Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1969 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1969
Page 21
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A-22-INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) L «« ···*· "»'·· ««*· "·· »· "" LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE By Harold Gray MARMADUKL ! DENNK THE MENACE By Hank Ketcham IF THE OLIVER WH86UCKS AT THE HOSPIWL IS «H IWPOSIER ~BIOOO WILL TEIL! 1HIS «-PHDRETURHS 1HE CflPSULE ^ IHTflCl TO ns SCURCEJf.YOU WILL f~ flIM flr WflKSUCKS flND BRING ME I; I L| utuflT !; IT I I UICT CFIT iSS*^*"^ ^ « ^«^» i]t B. C. By Johnny Hart i ..I'LL TAKE You. y "Cut it out, Marmaduke! You don't BARK at $750. . . you CRYP TERRY AND THE PIRATES '1 TRIE , SUt THE TV. 577^ OONY (W TUMBLEWEEDS By Tom K. Ryan GREETINGS, FELLOW PRIMITIVES. 1 . THIS SEMINAR'S SUBJECT IS 'FUN WITH WAR PAINTS"! FIRST CAM SOMEONE GIVE ME, A DEFINITION OF,. "WAR PAINT"? "A WARPAINT I9THE MESSY/COLOR? GOOK WHAT YA STICK YER RNGERS JNTO AN'SMEAR ON YER FACE! GOOD!.... AND WHY DO , _ _ YOU SWEAR ·^·V IT UPON YER ( FACE? a ET \ F'N \ * ERS!. ANIMAL CRACKERS POUT YOO KOOIO THAT you USE MORE MUSCLES WHEN VOO FROWN THAM WHEIO YOU SMILE ? ( s r ^ I M J \ TKVlWiro \ SHAPE.' } ·.' · TM ® 1»» NWl- Nnn. Syn. BBS EB and FLO R'R;' !T'9 COLP OUT...HAVE YOU HAP UUNCH.EB?! OH.GOOD! WHAT KINP ? r RIPIOIlODS/nC BUMA FAMILY 15 , HOSOWBIE ONE. I HAVE JUSTK'Cft LEARNEP OF THIS KBSRETIABLE AFFAIR M5EtF. SO THATS HOV IT WORKS, EH.PAU1A? USE VOUR SLACK-JAWEP LOTHARIO THE WEPPINSIS.OFCOURSE,WlRSSSIWf. I Will NOr PERMIT VICTOR TO MARK/ INTO SUCH AM OSVIOU51Y UNPE5IKABL FIMESENEPALHASR ARCHIE By Bob Montana ( Oil, ARCHIF, . ^x. YOU'RE SO THIS PLACE IS ) Cl.tVER./ REAL/MJU -,... AND IIALIAN / "I'LL \ T JUST HAVtTO ORDER FOR US ... IN THE WAITER IS POLISH AND HE SPEAKS ONLY ^606,- »j(ff»! 2-?i THE BERRYS By Cart Grubert CROSSWORD PUZZLE PRISCILLA'S POP ACROSS 1 Church community ? 'Brewing need II "-- Kapitai" U Wild Indisn 15 Seed cover 16 Umbrage 17 River 18 Historic Corsicar. 20 Name of many kings 22 High prestige 23 Occupation 25 Diving bird 27 Locale 28 Menncnite sect 31 Club fee 33 Percentage 34 Authorize 36 Long-nosed animal 38 Stood 40 Victimized: compound 41 Hereditary factors 46 Give a new title to 47 -Bullet 50 Insult 52 Stable occupants 53 Reveal* 55 Exude 57 Decor 58 Studio item 60 Fen 63 Ingress 65 internal (ax 68 Virginia rume 69 Journey 70 Excites 71 Go astray 72 Household department 73 Peaceful DOWN 1 Step 2 Prone 3 Weirdo: 2 words 5 Famous playwright 6 Of blood 7 Free meal 8 Ancient money 9 Fruit seeds 10 Narrow openings 11 Counted calories 12 Here and there 13 Faculties 19 Spanish port: 2 words 21 Angler's need 23 Play tricks 24 Augury 26 Kind of tide 29 Dealer in contraband 30 Wages 32 'Incentive 35 Decades 37 Feature 39 Remove; printing 4 1 Hanger-on 42 Tenth of an ephah 43 Cozy quarters 45 Hot 47 Addison and -48 Almost a ringer 49 Overcoat 51 Spanish river 54 Roofing piece 56 Kilmer poern 59 Weather word 61 Wheel pin 62 Mirk 64 Mongrel 66 Japanese money 67 Compass point ANY DAY NOW THE BIRDS WILL. FILL AIR WITH MUSIC.' -^ ANY DAY THE FLOWERS WILL. BURST INTO A PAGEANT Punk of Tiwldly, Fibruiry IS, Solve! nras HQnQ nr A COUPLE CELEBRATING ^ THFIR GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY SAY THEY HAVE NEVER QUARRELED.' HOW MONOTONOUS.' D RATHER BE LIKE US/ PETER. 1 HOW CAN SAY THAT? WE NEVER QUARRELJ AT LEAST WE NEVER HAVE , AN ALTERCATION THE LOCAL CONSTABULARY COULD j CALL A FIGHT/r MARK TRAIL By Ed Dodd '--' , IT'S FROM SCOTTV AND HE SAY^VA!fc-yV£ GIVEN /W£T THE JOB OF- CATCHING AN OLD GATOR POACHF. NAMED CLEM W/NGATE,,, I WISH YOU WERE HERE/" DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney TTOXJK." HOROSCOPE! | DI3CON Forecast for Thursday Kirj F.itnro ?.r..tit*l*. WOW.' LOOK AT~ RUN NOW/ ~~J /) ' JACKSON TWINS Bv Dick Brooks Your birthday today: The coming year is one o( harvest--counlinn ilic blessings vou h,ivc earned over a decade by mak- ina the best of the situation. Meditation will guide to a philosophic balance. Travel liohtlv, at Icasl in svmbol. Today's ndtivcs fend to manual dexterity, mimicry. Thry nearly always have very likeable personalities. ARIES (March 21-Aprll 1?): This is a dav in which things oo easily enough without anv extra special oush. For once, let well cnouoh atone; just go through Ihc routines normally. Be nice to your own this evening. TAURUS (April 2D.MnV 20): In this rather complex (lav, work through the oackloo of correspondence, delayed cr- riinds, p.irlnershio piipers, ioinl pl-in- ninas. Clear out anything in the home which has lost its luntlion and is merely taking up snace. GEMINI IMnv 31-June 20); Everv- thmo seems going lor you. Avoid ex- trenios or loo irnnv words. A great deal ran be done II vou have your wits ahoul you. Come home fairly early! CANCER (June 31-JulV 32): In vour urpe tor expanding sell-cxnrrssion. do not lornel the other (cllov/'s need lor recognition. A little diplomacy will take you a long way toward where you want to ao. LEO (July 33-Aua. 33): in solitude make an rdorl to review briefly all the iiast incidents on which vnu Oill show fcaciions. Sec wh.ii you mav be able lo do to improve vour prestige. Mere soondinq will not help. VIRGO (AuO. 73-SOPt. 32): If VOU will avoid haste and temper, yru will he transcending a stronfj trend. The^ple in vour home will rcsocnd rea»/ to kindness. Oroaniie a small party IHR evening. LIBRA (Sepl. 33-Ocl. 23): Your situation should be Improved as a result of the sincere eftorls vou'vc made lately to stay out of squabbles. Take full advantage and continue in ihis direction. SCORPIO (Oct. 33-Noy. 31): Today U idciil for bcoinnino long journeys: cither physical geographical moves or symbolic moves such as new courses of study. The goals are related to self-discovery, self-evolvemcnt to a new human condition. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 33-Dcc. 21); Grt rid ol any long-standing nuisances il vou can, or make plans to by-pass Ihcm In such a way as lo detour Iheir impact on VOLT life. AQUARIUS (Jan. 30-Ftb. If): You should conccntrale unwflvcrlnnly on following up previously settled plans. Anything along experimental lines Is not within vour jcope loday. Put work-a- day matters oul of vour mind altogether with A refreshing evening. PISCES'(Feb. If-Miirch 21): You can do anything wllhln reason with lhi splendid Influences of today, nivevcr, careiuiiv liM the dav with Ail Ihe doings that are ,vthin regulation. IT'LL BE CREEPY ·-^ -JUST LIKE ·tfXTD BETTEP GO NOW, TWINS.' \EVERYTHING' ·XXI'VE 6OTA LONG PRIVE HOME f ) HSE TVE AND YOU DON'T WANT TO BE M ON MY FINAL WIPE-OUT THAT CHOPf^EE OAN5 THINKING WITH ME f HE V^DNT PO IT 'TIL WE GO, SO.-.WE STAGE A SIT-IN f ] YOU'RE WRITING A SHORT STOKY TOSUPMlTTO MAGAZINES IRA?/ VES. IT'S ABOUT THIS C?UI£T; SHY TYPE OF PERSON, SEE... INCIPENTALLY, MAGAZINES PAY BY THE WORD. -ANPHEHAS THIS FRIENO WHO'S A WINDBAG. SEE../

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