Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1963 · Page 20
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1963
Page 20
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B4-4NOSPENOENT LK* Bex*. UM. Wei* A*rt 1 IM Television Log ' -»««· I t,«IC C».».« 1 . KTVA CUnml I KUC Omp« I t,TT» UUKM II KCOT CtaiM II tMtX · .nt Meaj'OiK awimrt M re*en*m or roa*e«i »· oawan. \\TDXLSDAY, APRIL 3, 1963 + PAID ADVERTISEMENT « 2 Farm and News Report I 6:00 AJL College of Ain*Economy" 4 Gont. Classr'm: 'Physics' 6:30 2 USC "Oriental Religions . 4 (Color) Coat. Classroom: , .American Government" ; · (a free economy)) · 7:00 A-AL 2 Captain Kanganx) , 4 Today, Hugh Downs i ·- ' · 7:1S 17 Daily Word; News; Farms : 7:3» ; 7 Chucko the Gown . . 7:4$ 1 5 For Kids Only, Sk. Frank · 9 Big Babysitter (cartoons) . · . 8:00 AJVL 2 Panorama Pacific. R.Rowe . Guest: Arthur Bornstein 11 Food Tips. Bob Church . -. . fcSO 7 Zoorama (San Diego) 11 Topper. Leo G. Carroll 13 Felix the Cat (cartoons) j - .-' 9.-00 AM ,2 Calendar, Harry Reasoner · . Sleep experiments are r evaluated · 4 Say When, An James 5 Romper Room · 7 I Married Joan, J. Davis 11 Kit Carson, BiH Williams 13 Yoga for Health 5 *25 · 4 Edwin Newman. News ' 930 ' 2 ! Love Lucy. Lucille Ball 4 (Color) Play Your Hunch 7 Movie: Torpedo Boat," Richard Arlen f 42) 11 The Jack LaLanne Show 13 GuMepost to Science (X 4 10:00 AM. 2 The McCoys. W. Brennan 4 (Color) The Price Is Right 5 The Jack Barry Shou? 9 Movie: "Black Tuesday " Edw. G. Robinson (55) 11 The Mary McAdoo Show 13 Guidepost to Math (5) 1020 13 Guidepost Amer. Heritage IfcSO 2 Pete and Gladys 4 Concentrat'n, Hugh Downs 10:45 13 Essence of Judaism ; 11:00 A-M. 2 Love of Life 4 (Color) First Impression 5 (Medic, Richard Boone . 7 December Bride, Byington 11:15 13 Guidepost: Spanish I 2 Harry Reasoner (1125) I 11:30 ) 2 Search for Tomorrow I 4 Truth or Consequences' 5 Mickey Hargitay Show 1 7 Seven Keys. Jack Narr 9 LASC-Art 4 the Child 11 Sheriff John. John Rovick 13 Play Bingo, Johnny Jacobs 11:45 2 The Guiding light 4 Ray Scherer News (1135) 12:00 NOON 2 Bums and Allen Show 4 (Color) Ben Jerrod 5 Night Court. Jay Jostyn · 7 Tennessee Ernie Ford 9 Looney Tunes Cartoons 13 Midday Report Life Line 12:15 13 Milestones of the Century 4 Floyd Kalber News (1225 . . 1230 2 "As tie World Turns 4 The Doctors, Jock Gaynor 5 News; Movie (1235): "High Fury," Madeleine Carron f43) 7 Father Knows Best, Young 9 Movie: "My Life with Caroline," Ronald Colman 11 Your Name's the Game 13 Racket Squad, R. Hacfley 1:00 P.M. 2 Password. Allen Ludden 4 Loretta Young: "Inga IV* 7 Gen"l Hospital, J. Berzdino II Movie: 'Dangerous Partners," James Craig (45) 13 Fefix the Cat (cartoons) 1.20 2 A rtLinkletter House Party Guest Allen Ludden 4 (Color) You Don't Say! 7 Girl Talk. Virginia Graham 13 Movie: "Black Tide," John Ireland (Br.-"56) 2:00 PJVL 2 To TeU the Truth, CoDyer 4 Match Game. G. Rayburn 7 Day in Court Injury 9 Movie: "Caged." Eleanor Parker ("50). Beryl Davis is intermission guest 225 2 Douglas Edwards News 4 Sander Vanocur, News 5 Telecopier News 7 Alex Dreier Report 230 2 The Millionaire. M. Miller 4 Pres. Kennedy News Conf. 5 Pres. Kennedy News Conf. 7 Jane Wyman Presents 11 Movie: "Best Foot Forward," Lucille Ban f43) 3:00 P-M. 2 The Secret Storm · 4 Bachelor Father, Forsythe ; 5 Walker Edmiston Show * 7 Queen for Day, J. Bailey 13 FeGx the Cat (cartoons) 1 The Edge of Night ; 4 em GRAIT, HOIHlFfB , * EUSSEU-UUGKS il 1 I "MS GIRL fRID»n ; C4C) Hilarious comedy. 7 Who Do You Trait? ! . r . MS i 9 Feature Page. John Willis i * 4:00 PJVL 2 Pres. Kennedy New* Conf ; 5 Bozo'i Circus. V. CoJvig ,7 American Bandstand 9 Here's Uncle Johnny 430 2 Life of Rfley, Wm. Berxfii S Jangle Drums of Africa 34 Reloj Musical (variety) 7 Pres. Kennedy News Conf 9 Pres. Kennedy News Conf. 1 1 Rescue 8, Jim Davis 5:00 PJVL 2 Movie: "Odongo," Macdonald Carey, Rhonda Fleming (Br.-'56-Ist run) 5 Popeye, Tom Hatten 7 Around Town, D. Hickmaa 9 The Engineer Bill Show 11 Superman. George Reeves 13 The Lloyd Thaiton Show 34 Un Canto de Mexico 530 1 Casper the Friendly Ghost 4 Aprenda Ing'es (English) 4 Believe It or Not (5:40) 5:45 Top Viewing Today PRESIDENT KENNEDY'S eew$ conference will be te!«c«t at 4 p.m. on channel 2: at 430 pJTL on channel 7. 730 P.M.--CBS REPORTS oc channel 2. Scientist Rachel Carson, who ^rote "Silent Spring." presents her views on the use of chemical pesticides. 10 P.M.--11TH HOUR on channel 4. Oscar-nominee · Angela Lansbury guests as the mother in a drama about an apparently normal family that doesn't realize all its members are emotionally disturbed. by TERHY YEBNON RADIO UK-7JI UIT-MI uu-mi uu-iui Ulfr-lll Kn-441 · Uli--1431 Utl--tM U1T--ISII UTI--III IUT-471 ICU-UH UiC-ITI IQn--I!M I MFC-Ill (EK-IBI UX-JiTl UO-iJi 1KB--11 SI UU--till iwu-un FM niGHUGirrs FM STATIONS a.m. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3,1963 740A.M. -- KABC-- Hemincwa* west HJ-- Ne«i; B.M Caloer . »X-- World Newl K'MUD 4 (Color) Curt M_assey Show 4 Hispano America 3 Bill Johns News (550) 6:00 PJVL 4 (Color) News and Sports 5 Whirlybirds, Ken Tobey 7 News Hour. Baxter Ward 9 The Lone Ranger .1 The Mickey Mouse dub with Disneyland band director Vesey Walker 13 The Ann Sothern Show 34 Elena (dramatic serial) 6:15 4 (Color) Brown-Peterson 630 2 Big News, Jerry Dunphy 4 Huntley-Brinkley Report 5 Beat the Odds. D. James 9 Our Miss Brooks, E. Arden 13 (Color) Touche Turtle 34 Noticiero 34 (News) 6:15 4 { Color) Jack Latham News 7 Ron Cochran w/the New 11 George Putnam, Dateline 7.-00 PJVL John Me Intire. w a g o n master of "Wagon Train," has some advice for youth. Tm not telling anyone to ive. but it sure makes me sad to see a youngster tie limself down to a job he oesn't like--in a business he lates -- all because of some- hing called 'security* or *re- irement benefits.'" he said. I hate to see that attitude spread. "None of the people who came West by wagon were worried about security. They were out to take a gamble with their jobs and even with their lives. The gamble paid off for most of the pioneers--and it certainly paid off for this country. "We could use a bit more of that attitude today,** KABC--Newt around World KNX--Mewt. Rus» PtJweS KFl~4lewu Southland IABC--Or. Albert Burke "MX--Bob Crane Snow [--rteeven i. Worn* OOAJU. f.H--«ew»; H.t Cie Road KMPC--Bewi; B KCEK--Airmail froTM Oo« Tonltftf rF4-- City Mewl Cnli 1AEC-- -Germ Martin Denny at 9 am. on;wi KGLA . . . Joni James in multiplex at U KGGK . . phony Orchestra at noon on]**,*! KFAC . . . Doris Day in;["'" multiplex at 2 p.m. on KMLA ' ... David Rose at 4 pun. on Get your Gun" in multiplex KBBI Tony Marten at 6 tt 9 pjn, on KMLA . . . Jaa p.m. on KGLA . . . Boston Garber in multiplex at II Symphony Orchestra in stereo pj^ on KGGK. at 7 p-m. on KFAC... "Annie]: (F INK--Woman'i r» _ The Stem Line (1:3S) * FOX-As* and T« KCCR--ChrWlaa Crtnade 1:45 KCtll--Sun. Scnool 0) AJ 4./IA D \.t I mx_aiw\; Evening fieoi tU»r.M. XCEH-Famll» Btle Hour KAsC-Wewi; J.CJw«a»t,-- --- t' M . CoBi. l tailor 1*1 Wm. Wlnlrr It.'i Jr. HOME TV Service Calls trt-otfuctari tesunoor - laaewooi -- East t B Aria* ElecrrBftic Scnrtct HA 1-8055 L Repof1ef; Kew» KGEU--Vo=ct frf Chin* _. . .... »w Ro»rf KABC-M«1irt Mews KCR--World Mt»iOfTl "--Atljn J«chsoit (1:55) 9XJOAJL KABC-Ver William; Hwi KM X--Mews KGER--Lultieran Hour KASC--Myron J. VemietT KM X--Bob Crane Snow JCCER^Jchn Brewn flour r.a KF" ~ ' 'KA8C-- Vtnatl Koblt 1:U -Lite Lire *a*njonscoD« (2,i3 3.00 P3L J. C Swayz* KNX-- Mewtoaolii «t Night K.CER-- R*»- v»or Ciena J.49 XFi-- Americ«fi Jcenc ItNX-- Asfc DimefniOA 7L5 8--00 P^L t-- Mews: Tftnod BC-*ew^r Ratrt. C*rt KUX-- CJTV Editor* Report K.FOX-- frark Simon DICK VAN DYKE Loves Parade KC£«--Can Cike Show 1:11 · 15 t ABC- Jo* Pvn« Show UkSC--G«o.-Berr« Skinner ItliX--Tne Storv4.tnc J M :Fl--Mews; Music Turn 4.-OOPJL If l--Urws,- Dave Shaw Boa Consider* «:Ul _ . .KHJ-Kews; Wort Crowln KFI_«lwi; S^mjn- Vearj HKX--Newl KASC^Newi: Brkfst Club I 4 IS K.H ; f»JI Comoton 4 Death Valley Days: "Abel Duncan's Dying Wish," Eduard Franz, Tyler McVey, Anne Seymour. Rabbi and priest overcome frontier religtous prejudices. This episode a repeat, yesterday was named for the Brotherhood Award of the National Conference of Christians and Jews at the NAB convention. 5 The News. Bob Arthur 7 Danger Man, P. McGoohan 9 People Are Funny II Heckle Jeckle 13 Surf Side 6, Troy DICK VAN DYKE and his wife. Marjorie, recently re-1 yourself." turned for a visit to Danville, m, the town where they were raised. The town's p o p u l a t i o n . 41,000. turned out virtually "Anytime you want to look, up old friends, all you have! to do is stage a parade for 1 . XNX-- Mwv Arttior Codfrn ------ en masse to greet them with . a parade and the mayor pro- jwho is more afraid of his wife! xrj.-pi«^»jKD,: 7 PJVI. "Danger Man" (7) trails a traitor. eseuv Minion CGER--Overcomino Ln*« | KGEB--Re». LtRo» Kooa ' 1I.-OOAJM- RFI--Nws; SwinolB' Years KABC--*ews; Oott AHen Kisx--Kws: Art llnfclerter .COER-C.tle InsJihile 11:13 KABC-Jadt LMktttter «:» ' lasis: TemDe UCee SERVICE ·gsi mil' i Joy Tlomesoi TV Co.,' HE 2-2022 i'iV ARTHRITIS-RHEUMATISM? Anderson KABC-- ftiM Shadet; Mews K. NX-- New. K.FQX-- News; Smllev . ICGES^R , "Wanted-»3ad or Alive (11) runs across a fugitive totR-sumj..nt . . * · · · · · . - _ . - * _ I _ . iv« KLFt--Music Time, C CtcK K8C--Jim tAcCwEU newt tNX--Th* STory-Unc KOER--Erie Huft-Aintrs 4 M tABC--Alei Dreier, Tom Harmon sports (4:4B) K.NX--Cfiwlr* CoJlintrwood; K.GEB--Rev. Afi* Scfirttider IFt--Chet Hunllrv (4.40) :U ~itTi« Soorf* ·» Caumtline KABC--Mewi M 50 1 5.-00 P3L [KF^--Retxjrter; Jew» . ,..«. jUABC--News; U«rl,ft Firv*r KF1--MJlKtonn In lAefotfv IK.H*--low«fl Tlvamti; KM--News; WorM ToC^ 1 t Ptiil R^ziyta warts. (SclOJ KCE R--CJ*-*nc« Weldi KFOX--Soutdkiif 0««coo ~ - Lew. t« Shenrr K Ft--Tempo.' Bob Ketr HABC--Jot Pvt View "NX--MegJlDpotit «r Misfit KFi--Sporti; T*moa tCCES-Or. Or. B-bH lO^XJPJVL KF\--*tcwv ErrrhJEfa KAc--News; Lou Cooh KKJ--Kews; Bin Snmdiet K.NX--14 ·'Clock WkT* Rost K.£R.WJIbur *t\K* Show Van claimed "Dick Day.' Dick also managed to \isit a shoe store where he used to worlc as a clerk and the radio station where he started as a $20-per-week announcer. In the evening, he put on two 25-minute acts for a variety show. The proceeds. $10,000, were used to buy an old church building to house whom Dyke than the bounty hunter. 8:30 P.M. "The Story of a Press Agent" (13) is about Moran, a man who reportedly sold iceboxes to Eskimos. 10 PJVL "Naked City (7) stars Piper Laurie as an American Indian 12.-00 NOON KFI--F«rm; Barter Up IWBC--f»J Harvcv vws : L KHJ--Mewi; P*ut ComoKa RNX--Huoft McCOv, Newt ' K.GER--tush Noon BiftJt tABC--«*!ol* Jameu Nws -.elson IftctrUrKfc whose obedience to XABC-- Open 'Line RNX-- Ttie STorv4.lre ue.| Mlsk Players, . . Sandy's girl seeks revenge Dick started his acting career. 14 Niebla (dramatic serial) After the activity-loaded I A t » tilgt [ serial) (dramatic 7:1 S 2 Walter Cronkite, News 7:30 2 CBS Reports: "The Silent Spring of Rachel Carson" Eric Sevareid hosts a report on the extent to which pesticides may endanger man and his environment and the extent to which their use has benefitted mankind. Interviewed are Dr. Luther Terry, Sec. of Agric. Orville Freeman, author Rachel Carson and representatives of the Public Health Service, Fish and Wildlife research center and VS. Food Drug Administration. 4 (Color) The Virginian. Lee J. Cobb, Paul Richards, Harry Morgan, Skip activity-loaded lay was finished, Dick commented to his press agent: tradition had led her into an unhappy marriage. The man she loves and the husband she doesn't have a fatal fight 10-.30 PJSI. "Dragnet" (5) tries to capture a confidence man posing as a detective. -- . tribal KFOX-- Cliffie Stone ma " CER-Or. Orr Bible during Como's rehearsals. 13 (Color) Passport to Travel, Hal Sawyer: "Land of the Kimono." Meaning of the kimono. ·4 Penumbra (drama serial) 930 2 Dick Van Dyke Show. British comedian Dick Dawson guests as British comedian whose wolf- whistle routine on Laura wins Rob's ire 5 Cain's Hundred, Mark Richman, Ed Begley 7 Our Man Higgins, Stanley Holloway. Higgins displays a talent for handicapping race horses 11 The Best of Groucho Homeier, Jocelyn Brando. Garth, Betsy and six fel- krw stage passengers face death from vengeful outlaw unless they sacrifice one of their group 5 By the Numbers, J. Barry 7 Wagon Train, Scott Miller, Brian Keith. Losing his sight from wounds, notorious bandit forces Duke to guide him to Idaho town where he'f due to wed 9 First Night The 21st Floor," George McGowan. Ambitious junior ad exec sacrifices all to reach top II The Phil Silvers Show. Dpberman falls under Bilko's hypnotic experiments 34 Miercoles Musical 8:00 P_M. 5 Championship Wrestling (Olympic), Dick Lane 11 Wanted-- Dead or Alive, Steve McQueen 13 Flying Doctor, R. Denning 34 Fecado Mortal (serial) 830 2 Dobie GiQis, Dwayne Hickman, Bob Denver in dual role. Maynard impersonates an assassin'* target when he and Dobie are kidnaped in foreign country 7 Going My Way, Gene Kelly, Gladys Cooper, Dianne Foster, widowed mother and socialite paternal grandmother battle for child's custody 9 Movie: "Arizona Mission." James Amess f5) 11 Divorce Court, V. Perkins 13 The Story of... a Press Agent. Jim Moran, who sells ice boxes to Eskimos and finds real needles in real haystacks. 34 Casino Musical (variety) 9:00 PJVL 2 The Beverly Hillbillie» ; Buddy Ebsen. Granny's ready with a mountain- style an-iush when an IRS agent (John Stephenson) calls to investigate Jed's $25 minion fortune 4 (Color) Perry Como Show. Caterina Vafente sings and dances; George Kirby offers impressions; and Ken Murray shows his films of old-time stars p!uj,cew taken 13 (Otr) Northwest Passage. Keith Larsen. Rogers becomes prisoner of 5 French children 34 Chucherias (comedy) 10:00 PJM. 2 U.S. STEEL HCUR ROBERT HORTOR li SiLOME IE8S It -Htssiai if Fear" Enmeshed in a blackmail plot, young couple become prime suspects in a double murder 4 The llth Hour, Wendell Corey, Angela Lansbury. Martin Balsam, Tuesday Weld, Don Gra-ly, Roy Thines. Group therapy reveals the five members of an apparently normal family all are disturbed. 7 Naked City, Paul Burke. Piper Laurie. Tribal traditions lead Indian girl into an unhappy marriage and a murder suspect into refusal to defend his actions II George Putnam, News 13 News, Johns arid Fishman KX-- hi Hotlvwood: TTl* Story Line CI 5OT 'KASC--Specl"*.! Seinrt K.NX--c*roa Aicon .. . - _ Fwiier; Execv tiv* ttirti World crl K.A8C--+4*ldliri» N«*t K.NX-Clrov HirjcJ* tots RCER--Bull' -n of Ftim j (S KF' -Oavt h»Mr, News KABC--S*rn Baiter; Mewt KNX-Huofi AAcCov; Kewt C.-OOP3L KFt--Wartd of Seorti RABC--teweafd P. Morgan KH--News; Bruct H«v«s INX-KPWV,- Bjiinea. K.FOX--New* 1I.OOPJVL KFI--News: Sportu Finj* KABC--News; Ale* Drrer IKHJ--News; Jot Dole IWX--«trws; Jyieqaicc ILFOX-- BucKJy Cast --Wrj )-VB HABC--JO» Pvnt Show tNX-J^mlc n.t D*wn KFOX--J«rrr Man KABC--Kenrtrty News Cwrfgjenct Mi!it« KJI--Thln-i CmHed Lrf* 12 MIDNIGHT KFI--Rcn tocCov fto S) KHJ--TFie News-Wheel K.MX--WirtlC til D*wn K.POX--Huoft Chemr Cto (1 PRE-SCHOOL NURSERY Aoes 1 Han J--Won. «in Fn Scheduled FTogrim--Hot Landl Temple Baptist Chcrch ,2115 E. ICtl St. Gt 1-3014 SERVICE CALLS 21" Picture Tubes ONE eqAcn K1 TEAI 91U3U MOST GUAL 0 ' SETS EAGLI TT GA 3-30*1 · UN 1-1117 1137 1400 - . f i } . . - T = » . - = , - a BATiTERlES f - EOIISG: .. * FROM MEXICO CITT! 3 Bill Johns. News 10:15 13 Harold Fishman comment 1020 9 John Willis. News 1035 13 Alan Sloane, Weather 1030 5 Dragnet, Jack Webb 9 Trails West, Ray Milland II The Paul Coates Show .3 It's Country Music Time I1:OOP_AL 2 News, Dunphy and Hart 4 (Color) Jack Latham news 5 The News, Bob Arthur 7 ABC News; Baxter Ward 9 News. Willis Brundige 11 The Tom Duggan Show 13 Movie: -Zamba," Jon Hall f49). Boy is raised by a white gorilla 11:15 4 (Color) Tonight, Johnny Carson with Patricia Morison, Adam Keefe. Carol Sloane, George Hamilton, Masami Kuni 5 Cliff Norton, Weather; Steve Allen Show (1150) with Vaughn Header holding a "press conference" and phoning an unsuspecting Des Moines woman. Also Jennie Smith, the Hi-Lo's, adagio 9 Movie: "Conf ession of a Nazi Spy," Edw. G. Robinson (39) 7 Weather News (11:25) 1130 2 Movie: "You Were Meant for Me." Dan Dailey C*S) 7 Around Town, D.Hickman 34 Noticiero 34 (News) . . 1230 7 Movie: "Day Without Fear," Godfrey Tearle 11 Movie: "His Brother's Wife." Barbara Stanwyck 115 9 Movie: "Black Tuesday," Edw. G. Robinson ("55) 1:00 AJW. 4 News Roundup 1:15 2 Movie: "Looking for Trouble," Spencer Tracy 230 11 All-Night Movies: "Lillian Russell" and "Thunder Afloat" -irrs rut TEETH IN out SCHOOL 10*10- ELECT DR. JAMES Crawford FRIDAY, APRIL 5 We Terror en Mrct f*shl Ol IFr«r^« Uw d O*r E^BCefioa DtTIars Perfect for Easter! ··· +i« itch itoct savings? Ta us «T r«na E. Ikon:*! Comp«rty. vmgs mini t« provtdt. AftJ »· fi«v« * proof: 54 ye*n of t«Tn Te«^tr- p. TU» mcftns wt trust offer tf» ejries* Mvlrigt *nj test xtrviccf Wi vt .eta ft time inJ iim* tgiln... pecp!« tiv* come, ra wTti figure* from t comptH+or, «nj we*»e t««ten price ·* GUnti E. Tliemcs! W* S?ve on* price, one *±nn 4RJ en* trjrfe-In *iTcwence. «nj lri«f| tfi* unit · t«lU combin tfion. W* l« w* Leta cffer;r*i| ui proof for ever lutf · cenfijrf -- *nj we feet « 1963 offering e*t» more! StTet of sematTonaT DoJge w'tt Pi 5- "Vie* JOM ifuit if Flcverj lltisl if °PAWSON'S FLOWER SHOP Mrnber Ftarfci Tclcgrtpl. D«Livtrr 3323 Long Be act ElTi. GA 4-5795 nrf «t Gfenn E. Tficrr^s, our r* up 3 DO*/. -- tf-.arli f 0 tfte K^* clume tev'ngt we ptss tut 4o you, h» cos^emer. We tool rorwerd fa rrec+fng; yo« loan. T«itB E. TKomes Co. 340 £. AitetieTm long IcecK. CertfemT* HE7-M9I RETIREMENT LIVING C O M P A R E our retirement homes, positioned zrotmd rec- reaiion park witti its rnany facilities. From J11250, inctides w.w. carpet, bci It-rns, 3 yr. ins.- policy- No loan or escrow fee. YOCUM: th ( Cedar fit. SLVHI-. State t Johnston Sis. Sun f a Is by FIUU IRIS, 1«iC. Sun Park SAN FRANCISCO NONSTOP JET/PROP ELEGIRA 1 COAGE CONVENIENT NEW SCHEDULE DON'T LET THEM TAKE YOUR SET TO THE SHOP' NOW LETS TRY IT WITH BOTH EYES CLOSED! Iff /«MU THf tAMOIft SYIVANIA SILVER SCREEN 15 PICTURE.TUH $ 17 SO nns m SETH THOMAS ELGIN WESTCLOX WELBY OFFICIAL MCTOtT AOTHOIIZEO SCITtCE STATION Ittcltram · tegalriM IB H*e · FM watckn ft OK»I · Clect ·atfiM · Cleo-cs · tlwe Cl*dt» · Ocara · KerwIM e Craaaamen CALIFORNIA TIME SERVICE :i4 uintgso tin. UIW900 «ID STU1IS U 4-2M3 rttc VAIIJMTT LEARN PIANO TUNING · ew C1ec»e«ic Mernori antf -teanr- -. He A«e Barr«r--Home S)utf»-.ResJtfe*l I .Ca: Ttci Tndi JcSoolj H5J Atlatllc, Utj luck U : 5UT and rrw* mrm tor *l » ·arti tor ww^f CJTI, WORLD'S MOST ADVANCED COMPACT NEW '63 RENAULT R8 /1 fane \~alfencier Soys .. . la Our PIE SHOP WE SAKE FOR YOU THE FINEST AND FRESHEST PIES YOU HAVE EVER TASTED. J »·"· e.*^ ».«· ^ E3 % Yy mT / «wi*x ·-- Bsrta.itt ·ruW'f n onn w JM V ^ -1 *· cu rai i L-X3 on rna »-* » 9 TB KME n TrCrl ·· rr · M wnc *Ta«Binoh« *· -- *· I'ics e Oenm AND Frc*sli Slrawlinrry Pfos If yoa fcavt EC rried them, please come !· oai FREE SERV1NC We ore epei ertry day INCLUDING SUNDAY 11 A.M. to t P.M. LEAVE direct from LONG BEACH ARRIVE9:19 a.m. EACH.BLVD G A . 4 - 0 4 0 7 1400 OBISPO S GE 3-1448| FREE TOW SERVICE (I tlld I*. H llattiH SL) AND LOAN C A R , TOO 8:06 I.B. irnttN fria Sit Fmctsci 7M M WESTERN A I R L I N E S

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