Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 51
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 51

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 51
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C-t--INDEPENDENT tint !»*. CM'-, TITLE FIGHT ' TV TICKETS ONSALELXLH. The Listen -Clay heavyweight championship fi(ht will b« telecast over ciosed- ciiroit at two Long Beach outlets. Municipal Auditorium and the Fox West Coast Theater. Tickets for the Tuesday night bcut can be srcnred at either location. The theatre telephone ncmber is HE 6-4209. The Auditorium box office is open from noon mil 7 p.nv, including Sarday. That telephone noiab*r is 416-ZM2. DANISH GYMNASTS The Danish gymnastic team makes its first Southern California appearance tonight when it performs at Long Beach State CoGeje's men's gym at 8. VIE, AT Organized and directed by Erik Flensted-Jensen the team consist; of 12'girls and 12 boys selected from the most skillful gymna sts in Denmark. L.B. STATE Presenting a program in 12 parts, members will perform a variety of modern stunts including jazz and. rhythmical Dynasties. Highlight of the performance is TONIGHT ^: a series of vaulting !»M tumbling stunts by jihe boys' team. , j General admission 'seats are priced at $2. . J ' O.I NEW 5-YR. 50.000-MILE CHRYSLEK WARRANTY 1964 S1MCA 1000 BOB BURT 1190 L Poe. Cit. H«f. CI f.04tl We Now Have Porfs To Service Your VW 1500 RICKETTS MOTORS orscfc* Dca!rt lor tit U. Harier Arts 933 LONG EEACH BLVD. SEBY1CE HE J-tlSS SALES HE 7-748J LOTUS ELAN 1600 Compact, yet sparious. the British-built Lotus Elan !GOO is fast, quiet and extremely high in performance. Body is fiberglass. Knife anil Fork PHOENIX (.TV--Knife And Fork led all the way to win Thursday's six - furlong feature race at Turf Paradise by two lengths. MDT©R SPORTSI Heath Heads for fcy BILL EMEET Though the Lotus Elan was introduced at the f% | · -fy C? 1 London Motor Show in 1952 and has made several £\\(I HI IXOW ijlllltlelY' 00 TM!* 1 ' 1 ' 0 " appearances in En-land and on the Conti- · J Inent, it has remained a stranger to these shores until By KEN FIVERNETZ i ncw ' uve one °' l ^ ese rare cars a * t ' ie ' r a s enc y- One-armed veteran Allen Heath of Northridge gocsjvery recently. Briney-Gray Imports at 3515 Atlantic after his second CRA big car main event in a row] The chassis is c o n s t r u c t e d - - Sunday afternoon when the popular sprint cars return^" an unusual if not unique, to Western Speedvi-ay in Garden.!. Jmanner that offers simplicity.! 1 Heath, slated to drive the tightness and strength. The, T)/"\\Y7T f IVf 1 270-cubic inch Bromze Car-'^jkbonj c ,f th e car is a rec-j 15\J L f l i M j dena Offie. won a disputed Unsulair mi !i s tecl box 6 inch-! IMPORT HEADQUARTERS BRINEY-GRAY mroRis, lie. ^TRIUMPH *ALFA *VOLVO *LOTUS DRIVE ONE OR All Al BRINEY-GRAY IMPORTS, lIC. 3515 ATLANTIC L.B, mmn NOW!! 40-M.F.6. AUTOMAT1CUIT NO rowit loss Fu* DHv« n* 'M Pn lufl»i» Kfn«utt T»£n POE L.». 535 Per Mo. task Terms IMPORT AUTO, I PARTS S E R V I C E | 1440 Long Beach Bird. Open Sunday HE2-S1I6 64 FIAT lira 1M Flit IWD « DMT IliM F.O.I.' Only 1573 Atfinteblc. liilty rtcumEij lucltt MOtt · FnlWgkt .iidowi «B ·ranid · 4 frenr4i»9«d doort · roomf lid fiv'tTut] »r*n*r · k: 9 l tioxr* FtiHi bilk · »iidJlicl4 ·a-Jicn · l«l«rf tlnctn · laftry 4«k · ercr »8-m.».k. · ·klttwolh · ttotrr · 4*- frcjftr · Uiitofr coiitrtcrTot · SS-Vp. (compare) · «t»-ui- clnln smct · worro.Ty · IAJT TUMS. LESS Than MOST Used Cars mum MOTORS 3300 Atlantic GA 4-0754 I* cf : be Fa be B: at P s( VI ti 1( E: By DAVE TAYLOR verdict in late December over cs wide. 10.5 inches tii;h and » " , t lose duel **** Heath.'the space between the seats. TM S b ° X di " d " * l LakewoexTs Bob Coulter. " -- ..... " ....... " - · * · - The game cf bowling puts 1 Coulter, tabbed the winner'25 inches long that occupies all its goodies in the old » showcase when the richest te,pin tU ever he!d west the Rocky Mountains kicks wheel for Kenny Worth off' ^ Searbox and engine off a 65-day stand in Oakland San Gabriel in a rebuilt Chevy unit to Saturday. Some vague special. ItTl be the first time the gearbox and a cross member on which the front suspension pieces are attached. A similar Indication of| ^ ^ ^ h tHsJ^-fram'e'encloses the drive the wealth and popularity of| arel ^ quite a tpeU . Races housing ^ proves attach- this largest of all participant have been held in Imperial I ^g points for th: rear suspcn- sports should be apparent as recently. Western Speed way !,;,,,,, more than 20.000 shooters jj tocated at the comer of i from 45 states. Puerto Rico.jlJ9th and Western. Tfaie| THIS FRAME unit weighs Bermuda, Mexico and Canada trials start the show at 1230 j ust 75 pounds and is con- fade out of the woodwork at p . m . [sidered one of the strongest 'in rating torsional stiffness. On. in and around this ccn Oakland Auditorium «o joust for a $^'50.000 prize pot in AMERICA'S future astro- ^ the 61st American Bowling nauts may veil owe part- of ter "' S p^" e "is hung" everything Congress Championships. their safety, comfort and sac-' t j se Th e molded fiberglass An international touch is |C ess ta the drivers in lastly drops doi »- n over t h«| an added attraction as regular j Sunday's 2000-kilometer Day-i^^ ^^ Jn! j j s bol tc( j onto' division bowlers are offered tona Continental in Florida, t^ (jju,.^ 4 t 14 points along) the extra incentive cf com- The drivers were cooper-[ lhe bottom of the box. The petmg for berths in the new atin» with the National Aero-lb^y i$ mo ^ed as a stresscd- -Olj-mpic Games cf bowling." nautics and Space Adminis-l stn:cturt sin , le unit with ' · · · · ,tration and the physicians °* l douWe thickness and reinforc-! I.V ADDmON' to money] Baylor University's College of;^ r ib s where needed, prizes, c h a m p i o n s in the,Medicine to determine the ef- Road Track road test spe- team, doubles, singles and ( fecti of the tremendous stress lcifications show ^ | T ^ t . ·Tl-tvents will win the honor . a n d temperature on tneL.jjgj,, Lotus accelerates from of forming a U. S. team which driver's abilities to operate at I a60 ^pj, in 8 5 secon j s . j t will compete in the America high speeds over the longest'^,. . compete Zone tournament to be conducted next year in Venezuela by the Federation In- ternationale des Quilleurs. .has a four -speed synchromesh race ever held in this coun- transm i ss!on . top jpecdrjf 107J tJ Y- . mph, futl consumption in the, Prevxwj research has dis- ^^^^ range ^ 22-25 mpg. closed that temperatures in- ^.^ wheeibast. a c^b 1 weight of 1500 pounds and a Last year's regular divisionjside the cockpits of ears ex- _ fe _ ^ champions swept all men's^ceed 130 desrtM and the 4 cyi;,^,. t n»in* with twin titles in a 17-nation world^v-ers' temperatures go up overfiea( j ca ms haf» with two tournament conducted by the^o Iffl degrees. Despite these[ tw ^ n choke 40 DCOE Weber F1Q in November at Cucnu-ifi^res the drivers still were jartxurjtor, %-aca and Mexico City. :abTe to operate efficiently. I - rke j^^'j f^, independent Still other features of the] Researchers also found that ' i o n with coi] spring ABC Nitirjnal C ha m pi on ships, they could trace a drivers}^ ; c shxk , bsorbcrs . will be the spice of school i route around a course by thelg^j.^ lre hydrauiicaiiy O p- tpirit with a national intercol-^uctnation of the heanbeat-- legiate tournament, and a prowing more rarrid on differ- poker-faced seasoned profes-jent curves and riowin? down w n c c sionalIass exhibition in the on the smooth strai^htaways.l di£CJ m , he Hth annual AEC Masters] crated calipers.on 9',j inch; diameter discs on the front' [wheels and 10 inch diameter Tournament. Th« v»^«ribl» . ·vvnr ta IM fiATlon TWO BIG names in dra; . T#. r l., 1 TS!:' r ? dn 5 "tercd oren competi- 1600 is just under $4.000.00. Caracas Oolf CARACAS, Venezuela CT» » ·.nw'hij BTack Beauty from North-[Leading scorers after the first! m f i t »*i^ITrT"" rit ' s * arx * Don Garlits of^round Thursday in the Ca-| *»'·'!T»i*'iiifV?ir*i1i »uK"*»'^r. I " 1 *'|Tmpa. Fla. with Sxamp Rat racas Open Golf Tournej': j * * · * ,\ r l will tt here in one of AIM*-* trT»n!« . THE LOCAL Jjniori. usual- their rare k»ca| appearances, 'itnf*2£o? ~"~..: ly way out front in any inter-| It could be a preview of a t!» 9 f^aS^..~~ city rivalry, had to fa!! back bijt match race upcoming },?J *^ n -^-;;-;::Tir ten and punt as out-of-town-] Feb. 23 when Wenderski Culver City's Jefferson Bowl Wintemationals crcr*n the j u n i o r s who k i c k e d in t'past weekend on two techni-«un whopping 3324 team series--'cality rulings. Don's brother' and they were the lowest av-iEd and Connie Swingel of erage entering team with 871, Oklahoma City win also have yet. Jefferson shooters wtre|their co-owned rail en hand followed by Oxnard Tourna-Iwhich is identical to the 396- ment B^/al 3.725 and Verdugo cubic inch Chrysler-powered 3,706. ISwamp Rat VI. CAR RENTAL DAY -- WEEK -- MONTH 5peria/ Rate* lor Commertlol Accounts PRESTIGE CARS at ECONOMY PRICES All Makes Available FREE DELIVERY Ask About Our LONG TERM LEASING BOULEVARD RENTAL LEASING 4. (irisiON or louutiio rjic« 11 Treri b Ulf l««cl III) Lo» 9 leack llrd. Sf S-4151 HE 7-Z754 GOING TO EUROPE? ENJOY THOSE OUT-OF- THE-WAY P L A C E S IN Y O U R O W N V O L K S WAGEN BY TAmC DELIVERY AT THE FACTORY AND SAVE MANY MANY DOLLARS. SEE US NOW RICKETTS MOTORS O» L. I. l!rt IK7) ead Ported* Dco3tr f« ti« !.». Harlot A*« 993 LONG EEACH BLVD. HE 7-7483 We'd like to clear up some misconceptions we may have been guilty offosterin A number of people have aslf d us how » e £rt away with advertisin: Volvo as Amerka's bit«st selling tmporteJ compact car when evcrjbody tnowt that N'olVswa^cn is Amerka's birgcit selling importeJ compact car. ' The answer is siroplt. Volkswagen is not a compact. It's an economy car. V\V is built small to carry you from here to there at the least possible cost. Volvo is built family-size to carry you f rora here lo there at the least possible cost. V\V does its job so well it tives you over 25 miles to a gallon. Volvo Joes its job so well it also gives you over 25 miles to a gallon. VW is built so well that used ones sell for nearly as much as new- ones. Volvo is built so well you have trouble finding a used one. So much for misconception number one. Misconception number two is price. Far too many people (for our comfort) think a Volvo costs quite a bit more than a Corvair, Fakon or Valiant compact. Valiant, the lowest priced of the three, lists at S1910, for eiampIe.The lowest priced Volvo lists at S2395 *. But unless you add a four-speed synchromesh transmission. bucket scats, safety belts, padded dash and padded sun visors, dual carburetors, vthitcwalK undcrcoatin; and a few other things lo a Valiant it won't ha\e \\hat a Volvo's ;ot. And \\hcn you do add those thincs \ou won't get a Valiantfor _ . . any 51910. It'll be right aton; with Volvo in price.The only thins is. it won't be rijht alon; \\iih Volvo in performance. But then., ', neither is the Falcon or Con air. A Vohi will out-accelerate all . ; three of these cars in c\ cry speed range. * r - . \\T-.ich brings us to misconception number three: A hi:h-pcr-' v ' formance engine needs a lot of care. Well let Srvrts Car Graphic. ·'' authoritative automotive majazirie answer that one, "Project Volvo cams off the dynamometer at the Autolite Test Facility after one of the most severe lests we have ever put a Project engine through. Perhaps the foremost bit of education vv e acquired was . ; learning that the Volvo B-18 engine is one of the most, if not THE most, reliable, rugged and unbreakable car engines being built today." And row a word about the Volvo 1800S. We don't think there .' arc any misconceptions about the 1SOO S because it's pretty much in a cbss by itself. As Road i Track, another authoritative auto-^ ! motive magazine puts it."The ISOQSisavcryciuIizcdtouringcar. _ for people who u ant to Irav e! rapidly in stvle, a Gran Turismo car . of the type much in the novs these Jaj s-but al a price that many. VALIANT VOLVO 122 S people who cannot afford a Ferrari or A«on Martin win be able to pay " You pay over $10,000 for a Ferrari or an Aston Martin. You pay $4225* for a Volvo ISOOS. Can you see $5,775 worth of difference? (Neither w ill anj one else.) Your Volvo dealer will be happy to have you take one of his cars out for a drive on your ow n. And we promise fight tcrc and now thai theneU Volvo advertisement is going to be shorter. All we phn loljll about ishcrwYi^vtrsljivt an average of I I Wars in Sweden. 3 I Kno» Mefon. l«f»a Port: Sweif WilTsm. lirbaii: Msfor Sol«i, Inc. Compto«: WfcltHer Import, Int. C8»i»o: Skill Croft Aufo Cenfcr, Inc. C«!»er City: Wn« SU« Imports, Inc. Dowaey: Oowniy Sporii Cor», Inc. P Most*: E. U Sfrcp, Inc. Eaelno: FronV MlJIora^* Sportj Cor», Inc. Gsrdta Grove: Geritn Grort Impertt. Glcadole: Jonnny tol ImporttJ Cars. Lsyina Itock: Morqaij Mofcrt. Lottwaad: Ed Esrbari CrtrjtUr-PIycnoutK. Lss^ Itrck: lrmt»-Groy Impertt, lne_ Cofct Bros. Lo$ A«ge!ei: MId-Cify MoJorj; Noll A«fa Co.; Larry Rttd, Inc. Movovia: CHffsrd T. Nat!. Onerd: tor!ow Mofors. PosarJtna: Uoyd Ftanen. fematta: Frorlr Wlift Importi. R«d««d9 teach: W)iitt!«tiy Mcforj. Rettda: Ornor Arntscn. Inc. JLnttvit: Powtn Mofors SoFis. Sat Fcraaado: Korncr Imperil. Saara Aia: Sporti Car Cf«f«r of Conforn'o, Inc. Soafo Eorkera: Hujnct Bret. Soars Meaka: Krcmer Mofon. Inc. S««rk Gate: Rfcnftr Me»or». SUdio City: Haif« t HTrjfy, Inc. Torraact: lorry Rttd Sporfj Con, Inc. Voa Nrp: Ktj«» Mofars. WtJ»min$ftr: Herb fr'itifanitr Aata Salts. Wkitrier: Wni«rcr Imports, Inc. YvceTpa: Lvsby Mofers. 3 j

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