Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1962 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1962
Page 26
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. Peg* II r«t""?"!ii?. fH: A£" I lui Unfurnished Houses 110 i 4 1 OPEN 'TIL 7 P. M. i 1 ItfeUI -- At Areas a Trices · · CMik us Uf -- rie tta*e fwm 1V-1«¥. Yard Kids FVS. , , H^~ite, itR. Fenced. Kids. TV--IBS;. Gar Ntar scnoots. ·~ ItUiR. OT.M. Feitced. Kids. - taeja-lsUr Car. Near xhous. 1 ···»»»-» ·· t**. garage. Kids. '* i tts'l' 11 ' °* r **t- *id *j ft* 179-JBR-' 1 ba^tVltToiR'. Kids US-New 3 8«. Gar. N L B Kids »-4B» Lkwd Kids. Pets. Jem ItTI Allan!* GA 10417 »C~LOSC tg^sfa'c " Coi'ege. 3 burn. Ivt tath. targe tented vard. Carre's 4. araMl. A.ala*. no. ,' Rente! Agcntles 113 ' . Properly Managomenf leave town *\e n«rv). a'* Deoev. WO L B tvv* HE a«/SI CANOLCRDS-IIST F«rt~"wiTM ALLXANDtR RENTALS CAHJIt . Office Desk Space 114 FOR RENT OR CEASE · OFFICE SPACE-- 20.22 "HATTERY. WILLIA'MS" . BREWER. R?s.ltor» C a l r.'E »!:' r- ».E !»'l 4320 ATLANTIC (.n. c ·· Te *"-».-'« *-« *l a-j L Mt *; - * ..." « ' · tois- -- -t ·--" ' r - - - a f e e . t C.- .- - v ..--..-re .r . .n 1 r*c *·»·» l « J r» _ _ _ S-*A-r~ '·£."· *T ~ ' V ? \ T M r e i i ?i- ',vi »';r V l.:* NE\V_C£LUX= ~ li£ ~ L N2olf525 j."»';t,.5'v;.-, ! ',",*,,'* 4:1 *L^vtV ' 8 a ' '" c ta'i jvii C'HU -4?T ll" It r.'! l -*T»"e~ $« r -. V*J f . I'.J'J! :* OA / J* 4 Bus. Indust. Prop." 115 IFOR Uf NT) jX 2 MO. FREr ?.ENT A . a '.i'e row--r"od»'ti t'c'e or e".tti, 130C I-, tf . Ut f.ot,r, »r. tr-; , rr.». if f er ctf 'e Nr. L.B. t:«2. (V * » - i f % a . N.L.B. C a l e*'.f-GA 7 I»4. .AM'ivux. 1KC ja tr , fl-cvra litxr c" r.e ·.pa:* ci Afax 1 .: c. rear »aV C a l «r. S'ea,* 1. HE *?;C1 "~ SHOPPitJCr~CtNTr Rl " 1 ~""~ l",t ixa!«n S r tc-rer Pste- r^-ur-f 7COOC se.°V piVir.0 nt 6:1.1 MA 1 11:4 i.T.V S ta I30CO n tf. b.Ca Ml rcw»'. 2 true* we :t, it re* m- Cji'r.Al Dark, Ln A:»-n tct A¥a.t. f Of"i"tcat.' » --Yufcrici^e *»- lotx: 13 ttcch tac. 1 .**J»tar frcrwa* aecfM S goal H.ll. ! SlOSI t'd). ttiU. fiwQrestent . - | unt.r'fl, fiie t'oof. air cond. ii 1 ·· v-r'l m*»^ (··V'l* t"'*' ** "» · . Cf'it:e*er. Peat. rert. TO 7itti. ! /Cl ZONE b'd? Accroi. U.K. a»v . u ffa.| cutlet w'or wi'houf art. up\ . «t*.r». till C, Artetla. Bet;to*er, * '"} STORC4 09 O M U C I S FOB |- ftv! tr .|«*« Pfnr (,*f I.Q U1 I "~*,~ HOI COi'flE R I C C A T l O M ' ! · I*,-! 1. Arlr- a B .d. L. B | fc oj ,V.« M.l-t toik "9 1 t'C *:*.i HA f 1174 · c " c e im's. ti'l Oru^a/St^ai * It It. CA 4 C4J7, /.'en . f n. * ·' VUARf HOIlSr.. O » H C C S J W * B R T J C O A A N CO ML J4!!» * 'CrrVroct I'Jfo.'C 3, 411l'L. Ana'- ' Nkm at XiT-n. OT HU4 1 V.AVLMOUir FOP I t A t L ' · .*i i cut. il'.S L B.' bt HA 1 SI. 4 , . COLDtH CO ___ HL_J^-CI I OCrWfl New, rrv«) . »e*i · »_T.r». 41/4:1 C LXrJ»n Mt^yt- 1 ! ! Beach. Mm., Dcicrt 110 1 tfO* RIM) 1 e'cvn t.r //ii 'fif\f.ri 0 tr C 4i;/i 4 Wanfcdlb flcnt " "122 J r J A V A L C F f i C L R . 7 ·rt.-.r'V On re 1! *CD'C«. 1 11 tfti. X'nt. (*'B Crfr. Pf'\. t»rn \Vr I'f Crrwlr. " VV J ftisT"iVi. 3 r - a - l f * Covrl. J «.o. irr.rifl V« 'ff. '.'* ten. ! Attention Lflnd!ordi J COUKUOUi »H L ?' j t V i f C I JOHN i Kl A t 1 V __ _ G A 4 1 f " . 4 I j ' r v t - t o y i n Mi'ttT'j'f-r :BR. 1 O»4 t i* , 7.3 w '"3 or t ' "» 0 I'. 1 M-'J vl. Ur' )rn t - o j - e »-ft w .HL .47!! *". \, * l (I-/ T.*t r-..f · ,,.No Chargo To Ownert l ' · ' V.I a'io rnar^sc tit-ixrltv * r » j f / y/, L 11 I'*J (*L t t/M j -TV*!- "i" 11 *' *'*. * J ^ t ! 'il 3 Jrn'' ('A*| iC.I *^_ 4 ?r" I f ( N T A L U M i ' l A * H"^ 1 INDEPENDENT SERVICE » STAIIOtl FOR LEASE ! C 'nC.'rnJ'l°n.l' r Ro' X 'vr,r"C ! · "RESTHOMES C*:i BOB MAPtIM AD | REX L L'HCDG^VCO_ · t "\t J p "* ^ * w rr- r (! if i - t f f f - J w rr-.v. IT'JO I P 1 H A V i L T O N S f-A 7 174? I ~ SECOND-HAND' STORE ' Ir-Ti-'e tr**rr-i j C, 4 r n _ · ihaiV '-r c.-ui-e »'»' lO.'i.x' · ' · C*:t f ^f -v*. TO /'.1I4 * f t * i " « " l A V ' c v » : - i ri*' Pt 1 I IK » i r f c - 3 l.t* '-1 "·' ta ^, ' 'njCfjitti?^ 1 ^ «.:/ T I AN TIC · h Ct rr-'a-rnil ,r r.-i,j.i »·** 1 CootS bjl "rn U nrrfM c:j \v.u t*«e tf ««···» c ' i;i to traoe. NC 1 IMt, w»,.^c j Cl 1 » "(.AB-"c.n-. '-'1 rairM f H^'/iUTO'l'^ f . A 7 in/ tC"-«l* C A 1" ' ''fl , *,»4'l M IR n.'U '·''(" U an · *^l tr'ai n^/f*. T'df'cr* ('* 4 «jv. ' f:r to-.-3'e r#"*^ * » - ' · » · roont et ii'*fM TO t A'* · Peach, tricil t.r «v 'fc i* e fc _t*vfi._ r,A 4*;,s · It kviCI 11*1 '-·» nr~i.Mve Peit A f irc ci'r H T 7 4 U ? , C A J M 7 T · lV*-r i-rt* **' Jrr * t^i 5*''» 1 4 I L!¥,_C*ri^_tT'l J'.f ,M^_/-4SJ»_ ! irv LB//?t: iV.i/V^r i pn! r On r*\». Ill W. 7T1. · f OUT PA if i'-at^r."**. » "n *»-»»( * l f » V l t !'«· "i -- 4Vf7 lir.-ij"*. * iVANUFACtUP^NC *(tt~~ rc»/etei. * AiiO llAR"^ wTtj-rer*? fctrCtei* t HatviLTON-s 6 A TiTI 1 ; « tMI r-^» Try \jxf\l iT** t ri » MAMHTONA ft A Jl?4» ' n*»a/.»tr-rT'ih 14 »rs."p»»r V *^v firt. A (Prf* ar»*rf. tTno ; A04J.I to fMT»e. Term*. T *T 4 4,-Ot Builncts Opp. 126 ·ytctn pnvr-tM y£?t «« l ^xk*e P TlX»0-»e'f»'t »U«T SVITM 0^ W**-t*5lf «42f f. rto.*»r A.e. TO /77J tUJ Rwe*a«« **E * 4 U Cfiivy A Con'ortabl* Ll^nq Wim mKvmum uvt al .wveitment lOrYAbD IMS r-URCHASC OF YO B?AnT wix fW*cre*e tr«k ? i?TCA6y' ll wc«3 atsvetf. ED^eweod 1 -1-005 E*et. " LIQUOR STORE ^ "i('rl?7e iiaeian*o'«"o«^er. lt»»lf. Bus. Opp. Wcnted_ 127 IYANTCD '-- Brer"* *·" l-'eme CA J)i;» "C J4I84 * V i!!eJcY." *"* ""*'' CA^tni OWNERS: Ca^n evt lor vour ? cr 1 BR. her^e VO'J 1 »» il: VbE will se'l .f. ·· W..I trade It or-- Me Mr. II jor'ia 1 " RfALTY cr 4 M; V/ANI TO SE1177 WE'LL BUY IT TODAY! LAHC.%000 HOUSING COUP. GA 3-7979 WE HAVE AVAILABLE M 000 000 plus -- tor iutxl.iii.on land trial muil fce st?ent by Jyre 3?TX Owners only-- p'ea»el ROOCS OCALTY CO. ATTENTION BROKERS Pr!*a'e Bwver will corctia-e A l it tcr re« e by vow A pay tun cprms^'cn. itVrtle 6c« T-TI71 inoet). Press Te'C. WE'tL BUY IT TOOAYt LAfXtAOrtO HOUSING CORP. CASH tsr vcur prep. toe. or small. Any location Older property OK. Aleiandcr Rlty. GA 6-3303 OWNERS Write Ba T «I7, ind« Prns-Tee. QLi:(k cavh sa'e at rrotieit price. QuicV Cash -- No Waiting WE BUY S TRADE CASH tar vour eowty in J, 3 er 4 bedroom homes in Lakewood Uf 'l- Hewer area. Realtor. TO 4-7C3*. JVX» cavh. //el Math! HA «OC39 7tlD~.VBW- nr Dovoias. Cain t? SK)T CASM tor property in ceiorrt it'OO CASH l^r Ibr. holme In Lkwd IASH "not utveriat on" your e^y- _ty, Irnmed. jKtion. pfcr^ivE ^4 ms VANT «"iall |rccr«e rear beatr* TO U.OOO down. Rltr. ME 3441$ JELD'horrVln HUB. area. CaJ Mr. Surtditrem. «t S-7I1I Real Estate Exch. 129 -- BAKERSFIELD-- lovely, tarot 2 BR Jjwnc + IJBR. Trade UJCEO eouity* ICf Lena BeacA propertt/. MAX LIVONI. RLTR. 1101 ATLANTIC IIC «»«' OWNER WILL TAKE St.009 trailer at part en It* r 3 bedroom A den, 1 ca*ti t.omt in e»e( utue arta, tJorwaik. f'nce *""' BOCCS REALTY CO. TO * /C-* 1 *ei._HA S*/il fAPT.~ mounfa n tab i. 2W9 C # - lre« Lane, Creiti re (La»e ·n'eTriOO TfVjMo/Be^fi'p'co- e'ff cr C"rn tru-^r. VVn'f D* e Hfiman, 249} S. t^frry. [*-ivtr. Colo. , 17.500 r.QUlTY 11 r*'k I ^'.»'r» turn, home wpool. HrKC Vti.KQ Will aM some ta-Ji A anun-n on intor^ AANSOM fO LQ 12 U. tor home, R 4 lot. n cr riere units er T /AANY OTHER COOD T R A D t S E. Ford.^lir.GA^6.3909 UL*0"-- J ON 1. Traoe 11.000 M. MAX LIVONI. RLTR. V.L MAvt J A 1BORM MO V.Li t? tr.»i* lor Tracer Mxnei. U R I t H C H R C A t T V S A L I S till f Artrni, Oe!.rb*er IV 1 K A V I c.rr 4] years »ii*ri«rnt "' MAX"L1V6NY ( "RLTR. 1191 A T L A N T I C t1E i t/Cl U ACRLS M ZiX«, font*^. S60 .000 tir*r. VV^.t Intent, ^*C%OV«UR r M?'Rltr. tlC 7C417 TO SELL* OR EXCHANGE Ca'l Pay Httltv. Rllr. CA 4 4^*9 t*t . iuti A t»ti cr. f ins :; CAD i L noHAUo, Lo*ni n. ItJtt UDING f A C f AIR + (.ASM. T A H L H 4 IOT, t 0. T? f,A 4 Sw,7;_CI:_01l?I;_r.r_3WTl i tlf.lTS 1 met new. U L H ir r - ;i UNIT apti. DelHiowef, tnco-rsi J? TOO rrvo fAuit se'l ir*»Tiel.a f eifj er ' w - t i nadr o^erJO .1*111 SUWO'HOUSr *MUitv«% UD to tlOOUO a-A tcr T.O^ * rn *f- l«o«*. THADL vour HOVL cr nu-tf t-r tr r.nt 1 br. e.«*iY«wn, at UU I. (Xean. C*l C,t * A.V*. A r t s - T U t cr T O*-^r, t«C S it*l rurt)r*n. OI t-r «*., t*(*n Sul) (M. or trad*. o«nrr. 4)) 4^1. T R i r t C X . MIX IVarl »-"»· r«me mlavxj liir. tit *I%* 4) AC.~Cio*e~l"~IV"'l*Je for irv Malierv. HE 1 H»: CC^3 7K_ Business and Indust. Property for Solo 13C 81/2^9 ACRES M-2 ro* en (jfcoerty. Vntl *e'l tfl re- toonMri'e ronrern tor 112.000 d^on at sroooo -- pfJGS Rl ALT V t 0. TO 4 / 0 4 10' r«*» HA SCSI "OFFICE BUILDING" in te*'t ct I'.trA't^u"!. f c ' t r J a r GuIvcNRichaTcfj ME3^sTl 2 7/LtliCAU McJg 1/13 il. 1'. lere nr it't. * 7 *|ti f'.ff i vir*gr\ 1.1, ( L. B Ue. O-l/ 11.01 down. M 144.1 M l 411] ^ Al K U T Z H A L T r W 7 H. 1 " B."~! l^-Oroo"! A Cfn. fOOV TO HUllt) 7'-10 vg l IK tJj""»X itttr tr ctt.cri n «. i*.io,!i (,A 4 in: S*ll cr Urt-.t I'orf, ihrc. ? ar.'j" 4117 C. rn O*n*r, (,[ t C M I ir.HT W loH. M l it.VA rurfi temi u»r. r.i ois;?, vi 7 J = \ j C - J I 0 r ~ w ' - i JRJ.-m. Nnt^v rn SouTH St. IW own»r. f.A 1?:.*9 CommcrciaMncfust'l 131 N. W. t O M N E R " cf L*»r*ood ' A Inc. Prop, for Sale 132 A ; i OP cio\e in ir.c. $;·' 517 'SC i^T-,.t. //I.SMUA »1L CHO'Ci "vvBicii y"? CJN'I.*: PR". f4. 4 Qtr fjr. SrVtl'r9. Lul. CUSTO'A r-J.LT. iotxt.t . W ' SS|tlA »T_7C'W t"c. $?M r-vi. Pxm ti liC.'d* ~ »?VO ()»* till) INC t2)7ua T H A N tifior M»if iro j ?.*M ^_4 1 RiV^ ?%/ OLIVr. HE 7^17 Ire. t??i' r *| I'Vxi iMtlr/MC 14411 ilTAOV-tlu'.L d J L r , l l r T l t r |;i v^ 1. ·* i;?J | . |;i HL J4*;i fPttllLY c^-1eJ~ "SIJM1T ccu-t "MT IftNDABir PI f U f t H * lr**t*f. hO »·' U? 000 It-C t^'fl. U^X) Oi //Fl'.iNA Mt 7C' T * 2 years *mJ liinort o^w*/ ilOOO LN -- Nrw f i v . r ( i^'*t | iv t Inc t77 fTKe t'.low SDOnO Don la*M l»:tr. *.r 4 74T» I. 1 10. rvmti. ns. rtr. ;^r aur fj-4 INC. i~u. wT^'nrirxo't.n t inton PTfy. 1770 T. t;i MF ? 4 4 ' S iioTQ DN»t»)V^i. f~i-M~hifTi r«. re* tnc. 14D. fir /;(. 4 MJQ lac. Prop, for Sal* 132 i WFFKLY SPECIALS DUnrt. II »e« wa*l t* buy where tod can walk Ml ·ver ci»y. ivkf thu. OnJr ViCO 1* .hand:*. sV/tt, * ft*-t . * **4t .. Y »**»«! brxts. C'eat bvv *9f tM-i-X 1 . CtfATCST Bur III city. ttt,SOO IF YCKJ WANT^a m'+ttt.y 2ft. fiaM^es it. Vnjil tweme. PtOUO OP OAHtRSHlP. Yes It voy twy thi« tovety M wrwts en a r**' MtttPf OtfeVlJ/JOO V*tf* HOQ.009 cath will handte. H. R. Earp Realty Co. 79 AHantlc HE SOT?) " N E W DELUXE 4.Umt Apt. Btdgs. ONLY $1950 DN." FOR ALL 4 UNITS ? t»4roorm. 2 b»tii each, F/A ra^ot A even. dsoosal. snak ba'. Laii A pai T er. cedar srvng.e roof. J (jraoet and landicaoed. Location! -- Location! MODEL OPEN 2 b'ockl t9 Or* cf An»*i*'rtV» |ari eit A rtictt exclusive snoDcma tttv ttM. Taxe Sait« Ana Freeway to Riv- eri-()e frftrway-- taht t ml'd tufiv erf, south 3 biokj. right on Gieti Milter Investment Co. JE 4-BSIS MA 5-2181 DAYS OR CVENINCS NO VACANCY AREA Shara duc'ei-- Z tearoems each- owner n*«cts roney. rett otler wins. Must sell this week. An hour ot V9vr tmt wit) make vou mortev. Try 13000 down. Alto * triple* In Lot Aitos area. WALKER LEE NO VACANCY AREA Sharp ct'jo'e*-- J tedroomj each-owner needs morey. B«t ctfer wms. Vi/st sell tnn week. An trogr et yovr will mate vou r^ner. Try SJOOO down. Atso « tnciei In Let A'toi area. WALKER LEE ll/ ICI . Arnhrn Prl CE 4 747 CASH TALKS 5 UNITS. 4 dfiuf 1 BBS mcd- r'n-/«J home. Ii30 month incorrie. M.tXM eauiV. 4 A R T S , (*fC* clean.»«*v R^t«i icr more. Good (scat on. OANtVwUST CASH OUT G E » 7 W le*ocn. Ritr. CC4ISTI CIRCLE THIS AD 4 tjnih, al tfiKto. A ba e r ren ivexr-oltj d-JD'ei ·*· d rty 2-Bdrm. ft 3 R4rm homes. (Oxmfr aMero'C to art, will sen tor JIJ.JOQ wtlSX d-mn to auaCfird buyer. j 2WJ LAST P.C H CE J«1I CRABTREE CORNERS. INC. UMRESTRICUD 3-7 DR. turn, hot-ses. 4 (lit 0*r. att. en 2 Cl I:'J. Crod church cr act. house site. Inc. C." E. JOHNNY JOHNSON 23:t C. 7'h CE «C447 HOME A INCOME 3 horre t leaded srotery *tore, S N i ornrr 33r d A Paiadrna. itij'li-J k 4 ljl .vri(.« -- trty it*i. Small dn prrit Owner w.K 1 nance. R. B.' SAFFLE. REALTOR HE 7*3if 414 C. BnJwy, HA «-im BEST'OFFER BUYS 44 UNIT APT. HOUSE AT TCI E. 4ATH ST.. L. B B*Mjt'lul o'Punds-- 70" · W F*OOL CALL OANLR T» «rg'« J IH4 WIGHT TARE PART TRADE GOLD MEDALLION 34 UNITS-- 1121- 1827 L STH H»» P^«l W'w crc'J* parti* furn. 1? UNITS I7SO APPLETON HM w ·M firc*'t, r* rt 'y tu^n, ( O R «Air APARTVCNTs"" I 1x11*1 (itKifM) 7 Story stuctO, «er. let |74«lli. Ui*. lo^n. Low VOO mo. incon^e. N.L B. Near lou**i A O r angt Bf cw"er. GA 1 1117: it no am*er CA 1MU FIRMLY^BLT."! UNITS wi'h U c«'r«*rtl Mrms., drarfs Intlxlrd MW'A tnce ti4.»W. tric^e W40. rcr rwre J*ta. «e Cr UPM CL )44I| CRABTREE CORNERS. INC. Partnership Dissolved Br ewne'i: l-- Yr? turn. umM. 1 v r, new. B-rth tabl . carpe't, o-xid tiean eeai. Atrr^t *Krn BY OWNER i: u, 2 :CR. i: inr; t J i C f L Y turriihrd. tat! S'«*e_^ INCOVL 110 MO. r. P. «J.ITO '/ALL DfJ/.rl EASY TLRM1 PHONL HE 4 IM2 THIS 15 IT! J.,rtt lUted-Xlr.l Are*-^Trad«T B R 1 S\'H6DGES L CO! 1 "TAX^V/ISE'INVESTMENT U u^itj V.aik t^ B.»fcy P^rh. ll tj'rt. Take ion-.t tain t T D. AL'ltjT/.'prAUr HE 73*4? HOME i'lNCOME 3 BR. home, lireolc . rcti. dTS. Very tut. Pbs 4 r»nr jt?». Pent- JOHN RsSkD'RItV. HA 5-641*6 AllLV IOWNCR P4 C*owrtc*n -- i tiockl ro.t Off.ce STEELED MOSS CO. V.HAT A UlUMN! S units CoioreJ * r ea. C)r!y S3"' *t*m me SJO. 1 f, i:i1'A To Ht TO «··/ i* SIM ntofh. S H C H T fit ALTY HI JW3) 3 MNTAtA-143 W MARKET ST. **.. C »n Stucto. N e area. tloA-NTOAH PJ ALTV HfJ J4« 3~HOU;LS~ln rfttftrfd"«r"e*. Good relurn. F.P. ONLY ttS.WO A low ci:*n. lie Sill. Owner icilra. l-nnc. iwy. C a l III. S3C93. 4 1 PR UNITS. Pwm ta build, Q^-tk. t e * f71^oo Sub. aft. AL RUTZ f L A L T Y ta W Ci»-c Cer'fr. 5C*1U C J. J IRtt + IcJr'l R r iTcn~K ^dondte-^- VOI| 6f "hAVl ' IT-V.L HAVL IT *,CMAE NN. PLTP. HL J}4I1 228-230 E. 7TH ST. MOTI i ii POOVS n us"AHT7 ?3 pii»jrf t.ttr\. X.rt btitk DOANTU/.N RFALTY nr S744 f A U l L Y n/t Jfl«. rri. A aimo\t r-»w c* in 1 -' .^' tJ «e l-^r Nr. t \. 1/1 ',00. tot.m.t. WL SS1MA HI ;c-..» Inc. Property (Motels. Trailer Parks 133 AUCTION rt iuxr i UNIT! IVOTI L MIN.. Arr.l 1",. 1 P.M. Dl'-iwr HOT SfKINr.S. CALIT. T Uc*» rurn. 4 k.tfnerH piut O A - N E H ' S irW'OnS 1600 S3 It. *:t. Ail un.'l \V VV f*rpftj. Fri9- t-'.-t-tt a.r (o'-^.t CT. titiifj mjwr- al DOOI. r Mtra kt t eioand. tn- rrr-e 113 OUX prcpettr clear. 1cm: 4 . down CUM, A^awm A J. Merit ti (Dun-* fMft tir vovr pfnn*rtyj Aix'.crwr. ITore iY V3I3I T^ S firit A v e , Arcad.a. CaUf. MOTI L-RIAUTV-tOASTWISl" ?j unTv-ltx,t-a prs. tsr cwncr, C.roit UJJCO. Tra.lrr H -M »-t rr.^ker. ICO SCMC rv ( roi\ VO tYY]. TraUr r*-O»»»re A r«**e I IJjgno on.* r,rc tt lioooo. STATTA-IDF INVESTMENTS tH Ltxi/tf, sH-n. 104 HI. T*«S4 jl MOD *[t»9\. r«^-l*"l W.OOO T r y S13UQ rtn. /··· ».»« t^»e mtte!». At. ItuTZ FEALTY" bwn-You^OwrTAprri34 W^*Vrnl Tr»v yrv^T fl t O*^* PI A_l llUOl.fS O. HL /Jill l"x».V.i'tl'Vmr,r!!'l Ms f» 4i * ,.., r.,f, | (t S1 -,,| Wl,0~ I0» "h'.i 1. 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M.IM. t» ownrr. LkwrJ. Villaot. SIO.W9. HA 1 inl. ClTV-VICW R4~»il3a all»». Good location. Rtator. HE 52411 BY OWNER. Ajxll VU'.n lot »·- 1S3. HA 5IU1 BEAUTIFUL 73. IW PARK ESTS. LOT. CE 4 llll, OOTtr. Homes for Sale 139 BASHFUL BUDGET? 2-BR. AS-IS LOW DOWN PAYMENT LOW TOP PRICE 1! HURRY !! ELLIS-SCHRADER ·!( EXCLUSIVE AGENTS ft 2611 Btilltoorr , HA »!»:! INSIDE OUT Such "Prlrj. et OwitrsW la tftts Jtedrm. home. Largt llviria rm. a. SOKlous altcticn. (Evm wl!t» trick tTtplfK. BQ. Dcwn pafmt.r? Try s!UO. ELLIS-SCHRADER ·b EXCLUSIVE AGENTS -,V K« at 7511 Btllfloorr HA 1 !«:i 3 S FAMILY ROOM Z BATHS Plm twiIMn birch kllcbtn t. lorcrt h»at. Smart modern hom. lis f'nt area wlltl carp«t L oro- fesslonal landscadng. Just Sll^ }U. Call HA Mill. Key at iM) WoMrulf A.e. WALKER LEE Bjuder sacrificing this 3br M 2 ba'hi, landicaord, fenced, btt.-lnt, t rppi., ffcti. unbei'evaMv txired ·t 114.700. Low on., terms It e rent. 2 tihs. north et Aloft* Bet* srtoooin? center. 7702 Taylor Avc. Ocen 11 to S unt.t soldi Ttut at tjIs.wS' Hont ng'on Be^J*'** VI 7~4Bfl Days V V COLORED AREA V 5 BRS, 2 BATHS djwn. Trade! 1 MAKE AN*6 C FFER YOU NAME IT-- WE HAVE IT SCHWENN, RLTR. HE V74II BUILD A FUTURE! TratJtr vovr home on one ot cur rtuitip'e unit}, tree, let tfe w».ts pay tor tnemtelvet, tnci retire witu nitre Income. METRIC REALTY GE4UU 3740 t. 7th St. SO. Or 7TH ON GRAND Larct 3bovm. FA fumac*. Dbl. ?arag.. Near schools. DOOtf mar- et. etc. tll.KH. Se. Mr. Marty HE 7-1251 REX L HODGES CO. PARK COLORADO Ths twrri. Is eicellent. 2 tdrms. Modern l. vou OCTVDY Qmcfcly. Its near. Prict IU.V30. Call Wr. Marty HE 7IJII REX L. HODGES CO. '*"« FIXER UPPER * ' 3 BfJrm.. rilct livlrg rm. ba*h. llMd«ood floors. Carag*. t4tS dn. lull DrKa UM. Ca'l BOWLCi GA 4.JM1: TC 4«J4 REX L. HODGES CO. -,-r BIG LOT -ft M.1W. lory IBdrm. Lor. d n. rm. 4 tdrms.. w/w carpet. Dbl. parasc t7U) en. tr DEAL WITH DORIi TO 777CI ^ei. HA »U45 MOULD REALTY J5(Xf TOTAL DOWN 3 Bedrn. t den. 111 bams, bli In rang. a. e v en. Disposal, tireplarf. nndrr b'k. fenca. UU. saraoe. I'ymts Is* rent. Ca'l . . . Guivtr.RichardsHA5.l25l OLDER 2-STORY LOTS OF ROOM 3Dfdrm.. 2 bam, family rn., tiler lakes It. Key at ... RAPHAEL REALTY 4415 r. Sonrg HA »!I17 Gfi CAL-VET SPECIALISTS IN Gl LOANS Lse. seieet.on el 23 tr. horres. HARMATZ t KALE HA 5-74.84 TRANSFERRtD tH.SOC- Immediate posiest. 3 Br. W w carpet, tented! larnttcaoeil Irw M. cr fea*r w /co' ion to tw. W k t L i Rlty. CC .MOH HE MMI LOOK! Vaca-.t 3 A 4 RR Cl Pesa'e r«itTe%. Reaecorated (nude A nut titt't or no down cymt SOI FUKR RCALTY CE 41477 3-BR.-- 511.500 V / w CPU. living rm. A nail. Ot. *tacr*d osraae. Laroe, R l Jot. f'a^ed tt. CaJi Alcom. MA 1-41 77. Toner Realty. Eves.: CA47W1. cuir : BR. SPANISH STUCCO i 1,000 down. Tree-i.ned ttreet. hear fcus, »tore», Owr.J»es. ~NO QUAUFYING-^GI KESALLJ 3 A 4 B R , 3 tam. Lo dn. Bal. Mr rent Own'* w.ll trans, (mcdi. tU/cl'S Rf/. UN »Z734, LA 2U2I Quick Cajh-- No Waiting MORAOOO REALTY CA714M 1CR. dream rtome. Usoo F.P. tlSOO dn. t» mo. 17i4 Atam-tot. Owner 1 B R . 2 BATH. 3 S T O R Y HILLVpr MOVt-UXBO DO'AN C L t A N A roornv 7BR. C10^e In. SI»MI. Ut. Oni/ IHOQ^ Sctw^it. WtSSINA tlE 7«5v4 2 PR. A dm. ^immaculate! PP. wim eitrai. Realtor. HC 2 1?21 jioo "DH.'NU otr»ef to\ts. 'i~Br. J tAttt. Bkr. HA tllil. »m DN.-- J DR.. 1'? ba.. t-u'lt -n raroe. 1 liitoo Rltf. HC 74411 iACRlMCL-TriDiei 1 MCrtwm, 1 fca;ti. tl1.V0.JCC 55;«t. 1JJO UN. IBM. st«c'o.""f fpi . loe. t»nrd v*fd. Bkr. WC 4 JIM I'jOO DN~*t^9 rx). Needs ti»n*. Xlrit buy tar r.indfman. B*r. WE 54^3 Irt nl. t. el LB. _B*r._HA_fJISI dnwn Ill.ton R:tif. HC 74411 AlaAMIIOS HAY DISTINCTIVE BAY FRONT HOME Corr-e' Ixat.on on oprn «aier. rear lU'txir enframe. 4) fl. p-e* hr»J r'oMl. ramo 1 4 Iff fsat 1 nr losed patio. OH. oar* of. Ca 1 11HUIIS IANE Cf SUil CLIVE GRAHAM CO. 100 [. (Xean. Realtors. HE 23111 "nEf-SloNflTiTaGTits" -- NEW TRIPLEX -- Sp»-!C--i *wt.*r'» a*t. witu f re- |.t*t. 2 fcams A w w. carret^-a. l-v rx-t t47) rer mo. O"** tuno m. D.BENEDICTIS REALTY GE 4-8401 PRICE'SLASHED l»»i« r»«r bkt». sv It mat* ur^V . rlrtR.fyitinht^c.tjS-1 lrxc*r». Lstras.' CE 4X47. Hornet for Sail 139 UELMONT lltlGinS HOUSE FOR CHILDREN 4 Udrturn. UuOl. larja lan»U CLIVE' GRAHAM c'6'. m e. oc:-- , p«*urs HE »HI R k VtfWa^ X FeV°i.i~*- IIEUMUMT MIUKE NEW LISTING-- SHARPI Charmlna 2bom 4 Iar9f llvlnf rns^ sep diuA9 rm.. far ate. hear shops ti pay. Prkef {« sell! WHITE REALTY CE »-C!SI II8COVINA tBEORM. -- VACANT BKR. PH. 4K14II BLT-INS-2 BB~D'iD. NKa loe. Just BIXUV AKE\ 1023 E. 46TH M*droom. 1U ban. Easy oaring tfistarKt to stepping ctnters. C '" LEO« E K K - HA · 2911 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. KOE. Ocean Realtors HE 2 ml t 1 FAMILY ROOM HEARTWARMING CO 111 Clean stucco wm t replace. c»r. peted. drapes. a*n rjs. trrrr-jo tur- nacc. Sfiarp roomy kilcnen. Coy. A encloiwl pa*io. Ob'e eirao. * svorkshoo. S17.7SO Terms arranged. Mr. Orarrp. a. Carson JOHN W. REED. REALTOR CAlTfll 401 E. Market HAS44J7 TRY »I5M DN. to ]·;% io«s. 2pr. t am. xmt location. PAINT SAVE! 2 Story. 3br. A den. location. LEAR REALTY GA 6-5935 BIXUV .KNOLLS OWNER 2 Bdm. A !«'« den. BiHItins. *H5 Tclberf. C A 7 U U DOWiVI OWN LARGE OLDER HOME Very clean. iO*»50 lot. Ower aineus. V.'ill consider any cfer. SCATON A SELOVCR HE 41177 EAST SIDE 3400 Gale Avc. Cor. Lot 3 bdrm. Caret ted. area it t itcnen. dW. oarage, plenty ct room to add en. B 9 yard. McCermlck. CA#-3«J; GE MSlf REX L HODGES CO. 5 BRS., 2 BATHS ANYTHING DOWN. TRADE? WHAT-HAVE-YOU? MAKE AN OFFER SCHWCNtl, RLTR. HC S54I1 ESTATE: 2 ON 1 3 Bdrms., n» b*thl. w'w. Clean! 1 tdrm. r*"T- re^'er JSS r*o. JILfSO tu!t erne CEf-1141 Le«)ofn. Rl'r., 0^41571 CLOSE TO BIXBY PK. Charmtrg 3 bdrm., iun rm. T i REX E LHODGE^ r CO. 8 NEV/ UNiTS Ba'cony style, tisrit 1 brs. V/ w carpets, drapes, parti/ twn. Terms Call CE imi; CE ims. RIV. CMEAPfR THAM RFHT Ibdr-i, Sr^J'l lot. F.P. SI500. Call CC*04^4: CT tal43 REX L. HODGES CO. BUiLDERS ATTENTION O:o' J-Bedrm., l'i t^^s On SOiISC R 4 lot. Mr. ;?n Cherry. Try terms. BKR. HA Mill. Fif Up-- $4000" Full Pr. REX L. HODGES CO. HE. 7-irSI LARGE, neat, c'ean 1 cr l'i bain Acrrpt UX fowl er will trade. F P. 1^130. HIATT HE 7-1301; Cr «4K« IBR. novst at 4:1 rai'e. U^A full price. HE 2-ISJS. dn^ 3 saiiti. »I7WO ^ P.. irr. t7M. pymts. SIJ7. Bur. ME 4 J4.~0 r/ODCBNIZLD Ibr. 1*2 rentals. 4 9ar. Cood terms. Rltr. CE 4 1114 COTTAGE. 11X00 aim. tij'rio. Furn. It sparhlesl Bkr. CA 44911 LAKEWOOD AREA WANT TO TRADE? See tMi level/ 2betirm . nr, tA*i Co Ifs S"notf T r e u t F l O LAKtnOOO tiOUSlNG CORP. GA 3-7979 lilt Del Amo l*t trifrrfl NR. LAKEWOOD HIGH ha'0 lBe4room, dt. earae*. Din ng rm , rhht. bar, carry's. drapes, loe. fenced yard, ruil price 111.500.-- Call . . . Guivcr-Richards HA 5-1251 ~VACANT~J"BR «. FAMILY RW". Lovely 11(14 ^eal^1 POOL. ol. IMr., wrcrkshop Br4'jt. rcrnrr tiorre. VV w cpls.. drcs.. f red. NX. :ltn. A real t.r-I!l.:»- crNE nrerKCR Rity. IIA sun __p_prti_ty S_?JL_I-M. P._*_ DON'T LOSE IT WE'LL BUY IT! GuIver-RicfiardsHA5-l25l VACANT 2-BEDROOM nr. malar steeping* a. Vui 1 rei. Lew do*n la FHA LAK( WOCU MOUSING CORP. HA 5-7S14 -- TO t-373t S77I Rrl!t!ewer BUd OWr4 TRAILER er boatf Trus bto *"D" Jbr. horre h tcr YOU. W-w ca'peM. r**-o L man/ «ner eitrat. T r y H-TW dn. to new rHA loan, AU tcr H», eves. HA 1 tiSX. MOULD REALTY HA 3-W43 BUILT FOR TEENS WO »a tt. rir-iouj rm. J br% , w w, VB. d'ps. x:nt landic. dose ta MJ/ Co. 1 DaucfAv HAS-74H Eves.: CE 1-W13 MOULD REALTY PAINT SAVE E-g "D" model, near Ra'ttit. Tinder b'k. trnce. ttait thoner. 5*D d " r-3 rm., b g ut.I.t/ rn. T r y S700 dcwn. tcrrr Rett*y, HA ^7427 evet: HA f i:6A $1000 DN. J-BR. CLEAN " Clo\e ta l\Ud.ion L Hx*f. Owner bought artcthcr. Ask Bern e HASSmi 1 " CC 11413 MOULD REALTY NR. LAKEWOOD HIGH 3 Bedrm., on one of I've t.ceil tTrfftt in Lfe*d t-uture w-ndunv. LAKtAOOO HOUSING CORP. HA W*14 -- TO IVH 5771 Be!:f'OY%cr Blvd. MUST Br"SOlO~MOWI Submt termt erne. 3BR., nar 1.*. rm, to* d. terrace. Carpet r-g In all rmi. Lovtly ttome. Vacant otrir hrnnttR Rit/. HA sun REAR LIVING RM. Very tlc^n 3 Brdrm., dov« t- School* market. (1100 wil h*xjie. Jjtt I iff a, 13 ivjrrv! Gmyer-Richardi HA 5-1251 A REAL "SHARPIE" J Bedrm. "Vufij*|" noire. W W (jrpeU. Irnted vard, and teautt- fjl Mt,o. A mu.t ta tret GuIvcr-RIch.ud.Mt3.Bli: nv PER MONTH LUe tree wi^l lo« c^wn en 3 bed rm 1 duofei. v/a k:ra c.itame tj Dovgiai, t;f KJ P.P. Gu;vcT-Rich».rdsrV.E3-8ll2 " "REAL VAiut-irc" TODAY" Sep. d n. rm . w w rets . crp* In oood rond Cov'd catio. I11.7U CLIlt N t r t H t K Rllr. HA SM4I OrtN LVti 'TIL l.» P. M TRADE YOUR ^SRi for shwo Jbedrrv Natural waocj cab:r.4!s. dU. oaraae, r-e arra. Btaetiwood GA 3-4037 J 11,000 -- $76 MO. JKedrm. t years eld Hew tf.1. Ca:| Kr.trmJinn. TO 4CJ44 e*es.: HL 14iS4 Tcrer RrAitf 4J4 rtTALUUA. CM«1 Ibdrm, JUOdet F, pat 0 Cl cr FHA ttrms. l^^, Hf: 7 7H17 ifit ran/LTV-- Ci-e-V'tt srid~u% rn. ? r*s. Va^. Nr sc^'l. tf-' _ t*..o«.T 1 _m:_»:j«: io_)4;;t I'd dsuxt ta la'ir«ood Cei'er! K owner. UN J !*._ i«v-iae. $i5no. pi'r. Ht lr»?i! *Y OAT4CK J Bdrr-i . f^cn !····» I147U «a IXinrc^ri. TO 4U'4 · Ml DN. JflR s'^ctl' I'rl. Itt. fmred »am tllr. W C 4 ilS J"»r««, "ICt. LOT. C A N t R . WC .K1J. Hemtt for Salt 139 LAKEWOOU AREA DO YOU WISH TO SELL YOUR HOME For CASH? l M*ry HoHanrJ HA 1-8231 ties.: MAt-tru «r IU 1 Utt SWIMMING POOL $695 DOWN shared ooeL P-^'s hem* is toatfH Mim feaivtes, a real bw. RCAOT RtALTY. 14191 Laiewcod BiyJ. ME 4X1J WII r«r» «nt mcrt taiesmwi. Oren t am. tj 1 Dm. NO DOWN Gl This attractive bedroom hemt t\ available to · ouaiitietf veteran. please dent nesita'e to kxtvire. terta*nly no obligation. WALKER LEE K«9 Delltlooer Blvd. GE IJrtl POOL SPECIAL ONLY 1I7W DOWN Lovely, larot ^BeoYm. win rear living rm^ tUfl hitOten. seo. dmnj rm. ISiM Ajilrion» POOL. comoietelv decked, vard. A real bargain al SWIFT REALTY 571' Scutn St. VVADash 5-IOT Gl NO DOWN1 class dr. t? covered patio from rear living m. ar. cnoic* features of this smart }BR. home. R.ntl li!fN-l tool Ca'l HA Mill. Key at U41 Woodruff Avt. WALKER LEE "J" RED HOT LISTINGS IMMEDIATE POSSESSION Choice location. Near ail tcttoois shcrc'r^. Vacant I Bedmi., 44C2 McNAB -- Caiy term*. Beit priced in area. Wofford Rlty.. HA 5- 1 26 1 NOT A HOUSE-- A HOME!! This }Bedrmj 2 bath «!·* tre- piace, 2» wirina, excanoed klttn- en. will olv. voo tnat -H^nev" feeling you'll I le. only Ill,»»- Kcy at ... RAPHAEL REALTY tm E. Soring HA (5117 HERE IT 'TIS Lovely 3 Bdrm, rear - tlf rm. Cots serv north, covd ratio. Cinder blk fence. VERY NlCEl 47?» OS1ROM -- OPLN SUN. RYCRSON, HAZLET, JONES CE 9C2U9 -- CE 1-3111 STOP LOOKING 3- Bedrm., Hi bafM. Huge mailer bedroom with a«t»-'vn9 Ji ba'fi. In ^t tfart et Lakewood. Total erlce enly tU.900. Guivcr.Ricr.ardsHA5-l25l 2.BEDROOM t14S9 down, excellent location en eriereresf. Mar shcre'nx schools X US. tUJ line. FHA en c.i. Btlier. T O 7 7 7 C 7 L/\KE\VOOl) VILLAGE SEE TO APPRECIATE 41 18 CLARK tcvely J bedroom, m ta:n Village I.M Tie. r,icw,.ce tn l.«.nj rm. nArrooany car-eled wail. Lets ef rerwnc ti 1 . in Mtcnen f. ba»h. Natural*s w:tn built-in Tapcai rang, a, even comoina* t'On. Th,s hcrre Is rriccd r.ffhl. Can T. D. MOORE CE H77I OR CL 1142 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. «00 E. Ocean, Realtors Ht 73941 YOUNG EXECUTIVE 4279 PEPPERWOOD Vacant 1mmed.a'e rxmrniorv 2 tearoom tome m Lakewood Village. W-w ca'ceti 1 crapes thru- cor. Be-XrtitVty larrascaDed. Quiet I'rtrt. Cm* ta ihoro-no 1 tran*o. CALL T. O. iVOOfct. GLti;;i CLIVE GRAHAM CO. IM C. Oceai Rca;tor« Mf. 3 ^il 4338 BLACKTHORNE Triii lOfC'/ home mutt be teen ta te arprecia'ed. 4 bedrooms, living rn . dnma rm., den J. laroe bhtil. room. Circular tioor elan avound, · trurm-na mficr courttard. CMARLti LANE tar Information or trortiyres. CC f 1411 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. too C. Ocean Realtors HC 33941 ~ THE'PERFECT LOCATFON" CUSTOM-ELT. J.fR, |i/,-BATH Near ail srhcqls. Ui14t lot. en u*eiy s'refl. Try Uvtt cown, cr w.ll trade. 44S3 CRCCNBRIER OPtM SAT. i SUN. PM. Wofford Rlty., HA 5-126 1 10% DOWN O*ner savs naie efler on t*ns clean 3 txjrm Village home. Large MilJJ 1st. Mew colored batn t.*. tures. Call Toner Keaity. MA S-74J7 -- eves: CC 4 573 J.ERl"PLUS~FAMILY~RM. ONLY II4.2U S'e^l ^'S r«m« w'"i SISOO down. Larpe varj reir Cty Ccl'ese. HARMATZ V KALE HA 5-7414 NEW LISTING Blaut.ful Jbr., } tarn ho^e. w w carbevng. tiraDes. Irnmac. t!7.T». Tern-s to suit. HARMATZ 1 KALE HA S-74C4 MAKE OFFER 3 Bni, m . i^*i(/ i..eil kilcTrtn L tain. Nr. it. Cyprians. 0*ner aixous Call Frnie. HA 1-tHJ ^ HA L j-I74j. Hard t3 tifd cor. Jbdrm. Redec. In out. FHA terms. Cloif to a'l strxjois. Caii ta trel LOS ALTOS ONE TOO MANY Yes, owner has purchased »tv ctner a, muit sen this loot- if* s 3 bdrm.. 1 '4 batn home. WW tartxls t crapes. Close to school i i iDocoina. price lint redxx.ed. Good f.nanc.ntj avail- ELLIS-SCHRADER ·it EXCLUSIVE AGENTS -fr Key at 1!» Attwrton CC tlM 2-BEDROOM HOME 2119 Radnor Ave. Newly Decorated Thruout New W/W Carpets New Linoleum Kit., Bath New Grb. Disp., Thermo. FOR SALE BY OWNER $13,950. Ph. GE 4-2888 JR. Executive "Beauty" · 3 bedrooms, custamiird den. 7 bams, double fireplace, 0 n'ng room, b:t.-in e'ectnc llttren. Many extra features. Sec n:S "WALKER LEE 4100 BtMfi9*er C'vd. HA S 1J14 "· TRIPLEX T^rfe 1 BR un ts + J 0»r»7es. Corner ct. Near Lfit A|T,n ihciv tr/ij.* (or J BR ftome. L'OI' Altos. or w'l sen on FHA terms. A JOC f'uRR REALTY Cr 4341? 444S Ea^t Antrim $t 4-BEDROOM A truly buy. IU baTni. crct . drps.. d;vnwavner, wired t:r 3^. p«l'O, sornhlrs , beaut, lardscared. itcei. eortd 4~.i% loan. V-M l»it .t til M. DOII LATCH RLTT. CC 4 74^ ILLNESS'FORCES SALE ~ ?:'·. l.y m. Bf^i re-i-o Vi bATis Forced a r. N'Ct oato. 3411 CHARlLMAGNT~Open Sun. RYERSON. HAZLET. JONES ·r,7 »orc» cc i isu 3"BRS, J IATHS Beaut, comer lot, ficand roor ran. Crts. 1 drps. Sharp i; clranl lii.TM-best terms. JOHN READ RLTY. HA S-Mlo iBP., paneled fam. rm., w w cpt. :n wirmj FP SU.VOO. SI/00 di Bf OANtiirJlxfrm . Tw-wr^faret" f rtptjK.*, Mtto. awe oar. ti*.:it. II). JW F P. 3 D"»- OaU. vd. lew tin ta FHA. Bnilow, CA 44911. NAPM-S-MAKINA AI!E*\ TREASURE ISLAND Oarr**nst hom. 3 b^Jroom A den. Vr»*n. Beaut.M oecor. Most rt «o*»ab'» rvim. en t*. island. CHASILC\ IANE CEtUIl CLIVE GRAHAM CO. rst.Ocfai »ta?:ri (It 3*41 HoiMttorSd. Uf LOS CEKKITOS AKEA GRACIOUS , COUNTRY CLUB HOME BeaiXiM *ra«nA tail«w») VV. w»a Outlri CK* CXI Cawrva. Or-. 4 IM mnl ttsnnc'iyi hwnes m LM BeacIL rrtvcrty ts ·nrf tww»r sylll HMt *«r sncaent. l««I faaack ·* fart tcetras . . , C» CHARLES LANE-- CE «-3Jli toe Information M triKfeiea CLIVE GRAHAM CO. no t. Ocean Kealtws HC MNI _WILLIIOIT. Kealtoe ci MI/I NAPLES-MARINA AREA NAPLES BARGAIN-MIL MARINA I Iwtk. R.I lone. 4 units to tmprov*. Priced low. Ttrms. CE J41I1; CE l\m. Rttr. NORTH LONG BEACH $1000 DISCOUNT-- 2-BR. Out cl town owner fweds monevt fint i rm. slucca. Only 51200 DN^-SHARP J.BR. S rm. stucco. New Mint hs 1, out. 2 car. All fenced R 2 lot. Hurry) · -BUILDERS"-- BIG LOT Build vour dream hom. on this 45iin lot. Near S3r4 orano*. RATAJACK REALTY CAS-sS 591) Orang* CA 1-7774 Gl-- FHA-- CAL.VET NEAR JORDAN HIGH 3-BEDROOM QUALITY J14.MO. very easy ferro. on X* 171 lot. -41 b»H! stucco. C.rprtrt tn.-jovl X nicely decorated. DM. varavc. Sid* drive. Pati.. OI DLAL1 MADE HtP.EI JOHN W. REED. REALTOR CA 17911 401 E. Marset HA t!7«« HIGH YIELD INveSTMENTI $5000 DN_ S UNITS INCOME S7I7. PR. 114 »« Near Elm t Market. 1 furn. I Br. aots. Ground floor. On SOilSO R4 corner lot. wltn % oarages. Payments. 1171 mo. Only needs oamt. JOHN W. REED. REALTOR CA *mi 4tl C. Market GA 1 1Kt 3-br. 2 car gar. Corner lot*. Don't mfu thtsl Lee. dear preo- erty. Uv. rm.~-d.ning rm. com- tunatlcn. THeHtchen. Catingarea. Of to. W. t« w. cartxt. Service porch. 23) wiring. Sprmkleri. JOE HODGE. REALTOR CA 3-7114 CA 14374. CE 1744T) BEST BUY I ! 4BR.. 2 bam, flreotace, forced a.r heat. Bullt-lns. 2ar oarage. TRY t75 DOWM D. VAN LIZZEN. REALTOR Open Eves. 5947 Orano. OA 3OTJ7 tll".3S9 ON LOUISE tlOOO DN. SIO.MO ON LOCUST HIM DN. latu ON CCRRITOS -situ DN. SHARP 2 BEDROOMS JOHN W. REED. REALTOR CA 3.7VI1 41 E. Marset GA 1VCI FURN. OR UNFliRN. SHOO ON/-- til MO.-- J 10,500 Clean small 2 Br. on M«W comer lor with c'raoe. Newly pamted. Careered. Tf«rmo h;al. Rm. fa build Fum tar little eitrai JOHN W, REED. REALTOR CA 3 mt a"l r r.'fSe* TO T-77t4 3.BJL-- J-BATH ivr.-o!d stucco. 1.300 so. ft. Carpeted Natural wood cabmen. Lets if extras 4V,% loan. F.P. lll.WO EASY TO 8UYI HOWARD CUTLER. RLTR. 1174 ATLANTIC AVE. CA 144 71 Try $1000 Dn.. R-2 Zone FULL PRICE sll.7» 5 tedrew-i Pesl c'esn! Nat r»h- Inets. Store Incl. Indry. rm. Fronts 3 s*ree's. Trus Is a dandrl H O. Viildermulh. Rltr. GA77TII ' $900 DOWN 3 BR Ii de*.. Pvmti. US pw«t!i. MUST SELL! YCU NAWC IT-WE HAVE IT! SCHAtNN. RLTR. ME SJ4II tISOO DOWN Large 7BR.. 4:iKS ICrntr R 4 l °'NCAR tl SOUTH'l ATLANTIC C. T. BELL. RLTR. GA 3-5400 RENT w/OPTION. BUY" 3 br. i den. Less than lt» mo. Close to sncppino and busts. 330 E. LOUISE. N.LB. Mom* ptu« cluplcz. 1325 mo. Inc. REALTOR CA «4I»4 LOOK $4950 LOOK Paramount. Small houie. Yard. Fenced CA241II, CA3CJ1I CL-ITC.V. t-.:t 'sin., t 1 * n^. i dfapet, bvH-rtt. d-i'**a%her. Swmvnma pool. eer.\if*n atrtyt. '/E J44JJ tlrOOO DN ICcat Jtr. 50 tt. lot. Between Atlarf.C L- D. BUO. Howard DuTer, Ri'r. CA 14471 VJOQ ON. tn m. 3 BR. i», 10 vr«. Many » tra \._t t. f^iM E_*JU la. \\A ON 3-BR. ttvxco tld*d t.ri*. Ont/ Mt mo. Bfcr. ME 4 MM PAHK .GSTATES .EXQUISITE HOME Choice elevation Hi Park tita'M. 2 Bedroomi L tien. M«trr tedrm hat tfrettinj rm Ramai fcatti *itn ovTdoor esrden. Arpomt- rnenti t^rucxil are very t.neil 'OLIVE* GRAHAM co!" 100 E. Ocean. Reaitgrs HE 23)41 RUSTJClEA.UTY Sp%tiort ? BR. 1 den, 1: b4u rear L R. wtrpi. faced tectuded yard. BJ'P4 n a Ml-Wft-liaOOO dn. A 1 RtALTY SLRVICE CE *C4SJ PlJ\Z.\ AREA' JUST LISTED! Tint ottered, pooular "H" Mocrf. 3 bedroom or 2 den. Fresniy paintrt extertor. ll«^ covered oat-o. Tea location. Owner mnt ten. Don 1 mm sit.t.0 fun price. WALKER LEE 41CO Belinowpr B'vi MA H!I4 VACANT 3- BEDROOM! Triced ta sell aulckly. Redecora'ed ft floors retinisned all ready far vour furniture. See * subm.t. can IIA » «:- Key at sit wood- 'WALKER LEE 4-BR.. 2-BA.-- $18,750 About S2CCO Cn.. detaOi dt. gir. Carpett, drat**, bik. fence. Re- Cecor. Laodttaoed Qdt* pOite«*. St-e bw. Sharp Vt/ill trade. A A f L MACK. 11 A Mill. RANCHO i POOL 3 BR.. 3 ba. Quett rm. w/« a. dm*. Ft .tins. lee. patio, troc-c plants hut, fenced prl»- tf owner. HA 1-UC4 eve. weekends. Gl Beautiful 3br. w'flreclace, nr. everTtti:na. Crab trie pnone. HARMATZ 1 KALE HA 5-7464 Jill NiDomo. HA 17170 Owner. ROSSMOOIt LOS ALAnirros DISCRIMINATOR'S SPECIAL 2722 COPA DE ORA tTvnacutate 1 bedroom den. Ovoret carpets, eracet. covd patio overlooking park-likl aro. See for vouruit. Key at . . . 11174 Lot Alamltm Btvd. A BROKEN DRUM rant be Nat K neither can triis KOZY -REMPTON". AH eitra*. fceaut.furt/ landscaped. Vove tn 'b'cBENEDICTIS REALTY GE 4-8401 "2032 SQUARE FEET" 1 t*tfrDOfTis. den. family room, ) barns, In rang* 1 oven. In very good rDnd.tion hold vour Kii, only mm Rmti n cuv tt s. WALKER LEE Provincial Showp'ace Premium Corner Lot TOOL llil» (THE WORHitl II larss nonvnf. Has ^rrryrh'nol WoffordRliy HA 5-1 26 1 61 RESALE Sbr. fam. rn. Covered rerrh. w w crptfl. cust. ttrapet. eitra scnooi. tr awner^CC'l SltV r»D«M.. t'batM. al cost, lam- sraDed. fenced, bar*, w^w crcf. let at 3141 O»a.l Run fl. In AlamiKrs. CE »I7». Prhr. uarty. By OAHCH-lmmae. 4tf. Harva'a\ *tras. It. Mt. HA »tn» Of.ftrtl-- atr., w\» rrtf rtioC Vusl sac. KtM. nil Ca'er«M. Hornet for SoU 13t KOSS.V.OOR LOS ALAMITOS PARGAINHUNTEKSIH!^ , ... Urac-nT . .Ye»lt Bar****! Mtnlmeiit tt BUY.* " ELLIS-SCHRADER ·fr EXCLUSIVE AGIHIS -ft 1 !IM Amerton . CE filM FOR THE NICE URGE FAMILY WITH MAW SMALL CHILDREN 4 bedrooms. Isolated living room. Tlus Harvard Ptais can b* srswi for any tvrnih^r* stvllnfl you Kacven tt prefer, b. II provincial, modem »r contemporary. Cood sized family room t 2 baths to tool. F«U Prtc. nUMI WALKER LEE DIAMONDS!! ARE "JEWELS- M art tt*M two "tsiatei" mode't. One *it?i i. wittKxrt a POOL. Xint. ·reat. Beautihillvf landKaced Loaded wim xtr4n. tortntierk ft eitemJve block work. DeBENEOICTIS REALTY GE 4-8401 MUST SELLI Vacvl with larg« r» added family room. Sharpen your pencil t svcmit on KIIS iB*. opportunity on corner ctost to sheo area. Call HA M»I4. Key at XU Woodrutf Ave. WALKER LEE "Candlelight Cryita." LIVING U ywn tn tnit bfautlfvl 1130 so. tt. Virctniafl with W-W urpcflno, refris. t, buit.nt. Loe. patio, room for peel. Walk ta sneccxng. DeBENEOICTIS REALTY GE 4-8401 MOST BEAUTIFUL trortfs cannot detente ttvs 3-BR. f. tamJ-v room ettate. Ail eitrai for carefree fairly (tving. Full price hnl 131,900. Terms. Toner Realty HA 5-7477 tve': TO 74*79 STATE COLLEGE AREA 4-Br. + Fam. Rm, 2 Bas. In pooutar Colleo* Park. Barga'fll t:7,WO -- Large family home. BvUtui stove J even, ditrrwather. firecl-. FA heat. Redecor. Fenced. Immed po»ns. 1 1 WOO on. Owner WHI r-e'P fmancmg. Will trade. Mel Mack HA 14)111. WEST SIDE 75il25-- R-2 PLUS BIG 2-BDRM. Paom for tfuoie« f woodtmmina trt-L, very, very clean in out. An U/v for SlSJOO. S4jtxrvl on dn. eavment. 08AN REALTY 54)7 South St. HA 5-W2I BEST BUY!! 1X7 Cameron, IBR. hoir« f fenxed vd^ car. L wcfkitnoo. Low price. Good term.. R. B. SAFFLE. Realtor MF 7]1I til 4 F rt-twv H A t t T T ^ OWNERS. AHENTION LISTINGS WANTED WILL AOvrRTISE UNTIL SOLD "GOOD SERVICE" Is our rnotro. CA 4-4343 BRICHAM CA 4f)71 · Brand SpanVing New -fr 3 B Jmv. earaoe L storao.. Wred tor ra Full price ll!.»rj SI XXI rt^wn. Key at 412 w. w.llow. RFX L co C.A 4-3001 3565 EASY-- 3-BR. Vacant. Newly OK. SIIJM F.P, W. B. MARTIN CE lini CA 44431 }BR. stycro. w-w rarpet, ckxoe Ilt7 Pacific Avt. HE 7 354? fit TfWt OfFrBED-JBR. riom.', w'w, hrclwdj t.le. Too cond. In 1 out. Fum. I1MOO, FHA or Ct. Stormy Keats. Rltr. HF H4M WK1GLEY . SHORT WALK TO SCHOOLS from tnis ^Bdrm., Itatn. tarruly roo~n. Nice as candy. Ca'l CE »0a04: CF 1 4VJ1 REX L HODGES CO. S UNIT WRIGLEY 1 1 BDRM. TRADE FOR WRIGLEY : EORM. CLEAR HC }44S4 Socterson Realty LOW DN. to FM\. Mod. Iff. Many eitrai. Brlstow, CA 44111. ScutfcisndCiflcjPrep.r'IO ARTESIA A.I ZONE-- HORSES! T Bedroom, lamtly room ·*· »ervue porch. Eauly converted to tedrm. home. Laroe fenced lota ·taeict. full mce llJt/i. l loan $fl per r»o. 4%. Sutm.t en down. CARSON ST. REALTY IJlJf r. Carson. Artesla UN 14444 4"UNITS-- $1,995 DN. :BR. « IBR. houif ·» nuclei. 1 BR. eacti. Fum. Clean, moarrn. Carport, wsrt. hs*. Fenced. Fin. local on. t»0 mo. Inc tn 000 F.P. EDITH DAY GERSH llltl E. Carson. Artesla HA S-Hll VET OR NON-VET Pent er buy 3 bedroom home, convenient Artetu a/ea. trWi full price, trf mo»ei yoa K no 2BORM. w/mce bfl kitchen, nattf- raJ catoineti. bit m». Cvejtnouie 1 larve oaraoe. R 2 lot. KIM t. Him S*.. Arte»la. · BELLFLOWER OLD BELLFLOWER If vou want « sharp 5 bedroom this ll III Acprci. 1SOO sq. ft. laroe d'ning room, seaoout kitciv m wltn breHtait room, carpets 1 crapes, forced ar heat. 1*4 batit, 2 car gara?* with auto- mat.c floor erener, itrot corner let wltt) lots ct trees * shrvbs. A DXK! t^y for 177^00-1X00 dn. Rytee Cog bum. Rlfrs. 99» E. An rtl a Beiitiower TOrrey *-C7S3 SPACE-PRIVACY! Citra laroe correr lot w.m ?. ro«ib!e 1 bedrocxti hone. All linen tf treet, oarcren. Spare ta keep A horse, or build another rome fcr income, N.ce Belituswer Isxatton. IIS MO-- terms. J. A. MUELLER. REALTOR 17IU Clark, BcMflcwer TO 7 -S7M $2000 DOV/N nuvs ene ef tne nicest Stetfrm. homes In Sun Ray Estates. This property was voted home Cf the week far S1MSO. Rylco Cogbu'n, RItrs. «t» C. Arteila Ccllftowcr TOrrey 4-C7S3 INCOME --"HOME + BUSINESS 7 1 br., 1 bachelor. Inc SWO -f I- br. hse. + inzr ottxc. n% on. or trade for sm. house. WA S-47.ll Owner TO 7 H3? LA MIRADA GOLF courie. 4br., l*j bJlh, tirepl. ha dn. Cl er 1700 Non vet. UN JIUl. NORWALK $200 DOWN Seacious Jbirm. en larot fenceil lot Loaded with trees L snrutrs. Garage. Na ZTK] Trust Deed, ontv SUJiO full price. 1U% lean. Btr UN 4 77JI. EXTRA SHARP Ha dawn veterans; $450 dn. FHA. 4br. 2 bams, cut car. cernent drive, rivot catw. rewly decor. ir}e/ D 1 1. w.ll fast Trade. BLUE CHIP Rlt r . UH 3-4747 17111 E. Firestor* NO DOWN Gl 3 ftdYm.. w w carpet, laret fmced vara. S400 dn. FHA. N« down Cl. »1J.»» F.P. l.mpton Realt«. IIS3I Rosecrans. UN 437Sf. J95 DOWN Hi Dual. trim. 4 us. lit tt. laht over Cl trrm 147 t*r rrxi^ Incl lam A ins. UnMalaKietl P l I N t C R BBOtrRl UN III41 IRCOROOM-- Allayed taiaoe. tlti down, 1117s c. /Mardl St^ Nor «··«. Ca-'l UH Snss. PARAMOUNT 1R» l» teat r»'s" 7 B » U\a isiso no. Hoti Realty, TO ;uu w ui°ni.'8? 1! .*i u ti'Sie! Ka - Oni ' Orange County Prop. 141 NEW 4T8EDROOM~~ tia'M. fr^fc^ t'ocf\ f^«r.. £4*^. li?l' ^en''aVb''ew*Wj."crtreJs' Oroatjt County Prop 14) ' ANAHEIM FORECLOSURE Pick w luck uimnta 1 takt ·»tr ) IR. int." ·»*·. '«"«»· IMti*. Needs woffc. PR ,'* y- tTxE^uTlVESr'fbtdriis^ J baths. BALBOA 11 1 COO £ Tlatmn. HE 7-l»l 3UENA PARK $13.900 Lt»e)» 4 Bedrm. 1 batti. "Rancl; stvkr*' hom. on quiet oeadend ttreef. Hitwd IBors. w W urrtts. draMS. covd patio. Fenced NO MONEY DOWN C) 1411 DOWN FHA ^r HOO DOWN ft JBR. IV W crtting.. t*t»tL firs. Covered MtKs. ctfidcr B fence. Ortnn.rVtr Rl*r. UN 3-lcOo nil Oranorrhom LA 17711 O«NE~R~J Bdrm. 1"* tt be. C^peC drps^ fncd. Waterfall llUoO. Move hi now. Bir. UN 4MI« GARDEN GROVE NEED PAINT --and tlbow ortast to Dvt this 1JOO sq. tt. 2-bdrm. homt In too shapt. Hardwood floors, plastered walls. Uret kitchen t living room. t0 2ar garagt. ( GRANGE TREES. Good nel«t- bornooa. Walk to O. C. Hlsn 1 snoDovnr. Full prict sixsoo. a',% POWER ""REALTY 1H02 BrooUHtTst, G.G LE^tlUI 3-BDR. FAMILY RM. Only Hi. 750 for IWi SHARP J- bedrm ft tarn rm, 2 batn home. W-w carpet., drapes, fireplace. Blt-ki ranoe even. Covd paio. tar?* fenced yard. NO MONEY DOVtN CI'S. Raahael Really S41« Ka'eita GE I-XU -- TAyWr 14101 ONLY 1 MODcTHOr/E'l F FT " Buitder SAttit'Or'fl trws^JBr.. I baths* landicjced, fenctt bitnnu frpic.* croti-, imcetJevawy rriced at SI 4.700. Low dn.. terms die rent. 2 biki. nortn ef Atoha Beta Shopping center. 7707 Tavtor A*e.. eocn 11 to S until sold) This hotn* has beea FHA appraised at SU «0. VI 74891 Davs $15.750 Beautiful Frovinclat JBHrm, 7 bam Ftreoiace, bit in ranee 1. wen. W-w carpets, d/apes, AJum C * ¥ lNO MONEY DOWN Gl Raphael Realty Mia Ka'eda ft ft CHOICE Rl lot. custom area. Buv 1 cr mor. at S600 eacfi. Sewer, curbs L street Irs * ""rvfrJINOJ JE 4S417 POWER REALTY LEtlUI LARGE provincial strlt Hardwood tioor hom. on rearlr ^ acrf. 3 bclrm. t, family rm.. } bath, bulll- In range 1 ctshwasher. Clant catlo 1 bartva Under priced for tn.s area at SII.110. TldwelU J* 74141. nn Katella. C C. Open «.«. w w. crptsj eradt scnool hs back. SSOO mr eoulrv. assum« balanct cf aporoi. S11JCO. TW XII47. NEW'G.I. RESALE 4tdrm. \Vt ba. riomc. Garden Park Esta'es. IJI7I PROOMIAVEII: 4 brs. 1 ba. TOilas lot Vacant. Reas. terms. CEinll: CEtlnj: Ri'r HUNtlNGTON'BEACH 3-EDRM. 1 FAMILY RM. lltu dawn to loan. 1 ba*rs. eraces. frpl. BHIn RIO t d sn. wasner. SHARP. Vacar-t. Bemitr Really JA 7-7791 JBR.. 2 baths, built Vs. divhwav*ier., etceiient loc. »J*I flown. I14.IU. L-Z terms IIMI Cull lane. HA I44T J: VI 7JS44. OIUNGE rwn. 0er an acre trcocai|y txattext latti hovie. Avocados. oaks. W4-SOO. B.ll KwM w;W.isO(| Ritv. orange. Phone JO* 2JI1; VALOS VERDES HILLS place. FA heat, built hi electric ranoe, even L tilihwesner. New rv-dVs wim same ttoor (Hat selt- ino tor iJf^OO. Buv h's lovely · vear-«,d tar only «UOO witn 18% down. Geneva iVeara. Realtor, OAver-port S-HT2. SE/\L BEACH Jbr^ Jba. Cenleral patia. Wet bar Completely turn. Dracei 4 carpet. Landicacna. 2 vrs, o!d. Anoo'titment only. U.tW OH^ *300 mo »BR 1 fan. rm. wwet bar. GE I-4M. " 'WESTMINSTER JIIS TOTAL moves vou In »Bdrm. Howd., larot Incd vd. Vacant. 7f]4 ledon Way. GE 1-4CT Br. fBDRM. Soi""vista. By e«-er. Cl or FHA. I17II CMStnut St.. v.rii. minster. CE afts* South Boy Property 112 CONTRACTOR must tac. New. 17900 dn. 1 t, een. H. ba, lrW~ bunt- ir-s. Ooen 14 pm Sunday. 3714 Jtarsa:er. VE 774S4. HAWTHORNE CADILLAC STREET Very larot 3br. e\rple + 1st. tjm. t.ncit. inc. Jilt I rrs. ca. Tn MAX LIVONI, RLTR. Ilil Atlantic HC 41^1 WILMINGTON i UNITS. 3 units. (tuD'eres, hovses. Ttrms. Ownr. TE4IJ4I. Out-of 'Town Prop. 143 ELSLNORE NICE l-Br. stucco duo. So. Snort. Fum. Stll VMO dn. cr e«cru LB. 1 eonrl lots. no430. Itr. hie. Nr. freeway 1 R.R. StSOO. Sub. an. W Imperial Kit trfclrr. Uka new. 2 slew lots, fenced. Nr, pt«r Rodeo crounds. F.P. S1SOO. Terms Vacant land 4+ Ac. View tntirt varev. tllOO per Ac. Sup. tin. STORMr KEATS. Rllr. HE S-74)t 29 PALftlS » PALMS, s u. + lot. asm en. \HM F.P. Owner, HE J4J4J. Ouf-of-Statc Prop. 744 CRESCENT Valley, Nt». nr Gampit Ranch. t9 Acres, all cr part. Undeveloped. GE 3-2UO. Ranches or Acreage 146 LUCERNE VALLEY IM acres level, sandy soil, slflt water candi. tions. pear U.S. Jtetl mnma claims, oood tor farmino. S^JXC. uarjo on. will reduce prict tor larger dn. pymt. Bo« LB 741 Arcad.a. Tentatlvt tract map f.ied. Loe. In area cf \\ltXO Mmes. CKsed Sunday-Can Wionday. YKES RLALTY CO. 1I7S6 wooorvtf. TO it2ir FREE BROCHURE. Land. S«1 D ep» County._Gordon Rlty., paia. cant. Mountain and Desert 148 IFOP SALE) BIO BEAR RUSTIC cabin; t-rt- plact, lot. kitchen. AAodern rlumb- ma All vear road. Full pru. 4.;U. Btr. Mu \-TK1 IN THE loom. Ill cf tr» SB. mtns. aVi acres w/view, roads, surveyed, tnt water area. »AOO tut casts. Owner. FAcvlry 1-4117. 1 WILL discourt (1900 on Salton dr/ R 1 lot. OMIct KK^tiOn. CA )UC art. t pm. 13 CR O-llear ll«(. 49 1 71 v;. ct Biiitie, »m «at. Bir. HE 19 ACRES-- Vi ml. la Colo River', for 1UM. Bkr. Ul E. 1st. CE SALTOH CITY Lot. eltar. by owner, rxnt sacrll.ce. GE 41344. SALTON City cor. lot R~l rr. clUiit. on Marina Dr. Owner. UN S-nr*. M ACRtS C. ef Cal.f. Cty. f.» acrt. Bir. IU C. 1st. HE 4.J54I lr ACRES Pn'Hwy w."cf BivrNe7 Level. S1U acrt, Bkr. HE 4-Htl Money to Loan 151 _fON Rr«l rtTATFI WE p*** ronsiderabit'prlya't mon- "REX'JLJJODSES co., pay. rVofpftt eff.ciat ierr-ft. Bwl fOf AL~w~te*ns" eKKntWy'rVofrrt »tte^ en a't imxiraten H B »»,«»-·£* ftfm*. t 'tr ?,:VE N T e » l . e 7 E ',5.V w

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