizziness, fainting, bearing-down pains, disordered stomach, moodiness, dislike of friends and society —all symptoms of the one cause'—-Vvill be quickly dispelled, and it will-make you strong and well. You can tell the story of your sufferings^ to a woman, and receive help- rful advice free of cost. Address Mrs. Pinkham, Lynn, Mass. The present Mrs. Pinkham is the daughter-in-law of Lydia E. Pinkham and for twenty- five years she has, under her direction and since her decease, been advising sick women free of charge. tyiia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Succeeds Where Others FalL JOSBPH W. FOLK, Governor of Missouri, will speak in Chillicothe at 1 o'clock on Saturday, October Oth. This will be the Governor's keynote speech of the Missouri campaign. It will be free to everyone. Come and hear the man who makes issues tell what the issue in Mis- sonrtTs this year. C. M. & St. P. Time Card. WEST BODND Ko. 60— Stock train, carries pns- stngecs betwevn Glilllico- the arid Lawson ........... 7:UI p in No. 5— southwest Limited, OW- eaMO-Ka^sns City ......... 5:27nm • Ho. SI— toco! passeiigBr l»>twcrn Ohllllcotlie and Kniisns eity ......................... 7:Kfa in go. B5— Way Fnyalit ........ ..... »:10ani So. Ii;54 a ni 3103 p jn ........ joca Olnc-iKo—lCansas fllty Pasuengpr ........... 2:41 p i KAST HOUND «— Stock train Ix-tmwi Oiiil- iieotbeanUSpyiuour'.. • Ko. flft— Way Freluli t-dspa rts — JSo. , 8— Kaunas City --Obicago Passenger ........ - .......... l:Us)pm No. 82— local passpnger between CmilieoUui and Kansas' City .... ... -AKKIV7C.... Kp. IS— Southwest Llniltod.Kan- *• sas City to OliloHBo, St. Paul. \ Kb. T^ All passenger trains enter Union Sta- "tion. Kansas City. - Nos. 5 ana IS stop at Seymour, CMlllcothc, Kxcfflslor .Snrinz^. Liberty. Burlington Tims Card. No. II—For Kansas City, St. Joe, Council Bluffs, Omaha, Kob. Colorado, Pacific Coast, from St. Louis and Hitimibal 4:12 a in No. 65— For Kansas City, .St. Jo- xepli. Kansas and "West, from t 'hk-a^oand Q,uincy No. *1—Local Passenger for Kansas (Mty ft'om JlrooknVld No, :i—Local Pussensrrr to Missouri Iirver nnd West, from MH- l£ast Nu. Jl—The U»rlluifloi>--Xortu- «rn Pacific Kxpress, for . --. ICansas I'ity. St." .loe. Nurtlnvcst, Kfl)., lilack -llllls. \Vyo..Mont.,Wisi».. Tuircl Sound, I'ortland, St. Luuls 4Hoa n «:50aui 4 P«> PERSONAL AND LOCAL' Newt Rozzell spent Sunday with his parents at Breckenridge. Mrs. Harry Fowler of Kansas City is here the guest of friends. B. B. Gill and Ed Gill went to Trenton this morning to visit several days. Fred Jackson will leave Tuesday for Pocabontas. Kas.. on a business trip. Dr. H. N. Carver of Kansas City was here Monday on professional business. Embry Owens of Cowgill spent Sunday and Monday in tho city with friends. Fred Botts and Walter Barbei of Meadville were Saturday visitors in the city. Mage Phillips of Medicine township was a Monday business visitor in the city. Misses Catherine and Lorn a Bailey of Meadville spent Satur day in Chillicothe. Dave Peters of Kansas City spent Monday here the guest o relatives and friends. Miss Lulu Blanchard and Maynard Chapin spent Sunday in Kansas City with friends. Miss Minnie Kittridge returned Monday from a two weeks' visit with friends in Kansas City. Editor Me Williams of the Mead ville Messenger as a business visitor in the city Saturday. If you feel too tired for work o> pleasure, take Hood's Sarsaparil- •a—it cures that tired feeling. T. H. Bryan of Ludlow was here Monday en route home from Laredo, where he visited his son. Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Kitt and son, Randall, went to Polo Sunday morning to visit relatives. J. A. Shirley returned Sunday day from an extended visit with his son, Guy, at Denver, Colo. Mrs. A. T. Patterson, who has been bedridden for a long time, reported in a critical condition. Miss Grace Mumpower went to Kansas City Sunday to be the guest of Miss Genevieve Da-is. Seymour Simpson and Dillen Warren of Wheeling were business visitors in the city Monday. Mrs. Mattie Barney returned Saturday night from Kansas City where she epent several days witl friends. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Juco o: Moberly are visiting Mrs. Maddox and her mother on East Jackson street. Miss Maude Jarrell returnee Sunday night from Moberly where she was tho guest of friends for several days. Mrs J. W. Dienet left Sunday n : ght for Chicago where she will spend several days with her sister. Mrs. Viola Coad. Miss Harriott Cabell left Sunday-for Quincy, 111., where the will attend the musical stuaio of Misses Taft and Turner. Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Burgy ro- urncd Saturday evening from -,hc ir wedding journey in St. Loui:- ind Jonesborough, Ark. Douglass Stewart, Sr., returned Saturday hieht from a business trip through Oregon, Washington and other western states. Miss Maude Marquiss, who i* teaching school in the country south of Mooresville, spent Sun- lay visiting friends here. Mrs. Robert Stewart and sister, Vliss SarahJ Thome Grace, are quests at tho home of J. M. Gor Ion, northeast of the city. Mrs. Frank Ashby returned •Sunday from Trenton where she has been the'guest of relatives and friends for the past three days. Misses Mary West and Eva Mc- [nturS will go to Kansas City Tuesday to attend the Priest of Pallas parade and visit frieuds. Mrs. John Stone, who has been t \e guest of relatives a-\d friends in Warrensburg forthepastmonth, returned home Sunday evening. Mrs. J. A- McCarter of Marshall, Mo., a former resident of this city, is visitin? Mrs. J. E. Callaway. She will return to her home tonight. No. 'S—> and n:20 p 111 . *i vllitCBrrjr passengers as w* n*ju;\ttirj im3St?UHc* a *m fur as *ey- mow. and 69 will cany passengers as far as Polo. S. NICHOLAS, A sent. Wabash Time Card. EAST BODN1J TRAINS No. H—Atlantic Express. .St. Ixmla-and beyond .,••. 1-:No. Mall .and Express, nt. Louis and Internx-dinte Points -1:.W P'" No ID—Local Freight, d.nily ox- ceptSunday 15:3'>p in Jfo 1—Paplnc Expivss, Council Bluffs, Omaba and for points l>eyoud., ^nWam « o. 3—'Western Mailaud Express S-M v ni •. 71—Lo«al fruight, daily except Sunday li:imm All pafisengttr trains run daily. Tl a .,, to St. Joseph • West from t lie Hast Ko 'ill—Way Freight, west bound '. No. hi—To Haunllwl. St. Louis & Knst, from West iSNorth- . I west ll:ol)pui I No. 4—Local Passenger to Han: uibal. St. Louis. Illinois, \ rtilmtHi. IVorl.-i. St. L.,K. . A N-W. points I0:olan- No. II—To Hannibal, St. Louis I and the East, from the _ I West HwOnm ' Xo. 'S—Local for Krookflclcl from "I Kansas City 8:SSpm j No, SB—To Quincy, Cliicnso Pei orla and Hast. St. L. K. .t ! X-W points fl:20pin I Xo. *.ri'— Way Freight, east bound 2:45pni R. B. JORDAN, Ag-eut. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Williams,who have been the guests of Mrs. William's mother,Mrs. Emma Renscb, returned to their home in Creston, la., Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gibbs will pm leave Tuesday for Kansas City where they will attend the Priest of Pallas parade and visit relatives and friends several days. Mrs. Rheem of Oshkosh, Wis., who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Jo Broaddus, accompanied by Mrs. Broaddus, left Monday afternoon for Kansas City to visit relatives. „ KILLED (N WRECK Carthage, Mo., Sept 30-Three trainmen were killed and their bodies burned in a fire following and three other trainmen injured by a head-end collision between two Frisco freights at Chornal curve, where a half dozen serious wrecks have occurred, near Knell crossing, a mile west of Carthage, at 6:30 o'clock tonight. Eist- t>ound local, No. 340, Conductor Perrin in charge met an extra freight, in charge of Conductor Levisey, who is said to have had orders to meet 340 at Carthage. One engine crew jumped and escaped. An engineer fireman and head trakeman are missing. For a long time the body of the dead engineer or fireman of the extra could be seen pinioned in his cab, hanging head downward, bcj'ond the reach of rescuers on account of the flames. Ten loaded box cars were burned with the three bodies. John Mullen, an immigrant from Fayeteville. Ark., escaped, with six horses through the roof of an overturnad car in time to avoid the flames. All the trainmen injured and killed live at Monetc. ABQQY~ini}OALB!N. Pittsburg, Sept. 30—The body of a well-dressed man about 28 years old was found today in a- self-feeding coal nhute leading to a furnace in the B. L. Clarke building in Jerome street, McKeesport, Pa. The police believe hfr was murdered and the body p'acpd in ihe bin with expectation that it wi^uld pass into the furnace and be consumed. There was nothing about the clothing to give" a clue to tho man's identy. G. C. Irvin of New York City is in Chillicothe the guost of Z, B. Myers. Mr. Irvin is traveling foi a New York mercantile house. E /ery year that Mr. Myera goes to New York to book plays for the Luella Mr. Irvin entertains him. ; B. CB.EAMEB as-cut. i WABASH RATES TO STATE FAIR ;Sodalta Sept. 2S>th, to Oct. 6th. 1 For the above occasion the Wabash will soil tickets Chillicothe to Sedalia and return at the tickets rK on sale Sept. 29ch, 29th, 30th, Oct. ;k . 1st, 2nd. 3rd and 4th. ! The Wabash in connection witn — the M. K. & T. is a much shorter assenger trains run dully. I lie . „ _ , vis Omaha, makes the quick.--t extremely low rate §1. (0 ™ it ' U -" B««ji, Vputan of . Thi King Yen Have Arffi W. E. CREAMER, Agent. UNCLE" BILLY BROWN DEAD. "Uncle" Billy Brown, ]?ho formerly lived here died, at the National Soldiers' Home in Leavenworth, Kas., Monday night, Sept. 24. The funeral occurred Tuesday. Mr. Brown was father of Mrs. F. E. Leonard, who was owner of the CONSTITUTION plant a number of years ago. Mr. Brown was busi- nees manager of the paper at that CJ -a. ITS T O Tt. T JSL • tea the Hie Kind You Have Always Bougfil tnatnre ~ rf Positively Removes Freckles CLEARS AND BEAUTIFIES T1IE COMPLEXION. MISS BESSIE MILLER writes: LEVYS, B. C., Jan. 10,1006. "I am 60 dolieated with the results of your Nadinola. Of the many preparations I have used, Nadinola la the first and only one that irill positively remove freckles, clear and beautify the complexion. I can't say enough in praise of your exquisite toilet articles. I iind them to be all that you claim for them." Sincerely, Thousands of other ladies have used NADINOLA and recommend it as superior to all other preparations for removing discolorations and beautifying the complexion. Price of Nadinola SOc. and $1.00, always it the leading drug stores. Prepared by National Toilet Co.. Paris. Tenn. Sold by Clark's I'har.nacy. N. ,L Stvetlanil Drujf Co., ami others. Dr. firthur J. Simpson, SURGEON AND OCULIST Eye Ear Nose Throat Practice devoted to Surgery and Diseases of the Eye, Ear Nose, Throat. Special attention given to surgery of the Eye, Nose and Throat. GLASSES, FITTED Office in Herman Bldg. North Side Sq.. Phones 8S null 212 ,- ., . J '' pip ran lit. u.pij. linjirnni 1 t B« far M or liquM p.i!Uhr,. IXlhS .SOT tEI'K.V OFF. I KR.EK SAMPLE A.lrtro S » Dcpt. 2.1 L!iinnnt.(.'nrllss*l'o..Airti>..7SHm!finSt.,S.Y. I CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS FOB SALE buys a 5-room cottage near First ward school. Ground 100 feet equare. Good neighborhood. Water and sink in kitchen. Inquire at this office, dtf For sale—Coltago in Gravesville, three lota, two wells, everything in good condition. Price §550. Will t-iko team and wagon or cow as part payment. William Misenhelter, at Connty Infirmary. For Sale—A part of my furniture. Inquire at residence, 420 east Clay. Mrs. Frank McNamarr ~ For sale—A top, single buggy almost new. Also set singlo harness. Will sell at a bargain if taken at once. i-Ssdtf Saunders-Turner Lumber Co. For Sale—Hard coal stove good as n'ew with pipe and elbows. In quiro at this office. 29sdlw For sale—Art Garland base burner, piano and household effects. Inquire o£ Thomas Houk, 720 Vine street. 29sdlw For sale—Good rubbertired open buggy. Dr. N. B. Htovens. oldlw FOB BENT 6 office rooms, best on north side of square. Inquire C. L. Waite. for rent: House of (3 rooms; barn, buggy shed, two lots; near ?chool. Mrs. M. L. Johnson, North Cherry st. slldtf For Ront—7-room house in sood repair. Seymour Wigely. 22sdtf For rent—Furbish- <1 rooms with all modern impiovou.unts. Inquire this office. HELP WANED—MALE Wanted—Energetic, trustworthy man or woman to work in Missouri representing largo Manufacturing Comoany. Salary S50 to S90 per month paid weekly. Expenses advanced. J. II, MOORE, Chillicothe, Mo. Boy wanted at the Crow Cigar factory. d-it Men Wanted—For street paving work, also teamsters. J. E. MI ek. • ISd&wsw Wanted: Gfnera! agont for Eastern Hnd Cen'r il Missouri. Salary. Expen-us advanced. References. J. E Ma Bray & Co. Chicago. dlt BOOM AND BOARD Good room and 406 South Elm. board for two. dlw WANTED WANTED: Lady or Gentleman uf fair education to travel and collect for firm of §250.000 capital. Salary,S1072 pnr year atid exp.-.uses. SUary p lid weekly and expenses advanced; reference required. Address vrifi stamp,.!. A. Alexander, Clviilicothe, Mo. dlt NEWS FROM WHEELING Wheeling, Oct. 1—(Special Correspondence)—Miss Viola Davis was shopping in Chillicothe Friday. Miss May Warren and Leora ShiUett are in Chillicothe attending the Bigh school. Prof. C. A.Doyenspike and >.ife. Misses Frances and Harriett Haw- ker.attended the Teachers' association in Chillicothe last week. Miss Viva Daniels visited friends in Brookfield lasc week. Miss Mable Cranmer of Rich Hill township was in town Saturday. The infant child of Mr. and Mrs- Will Campbell of near Laclede was buried in the Wheeling cemetery. Miss Laura Bird was shopping in Chillicothe Tuesday. H. E. Ishmael and wife left for Kansas City Sunday for a visit with relatives. Dr. W. A. Swope was a business visitor in Chillicothe Wednesday. Miss Katherine Brenamen is attending St. Joseph's academy in Chillicothe. Miss Maude Byler came down from Chillicothe Tuesday and will spend the winter with her father here. Mrs. Ben Fort and baby arrived from Keytesville Saturday night on a visit to Mrs. Albertson. Mrs. J, R. Wright was shopping in Chitlicothe Saturday. Mrs. W. A. Swope went to Kansas City Wednesday to attend & meeting of FKe Eastern Star. Miss Emma R. Dimmitt is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Buster at Bucklin. Elmer Littrell went to Quincy last week to attend school. EXTRAORDINARY CLEARANCE SALE. I hate concluded to close out the queonsware, china, glass and lamp department of my store and wil! begin a sale October 1st that will bo a surprise to lovers of something nice for the table and sideboard. I have a complete line of fancy and staple china ware and factory made limps— And all of my goods have merit acd value—No - cheap trash. Everything goes at 33J3 to 50 per' cent discount. This includes fancy jardineros and flower pots,also full line of stone ware at 5c per gallon. Just received four cars b^st flour and car Michigan salt at lower prices than anyone. Call and take a lock and let m<3 show you. Phone 251. oldltwlt Frank Scruby. * »«» 5 Society and Clvibs 5 J r LOST AND FOTJND Found—Bunch of keys. O.vner can have sim* by calling at this office and identifying the keys ind paying for thid uotico. Lost—Corduroy coat wtih high collar. Finder please leave at this office. d2t Found—At corner of Calhoun and Bryan, set of false teeth. Inquire of Everett Hughes at Scruby's meat market. old2t STILL fiT THE OLD STAND * E. M. CRELLIN HAS BEEN FITTING SPECTACLES IN CHiLLICOTHTi: FOR 20.YE ARS Not always the Cheapest, but always the Best, you will find the Photos at TEeWATTON STUDIO WABASH RATES If you want to go to New York now is the time, the rate is very low, first class tickets and first class service. Homeseekors excursions. One fare plus 82 for the round trip, tickets on sale first and third • Tuesday of each month, limited for return 21 days from date of sale. W. E. CREAMER, Agent. CHEAP EXCURSION TO TEXAS. The Stark, Averill Land Co., of . Des Moines, la , will tako in spe- | cial sleepers for tr.e P.m Handle of j Texas next Tuesday. Fart* S20.00 j round trip, sleeper free. For further particulars see FRANK S. MILLER at office back of Mansur Bank. 27swld3 KANSAS CmTAHflliETURN FOR $3.00 via the Burliuglou route. On sale Sept. 30th to Oct. 6th inclusive good to return not later than Oct. 8th. For further information call on or address, USB. JORDAN, Agent. Mrs. John Hawley, president of the Daughters of the Kinf, will entertain tho members of that society at her home on South Elm" itreet this evening oompliment-iry to Miss Hattie Houk of this uitj and Miss Vliet Webster of Ui.ic.-i. two members of the society. Mi-s Houk will move to Kansas Cit> ioon to make her future home and :\Mss Webster recently resigned her position with the CONSTITUTION and is at present at her home in Utio.-i. Miss Delphia Archer, who been visiting in the city for the oast week, l«ft yesterday for her hime in Kansas City, accompanied by Misses Dora and DeUa Snook and L. M. Walker, also from Kansas City. STATE FAIR For the above occasion the Burlington route will sell round trip tickets for $4.><0 good going on trains reaching destination on or fore Oct. 4th returning up to and incjading Oct. 6V • • " : R. B. JORDAN, Agent. WINDOW GLASS We are making the lowest prices in the city on Window- Glass. We bought for the full trade when the price was down and can save you money. Our stock of glass is probably as large as the other stocks in the city combined which enables to furnish almost any si/.e you ask for. N. J. SWETLAND DRUG CO. Southwest Cornet- Square. WHEN YOU ARE GETTING GLASSES Get them right. Absolute satisfaction in the relief of Headache andEyestrain. A. B. MACDONALD EAST SIDE OPTICIAN AND JEWELER, f . do not ca!! s vi^y!'1^5 your attention nS^VCS S(> ' L ''. V to '""' x-> ' r Knv prift.'s-any one can q-uole meaningless fiiftiers. Katlicr would wo huve vou he'ious of the iiu'onti'overtit'! e farL the clothes to \vhk-h our low prices ;uv at.t:i.-ht-<l represent tin 1 most nuk- worthy aei'ompli >ltim-iil s of hi^'h-f>i«et i !l tailor >kili, fonnril from umdi-U unil fashtoneii offain-ies whu-h iir" ablest v.'ith Iht- hour of ever b'-yuml it If yon have never experienced the la-tin:; satisfaction sueh elothes LMiifrr. you wlfi appreciate them even more than our- reL r u- lar ptitroiis. $10 00 to $27.50 We sell the celebrated RKLOF SIFF RAT. Wilson ilros.' Shirts. WEST SIDE SQUARE- H-H-* S4.0Q SHOE. •? New pike toe Patriot colt, Goodyear welt. Mat j | calf top, BIuchercuL. This shoe is our special pride and it is the one • • t selected by-Mr. Marion Thompson, who was the :: f one to locate the man wearing the Patriot* shoes J t I last Saturday. G. D. BRANT @. SON "Brant's Shoes are Better." To Save Money and be more comfortable is a pretty good combination. There are CO cold rooms in a house where there is a GUARANTEED ABSOLUTELY, TOBEFREEFFOM • SMOKE OR SMELL. Minteer& Williams PUBLIC SALE -OF- POLAND CHINAS The Big Boned Spotted Kind IT KIGHVIEW FARM THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 06. Budweiser 34644, my Big Boned Spotted Herd Boar, is the sire of most of the offering. W. C. Perfection 30837, the Great Kansas boor has 1O head sired by him in this sale. Will sell 70 head of high grade Shropshire Breeding ewes. Write for Catalog. H. L. FAULKNER, Jamesport, Mo. ! Sparks, Shephord and Welfe, Auctioneers. R.. V. THOMPSON, Clerk., Cashier F. & M. Bank. i ay otc *\ c Swcet to ^ I ax-ets 5 ^ IMA'^IJ «/ AC»ndyBowtlLaxiUiw.»-"A VI-J *J A

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