The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 10, 1957 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1957
Page 4
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„. -' ' **• DESTROWffO D/SIASI, PUBUC MONEt, sums 6H n*rr t awwrti o* •' ' 'o a n«wBp»i«». th« firtt: «fcSfti later. 1UJT TOlfl » »— • - -j; t« fca*« mtf toiy i front, th§ tua* ttit flflfe* tttii&fe flti n«di a tnant: **» hiving to othef VMdiwtei nts iii doft't fnftttkk* 1 did** two e«t e* *^y S»* retetded afftO* the 'bt flofftbeftf, *>iid o! o we Children under ag« iiv«. AndJJdth- teg i. mate pitiful than a «*M du- »bl*d ** tK« vety bcgtentog^ Sft, HoV won should tai inlftftt get his vi«ln*tion? Hi* ««» K*« la»ew« best with their tMe thtfi wfth lft*fr L_ . fof the turnout for Vaccine hte hM» tocdiWted, ytwi could cototMSt th* di*e*»e; ** tmlik* °tt*^«f tt cart W carried by fcefSettt • MSWfl f»m th*. diMM Paul Harvey New a.. AF«R THI BAd COMiSWI Bill MML *• i aad horn* construction lagged, but other Industrie* nwa than took «P «U» alack. EJnptoymant racori tton record* were ***Total national income eon- tteted to soar, reaching 141 i/i billion dollar*. Nine- bUHott more than a But than wiiat w* took im U W hat «« did with it. *• «P*nt mot«-but MTttd «ot»—than fort in our nation'* TJncit Sam ihould b« •» w« aw not into ou* dollar. •„ Government must do it* part» too. By saving more and spending iesfc. > When government dump* a flood Uda of TOW doflaja into ttada channel*, It ctaataa only aa ilWatoft of plenty. , Idea tha&divldual in your neighborhood irttt »p«nd* btyond hirf income . <. Li?et ft up .. i Plunge* his family recklessly d«aptt and deeper into d*bt 'A% we say he "A ft* ***». waf UM WtpefltlOtt fluc!*»f must atway* Mid It wa* Rim* ft* ludttt M « two MJttfttHH which h*Va - th* H-bWhti, ig*e*d to a gobdlKtftg U th* Is* «ttd«d, tt*y sfrwrt *>*> did maity «mift«nt Ihti H wWild b* risking *«Ur to «*p tM the d«ftu#Jf Mt ttm A* &Mi)tHo«ef put' it, (Mi »»nd*d ih* 0l A«M*l«ln a«rt*d to, tacft *«rc«m«lt with tt rt« unit*! tttttt, plight of t «»ye«fcold, soldier W the SeputoeaW-trying to "kaep tHa party going"—witit; lavish spending on-a. houMful of falr^wliaier; frJanda—are unable or unwilling t» iiSiBJaa.moderation and *a- Than' we Wlil'todeed, come out of ihl* drunken orgy with an economic hangover that — a* S*eretaij> Humphrey said — wltt "curt your hair." Then your dotlara in the bank—and jrour be ecchangeable for. Naftonal Report... TV PUBLIC LEARNING OF BUSINESS THREAT Looking Back . prize 1/1 WUiom. 14 *£. *. prudent and our present to firm the pro*perlty. ' -'/.' And our self-dUdpllii* help** to keep; thosa set-aside dollar* from evaporating; ""'inflation make* our dollar* worth lert eveor day. But if we *av* more and spend lea* ... U ws demand higher wage* only when wa Its happened to enough aattona ' u* pltfifr taVraatt th* handwriting on th* wall... • Unlese our Tfaton i* already wo blurred. our^tte. for aWr and ch*,P*r P*P« dollar* worth laa* and laaa ... t/BUl wa awakaai on* day to the *iek«a> Ing realisation that tb* ban wa* "on us" , That th* "parlr waa pirpatuated" - becauM w* paid for H ... » Aid now «M party ia om and tha paper in our pocket* I* trash. By LYLK C. WttJOW WASHINGTON — art —The third birthday of "The 1*4,000 Question" shall not pas* without a reminder that: thoughtful clttcen* have been fetiintf a sugar-coated tax let- son from the popular TV program. U is a lesson to what th« Income tax at current rates does to. middle and upper pM'-Questton" -early •goP'a free andBnterecting advertising oif" iu/nx aapccta In such" unlikely place* a* the- oolumns of the W»n Street Journal, the editorial page* of The Saturday Evening Pott and the monthly letter of New York'* Kr*t National City Bank. Th* first National had an emphatic point of view about Income tax rate*. It • wa* that the personal rate* were oontn- catory to thejWmt of,di««otir- aging individual* tram taking risks to make more money, lorn* lAteresHsA Calettlallon* Back ttasra^wnen ih* " T\' programs ware Jutt beginning, CUII**BVtJgIU% WUV I fi»d *ii lacom* nually wouldi^i ,„. $44«, 1 >ll.ltl» acouir* of actual, take-home money. • A tingle person with $4,000 of annual IncOM* would be aueated itMMJn' ha r*adi«d thi ;Si ' ' ' leVai Ttitt^AI ji-iiaaHtft * •»it'JJi^i> •BnUll pnaw InDDvi/ •*• T*wt«*^» If thl* contestant took the lairi, long stop, dddbling hi. Ite.oOO into M4,r bite it Jtrni io l.'yaar* ago *M*.? ft '-TV a vhrtd ilhutratlon of the w conflscatory personal income UK rate* stack the, carte Ground, waV broken 'and the fouhdaflon was poured for the new addition M the ,»;a»oria fire House all' Work i« t>eing done by the rtembert of the Volunteer lire Department, 10 reara ago Misses Owen Bryan, Sybil Dingle, Jacqule James, and Lou Ann Shannon left Sunday for Camp Ire* RIos- at- Gl*n Rose, to attend an eight day meeting of the Y-Teeni from ovartha state*. ' !«_ A •matt That Eirtra Pat Of Butter Add Up TQ Pounds i u oT*b«taar k a prettri B«t aat too many of OM ara a«4 «» daralep ttOg tfo«a bH On The Side... GOLDSMITH, BYgON OWf ^ ._ i. . .H*MT lea***. ha *ejHra*aa« at p*r«W.Hee*- ttOg tfo«a M» a MMta om vav reMtar »*a*S*alaowmhaljiaja»* Br K, T. OOHLIHO „_ Trench female, are abort legged. Thav. why pro*a»r* of Parl* muMoal abow. have to import mo* of their can-can deoeer* irom BngUnd. Th* BritUh baautie* are unuauallr Ion* lacjgad. A* tor example, highly glacaorou* aagUah actrea*. Ljm« Traaer who*« tog* meaawre 44 inebe*. to- eideMlly, when tt wa* •Uisoed I*no had the loogeet leajs of anr Ingltah wontan, a non-profemional chaOenfed the claim. She bad 4*4neh legal Have you a aw of gramma.- ufft How did he get ateog thl* past school yearT K the lad's program ha* baa* *>w, don't M it wafry^yow -toa iM*h r »* may *ttll turn out to be a •entu*. Mr laaaa Newton wa* alway* at the bottom of hi* das* a* a boy. The grammar school teacher of Oliver Goldsmith **id h* wa* "a atupid blockhead." Both Tolatoy awl Bynrn war* considered dunce* in school. As tor Thomas ZdUon, hi* grammar sohaol Macner said h* would never amowrt to aaytkinf and that "educa- «• him." ia a ma»ar « , ^^. . rtfctr HUM the great Jack Chatbre. •O TMBT SAY Soorpio (Oet J»-»o». S» women »*ka the hart mtnUurlrl* Moct of them are Uveir oonvanattonalUto, have plenty M "oomph* aad uadantand men. The first maniourtot wha> wa* tipped a dollar by a pUaaaA mala cataat waa probably Scorpio- bom. .., la» U«ly M-Aug. M) men make fxrf iilaaman but not of *maU item*. That U, tfcay ewrt *att Vacuum ctewar* -*»VjWaah; |A< mMhina* but are good at aelltoT office b«0dla«* *J4 bridg~. Or, so say th« star- AMOMO TM» MA»Wtt Governor "Happy" Chandter of tuoky call* hi* wife "Sweetie PU." The most popular pat »*»«• for wive* In thl* country at present aw, w the 6rd*r nanwd, ••Darling." "Paby," "Honey," -»Swa***art." "Precious" and "Dearest." Howavar, »ow* men like to be different. } know * fellow who call* hi* wife "Bvteh." •tev atfiVM-' yiowf • BMtehoMft 99* baakarguad that seme taic titaa^on-jwhieh «dttr 4 couraajeli . coiaeainiklln<r^ *z w^m * reachin*; froaa MI.OOO to aw,000 tppUe* *b* to. buitaea*. men with taaHjOre/ capital' Who ' refuM to ttafc'tt by reason of ' Ux limttattoA* on their pos- * »J^ isW •*> ^1'**'^ ** ****. ****** *• The Saturday iSSwSg Pott remarked 'that: "What "hlgH" taxation i* do-'th* ttee enterprtw ty*-'; tarn i* a eublact which 1* about! a* Jntarartiln« tha,.4vwa««: man a* a Ireatlae, pn medieval .• . gle, local manager of the Houi- , wim SB S Glratd. Th* dadftiott brooiht anorr ongrtsrional aM pOplAir r*- action of AfhttiSrtl JHttfUrt to CQUTlV* . j howar anpj«Mi«1 Mft. fidanw «h»t Glfafd vwld ba treated fairly., If M weSTlM*. th« Maltalt iMAV. SUto wiMd Uka ton Natural Gas System here, are in VTeeport' and har* ae- eepied, employment with the Dow Chemical Co. They are studentu of-the Southwestern Onlvirslty of Ufaytttt, La, and will work her* during their vacation, You're Tfliling Me PLAYBOY itudenU swiped and hid the legs of 40 table* in ten dining hall ol a mid- western college. IWi, convince* u* that graduation day this year did not com* any too 'COM.' II! ' Why' Surtshlne Stato prm* J '»g«hts grow gray: A Tiorida i »i>pT>Blea.aof 'umkTpqh;^aa inrad- ed th* wat of he U.S. at ttr north as Canada. Try and Stop Me •iy BENNETT CERF- T . »,.. « The Pott j.eontendod, •how. •ver, that th»<*mou»,JrV «how would "causa million* oj per* som to ftv« aoma hought to the effect of the tax- laws on •.. ., About the «me thlsedttortsl wrttar ' and O0i*vii ~ wera 1 'gueav* Inc that th*' TV- ihow would convino* the" voters that ta*«« were' too high on the wan-to- do, there wa* a rundown on the ta* record of th* past i» year*. '' The trend ww th* other way with tax**, steadilr, nooroton m V* Vin*aA ,Wt«a. leUow, ' IA tnbBONAm BACHILOR from Watt Street', higher A tons wa*, delighted, to find hi* room foe a weekend right next to that of a glamorous movifj atarlat Ju*t impttttad from, London. Late that night whan ha wandered into tha star!*'* room "by mistake," iH H devaloptd that aba had a ^V ^powerful and accurate right ~ upptrcut, Th* bachaler retired in confusion, nursing a . typkal black ay*. . 'When he met the amuMd atarM UH next morning, h* axplaiMd, It waa vary dark, you'll raeaU, aad X . There's a happy Mdtaf to thU ton* tak. The starlet not enly forgave him aha married him. • •' • .•. -Th* fapord anowad that in thWm y««w from 1MB. the govaamaat'* take from indi- taccttie taxpayers hid tima*. . Mary PlckfarA laM *t*f* inuriaii wa* at Ik* »»m>J» Tka*. toe, New Tork. Tka atey wa* -A Ooo4 Uttt* Devi." AaTwke da you u*M WM kar tMdantadyt Oar* Baatka IM*M • " * A JaW tkV *^*^|a^aM ^kM*V ^^t^Hmk*Mg*A ato Ka^keT 9*^^gtJg*M ^k^fkfa^iahte. DAILY CROSSWORD . •7WT' *W'''^' i aW|a»TB^Wa' t^^^P jWW^a^^W pn«*W | WH^*cimi*w» » »»» amyja^ajtii to am* aJkirder to HAMOCK. Conn. — Beatrice C, {.aonardo sued the New Haven Water Co. for 190,000. dalming Uta *lprrd on » lojlypov an4 was tn- ataiif at it* .ViiNiilnf t • •'" IKaM*** •.WM* t.Fawa. U.Pluaga« forward ' U. Border U.Arg*at <a*»r.) tlMrtr iflr.) VAifllM BY Tynia Rarawod Cobb. The aid "GeoffM |>*a«b" himaall, ifl. pf rsoo. TV, who WM bora is WWTOWS, G*., was 1» years |U when hf made hi* firct appaaranee it bat THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS »«*. ftM* car 11* 9* - »».« RK wetp, »«.«• CKAJIACTCT AWAVYf l» Hair eotertaf if a» Indication of char, actor. TbaT* what .aojnf paopla maintain. Thar an Wl**, TWla« W«^ haired psr- •ons, fH*T art rjati li*W« t% f#t Jfttery in, u«it sltuattsw than btw**ta». " Th«y cm be cool, calm and ««Macto4 whan nece*. wry. Neatjy all th» ff»tt fun««i»ter* of the c44 WM* wart Wna-tyed man wit4 blond hair. IB fport*. mm wttk >4ffd hllf W« muek batter to a ntocii than d»Tki*a|r*d man, Th« farna ia » el women in JO.Iaaa*e MHataa'a walk KAVJ.

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