Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 30, 1950 · Page 34
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 34

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1950
Page 34
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Tucson. Arizona . * AUTOS FOR SALE -'^lAUTOS FOR" SALE 23 Monday. Oct. », 1950 Tucmn, Aril AUTOS F.OR SALE 23 Beautiful -Fordor ;1949 MERCURY, SEDAN r fer sale by original own«r. Immaculately clean and in Itoest condition A truly wonderful car, o£ low accurate mileage, that has. never given any trouble. It looks "and runi like new. Km had fln.Jt" constant care Besides, you get these luxurious extras: 1100,00 overdrive (a Higher driving gear, (riving many more miles of driving with same gasoline ex- E erae), lovely radio, white wall tires eater, seat covers, war back-up light A look «t the car'will convince you Excellent gas mileage. Very low operating cost. You can't 'beat a' Mer- an unbelievable driving thrill 1 Phone or 2-2895. T O AUTO SALES 2000 ORACXE-RD, · Come and see us we will Rlve-7ou a food fair deal. Check these prices.. la FRAZER .J805.00 ·4J DODGE CV , ....,, 475.01 ·39 FORD ...445.00 ·39 PLY. CP 315.0C '39 PLY. S TJR. 3Z5.00 '38 STTTDE 3«,00 ·57 FORD CP 245.00 And others to pick from. . Bowyer Motor Co. PACKARD - INTEHNATIONAI, Cars '49 Packard DeLuxe '48 Packard Super '46 Cadillac 4 dr. '48 Pontiac S.ta. Wag. ; Trucks '46 Ford Tractor '39 Ford Stake M Ton,. A real bargain. International U ton panel. Excellent selection of lower priced cars and trucks. . Bowyer Motor Co. PACKARD - INTERtJATIONAl. SALES - SERVICE T j r S t o n e Dial 1-7 T ' S HERE ,-NOW! T H E , N E W HOR See It Take A Rid ! 5I HU WlthHydra- H U D S O N N E T ' ' Perk; ins 185 N. EBBBBBBBBBBB B B BB · BE B BBS BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB3 BBBBBBBBBBBEBBBBBHBBB BBBBB BBBBB BBS BBS Hallowe'en SALE! 1941 DeSofo Sedan.. 59 Real Good 1937 Chevrolet 2-Dr.. 34; Be* This On* 1941 Plymouth 4-Dr.. 495 Ciena ,· 1938 Chevrolet 2-Dr. . 325 . Not Bad for tha Monty BEAUDRY MOTOR CO. 847-N. STONE TUCSON'S FINEST Used Cars ·^/Chevrolet $995 Tucson Equipment Co. 49 W. Drachman No Doubt ··V We Will Be Shot for Selling Cars So Cheap Square Deal McNeill and Reliable Roy- Dunn are cleaning house! 'A9 Ford Custom Convertible Coup« with n*w top. WSW. Overdrive, radio. heater, log lit« jc loj horn II /l Q c Friend lor wtt« car at J.1OO ^9 Dodge Coronet 4 dr. with Gyra-matic, heater, and custom seat covers Nearly new tires and only 18.600 milej. Light mist preen »1 nnc Will you icivt 1/yO '49 Buick ' Boadmaster 4 dr with Dynaflow, radio .heater WSW. A beautiful bronze green that ij *1 QQK turiect. Special it IS30 '49 D.eSoto Custom 4 dr with Prejto-Matl automatic transmission. Radlc heater, spotllta and WSW tire Low mileage Special ATTEN BUICK' WE H 1949 · Roadmaster With Everythin 1947 Special Sedan--T Today e In A New DSON Matic Drive Motors Stona · TION OWNERS 7946 Super Sedan--, Just Need 7946 Special Sed Good It will be Kar'd for yo we have on these ca the deal of the year o see us. BUICK Convertible g, Low Mileage BUICK his Car Is Perfect P E R K I N S 185 North BUICK . This Car A-l s a Home BUICK · an--Just a- Buick ' u to believe the prices rs.\We-will make you n these cars if you will . M O T O R S Stone Ave. 1948 BUICK $1,450 eautltul Mist Green Super "Sedan. «w mutant!: Badlo, Heater, Huns ike m top. SHEMBERGER 1621 S. 4th . APACHE MOTORS Cadillac - Oldsmobile Buy With Confidence 49 Chevrolet $1675 Convertible coupe. li.MO mlle», 48 Chevrolet . $1395 jedaa. Very clean. 49 Chrysler. Windsor "6" Clul! coupe. Ho automatic shift, radio healer The tires are good for t-i 70 2 vean. Thi» must EO as J. I « 50 Ford Custom Club COUPS with Over drive radio, heater. WSW tires Fender skirt* and under coat. Square deal special at- '48 Cadillac "K" t dr with Rvdramatic. soeaker radio, heater, nctv WS' US Royal tires. Beautiful do\ Kray .Unlsh. Inunaculata '47 Cadillac "80" Sceclal FlMtwood t dr. Bad Jo. heater, saotllte. new Selbcrllnc WSW tires with safety tubes Ny 3on «at covers. Recentlv over hauled. Bright ereen »cn finish.. Down OU Valley Bank Terms Fair Dealing % Down Payment/ We buy clean cars and pay cash. LAST MINUTE SPECIALS 50 Studebqker. Keffal Deluxfl 4 dr with Overdrive radio, heater. WSW ««J onlv 7000 miles on this little "25 miles Der tallon" beaut?. $·) on c Nearly newand onlr .... ·*·' a " 49 Oldsmbbile . "76". Deluxe with Hydramatlc. radio, heater, -anct »cat covers 2 to choose from, * These prices cannot b« beat. I . Choice-V , Central i ·-. Auto Sales - · 818 S. 6th Ave. Ph. 3r7597 iW 6LB5M6HUi. Sell or trad, for . motorcycle. 4aj-x. Zrlnc. Bd. Call Ut*r.l;X. 1-MM. 49 Ford I- door. '48 Buick $1450 .$1795 $795 Convertible coupe. New ton covers. Low mlleace. '48 Nash Ambassador Sedan, '46. Nash Sudan (60D), '47 Volkswagen $425 2 door sedan. Sec thlj one. It's ready-to sell. APACHE MOTORS USED CAS DEPARTMENT 43T N 6th Ave (Next to Firestone Store) ' Dial 4-0481 \\f~~ I -mi goodwill Cars By Hackett Whiting 2419 SOUTH 6TH AVE. 3-6183 49 Pontiac 1795 CHIEFTAIN 8 sedan In beautiful MAYAN GOLD I Plastic covers. radio, etc. Immaculate! 49 Ford 1450 1950 FORD $1,595 Beautiful Tucson -Tan Custom 'Clb Coupe. Low miles. Radio. Heater, WS Tires. Spot Llcht. Low Bank Terms Trade, Ph. 2-7332. SHEMBERGER 1621 S. 4th Sea mtst (treen C0STOM CLOB COUPE with the economy 8 cyl. motor, and OVERDRIVE Radio, heater, red plaid covers, and nearly new SEIBERLING tires. New rlngi. pins, and Inserts Installed In our shop. 48 Pontiac 1495 HYDRAKATIC 8 deluxe Streamliner 4-door, 3-tone gray. Loaded with extras, Mad Immaculate. r6 1495 WINDSOR'.4-door In CatalidH tan : with Royal Master rayon tires, radio, heater, tailored coven, and full custom Interior. 48 Pontiac 1495 HY3DHAMATIC 8 deluxe Streamliner sedan 1 coupe. A 2-tone beau- AUTOS FOR SALE;. ,,33 ·47 CHEVY Flcetmaster. Loaded with accessories. Priced; rlcnt; Ph:' 3-8143. 1U3S PACrlAHD sedan, in A-rcond Sell cheap nr trade on-truck. prefer n-mi-1 fi.ncm Miscellaneous FOR SALE 52 Miscellaneous FOR SALE 52 HOUSEHOLD GOODS 54,'POULTRY. ESGS. Etc. Cl APARTMENTS- Furnished 7g . . EILL« DIRT-- .: , ., L^JSffWOOD WP.^rtter.Nierv, ble TttANSMBREl), must _.eU_ 7 it. late "THUNDERBLRD" . e« mash »l.i» , . r A ~,, r A rrp T T O ' 1A AUTOS'WANTED 24 See us ;flrst or iee tu-.last but i us! We Pav mort for vow car DI for or not 1 ' Consolidated. 110 S. STONE ' CARS WANTED *If It runs.'Tun-.-itynto ;,BIRD BOBUi at 1514 So. eth Ave. · · WE,BUY ' Used Cars-Top Cash Hackett Whiting 3« 3 ALAMTOA WHY TAKE LESS WILLIAMS Pays More For Clean Used-Cars" WILL, trade I9»G Lighthouse, traDcr for car. Trailer value J1050. Roya: Court. 2500 S. 4th. SILL-DIRT, VERY REASONABLE COPPER i, MOUNTAIN ETS, ' - 5-5118 "Fri'gidaires "' ' ' -- ..._ YOUR CHOICE OF GAS RANGES MAYTAG EASY WASHERS DOMESTIC 'SEWING 1 . MACHINE3 Cecil Cover's Electric Service Co. 225-E. Congress- "Ph. 3-2045 420 N. 4th Ave. Ph. 3-9252 IRAILERS, New Used 25 1947 .Indian 25-ft, 3-room frailer. · 1st class condition, new refrigerator. Cooling system. C-a 11 2-4364. 22 FT. 1948 Pacific Liner house trtul- er. Good condition. Sleeps 4. Elec. hot water heater, elec. · retrlK: Butane Has nrnfie. J700.-D. R. Somervell. Oasis Court. Benson.' Ariz. veil. Oasis Court. Benson.' Ariz. HOUSE Trailer. Unattached bedroom. Unfinished adobe house. Toilet and thower on :rear ol lot 50 .x'lS2 .It. Utilities In. Will consider 22 ft. or over trailer in trade. 4537 E. Plma Aye PAY v,-Buy Cash for House trailer -lot. · 3-5884. 3-RM. trailer. 3 clothes closeti. .Elec. refrlcerator. Reasonable. Bv 2B37 N. Rirhov 1347 25 It, Elcar. e ft. Frljzldaire. Excellent condition. 3025 Oracle Rd, r 4S COLUMBIA trailer. 23 'it., excellent cond., $1.250. 3125 -N. Geronlmo Trnllor Haven 'Court. SPARTAN. MANOR 27' fully" equipped, WU1 mcrlflce. Terms. 2227 S. 4th. w*wfKn^.-*r "'flSvE'R ~ walker Tr Sales. 2B33 S PH. 3-2J95 TRAILER dolly wanted. Asfc for Bill. Ph. 3-2595. '48 FLEETCHAFT trailer. 23 ft. electric ref.. Bu. stove. Hilton heater. Very clean. Priced risht for cash sale. Can be seen at Boston Trailer Court. . __ Trailer Headquarters STATE DISTRIBUTOR FOB SPARTAN KIT SEE THE NEW 2 BED ROOM · 25 OTHER JTEW Ic USED TRAOERS .FROM S300 UP TRAILER FURNITURE DEPARTMENT COMPLETE TRAILER PARTS STORE ADMIRAL REFRIGERATORS WHIRLPOOL AUTOMATIC WASHERS Ted Walker Tr. Sales OPEN 8 TO B 2532 S. 8th Ave. ' - ' P h . 3-2! Get Hot NOW Before It Gets Cold LATER!!! -lo'or Furnaces Wai! Furnace.s Forced Air Furnaces Be Ready! " .: Install Now! ' Call Plumbing Department ,for estimation now. Ph, 3-4731 . J typewriter,'«ryi ^condition, J22.50; 16 mm, movie TM era; 30" 2 face neon electric fclock, flipper type pinball machine. Dial 12 GOLF ^fubs, bag, good condition^ Ph. 5-3840. - . SEARS . · Roebuck Co. 81 N. 6th Ave. Ph.3-4751 4200 ft. 1" Sheathing, at $65 M., 3000 ft. 2x4 and.2x6 usable Culls priced below cost. Our complete stock-of- building materials is bright, clean, new top- grade merchandise and our prices are as low as you will find in Tucson. Our, service is prompt,' courteous and efficient. It will pay you to let us quote you. Sanding and Polishing Machine for rent. 1 We apply Roofs. O'MALLEY LUMBER Co. 221 N. 4th Ave. Ph.3-8671 APPLIANCE OUTLET 3450 N. -1ST. ' -· DIAL 3-010DI Needs 50 used rclriznrators 4 stoves. Positively Tucson's best trades on new appliances. Guaranteed used re- frlgerolors'from S49.5Q. , model-refrtg.,x"Spin-Dry" Easy washer. Antique desK, etc. Ph. 2-5905. 1724 E. 10th, KKOEHLEK living room suite, occasional chair, : Norge refrig.i Sunday: or _after 5. 1B36 E. 3rd. Ph."3-7236 enK -cwt. in dress "print bast. Dairy feed 14 per cwt.JJorse ieed S4.80 cwf. Ft Lowell Feed Supply* Co. 3237 E Ft. .Lowell Rd. Ph. 6-0632. ' RED CHICKS T£. lay mash M.VS'cwt Tlcmann's: 2001 N: Stone. 3-2441.- HARVEST, lay mash with Pannroln In .colorea-.print-baEs-14.80. per - MtpOLETON'S. 'flat S «th Ph I- C\l"" t't. Uorge refrlg., delivered and guaranteed. $60: many otheirf to choose from. 2831 K. Prince Rd. 5-8551 i cu. FT. iielvinator refrte., all por- celaln. $60.' 2631 E. Prince Rd. FRIGIDAIRE Coldwall'.' 8 cu. ft., S75. Ph-.-;Kr. Savage, 3-0514 or 3-1650 eves _and Sunday. USED .refrigerator, J4S; must see to appreciate. See after 5:00 p.m. or on weekends at 3352 N. Maple Blvd. (rear). CKOSLEY Shclvador, like new. tlSo- Simmons divan, like new; dinette set. Call 5-0981. M-W GAS range, practically new A-l conaltlon. 140 E. 17th St. 2-6348 PRACTICALLY new circulating heai- er, 35,000 cu. ft.: 3 piece rattan sectional .sofa; Oxlz rug: child's roetal lawn swing; single Monterey studio bed: very reasonable,. ,.221 N. Cherry. --- --- oldspot. f yr, old, $200; divan .and chafr. $50: fcreaKfast set. $10: other household furniture. 2-1 R95 " CLOTHING FOR SALE-S2A ^Jext-to-New Shop .163* N frer 3-1157 Open I to B pjn SILVER FOli . Jacket. ^Valued Will sell for half. · e-0255. "LET'S SWAP" OLD storage battery gas, 2S32 E.^Brgpdway. Tor 6 gallons STAN'S Swap Shoo, buy, tell. tr»3« We need guru «33'H.-4th. CLO IHES LINE POLES 53A $17.75 INSTALLED, $17.75 Welded constr wt In cement. S wire* ready'to use Also mail boxes. $6,30 pn 5-054? before 10- or after S pjn, JUST RECEIVED a oew shipment of heavy-duty c]oihcs"]ine poles: S ft high. 4 ft., cross-arms, made oi 3-ln, heavy duty pipe, spccia! $n.9^ per set Fully Ruoranteed. Tucson Sal- va«e Material Co.. 451 - W. Congress Dial 3-2301 . ZELLE ANTIQUE SHOP FOR SALE 724 E 3rd ODD SCREENS Odd Steel Sash screens and aluminum window screens -- priced to close out Southwestern Sash Door Co Jio Stevens Ave 23 CARS Oregon .lumber roHinc; 1BQ1 N. Oracle 1 3-7S40 WE BUY - SELL - TRADE Furniture · and anything usable. 1417 S, 6th Ave. VALLEY FAIR 3-8121 HOUSEHOLD GOODS. 54 Luqqaqe Frailersto Rent BOUND TRIP anywhere Eumuer clamp furnished. Hall Trailer Sales 2115 S. 4th Ave. Star one way where 2027 N. Phone 2-3S33. "· round trip, any- 10tli st W. Flores BICYCLES, Motorcycles 29 BUY, sell, trade repairs. Bicycles, Trllies Richards. 23Q N. 1st 2-0044; Cushman Motor Scooter Cushman Engines CJsed Scooters Hand* Controll-'d Invalids MachlnM · Authorized aalcs and Service GARDNER nOOB CO SCH\vTNN BUILT BICYCLES - ' Sales and service: lawn mowers and «rlnd Free pick-up and delivery RUSSELL SHEPERD Dial 3.1362 218 rJ. Fourth Ave BARLEY "12S," perfect condition, extras, $200 cash, .terras- or trade. 1 : 23 Polo Village. 5-156S. BUILDING MATERIALS SQ · FOR NEW HOMES^ Barealns Ealore In "ElecrriMl HUM- ing ftetures all kinds" See them through the windows at nisht or-lel us show and quote prices Your fixture allowance will leave _ surplus of funds for your own use Investigate. TIENRY ELECTRIC CO 715 E 8th TABLE CLOTH, larce. hand cro- utprf. «50. 2.S01 E, SOth St. : TENTS TARPS Headquarters of Tucson GOVERNMENT SURPLUS' Pipe und Plumbing SuppUen Water Heatefs Camouflaue Nets Fence Posts ' Furniture Cots Beds Mattresses Chest of Drawen Pillows , Tables ' Chairs . : Couches PAPFADEAS CO. 1S14 N Stone . SEARS Has the Engine You Want Briggs Stratton AIR COOLED GAS ENGINES % t o l H.P. · ' 1V2to2H.P. 3V2to5H.P v Don't Wait Come In Today! Limited Number SEARS ' Roebuck Co. 81 N. Stone Ph.3-4751 . fuel oil" heater, Ph. 5-4212 DIAL 6-1357 LAY MASH IN PRINT BADS, M * !, UPHAM FEED 4 SUPPLY CO 2555 E GRANT RP Pop' Fresh Dressed Poultry ·»- Poultry Market " Dial 3-7041 TRAILER -COURTS 73 B Trailer Court. 110 · month Semi-private,,3108. Ro- T.nrn -Brt. 3-2869. INVESTIGATE o.ulc Foothill .Court Shade, pvt, restrms: and 'showers $12 mo Soft water. Adults. 160DE.-Ro'ger. MISSION Trailer Park with Individual bath houses large shaded oatini Corner- Mission Alo Rd AND BOARD. 74 5MT5 _ at-door. · 515 woek. · Ph. 5-1401. UNUSUAL. room wjtti dinner. .See to appreciate. 1034 E. Mabel. CONVALESCENT in orlvate home. Non-contagious. Close in. Ph. 3-0627. PRIVATE- entrance, central heatins, -wholesome Kosher meals 829 E 6th. 1-17157 K. REPIUCEftATOU. excellent con7 . ' ' . . . dltlon... ;iOD. Call' 5-0981. I WILL pa.v more CASH furniture Call S-U40 DOUBLE, single;, young man;, near good food. 3-027Q. 2-1574. Certified ' Rebuilt Maytaq Washers PROM: $84:95 Other used. machines- full size, wringer type, good condition, only ' . ' · ; $ 3 9 Beach Appliance Co. "Your MayteR District Store" 3248 Grant Road 3-5307 170 W. Congress 3-9091 Repossessed . RETRlGERATonS-DEEP TREEZERS CAS ELECTRIC RANGES MAYTAG WASHERS -ERONERS Terms to suit vour "hudget Dave Collen Son 2823 N · Oracle Rd , Ph 2-4322 Your Crosley-Maytau-Glbson And International Harvester ·- ADOllance Dealer OPEN EVES SITN B u x , sell, trade, repair, lawnmowers. bicycles. Richard's, 2430 N, 1st. 2-0044 Cash and Carry Specials 2-Ox6-£-2-Danel .....'.... ,t 7.98 3-0x6-0-- 1=1 ext. flush.... 14.93 3-0x6-3 Calif, combination 14.95 2-8x6-8--1 Lt. Sash door. , 9.93 4x6-- V*" plw;ood 4x6 -- W Dlvwood ...,., 4x8 MasonXtc ...... . 4x8 Asbestos board 4x8 Ivory Ins. board Hex shlncleE. tier sq...,45-lb. roll rooflns 90-lb. slate surf 'Inside Brass loekset . Outside Brass LocJcset. . i F. M. Butts . 3,34 7.98 2.40 5.76 1.89 7.87 2.23 3.87 1.98 4.95 ' .69 Why limit your choice ol interior color schemes to. a few neutral shades when you can have a choice of 56 exclttna new .colors when vou buy G E N E R A L FAINT'S new TREND TONES in" e i t h e r HEAVYKOTE flntwall SEMI- GLOSS or GLOSS. Buy direct from our warehouse stocfc to SAVE on too Quality .taalnt, Hazen Ellington Building Materials' 1616 Aviation HlKhway 14 Block E, of Cherry _ Phone 3-1051 55 GALLON Bu-gas tank and meter, $30; 14' Olympic icebox with air: cir culating fan, chrome hardware,-orlK Inal cost $150. price $30. Ph. e-0380. ONE very modern Jewelry showcase for sale. 39 E. Broadway. FOK REST oortable. sewlnr machine $5 Der mo Morris Sewina machine store 3734 E Cram RJ Ph 5.1372 THE AIR-WAY SANITIZ6R vacuum cleaner For demonstration Dh 3-4244 DOINO youn OWN WHUNGJ No charge for Instuctaons and layouts oy experienced electricians Will save money, time and Trouble when buying your electric supplies a1 -HENRY ELECTRIC CO. 715 E. 8th 3 CIRCULATING gas stoves. One lac, 2 small, good as new. 2222 E. 6th GARDEN FRESH ooldcn chrysanthe- LJTns. 25c fl bunch, 6077 E. Lee 5t, PORTABLECOMPRESSOR. 165 cu. ft. Jack hammer hose, 1 small dozer. Tlltinjr Se ancle blade. ,Chea» Arl- vacq, Ariz, L. P. Poor. ' Pay Cash and Save $$ White Pine Sheathing 1x6 ...... $65 per M Redwood Siding 1x6 --l-x8 --1x12 .-Select ...:..-.... $158 Common .,..,.. $125 Slate Roofing . 90 lb.,.per roll .. $3.69 LET US Grffl YON AN ESTIMATE --. WE CAN SAV1 YOTJ, MONEY Wood Bros. Lumber Co. WHAT LESS " THAN $10 · WILL BUY YOU AT \SAV-ON Kitchen Cabinet Larg« - $Q95 size ' Rocker Velour . $Q95 Ban · :-- BAMBOO RATTAN TURN Grand opemn«' at our- new show room Save up to 607* at our Factory-to-you prices $227 valus 3 PC sectional ai 3140.50 Open dally Ul 9 Sundays Dial 2-0585 . to 5 -014 E Speedway KEFHIGERATOKS oouK.1l sold and repaired Modem boxes to $70 Prince Engineering 2R31 E Prince Ph S-85S1 ~AiiH fc'OR vour furniture mri house- Call 2-328.*i NATIONALLY advertised refrle.. 1'f, foot, all deluxe features. 1 yr. warranty. - : $149.95 Arizona Appliance Mart 312 E. CONGRESS MITCHELL'S OCTOBER SALE SPECIALS!!^ Used Elect.. Range . .$79.50 Westinghouse Elect Range 89.50 Perfection Oil Range ,, 89.50 Gas.Range 49.50 3 Burner IROOM with board. Private bath. Out' side entrance. Ambulptcnv eonvales- cnnt. Ph 5-82?8. 2^5!^ E ftth St. KOSHER. Eeclleht Tneali. Also kltch- en privileges... 921 N, First Ave 4-1020 WALKING distance. Employed ;Een- tlemen or students. 3-1065. . / : SINGLE, double, private, bath, central heatinjz Kosher meals- i)23 E. 6th street. CHILDREN or adults asthma- or eon- valescents Bus, schools Ph 3-1227 BOOM for ladv arthritic. Ph. RANCH. CLOSE, reasonable, no dost, fiood place for sinus, asthma suffer- n;. 3-4!B2. ' ;OOM Without Board 75 LAZY CACTUS HACIENDA' /' 6418 EAST IND ST, , Luxur]ousl (urnUbed 3li Rm . v tajjes Modcr«lr r«t« Octoh«r I I ut _1S.. .sKiARMiST APT. HLIMI. s BeautUuIly turn: .bdrm; b»U, liv. ta! room with wide picture window, full mt, view." Kit. «nd ample itoru* 1 »·- space. Sublease Nov. .and Dec or fun f season-'Or year. Call'3-5429 or . . . 3-room apt carport* '' M7.5I) on'leate: 2Z30 E -Sprtni. li-7«t_^'', WINTERHAVEN APTS ' "~" , 24BJ N RIchcy at Grant Rd Charm- ''* nff f roonu, ssohalt tl]« floora. lawn,.-;*. jaMo and gbufflgboard'^ ' -.-?. MIRAMONTE-APTS. ;'' New deluxe 1 b'drm. fum. «r W un/urn In lovely Cncanto P«r«v;'° Cent. nesting, cooling prtvat*« irchei. paved ctreeta. 2301 E and St.^ iftne S-S2S8 ~ A Vista Sierra Lodge il Apartments $r Arizona's most beautiful apartment ^ settlruz Sr-room (2-bedrocroV*pts; v 8i»-'.iV clous itround. . Excellent Individual"/^ furnishings. Selected cllenUld Prl-^- vate pool, bus service. Phon« 8*2603.^ * 48Q1 E. Broadway 1\ SAN CLEMENTE -APTS.I? Tucson* most beautifuJ Mrden * nbts EiuxurlouFlv lurnished and ma*- nUfcently landscaped. Uneni utiU-^;, ties etc. turn. One large bachelor y.,-- aot, and one 4-rooro act available .£·* on very reasonable rental b«il«.."-\ Lease or seasonable DIRECTIONS roA. east on Broadwav 4 blocks owl A,K · vernon to Bryant then turn South -£ " short blocks to Brocm-Way Man- :?_ El Encanto'Apartments,£ "ARIZONA'S FtNTST'" 75 Completely-furnished 4 and partments' In (deal location on nual teasft or seasonal bnsis. '' E (TTH ST. PHQNg . _ND 2 b e d r o o m n e w BeauS/ulJ.v: furnished ; Reasonable Close In til' E 9th For Information nil 3-tM3 or 5^7482, -- · -._ ^-_ MODERN 3 rooms, oractfcallv -n«w^ TWO adiolnine rooms, immaculate, ^n clean Wrport*, adult* 8M N Private entrance .and shower. Kit- th Av cnen privileges or breakfast, bus blk. Ph. S-4G78. STUDIO room, bath., private unit, bus, reasonable, suJteble employed gentlemen. 2348-E. Pracbmsn. 5-5477. NEAK Univ,. Kitchen Driv. buses. mkT,. Indy. Only guest. S-S140- ATTRACTIVE NE\VJ-,Y decorated bud- room outside entrance comfortable bed; lar^e closet, near bus. 620 E _i_fh St.. Ph. 2-.TQ5Q. 2 SINGLE ROOMS, seoarate entrance. clean, comfortable reasonable. 3310 E, Bellview, .5.7027. WELL LOCATED, front bedroom, private entrance. $26. LlCht Icitchen privileges, 1206 E. Lester St.. 'Ph. 3-33M. 1335 E. 9TH ST. ^ Ultra smart garden apartmenti, l andtp-l 2 bdrm. Ideal location. Every con-1*~ ygnienge. Month, year. 1 ~ ; .' NEWLY DECORATED sllCDinB rooms for one or two, Rejwnntile. Kitchen privileces. 424 E. IGth St. · TWIN* BEDS- Employed couple' student. fi29 N. Warren. _UEST HOUSE. Btudiq bdrm. with shower bath, attractively furn Nice gentlemen. 2-0142. ROOM in rear apt, Man, share kltch., bath. 830 N. 3rd. SLEEPING rooms for men, near University, $15 up. 523A N. Highland 3-9543. kitchen, dining room privilege, bi close, reasonable. 3714 E. Flower. VICE room, shower, private entrance, gentleman preferred. 701 E. Mabel. LARGE bedroom with pnv. ent. priv. bath, l block from bus. 2-3630. SINGLE. DOUBLE. SEPARATE E . . PRIV. BATHHOOM. BUS, 1U3B E. 9th ST. PH. 4-1579. UEST HOUSE off lovely enlrnnce bath, near TJniy. 3-5656. 'Table Top Stove .. Gas Range. H. 0. .. Laundry Tray, Porcelain v ........ DIVING ROOM couch club ch. frieze, like new. J125. 3122 Ter Alta Blvd.. Aot. A. 5-5422. NITNDA BEDS EQUALS. BEDSTEAD mattress and box snrincs in asse; blv. 23 sizes. Twin size $29 343 ^ flt.h. Thomnsbn. Phono ^2-34^2. FURA'I-rXIRE, DISHE-S. GIFTS, ODDS ENDS. IT'S THE BROWSE AROUND SHOP. !53G N. Country Club Road. Ph. 5.1 complete, R-5888 nefc vacuum, latest mod used very little. $34, DUO THERM clrculatlnj.: oil heat with drum.. $25. Heats S or fl room. JK1G E. 13th. 2-3917. HOOVEH Vacuum with nttaclmn like now. SI 9.50. 4025 B. Monte Vis Ave. MAYTAG -washtnp machine. 1949 mo cl, excellent condition,'reasonable f quick sale. Ph. 3-3739. Chest- Hardwood. 3 drawer ,, |QS! 275Q S. 4th AVe. ..We Deliver Fh. i-2498 WE BUY -SELL -TRADE N"ew and used ,plunjbllnK.. electrical and - hardware " supplies. Southwestern Builders SUPPLY CO. Oak Rocker With Arms, · upholstered Beat Dining Room Table NEW Kenmore sewing machine, de type mahogany, heavy duty hea cost 4230 new, will sell for «160 cas Phone 5-5177. 7-FOOT Frigidaire, perfect condition lawn mower; reasonable. 1732 Hec" rick Dr. Large, round IQ35 MSI s_«jh_ Ph. ty with every could unafflne. nice extra you "Everyone Drives A Used Car" E.O.M. . Clearance Safe 333 POKD Coups, practically new oversize Ures S275 940 HUDSON. Excellent body and tires. J22S SSS CHEVROLET · Coupe,' XadJo. heater, spotllte. Motor In very Rood condition. New steerinz asscmblv. »145 147 SERVICYCLE ;:'.............: S7S )34 CHEVROLET (5-ton olciup, S45 J)35 FORD panei truck... S2« Southwest Motors 919 E. Broadway Dial 4-1212 48DeSoto6- 1395 Black deluxe Z-door From orig Jnal owner and Immaculately clean with 22.500 miles. Radio, heater and excellent tire*, 46 Pontiac JI50 Streamliner 4-doot- Reflnlslied In beautiful Coventry jtray. - Clean and lovely Inside,and out 2419 SOUTH 6TH AVE. 3-6183 " HACKETT WHITING MOTOR CO. Pontiac Dealer 38 E. AJameda 37 BUICK. club coupe, radio :heater. vrew. excellent condition. 1339 CHEAP--'37 Plymouth, good-tires eood mechanically, N. Jnek*nn Ave' Ph 6-0642. -3118 OWNER 1950 Chevrolet Deluxe 4 door seflan: JITOJ. Seir it at 1133 ~ 6 Oi_Aye 1:30 to 6. 1950,BUICK: $2,150 Just like new. Roadmaster Sed. fully · equipped, verv Jow jpjleajts, Xow Bank Terms, Trade. SHEMBERGER ·= 1621 S. 4th . 1950 Chev station waaon For details..Ph. 5-S382. CHEV. 'so. 2 door sedan Manv extras. Reasonable. 2438 Orchard.' IATZ 1949 Rocket OUtenobile.."98" deluxe. Almost-new^ excellent-cond. Onlyi:iB.OOO miles, ^Radio.' heater, spotllahts. Only $2,450. 2810 Exeter Pr C J Hall., owner. - PVT. owner will sell either '43 Pord V-8 business coupe 'or 154? Hudson Suuer Six sedan. Both car* in A-l condition .-with over-drive * Almost new °low" pressure tires. "Law mile- :0.000 OREGON Ibr. 45.000'- plywood Save 5M-S3Q M 3-7640. 1601 N. Oracle MISC. FOR RENT PIANOS for rent : Cousins 625 N th Miscellaneous FOR SALE 52 LOOK AT THIS G.E. Refrigerator . .$65.00 Met. Ward 110.00 Kelvinator- 65.00 Cold Spot, three year factory warnty. 195.00 These are cash prices but payments can be arranged. We have for -immediate delivery New Norge, Crosley, a n d International Harvester. Morris Appliance 2734 E. Grant. Ph. 5-1372 Drop Lid Desk Large. Oak 10.93 Dinette Tables Odd sizes . $ 9 8 Dresser and Mirror Brown Odd Divans Complete- fn9 assortment ,...,,. " Natural Gas Heaters BTO kerosene Sfove Apt. Blze, 3 Burner . H K B I f K I . E V jel, MO. tUTOUl*. '33 S ath Ave Dial'3.-3«9«' LAftGEST , SELECTION' OF READY mixed colors- instown.."Ajnerican;piujjt Glass 2424 N 1st Dial 2-3562" JO-40 DEEH RIFLE,. 22 Colt woods, man automatic.: Wood's Service- Station. corner-^Mission A A.1o Rds, 5'xS 1 SUTCBES made, for bade bar, new .Keasoziablv -priced for cuicle ·ale.· 1907. Palo .Verde: -Ph.- 5-438T VHTTE' ·' = =*~ cotto:- DOKS. 2Sc each. N. Stone. 3-2M1. tie- WINCHESTER, 1 ' 7 4 9 , scabbard . USED :BUtUJING, SUPPLIES Ifflznlwr: 1 , :: doors; plumbtofti lava' ' 39- FORD convertible.- S375. Rebuilt enetae. WO miles: .new. naint. Interior. ^ Columbia rear end. Car v«lu«d at 11! PONTIAC iTSO, rhOM 4-1348. tate MO 1938 PLYMOUTH :door sedan- Good Cond New tires 834 Ft Ltnrtll RJ MNCOIJJ- 2EPHYH. -ISSff Good rtm- nlnc i condition COO 3S07 E 21st tories.-''tolleta; -'plpe^.-.electriciili'fup^ Dlies. Kos ' 'on heaters,. . COL VAUGHAN AND SONS " · BLDG,"- ST7PPIJES Comer- Venice^and:- Lee- Out Sneed- way past »Dri.»e-1n Theaier. left- on -- · - Lee - - - . . 135 Two 36 Coevro- .4. 4-0*44. t-IOt. 30-06: CUSTOM .'sporter,, 4-power.-U- ntrth scope. Model (Q Winchester; 22 pumt. 2- shotguns.* Alter · tm. 1-S234. 109 N. Chtrrr.' Coil Springs CECIL GAVER'S Complete Appliance Repair .Service Radios, All Makes Home and, Car Sets Refrigerators, All, Make Washers, All Makes FREE PICK WP DELIVERY ALL WORK GUARANTEED FRIGIDAIRE - MAYTAG DEALER Cec/7 Cover's ' Electric Service Co. 225 E. Congress Ph. 3-2045 420 N. 4th Ave. .Ph.3-9252 Good," all metal Youth" Bed Complete with spring ..'9 s SAV-ON , FURNITURE CO. 1724 So. 6th Aye. Ph. 2-4121 Cecil Cover's Clearance Sale RECONDITIONED REFRIGERATORS WASHERS Sale Was Price Norge 5 cu. ft. 69.50 59.50 M.W. 6 cu. ft. 79.50 69.50 Coldspot 6 c.f. 95.00 85.00 Norge 8 c.f. .. 89.50 79.50 Frigidaire 7 c.f. 99.50 89.50 Frigidaire 7 c.f. 109.50 99.50 RECONDITIONED WASHERS Thor ..-39.50 29.50 (ABC ..;....:.'44.50 34.50 Brick and Plaster Mortar O'MALLEY LUMBER Co. 221 rf 4th Ave. Phone''3-8871 We 'Buy- and Sell Used Furniture' and- Tools . Or What Have You? Vic's-Tradi'nq Post 2-424f · 1319 S. 6th Ave. Zenith Kenmore Maytag . 49.50 39.50 59.50-49.50 79.50 69.50 Buy Now--Save $10.00 '" Low Down Payment Small "Monthly Payments ·Electric Service Co. 420 N. 4TH AVE. -- ' Phone 3-9252-'-,' 39.50 19.9£ . 24.95 Bendix Automatic Washer ......... 129.50 Launderall Automatic Washer 99,50 Lane Cedar Chest . , 39,50 Kitchen Table ..... 14.95 Dinette Table ..... :9.95 Armless Divans ... 39.50 2-pc Sectional . ---- 99.50 2-pc Living Room Suite ....... ....... 49.50 Metal Wardrobes .. 28.00 Gas Heaters ....... 12.95 Oil Heaters ......... 39.95 To Insure You of Satisfaction We Service What We Sell MITCHELL FURNITURE . 75-100 W,, Congress Phone .2-7461 · AIRY room, 2 walls completely windowed. kitchen-privileges. $25, Sundays P^. 3-1833, weekdays,, 2-£B55. Ext -32. FLEASANT^orner room, N.E., near buses shopping, carace available. ?S02 Cushman Dr. Ph. 5-7634. . NZCE ROOM near Synagoffue. Lady Meals optional. 5-8305. PLEASANT homelUce room for employed gentleman or student. Clo to Univ. 421 N. Park Ave. LIVE IN COMFORT f 1 ' i', University s blocks, -Sam Hushe* 4 r - t r blocks; one vacancy only. New charm- (r - 1ns 5-room. 2-bedroom , apt.', auto-? matte heating "And cooling, ca/p'.rted.rX beautifully furnished, Jenltor «vvle«.ft, Every convenience un'Jcr th« fun.i Responsible tenant* onij'.; Call 8-8328 --- 2-8874. -' - · : ' · ' CATALINA VILLAGE A Garden arts, swimmlnf oool n»-r clous crounds Maid service avaiUhl*:^ 53DO hlork Bpvcrlv Speedway- "' tiAVE 1, ? able rent 3- room aptS' Inquire 200 E 33rd BUENA VlSTA. . l*arce 2 bdrm. apt., excellent location. T" completely fum., central cooling, ten- · tral heaUng. 261? E._^th St.. Apt. A.*s _ _. Paseo Dorado. ; UPSTAIRS 2 rms., bath, kitchen, r ~ " ' gd. Ph. 3-3151. 2925 N. CAMPBELL- Modern, nicely fum. 3 rora -ap -Season or yearly. Centra) lit*, and hdwd. "floors, and transportation. nr. shopping FINEST downtown ffsrden *o«. OD-SJ. Doslte Carnedie llbrarv oarlc Aiio oc 3 room not.. 870 71 E 13th St D1«I, , 2-7131, SAN CARLOS LA.TERRAZA APTS: LI BDROOM. FURN * tTNTURM. s" Bus ShoDulnt Blenman C«UUn« Apply 2132-C District N. Forgeus. Ph. »-»lTy- TUCSON'S. FINEST BRAND NEW : 1-bdnn- . BEDROOMS in jruest. house ne TJnlv. Laundry facilities, S20 men each, 1110 E. Drachman. Ph. 3-636* CLOSE IN, bus. Front room, stui beds, private bath. 3-92J3 after 4:30 MODERN, all conveniences. double, private entrance. Jdtche PLEASANT, privileges, tlnsle. doubl J20. ISO, Walton* distance. 725-B E 1Mb. . l - - · · · - JINGLE or double, private entrant 1701' E. ten. 2-0324. PRIVATE H O M E . ATTRACTJV ROOM. PRIVATE ENTRANCE AND BATH. 1H8 E: 4TH ST. 4-1484. EASANT ROOM. USE OF LIVIN ROOM. KITCHEN PRIVILEGES.- 201 9th. - . · Sleeping - room with SLEEPING room, private bath. 724 3rd_Ph. 2-2322^1 NE "location DE LUXE ROOM _._ .. cellcnt mf»als If desired only. Dial 8-Q]10- Ex Gentlema SMALL APT: rooms. Near UI versltv. Ideal'for lady. Ph. 3-9075 kitchen privileges. 2221 LO ~ ' ~ or wlthou E. First. S entrance room Private bath. Near town. 3-2QS2. FATIO guest-house, sleeping accomo datlcns only. Private bath, emplnve gentleman Dial 5-6436. CLEAN, comfortable rooins $20 mo Car garage 1326 E. Sfll Phone 3-S07; RADIOS, MUSICAL, Etc. 55 USED PIANOS UP COUSINS, 625 N. 4TH FHEE DELIVERY ANY\VHESE ' IN AKJZONA . FOR REIS'T microphone phonograph amplifier system. Just the thine for parties. Ph. 3-3756. LIKE NEW console pianos. Expert pairing, rebuilding, reflnlshirig, tuning, Spcnqcr Piano Co.. 321 Sf Camp- beil. Phone 3-1652. . SAFFORD ROOMS, private entranci In town. 441 Se. 5th 2-9573. NICE KOOM. private bath and en trance, good neighborhood m optional Ph. 2-0680. J NICE sincle rooms near UA tlomnn prefcrrfid 12P8 E. 5th Gen 'LEASANT homcIlKe ad] bath Woman. Evenings Sundays 3-7190 SINGLE or double kitchen privileges 311 T.. 4t,h Pl.-il 3-4022. 2 ROOMS, private bath entrance nr. stores, bus at door. Apply 2S40 E Cth St. VIOLIN, outfits: Old European. Affed Melitone. excellent condition, $40. Ph. 5-6838: · TM"-~-"- ~ " Wurlltzer studio walnut usliis.^_6jtt " ^STJS · Cousins.jj5 N 4th Ave GUl-BRAjJSOfT'rhirror-ptano; sell or trade for trailer. 2621 Oracle. 'IANO TUNING 55A IA.NO tunlns br « master CQUBITIF Phone 3-523T . " Have vour clano serviced bv one of the tuner-technicians from GltOV- R-CLARK INC They are the men fho can tune and make anv repairs ecersarv even to.complete VenuHd- ng Call- 2-4626 WANTED TO BUY 58 WE BUY cftiWA. JtwBLXy. ·--· .OOKS, ANTIQUES. SCHAEFFER S 20 )N. -6TH AVE. '- DIAL 2-1063 ATTRACTIVE sltUnK room, sleepine porch, central heat, across St. unlv Private entrance, bus. sentleman. «gv 1144 E. 41h. SEPARATE COTTAGE. Private bath . Slncle or double. Reasonable. Fh 5-3460. ROOMS. Single double beds. Xltch- en Drlvileees. Cent, heating. 541 N, ^ LAUGE front bedroom. Adiolnlnc bath. No other roomers. NE. 4141 E. 1st. Ph. 5-6520. Housekeepinq Rooms 76 LARGE FURN. room. refrlK.. ranee. bv week or mo. Reasonable rates. 700 N, 7th Ave. COMP fur refr rge. 1-2 rm.-klt. apis also rm. twin beds, hdw. fl 102 E. 3rd LARGE furn -rooms: refrlK- couple. S10 wk 509 E- 3rd. KURN1SHED apartments private en- 2 BOOM Apts. refrie Close Bloclf to hus see E · First FUBN1TUHE WANTED" lehest prices paid Dial 2-4371 WANTED FURNITURE. SEWING MACH.,. PIANO. PLUMBING 3-5093 Newly Kitchen privileges. Reasonable, .rates uaN oald wanted . Call 2-3385 casJi Di-irpf CUTOMOBILE motors, : 1337-4 later. for rebuilding. 4-0443 Servlc*; Motor Parts JUNK,WANTED Highest' 1 Cash Prices scrap -Iron, metals, -batteries, .cies. wool - and ' rubber. Arizona" Hide " Metal Co. «. A-M-).wi'*v» · . rjiiit-mvn -ASB FOR DIAMONDS GOLD GUNS CAMERAS HIGHEST PRICES ""AIP ROGER 37 W J.C.QN'GRESS SUEST HOMES--Hotels 77 GERONIMO HOTEI Air conditioned rooms, private bath Summer rates. Euclid at 3rd 3-3G6S GLEN COE LODGE furnished. _cholce location. ESTANC1A bfiL S6I, IKN For persons desiring modern re*t- tuJ exclusive place to live try Estan- cla Del Sol, ten / Best food; and service All rooms nave twin Bed* and private baths American plan 2243 E COPER'ST · · · - P H O N E s-4121 den "homes" with 'Individual c»- rage and patio; paved ctrevto. University, schools, shopping;, bu*. ; See 1329 E. Drnchinan. J to § o.m.^ Or dial.5-0193 for appt. - ; COMPARISON PRQ.VES./. LARGE l bdrm. apt., ndwd., Ooort, 1 ', , tiled kitchen and bath;.!?Cen. Mt,°~ coolinn 2808 N Tucson: 'Blvd Ph.5- 5-8875. . -J Terra Alfa Apfs. WEEK - MONTH -- YEAH · Twin beds, llneni, »und«cJc L gari Cth St, bus.. 3127 Terrs Alto K. tb E. th-5th Sts. on Country Club R COZY COTTAGES . . L Attractive one room tt bath. Down-own. $35-$M mo. JS. W.- SlmDwn.~ 1528. · _ _ HALF WINTER RATES* fatt of ncwr duplerion ten acr»'tao3Ito svcrtookijin city only 2 miles out* vith 15 rnlnute bus service. Beauti-^ ully furnished by Goebel Iecor«tor*.\ ' Sixty foot long porch \vith, I«wnJ furniture faclnc City. Crau «nd, flowered Patio fadnir Mountains. No dust. Corral and two rldinz hors**.:- Phonn Smith. 3 - 2 8 3 4 . BROADWAY PLAZA Completely /urn. J · 2 bdrm. acti.. "^- e ^ - m- °»th^yg ar . 21 ^OJE. Broadway, C1TCHISNETTE apC M5, utllltiei Juni,2716 E. Copper. " NEW 2-rm. efficiency apt., »50, uto * paid. -3107 N. 1st Ave. - . : i. 3',i-rm. duplex; extra nlccv good location. 3731 E. Bellevue. ·BOOM or ent.,. near Fremont. efficiency apt., prl vat*-? Unlv. 3-4643. -1438 N.. GE 3',i*rm, dupiexi well, fum.," 1328 E. Speedway. ,2-5960 or a-73H.» stuolo apt,. N.E., near busei. shopping, garage available 290Jj Cushman Dr. Ph. .5-7634. HARE APT. working gu-1, Speedway- Unlv. buses. Ph. 3-9004 weekday eve*.T URN. bachelor apt,, suitable for' couple or one person, downtown^ ocatlon. S50 per mo. 3DD W. Alameda/ ^11 2-S43S. BEDROOM furnished ^apartment, near Davis-Monthsin field. MAN- 5 GELS BEALTY. Hcaltors, «« N. 41hrr Ave. Ph. 3-0531. apt,, furn.. convenitntly-o ocated. reasonable. Call 5-1413. ' 4-ROOM .duplex. 1 bdrm. cottue.;' studio cottage, all-completely furn.,- 1 nicely landscaped, patio, barbwru* * pit. Convenient to bus shopping*"" enter. 1220 N. Wmstel. ARGE CLEAN 2 bedroom apartment. Close In. 527 S. «th. JKNISHED APARTMENT. 2 room*- nd bath.. 227 S. -Gt-ande Avt. - ~. ROOM balh.-near university, lopping. 1015 E. Lee. £' beautiful. home., board oo- 1. Bus Unes. Reaionftbl*. 300 herry. FASTIDIOUS ?·.? » New, northeast.--Central heating, illng.PaMo. Tastefully fum. »-S44i ROOM furn. apt. Ph, 3-78711, S62I Bellevue. - · · , TTRACTJVE new apartments. Re-i rificrators, coolers, bus, " JO. 2928 N. Stone. ROOM. 1 bdrm. *pt. u of A dl*t.- '.0 mo; 2-6132. eves, and Sun. 8-23M. ·*· ARGE lovely studio room, HeatlnR.- oollns. Tile bath, shower.. Priv«t«i ntrance. Desirable locaUon, Cail.'" 5229 or 2-8874. " ' " . V ' NE bedroom, nicely furnished du- leae J3015-N. Park Ave. · - - ; KMS.'prl bath for cpl.,- utU., »50.^ Iso 2 rm,. $40. Menlo Pk. Ph. 2-SMi... · USED PIANOS WANTED Will Pav Cash or Trade. McKENZIE'S » H. 4th '·- · - Phone 3-9458 WE BUY SCRAP Iron Metals Batteries, eta. We Wreck EulldirUH Cajl; Write or Wire Naf Bosnos Sorr Ml W 2nd St I Dial 3-: .ABGE size windmill.-Also used farm equipment, Tel 2-7068. OSS, CATS, PETS -59 pups, registered, reasonable 'h. 3-6487. REGISTERED well-bred blade Cocker Rincoh Kennels. 5-0492, VGLISE Sprineer PUP male -4 mos sea S.-Delnmr. Ant. 10.; Ph- 3-S778 KEr HOMES PALO -VERDE, Larse rooms, tray or dinlne room service. BeautifuJ sur- roundinKS Ph, -6-06B1. 2CM TJ. Palo TRAY SERVZCE 2619 N Edith. Phone St. Luke's in the Desert A sanatorium for the treatment ol early cases of nulmonarv tuberculosis E! · Adams - Dial 2-1862 MY fHJVATE owned home Ions' established member C.C nurse SDCcial die* U needed Special caT«? fft«yt;n^phl^ rates Phft^ CONVALESCENT Guests 78 PRACTICAL nurslna. orivate home, reasonable. ^ Women · on7.v 437 -_E. Navajo Rd. ' CHEERFUL BOOM HOME COOKED FOOD NTJBSING-CARE IN ROOD PWVATE HOME I D B A I FOB ARTSIMTIC ^»g» ·«»'_» HTH _ WALKING DISTANCE -- Finest resl- dentlal district, no dust, tovrtv enclosed grounds. Excellent food. Trav service. -Phon e 3-QS39. * house, utilities, linens. Ill' rcfrlg. 1Q2 Veterans Blvd. LOOK 3 clean ' rooms and bath, McrritU ~ O'Keefe stove, 7, ft. refrigerator, ',4- block from St..Marv's hospital, on bui line, $55 - a month includes/water, tn- quire at 505 Iroquola. Ph. 3-35M. BEAUTIFOLEV furnished one bedroom apt., private -patio, convenient location. 964 Jones Blvd. .· r MODERN 3 large rooms, nr. KJhooJ.d* tS5 mo. 4-0593. 1015 W. Welmore. l BEDROOM opt., finest home, hard-. wood floore. 1717 E. Mitchell. t-tSX. i FURN. apt., good, deal for. nice cou-* pie, small child accepted) 2031 E. Seneea. Ph. 5-8213. · - - -. .;. H4 LARGE rooms,, nicely ' furnlnhed. Vene"-- -··--·- -- -Ras I N. Stone. ,'tian blinds, refrigerator,, larn range.. Gentiles.. No- pets..-)90- COMPLETilLy iurn. apt"'"elcc. Tile .sink and *howcr. On bus 'lin«,^ near shopping; MS including utilltlM.* 2742^ gtone. " ' . . ' { LAKGE clean rooms,-reasonable. 1$ blocks cast of Paeo P«so. 201 W,' KENNELS. -- Hea Cockers, !Jpplg3Cstlid_servii?ft.- Dial 5-081 g JLDEN. Hamsters are adorable pets. Wholesale- Retail- · tastructlona. Sup- lies 5-0527 AMESF,. kittens «ud servlct-;. Cats oirded. · 2921 ft Lowell 5-4M4 VESTOCK 60 O A Meat Packers pay more your livestock. Custom slaugh- .-ije, J^rocessine and .packaBdn){ are ur specialties. 870 W. 33rd it, JDlal JHEST PRICES paid for all grades veitock. We do custom killing. TUCSON PACKING CO Dial 3-3826' EAJD STOCK removed tree Dial 4-0941 3-3H36 or-a-7883 Tucson Tallow 00,-KEWABD. f or, return · and-; tnlor- lation- ctlon leading to of / parties' sorrel arrest- and con- responsible;- .for with flrodm ·nane tail and-brown and white. afrit stud!taken from 1104 W. Wet. re'Hd^ Sun.. OcL 12. Fh. Gcorxc Kerber. ,'4-iasJ or 30 W. Prlnct Hosprta/s Convalescents78A Barf i eld Convalescent Hospital Over 26 ve«rs «rperttnc«^ui corr«ct cw» for ctcy*je»ccat .and rest cases'- ntmost privacy guaranteed Airv dust (re* - rooms Registered nurslni can provided -Homs-rook*d .tni*als Approved by American . Medical Association Member .Association "of Western:' Hospital*:, Hates- aa low as S7:90 per day. BARFIZLD ··COtrVMXSCnrT HOSP Z100 -I -Sp««dw«T OI»J il-lHI. APARTMENTS^ Furnished 79 ,, -For. Gracious-Living 1033 _East Adams. four room. _ . . fully carpeted, richly furnished, twin or double beds, room Isnjftb . -.closets. exhaust kitchen -fan, . crosstowjr ; ,bus Walking dUtanc«.tDnlversity. Two ONE and two ttedrm charmlrKly furn ·tasoned; rental, avlulablt. Call · J-403S oj I-44JT. ~ · j THREE room furn. apt., completely^ furnished 1039 N.' »th Ave. EFFICIENCY apt. elec. refrt«.. near, fihopplne. close in.' 10S8 E: Sth St. ., . Av. Pll. MODERN J'A room, furn, duplex »ot. Oow io town; nr. Univ/ShoDDlnjr. bui.-Mff. on lease. 175 monlhlv. Ph. 29004--3-IMO. EFFICIENCY;;^pt, ; patio: bus,street, tn month. Ph: i-nm. ATTRACTIVE 3-room emrmentW : Utillttes IncludeC. JS3S Bel]«vu«; 1 ROOMS, kltcben. bath. Rent 1400 !t M.^'. Ph. S-ilM. TORNISHEb «fflcl*ncy Wtchen-l -. :e. utilities, new refrtaerator. range, cooltr. »hower. TiOKh. auto-. m»tie lamidry 34» X. Tlewtr, $ Los ^ Patios^Aptis. Completely',^umtob«d,'.JCJl B.- trts 6tCR6oBT cooler, fit. XltUlM. ;

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