Independent from Long Beach, California on February 1, 1960 · Page 10
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 10

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1960
Page 10
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DG Alums to Be Told Red Trend Mrs. Margot Steuer who has practiced law in her homeland, Germany, will address daytime section of Delta Gamma alumnae following a 12:15 p.m. luncheon Thursday in the home of Mrs. Charles Lupher, 257 Roycroft Ave. Mrs. Steuer, whose daughter is a DG at Long Beach State College, will speak on her personal ex- periences upon leaving East Germany, as well as the Florence Chapter Florence Chapter, National Home for Asthmatic Children at Denver, will meet Tuesday at 8 p.m. at Bank of Belmont Shore recreation room. Mrs. Sol Gibbs, president, will conduct. Selma Goodman is, hostess. I communistic trend throughout the world.. A business meeting is scheduled at 11 a.m. Mrs. Richard D. Pear- sail heads the luncheon committee with Mmes. Labazure McUine and Harry C. Reid assisting. Alumnae new to the area are invited to make reservations with Mrs. H. G. Steckley, 1867 Petaluma Ave. WE.THE Page B-2--INDEPENDENT Lono ···* Ctl "- * l "" dw ' Ftb - '· "" Music Sorority Meeting Tuesday Long Beach Alumnae Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon, national music sorority, will meet at 8 p.m. Tuesday in the home of Mrs. G. A. Viersen. Mrs. Ben Roodhouse will preside. In keeping with the year's theme, "Living With Music," the program will feature Mrs. Pearson in a talk on "Exploring Music Resources in the Long Beach Public Library." So Many Wonderful Ways to Serve Safeway Mads only from lean tender chunks of flavorful bnf. It's alwayi fresh . . . marvelous for meat loaf, spaghetti and meat balls or homemade chili con earns (tee our recipe below). SpeceaHy Priced Ground Shoulder Fresh Lean Beef Center Cut USDA Choice Knuckle Shank Bone Fully Trimmed Fresh Boneless Brisket Ib. Ib. 59 s 39' 15' Homemade /i tup chopped union 2 Ibsps. (at I Ib, Safeway ground btef 1/4 cups slewed tomatoet 2 Igo, cans kidney beans Chill powder ?4 Isp, salt Green pepper and chetsi Saute chopped anioni In fat until golden brown. Add ground btef and fry until done. Add tomatoet, kidney beam, chill powder and tall to taite. Cover and cook ilowly for one hour. Strve with green pepper ringl and cheeie cubei. Instant Coffee A 6-01. |ar makes the same number of cups as 2-!bs. of regular coffee. Safeway Guarantees it! USDA Choice Beef Well-Trimmed ' Captain's Choice Frozen - Breaded Detergent Price includes 5c off label. Lucerne Cottage Cheese So tasty--no wonder it blends with so many fruits and saladsl Safeway Guarantees pint carton it! (Quart ctn. 45c) Blended Vegetable Juices Gardenside Peas :. 7 r Gebhardt's l5'/5-oi. Heavy Duty Laundry Lucerne Chocolate Flavored quart ctn. (Lucerne Pricet in Local Area) Mild Odor Purex Bieach '/2ga Jug Krispy Crackers Sunshin* '·"'· Saltines Pkg. Serve with Cream or Cheese Sauce Mrs. Wright's Old World Reg. 29c Save TOc 15-Oz. loaf 19 Curtsy Jelly Roll Cinnamon Rolis S54 01. pkf. Jelly 21« Pk , 21 c Anjou Pears Gladiola Bulbs Central American Golden Ripe Sugary Sweet Low in Calories Imported from Holland Exhibition Size 9 Assorted Colors-Plant Nowl PRICES EFFECTIVE Won. thru Wed., Feb. 1, 2, 3, 1960 Applicable taxes collected. Subject to stock on hand. Wa reserve the right to limit and not sell to other merchants Blue Chip llampi given with eaih purchaio except fluid milk produm, ciggrtii*!/ tobacco, or alcoholic b6.vtraa.ftt. LOW, LOW PRICES Plus BLUE CHIP STAMPS At your neighborhood Safeway BIG NEW SAfEWAY 4912 KARDWICK LAKEWQOD CENTER LONG BEACH SAFEWAY LOCATIONS 6507 E. Spring, 5252 E. Second, 220 Loma Ave., 4580 Atlantic Ave., 235 W. 4th St., 714 Pine Ave., 910 E. Broadway, 5425 Long Beach Blvd., 2290 E. Seventh, 2500 Santa Fe Ave., 311 W. Pacific Coast Highway. OTHER NEARBY SAFEWAYS 1221 S. Gaffey. San Pedro; 227 N. Pacific, San Pedro; 2155 Pacific Coast Highway, Lomita; Carson and Western, Torrance; 1355 N. Avalon, Wilmington; 17639 Bellflower Blvd., Bellflower. FREE ADMISSION Small War Erupts Over Dining Squirrels By ILKA CHASE The doctor and I are embroiled in a small war. Over squirrels. He wishes to shoot them, I wish to preserve them.' In his defense I must say he doesn't wake up on a weekend morning and say, "I'm going out to shoot squirrels for the sheer joy of the kill." He is a humane man and from his point of view he has ample provocation, he is indeed goaded to take gun in hand. The squirrels get into the bird feeders and eat up all the seed. This makes him' mad on two counts: the birds get less and the bills run up out of all proportion. I see his point, but like Hamlet, I am a very indecisive character. I love birds, I even like pigeons, J think they're beautiful, but I love the squirrels, too. Just because you are a squirrel I see no reason, why you shouldn't eat. Besides, perched on the edge of the feeders, their curved bushy tails twitching with pleasure, their furry paws holding the seeds which they gobble with delicate greediness, they _ look darling. It's the fur'that does it, I suspect. I'm a pushover for fur beasts. If it was some scaly, slithery creature at the seed, although he might be just as hungry, I personally' would give the order to fire. * * * * NOT EVERYBODY feels that way, however. Our friends, the Astley-Bells, whom we visited last sum- Reinernber Valentine Gifts "SILKshake"SLENDERIZER TAKES YOU EVERYWHERE SMARTLY, CAREFREE You feel so good in It.-and always look SO smart, in simple good taste. So EASY to care for...wash or dri( clean this Hi(brilon blend of imported silk and spun ration with the rich "Italian Silk" Jooki Newest shades. 12 to 20 S 14/2 to 22/2 MAW COCOA LILAC SILVERY QREEN ALMOND Charge it, 6 months to pay BROADWAY AT PINE DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH Shop Mondoy ond Friday 'til » P. M. Order by Mail or Phone HE 6-7259 e Broadway Pine, Long Beach liu Sue Color InfCtltfChtu C.O.O.D Sntj.rllolicili«lStillSi'nIn Menu Add :! (er Dilivtiy \ mer in Djakarta, have a large lizard, a tokay who lives behind a picture in their drawing room and they are devoted to him. And Mrs. Johnson, the wife of our ambassador in Thailand, has a couple in the embassy with whom she is very chummy. They are called tokays because they make a noise which sounds exactly as though that was the word they are saying. The doctor, to bolster his anti-squirrelism, uses what I can but consider a specious argument. Not only, he says, does their eating at the feeders rob the birds, it weakens their own characters. He holds that by rights and by nature they should be busy all autumn harvesting acorns, of which we have an abundance, and that if they know they can count on us, the knowledge will undermine their independence. My spouse is not a fan of the welfare state, neither for man nor beast. With, of course, the exception of Thor, the Weimaraner who gets life handed to him on an emerald-studded gold platter and then we worry for fear something may be not quite to his liking. The Doc pretends to a certain severity, man-to- man stuff, "Don't wipe him off when he's wet, that kind of dog is supposed to get wet. Duck blinds, quail, for heaven's sake!" and, "No, he doesn't need any more meat, he had a big helping. If he's hungry, let him finish up the dog biscuits." The offhand vigorous attitude, but there have been moments--when he has not known I was in the room--when I have seen very gentle stroking of the lovely gray velvet head and remarks that sounded suspiciously like: "Who's a beauty doggie?" Yet such is the nature of the sweet beast, the four-legged one, that even our soggy attitude does not spoil him. * * * * AND WE H A V E our stern moments when threat is translated into action. One such occurred not long ago. This time a rat was at the bird feed and even my love of four-footed chums does not extend to rats in the house. The doctor took his gun. His is a steady hand and a straight eye. Anthony Oakley he. He d r e w a b e a d and squeezed the trigger. Neatest shot 1 ever saw. The rat didn't even keel over. He had been s i t t i n g on his haunches munching, live, and in a split second he w a s s i t t i n g o n h i s haunches, dead, t h e seed still in his raised p a w s . What a way to go! Would that we could all be so lucky. Just to stop breathing after a delicious mouth- · ful or to go quietly to sleep and never wake up. Probably, though, a certain amount of animalistic independence is a good idea provided the animals are in an environment where they can fend for themselves, the jungle and the veldt, for instance, or, in the case of cats, an alley near the fishmonger or a dairy barn. Probably the predatory instinct must be preserved to some extent if the species is to survive. Recently, there was a drawing in The New Yorker with, I thought, connotations that were q u i t e dreadful and heartbreaking. It showed two tigers hidden in reeds watching one of their fellows being herded into a great cape to be taken off to a zoo and one tiger was saying to the other, "It might not be such a bad life security- wise!" Vleeting Tuesday for Burnett WCTU Burnett Woman's Christian' Temperance Union will meet at 11 a.m. Tuesday in Olive Hill Bethany Baptist Church ed by Mrs. Clara I-'oy. Mrs. 'Mary Neislar will offer devotions. A skit, "A Timely Vis;it," will be presented. I SptMkor at the session foi- [lowing n o o n covered-dish luncheon will he the Rev, Claude Sailhamer.

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