The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 17, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1920
Page 3
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•*m •n'Op-f i;"ti "./ -: ' ~V •- - ,' V;'.~i.1y- },-. :.••;• ±%$ '• ' OLT kiss •:hr- • ^Jffgj^' •-•:'•-: •awal driate &, that dresses ' suc " ,, The ^W^I^lWiW'M^^rti^^can be sold foi% We 'Will not palm off aRvold:^ie HAT on you. we will FIT -YOU in shirts' " ' ' „,'' States- Ttrould., "ftnd S)-"c'odtinite ! -*6 concern •Europein affairs"-' It the allies proceeded^ ••settlement'' of -the A* rlatic -problem without' consulting'tie United States. —^—-•—----- ••-,-., : : - .- Proof ' ' ! -ol fn<it$titijj»':ii& i p«n.,' ' m New York"%xe^noV%'MiimN"ipWiuN , .grading, Dl«c«ntlnu«ii August,., , x '• Mr. and Mrs: L;' W< -Proctor .were the dinner guests last evening of Mr. and Mr.s. T. J. Sharp, o£ Murphysbpr,(j. - ; •Miss Etael Carter is reponted as improving ait Holden Hospital, having undergone a^x pperatio?! for appendicitis Sunday. .-..,. -. • .. Mlrs. Ree' Drury bas returned from a visit with relatives' in Carterville. J. D. Dill spent the day on business in Carmi. •' • . DINNER R. T. Brooks and Clyde'Sill are attending the -automobile show ini St. Louis. ' T'he". ladies ' o£ the Preslbyterian church- will serve^dinner an the 'church basement- Wednesday and Thursday lr?*4.5:30 to 7:30. Dinner, 75 cents.— Advertisement. ; . . ROYAL ARCH MASONS W;orkUn the'" Mark Master degree •Tuesday, Feb.-.17. ' '•-. ' J. E.- Youngblood, H. P. J. E.':WJlloughby, Sec. Advertisement. • . . ' St. touts' piano house Ufl? Biby /Grand Piano and' Player Piano Bericii and Music in CarbondaleV Would die poseotthese instruments at a bargain thereby-saving expense of 'haying them returned to :St. liouis. ! Write F. W Shubert, 1111 Olive Street, St. Lpuis —^Advertisement.' ""./' . . , Mrs. M. L Baker returned to her home in St. Louis today after a -visit with her sister,- Mrs. E. T. Harris. Miss Helen Cruse-went to Ava "today for a visit with her uncle, Dr. T. W. Gulp, and -wife: ..... F. S. Gradymade a business trip to Herrln today. .' ... ' Eisket ball Friday and' "Saturday nights, Feb; 2'0'and 21. Normal Gym. Cape Girardeau vs. Normal.—^Advertisement ... : . 8Ugar-..futur.e8,,8USBena^ > aj !t iuj;, ernraent's^eqtieBf P.n ; ' Xugus^'.itj,^--,... was"resninetl'jpn.'ti'^New, i^k^oKee and'Vugar%xchunge. ' 'The' first;:sale was-'10p ; ,tons'Jfo'r May. deliTery aj^w cents' a : ;iE)ound,'.".'Thts contrasted 'with. pound 1 In'-wiif.'" \.-,!','.' I-,!!,-•''•'.''.vuvtsir February and.. J^ardi' Shipments ,were ^frer^d freely' at'' 10% "cents n pound. The price'asked^for su^«.r for Immedi- at;dellyery. WM"!!'.?*'cents •'•' -.. •,. ^OLDS RAIL ^STRIKE NOT: OFF .ttalnteriariee' Chlif^ Allen E. Barker ''•' Says li Will Occur'Unless Relief Detroit, Mich.', -'Feb ; '^.—The'-' proposed strike of the more than 300.000 members of the Unlfed Brotherhood f pf Maintenance, of WayV Employees and, Railway Shop Laborers has riot. been r . canceled,.but. has been merely post poned, Allen' E. .Barker,. president.>f the brotherhood, announced.. Unless speedy relief is given the workers, he said, the strike would certainly take place. . ; ' - -, . RIOT OF. WASTE IN AIRCRAFT House Subcomniittise's Report on War Efforts Bitter Arraignment of Department. . Washington, Feb. 17.—-A scorching report \yas made to the .full house by the subcommittee which has been Investigating -aircraft production and expenditures of the .war department. Summarized-, the committee findings embriice counts of "woeful extravagance; total, incompetency; utter fall ure, and a wild riot of waste." The report severely criticizes Secretary Baker, Col. Dlsque and Director Ryan, and contains a strong- recom mendation for a separate air service hereafter. > sheet 1 was In^lalXe^Jn^'W^; front'.'window "of '•" ney,i.^res^dencje.j .TK.e'.' jfamijy '.'Ji'a'd scarcely ' raoye<i'~.ln t wli'e'n"t : n% r - began .to. receive' t'ejejjfijon*. .'n"shirt > factp.ry. v ;..'Tbey, .we're, ^ysti'fi^d /uhtli f 'th'ey~"'discbyeri;.tl that •'. wiien.' the k,Mr.Mi^£c^^^ rr-- . •hifep^hoiSrt^liw^qti^iw.i'Hfriiiiiff'V.-sttsfgttftiift '• pf ^•-rc^fiti^^^^^f^^ '»' * «i" "•''''" • i - W '"S^'^~ ti;''^;'"' •*'*''•• '°i£ '•"?'•• *'••'-'•• " "'-" '?>»..:*:'>.';•''• A Harold Lloyd Comedy and Outinl ;;^:..; a . ; -:;,; : ; ^^^S^ij^-ifut^+ ••; • ;';. : • •• jjlass. ^ ^ : Tne' expljjnatf^h was th'at' w.lien;'fb\.. 5:lass .-'forin'ed tlie h-aheninsher.'^./.wln- :ilow' it] had bo.rne"*thcae '' woiMa/lnyyfeit'e 'ennmeled' ret^ers,' : nh.ij tne"" |efters,: |>»* protected .tiie.- unde'rfylng'.giass.' iroiii fife rays 1 of "the" snni consequently" it had 'iidt''fa'ded':as the rest of .tlie''glass PPSTS'-MARF •• '•"- •••••••• ' . | Are S^V st'riit~' ; ';^l.s i A^na Strips of Country's Np.rtiiern and'Sou.thern -,. ' 'The Me'ilcnn''iiml' Cnha'dinn border lines of the. Un'i erl States^are .not linos at all. hiit'VatJipr n.^.series' of .p»«t-° The "posts nlon? rlie Mexican bo... >, are" carefully^ cairtMl. pernaps to p'ru- vent nhypn> 1 'frotii moving the horrler. THt PEOPLE'S j.'.j">.-,>'--.i-.-. •. , FOR RENT—2 furnished, light housekeeping .rooms. 402 West Pecan. ' WANTED-^-Name o£ ' party'' "who would buy piano. Notice my advertisement under local -news. ?EOO reward for name of party who would .buy. Send name to F. W. Shubert. And Then 'the Guessing Starts. v "I • don't believe everything I read In the newspapers," remarked Senator Sorghum. . , . . '• . ....•'< . "Don't, they -tell the truth?" ."Of| course they trj-. But there ; are times'when soirie of us who are making history feel that 'public policy as wfill as personal "ambitions.prevent us .from supplying all the facts at our command;" •''' ''"'• '•";:'• - 1 Where "Quality-Easfaion-^Pride-Reign" THE We Do Business The New Way---Your Money . Cheerfully Refunded Ci R E A T COR SE T SALE- We will sell ;ian. discontinued models .of..the famous ,La- Camille--Madame Grace—-Warner's--Kabo's—R4g r corsets. Styles ior all figures; sizes irom 19 to 28 in both front : and back lace. • - Neglected Gold -KILL THE cow>i, ;i' : «' : >, ipiflt^s—b: '"remedy;for 20 years form—sa£e, 'sure, no- jreaks up.,a cold in 24 'relieves grip in' 3 days. ' • back if it-fails. 1 The ine box has. a Red with .Mr. Hill's picture. • At All Drag Start! i'A-..:-'.^. CM* in Advane*. One .month, per word -.-•;.". On«- week,) p*r- ; -word->,;.'. ^... One inserUon; .per: wort ., ;Three Inaertions, per \nord . WANTKO. WANTBD-^-W'oniah : : to' do house .work 1 tor mother' and "two school children. Cali'364 X, afjter' 6:30. "-.•'.".' ' furnisiied, light housekeeping rooms. 402 West Pecan." Canadian and Mexican Boundaries., : The ac.companying Ulustration shows an American .performing' the. feat, of Etauding.iu two cpuntrles at one time. On^tb.e; Canadian border the posts are unguiirded, except for a flagpole on either side, each, of .which flies, the flag of its country. . ... „, ... .., , :. One..of. the Interesting features.,of national borders Is that a fleeing crlm r Inal. Is, cut of the .hands of the police, once he has taken a, step..across^, Though the police may be able actually, to touch him, they canno^- legallj $ 0 so. —New York'AVorld. .OWL BRANCH. : : ;-' • •.:'•-.••:. • ••.•: • • PeiB:16,: : Ed. Farley/spent Saturday night and ^Sunday, with'his .parents, Mr.\and:Mrs.. J..J3. Farley. ... . ,... , -. .^;, • ;.: " John ' M;<:Kinney has been s.taydug with .his, daughter, Mrs. Will, ;Savitz and family/:-who have all been confined to their bed -with .the flu.,... . • ' William Tom Pleasant of Royal "is visiting tils brother, Alt Pleasant, and wife.- .-.-...'••.'••- - ••'- •• -V "•• •••'The cold spell-, of '•• .Saturday ni-ght and Sunday registered ithe coldest weather,we. have had this winter.' ': / Frank B. JBtherton is suffering, with la grippe. . ;"' . • .. ,.-.-'••Peter ; Paul and family .moved to Murphysborp this weei;, and his "bon, Martin, occupys th>3. place now.. Bruce Glenn, was ; out Saturday for WANTED—Young girl - to assist •with housework. Mrs. Geo. .Albon. WANTED-^Two waitresses. Vaa N-oy.' - •- •. .-. - - . . WANTED—-Furnished- room, mod- , ern.-, Close-in. "X," care Free Press. ' WANTED—Energetic man to sell and' distribute high grade make of. tire. Attractive proposition for the" right man. Clyde C.,.6ldham, State ' "'' . WANTE&^-Trimming trees. Experienced. ,Wm.: O'Neill, .611 Washington. i. ' - ' ' WANTED-MJeneraragent; fpr - Carbondale ard vicinity for'the'Monttiiy Premium Accident and JHealtli t»epart> me'nt.of the 'largest Company in,'.'the World, wiitring" all forms' of Accident,' Healtlx and-Ijife insurance". Requires a man capable of writing policies and the first time. af,ter/a .siege of ,pmeu- .adjusting claims! Commission 1 con- Milligan 'has .returned from ^ °^ ^^ S ^ ?' Bt>3refr ' lifen ----------- ager Casualty Department, National Life Insurance Conipany of the TJ: S. of A., 29'S.'LaSalle St., Chicago," 111. St. Louis after being called there on account'of the- serious 1 Ulness of ; his Smother. • . - . • ."• .-. ' Arthur Parrish was-a business'visi- tor in Murj;liysb6ro Saturday. . JERUSALEM ' ' ' Feb.' I,*/'-' i Our school was dismissed Thursday List price $10.00 corsets—Sale- price ....... '. List price .9.00 corsets— Sale price ......... •. ___ . 7.50 corsets— Sale price .......... .... 6.00 corsets—Sale price ..... •. . ...... 5.00 corsets— Sale price. ............ .. 4.00 cpfsets—Salep-rice. . . . . ..... .... 3.25 corsets.-TSale.. price. " List price List-price' List price. List price List pji.ce . ::.:;:an:r . ;'L'ist. price '2^56 corsets— Sale price. . ........ ••.'.'.". : '. 6, cprsets inrtbis Ipt-^-atid . ••surely': they ^ wont last -long ' 'tiSt ' ' ' $5.50 . jj.'fli.O . 4.00 . 3.5.0 . 3.00 . 2.50 . : 2.00, '. 1.55 MY§TER,Y IN POISON DEATHS Eli-oy (Wia.) Woman'" and Man Die After Partaking of Food at .' Informal Party. , - . La. .Crosse,. Wls., ..Feb. 17.—Elroy, WIs.,.."js'in a'state of excitement fol- lo%ylng"Uie sudden' and ; mysterious deaths by ^poisoning of Raymond Hnrt,''aged;.twenty-"ssyen, son of .John Hart, prominent hanker, and Sirs; Nellie Ward, wife of a.,Chicago & Northwestern qonductor. .. The .r*'?aths are, .believed -by. physicians to have been caused, by foo'd both Hnrt :iml Mrs. \Viird ute nt an informal party at the home of .the la-tter's mother, Mrs. Charles .Hart, Saturday night. THE STYLE SHOP on account ;Of. sickness, in,tbe . erfs. home..,' ' -,- .. '• ..',',. ••.,,.••;•, -'..;..v •.;iffis3.'Edna,..'Cri | pps, daugoter of and .Mr£. JMarioni Cripps of ^. ;bbroVwas buried at this place SUnday; Feb. 8th, and on Wednesday, . ; Feb: 11, Miss'Leliai their next oldest daughter was buried: •' They leave their parents. and three sisters; 'besides a host .'of, relatives arid friends- to mourn tneir absence.- - • '':' •- ;• ' Mrs. Alice. Sprouse,- wife' of Will Sprouse, was brought hereffr.pnx Cobden, .Feb. 13th aud was. buried. .$he leaves a husband and seven children, the youngest being hardly two weeks old; also three sisters and two broths besides a host of relatives. Paul Norton took sweet potatoes off Saturday. , Mrs. Orlena Nobel and Anna Long called on Miss Bettie Norton Friday evening. ; .. . FOR RENT-—Two rront roonu Style Shop, for office or Blee>lnx room*. Apply Miss Rleth, Normal and Honro* St. ••'.'".'• : • "• ' ;, Pitch From .F|ir Trees. - : Portland. Oro.—Pitch is. soon'to be extracted .from iOregon'. firs in an effort to resfopk the country's .'wan Ing supply _of,ini | Bentlne.,.A .permit, ..tlie.. Erst of ts kind has just aei IssiieJ b the ( district..forester .to allow the extras dion,..qf pitch from. Do.uglas' flr-.timber ;bn' 160^ acres jienr. .Disstpn in, the.TJmp- ,nua- national .for'es.t, i> Compfefej Marks—I lind no idea.' yptfrt, house was finished. Parks—Oh.-yes.' Not only finished but all my friends have bad time to tnll me how much better It might bar* been—Boston Transcript. TH£ CHEERFUL CJ1&RI/5''to Ke-zjr "tka in,-' I'feel ••• uplifted in rrsy ket-rt, ' Especially v~»Ker^ tenors Tkeir extra., little, /""^ •FOR RENT—Storage goods. In the one story brick' bonding, cement floors) on- alley back • of • m«w Sarth Theatre.- Apply Ifloc Rtath. -•.:••• FOR SALE; ';' '' FOR, SALBfrFlye room house and large lot, close to iotfa, $1500. Call at 305 East'Iiam St. ' '• ' •." "*^"^^™^«^B^^ •FOR SALE^-Jf-ive; pigs, weight 60 pounds each. Phone, 386 Y.~ T. B. Barnes. : . FOR SALE—Dandy 5 room hous«,' modern except heat.. 403 Normal Ave. Price and term's right. J. G. Warnecke, Centralia, 111. ' FOR SALE^-Five room house and large lot, close, in town,.$1500. Call" at 305 East-Main St. '.."*'• •FOR SALE^-Modern house, two lots' and" barn., afa .bargain. H. O. Ball,' 803 S. Normal. FOR SALE—Five room cottage on, i"West Sycamore St. All conveniences, except heat.- : Lot. 60x280 feet..: Has good barn also. Phqrie'247 K, «t *12' St ""' FOR SALE—Used pliino. i«ld this week. 0, oare of Free PtJM FOR 8ALH—Pony; KMMMkto. Ml

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