Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 30, 1950 · Page 35
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 35

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1950
Page 35
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"" APARTMENTS Furnisfod 79 Homes for^RtnK'Furn." -- 83 - JUMJ. J-room apt. 4004 N. Stone *V -- 3-11312 bath. Adults, Gentiles. ,,_ ,_ In, suitable 'f"idult«; *M monthly. Inquire 431 N. Park. 8-6884 -* 1 -- L n5S"¥ESS£YTEXSB OR ON SEASONAL BASIS K«w modern 1 and 2-bediyom^ apart- mtnU, beautifuUy, furnished.;;--ideal eity location. -Bc«t cooling heating ·j-iUm, Private patio; «arag*. 8tor- U' tt\ laundry room. From 1100 nthly. 1742 E. »u- Hi 1 R66MS. hdwi'llooM. cen htg. , « cooling. On« Week ahopplnij. ^ Speed- w«y * Campbell, 2001 TE. flat. SICE * Boom *partmcnt. Oak floors. G«ra«. Utilities. KO 3538 E. Belle- yueTph. t-1520 ONE-ROOM efficiency apartment Plu - rivate bath, near El Rancho Mkt iea furn. 3B25 E. Speedwav. r Kingly. pri , *», utllttiea 5-8340. Coupl ROOMS bath; Private near Vets. .hospital. Utilities furntehed j _j^32!!!) 1 tARGE HvtaE room Ecdroom kitchen bath. Hardwood floors Patio Lawn, Laroe shade trees. Screened jjorch. Mountain view. Central heat- ine eoollne 'Utilities. Ranch house 2019 E Prince. VMfflS _ 1 ROOMS - ' utlt; Devonshire Park. 2-6753 furn. 5?EW beautifully furn. patio IciijalI .loelitian, 3414 E. Jrod.-St .apartment. utilities, fum. ,27 Ph. Z-81Q1 E Luna Ph. Z- _ __ LOVELY 1 bdrm apt Laree rooms. Ample closet space, ''onvenlent lo cation 4252 Plma EXCEPTIONALLY couole. Day. "" Stone j-1381) nice Apt week or : month for 8731 .^ nicely .furnished, conveni«n' 'location. 'Least »ISS 2B4J E. Slit 2 -BEDROOM furnished..Floor furnace, Nice home. 2901 ~E.-'Adams.' 2-Bedroom .furalshed-iouse $80. paved street, year's lease. Apartment newly furnished a n c . painted, navcd-r street; 177,50 /year's Dlck C Han Realty. 'Httiltora. Dial 8-M78 ,,,- 3618?E..;2ND. - , , Lovely 'V-bdrm."home.» No. p«t», Adults, MS Phone 8-1880.'- 3 BDRMv2 BATH ' v Tastefully wfurn. Top location. Pivta rtreeU. MOO ·per mo,- on lease,. --ASSOCIATED. MALTY 3837 E Sneedway · ' Ph 8-3307 NEW 2 bdrm tome beautifully furn available Nov. 1st In rwrtrictc* NJE " " ' "' »-OilO to 1 pm.,V..y..m*ll. ^.g41 V-MW../ w BB«. LOVELY. 2-bdrra. home convenient schools, bus:, shopninit;Ml8.'«V, Hmm»- Oracle. Foothills Estates Located five mile* nons of town, route 80. Out of. dust area. 1. 2. and 3-bedroom homes Swimminjr and .rid- In , , -comfortably turn., close to Davis-Morithan north Kate Wllmot Rd. ,i mt'e S ol Broatjway Tonv fi Ranch. ' * * 1-236 iOM CottaKe furnished hardwood floors. 802 E Iwood floors. 902 1 bedroom patio ·FTTH* Adams: * ,, heat. Carporto. Completely from $85 month. Onfurn from »70. Wagon-Wheel Ranch E. Broad wy near Wllmot CL5s8 -IN--One-bedrm., su.'table for couple or on». person. 4W. Phone EL PATIO 8144 E, FAIRMOUNT Ktw. modem furn 1 bedroom apt. · and private patio. AAA-PARK MOTEL 3001 S. 4h AVE. Quiet, new motel, kitchenettes. Patio. FrlenoUy atmosphere. Overnlsht ac- commadatlons. i-HOOM Kitchenette, utilities. Bus ·ton. »18 E.-Grant rd.' nr. Country ClUb, , ' " ; - ' ' . ' A1TKACTIVJB apartment, near -- -- ·hopping utilities, selected clientele: Phone 2-0342. MODERN COTTAGE ; Refrin,, range, ven. blinds, .inner- inrinK mattress, panel ray heater, landscaped. Perm, S35. 4945 S. Park. 1-6388. -- . · t ADULTS utilities, clean, washer S45. 330 S. ftorrip. 4-1679. 3-KM. apts,. Univ. dlst. Reasonable. 727 E. nri St. 1-HM. cottace. Near- bus u.lm . shopping 3511 E.- Cody. -furn. basement opt. near " utilities Included. 527 .E, . ulcely furn. reasonable. Close ,.Chopping. 1625 N, Caml.la,, 1-RM. kitchenette: also trailer- Cheap. PH. S-4231 e tTTRACTIVE. SPOTi-ESSLV ~~ BAN FCRNISHED APARTMENTS DOWNTOWN LOCATION One 1 bedroom apt. with twin hideaway beds in L. R.: and the other apt. Eaf 3 bedrooms. Both in excellent eoadltlon with very Rood comiortabls Jumiture ind best of equipment. Fine bath* - with tiled showers. Good Taniea, elec. refrlB.. coolers and heat- in. :Both beautifully desorated. Only few minutes walk to main downtown builneu dtetrlct, Phone 5-2116 . or ' 1 RM.- 2 BDRM.. turn , hardwood floors. Near Unlv blal 3-s5 ^SOOM HOUSE -- 3527 East Ft. Low! FURNISHED to couple. 3 room St bath, .lawn patio, MO mo. yrs. lease; or short term. 4418 E. Linden Kevs, 5838 Falrmount. NEW 4 room house, beautifully furn.. ·Ideal-for 2.-'-'Central h«.. It cooltoc. 'Nice 1 lawn. 2825 E. Adams. . LANDSCAPED 2-bdrm.. hwd floors adults. .$75. 3026 Cerontmo. 2-8232. FOR LEASE, NoKales Ariz. 3 bdrm jurn. home. Ph. ^76-W. Nogales. 2 8 ROOM houses Completely furnished Free from dust No communicable diseases or pots PecK's Manor. 3flQl N.- Country Club, Rd, SEJE.-THIS^new never occupied bdrm.. kitchen, bath. FrlEidaire bills paid, bus. I 1 : or 2 adults, no sick, no nets. 1500 E. 9th St: RENTAL SPECIALISTS TOMPKINS REALTY 1828 E!. Broadway Ph. 2-E072. 3-5100 l ROOM cottage. and trailer rm. attached. ea. $30 mu. 2835 N. Stone rear. 2LOSE to the University, on pave roent. completeXv.- furnished live rooms, woshinff- machine, central heat. $100 per month on year's lease. Ph.--3-4331.. · : · . . : : · Eves. 3-703B Myrtyl : -Ross Realty . 428 East 7th St.' REAU'ESTATE ctr«nq» 87 WILLxTRADE : - . S »pts. an rented ' to Menlo Park for house · anil- cash.; difference .to . 'Income, approximately. *230 per mo. Phono 2-8703 ·- * WHAT have you to trade roflncome property ^on . a · large ·· buslntu '· comer close downtown? ATKINS ,KEAXpT5T A INSURANCE 317 N 4th Ave. Ph. 3-7«I, B-B2M WILL trade 36 units, 83 milei Earn , , for Improved property In Tucson. What have you? X«rmi. St*r- Cltlten.Bmc 418, JPOR a Good DEAL'- i ' , DEAL,WitbDOBRY- .· DOBRY Means GOOD . REAL ESTATE , " EXCHANGES - r « / - . Six furnished apartments and a 2-becboom-house; 5 -- 3-room; one-r-2-room cottage; recent constr., near schools, bus and shopping. ' Will ^trade on working ranch. Call-Mr. Miller PHONE 2-oS EVE. 5-5372 Dudley A. Dobry Investment -Corporation Member LB.A. Plma County. Healty .Board DOBRV -INVESTMENT. BUILDINO- ·848 N. 4TH AVE. Real Estate--Insurance--FHA Loans BUSINESS Opportunity 8fl SHOE HEPAIR «hoo- . Reasonable 231* N. Country Club. BEST BUYS !N TUCSON KOJ? LAUNDRY . On best street In town--good profit. small investment:" Will;. trad«. HESTAtJKANT In th* center of downtown--clean-- . SUHER'MAHKET , equipment--lame nlei--pay only ior~sieac' and aiuturei. · · GAS STATION' Comer of. busy street--real estate- best «qulpmenfr-rBuy «t.one-half colt" RESIDENTIAL COURT Eight units, red brick, tile roof! owner must sell -- will show 25% profit, MOTEL Bist-aocatlon--eight unitJ--8 kitchens--Total price 116,000. Thi» is a 3-BEDROOM--San · Gabriel district, concrete block-stucco with patio wall. 3 years old. furnished, exchange for similar house ia Los Angeles are; near grade school;- 5-5579. WANT low priced house, small .ranch suitable for chickens, acn'-aee, ; 6mall joSjS tryin!: to seU^hls motel £2^. E 1 2« In 5 s A-?r_ TM h "..?!?. veJ ^. 0 "!' Is -elvtng. It away ,to ;the ; first b Trade my pampered super deluxe 1048 Packard s 4-door sedan, 145 horse- pdwer, radio, heater, white side walls, Like new. 2609 Exeter Etr,. -..'Broad" moor. L - 2705 EAST HELEN 2 "bedrooms plus extra-'room could be -used, as den or-.3rd bedroom. Glassed porch. $113.00 year lease. To see .coll Mr. Wylle .,3-8461 or 3-7823. Vrteona Trust Co, 2-BEDROOM. - No dust. Overlooks ·Tucson.'Until Dec. 15 $73 per mo, 3-8047. SMALL house, lor two; Trees, lawn. workshop, fence. : 2626 E. Copper. NICELY furnished'1 Bdrm. Full bath. Garace. paved street. N.E. location.. 2560 E, Seneca.' I BEDROOM furn. modern Near Veterans' Hos house. Spltol. 3MB S. 8th GUEST house, completely rumished. Di«! free. Northeast. Best nelRhbor- hood. 5-6151. ROOMS both, near Davis Monthan. on busline. S35. 4009 Santa Barbara. . ONE-BEDROOM, clean and aulet. S231 S. Orphanage. Ph. 2-7933. _ ; 2-BDRM. utility room with washing- machine, Enclosed- patio. · Good N.E, Incation. Call 5-01M. \"EW 2-bdrm.. masonry home. Peter Howell school district. " ' ' hish. north facing lot. SGOO ; down trade, ' 5-5372. . BUSINESS Opportunitietv_88 FOR SALE "OB 10 unit molel cafe No j 8 license, Chevron Station Hlflhway '80-70-80-88. Call.4-lslQ evenings. FURNITURE STORE with Llvuw quarters Excellent location Ideal bull- ness lor couple.. Dial 2-40S1 GOOD- GOING business, average 1100 or better weekly. Price W.JOO. · Call 2-2242. TRIPLEX Three Units-- CcoJ v Rood income-- Giveaway at 16.500. you are looking for a business, o; any Jc^id., atop - wasting 'your time. We have the lamest and best selection in Tucson. We nave experts in your field. Stop.-in or -call-- we will tfive you action -- Mr. 'Cohen or Mr Ajo-on. .3-8166. Eves.. S-Xn ot, 5^7113. ROTH REALTY, Realtors "INSURANCE ; FOR BVERY NEED" I!« N Stone __ Dial. 3-M66 MODERN wintinx plant-lor isle owner. Ert»bli«h«d since 1832. plenty of burincM. · For Inionnation write "tar-Citizen Box'411 Star-Cltlzeil Box' 411 BY OWNER. «ervlce _ - OWNER. «ervlce - »t«tlon ment 4i stock.-Doing" j-ood. business, Good location..Lease property;W. ath St. a-9284. I« : STEAL' THIS AAA MOTEL ON MIRACLE MILE units, .red- bride constnietion. Doeg good business the year "round. Owner must return East. He: is..no who outs cosh on-the 'llnel- . buyei PRICE REDUCED FROM' W5.000 TO. $68,000. BROADWAY REALTY- ·INSURANCE, MORTGAGE LOANS- 14 E. Broadway Dial 3-7551 EQUIPMENT lor your restauraat and fountain, 2016 S. 4th.--.MM01.- WANTED picJcuo stations to take -in dry. .cleaning. Excnllent commission. No. Investment rocuiredi .Suoreme Cleaners. 4-19S1. _^ ·_· WANTED, honest man to take , over garage ^nd station by Nov. IJt: only $500 required for .stock; equipment can be boucht on monthly' payments of leased. Good-deal for rlknt party. 158 ' W. Irvlngton Rd. KETAIL. mllFl^ute. New truck. Ph. BAKERY If you are a baker it will-pay you to see this. A good profitable business. Work with us. See for-yourself, Boulevard Bake Shop. 2514 E. flth. CUSTOM furn. -reoalr Shop. Very Kood oppt. for this eolnff business. Tjpst clientele. Writs Star CH. Box 478. DON'S CAFE. KENSQNr AKZZ, Good ravine business, located highway. Low rent livlnc quarters. Terms if figured. Box 302 Benson; Dry Cleaning Plant : ,Busy little plant, with --» : -pick: ;up truck, _ _ _ , , . . . _ I stores. All «ood, equiBment, 1 t -louses for Rent, Unfurn. 82 %$£* h a erl. 001 buslnes - ^^ 5-6219 TORNISHED NEAR UOTV. AU have best of furniture, -cvery- thln£ spotlessly clean. All home comforts and appliances. Insulated ceilings. Central cooling, automatic heat- Ing. Convenient to IT. of A., senior jr. hi schools crammar school, Shade trees, lawns wWh BprtnWers. On bus line, close to markets. No better apartments anywhere! Rates *J0 .to $125 by year or adjusted lor CtEAN 1-bdrm. home. G.E. relrise ator. O'Keefe-Merrlrt stove, .pan rai* heat with natural jtas. Venetl: blinds -Be cooler. $43 per mo. Call 1120.'I. lamberlost. - 1-BEDROOM den. erator, Venetian" blinds; hardwoo floors, nice lawn ' and shade, c porte. Adults. JSS. 1125 Adelsi Prlve YOU CAN STORE · Or Ship your furniture anytime anywhere City Van Storanc Aeents United Van Lines 5-2211 · 1 3EDHOOM. stove, rciriocrator draoes. 2645 N. Treat, Ph. 5-3 frights. 3-Q3M days. ehortpr time. or 2-2895. O-vracr, Phone 5-2128 TRAILERS FOR RENT ft -2S ft. equipped or moved to your location. Ph. z-3041. " Trailers and Apts, for Rent, teasonable. Royal Court. Ph. 3-9351. AltER--UithtB and water: adults ·efcrrca. SltSQ month. Fh. S-6925. · ^ 603 E. sixtn street SMALL, house on 5 acres suitable £ chicken ranch. Reasonable rent : exchange for handy work ,upkeep Located near Munlclcal airport. P.O -Box 12. Kmery Park LERS ior rent In friendly Rob- lYaiier Court,· 3oa6_Oraelg.. - - · APARTMENTS Uniurn. 8Q Pl " 3981 ·-£. Plma. 2 largo bedrooms, .tnormous closets, tile bath kitch- ·n. central heat coolinz. Blenman ·chool aistrict. S83 plus utilities. Call Tucson Realty Trust Co.. rental i«?HTfe~GATE APTS-841 N. tyndaU Avo.. 1 Oik. from Unlv. -Attractive 1 Sc 3-rm. ap1»., S47.50 to $80 per mo., utilities paid. Call owner for appt. after 8 p.m. 3-3570. I BDRM. 2 blks. univ., schools, central cooling, heating, stove refrig- eralor. 1028 Jf. Tyndail. 5-3-188. M6W. attractive, close In. Bus; shopping, schools^ S55. · 5-7353. R3EDRM.. new. TUe oath and kltch- Carporte. 1335 N. First. unfurn.. I43-J55. t-oess. --Bus. furn., 2301 Northway Dr. 3 rooms 35. 443 West Congress 4 BLOCKS from dov.'ntown, ; bdrm. apt. Call 2-7266. Vista Sierra Lodge' Apartments I room (2-bedroom) homelike apartments in Tucson's · most, beautlfu apartment settlnn. Private pool. No outside carfiSi Bus service. One at 500 a month. 4801 E. Broadway. Phone t-ara. 2 BR. near shopping center, pave St. wall to wall carpeting in L] S100.DO,, Mo. on-lease.: Other types of rentals available. Ca Mrs. Conroy. 2-8833. VolRht Realty and Insurance Company 603 E. Sixth Street ATTRACTIVE 2 bedrm.. redecorated cen. htK.. tile kitchen bath, ward robe closet. 92fi E. Liraberlost. S50 o year's .lease, no dogs. 2-7341. WHY RENT? Build vour own. We f nance materials and eastside ha nera 175 dn. S40_mo _S-B431 DKIVE by 3«3-N. Wilson. 2-br, un fum. on well landscaped lot wltt aarafie. Rent S90 month-on:-yr. lease with option to buy, Dial 5-B434, 5 ROOM house tile bath kltchi.. One block from bus and shoonln 3603 E Prenldlo $52.50 - ;. ia rent a 2-oeooom unit on year's lease. Paved streets, sewen Craniportatlon. school soon. Clever new prize winning floor plans to b featured in Ladier Home Journal Call 3-2621 for mformotlon. or M manacer at 1847 s Norrlt -· - . PUEBLO GARDENS"·· H. GTovrea Co. Mgrs. 33 S. Stone- Kulten 3-7525 2 BDRM. Water it electricity paid Houses for Rent; Furn.' 81 Rental Listings · · WANTED The many Inquiries are already exceeding the available rentals. Our Sent»l Department wants rentals of all classes.' Call 3*7823 Aik for Mr. Ryan or Mr. Rowland V^H.CTOVREACO.' Realtors · 33 So. Stone. . ' 3-7525 KODBRw 2-bdrm. home, completely turn. 1204 N. First AVC. . ATTRACTIVE 2-bdrm. lurn. home, al] Kill, paid, $100 month, zoned " business also. Ph. 3-0665. FSDRM., nicely furn. tile bath kitchen. 1025 E. Groenlee. ph. 3-5264. S-BDRIvt., near Flow-ins Wells School. «53. Ph. 3-8383. EW--3- Dorm..patio, barbecue, shade, laved. Couple, S52.50. Ph. 5-0088, SEWLY -decorated 1-bdrm. house, twin beds, tile bath shower. 13 N.-. Santa · Rita. Dial 3-5257. 'SEW modern .1-bdrm. house, 'rucson .roothtlls, 145, year's lease. Ph. 3-9865; , 8 1 1 N.Lohgfellow 1 May be seen between 10 a.m. Cc 3 p.m. .Sunday 4. Mondto'.,. "Ultra modern burnt adobe home.- 2 bdrm., 2 bath. Barbecue pit. Veranda, dishes, linens. S150 on 6 months lease, TOMPKlJiS REALTY CO.- 3328 ~E. Broadwny _ Ph. 2-5922 or 3-5IM i BDRM,. tilo kit., bath. lawn, large ^ecpim: porch, nlceLv furn.-- 3117 E. - · : Silver.; i-53fi;. bedroom, n.e. location. 1 block stores bus, Blenman Catalina School district. 2719 E. Water. S75. 5-6010. 6 HOOM5. ,2 bdrm. Gas heat. Inquire 1531 S. 6th Ave. 2-9448. S ROOMS. 2 bdim. home Nicely .iurn. Hardwood floors. Central heat 4 cooling. 2-6132. eves. Sun. 5-3356. - Shade 1 bdrro. Jiojne. Cabinets. Clean. 1335 Prince - R d . 3 BEDROOM HOUSE. NEARLY NEW. -BEAUTIFULLY FURN. ONE BtOCK FROM'ROBSON -SCHOOL. PAVED STREET, NEAR BUS LINE." S125 TURN. J90 UNFURN. INCLUDING STOVE 4- REFRIG.-2H3.JS. IStb St NEAR, TREAT 5-0190 KR desirable couple. Pleasant :3.rm. fum. house in exchaTipe for honse help mornings (Rear^ 1422 E. 6th. TOR adults Modem l Bdrm Screen" ed porch., Beautifully' -located. -No dust North -Hiehway 80 to Rudasell Rd/East ? mile. House, wjth 2 green water tflnks " WE HAVE,;RENTALS Furn. or unfurn N and NE. 'Month or lease 3968 JUSTIN LANE ATTRACTrVZ. WELL LANDSCAPED S BR. home plus, guest house Present tenant will gladly ,-shov you around. MANGELS REALTY Realtors. Phone 3-0531; . · BUSINESS RENTALS -83 New Location!! New stores now avail able for any office use This -is a choice opportun ity to locate" · in . a fas growing shopping · area surrounded by a well buil up residential area. RENTALS ARE VERY REASONABr-E AND LONG TERM LEASES 'ABE AVAILABLE. FRONTIER VILLAGE LOCATED AT PIMA- AVE. it N MAPLE BLVD. , ROY DRACHMAN . REALTY COMPANY --* 33 -W. Penninaton St. Dial 3-OM: EXCLUSIVE AGENTS EAST Dial 5-8361: 6-0798. _ Soecdway . store. Reasonable . . Sunday ^nd evenings · FORLEASE GOOD B U S I N E S S LOCATION SPEEDWAY AT-CAMPBELL, APPLY SPKED-WAV REALTY. PH. OFHCE SPACES available Ph. 3-0152 Tucson Professional BIdg. 650 N. 6th iOUTH.Bth Avenu« store. 1600 sauare feet big vsrd suitable'for retail or wholesale .business. Call 2-3S5S. I OFFICEST4M and $i5; free udlitleT 3 established attorneys now 'rentijK 134 N. Church. Ph. 2-8362. . · PRTV office or desk scan on UD Tel Serv 3-vm 5-M13 - '··· ···-:'· 'xSO' STORE opposite new Safowav 3519 E. SOeedway Ph 6-0753 EAST 5th Campbell, 2 larce rooms i- full bath. Suitable for bus. llv quarter!!. 1915 E. 6th St 3-4477 210, N CHURCH. Ideal for business !. livinc-atrs,. offices, studio, etc Near court house. Ph. 2-1461. ~ · REAL ESTATE WANTED 86 WANT to lease from owner 600 to 1,100 acres Jrrlcated land suitable for cotton. Lone lease preferred. W, E Tucicer. Ariz General- Delivery, Tucson, WANTED TO SUV: Modem f o o d store .for cash. 'Hive ifull particulars first .'letter. Archie W. Moore. "" 16th St. Saclne. -Wig SPECIALS 1 BR. furn or unturn. North. f?0. Paved street fenced landscaped '. I Bit, unfum, lewe. carport*. 17!. LandKXUJrd. N.I, Cruen School. Paved «t»et, * 1 BR. ««. Near TJnlv. *!5. Utn. fum. -Livlnx rm. 23x20. Golden Rule Kealb*. Fh. 5-0350 or 3-8B38 Realtors. K24 N Stone. location. bdrca. furn nouse. LA8QE duolex nicely fxaa 4 rooms Fenced oBvd. .shoBOlnc, bus. 4252 Plma. i-1338. I7-RM. »33 .mo. Cable 18. afcni. rm. «U . . u». MO . . Tucm Bi. Listings Needed Now Have 1 , buyers for 5 ·*:-'' S bedroom homes -in · all locations. SERVICE REALTY CO. ,433. E Broadway Dial 2-4S77 anytime MOR" 3 bdrm. homes. · NJS. - section, furn^or wifUm. 5-41S2. 5-3339. It you really want-,to sell or:-re»' your property I can help vou USTTMGS NEEDED NOW!I! WUhurSIim}-Gruver - 22 East 3rd St. Dial 3.8285 WE NEED -ALt K£JfBS : OP USTTNGS. PROMPT SERVICE. Emil P. Malanga 118 N 4th Realtor 2-4231 SoktS. RENTALS and all type at business listings needed: Persona] attention riven ulL A-] REAI.TY CO.. Stone- Dial 2-ani We wE) accept your lisonjs and sivf the sail of vour property our best Jttnewon. MGCE KENNON REALTY Ktt X. NtvtJ* M. PkM« I-MN Price *11,000~« cash. Ice Cream Plant Fully eauipt.. doing good -volume. Also has lar« servlnE room. Good Price $13.300 .'.'· . Strunk Realty M02 E. Broadway Phone: t-SOS BEAI. ESTATE .SALESMEN /. Need 2 experienced, licensed salesmen immediately. Excellent - down town location -full office 'cooperation. Liberal comnilssions and bonus. BROADWAY REALTY. E. Broadway,, Dial 3.7551 FOB -SALE--General sxore.-Call or wrlto Ben White. San Simon. Ariz. - AMUSEMENT^ CENTER 75-niachines,'lunch-room, photo booth, jhootine gallery; -will accept trailer, rfvc, terms. IM W. Congress. Realtors SHOETREPAIR SHOP - Owner- sick, must leave; will--sell, completely iQulpped, including all stock and fixtures; long -lease available; $2450. · · · - . - - · · ATKCNS HEAimt S: OTSUHANCE . 517 N. 4th Av. Ph. -3-C7Ba, 5-82BC INCOME-PROPERTY 89 DUPLEX.-; · : - . -. 3-Rmi, uch side- tuifum,"Prlctd JMOO. - - V - ·-' - - - - . - · · ; -··-· ' i-Rma.' etch' iid« unfum,,- fireulace, knotty pine walls denty of cloaot space. Priced 113.500. - ',-. . 6-Unit res, ct. unfum. room for expansion, all rented. Shown by- appointment. · · Dial 3.B441 · · · · · · · - · · - · 1837 B.. «th S t . MABGTTEPJTE'S · . - . PERSONA!. SERVycr " SALt 92 .re«»onably ,-,. Ttrtrlctec half' acres .with ,'Utmticj t600 S15 down S15 monthly Constr money available:'.ph':_B-8435;' - -, - $1 ;LARGE toys, -=tow PWCES Beat large down payments;'and high costs.. Buy. : your lotsln- Ferry Addition under the "Owner Built Home Plan' and payr-for your! lot like rent. As low'M-J10:» v -raonth. -· ' FERRTADDITIOF Phone,5-5534 Office 501 ,s;: Craycroft Rd cationr'East on'Broadway or 22nd Sf to- Craycroft.Rd..'.south-to "hose. BARGAINS El Campo. !4-acre 425 dn «15 mo El Cbrtcz. city lot .. 52S dn,. $15 mo Parkway, bus lot .S100 dn., S2! mo Phone g-1680 COLONIA SOLANA TWO' LOTS, :EACS:~ 180X237. FACING MOUNTAINS. S3500. WJT-L SELL SEPARA,rELY. OLSEN ADDITION 1126 E. FT. LOWELL OWNER TRANSFERRED Must sell 2, bedroom unfumlshe home, oeat.as'a pin on 30x137 foot lo Priced and financed to sell.'Mr. Kasc to greet you. Exclusive. 1 to « PM. Metropolitan Realty Co Realtors 1523 £.~-Broadwy · Dial -fl-22' CORNER LOT:- CON-. VEN1ENT 'TO · SCHOOLS. CHURCHES AND.SHOPPOTGi »8!0. 240, ACRES SOUTH WILMOT HD. 'INVESTIGATE THIS: 1 OPPOKTV- N1TY. ONLY $50 PEH ACRE. 280 ACRES BOTH SIDES OF MT. LEMMON HIGHWAY. - ALL OK PART S12S PER.- ACHE WOULD. CONSIDER TRADE FOR RESIDENTIAL INCOME. WE HAVE MONEY' AVAIL' ABLE FOR ^ ' FIRST MORTGAGES. Anderson Realty Co. Realtors: -- Insurance .003 E 6th St." ' Ph 3-841 4320 E. ELMWOOD IMMACULATE * I» this furnished S bedroom home, other word will do: Reduced' tl.OOO be .owsiarket value for quick sale. Pete Kcwell school district. We prefer yo see -.the' many fine 'appointments ir ihls; home, that less than 53,000 wl, handle. Exclusive. Open 10. to 6 SPEEDWAY business frontage Sonoltn 80' x 100'. Ph. s-1478. 3AHGA1N. cash--100 x 135, restricted 1 -Diode east of Alvernon, $600 Owner. 2738 E. 2!st St. ;-WILSHIRE HEIGHTS, rucson'* Most Beautiful subdlvlslea HALF ACRE LOTS OPEN SPACE LIVING CITY GAS. PAVED STREETS Out Broadway to Craycroft. 3 blocks south to .tract office. Dial -S-5534: Best Buys Are in Winterhaven .Tucson's'mcst highly improved . residential ares, · Located between downtown- and the. foothill* 8 tjlocks easr ol Campbell 1 -"· on Ft' Lowell Hd Scenic .Building- Sites In "SUNSET'HH.LS." H mi. NW on llverbell Koad.-Restricted- dust free. Water, elec.. phone. 3-acro min. :$350 per acre gh. 2-5234 Before. jO;j)-n.m. FARMS and RANCHES 33 ' 40-Acre,:." .GUEST RANCH - Beoutliul Setting ,4 Guest Houses Land Is Level O\vn Water System ' Sacrifice Price of $34.000 With .Only .$15,000 Down TALBOT of Tucson 6 S. STONE. REALTORS. Dial 3-0521 SACRIFICE (-·OKTT: EESmENTIAI. COURT PRICE REDUCED TO. $16.500 /At this price this is th*-best buy In town i s Turn, units .In - eood-'K:E. location. All -rentiid; J30I)- month Income. Masonry, construction. 2 years old. Must be sold immediately. EXCLUSIVE .AGENT BROADWAY REALTY OH SALE--Cotton farm -^-ith plenty water that will pay out in 2 years. Ph. 3-6674. - H I . Broadway Ph.' 3-7551 $1200 FULL PRICE GROCERY-MEATS- , EXCELLENT LOCATION Deludes 8 J .l stock and modern eauip- roent. Best south, side loc., near trailer court and motel; Grossing over SJQQQ O. now! ' · - ESCHOW HEAL ESTATE t INS. 52 N. fith Ave. Ph. 3-8B56 Eves. 2-5348 BEAUTY Shop. Good location. Cash or terms.- Phone -g-5511. Eves. 4-1850. STATE , DISTRIBUTORSHIP .Available. Active accounts- established for Immediate return. Outstanding product. Purchase of current stock only. Inouire Star-Citizen Box 1386. ' TWO, EXCLUSIVES .. Jewelry and Watch Repdir 'GOOD PAYING ' · BUSINESS-' DOWNTOWLOCATION " -~~ ., m Dru : g Store 1 Excellent^ location ". ' i Profitable business ' Owner leavln'c.state · Buy qulckiy at' sacrifice price. Hearon Realty Insurance Insurance 28 E. Broadway Realtors Ph. 3-5491 Sunday Ph. 4-0690 - · - - Small Gafe"" Wonderful downtown location. Just right for couple-to handle. Death in amily compels sacrifice at $1900, Long erm low lease. Further information at our office. - · " -· - . - . H. C. Tovreb Co. Realtors. 33'S. -Stone Ave. THREE MIGHTY ATTRACTIVE LITTLE HOUSES 1 Neat- clean, -attractively furnished: corner landscaped lot; .all have eL. ref.. coolers.; and 2 rented: immediate possession 3d .unit. Call Lactic · Sows to Inspect. Ihls ·good deal". Total -price 1 only- J12.9JO with terms. Roy H. -Lonir Bealty--1826 E. 6th St. Ph. 3-9418 or 2-5034. FOR SALE 21 -acres, ranch.house. -3 apts, 2 wellsr Call owner. S-^869. TTSH motel. feJ.OOO (make oiieri: aiehman Realty. -· 3-}83. Auto ava! ORACLE RD. trailer, court. 15000 dwn, Blchman Realty.- Auto avail. 2-5843. GOODDUPLEX PLUS ,2 BEDROOM'.BEAUTY Just ono block from Tucson Hi. See this mast unusual offering. The duplex is in excellent coniil- tlon, tiled Ititchena and baths- and very nicely furnished. Garage ' xor each tenant. The 2 bedroin houise. spanking new and nice as you please. Designed, built and furnished by present owner for compact, modem and very jrra- cious living.-: $7500 cash will handle with terms to suit on the balance. Exclusive , listinc. Call .Bill Snrader. PIMA. REALTY CO. 41! E. 3rd Office 2-7421 . home 5-3546 75 ACRE RANCH lffh, in the foothitts in the nic Sa- huaros. A beautiful setting. 3-room rcnch house completely furnished, Central heating cooling, fl bedrooms. 5 baths; stock Pens, corrals, smoke house, etc. Price $27.500--: $12.500 down. Balance $200 'oer month, includinj? $$ interest. See Mr. Strunic. Strunk Really OPEN HOUSES-For Sale 95 NEW 3"bdrm..red ortck house,;b owner, CJaolce^locMtlon Sam Huxho diet, near Medical shopolnc cen I 3 i bath hardwood floors, Ccrtra heatlnff cooling, patio tfara* SDrinlcllnc svstcm Immed, noases Bion 2S2j E,5th St, i OPEN HOUSfc--s-bdrms,, patio, winte lawn, furnished, payed streets. Horn for Kracious living Owner, -1013 E ~" Best Buys Are in W/nferhaven Tucson's mostly hlcbls' li residential area Located Between downtown and the foothills blocks «asl of CampbeU nn FT Lowell Rd Metropolitan Realty Co. Z525 .'E. -Brdwy Realtors Dial 5-ZZ4 HOUSES FOR SALE 96 , Pardon Me but are you looking for ; a home? :t so. then I would like to show you .his cem; located in a neiehborhood that really makes for livinc.. You know, this houar has all of the llttl ouches that add so much to living 'Jow this new five room, two bedroom nome has a full tile bath and even a tils vanity; Of course the -window ire steel casement and the roof--na rurally-it's insulated Dust shouldn' 3e 'a problem as the street is paved ,nd the -front lawn helns In this respect as 1 well as in looks. i^ou know, I could co on like this 'or a lonit time,,but maybe von had iust better call Smoot-Mannini-Realtors S43'.K: 4th'Ave. ' Dial 3-2S3 " . . ElEncanfo Red Brick Stucco One of Tucson's Finest Lawns 28 Beautiful Trees 5 Bedrooms. 4 Baths . Can Be Purchased for Half Replacement Cost This Will -Not Lost · Shown Only by Appointmcn' TALBOT of Tucson IS S. STOKE. REALTORS. Dial 3-tl52: 3-BDRM/ HOME . ' - 2 BATHS -. Good location--near schools shop 1 ins center--select your own paintim ^ tile. 512,500 a real buy--one in i fcousand. Open -evenings. FRANK S. MINARIK . ' - - · - REALTY Don't Sell Tucson - - - Buy It! · 520 E. Speedway · 5-6352 2402 -E. Broadway Phone 2-M55 · MODERN · SMALL RANCH' CLOSE-IN ' NEW HED BRICK BEAUTIFULLY FURNISHED HOME ON A FENCED AND LANDSCAPED ACRE. DEEP WELL: 1 HIGH 'SOIL. SHADE AND FRUIT TKEES, SPRINKLING SYSTEM, PRIVACY. IF "-YOU WANT A . FINE HOME FOR - «4,500.00 DOWN, CALL -3-S4D1- . OR EVES, 3-7370. Anderson Realty Co. .REALTORS --. JNSUBANCE 1003 E. 8TH ST.- PHO"E 3-940 COUNTRY .LIVING !0 Acres scenic 'land,.---12 miles East lew 3 room house. Price $3,750. Phon 6-0035. ' ·'··--:·· · · · ' . : · ' ACREAGE 94 Wt ACRES river bottom land In.- 870 W. 29th St. BARGAIN BEAUTIFUL HOME or could be- operated as guest house, i Rest Home. Brick stucco, lifetime roof, full basement, hardwood floors, fireplace, central heatinc. Furnished. 12 bedrooms. 4 baths. 2 car Karagc with apartment, on large landscaped lot patio, sprinkler system. CONTACT OWNER at 1177 E. Lester St. 1 to 4. ' · ALVERNON MANOR $185 PER ACRE . Hi--MS--5--10 ACRES. For further Info. Dial 2-0271. River Road Property Your chance-.-to build your:, b.. small farm-estate on this restricts 10-acre area. Plenty of level rive DON'T PASS THIS UP : Owner says sell i*is cholc* income property. Price was $17,500. H sold in next few days, S15.000 buys it. See this bargain in the *.·?. part of dty today. ' EASTSIDE REALTY REALTORS. 3831 E. Speedway Ph. 5-3422. Eves. 6-KU. 5-0583 bottom rich soil, owner, will insta well. Terms: $500 down., balance o :asy payments. CaU Bob Reynolds TOCSON REALTY TRUST CO, Realtors, 2 So. Stone Plal 4-M51 . - . - · ' - Evenings 5-110 104 W. 32nd. 4 rm.- fum. rentals, YOU CAN OWN 7 [Unrestricted acri only 360 'feet off' paved- street, o which .you can get to town in te minutes. Pay-51,750 down and assum a S2.200 mortgage. A sweet spot for chicken ranch or for privacy Se this today! Grant, Realty, 2801 E Grant Rd. Ph. 5-8371 OLD established tailor shop. Must be seen Box 475. to . appreciate. Star-Cit. 'OUUTAIN 6s lunch. Good business. Good location. Reasonable prices. _'erms if desired. 2958 S. 8th JTFT.T. established restaurant with beer license. 52,000 cash- required. B01 Casa Grandft Rd. FILLING STATION DOWNTOWN -- LOW PRIOR LOW RENT, -- GOOD LEASE, $1,650 TOTAL · ptTTS YOU- IN-BUSINESS PHONE .MR SACKETT, -3-2335 Sraoot-Mannini, Realtors 543 TJ. 4th -Avenue' DUPLEX - FURNISHED RED BRICK $6000 TOTAL DRIVE-.IN , . This splc'St span business -wen sUb- sbed. good Business -ideal loca- · owner must leave. Priced 14,250. Mi-- ---1837E. SthSt. MARGUEHTTE'S ·PERSONAL. SERVICE a TMuu°: SHEETA'METAI*PLANT · r First Tiaie'Offered Showing Excellent Profits Large Orders on Books Details at Office Only -TALBOTiof^tucsori 6 S. STON3. REALTORS. Dial 3-0531 TRAILER COORT. On live acres of ground. Small house. 28 hook UPS. Semi-private-- and community rest rooms. Close to bus. shopping, and school. -Sickness forces -owner to sacrifice for'HO.SOO with a low down payment or .will, traded Oracle Realty..2223 Oracle "Hd. Ph. 3-9381. S4000 .BUYS.soinz..electric shop on heavy traffic street. ' Walkout- price includes fixtures and inventory. For a good business, dial S-33T5. Dick. Hall Realty. Realtors (eves. 6-1173). DUPLEX $6500 Mew cement block. 3 lama rooms bath each side. Huge clothes closets. Larjre heater metal -kitchen **· 3B37 E. RTALTY MENLO PARK--3 bdnn. and duplex on larga lot In 'city limits: .scfaoo] and bus near; good caib otfer will buy; trade or tenni. consfdereq Phone 2-6361 finest Amphi. location; -near school bus. shopping, lust r blfc'. 'from Stone Ave. fully furn., nicely landscaped, city water and jtas;" about W.OOO 1 cash needed. '.balance at-*30 per mo. Rental ueeaeu. .L part brlni ittlll-ties, _ ^' ESCHOW SEAL ESTATE 52 N. «th Ave. Fh: 3-8856 - ' ·'·· ' Eve.'Pht-5-5833 - . in 545 Pfcrono., tenant pays -value! INS. BARGAIN. 2 fum.. duplexes, income $185 ma. t7.5oO.,«81 ST 7th. Ave. DUPLEX CLOSE IN ON PAVED STREET, 14x12' LIV. RMS. 1 BEDROOM EACH SIDE,- HDWD. FLOORS-, FURNISHED AT $0500. TOTAL PRICE.-STATE REALTY COMPANTT. 24 WEST SHOAD- WAY. PHONE 5-7423: EVE..AND SUN. 3-4557 OR 5-4116. !!WIDOW MUST SELLJJ IliHER MOTECm . Urgent that the widow owner must dispose of her motel now!! .7 units, plus store bldg.H Don't, waste, time-call now to see. then make your offer. ROTH REALTY. REALTORS. 1149 N. STONE -- ?HONE 3-54«8 [.RENTALS all fum. plus corner lot. Income «H5 per mo. Price $11.000. Apply 360 E. Ft. Lowell Bd. 3-8837 BUSINESS PROPERTY; 91 LIQUOR STORE IN -· HEAVY . traftlc location, jzood , eauipment,,-^ootl lease." Business must be ; HOld. Come to office for details. -Dick HaU Realty.-Realtors. Sy, Souts- crn Arizona Bank on Campbell OMPLETELY-EQUIPPED neiehbor- hood crocen*. Sacrifice property and eauipajent for 37.830. Only $350 down, balance S80 month. Consider trading for home -or mtge. ORACLE REALTY. 2223 Oracle -Bd.' Dial 3-9381. ROWING DRIVE-IN business _ 'oming outstanding comer, ·with fa- rorable lease. Talr'jirice with the jest in equipment. Most have $W,GOQ cash to handle.-Star-Citizen Box 497. WANTED · Pharmacist to take!ov«r · coin*; dnur store,, CALL net' B-2 Business Property' Here's your opportunity to purchase business property .in -a neighborhood that seldom has -property for-«ale. Six room adobe house fr.aftuated on this ! jDt with a frontajre-of 6B ft. and a depth of S2.4 ft. We seldom have anything to gual this value so drive bv 529 N. Tth. AVB. today and call AST FRANNEA for - details. After office iouni call 5-O45. Exclusive with Drachmqn - Grant Eealton »_W. Stone TOP-NOTCH TANQUE VEHDE PHOPERTY 20 acreg of rich, -black River Bottoi soil covered- .with large · untouche growth of mestjuite. sood -well. Ideal location, paved highway for private estate. Priced'to sell. · Call John Woolfolk at -TUCSON'REAl.iy- AND TRUST .CO Dial 4-045! Realtors, 2 So. Stone Evenlnga-3-421 Out-of-Town Property 94A FOR ·- SALE by Owne**-One of No jjales. ArUona's finest homes! Four bdrms.. 3 baths. 2 enclosed porches bar, 2 ffaraces. larce store-rooms, In ner walled patio, barbecue, spaclou .gxounds ' and garden completely walled. Contact M. J. Martinez Box 838, Nogalei. Ariz.' OPEN HOUSES For Stile 95 ' $7500 Special 1054 E, STH · - Open 2 to fi CLOSE w TURN: RED BRK: HOME OREGON PINE FLRS., GABZ.E HOOP BED BRK- GARAGE. CH1CKEU HSE.. 2 aDRMS..*:«V. RKT. KITCS; BATH, DEN IN BASEMENT, S250 BELOW TODAY'S .MKT.. ALL- CASH OR $2000 DOWN. EXCLUSIVE -DNTIL SOLD. Pehnington Realty · Olai S-7522 LOTS FOR SALE- 92 FOR COLORED folks, -werifics. 2 large-lots o n - A . mountain. Oracle Realty. Z33 Oracle Rd. Olal 3-ggl. . CORNER LOT-«Sxl3S.,1309.-N. Camilla. t . - .. Smoot-Manriini-ilealtora'-" IEST^S ' ' X, «b Av«. 5.7013 . North Z««t location. Ne*r Dial I-15Mr ami bant. tMO. Fbau J-77K. OPEN $6,850--G. I. Loan Beautiful 2-BR home with attached garage,, large service room, plenty of closet space,' · -tile kitchen-and bath. Approximately $350.00 , down includes all clos- - ing"costs-and 3 years' '·- insurance paid in advance. Drive ouVs. Country. 'Club Road to Aviation Blvd. . Torn' left on Aviation, to · Kelvin Ave. See our sign on .the open Model home. ,:.Ma.ngeis, Realty. HIAI.TOHS Ml N. 4th AY* Dial 1-0811 OWNER SAYS SELL- Compare - . TliJa ' attractive 3 bedroom . home, exceptionally well fur- nlsfted. Garage.- patio wall, pnvcd street, near school, bus, and shopping. Fine NE location; Complete price, S11.800. Good terms. Solot Realty,'Realtors 523 N- 6th Ave. Ph. 3-8G01 or 5-3JS SPARKLING clean i-bdrm. · home, furn., I4xia livlngrm. has 2 bed divans, Persian rug, reasonable for cash, large lot. 2ISQ Jf. Ralph Ave. BEFINEMENT For the. above-avcrace family, an above-average home in an above-av- erafio neighborhood. Here is a home that exudes taste- and refinement. Seven rooms of-raaster craftsmanship, custom-made down to the finest de- tali. Spacious living rooms packed with Erace. charm' and comfort. Secondary llvinc room with tile floor and beam ceiltwr. Three larne; bedrooms, two goreeous baths. Magnificent kitchen and breakfast room. An all-tile roof, beautiful' patio, an oversized CH- race, and-paved'drives complete the picture. Close in Priced at $37,000 unfurnished. To see call Mr, .Swanick 3-04S1. Eves. 2-4053. ARIZONA TRUST CO. Realtors - 136 North Slcne $4500 J bedfoom'neat-as.a pin. Near bus and super markets. Large, landscaped unrestricted lot. Can build another house. Excellent rental area. .SSOCIATED REALTY 3637 E. Speedway -Ph. 5-3307 NEAR THIRD 4 MABEL, 57,350. Large 5-room, 2 bedroom brick stucco home with finished basement room :and enclosed sleeping porch. Yea. it is furnished and all pavlnc and sewer assessments are paid. A very homey ·place. Only S1.SOO down, balance like rent. ADAMS REALTY Sc INSURANCE CO;. 728 N. Stone- Realtcrs Dial 2-7441. Eves. 5-8550. 5-2368 HOUSES FOR SALE BIGGEST VALUE In Catalina vtei 2147 Juanita ,3 Bedrooms ' Wire-cut Red Brick Priced Hi $15,000 FUJI Mrs; snot Set Mr, Talbot TALBOT of Tucson 38 3; STONE. REALTORS,. Dl«l 3-0321 3 BEDROOMS 3 bdrm. nome. : Tlus · large library !pod refrig and gas ranjjc tnclutfcd Central heat and cooling, large ranch type -porch, well landscaped Sprinkle; system, patio, nice young orchard on aero lot. Price; $11,500 GATEWAY REALTY 1137 S. 8th Ave. '-. Ph. 3-3S71 DUPLEX. CLOSE. IN HOME AND INCOME Brick stucco constructed Duplex; close to town. Furnished, 'hardwood-floors fully Insulated and weather-stripped. Live, in one Hide, enjoy SBS a month Income of presently-rented other half. Well-financed. Price: $13.500. Excellent terms. Call. Kr Sorlnser at TUCSON REALTY AND THUST CO REALTORS 2 S. Stone, Dial 4-0451, enings ;2-41G5, A SWEETHEART $10,750 ' \ Hera Is one lovely v home, nicely furnished, too. Two lovely bedroom* cozy living room ivitli ureplace tux glassed-in porch off living room. Located near Treat and Broadway. Clos- to Bus and Broadway Village. J bargain at $10,750. Exclusive with MICHAEL HOCGES ' Dial 3.JSJ8 Hcaltor 4S E Broadway Eves. 3-64B5. 6-1045. 5-3926. 3-82M ONE-BEDROOM house, bath.: gas stove, Ititchen cabinets, fenced. Price S4.MO. 1812 E. 3rd St . years old, consisting of small, completely furn. apts. 2135 E. Eastlund. in fast urowinz Country Club Manor. 2Vesr churches: schools, shopping, bus. Income S100 month. S5.950; terms. Also commercial .acre N.E. Ph. 5-1851. "V FOB SALE by owner 3 bdrm. house in Pueblo Gardens, S350 down un- furn, S85Q 'down furn, S55 'mo. 3-Q852 I-BEDROOM home, unfurn,/ pnao, $6,S*)t!--S1.500 down. 2150 N. Raf ' pfltii ifph. 2V 2 ACRES 5" room house, close-In, nice' and rfean, trees and shrubbery, finest o soil, cood well, plenty of water fo: irrigation. Ideal place if you want to keep a cow or chickens. Good garage, out of town-owner says "Sell". Price 17,500, $1,500-dn. $00 mo. on balance, GATEWAY'REALTY 1137 S. 6th Ave. Ph. 3-3871 I-BDRM. barRaln 5650 down. Pueblo Gardens. 2-2149. 1802 S. Olsen. Build Your Own House On choice casl side hall acre with itllitlcs Good nclBhborhood. You irovlde .labor and we provide loi and 'inanco materials. $75:DOWN,$40MTHLY. Trailers allowed onlv while building. . · · - . · · FHED ROBERTS 2321 E 4th St Ph :B-a3.1 'DESIGNED-FOR PRIVACY _. ... ._- on paved -,ily constructed, well deigned, 2. beoroom home so plan- - Rood' N. E. location ,., itreet. Soundly constructed, we. led as to avoid making a passage way - -· · . . . . Ceramic if mine and dining itt kitchen ana beamed throushout,. 6 closets. Entire ,. . ear neatly landscaped and enclosed by masonry wnll. utility room and idditlonal storage in e/ir ports, Price ;13.5QO, Call Mr, Cushman 3-9401- Eve lings ,8-1820. ARIZONA. TRUST CO. (Realtors) · _ _ - __ 136 Worth Stpne ___ NEAR ARIZONA INN In Catalina Vista. 4 bedroonu maid's room and 3 baths; food sized sunroom--playroom snd · complete^ nclosed play yard to keep tha rowing family out from under your leels. LBTRC living and dining arei jpens to terrace and ramada in Jand- caped patio with convenient acccs:- o kitchen--surroundings you will ruly enjoy entertaining your friend: n. Here indeed IB a home for th iscriminotinp to - a '- community o; tabuized · values. Price SW ; ooO. Foi ppointment to inspect phone Mr Cushnian 3-9451. Evenings 6-1020. ARIZONA TRUST CO. (Realtors) 139 North Stone HOUSES FOR SALE , flg 2 Beautiful Pint Trees 3 Bdra. House Included 2247 E. FOURTH ST. .2 BEDROOM cement block home on. eastslde corner acre (4.50(1 WUJ take 11500 trailer, balance--ttrms. 5«B1 E 2Sth-St · -4 BEDROOMS. 2 baths. -, Charmlnn and spidoui Tastetully {urnUhed S-2418 YOUWILL LIKE THIS Roomy , 1*BR furnished,'-screen porcn; ·- CreiSaec. . CaU" 2-3491 days 5-1640 after. 6:30 · for.', appointment 11S4 ur Bryant (o£f Speedway). Im. modiate occupancy. OUR LATEST A new listing. Here is n large four room-.brick home tuiit;with the same workmanship and materials that you would use In buildinff your own home. Located In Catalina vista subdivision with » wonderful view o the mountains,. This home, boasts such outstanding features as-two 'tile' baths tilo dratnboards · and'--tile'· work irount drainboards. Extra larfie, kitchen ant 3edrooms, large living, rom ant very well arranged floor plan. Automatic gas iumace and water heater. Asbestos shinele roof. .Car 'ports storage and laundry room with toilet Patto' wall. Paved drive. Beautifully landscaped, citrus . trees. Sprlnkllnn system. Price $18,500 unfurnished Phone Dunn 3-9461 or 5-2593. ARIZONA TRUST CO. (Realtors) 136 N. Stone. · FURNISHED 5-EMS-. $6950 Attracti\-e 2-bedroom · utility, home --i quiet street near Grant road Fenced yard with younp fruit trees roses, strawberry patch and nice lawn in Irom. Furnished complete even Jo garden tools. One, bedroom has twin bedi. The cozy fireplace will be especially appealing on cool mornings. Owner'has left town, and'you can move in NOW! $2.000 down payment, MATT.BATKA, Realtor, Grant Realty 2601 E. Grant Rd. Ph; 5-8971 COTTAGE.. NEAT clean, on larsc Jot. All utilities in. Tile floor. Venetian bHnds. furnished. Terms. Consider house trailer as down nayment. Ph 2-2-138. 527 E. :Sceedway. BETTER-BUILT 2 .br. brick, carport, full bath tllod · ', dralnboard in modern kitchen. VTIAR SCHOOL Bus. stores, iarffe lot. landscaped CITY UTILITIES Paved street, sewer, telephone , . $1,850 $1,000 DOWN BUTERA REALTY. REALTOR . Phone 2-B408 _ 259 IT-. Stone PAYED AREA , NEAR C O U N T R Y ' CLUB. ROAD. 3 BEDROOM HOME. IN SAM HUGHES DISTRICT. LAHE LIVLVG ROOM. I',4 BATHS. WALLED PATIO. PARTLY FURNISHED. EX- ' CELLENT FINANCING. SJS.- SOQ.OO-CALL 3-0401 OR EVES, 5-1309.. . $11,500 -· 3 BEDROOMS 1% BATHS , VERY -SPACIOUS. ATTRACTIVE. NEARLY NEW HOWE. KNOTTY PINE D I N I N G - ROOM. FIREPLACE. LAUNDRY. LARGE GARAGE. PAVED STREET. S7.SOO.OO F.K.A. . MORTGAGE. CALL 3-9401 OB. . EVES, 3-9138. . Anderson Realty Co. REALTORS -- INSURANCE »3 E. 6TH ST. PHONE 3-54M TWO BEDROOM FURNISHED HOME ON PAVING N. OP SPEBDWAV. ONE BLK EAST OF PARK. W A L K I N G DISTANCE TO SCHOOL AND MARKET. HALF H.w. FL'OORS. G A R A G E . FENCED YARD. STATE REALTY BLK TO 'BUS. SHADE : TREES COMPANY. WAV .PH. 2-7423 EVE. -PH. 3-4557. OR-5-4116. WEST BROAD- SUN. 4 Bedrooms 1% Baths, $3,000 DOWN! Charming' brick home in a delightful settlnc. S p a.c i a a s grounds, beautiful patio, central heflttug and coc'ling, hard- wood floors, garage/ excellent city location, - close · to bus, schools, and shopping. The price for all this only $16,000. : Call Mrs. Runklc 2-7431 or 3-S992. Pima Realty Branch Office 36S8 Liberty Ave. FORCED SALE - 150x240, suitable for tearoom, rest lome or/nursery: 7 rooms, well. 2513 Cftimtrv (tluh. 2 BDK.M unfurn.. sale or lease: Av; HOMJC beautifully furn i :_ . lease. Available No 1st. Restricted N".E . subdivision Cs Amphitheatre District rooms - 2 bedroc.-ns furnished. Sit-" atcd on z 100 x 153 foot lot in a chly restricted district. House 2'.2 ears ojd and has approximately 1100 ouarc feet. Total price only $10.750. esirablc terms. Contact Gccrjze ubanks 3-3846. Exclusive with Sfronk Realty E- Broadway: Phone 2-6456 J - S 'PRICE REDUCED · exceptionally attractive suburban Section. Choice red brick construe tion. thermostatic heating, centra cooling, over an acre of fine soil en tlrely enclosed by wire fence, private well. 8 inch casing, nice surroundings F.H.A. financed and the price has iust be?n reduced, to S14.500 Jncludinc furnishincs., 'JONES -SCOTT REALTY .CO., INC. Realtors 484 E. 5th St. Ph. 3-9*1' $199 DOWN 2 bdrm. fum. home 3ocated at 2317 N. Rickey Blvd. S3500 total, FHA ncLn«. ORSON SEGRIST REALTOR 3000 S. «th Avt. Dial 2-5M1 Open Sun. ' eves, until 7:30 ·IT IS SO! BRAND NEW 3 BEDROOM 1% BATHS $11,500 LAWN and SHRUBBERY LOCATED'RIGHT IN ARE A WITH VIEW BETTER GRAB THIS! Hearoni Realty Inirurance . 28 I. Broadway Rgaltom - Ph, 3 Bedrooms, · Bargain! '. $11,500 : 1 block to Sam.HugEes school ; bus lin'e. -Hard-, wood floors. Garaged Enclosed yard. Landscaped. Newly decorated, inside and out.-What a tuy! Call .NOW. L A. Romine Heal Estate · Insurance.. Inc/ Broadway * Scott, Fh, 2-4851 (Across irorn..P.O. DOWN buys Hits 7 beautiful 2 Tucson, Arizona i , ,fl?0 -,'TuMon, :ArlE* HOUSES FOR SALE 98 s For a GOOD7DEAL Deal With DOBRY Dobry Means GOOD NOW PAYMENT OF $395 WILL START ' Your · "21-FEATURE" 2-BEDROOM "Dobry House" SEE The "Dobry House" MODEL 2850 E.I 9th'St. Completely Furnished BY REUBEN'S YOU'RE NOT TAKING CHANCES · YOITKE SURE WZffiN YOt T 3UY AN F.H.A. Approved and Inspected "Dobry House" HepresentinB an approved , FH.A. ortnacee. we are in a position lo ive you prompt service on your F.H.A. loans. Dudley A. Dobry Investment .Corporation PIMA COUNTY HEALTY BOARD · MEMBER I.B.A. DOBRY INVESTMENT BUILDINO 848 N. 4TH AVE. Phone 2-4364 or 2-2301 REAL ESTATE -, INSURANCE F.H.A. LOANS . Red Br/cfc Moore and Sons offer you Moore for your money In these 2 and 3-be.droom homeu. Locofion Country Club M a n o r or Broadway Estates. P a v e d streets, utilities In, landscaping.- Or will build on' your own lot. Features Double red brick, plenty ef tile in kitchen - and bath, choice of exteriors and indi- vjduility. Carports and itor- are room. i A Small Deposit wd start you ort your WIT to ownin* on» oJ raw* complete. crBftamn - built architecturally-designed homea. Model Horn* SSV5 Blvd. to Moore Soni tat Tour tau««o« If 21st (south on TUOWB $10,000. TOTAL PRICE Ranch' Type Horn* «,!·»* cnott ft « l».od Bedroom*. FAMILY HOMI located on _ street in an excellent Mcnou town eut. This bride h»m« ij.oi-- 1 year old. has central heat,and cooling, a well landscaped «0 lot with a patio wall. -Near Peter .Howell school. Immediat* »w««- . /*Ion. terms. ' .-Mangels Realty REALTORS .... SI 8 W. th Ave. . Plnl 3-°CT $350 DOWN, $1360 total, balance low monthly uaymcnts. Completely furnished. 2 BR.home. Comer lot, clos« to- bus. shopping and Davidson- School. Oracle .Realty, 2223 Orselt 1000 -BR home. furn. or -unfum..- masonry- construction, gable roo£, large tiled kitchen bathroom. Oversized, landscaped lot. Paved street. In restricted La Mesa Subdivision. 17,950. Total Price. Bal. like rent. Exclusive with Oracle Healty, 2323 Oracle Kd, Ph. 3-3381. Rd., Fh. 3-8381. · ·· - niSTRJSSS SAli DIS For ^ oulck- action*, home on 70' x " 2 bdrm. masonry 'lot. E. location. Need small amount -to complete. Onls B . SPEEDWAY BY OWNER--Lovely 3 bdrm. concrete | black. Furnished or unfurn. Eastsid location. Near bUE. school, church shopoinj; center. Ph. 6-Q464. PERFECT LOCATION Ampbi'- Sacred Heart $7,350 FURNISHED - bdrm. house, new cement block eon tructlon. nicely decorated, good, cen ral heating and cooling, service room and carporte. Al! on a larae lot. Ex ccllent terms available. ESCROW REAL ESTATE INS. 52 N, 6th Ave. Fh. 3-8C56 Eves. Ph. 2-670 Cafalina, Vista l . · · 'Enduring Construction JOHNS MANVILLE ASBESTOS SHINGLE ROOF COVERS THIS : RED BRICK 6-ROOM HOME. 2-tile baths .hich grade oak floors with sub- floors. Central heating, large stor- -aze closets, walled paCo. The land- scapfnp is in. Catallna Vista (near Arizona Inn) has paved streets anc 1 superior homes. Price . S21.500, for S 3od terms dial 5-3375. Dick Hall ealty, Realtors, by Southern Arisona Bank on- Campbells (Sun 6-1173 and : 5-S127.1 to see .MUST SELLS. Room house . 65 ft. business frontage on N. First Ave. Make offer 048-K. First Ave. Ph. 2-5054. ^OH SALE or rent moriern 2-bdrm. house Hardwood floors Steam-.heat. Central 'cooltoR,- Call st S3I E First Et SPACIOUS 1-bdrm lovely Unen. kitchen cabinets overhead ·' porches, ntilltv oartjv furn 394!- E - Fairmount. ^_ VETERANS ' $350-'Down Including all tropoundmentl For this larce ^ 2 Bdrm. Home With Attached 'Garage- There are only a. few left. S6S30 mortgaw for tax «xcmpt veterans. 6350 for-: no;-, tax; exempt-"vets. .Totol ayments $33.87 for tax exempt .vets. 50.13 for no»-tax: exempt vets. Joynt instruction -"o., -Builders.. Call-..or ee tods;.- *· ' Dentori Cobble Eeal-Estate ,-" - 2826 S. ALVERNON Pfc '5-5112 br 5-0729 135 N. MELWOOD' Menlo Park Custom-bilt 2 bedroom home, beautifully decorated and furnished. Fireplace, central heating, -and · cooling..- and many other exceptional' :featurc5. Paved street. Priced 110,000, only S2000-, down. Exclusive, Solot Realty, Realtors 523-N. 6th Ave. Ph. 3-tfOl or «. 1433 COZY LITTLE HOME YbuTl like the room layout of this sturdy home--the- corner windows with Venetian blinds., the breakfast room off the easy-to-worK-In .kjtciisn --the' friendly fireplace .with.-attractive , jras heatine unit--the"bedroom Pias raoto to "turn around In"--almost S7QO worth of practically new furnifih- ines will'be, left for you. It's right near the bus line too. The urice -is easv on your pocketboofc: 42000 aown and only $35 a^mor.th on the balance. Matt Batka, -Realtor GRANT REALTY 2«01.E. Grant: Hd..'-.. -. Ph,..B-»«Tl ·* fOpgrt Sundyji^ lir SMALL HOME BARGAIN 13200 full price , buys AttractiTe 1 Jdjm.." furnished-TM fcom*/ · · larxe · - lot. shade Sc fruit treet: clow to-eth Ave. Sc Vets hospital.' . . Ph. 2-74S4.. «ve». S-8J27.- : Rellable - Realty. 711 NV .Stone. ' A GOOD BUY, I Bedroom. Wear" Catalfna Jr. Eigh. S11350. Good Terras. See At 3243- Z. Towner- Call owner 5-1061 i« ap- 5750 DOWN PAYMENT heat- latRe living-rm. Jtitchen wJt, plenty ,ot knotty pine, good built in features, all this for only J7.500. , $750 DOWN PAYMENT 3 bedna. house in Pronacr Villase carporte. paved st., stove 4 rcfric Priced $8,250. Dial 3-9441 1837 E. -6t!l St. MARGUERITE'S PERSONAL SERVICE OUT OF TOWN OWNER SAYS "SELL!" This nice 2 bedroont home in good east location. The price is only S6.50C with large G-.I. raortgaae. Small down payment, should sell on siRht. · SERVICE REALTY CO. 1433 E. Broadway Dial 2-4677 anytime 2 BEDROOMS FURN. NORTH LOCATION ' $8500 TOTAL PRICE . Cement block, stuccoed. Beautiful landscaulne. red wo 00 fenced natio. 2 large bdrm., bath 4 shower. Furnishings Include washing machine. Cent cooling. *J,5CO dn. This If on excellent VH ESCHOW REAL ESTATE INS. 52 N. 6th-Ave. Ph 8-86M Eves. Ph...2-S948 Ice Cream Factory Wholisal* and retail. Doing upproxl- mately $2,000 a month gross, In fatf growing East section. Total price 112,000. «2,ooo-«5«00 :down. Exclusive Duplex or Court Site V, block off Speedway--all utilities ~-$1.800--small down payment, Concrete Block Hotise On 100x180" lot. Party furnished. All utilities. FBA approved. Total price «2,800. See this today. Hearon Realty Insurance SKIT East Speedway Realtor PI. S-3771 -Afler ». Ph. 5-5U4S SPEAKING of h»rodni. here's one for H.bOO that c»r.-'t be jwatl U2i so. ft. of well-buill house · . . flcure it out for yourself at todav's prices. 15',4-ia' LR: 2 xood sized BRs: cable roof: excellent fjoort; tiled bath Ic kit: patio wan; abundant trees le *brubi.-. Oh yes. * -;onv«nient. attle den. ritunciop Yoa; twteiu! K.'OQ GI 4% at S5045 per month. Call die Sews to Inspect. .Roy SMC Realty. 1828.-E. 6OSt. Eves: 2-5034. LU.'S-94U: E.VCB. -.-vyj^ WANTED: TWO -- IN SI JONES "^rsCOTT 1 : 42 E. «nt ST.. REALTY SHONE 3.9414 , ^ -war--'SUrDlus-houses -- bulldinxn.: vuied" siiet. itce! sash, sturdy /construction. Reduced- price moved anywhere. 1-10(11. · $345 DOWN 1 BDRM. FURN. HOME In Amphi district on - beautllully landscaped Jots -50x230; Garauc with 2rm. unfinished rental attached. $40 per month and only M.800 intal. A-l REALTY CO. 2328 N. Stone. TOal 2-8111 $750. DOWN 2 BDRM. FURN. HOME Masonry constr.--landscaped-- porch --N. E '.i blk. to Davidson school. $50 per month-. S5.750 tots), delusive. A-l'REALTY CO. 2828 N STONE . DrAL-jjjm THUMBNAIL SKETCHES NEAR VETERAN'S HOSPITAL . Smal! 2 bdrm. home on paved street. Only Ji.650 with $1,500 down and balance at $20 monthly. ;. : $650 down for a new 2.bdrm. home with 1THA roortgane. This home Is evervuiing to be deserved. Asking $7.250. Well'landscaped .corner lot and « well built masonry home. CouJd bo 2 bdrms. Forced to'sell to avoid foreclosure. Submit your down payment. Asking 55,000. Only S400 down and- $45 monthly for a 2 bdrm. home on large double lot. Bargain at S5.600.- Acme Realty - Insurance Z-6727 2710 S. 6th Open 'till 8 p.m. . BRAND. NEW Two ;Bedroom, .- , Hardwood Floors Central Heating- Cooling Total $8,500 GOOD EAST LOCATION DOUBLE CAR .GARAGE VICINITY. C. CLUB SPEEDWAY Low -Down. Payment' CACTUS REALTY DIM. 3-3823 ' 1210??: "GRAND OPPORTUNITY". To obtain « completely and nicely urn.v-one .bedroom home and an additional .large unrertrlcted corner lot. "pace for at- least four units or small lusiness.-' : Excellent ' location just E»st of Stone Aye., «ood mortgage, ~-riced »t ts.500. "BLENMAN SCHOOL" .TERRIFIC BARGAIN - In: this quality three bedroom, bath nd. a hall rea.i'brlcfc'home. Z-oyely ,. R, with'full length windows facing ae , Cstalina.. Separate. D. R. with lever built, In fcaturtsa. Two of the hree -spacltnu- bedrooms op«n · onto arge covered - -terrace · fadnK -." com- rtetcly enclosed.and :beautlfulJyland- caped;- patio. Central beating and ooUog. Large Kragc. Excellent N. ^. omcr location In R "Soon to be. aa all paved area," All this for the very w price of S12.700, 'MURPHEY REALTY^' MORTGAGE CO. . tm .{J. stone Zst. 18C8 Ph. SAM HUORES DISTRICT. One of -tht ftow. homes In this uaved street ttcOaa. ^ 4 . bedroom. 2 , batb «dob« hous«- ld«al, ioruisanily with school ·childnn. Larm llvuu-rtxim. screened «un porch, basement central henttnx and, . · ooollnK. beautiful cxrdwood Coon., an enormous amount of clotet wardrobe feace, Patio inlL and ' , earaee .mak« tia m rtU home. Idunri' comer lot r alio extra key .lot. with all assessments oald . Cali for- pcolntment to see this well Briw4 - rouerty ADAMS REALTY * 3NSU1U - kNCE CO., Realtors. TO N Stone. Dill .2-7440. Xvuu. I-MM. *-2W. '

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