The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 10, 1957 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1957
Page 5
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Will <*•««* Merit* ft* jb^ HT* , $m' ,*et*e* :« mtrgifl ^ind n«ld It .ie4«eW aM«t-^jrtt. ^Mt-^all WIT HI UNIT enmU wiflt ** eJWfc. to «h* Brt«8tl« MBvtV tonight _ Udte Jackew, wftare they ***L wWt tH J tt * WBDCn OOmpi TWO AUWno IMP |ttg hi the stttHlht fh* Red «o* end Whttt ION •tfatdest IM (ttsl -Jte^esT^sfes* The righteap wilt tend the leatM ttadtn/IndttiM, boast. W«M*> Mft. MSBJ JsMldi* Cl HHh'WUhti ftO* fMt H** luntor Olympic Program OMIK fftt SUlfUViOif' —-*•* Att 10 fit ulrfef»»jr today U , Kheduled meetlogi. tt JH.meport end Ve«M n»d be«R i ..... ' «k ,miket it _ W*A 4 pJ*. Ihtt wWJ» Wanief *»« Uk* Jadtwn utta mo« The AIM youth*, bow aM gW«, will hold dattt Mitt uaffl ^UM », *Ml will tt«vet to take pe* to the flrtt of flv» t raeporf, Mr fit fifiw |P • Sty lat Satortty but u»t ««**». A wi* fMtowtf att rwamw «t tttiv IK «nt Kh *at w6t£c irat WH^fid fn$ .. outfit. wOKO «ft kl*t . -™-w™ Glty.West CoiufnW* i. to be HUM Mb IKlMt^ttrfwtetWy*, DOIiAB MHW to tioiumbli** hottt ft elf wee *W ft* lolunlin* .? Junior Te*«*A«e tffifcg «W * tod outing tin* w*ek County loop .move* ifl« tonight with dttWlflg th«-Vela*ett Van** *<» WMle the FfeeBdft War. Ho*t ciute »t Red So* In the Yank* night after a week ott and the PJrS^bbth by • MM .eorV * .makeup game*, m the mtjoi;. and minor •**,«* on the eirdin Free. Mft ttnO 4WOML* Wa *" * »«•-* In league pity in the B-C-V, «gj«!* weekeM It was f- J ^.^'»f*e*««tf'-'' sa£ both Oil ^jfgfc (gAc i'l Ctufe Dodgers, while they • "~ wto over the ciute Setarday afternoon. Top Track /Meof In Austin Juet when the baseball race*—toejL *tate and national- are beginning to get hot, the ^porte spotlight makes a --"-** to track. '"••''.. .'.But thl* trick meet should eatoh the fancy of att sport r Ian* a* H bruMeJowiber a ttar-ttudded .field of on* frUee win 'Bratorli; while Velem It riding on top of the BX-Y loop. Angleton tent their tfetkn el league teem* to the play This meet win a* kstewn e* th* CeOegteto Treat! and Field falhertag attd wm •a tke BsdveteUv el TesM'a Meeeeeiei iltllen. Thursday tha.,*tarting date while the final* will be ree>l ott Sefjiday. . Aj'total M W| athlete* from M school* win go to »ak« up thl* ttar-ttudded field with a number ol entrle* coming from Texaa sehooU. 'aa*w,-j&^'*m3ito*...9* M * Mm Kanus, Stanford, Oregon and Vlllanova, AbUeeie el VlUejMfai Lee Celhe^ el Vteetk Catelewi ta Ik* kntdle*. .-. . ...''--;..,. •••- ' ,..--» . ^,Otnert ^hjgr* lumpers PW» Reavla,*!!,VUlnxrya «ad ''ttregg Bett of iBdiaoaj pole vaulUt Boh OutowiU el Ocd- dental; shot putter Ken Bantam ot Philadelphia and Aubrey Lewti of Mutre Dame ta the 400 meter kurdtee. Y./' .. ».*. '..••.' Many Stars..*. But many other star* to the traek and field world wffl be ott hand vietag tor the numeroue honor*. '' Kwrew. wbt wttt week the *jsttas( a«d re* m she A6C relay teeea*. wttl be ewe el the makt amraeeieM la) |he shree-dar etntvai -...,.,: The Sea Beaito Hath was reoeotly beatett hva Weat Coast HMiet but it * at* wmder tor he had made three rtraight •Mkead pUne ridet to the coatt to run lsi~:«We%ee«*. Dewing the w«ek he wet at school studying *id taktag teat* but *• the weekend he would board a »Une and be e« for the ' Thi* p«0» 1» enough to cateh up with any tr*«kman after weeks of bard race*. But Bobby should navt plenty ol net tor the Aurtin affair too could come up with a reeord at h* will be up again*'. *ome fart ,»prtnter», Ptve MSM. the Duke Oreejell. isaeimied eetlT leet week lh*4 he weuld MI be able Je nm a* be ke* |«d Mf^Mt JHWOHO^ ^pOjjlv'O OOWpwMy. WV *»Stp ew^p^ ifJVji9t VMV wee tot *re* to tMk* the trip. Il.wtvM kMe b*ee> *j«lto '• M rite btlweeai W* and llertew,. • •• . Thi* I* one t-tok mett to w|l«> *ever«i ol the coachee here in the Bi»w*port rnd Rra^oria County iyitwn will prob- .ably be looking in en. With all theee good Uif* it ihould 'tun out to be quit* a big three day* of track and field events. "ft*" • ».»,.•.. .and Clute hooked up*WV real $&$* Teen-Age baiebaU thrUler te« Thurtday night w they baSlad to »i tie. The fame wti ralleti »n*r the'ttinth inning, at it wa» U PJM. and the gtme h*d been g»Jj»g on far I and « half noun- It w<U be comiileted at a later, d*U. the ie*t«th <MON «• MM Vftetm to Alt f|*4 ttej» ft*, All IM (en* tlut wt>* e« Mad get to teeVJl «W hejl game wltb MPM feed eitehUg hem V*la*ee<» OentM fi»b- |ak ajul flWO FredtVt ieee* > - Beth that* boyr should mfkn ^e HJgh. »ehaol fine b«U p|a>e«f In • law y»«r« but bueballl^ir »»l be-att th»? «M*»e t» « |hey both pl»y«4 toptb»|i and baikatbaU fay (Mr ' ~ limff H*as»hi l^tt JOUfMI' - T«uth* In the Te*o-Age rank*. « waU JMK| be« pJiytof iom« good batebjlU b«l erwdf an (Of Up to what they thould b*. the 0-1 wta . with a oW U>e, Brave*, TefKwtstei* had a Pasadena's vCalting 1 btstball nine looted VrcepoH'i flrtt eeml^vrot' last Friday OaM tw theJHng three pitch- irt" iura'' for•*•,The Lion* field game w»t the fint crf'tee'yaong Maun *poneore«'bVi*» Port Caf«, Their steead nme wUt com* MieReynoldA Pasadena notched rune In »he fin*-traioii, came badcto add three Ja the tWrd. . 1« the fMVh iod and then six in the eljttn. . rreeport manager Kenneth Wllion thUtfd hit.uaetip from inning to inning^ the IWday 41 . wp»k«rti. the thl« year. - *»ve LITTLE LeetfM let Lake Jackton twins* back lale action toniahi with ieemt In J tte AmeHean^J.loop teW|«fl lni« the race afief a weekc ! oH lot Bet Seoul camp. The 'While So«. only Itae ol Ike 'lour teem* ta the AmeHcttt loop, will lace the Red Sex m the gill.opener. Mere. Mike sfavanaugh it thown lor the White Sex. tnd L"* rouad other*. . ' „ . the only Senior game en Jge weekend card it wat Bay iftd 18 hit* while 1 Jackion. Bay city m«n- file LJ eaffi# tip County Baseball 'Little league— ,^..i „. >L«ke Jackton-r^K-fied Sox v* White' Sox; .Yank* Indian* Angleton ~<A*— Yanki Red Sox; Rotary v* Kiwanl* Trim rtge ' Velaeco ,at^Wett Columbl 1 (Juniors) -'>' .'•„:.''"•• ' " Clute at Freeport; Warriors Olanta v* Pirate* Tuesday, June 11 Little League*- , Lake-Jackson (N> — Dod gefr.vt FhUBee; Card* Angleton (N) —' Tailtwlsten Leelao: J)odger* v» (Brave . Velasco at Clute (Braves) " Wee* Columbia — Double- ight «rtMn they hoet it LaRoae Cleaners umbU (Major*) at L«ke Jackson (Senior*) ^ . , Cube v* Red Sox It Minor ~«nd t T**a* .League genet in ^ Lake , Jackson. Afternoon, and night from LI, and Qator Field*, TeegfAge .Bay City at Freeport, ««Jon> Weelr.- jnqiiiinfrin ^t Alvj (Senlora) * f» ** Thursday, June It Little i«ague--- * Lake Jackson «N) Dodger* vtv, PWUie*;. Braver v*, Card*. Angletoa f A) — Xlwanb vt, YtAkt; Red Sox v». R a)ar«4 ti Wt. mifiMT tt »beu)4 b* owe* •eea-AieandUUl» Leaguf night tpwwhtrt wound the tret, flQf thja with .even writt the Friday DOUt. Oewge Csdenhead, Jay Parr, Jimmy William* and " Luhn all tried their pitching for Lake Jael I'Inrt two Inning* took an hour , and a halt to play <u LJ *eorM sjevtn runs wfltf Bay CityVtS •oiung team accountea ,io> had two hlti In thret iur ^ake jacmoij wnue HctoUutea ior two Wnlle nil*. v o ine eacu cain'u throu^u e ot the belter weexejiu wun ot iui uie w«y ior rfaauwu anu «o t ^.e win v,u,. k trt WIM ta eiN your attMtioA t« w ran BIICHT WEWCABTDTS TEEMENDODS ASSORTMDm of MOM «*l « tt** Cowled W Hew Cert* HmmWd S^RM W W«tMMM Nuumars rai EAGII.^PIWH at wm PAY US A VISIT, WONT YOU? yalaw (Mea M0Bdey Sight to Lfcntt ftutntlttee. only m frMport. ITU W. 3ttd, Bt, fee***. PEACHES HO.» CAM nm TO itnr cjunmni MUBMI h, Kwr MUM J«r« Pt. hi FrMMr Itn , meport^rtrc^^ 10 " <" isaE d w^. 1 r freeport opened the a* Smitty Nelson, the batter, cracked a single right but failed to score. Jerry Spence camr right back for Lake Jackson and got a double but he also failed to to MOM. four Spence had three hit* in trips for Lake Jacteon and< all hja hit* were on the first pitch. Lake Jackson cracked the tcorin* ice in the third Innlni when Spence got thing* started with a single. Spence advanced to second and third on pas* balls then cam* do home oh a pitch. Alain • la th* fifth in^ nlng it-wa* Spence a* he hit a long fly to right field, that wa* dropped, thus putting Spence on eeeond. „... again gave to , run home taken third on an error. ••.:%-. ' ; Behind 1-0, Freeport came to life la the top of the lev- enth Inning as they pushed two rune name to knot the count.' Ralph Andewon hit an ttart thing* Fpt Warrior* at West Columbia Chile at Freeport (Red Lake Uu. In « SO-mlle race, a BUM could win ovw a oora* IM- wne «( hM ewJunuxe, BUI MMl Tow with- 11/tlJtl 11/tlJf Ft. K«n Mtwn Jot ». Kwr M*M* Jwt .. ». M FIMMT Jtn rtfTnM ll/tl.ll llftM* lie hr e*m!*| ...... ..... ...... 44*. He | LJMLilfcin IMMBat JUICT TMiNW 50 end MeverM at CMW Ormoe Jideel FRESH OKRA v. a KO. t LOCKWOOD SIM IkPackagt Smoked Sausage fiiai^ Jn ^a,aniei HtMVp^V^ifVsf , , BubocnM Fr^tn 29c : fSiderixed Steala ,, 89c He- Swdwieh Stylt SUCED..LI. e Cpunfry-S/y/t efiirsiicE Swift'* gmw mmji Rnt FUvor, "M. <**&.• PW -^TND mm* Cottnge Ghe««« wHh itdt for S-Mi ST Cream-Filled Cup Cokes 6>« 25 55c ^^^P^jri^fw wPW^W^Ww * . ^ 1 1 $vmmtf Chocolate Henhey ottos Htnby SH ' ^**lW^HssWr*W B W ^P^*F w . ,^ ^i^^B^W^^*^™ 1 _ • • ^r^^^sFWi^p w - ^f^W^^W - • iH»iHs|BePI»jHlYi OP^BIMW DUI

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