Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1969 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1969
Page 22
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SACRAMENTO W) -To the cheers of a roomful of eighth graders, a Senate committee Tuesday approved a proposal to lower California's voting age from 21 to 19. There never was any doubt that the proposal would win approval from the Senate Elections and Reapportionment Committee, but 84 students from SL Monica's school in San Francisco left no doubt where their sympathies lay. When their hero, Democratic Sen. George Moscone of San Francisco, was introduced they applauded lustily. When Republican Sen. John G. Schmitz of Tustin voiced doubts about the bill, they groaned. When committee chairman George Deukmejian, R-Long Beach, asked if there was any testimony in favor of the idea, they raised their hands. And when the measure cleared the committee on a split voice vote, they cheered while Moscone blushed. In addition to Moscone's constitutional amendment to put the question of cutting "tfie voting age on the 197Q.;ballot, the committee approved two other items: --A bill to open up California's presidential primary..ballot to any candidate recognized in the state or outside of it as a presidential c o n t e n d e r , similar to the system now used in Oregon. The same bill passed the Legislature OK Poker Game., Ban Gambling SACRAMENTO (UPI) -The Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday endorsed legislation permitting police to close down premises where illegal gambling is conducted, except the friendly poker game in a private home. The measure's author, Sen.' George Deukmejian, said, the bill was aimed at social-, clubs, where illegal gamfiling was conducted. He said the measure would include such places as the posh Beverly Hills' Friars Club, where several persons recently were convicted of cheating in gin rummy games. The Long Beach Republican said such places would be declared "public nuisances." He said police can now arrest the gamblers, but cannot also close down the gambling premises. The legislation was sent to the floor on a unanimous voice vote. Boost Major Crime Penalty SACRAMENTO (UPI) -The Senate Judiciary Committee voted Tuesday to boost the minimum penalty from 5 to 10 years in prison for any person who commits a robbery, assault, battery, murder, rape, burglary or kidnap- ing while armed with a deadly weapon. On a voice vote, the committee sent to the floor a bill by Sen. John L. Harmer, R-Glendalc, that would boost the penalty. It also provides a sentence of not less than 25 years in prison for second or subsequent offenses, i (Advertisement! WORMS A FAMILY AFFAIR Fidgeting, nose-picking, a torment ing rectal itch are often telltale sifjn.1 of Pin-Worms or Round Worms ... ugly parasites that medical experts Ray infest 1 out of every 3 persons examined. 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Reagan. --A resolution asxing Congress to change the Electoral College method of officially choosing a president, either by abolishing the college and substituting a straight popular vote, or by basing electoral votes on the proportion of the vote a candidate recieves in a state. OTE AT 19 S APPLAUD Moscone o r i g i n a l l y wanted the voting age lowered to 18, but said he amended it to 19 because that would draw more support. Schmitz complained that many of those who would be made eligible to vote were rioting, hardly a sign of maturity. "If we allow kids to vote because they are vio- lent aren't we saying the way to get ahead is violence?" he asked. He a d d e d , "We shouldn't let people below 21 riot their way into the right to vote." Deukmejian questioned the interest of young people in voting. 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