Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 31, 1930 · Page 18
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 31, 1930
Page 18
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(6 FAR IN BATTLE rti*» in the third inning elmiliwJ victory in the Baseball league yesten being wuslly licked on field IS to 3. Winner* hammered the ball to tit the lot scoring 16 safe- Wineland leading with a trio tw> being good for two BBwm'fcita one for R triple. t' Ulnl*h and A. Burket both inserted -ftOttft rung, neither batter finding any- ! 1l66ry on the sacks when the drives W*«i counted. 1 ft&tle Howard started for Claysburg titlt he was driven to cover in the big third. Bill Murray of Holsopple, new "BriCktown chucker. finished the game. Merle Gates served for the winners ittd gave but 8 hits, keeping the drives •well scattered. Gates turned back 9 on Strikes. Lineups: MHtHnshnrf— AB. R. «ent«er, cf 3 o Bush, x 1 1 Beery, cf 0 Sheeders, ss * Srnlth. rf 3 Butler, xx' 1 Wineland, c 4 Bllko, If 4 Hihlsh, Ib 5 C. Kay, 2b 4 Brumbaugh, 3b 4 Gates, p 3 :. O. A. E. 1000 _ _ 0 0 0 10000 2 1 0 3 01300 00000 2 3 11 0 0 21000 900 040 1010 36 12 15 27 9 0 Claysburg- AB. R. H. O. A. E. A. Burket, cf 3 1 1 1 1 0 Legan, ss, 3b 3 0 0 2 1 0 CarVitla, 3b, 2b 412 10 Gaston, c * Treaster, Ib 4 Ridenour, If * Myers, 2b, ss 4 Galina, rf 3 ° ° g'ot-ardVp-::::::::::: J S ° o « o ^ rr - >„•:::::::: S S S II S S 02820 12910 00011 00230 200 01000 M B A&T) *If * / jj ^K'. .,-,. ,'J ,-**&l ?* r To Muse and Amuse By SPOUTS BDITOM J Totals 34 3 8 24 10 1 i xBatted for Mentzer In 6th. & xxBatted for Smith in Sth. * zBatted for Galina in 9th. zzBatted for Murray in 9th. J Martinsburg 015 022 02x-12 * Claysburg 100 001 001- 3 I Two base hits. Wineland 2, Brum"•' baugh, Gaston. Three base hit, Wine- k land. Home runs, Hinish, A. Burket. •r Struck out, by Gates 9, Howard 2, » Murray 4. Sacrifice hits, Wineland, V Legan! Stolen base, Treaster. Bases -• on balls, off Gates 1, Howard 3. Mur~ > ."« J «<ay 2. Wild pitch, Murray. Pitching •- record: Howard, 41-3 innings, 7 runs, £ "10 hits: Murray 3 2-3 innings, 5 hits, 5 ? runs. Time, 2:io. Umpire Brown. T- ~ ' ft CREDIT Bl'RKAU LANDS. ; ! "* Blair Credit Bureau won 9-8 from ' TtecMahons Dairy in a Civlc-Mercan- i tile Baseball league game at the i Cricket field, the winning run coming j in the last round when Scottio, a .catcher, tried to grab a runner at * third, the peg going wild. Home runs ? were turned in by Weld, Lane, God* "trey and Scottio. Lineups: !' Blair Credit Co.— AB. R. H. O. A. E. ^ Altler, rf 3 0 0 1 0 0 ~ Lane, ss 3 1 1 2 1 0 Athletes Get Diplomas ThP scholastic athletic career of a lot of popular youths ends this week ns High schools send out into the world a. bunch armed with sheepskins won after four years hard work. A lot of the athletes are looking forward to much more sport in the years to come. A goodly number have been enrolled in higher Institutions ol learning. AHoona and Blair county has furnished a lot of real good athletes to prep schools, academies and colleges in the past and the opening of the 1930-31 school terms will find a lot more ready for duty. Maroons Out of Picture Over at AHoona High all the athletic teams lost not only by graduation, but also by athletes quitting school. Graduates from the football squad include Bud Weld, Joe Clifford, Walter Albright, Brint McClellnn, Garland Hoenstine and William Ehredt. And they were real classy performers for the maroon and white for from one to three years. From the baseball championship team goes Weld, Ed Beckel, J. H. Mallam, Don Lane and Al Replogle. The cage team loses Joe Wlleman, Bud Weld, Ellis Klevan, Wayne Farber and Don Graham. From track goes Bob Muir star jumper and Bud Rhodes, sprinter. Tommy Thompson, captain of the A. H. S. cage team anrl a. star in the football backfield has quit school and this summer will see him conditioning himself by delivering ice. He will enter Perkiomen seminary in the fall. Bud Weld goes to the same institution and Perkiomen ought to have a great grid team in 1930. County Scut Loses 'em Hollidaysburg High loses some fine athletes. Captain Frank Helsel, the be-spectacled backfield star ia among the graduates. And Captain Bob Ovelman of the cage team also graduates. Wallie Williams, real flash in foot- bail, Red Stultz, Tom Jackson, Al Dangel and the Rodkey brothers also graduate. And when that crew above passes '" Bartholomew, If 210000 -Davis, 3b 3 "Carolus, Ib -Wertz, cf . "Santella, 2b 2 1 Cipriano, c 1 E. Buschie, p 0 Weld, p 3 Valpe, rf 0 Simmers, rf 1 2211 0 211620 323000 0100 0031 0001 0 0 i a i .1 i 00000 00000 Totals 21 9 8 15 7 1 _ McMahon's Dairy— AB. R. H. O. A. E. Heislcr. ]f W. ityler, 3b Socey, cf 2 Sciotto, c 3 Irwin, Ib 1 Godfrey, ss 3 1 Raybold, 2b 3 0 McMahon, rf 3 0 0 0 0 0 6. Berkhelmea p .... 2 0 1 0 1 1 B. Kyler, If 1 0 0 1 0 0 10000 22000 10100 22301 11600 2120 0221 Totals 22 8 8 14 5 3 McMahon's Dairy 3300 2—8 Blair Credit Co 1005 3—9 xTwo out when winning run scored. Home runs, Sciotto, Lane, Weld, Godfrey. Left on bases, McMahon 3, Blair Credit 2. Struck out, by J. Berkheimer 3, E. Bushle 0, Weld 2. Winning pitcher, Weld. Sacrifice hits, Santella, Cipriano, Cowher. Stolen bases, W. Kyler 2, Socey, Irwin, Godfrey, Huston 2, Sciotto, Wertz, Weld. Bases on ; balls, off J. Berkheimer 2, E. Bushle 1, Weld 1. Hit by pitched ball, Socey. Double plays, Santella, Carolus to Davis. Pitching record: 6 runs, 5 hits off E. Bushle in 12-3 innings; 2 runs, 3 hits, off Weld in 3 1-3. Umpire, Gibson. Scorer, Reiff. BRUNO BRAVES WIN. Bruno Braves dropped in an exhibition game yesterday at the Rockview penitentiary 4 to 2, play ending in the fifth inning so that Rockview could take on the Johnstown team. Heimel and Petrarco hurled for the locals. Braves play Sproul on the Gamble hill Held on Monday at 5.30 o'clock. For games call 2-7877. Lineups: Braves— AB. R. H. O. A. E. P. Lepore, 3b .......... 3 0 0 00 0 M. Cipriano, 2ta ........ 2 0 1 0 0 0 Rodgers, 2b ....... .... 1 0 0 1 0 0 F. Lepore, Ib ......... 2 004 00 Altier, If 2 0 1 0 0 0 Lobre, If 0 0 0 1 0 0 Matserson, cf 2 0 0 1 0 0 F. Petrarca, cf 0 0 0 0 0 0 Lane, ss 2 1 1 2 1 1 DeMatties, rf • 1 0 0 1 1 0 Fatigante, rf 0 1 0 0 0 0 P. Cipriano, c 1 0 0 1 3 0 Heimel, p 1 0 0 1 0 0 J. Petrarca, p :...0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals 17 2 3 12 5 1 AB. R. H. O. A. E. Rockview— Kurtz, 2b 3 Burke, If. 22000 01100 0 0 0300 0 0 0 0 Thacker, c 2 1 1 7 Wick, Ib 2 1 0 3 Simmons, cf 3 0 2 1 Ruban, ss., p 3 0 1 1 Cublain, ss 0 0 0 0 1 Lafferty, rf 200000 Harris, 3b 201200 Adams, p ! ° ° Hollidaysburg loses the real backbone of the athletic squads. Great A. II. S. Year Altoona High closed shop this week and the athletic awards grabbed from Jan. 1 on to June 1 are many. The past, school term saw Altoona taking a western conference grid title, a lie for the central Penna crown; the mseball team won the Blair pennant, the track team took the district No. 6 championship, the tennis team won every match and the cage squad won all but four games, being runnerup In he district No. 6 championships. It was a year of wins galore for the maroon and white and 1929-30 was A. H. S.'s best year, and then some. The trophies were numerous. And some lean years may follow but we're hoping not. Tilings You Should Know Scrubby McCreight, Altoona High assistant football coach and former AlI-American at W. & J. will spend the summer in Clearfield where he will again manage,the CurNvensville team of the Clearfleld-Centre Baseball league. Altoona is right in style and while major leagues are postpon- ng games due to cold weather . . . the Civic-Mercantile league put one on the books Wednesday as called due to cold weather . . . and the Blair Highs played ball even when it snowed. Dne home run a game is the record thus far in the C-M circuit and if that pace keeps up the 1929 season mark of JO homers will he broken and then some.—-Claysburg, Blair entry, now has some added strength in the chuck- ng department and Earle Howard, Everett and Harry Diehl, Burg school- muster will have relief any time they alter. Langdondale, Holsopple and Yeagertown players being newcomers. Claude "Bumper" Blake, city firemen, will strap on his windpad as a member of the Duncansville, Blair league team . . . and the Irontown has a new pitcher too, Siegfried of Johnstown . . . and this new battery ought to turn in a win real soon. Baseball is on but it is better basketball weather and that's the reason the M. D. junior cagers staged a feed this Fftom Cellar to Seller-'-Used Furniture Sold Card of Thanks ('SXSXNXN/ THIS MANNER, TO thank all our neighbors and friends for their kindness and sympathy shown usln our bereavement In the death of our dear bus- band and father, Andrew R. Lantzer. Also for the beautiful flowers and use of auto- moblife. MRS LANT2ER A j,D SON. In Mentoriam IN LOVING REMEMBRANCE OF MY DEAR husband, William H. Wllklns, who departed this life one year ago tomorrow, June 1, 1829. Dear one, how we miss you, Since you climbed' the golden stairs. Gone to live with Jesus alwa.ys, Where, they say there are no tears. The days are long and dreary Without your smiling face, But 'twas God's will to take you To a "etterPlace. CHILDRBN . Lost — Found **s^ EMERALD RING WITH DIAMONDS, LOST during week, Altoona or Hollidaysburg. Notify L. Treese, 716 Hickory St.. Hollidaysburg. Reward. week just- to talk over the past winter play and also discuss things a year hence. June enters upon the scene tomorrow and perhaps it'll be a smiling: month with heat galore . . . and baseball fans hope they can soon discard their overcoats and felt hats. U 16 17 19 18 21 23 22 .641 .590 .541 .537 .486 .447 .395 .333 LOST—PAIR LADY'S GLASSES'IN MISH- ler theatre Wed. evening. Please return to Trainmen Bldg., Apt. 7, or call 2-8291. Reward. *• Personals LE MUR PERMANENT STEAM WAVE, J5. Genuine supplies used. Marcel 60c; finger nnd water waves, manicure 'BOc. Dial 4213. FACIAL TREATMENTS, SCALP TREAT- menta and violet ray for all body ailments. See Verna Kuny. Phone 2-0741. SULPHUR VAPOR BATHS AND MASSAGE, Dr. Kruse system.- Dial 2-7635 for appointment. Mrs. Chas. S. Casner. RUPTURED? WEAR THE UNCLE SAM Truss and all is well. No mall orders, meet us face to face. Altoona Artificial Limb and Appliance Co., 907 Green Ave., Altoona, Pa. PERMANENT WAVING, STEAM OR ALL methods. Requires no. finger waving. Mrs. G Evans, 1440 13th Ave. Phone 2-0197. Help Wanted Male ^>XS^SXN^X^^NXV/NXXXS/S^X/VN^>^N/N.^/NXV^X» MONTGOMERY WARD * CO. REQUIRES man to sell ready-out homes on liberal loan plan; must have good appearance, a reputation for reliability andI integrity, and ae able to shoulder responsibility; tact and qales sense also necessary; man at present financially embarrassed need not reply; married man preferred; must be earnest and steady; must be a man who thinks right and lives right; leads furnished; good sell- ne plan; liberal commission; no drawing account but because of the extremely favorable market in Altoona the right man may expect very liberal compensation for the en- thSslastlc effort he puts Into his work; should own a car; must be able to f urn sh unquestionable reference and bond; give phone number, age, past experience and full information In first letter, addressing E. B. Hancock. Montgomery Ward and Company, 1501 Clark Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. v Saletmen—Agents \ STRANGB FLU10 CHARGES BATfERlES Instantly. Prevents sulphatlon, freezing and overcharging. Doubles life and pep. Holds charge indefinitely. Discards 6Id methods. Write for free charge, and money making opportunity. Elliott Works, Dept, 18, Des Molries, Iowa. "STOP THlEF" Shouts new mysterious, human-Hke auto alarm, when car is touched. Endorsed by police Depts. everywhere, crowds marvel at it. Agents clearing $25 dally. Exclusive territory. Free sample offer. Write U. B. Industries, Inc.,- Dcpt. 403, Garver Bldg., Des Molnea, Iowa. WANTED—MEN, WOMEN, SELL HOUSE- wlves, REN, all around, house cleaner; works like MAGIC; good commission. Sells for 2Sc. REN Products, Freedom, Pa. SALESMEN WANTED FOR ESTABLISHED line cigars! Repeat everywhere; Foil or cellophane! Make $75-$100 weekly! Convince yourself! Rex Cigar Co., N. C. Write 1 Shelby, Situation Wanted— Male MAN DESIRES WORK Janitor or any kind 2-0511. AS GARDNER of work. Phone MIDDLE AGED MAN WANTS .WORK AT holler firing or night watching. Best of references. Dial 2-6805. Situation Wanted — Female YOUNO WOMAN WITH SMALL SON, wants housework. Good home preferable to.high wages. Phone 2-6028. REFINED WIDOW 'WITH 7-YEAR-OLD child, desires housekeeping for widower. Dial 2-6897. WOMAN WISHES BLANKETS, TO WASH. Prices reasonable. Dial 2-0237. REFINED LADY WISHES POSITION AS housekeeper or general housework. Can furnish good reference. 1223 13th Ave. Dial 2-9769. MIDDLE AGED LADY WISHES HOUSE- work or day work ot any kind. 1103 13th Ave. Dial 2-BlOi, WOMAN WANTS WORK—CLEAN OFFICES or big buildings. Call 2-3750^ LADY DESIRES DAY week. Can furnish Hamilton, 321 2nd Ave. WORK OR BY references. Mrs. GERMAN GIRL DESIRES WORK OF ANY kind. Call at 1226 Crawford Ave. Rent — Furnished Rooms 231 MAPLE AVE.—2 NICELY FURNISHED rooms for light housekeeping, all conveniences. Rent reasonable. Light and cheerful. Phone. MAJESTIC APT., APARTMENT CONSIST- Ing of living room, breakfast room, kltch- nette. bedroom, bath, enclosed front porch nd all conveniences, $35; also apartment at 30. Dial 2-8380 or after 6 p. m. 2-8160. 2 WELL FURNISHED, COMMUNICATING rooms for housekeeping. Water, all conveniences. Refined family. Dial 2-9015. DIVIDE HOLIDAY BILL. ST. LOUIS, May 31.—Chicago and St. Louis divided games yesterday, Chicago tailing tha first 7-4 although outhit while St. Louis, also outhit, won the closing game 4 to 3. Shires and Jolly got homers for tha Sox. "Scores; -- First game— R. H. E. Chicago 010 030 000 3—7 11 1 St. Louis 200 000 Oil 0—4 13 3 Thomas, McKain, Berg; Gray, Coff- nmn, Blacholder, Holshauser and Ferrel. Second game— '11. H. K. Chicago 010 010 010—3 11 6 St. Louis 000 002 20x—4 9 1 Lyons, Riddle; Collins and llanion. , WESTBOUND TKAM WINS. Westbound Trainmen won at the Cricket field from the Extra Trainmen in the Altoona. Yard Employes league score 12 to 3. McMinn featured with a home run. All the winners hit safely. Lineups: Extra Trainmen— AB. R. H. O. A. K.. Totals 20 4 8 15 3 0 Bruno Braves ' 000 02—2 Rockview 202 Ox-4 Stolen bases, Kurtz, Lane. Sacrifice hits J. Patrarca. Struck out, Adams 5 Durban 2, Heimel 1, Petrarca 1. Bases on balls, Adams 2, Ruban 0. Heimel 3, Patrarca 0. Umpires, Cambu and Yon. WIN IN 9th HOUND. BOSTON, May 31.—Boston Braves won out in two games by ninth inning rallies yesterday, New York Giants losing 6-5 and 6-5. Two runs tamo to cinch the first game in the ninth, one run winning the second In the final round. Sisler won with a single with McGuire's double deciding the second. Scores: First game— R- H. B. New York 100 004 000—5 10 1 Boston 001 110 102-6 11 1 Pruett and O'Farrell; Zachary, Cunningham, Cantwell and Spohrer./ Second game— R- H. E. New York 102 000 020—5 12 1 Boston 001 000 131—6 12 1 Genewich and Hogen; Grimes, Spohrer and Cunningham. 1'IHATES—BKDS EVEN. PITTSBURGH May 31. — The Pirates and Reds divided games yesterday, Cincinnati winning 9-1 in the morning and Pirates taking the second 7-6. Lucas allowed only 6 hits in the morning. Traynor hit home 4 runs in the nightcap. Scores: First game— R. H. E. Cincinnati 000 040 401—9 10 3 Pittsburgh 000 010 000—\ 6 3 Lucas and Good: Chagnon, Hargraves and Hemsley. Second game— R. H. K. Cincinnati 000 002 022—6 10 0 Pittsburgh .... 213 100 OOx—7 10 'I Benton, Campbell, Johnson and ^Sukeforth; Kremer, Spencer and | Hemsley. Eckles, p gamers, c Hippo, SB JCunkle, 3b, cf ...... 3 lwk. If .......... 2 401020 312500 310250 0 TClwk. Morro row, cf, 3b Hollows, Ib Kl»i»«, if Delozier, 1'b ......... 3 Dunkle. rf .......... 1 1 0 0 U 1 1 1 0 U 300100 301701 100000 3 U 1 2 1 1 00000 Totals Wb. Truiumeii—, cf WWte, c Garner, 3b Benn, p McMinn, SB Fetter, Ib Bock. 2b Jonei, If Bouch. if .26 3 7 IS 8 2 I AB. R. H O. A. K. ! ..411101 . . 4 1 1 10 1 U . . 2 1 1 1 3 1 .. 422010 2 '/ B 'i « 2 2 i 0 U 4 1 1 1 2 'J 4 1 1 U 0 U 312011 33 12 IS 21 10 2 JEjctra Traiuuieii 000 1200 '.', Wb. Trainmen OU0042x-12 Two tase liltv. Fetter, (jrace, riuik. Kuuklc. Buck, Buui'h. Bt-iin. H^ine ' run, McMinn. Struck out, by Benu • B by Kcklm (. Sacruii-o hit. Sonicr.s. Jjtuletj bit«l;t>. Sumerti 2 .Muiruw. '. Bend. BBbt's un balls, oil Btnn 2, '*'.. id. |'«u>svd I'ail Wliiic. ijiMiMw pl(V«, Hippo In liolluu* i;;unc! I'j is Whit*. Time, 1:10. THINHO Lork**•**<*. WITH THE MAJORS. NATIONAL, LEAGUE. Yesterday's Results. Morning. ^Brooklyn, 11; Phillies, 1. Chicago, 2; St. Louis, 0. Cincinnati, 9; Pittsburgh, 1. Afternoon. Brooklyn, 11; Phillies, 9. Pittsburgh, 7; Cincinnati, 6. Boston, 6; New York, 5 (first game.) Boston, 6; New York, 5 (second game.) Chicago, 9; St. Louis, 8. Standing. Brooklyn 25 St. Louis '.' 23 Pittsburgh 20 Chicago 22 Boston 17 New York 17 Cincinnati 15 Phillies '.. 11 Today's Game'*. Phillies at Brooklyn. New York at Boston. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh. St. Louis at Chicago. AMERICAN LEAGUE. Yesterday's Results. Morning Games. Athletics, 7; Washington, 6 (13 innings.) Detroit, 5; Cleveland, 2. Afternoon. Athletics, 15; Washington, 11. New York, 6; Boston, 5 (first game) New York, 7; Boston, 3 (2nd game.) Detroit, 9; Cleveland, 6. Chicago, 7; St. Louis 4, 10 innings, 1st game.) Chicago, game.) Standing. W. Washington 27 Athletics 26 New York 21 Cleveland 22 Detroit 18 St. Louis 16 Chicago 15 Boston 12 Today's Layout. Washington at Philadelphia. Boston at New York. Detroit at Cleveland. Chicago at St. Louis. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. Louisville, 3; Columbus, '2 (1st game) Louisville, 4; Columbus, 0, (2nd game. Indianapolis, 3, Toledo (2, 1st game.) Indianapolis, 5; Toledo, 15, (2nd game.) Milwaukee, 2 game.) Milwaukee, 3 game.) St. Paul, 11 game.) Minneapolis, game.) INTERNATIONAL. Montreal, 0: Rochester, 1 (1st game.) Montreal, 4; Rochester, 6 (2nd game) Toronto, 2; Buffalo, 10, (1st game.) Toronto, 2; Buffalo, 3 (2nd game.') Newark, 5; Jersey City, 4 (1st OLD ESTABLISHED MANUFACTURER will back reliable people in a $1,000 permanent business with life-time earning of to $75 a week, without security, bond WO year fa- advance- or endorsements. Selling the 54 mous Gottschall Products; rapid ment. Write P. N. Gottschall & Co-Workers, Hnrrfsburg, Pa. NEW INVENTION, JUST OUT, EVERY car owner a prospect. Write for sales proposition. John H. Dayton, Box 2054, Station A, Palm Beach, Florida. MAN WANTED FOR WATKINS ROUTE IN AHoona. Average earnings $35 weekly. Chance for reliable hustler to make big paying connection. Other good openings. Write at once, The J. R. Watkin* Company, 231-68 Johnson Av<i., Newark, New Jersey. AMAZING SCREW-HOLDING SCREW drivers! Remove, Insert screws Inaccessible places! Factories, garages, electricians, mechanics, auto, radio owners buy on sight! Exclusive territory. Free trial! 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St. Louis, 4 (second L. 1 iJ 14 17 18 23 23 22 27 Pet. .675 .650 .553 .550 .439 .410 .405 .303 Kansas City, 7, (1st Kansas City, 6, (2nd Minneapolis, 6, (1st ; St. Paul, 6 (2nd game. ) Newark, 2; game.) Baltimore, 7 Baltimore, game.) SOUTIIUUN Jersey City, 3, (2nd ; Reading, 5, (1st game) 10; Reading, 7, (2nd ASSOCIATION. ; Atlanta, 0 (1st lill.M AKN01.I) ( hii-agu dritcr .tiid trU'raic MYIT lite Altuunu board track uuu Ilir Jiidia,nu|>oli!> "did milt- ra'-c \4'hti?r- du.t avrru^inj; 100 inili-s an hulir for tin: srcuinl lirsl liitii- in tin- liiMui.t ul Ihr liuv.1. Hi-,- lull < .it: bluji tu tttii ll'c 3*j'',L^O iiuibv. Chattanooga, game.) Chattanooga, 7; Atlanta, 1 (2nd game. I Mobile, G; Memphis, 3 (1st game.) Mobile, 3; Memphis, 4, (2nd game.) Nashville, 5; Birmingham, 10 (1st KU1>1'-.I Nashville, 6; Birmingham, 2, (2nd k'umu-. j New OrlL-.-Jiiii. 7; Little Rock. 4, (1st. 11; Little Roc'k, 12; New Orleans, (.2nd game.) X K \V V O J{ K - J' K N N S V 1, V A N 1 A . (Morning Games.) Williainsport, 6; Hazleton, 7, lit) in- nin^.s. i Voi'li, 3: HaiTi.sljui-(f, 2. Willics-BaiTi-. -1; Surantun, 5. Eluiiia, 1; Binghanilon, 0. i Afternoon WANTED—LADY, 45 TO 50, WITHOUT children, to take charge of home. Must be good c/»k. Address Postofflce Box 2500. Salesmen — Agents SALESMAN — WE WILL HAVE A VA- cancy in this territory on June 15 for our new line o f Art and Business Calendars, Leather Specialties, Diaries, Greeting Cards, Thermometers and various other specialties for advertising purposes. Fifty-two years as manufacturers enable us to offer you an opportunity to establish a permanent and profitahle business. Commission basis—experience not necessary. Write H. B. Hardenburg Corporation, 27 Neabltt St., Newark, N. J. 1112 8th AVE.—2 FURNISHED, COMMU- nlcatlng rooms for light housekeeping or sleeping rooms and board. Furnished Apartments N ^V*»*%x^\XSXWS^V^/^X^X^w^'X/N^XS/XX>^. FURNISHED APT., PRIVATE ENTRANCE and bath. Electric refrigerator. 3 squares from P. O. on Cor. llth St.. Highland Place. SECOND FLOOR,-3 FURNISHED ROOMS, private bath and porch. Private entrance. Rent reasonable. Inquire 1605 6th Ave. $2 D5 AUTO SEAT COVERS—AMAZING motorists. Represent factory. Nationally adv. $10 dally. Outfit free. Quality, 1836A North Ave., Chicago. AMATEUR BOXERS WILL GO IN TWO DAY MATCH EBENSBUKG, May 31.—Entries are coming in daily for the Senior A. A. U. boxing tournament to be held in the arena of the Cambria County fair grounds here the nights of June 2 and 3, with indications that fully 100 amateur boxers will compete for the championship of Cambria, Blair, Indiana and Somerset counties. Frank Burke of St. Michael, who is conducting the tourney through an arrangement with ROOMS AND BATH—COMPLETELY PUR- niahed. Reduced rental. Special offer for the week to save time. 715 Sth Ave. Apia are unusually attractive and clean. No better value to be found. Reference. Dial 6301 ALL MODERN AND ELECTRIC CONVEN lences. Will accommodate 2 or 3 adults No children. Very central. Call between D to 10 a. m. and 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. m Dial 2-1862. 4-ROOM FURNISHED APT.. BATH, ALL conveniences. Private. J35. Inquire 862 17th St. Dial 2-U982. A REAL APT., COMPLETE IN ALL DE tails, with laundry, garage, light, heut gas, etc., furnished. For further partlcu lars, Dial 2-6072. 3 ROOMS, BATH, COMPLETELY FUR nlshed. Everything Included In reducec rates for summer. Phone and laundry. Dla 3-1220. 1st FLOOR, NEWLY FURNISHED, MOD ern Apt., 4 rooms, bath. Inquire 602 21s St., Apt. 5. Unfurnished Apartments ^-^^*^^V*\*'^V^/^NX'X^V*SXN/V^^»w'VXX^SX^ 1 5-ROOM, UP-TO-DATE DAYLIOHT APT 1507 12th St. Inquire O. L. McCartney 1200 15th Ave. 6 ROOMS AND BATH, FRONT AND BAC porches. Private garage. Located I 1410-12 19th ST.—1-ROOM APARTMEN wltb all modern conveniences, porch. In quire at 1811 13th Ave. After 5.30 call 1414 lath St. DUPLEX, rooms, 2-7248. 6-ROOM APT., WITH BATH. Huhn & Co., 813 Green Ave. the fair grounds association and the | Llyawen. 2-6801 or 8286. sanction of the Allegheny Mountain division of the A. A. U., is confident a huge crowd will be on hand for the "glove congress." Entrants will be classified in the following weight divisions. 112 pounds, 118, 12ti, 135, 147, 160, 175 and heavyweight. Specially designed gold and silver intdals, emblematic of the senior A. M. A. championship will be awarded first and second places. This is the first opportunity to be given amateur boxers to appear in competition and the idea has resulted in keen interest among the boys with the result that team rivalry already has manifested itself. The St. Michael A. C., the Conemaugh A. C., the Conway A. C., the Johnstown A. C,, and other clubs have entered from six to twelve men in the tourney. In addition to the individual honors attached to victory in the various classes, there is the team competition to be regarded. 2302 W. CHESTNUT AVE., bath, all conveniences. DI< INQUIR SECOND FLOOR APARTMENT, 214 LO gun Ave., I.Iyswen, & rooms, all convt-i iences. fJial 2-4887. Unfurnished Apartments ^^^^0^|£^gyg|g|||MMM0BHHMpB^BB^^I |BBIB ?^ 1 ^ 11 ^^^^^^^^ t ] f; Thru Want Ads Bring C ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ggf^jjf Ittf toei* and PARTMENTS, 800 2nd ST., 8 ROOMS; MPERIAI, APT., 1906 ONlON AVE., ft rooms, bath, potth and all conveniences, 35; also 4 rooms, bath and porch, $30. Dial 8380 or after 8 p. «. 2-8160. LARGE ROOMS AND BATfH, FIRST oor front. 713 8th Ave. Dial 6301. 121 17th AVB.—2nd FLOOR; 6 -ROOMS and bath, electric stove, shades. Call af- r 6 p. m. Dial 2-6707. LIZABETH APARTMENT, 2016 BROAD Ave., 6 rooms and bath. Elevator and _nllor service, all conveniences. . Reason- ble 1 rent, Inspection cordially Invited. Dial 3973 or call at Apt. 1. ROOM APARTMENT, 2516 BROAD AVE., 2nd floor duplex. 043 range, kitchen cab- ict, linoleum In bath and kitchen. Dial 3532. Available on or before June 20. 320 8th AVE.—3 ROOMS, FIRST FLOOR, all conveniences, $28; 4 rooms, second oor, all conveniences, $28. Dial 2-0307; 443 or 2-6058. * • ALVERT APTS., 2807 W. CHEST. AVE., modern, 8 rooms, 2nd floor, hardwood oors, fireplace, porches, fine condition, $45. 06 HOWARD AVE.—DUPLEX APART- merit, first and second floors, with garage rear. Modern In all respects. Apply at nee, March's, 1224 llth Ave. 112 13th AVE.—FIRST FLOOR APART,- ment. Right In the heart of the city. Ap^ y at once, March's, 1224 llth Ave. 20B 7th AVE.—FIRST FLOOR, 4 ROOMS, bath. 1937 W. Chestnut, 2nd floor, 4 loms, all improvements. Phone 5076. ROOMS, BATH, FINISHED ATTIC. GAS and electric light. Hot water and telephone ervlce. $20 month. Inquire 706 4th St. ial 2-1003. 10 16th ST.—SECOND FLOOR DUPLEX, 5 rooms, all conveniences, $36. Inquire ohn Martin, 618 16th St., or Dial 2-6092 r 9029. 76 26th ST.—5 ROOMS WITH BATH 'AND nil modern conveniences. Rent $30 month, all Altoona Home Building Co. Dial 2-4706. APARTMENTS FOR RENT Two, three and four rooms with private ath. Newly papered and in first class con- tlon. Running hot and cold water. Heat .nd water furnished. , Rents between $1R and $30 per month. WOODS BECKMAN COMPANY, Realtors, Penn Central Bldg., Fifth Floor. Phone 5124. 114 7th AVE.—MODERN SECOND FLOOR apartment, enclosed porches. Excellent mdltlon. Hot water heat, gas range, llno- um, blinds. E. R. Halton, 1610 7th Ave. 07 19th ST.—5 ROOMS, J34.TH, PRIVATE basement, heat, shades, range furnished. / nqulre 505 19th St. 87 23rd ST.—2nd FLOOR APT., 4 ROOMS, bath, use of 3rd floor and cellar, large ront porch, ample wardrobes and linen clos- t space. Range, shades, linoleum, ncreens nd heat furnished. For rent to reliable arty. Dial 2-0880. Rent — Houses 809 9th AVE.. REAR—6 ROOMS, LIGHT, yard, gas, water, cellar, porch. Rent $15. nqulre 1813 12th Ave. 417 1st ST—7 ROOMS, BATH. ALL MOD- ern conveniences, porches. Rent reason- ble. Call 101 Howard Ave. or Dial 2-21S3. 412 2nd ST.—DESIRABLE 6-ROOM HOUSE, all conveniences. Rent reasonable. In- ulre 1414 2nd St. Dial 2-8129. 24 4th AVE.—8 ROOMS, ALL CONVEN- lences. $40. 601 2nd Ave., Junlata—5 rooms, light and gas, $16. 1303 2nd Ave.—6 rooms, light and gas. 18. 710 Crawford Ave.—7 rooms, all conven- nces, 2-car garage. $38, Park Ave., Lakemont, Rev. Williams roperty, back of playground, 5 rooms, all onvenlences. $27. 909B 24th St., between Broad and' W. hestnut Aves.—7 rooms and bath, all con- enlcnces. $30. 1901 llth St.—7 rooms, all conveniences. :ouae In excellent condition throughout. $42. McVEY-FARIS CO., Clement Jaggard Bldg. Phone 7128. 818 7th AVE—HOUSE, 7 ROOMS, ALL improvements, hot water heat, yard, large orch. Inquire 1S20 7th Ave. ROOM HOUSE, BATH, LIGHT, HEAT, gas, newly papered. Rent reasonable. In- ulre 515 Baynton Ave., South Lakemont. 01 Sth AVE.—3 ROOMS, HALL FIRST floor, 4 bedrooms, bath 2nd floor. Heat, hades furnished. Inquire 905 or 907 Sth Vve. • i 24 CRAWFORD AVE.—8-HOOM HOUSE, all conveniences. Inquire 520 Crawford Ave. 824 UNION AVE.—8-ROOM HOUSE, NEW- ly papered and painted, all conveniences. inquire of K. McGrath, 2800 Broad Ave. Dial 2-2471 or 9020. LARGE 7-ROOM HOUSE WITH ALL CON venlences. Yard and garage. Crlgger Bros., 1024 llth Ave. 2827 Sth AVE.— 5-ROOM BUNGALOW, ALL modern conveniences except hath. Renl reasonable. $18 month In advance. Inquire Mrs. Bowman, 2004 Oth Ave. 914 26th ST.—7 ROOMS. BATH AND ALL conveniences. Inquire 918 26th St. 1011 5th AVE.—6-ROOM HOUSE. BATH newly papered, cemented cellar, A-l condition. Inquire 190B 5th Ave. J034 W. CHESTNUT AVE.—6 ROOMS AND all conveniences. For further particulars, nqulre T. Chester Parsons, 1107 12th Ave Phone 2-5192. 1801 >,i Sth AVE.—4 ROOMS AND BATH Rent $16. Inquire it 2210 Sth Ave. Dla 2-7518. 8-ROOM HOUSE. IJOIIT. FURNACE, CITY water, fruit (rei's, '2 HITCH. Inquire II. A Espy, Klttannlng I'oint road. DOS 19tll AVE.-5 ROOMS, FINISHED 3rd floor, all conveniences. Hunt $22. Dlu 2-B744. 2918 5th AVI!.—SIX ROOMS, BATH ANI finished third flour, all cmivi'ntflncefi. Gnoi furnace. Low rental to (jood tenant. Dla 2-4769. Rent — Farms FARM CONTAINING 80 ACRES. GOO! house, bank harn. I''ruft. Situated miles from Altoona. Inquire 1701 6th Ave Rent — Cottages _ 'W>XX^XWNXXXWNXNXV^X' FURNISHED HOUSE, ALONG TUSSE mountain, between I.oyshiirg and Everett '.* mile from highway. fur campers an tourists. Inquire Charles Itltchey, Wolf Furniture Co. AT VINYARU Dial '1084. IfjIW -1th ull con l,',lh St. AVE.—S ROOMS ANIJ BATH, •iMiimccs. second tluor. Inquire 5ll.'i Din! «ii,-)8. 4-ROOM APARTMENT, AU., CONVEN- lencvs, at 1801 4th Ave., Junlata. Inquire rear apartment ur 1813 llth Ave.. Altoona. UltETH APT., 82ft 7th AVK.— 3 rooms, heat, oath, gua range. $30. Dial U029 or 2-M92. AND 4 $24 unil 1 l.j 1 1 i.-biji' Si-i-aiituii, Klmhu, 7 Oiiine.s. I ),-. 4; York, 5. 4; Willies-Bam ; Uin^liM niton. . 1!) K, I 111 2; Hazlutun, 4. mtOOlvI.YN CLl'lJ I'Oi'lILAK. BROOKLYN, N. Y.—One of the interesting phases of the current major . league baseball campaign is the popu- i larity in Brooklyn of tiie Brooklyn club. Several times thi.s season have police buen forced to lock gates to keep fans from storming Ebbets (ield after every ticket: had been sold. Sale of seats to a recent Sunday game, started on the Friday morning prc- i-eding. dn.-w a crowd of 25000 trying to buy the ti.OOU scuts aviiiluble. While lln- ol the bin iPUKiii 1 niitiiiiKcrs HIT uiiilinx iiboul ilie lively Ijiill, Walter Johnson li».- been lunmi- iny UN a \vliule 1'lock of lively pitchers. JUNIATA, 205 Oth AVE.—SECOND FLOOIi, 4 rooms, bath, hoi water heut, Dial 2-7S1D. DUPLEX. 314-312 3rd ST. — 5 ROOMS. E. ^lld AVK. AND LLOYD ST.—1 ROOM ull cunvenlfiicfh. $3.0. 819 liHh .St.. hi-Hieiu Pre.sbytfrlan churi: •1 roimi^. all convenience.-*. $1(1. 1211 Sth Av<;.— i rooms, all cuiivcnlunfi "•2'Jil Sth Ave. -4 ruoms. all euiivenleiifea. *^r,. 511 'J3rd St. I mums and i,ain. ?I8. IRVIN'S COTTAGK week or week-enda. FUKNISIiHU COTTAGE 1<XIU KKN'f Ardfiihelin. Uivcr frunt. Inquire Howard Ave. Dial 784U. 22 B 4th AVB.—FRAMB HOUSE, ? rooms, bath. Fine condition. All modern mprovements. Finished third ««>.«•*• of, 2-oar garage. Lot 25X120. Street, al- y paved. Bargain for someone at $B,000. lone 2-3606. \ AKUENHEIM — COMPI.KTKLY FUKNIS11 i'Ottai;'-«. $1&-20 wk. Special stuBon ratex Fur inspection, 'bookings *ei: or writi- J.-l Valentine, R. F. D. 3. Huntingdon, Pa. 4-KOOM COTTAGE AT MILL CKEKK Hfiit $ft PIT wueft. Or will sell at $1U lie iiiontli. Write 2&10-E. care Mirror. Rent — Miscellaneous FOR KENT-'Jlf. CHESTNUT AVE., STOHh ruom 33x8u, inudi'rn new bulliling, only u blui:lt from poatolflcc. Apply at uinx 1 , March':;, 1224 llth Avo. Sale Or fl*n« ROOM BOOSB, LfcJlft AN6 *$?'£,!$& ttt In Kitchen. N*w roof. 1 acre Wound, ery suitable tot fal«ng « hl « lteB A 1 2* ( j£j: SJOf *¥^T?«rfBK£ nqulre of Charies A. Auk«f, 1321 lltn Aye. ROOM SUNOALOW AND OARAOB, 3«03 Walnut Ave. Lot 80*120. Innulre on remises. Sale^—Houses HOWARD AVB., 113 room* and bath, a-oar e*r»M.tMUHt 20. Avenue and alley saved. Price $3,600 HOWARD J. DARR, ' 118 14th St. Dial 2-3188. AVIS YOU MANY DISOAftft in your home—old clothln j, ictures, tables, chalrt, jte.7 ash through ft Want Ad. 22-324 LOGAN AVB., LAKEMONT—tiOU- ble house, 6 rooms each, bath, furnace, 2- ,r garage. Dial 2-6062. ; ROOM HOUSE, ALL CONVENIENCES, onlv fi years old, hardwood floors downairs: built-in bath tub. *8.500. Inquire 010 24th Ave. No phone calls. N IDEAL HOME—6-ROOM COTTAGE, with bftth and enclosed front porch, hard, ood floors, new furnace, windows weather rlnped, all modern conveniences. House n A-l condition. Easy terms can be ar- anged. For further particulars inquire at 13 7th St. _ OME IN COLUMBIA PARK DISTRICT, 6 rooms, tile bath, cement cellar, 2-car arage. »8,600: *500 cash. Call 9023 be- veen 8 and 7 p. m. f LOGAN *\VE;. LLYSWEN-FRAME housed slate roof. Lot 76x120. All con- enlences. Adjoins Mansion Blvd. Dial 4883. FREDERICK PERMANENT WAVB JfcA- chine, in good condition. Lait £««'» m*l. 1, 24 heater open model, inquire 121 2A< 0 BOULEVARD, .JUNIATA — 6-ROOM 'house with finished floors, all modern con- enlences. Inquire above address. ILLSIDE AVE., ELDORADO^-2 MODERN homes of 8 and 7 rooms, with 1 or more cres of land. These properties have been duced to sell quickly. See owner at W- W. chum's, 580 58th St., or phone 3-1842. 2 TWO YEARS OLD No. 823 Sheridan St.; 6 rooms, bath, heat, electric, gas, porches, garage, and 30x132'lot, all for only J3,BOO.OO. For inspection and terms, see . ED. SEIDEL, Realtor 5118 Broad Ave. Extension' 6-room dwelling, conveniences, cemented cellar, lot 32x120 ft. Only $3y300. TVCHESTER PARSONS 1107 12th Ave. Phone 2-5192. SPECIAL fi-room frame dwelling, 408 20th St., con- alnlng heat, bath, gas j»nd electric light ront and rear porches. arranged. Price $2,700; terms C. D. BLOOM Realtor—Insurance, 1311 12th St. Phone 2-2383. CENTRAL LOCATION Corner property; No. 1231 4th Ave. 6 rooms and bath; finished attic; electric, gas, heat, porches, Avenue and street paved. Only J4.200.00. EASY terms. ED. SEIDEL, Realtor MEMORANDUM What do you mean by that? It's a reminder that now In spring time is a good time to select a homesite for your permanent home. We can .sell you a lot for $200 or $2,000—on easy payments too. WOODS BECKMAN COMPANY Realtors Penn Central Bldg., Fifth Floor Phone 5124. Sale—Cottages X>X'V>^V«V/>X>/"VX«»/W'WV -ROOM FURNISHED COTTAOE AT UP per Reene. Lot 60x110. Electric lights 'rice 51,000. Dial 0600. N THE CLASSIFIED FIRMAMENT EACH little ad U a star of good fortune to make ou feel glad. Sale — Lots LARGE LOT IN EAST JUNIATA. WILL sell on easy payment plan, If Hold soon •hone 2-2808. EMETERY LOT IN ROSE HILL CEME tery, Section R, lot No. 300. Inquire 81 5th Ave. Phone 2-4287. HOLLIDAYSBURG LOTS 510-12-14 Gurbor Street Three—44x153 ft. lots. Good location, fine homes being built around. Price on request. MORGAN-MARTIN CO. Central Trust Bldg. all Sale — Farms SMALL KAKM OK tt AUIlliiS, LOCATED O1S Buckhorn ruud, 1 mile irtim Altuonti, room house, bath, electric light, spring wti :er In house. 2-cur guruge, chicken IIOUHCH all nei:eH!jary outbuildings. Suinu beurln Truit treoa. Price very reaaoniihle If sol soun. Inquire W. C 1 . Walker, Buckhorn roue or Dial 0-51M. Sale — Timberland 500 ACRES 10(1 acres virgin timber, balance good aec ond growth) mostly hardwood. H mllea froi Altoona, 2 miles from the railroad. IVm Penn highway through the property. Fo uale by owner, George A. Potter... 036 22n St,. Altoona. Sale — Furniture FOR SALE—1 CHINA CLOSET. INCJUIR 613 Park Ave., Weimwuud. Phone 4B77. 3-I'IECE OAK, LEATHER COVERED HV Ing room uulte, good condition. $40. ln< l>13 2-Hll St. Dial 2-8794. KITCHEN CABINET, KITCHEN CUP hoard, wash stand, chandeliers, colonnad MM. Homer Gruvo, 1620 Sharp Ave. Dla 2-U5-1U. SHOW te what you iLTOONA PLATE jll 26 Green Ave. Dlw OOD QUARRIED Eiwy to work. Also IBS coal. Flgart'B mines, 9083. OR SALE—2 HEAVY ftBONOOfl**B *KC> ord booths, plate glass. W. D., »»vl« Irug Store, 1901 Sth A**. , . «;•' ^ ... YPBWRITERS—ALL STA repaired and overhauled. - nd supplies for every machine. B. F. BARR, 1627 llth Ave. MAKB8 tiff. ORCH CHAIRS ... style chair seating, chair „_ inds. Also rag rug and caw Work called for and dellvWe* Works, 2119 8th Ave. Dial 2-8818. BEDS, BUREAUS, OAS RANG, Very reasonable. Inquire 2918 Phone 2-7918. AV§. WHITE MARBLE TOP TABUM 6 29% Inches. Suitable for kitchen, Cotlag* r restaurant. Dial 7003. •ENINSULAR PIPELESS FURNAOR A-l condition, cheap to quick buyer, IH4UK* 81D 14th Ave. Phone H465. VAFFLH IRON, SI; ESTATE OY8 RANGE, $5; oak dining room table *6; chairs, J8. ''hone 2-884B. GO-CART, GOOD AS NEW. COST $30. Will sell for $10. Inquire 129 Howard Hve. , ARGE PORCH SWING, 2 ROCKBRB TO match, $10; Singer sewing machine, at. achments, $25. Dial 2-2232. 317 Lexlflg- on Ave. - _ / >, 'tHgj.. All the Lumber Stock of . FLUKE CO., Inc., FOR SALE AT . 334 % OFF COST , Inquire At Yard 2605 Beale Ave. Dial 3-0183 Sale — Horses and Cattle YOUNG FRESH HOLSTEIN. INQUIRE Of H. E. Snowberger, phone Rural 936-H3. Poultry — Feed . HYNICK'B QUALITY BABY CHICKS Wyandottes, Rocks, Reds, Leghorn,' Aneon*. Custom hatching In trays of TS «nd up. HYNICK HATCHERY. 122 E. Grant Ave. ;* Dial 4343. HATCHING EGGS FOR SALS. MAMMOTH Pekln ducks, $1 for setting; Blaolt Olunt, $1 for netting; English Leghorn, 7So (or mt- Ing; White Giants, $5.00 for nttlnc: duck- Ings, 3Sc each. ' '' DIBERT'8 POULTRY JTARM, . r Sinking Valley Road. Phone Rural 2-BRB. ERHINGER'S QUALITY CHICKS. BARRBD and White Rocks, White Wyandottt», Red and English Leghorns. Hateb off. •vwy Monday and Thursday. 120 B. Bti Ave. Dial 2-2917 or 3-9409. SO SINGLE COMB WHITE LEGHORN cockerela, Oasnon strain, 10 week*-Old, jlred b> Individual pedigreed cockerels, hatched from 245 to 303, officially approved, record of performance egg dame. Inquire at 423 21at Ave. after B p. m. any day, " ' B. Moran. Seeds — Gardening BEST TOP SOIL FOR GARDENS' AND lawns. Dial 2-4242. W. B. Coumraan. : Coal PEOPLE'S COAL CO., 730 4th ST. PHONB 2-7777. HARD COAL, EGG, STOVE, NUT....SU.75 PEA COAL }-0.7ft MADISON LUMP, EGG PREPARED..( 4X10) MILLER RUSTY LUMP, DYBART..« 8,75 COLLECT ON DELIVERY. COAL All kinds hard and soft coal; «Iio kind- line wood, L. R. MATHIEU * SON, 1824 Union Ave. Dill '0994. TELEPHONE 2-3501 OR. 2-OBli. 1 OR MORE TONS. HARD COAL, NUT SIZE 112.00 MADISON SCREENED LUMP ......'14.00 MADISON EGG AND NUT J4.00 DRIVER COLLECTS IN ALL OASES. SERVICE FUEL CO. GWIN COAL CO.—QWIN SPECIAU MIL- ler and Madison coal at attractive price*. 11)11 Margaret Ave. Phone 20404 or 6623. McGuire Coal Co. McGuire Special And All Grades Of Coal 1)15 IDth Street Phone Burn PAGE COAL For Kconomy, Warmth and'Health Demand Our Welghbill > G. F. Eichenlaub Coal Co. Jl Mini O-KQIH I Dial U-D21U Money To Loan •^XVNXSX\y"SXVSX\XW/V^^,^IH $1,UOO-J10,000 TO LOAN ON FIRST UORT- gago. Inquire Lloyd A. Smith, Wal»h Uldg., Holhduyaburf. MONEY TO LOAN ON IMPROVER PROP, erty In amounts to suit borrower!. 01. Nevln Dlvely. 1321 llth AVI. MONEY TO LOAN ' I have $3,000 or $3,500 to loan on First Mortgage on Altoona, improved Reul Estate. Can place same at onc-o. JOHN S. SEEDS 1115 Eleventh St. ill'. l.l'.NA Al'l.. .1 -ROOMS IJA I'll AM. riiurji-iu cunvctni-'nces. fnquiru 1UU1' Cijest nul Ave. (j:i ORANT AVK.— 7 ROOMS. NK\V i J APIf:R, nil convuiilt.-ncus. 1-uar j^ura^e. 711 -1th St. — 3-rouin upurlini'tlL. uath. lji£ lH.'lohCd IJtlM'l! 71'J-l-I -Ith St.— ^ uii-jjc nturiTuuuis. auu- kjlt- fur uny Kind ut IjUtilmr^.s. liiii l»t Av«. Also 9lll Ave. NliiJ 37lh SI. L. ii. MAT1J1KU & Sum, M'I Union Ave Dull UU'JI. 1'JKt -Illl fur IIJU-I ill liij.iinr.'*, IfujtiJ Co., 7^3 tirevu Ave. ST. STUKKKUO.M, SIMTAKI.K T *hu|j. li'-auly piiil'ir ur any kind , IfujtiJM; .MUii'jm 1'laU- Glu.-* I'lionc- 8886. t , WOl.F KUiiNITURK CO.. 1501 llth AVE. OFFERS China Clu.s,-t M,,iir,-'.s CumLitniiUun Rungt: Dresner 3 PC. Hec'il Suite . .$18.00 . .Jlil.OO ..$18.00 . ,J1!5.00 Musical Instruments PAI.M10K rLAYUtt PIANO. J100 00 Mahu^uny i' and bt-nch. '2.0 rolls. Uuucl condition. WEAVER FACTORY SHOWROOM, 1U20-22 Eleventh Ave. I 1--OR .SA1.K--IJUJIN ALTO HORN WITH cn«e, like new Will aacrlllcc. Ainu mu- i>k staiul. inquire 112 Uulou Bunk Bide. NEED MONK* Casb Loans up to $300 •u Hour UerylQ9 Small Monthly Repayment* You'll be surprised how easily a loan can oo arranged. Our friendly and cpurteoiu service has helped muny when tbey needed money quickly. Come in, 'phone or writ* for full Information. There la 00 obligation. Benefical Loan Society Room i, Beconcl floor, 1300 Eleventh Ave.. Cor. 13tb St., Altoona, Pa. Teleuliona Dial K-497Q. Open 8.30 tu 5—Saturday 8.30 to 1. LOANS OF $300 OR LESS AMERICAN LOAN CO. Room nun Grant Building, 1112 Eleventh Avenue. Third floor, AI.IOONA. I"A. Tulephtmr. Dial 2— 6-V-0-2. Open 8.3U to 5- Saturday 8.30 to 1.

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