Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 49
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 49

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 49
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Page C-6--INDEPENDENT -«M inch. c«m., rn., Mir. n, r..-,i ft.'HI Dixie Lead-foots Spicing Lions Speed Shows With Zany Antics By BRUCE YOUNG %';'.;;;' Garden G r o v e residents ,",,',r,.-raround .the area of Hayden ·Sri-.'Proffitt's speed" shop must __ u have come to the conclusion «to;tljat they were invaded by a K§Sietachment of.meiVfrom Jeb S S J u a r t ' s Cavalry. SJ: Merchants are on the lookt: for Confederate money federal officers are keep- a sharp eye out for moon- ll these strange reactions V be credited to three pro- ·jgvfessidnal drag racers from the £;*j£heart of Dixie who have in- J££j|vaded the Southland speed £gJJS;:,The .trio, Emmett (Rattle- **»snake)'' Austin, Houston and *»*!iHubert : Plait,'. '.aren't riding 'SUSli'brses for Stuart's Cavalry. S2gRalher they are steering 800 JS^ihorsepower 'stock cars down a "wjquarlerinile strip. . · v-^:- '·": But they do not, stop with ·-;'; jjiist the race. Tliis threesome wrritosses'in a few patented acts 32W .15s- spice up'their already live- drag racing show. "S^ 1 Sunday, Rattlesnake and 'SaiyHouston Platt will be center 23Etltage at- Lions, as : they. square jSJjJjJU in a ; best of three match ·?·_.' "race that should have as many j.! laughs as thrills. - . · 55! Last weekend, these master showmen had the record crowd of 14,681 at Lions jumping with excitement. Platt, the 34-year-old Atlanta, Ga: speed jockey, first _. sent his famed Mustang, the ^"Georgia Shaker," through a " series of lOOmph wheelstands, which sent the- fans in orbit. JVfcQuagg, ff^Lorenzeii ff| Set Pace »$ ROCKINGHAM, N. C. Wj-- '!£. Sam McQuagg, d r i v i n g a liX Dodge Charger and Fred'Lor- 5,'ggcnzen in a Ford set the pace t^tf 1 Thursday as eight more driv- teweis qualified for Sunday's 5S£$68,500. Peach 'Blossom 500- stock car race. McQuagg,, stablemate of winner Paul Goldsmith, H»-'Vv»posled 115.914 miles per hour *w»-Tfor four laps over the one i"Speedway the ninth spot in the field of cars. r Lorenzen earned 10th spot an average of 115.569 h. McQuagg had a fast ;?;"ja'p of 116.354 and Lorenzen ^; one at 116.316. ·^V«'v * * * » s*r-r; : - DAREL Dieringer, subbing *« Ifbr Daytona 500 winner Rich- £·?·." ard Petty, put his 1965 Ply- *2i; mouth in llth place at 114.240 ;nvph. Dieringer had damaged rear of his car in a brush ^^ the wall Wednesday, ami-.'· Others making the line-up £5£were James Hylton, Intnan, *JSS:C.. 1965 Dodge, 114.059; J. ' it-. Putney, Arden, N.C., 1966 SS?dhevrolet, 113.110; E l m o ^v'XLangley, Landover, Md., 1964 f Ford, 111.411; Buddy-Baker, r".''Charlotte; 1965 Chevrolet, :.- : ,'.109.86t Platt came back with a Falcon and proceeded to do a series of small wheel stands up and down the strip. This car also broke. : Obviously dejected, Hubert went back to the microphone and drawled, "Shucks folks, I'm sorry about breaking : my cars .before I can put ion ;a good show, but if I had a third car I'd break that one for you too." - . i The; 32-year-old. Houston started racing at the strip in 1959 after he and the police reached a mutual agreement about the disadvantage of street racing. He started driving for his brother Hubert, but'now prides himself with his excellent'record against his .brother. .-..'..--, . · _ . ; Rattlesnake Austin is also a master showman. He wears bib coveralls, · mountaineer's cap and totes a goat horn at his side. He blows the horn to call all the Chrysler products down to race his Ford Falcon, which-is-powered by a 427-cubic inch'wedge, i Austin, who hails from Phoenix City, Ala'., 'can't explain how he got the''name Rattlesnake. "I don't righ'tiy khow.'I guess 'cause I always tried to sneak illegal-cars or parts iri." ' ' - . NEW LOOK BY TOYOTA . -'..Rear corner windows.and increased window size has-increased visibility in the Toyota by 50%. A tail gate and rear door which swings.out and locks into place increased ventilation in the '66 model. ' . ' . ' " IMPORTED 4 ·S -- -- -- ·-- mm m -mw *m mmmm v«aF HV : V ; by;BItL EMERY *f " W A new look has been added to the Toyota Land Cruiser hardtop import from Japan. With.the installation of the rear corner windows and increased window size, the new 1966 four-wheel drive vehicle has a 50% 'ncrease in visibility. eague baseball's ' Other innovations include a new tailgate and rear door which swings out and locks into place to increase passen ger ventilation while driving The windshield ventilato has been replaced by a re mote control cowl : ventilator , , North Carolina Motor This increases the vent sys tern and adds 10% more glass area in the windshield. Weather stripping on the Toyota has also been im Surtees Recovered, / Rarin' to Race Again MODENA, Italy ,(UPI) -Former world auto racing champion'John Surtees, fully recovered from injuries he sustained in a crash in Cana da last September, arriver. here from the Bahamas Thurs day to discuss the season'; program with Ferrari. Surtees told newsmen he felt in fine shape and hoped to compete in the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, the opening event of the 1966 Formul; One world championships in May. »·**···· r V* READY FOR BIG MKET ^- Shirley Tceples, 18-year-old senior at Dominguez '·' High and second-ranked tower diver in the na. tion, will represent city of Commerce in the . Southern California Invitational Swim Chanv {·''pion'ships today through Sunday in the Com~. tnerce Aquatorium. Preliminaries are scheduled '· for noon each day with finals set for 6 p.m. NearJy 400 swimmers have entered. proved, giving it better sealing against adverse weather conditions and reducing roai noises in the cab. : Another added feature is a dome light for .the convenience of. passengers itvthe rear compartment. A high capacity fresh air h e a t e r with the blower installed in the, engine compartment '"to reduce cab noise is another salient fea ture; : . " . . . The only major innovation in the 6-cyUnder, J35-hp power, plant is the increase oJ the compression ratio to 7.7 to.I from 7.5 to I. Winner of the National 4- Wheel Drive Grand Prix at Riverside, the Toyota Land Cruiser remains undefeated in open and sanctioned 4- wheel drive .competition in the U.S. for the past five years. The Toyota line is sold anc serviced in Long Beach by Ha Keenum Imports at 3580 E Pacific Coast Highway anc Cabe Bros, at 2901 Long Beach Blvd. Skiing Is Good Good spring skiing is expected to continue this weekend at Southland resorts. Snow conditions reportec by operators follow: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA BLUE, RIDGE -- 1-3 ft., pood. Dally sday. VALLEY -- nd Sunday. 1-30 . .HO LI Dail- (-24 In., fatr-cood =NHORN-SHIRLEY MEADOWS -., oopd. saturdiy and Sunday. DAY HILL - 5-a in., fair-good. falr-oood IDGE -- frM In. Sunday. --.,..--'= -- -· » - ~~» MTf^i.L-CERRO NOROESTE - \t- ally. KRATKA RIDGE -- frM In., good. sfurrfav and Sunday. MOONRIpGe -- 1-2 ft., oood. Safurdiv on ski run. Saturday and Sunday. BALDY -- 4-a In., oood. Saturday , -Sunday until T. PINOS -- 14 4 M" Tob, and .. MT. -- · ., good. Dally. SNOW FOREST -- frW In., oocd. Saturday and Sunday. SNOW SUMMIT -- 1-3 fl., good. Dally. SHOJI VALLEV -- 12-24 In., fair-pood. TABLE MOUNTAIN -- 0-2 In., fair- . 11-20 In., very pood snow Dlay. Saturday nday. WATERMAN -- 12-30 In., pood OUNT Saturda very oocd. Saturday and Sunday. new snmv over «-12 flj»cked powdir, excellent. Daily. JUNE MOUNTAIN -- £· n. packed powder, excel tent. Dally. BADGER PASS (YOSEMITE) -- « In. packed powder. WOLVERTON (SEQUOIA) -- M In. packed powder/ oootf. Saturday mvs Sun- NORTHERN CALIFORNIA HEAVENLY VALLEY - M la. packed powder, excellent. Dally. " 'ALLEY -- 144 In. com snow, ally. - -- -- --.... -- In. com snow, exceir ' " OODOE RIDGE -- ' Ho Woeirt. MT. SHASTA -- MO In. packed powder, i»d. Dally. ALTA (Utah! -- 17 In. packed ponder, exceirent. Dally. PARK CITY (Ulafi) -- H in. excellent. Dally. (Ulah) -- U rn. packed BRIGHTON iwdsr JACK powder, excellent. Oall-lly. (Wyo.) -'ally. 42 to. . xceUent. Dtlly. VAIL Colo.l -- S9 In. pi tce-leriT. DalJy, SUN VALLEY (Idaho) -- -- 45 In. packed powder, 'Bcked powder, MK excellent. Daily. (N.M.) -- 1 In. (Idaho) _ 45 In. sacked picked powder. ixcXItn now over l. Dally. Baseball Shuffles Deck NEW YORK (UPI) --Major faces' :or 1966' Include a commissioner, two cities, three ball parks arid three vice presidents who served last season as managers. Six other managers and 30 coaches are on new jobs along with an assortment o: front office personnel replac ing departed g e n e r a l man' a e'er s,! traveling secretaries and public relations men. From now on it'll have to be Mr. Stengel. O l d Casey just elected to the Hall of Fame, n p w is a VP of the New York Mets. Al Lopez retired as manager to become a vice president of the Chicago White Sox and Heywood Sullivan fired as manager of the Kansas City Athletics, wound up as a VP of the Boston R e d Sox in charge of player-personnel. Danny Murtaugh, P i t t s burgh manager until illness forced him out two years ago, now is an executive assistant to the Pirate prexy. Retired Air Force Gen. William D. Eckert is the new top man .as successor to the ret i r e d commissioner, F o r d Frick. Club owners gave him a helper, former manager Lee MacPhail of the Baltimore Orioles. * * * * ATLANTA and Anaheim, Calif., b o t h , with spanking new ball parks, are listed as major league cities for the first time and St. Louis will have a new park ready f o r the. Cardinals some time this year. Cincy pitching coach Jim Turner returned to the New York Yankees and Sisler hooked onto the Cardinal staff in Vernon. The 37-year-old part-time acer explained, "Down South when'the stackers first started you would run what you rung. You could do what we called legal cheating by bring- ng parts of fuel that weren't ccording to the book,.but we idn't have inspections 'like hey do now. There used to e some' wild n^eiets down lere and anything goes." ' · * . * . * - · . * · . TWO' of-';America's most aowerful rear engine stock ars will be the center of ae- on Saturday night: at Lions. Tom : McEwen of. Long each will try to prove master f his own back yard as he ackles ' Detroit's May n art upp on McEwen's home [rounds. /. ' . McEwen will' be tough to uteri with his rear-engine arracuda, which stunned ev- ryona with a 178 mph and .83 second run. Rupp is just ouriding his 1966 Chevelle in- o top'form and turned ;16t iph last week. First round oi IB best of five race is set or 6:30. p.m Sunday, 'Lions will play ost to the first annual Na- onal Assn. for the Advance- nent of Flatheads Champion- lip. Only cars and rails with athead engines will be al- owed to compete, · .* ' * MOTORIOC: Vattran otstrwn are. t leary of Sundays icheduled match ca between fcur let cars at Fontaria r s rag,Raceway. Four let can will race de-bv-sida at over 200 mph and If ona '1ha cars gets out of. fhapa It. could czmc a fo-jr car Dlleya'that will" leava lark on the sport. . tes, columnist and not Bab off on the warpath wains .. , out somenow oot olf or ic wrong 1racV.' Half of the Information obtained In the story was not completely example, ha ;ald that 1 or fuel for on« run.-Bu _. ._ lor tires, parachutes, wear nd tear and fuel. Also, ha.sild tnat the elera onlv have one gallon fuel tanks takes that mucti fuel for them to.tlre- i/P and sla«« and they me Vfi gallons on ^ie run. This writer also trl«d to p elualc Ihe gas dragsters and It see: tat the big THJih Is Doing to start to i Submit iri/ormation/or this Friday column to Bill Emery, INDEPENDENT, PRESS-TELEGRAM, 604 Pine Ave., L.B. 12, HE 5-1161. Published as a public service. 'Hffi^VJjft'X. Rs "Y' Aiioclales "Fun ^.·rV^rks'/'wi^ Kb Dw. iOc. F«tur« beslrmfrs and. «*. """ eliiscs.. Trortiki at ffnlth. Inlol: uate (he gas dracsters .jt the big miiri is oolna . d of 1hc fuefen In favoi ., _ reports 1hat his 1?M CorvaEi unnv car will b« ready In about -flue «ks. This car has the potential of IK vpti. it will welstt only 1,700 will be Imectea on fuel, . . inc MODI rconomv Run will fttart Monday from the mbassadof Hotitl In Los Angeles ~' rrd Sunday In Botfon. - / For: JAGUAR Rolls Royce · ' . " · ' All British Car service Boulevard Bnick-Jagnar rail ye. Drive-. In Van lH TODAY^Varietv R*llyt n Friday/' a L starts- aJ 7:30 p.m.. Seoulvrda arvJ shtrman Way ....-- .Juvs. F»t: $2.50, D.P.'s 50c fea- tur« 8wlnr*r and bwSt elas«». Bejt.ef cfub troohy for * 7 car ham. W PTMtrited at IKf finish. For ""Jo;.rJake 3M-_c», .lub "Anrwal Comniunllv Beach" fnfo.T iZ7-4S3J."" " " SATURDAY-Western 5CC "March H*r«' ·gmJt, fun rallve. 7:30 D.m., ekg.-.lot rear of Panof-vna Towers. I1S5 Van NUYS R1wH .' Pnnnrjwni rl' Bring 2nwe info:'Jake 3M-.TO1, TODAY--Cad lilac-L* SaJle Clu Picture Show." t pjn., i Sivlnas Bank,-3901 AtlanUc t SATURDAV-I^Ts^cr-Bean Sow ffrnk. rallvB-. 6 p.m. noil time, siai P.m.'Corner of Lakewood Del i-., iBehlnd Horn* - Savn.) tt. DPS. TrophlM. lATlADAY-LIoni Dr« Slrlp. Balll. ol Itw rtar tfisrtrte cars. "Heml-'Cuda" tlrlyen b/ Lono Beach'l Tom McEwm. fadnj tt» "Chevoom". of Delroll'i Mavnard Rupo. Plus all ccmMlillon claises. Ajnflsslon a, PH pass 51.CHJ. ?J?3,,. Al "^'i. V/llmlnolon. Phone 421-OHI. Open 1:M p.m. Eliminations o:30 p.m, JUNDAY-NAAFH champlonihlD for FlathMd Powered- Drag Machines Funny car match race-- "Rarttesnafo" Austin versw. Houston Plait. . Admission STJO. FIret Mstcli, 12 noon. Uon» Drao Strip. SUNDAY- Ascot Park' Car Sum- modi lied and sup«r itoclc car doubleh5afer, 2 --- ' 1 ieal» and 35 -lap main event " and 35 -lap ma Info.: »M-10». Trfah: noon. Inro.: tu- SUND*Y-Mlrrt»lwe Slick Toro, ? pjn. Take.La oil San Diejo Fwy. * r r Orange County Speedway.. Near E Tore, ? pjn. Take,L«una Canvoo Road -" *-- -' " Enllres welcome ». info: Ron Joiwi . Car SUNDAY-- Riverside Forlfcn C»r Club "LHIlB Monti Carlo I" ml. 8. XI deser rallve. auto cross and time trials, 4 hrs. 10 a.m., Union 76. ttallsn, 4)lh Sierra Way, San BernJ Dps, trophies WJO member, $* ouests. Info.: 7 -- San Dfego Reclcn SCCA "Lucky 13" tralont, Wls^lon Valley V/Mt, San Dlecw. Reo. Teclt ooen 8;2t] a,m. order of classes: 9 a.m. CD 9:30 A B., W E «, R W . M G L II H i. 11:« ladies formula: Sgl-stit formula cars accepted but must have muffi-r. /Trophies, ifler event.- Info.: 420-1958, Cbuta Vista. TUESDAY--service .meeting own to »L auto trades/ AMI AudKofrvm, 4W S Vermont, LA., factory tnglneer shows entrin* dTagnoses, overhMik' phis race frrrns. Frte, New York Racing Strip Sets Opener NEW YORK Oft-- Gilbert 9hn, a drag racing entre preheur, announced the March 20 opening of t h e $800,000 New York National Speedway Thursday. . The 'speedway, located, on Center Moriclies, Long Island, will host Grand National type for late model stock events cars. 5-rr:/w,eoo.M;i. Fitcf «ry. Warranty SUNBEAM '06'ALPINE' ft New 17W cc EmhM ft 5 MM BMrUa Cr«*»h*fl it Allcrnvter ·A Cmwtlli»«,4.S«« tncHt Trnk F Imports ICHELIN original Kelso's Racing Days Are Over BALTIMORE UP) -- The acing career of Kelso is over. Mrs. Richard C. duPont reluc- antly .decided ; Thursday that he would retire' the horse a hairline fracture if his right front ankle. i Trainer; Carl 1 Hanford, said "elso, the.: greatest money- winning thoroughbred of i all im'e, apparently was injurec n a Feb. 13 wprkout prior to lisjstart- at Hialeah-March 2. fe'finished fourth in the six- urlong .allowance, race and yqh-?500'.' f " , . .'.'. '.As .soon, as .his .injury is eajed sufficiently, the 9-year- 'Id' gelding will be -sh'ippec r'om Hialeah, to, his honie tabJe'at : Woodstpck Farm in Chesapeake City, Md. . "He will definitely; come ack here and retire to a well- earned rest,". Mrs. :duPoni laid., "He certainly deserves t.-Theichamp has given his est for many years." * * * * . KELSO was named Horse or'the-Year five consecutive years, 1960-64, an honor won no'more than- twice b'y any other horse.,He won,at dis- : ances between, six furlongs and two miles, toting'up to !36 pounds.' : Kelso \yas never beaten at wo miles, winning the Jockey -lub Gold Cup an unprece dented.'five times. In 1961,.he lecame the third horse in his- .ory to capture the handicap riple -- the Metropolitan "iuburban arid Brooklyn. Five times Kelso was nomi- lated to represent the Unite itktes against foreign invaders in ..the, Washington, D.C. International at Laurel Race Course. He couldn't compete in I960 because he had finished training. Starting in 1961,= Kelso was second three consecutive times, never rhore thart-l^ lengths off the pace.'In-1964, Kelso scored by 4% lengths over Gun Bow: His time of 2:23% set an American record for ! J /2 miles. ' · '· ·' ·'· VOLVO* *ALFA TRIUMPH* COME IN NOW TO SEE WHAT'S NEW FOR 1966 IMMEDIATE DIUVEKY ON MOST MODELS AT JIM GRAY IMPORTS, Inc. 351S Atlantic Av*. «4-fl»5I 47 Reasons Why YOU PASS UF^ TOVOIA CORONT 90 niph sportscar perfori|i-- ance · 90 hp 1MO cc engfet'*' lithe;rakisli bodyllrie.s · syn-, chromesh jpr.'.autb'matic^ transmission,* custom-crafted" coachwork · engineerireTug- · gedness. These are just a r few. of trie power and style-loaded features that make trie all Hew.. 1966 Toyota Corona the most exciting 4 door sportsedan to.. hit the American scene. You'll' have'to drive it, see it, and most rfflportant-^check out »!(.- 47 features to see why;ygii.: can'tpass up this economy--, wise buy, .-i.-' f : 17P4 p.o.e, **/»·*·' Tlit Te*ik OH COM (ren TITITA · 3rd lilttstmiiufKtircre ntildes li Hw wwW. · CABE BROS. 2901 Long Beach Bl»d.. L. B. Ph. 426-7001 DELIVERY IN EUROPE WCKETTS MOTORS - Y«iir Antfiorlini VolkiweflM-rorsch. Cegler now Im aivailtibk for ,0. tl» following mod«li for delivery l most cities ii Enrop« 1300 $ Sedan Deluxe.. T600 TL Fostboek 1600 Squareback .. $ 1735 M84* place of Mickey GRADY HATTON, replacing Lum Harris as Houston manager, stays as a vice president, retained coaches; Nellie Fox and Jim feu.sby and hired three new ones. W e s Westrum, Stengel's successor, lost Heffncr to the; Reds, retained Yogi Berra and replaced three coaches. Eddie Stanky came out. of the Mets front office to take over the White Sox from Lopez and made only one coaching change, Kerby Farrell for Charley Metro. Al Dark replaced Sullivan at Kansas City and switched only two coaches. Bob Scheffing, former manager of the Cubs and Detroit, ook over Stanky's front of- i r ice job with the Mets, Eddie Robinson moved from the Houston front office to Kansas City's, and Harry Dalton assumed some of the swivel- chair stuff MacPhail lefl behind. GOING TO EUROPE? BE OUR GUEST FREE TRAVEL SHOW TUESDAY, MARCH 22nd, 8:OO P.M. · SPECIAL FILMS IN SOUND COLOR · TALKS IY EXPERTS ON TRAVEL. VW DELIVERY 4 SHIPPING · QUESTION ANSWER PERIOD · IUFFET REFRESHMENTS · DOOR PRIZES -- SEATING LIMITED -COME IN OR CALL OUR TOURIST DELIVERY DEPT. FOR A RESERVATION AND FURTHER EUROPEAN DELIVERY INFORMATION CIRCLE®MOTORS AUTHORIZED DEALER "At fn« 7«f«C Ctttlt" 1919 LAKEWOOD BLVD., GE 4-8464 Mioi;'911 or 912 Porsches INJuiANCi AND^HHANCirtV ARRANGED. ^'^Tiibmr tut FKEE »*rv!c» o*d c (ton up ef .your tor ·· yo«r return froa, Eirop*. RICKETTS MOTORS (On Laig l«och llyd. Sine* W7 Aafktrln* V«Jliwoj 5 e» and PoricU Duttr hr tk» : ' long hack-Harbor Art* 999 IONG BEACH BLVD. HE 6-5221 rteato wild FREE hifMjnafion for avm*cn delnery. , ., -" NAME : ../ _.__'.. B ADDRESS ; '-_.. '·· CITY ZIP..! PHONE......... ; ; j| · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · " a INTERESTING FACTS ·yHALKEENUM " Who poitd for Leonardo Da Vine] when "fTJ painted Xona Lija"? . . . Mona Liia it actual!/'· · portrait of ikg wifa of Zanoti del Giocondo.-:. Did you know the Chief Joitice of tha Suprama Court gafs only $500 a year mor» than in'"' Aliocilte Justice? . . . The Chiaf Juitice 'qi'k - ' 40,000 ... , Asiociafa Justicei get $37,500 lach..', 1 Tha famous Buffalo Bill from American hiitcfry got hit name became of a contract n« had !in . . . ono part of hit lifa . . . Ha wai to supply wofieri 1 ' on tta Kaiuas Pacific Railroad with buffalo ntea'f'- · and ha reportedly tilled a total of 4,300 buffalo^ in 18 months . . . Ha was also ona of tti« famous ; Pony Eipresi riders . . . His rill nama was- , William Cody. ·· ·-. H*L KEEKUM , Mo * d "P ' K *"· ="·"'· · · Tha deepest pomf- known to mm n in tha Ssurh Pacific wher* '* .' depth has b«en measured of mora thin seven mile-T. Did you Inow trial' President Calvin Coolidga used hii middl«:'" mm* instead of his first nami? . . . Hil full nama was John Calvin - Ccolidg*. . ^ ' ..." Thar* w«ra no political campaigns in th» U.S. bafor* and durj^g , George Washington's Presidency . . . No on* WM willing to oppoU. ' vVashingfon, and thus America's first raal political campaign wai' ' for our third Pretidential election, when Jefferson in 1796. in Adams beat TTiomai!' Altai h*ra's on InttrasJls? fact . . , dial you fcMw you can TOTOTA COIOMA with M-.p. «gi M , hewer ,,,! wi, wril llrtt for «*ty J17H f.o.t.1 S«* KM im»Mll r for ·fed In fewa. ; Copyrloht I9« Hal KEENUM'S IMPORTS 35SO E. hKtfic Coast Hwy., U*f l^di Ph. 4394994 K 4344SS3

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