Independent from Long Beach, California on May 20, 1957 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1957
Page 22
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pub. Uay II, 30, 31, 1157 W) L,B,t. CITY f R I N T I N O , · Wan · llill NOTICr. INVITING 1101 ""FOB, TUB CONSTRUCTION Of , LONO HEAC1I - PUBLIC 1,1' . B R A H T , DANA BRANCH. LO . CATED AT 3MO ATLANTIC ( AVBNUB IN THB CITY Or · 1.0NO BEACH, CAL1FOHN1A. , ' NOTICH IB HEREBY GIVEN that. £* , the City of Long Beach will receive · -·' a«aled bide at th. of flea o( tha City " niier. In nonm SW of the City I of tha City of Lour Deich, California, until 1:00 o'clock I'.M. f . .** MAY 27. 11(7. at which time and f... · place aald hidi will be publicly ·ft?/" crpaned and declared fnr furnl.hlng ' 3? all necenary labor, tcili. inatarlali, appliance, and equipment lor, and . dolna: the work of conatrucllng a · Branch Library In accordanc* w i t h 'Tlana A Hpeclflratlon. No. 11-388:1 fnr lha Oon.lnlcllon of Long Beach Public. Library. Dana Branch, lo- caterl at :UKI In Avenue In th* City of Long lleach. California", on file In Ihe office of the City Kn- E neer. lo.whlcli i.ld Plan. A Sped- :«tloni No. R-2dt:i reference u rehy made fop further particular!, Coplea of aald plan* and ipeclfl c.llnni may bo obtained at uld rlflc* of the City Engineer, Room (07. City Hair, upon depoelt of Ten Italian (Slo.OO) per Ml, but aald coplie .hall, at all lime* remain Ihe ' properly, of th* City of Long Beach .nd muit b* returned to tn* Ctty within ten 1101 day* after th* bid* ·r* opened. Upon th* return ol inch oople.. In good condition, with. In eueh period, aald depoilt thill b* refunded, otherwte* H ahall b* for. f.ll.d to the City. Standard Speclflcallone No. R-1BT7 fnr Pubile Improvement. In tha City of Long Beach, California, and loni 1 Beach Building Code. Article VII Long Orach Municipal Code .re OL file In tha ofllca of the City Engineer wher* they liny b* Impacted by proapectlr* bidden. Puriuant to provlalona of Fart I. Illrhway. Code Hjrhwa. foo. 8. Tha Cltr Council hereby determine. , n d declarea that the proce*dlng* for Ih* aforeaald Im. ahall b* taken under and puriuani to that portion ut lha Street, and Hlrhwa?. Code de. " fated aa tha "Improvement Act of i 'I · lld ., thl1 "flaJ bond, ahall ba ffy · . rnannep and form pro. vlded for In aald Btraei. and Hlrli- waya Code, bearing Intanat at ihe rate of all pep cent per . n ,, unl , to rapreaenl each aaaeianiant of Twenty-five IMIiara (JJS.OO) op ov.r remaining unpaid for thirty (30) daya after the data of the warrant. Bald *erl«l_ bonda Hull day of January ti'kt auc. f^wfnr^.rd.£ Uir ''" Mnu ' . Chanter 1, Article VII of Lonr Beach · Municipal oluilnn , 1 Cnd«, th* city Council, by Rtiolutlnn Nn. C*lt.OA3 ..«·, ·§o»r« ~ . , 4itn*d md drtfrmhifd Ih* ffm«*ritl * i prvmlllnff r«l« of i«*r dl*m wag*! , and nvi*rtlln« wiRf« for tacit etmti rj^ · ' +r lyp* of Ubnrvr, work in* n re *:,:" tn^rhftnlr required In tli* (wrforn,- k '^ . «nc* of puhltfl work, A ropy nf Mid * r^eWlutlnn tit on flit In Hi* nfflM n( VL- * tht. city Rniltifcr, Satd Jnh cUn-il- **V. ftr.illoni «nd f f n n n l pr*vvtllnjr nl« ./",. i of P*r dlfm want! and otfrtlrn* »/*·",. / wftRta ai-A htrnrporatrd h«r«ln hy ii* r*f*-r.«nc« thrr«tn with Ilka (orc» and i - " fff«ct a* \t tmir»ily wt forth '·*.':. Tt*rvln. Any ennlrart awarded ti«ra* ' ' ' \md»r ahall provlrta that Ih* ron« . . - , trar-tor ntuft comply with kh« reii- . . . , *rtl prrva|llnjr rat* at f*r dl«m %aftv«a .ind nv^rtlma wagta aa ap«ct 1H In Hid Kach bidder ..ha.ll record In hi* Md tli* mimh*r and tfrmlnatlon 1 dat«a of all n^Miwary llc*n*«ii aa ' Btv-dard Spaclflratlona No. H.J577, -"---· j --.114 B B I I Arr-igfuilB) I I B V i n i objKllon. in Hid prot».ed in- irpveinenl. may appear before aald Jlty Council and .how caua* In tlia manner preacrlherl · ··"'·- m "" ana Hlmiwaya Cod poeert Improvement , carr ed out In accordanc* raeolutlon. made. Sao. I. That aald contemplated Improvement la of more than local or ordinary publlo benefit, and Mid Clly Council hereby determine, and declare, that tha district lo b* ben.- filed thereby end to ba to pay tha coala and eipanae* theraof I* ahown on Map No. 440 on file In tha offlo* at th* City Cl.rk ta whloh ret wane* I. her* by made for a de- acrlptlon of tha aaaeaament dlitrlet, and thai fifty par cant (60%) of tha Incident.) axpanaaa for aald Improve- men! .nd fifty par eent («0%) of ll\a cart or lha tllay antr.neea ahall ba paid by tha City. 8eo. 4. Notice la hereby flven thai lurauant to tha provliloni of Section H04 of th. Street, and Hlfhwaya Coda, tua ownara of mor* than ilily per cent (*0*4) In are. of tha property allbject to tha aaaeaamant for ·eld Improvemtint have alined and filed with tha clerk of tha city Council a written petition for amid Improvement, and have waived In* ve.trratlon procedure of th* "Spe* -III AiMaament Inveitliatlon, Liml- ·lion and Mijnrlly Proteat Act of a. contained In tha fllreitl Ichwaya Coda. ind kl, Sac. i. Tha City Council hereby INTKN- TION TO IMPBOVB THB ALLEY IN BLOCK BAST Of OHIZAHA AVENUB, BETWEKN COOLIDOB BTREKT AND AR- TKSIA 8TBBET, IN TUB CITY or LONG BKACH, CALlFOR. NiAt , Th* rlly Council of th* City of Lonp; Brach rr«alvfn art fallnWHt Bactlon 1. That th* city Counct Inlnndu to order th* lmprov«n»nt ol th* Alley In block »it of Orliaba Annu«, l»tw«fn Coolldir* Rtnwt and Artxili Btmt, by oomtructlni Port land c«mnt miller 1 Inchta In thick- Una; pavlnr tha roadway with Port- ·rraRttoiMtl, land Ihlcfc tfintnt conrnt* doln y with Po t lnch*a In IK all nereaaary irad tner nlated work r*« hv thm a...... "·*· ·· ·"· wtr Council Mreby I. whv uiS «^T iletarmlnaa and deelarea that tha Btould nni 7£ PTM"*"**' '"· ·"· aforeaald Im- rdanc. whh iht! Pf 01 """* "i»» l* Uken under and imanc. wild Uili fjuriuant to _ t h a t portion ef tha "f thl. reaolutlon In. aama tn ba · ".*- ... (ha Lonr Baaeh '"ft 1 * 1111 ."''. · "iny Mw^rSp. Se.*i"n.t,d n "r lha'" *" d ' liilLTM!"* .t hl " reeolullon to IN In thr*« . nlacea In City and It tliereuixin t.k* effV lereupon t.k* ef/Mt. Til. con.plcuoui ahall Clt if-aona aald by ·3-?. TM i. V i. ." Mien. TII* c ty Clerk .hall alia rauiw to b. mallerl nolle., of the .dopllon of thl. r*.£ ullon of Intention | n t h« time, form .nd mannrr and to the nei i eilrn.ted, all .. provided by "Imjirovement Art of Mil," I hereby rerllfy that II,* | '^ t,. """"'"'Inn waa idopted O y he City Council of th. city of Long i«ach. at lie rneetlnil of Hay 14 1IM, h)- II,. following vote" ' ·Ayee; Cnunrllmen: nKEflB DKHMOND.Ki-IALKR.. '. ·i! ·!'·. . WICK,(lARni8ON, ' . " llAKr.R.SPONQBEHO . ' VKflMILLION. ' ,. i Nneei Coiuicllinen: NONE. Ahlelit: rmincllmeir AI1ERH MAROAIll'rr L. IIISAHTWKLL) (SKALl Clly Clerk »^b. May ». II, UH7 (2t)-L.B.I. ,,- RCIOLUTION NO, C-1M40 : A RE80LUTION or INTKN. ·TION TO IMPROVE THB EAST.WKST A "LEY IN BLTMK KA8T OP CALIlrORNIA AVE- All blddera ih.ll pomply wllh vliloni of Pan 1, Chaptep 1, A VII. Miinlclr * j, . I Cod all pn» rilcl. a and ahall Hit , , who i w l l l l p e r ( o r r n op render aervlc. tn th. Uineril Contractor In the rformanca o( nld public work or provement In aican of thre* par- na Im cent (,s%i of th. tm.l hid. California Avenue, betwten Hli flral Street and lUrdlng Street coii.tmrUiie n Inch Portland cam ;oncrete futter; Paving Hi. ro 4 IntMiea In. Ihlckneaai dDlnc r *!il neceiaary gradliiE and any other re. Vtl *," rk r «»" rr »d, aiceptlni any ?'J,^. "ITTM''!"*. 1 ". h'relhabov. de. of eald Code la on file In tha office '. Profraea pay menu' will ba made In due eourae of payment, of the City »f Long Beach. California, In ' iceordanr* with th* rwiulremenli , ef .aid Standard Speclflcatlone No. . *-1577, for Publl. Impnivemenla. , ' Should any dlipula arlia nepeet. , 'trit lh« value of Ih. I.bor and ma* , ferial Inrnrnoraled In aald Improve- X - ment rlurlni any calendar nionth, of 1 ^ ; , any wnrk omltttd. or of any extra ' J ! , work whleh aald contractor may be ·i. required lo do. or ra.pectlnr, the .,, . alia of any payment In .aid con. trarlor during tha iterfonnence of ' thl. eontrart. aald dl.puta .hall be · , decldJ.1 by tha Clly Engineer of the; t City nf lying Beach, and th.'decl- ·lon nf lha latter ahall ba final and*. ' All hid* and Md bonda ihatl h* . . aiibmltted upon form, to b* aecured ·I the offlc. of Ih. Clly Engineer. Each bid ehall b* accompanied by · certified check nr hank draft, pay A ropy MHIwd alre.dy · comphHad Bee. J. That the aforeaald «"m.nt ah.ll b* perforSS Tha Clly Council of tha City of "J 1 *., 11 ""' 11 TM °l»« ·· follnwi: Section 1. That th. Clly Council 3treeta and Hlghwaya Coda deilr "'ted a. th. "Improvement Act of 1B11." and that ..rial bonda ahall be laeued In. tha manner and form rovlded fop In Hid Street, and Highway* Coda, bearing Intareat at tha rata of au per cent par annum to repraHnt each aneeument ol Twenly.flva Dollara (IU.OO) or ever, remaining unpaid for thirty (30) daya after tha data of tha warrant. Bald .erlal bonda ahall extend over a period endlnr nine year, from tha aerond day of January next eue cet(lnr Ilia narl October fifteenth followlnr their Jala, *·"· «. Notlee la hereby riven thai on tha SJIh day of JuAe, 1957, at It. hour of 10i30 o'clock A.M., at Ilia Council Chamber In the City Hall, any and all peraone hiving objections to aald propoeed Improvement, may appear before Hid City Council and ahow caun In tb. manner preacrlbed l)y tha 8treeta and .Irhwaya Code, why Hid propoMd miu-ovanient ahould not b* carried ut In accordance 'vllh Ihla naolu Bae. 7. Tha City Clerk ahall car. try to lha piiHc. of Ihla reolutlon and ahall cauee Ihe Hma to ba pub. lahed Iwlc. In tha Long Beach independent.* dally newapapar clrcu. nat.d . "!"'?.?.'"'_ «»« "·""I', deal, lh l« "mil to be foiled Im. « o e oie I", three (3) coniplcuoua placea In Hid City and It .hall thereupon take affecl. Th. City Clerk ahall alao cauaa to ba mailed, nolle., of he adoption of thla resolution of In. lentlon In th* lima, form and manner I? »,, ii'1 T"° n ' deal.nat.d, all Act of n i l " 1 ' "* W ""PTM""'"' I hereby' certify that tha forei rolnr raaolutlon waa adopted by the 0 TM"'"- °- ""· C "'- "' ^° n « ....-·'t. ·'."· mealing of Hay 14. 1»", by the following vot: * ' Ayaai Councllmen: REK8E, Ing and any ot _ ._. quired, eireptlng any of tha Improvement heralnabova deacrlbad al' r«ady completed. Sec. J. That lha aforeaald Im. provement ahall b. performed In ao- oordanc* with plan., profllea, de- mlled drawlnga and apeclflcatlon. No. n-37U, which docunienl. ar* in file In Ih* offlc* of the city En[Ineer, and reference la hereby made n e.ld document, for a detailed deacriptlon nf uld Improvement and for Ih* rieacrlpllon of tha grade tn which tha Improvement la to be mada. BM. 9. That aald contemplated Improvement la of more than local or ordinary publlo benefit, and eald City Council henby determine* and declarea that the dl.trlet lo be bene- filed thereby and to ba aaM«i.d tn ay tha coat* and eipen.ea thenof i ahnwn on Map No. 411 on f i l e In lh« offlc* of-th* City Cl»rk, In which r** la hereby made for a de* acrtptlon of th. aaae..ment dlnlrld, and that f i f t y per rent I60*,) nf the Incidental einanae. for aald Improve, ment and twenty-five per cent (25%) of lha alley conitnictlon coit ahall ba paid by lha Clly. See. 4. Nolle* la hereby given that pureuanl to the frevlilcni of Section 2804 of tha Street! and Highway. Code, tha owner, of mor. than ilily per cent (10%) In area of tha property aubjeet In Ihe aiMMment for ·aid Improvement have elgned end filed with In. clerk nf lha City Council a wrtllan petition for pale' Improvement, and have waived In Teatlgatlnn procedure of tha "Special Aaaeaiment Inveitlgatlnn, Limitation and Malnrlty.Proleit Act nf 1131," a. contained In tha Btraate and Hlghwaya Coda. See. 6. The City Council 'hereby C'ola A., of 704 ., CoanDUifl, at* A4, BlIOTM wl(. at itatt* TuUllll Th«i4an ), Aaill rdavM Prfw. Bfrvrcu , 1:JO p.m., MondiLy, Umm-llt- ' iUNLEY, COUPYON CHAPEL, 1JOI E. PALMER AVE. Inc." n«ri«J Pai » r i j,. H«I B, BlUi nuit tart, ef tn'. B.pllil rhurtn VMBUmi-a.Ji, MB lit * a y lnvldi. } -- HinnaB. la« .1. . joeepn A«. »ur»lv*d by il.tiri. U,.. Roee. Ufl . B e l l e if Lovfr, FLOBAILEY (hub... Iln . ElUM . lala Mn. Naiutl. Klln.1 broth. th. . .». Abrall.m and lirael. lirvl ' TUHdey, 1:00 p.m., at MOT. TELL'* * PtKK 1-HAPlL THIRD AMP ALAMITOI "WESTMINSTER :··' MEMORIAL PARIC/ C*m«t.ry and IPICKR. (TTrH. · lautminl MC. Mm., 11:10 , PlrMtMl by · K/'^^ DiUay'a Martuary ·· ·«' ' KUIMP, Pr^ ' ' ' [^ l.tirmm i«rv. Uoa., 1:10 p.m. -'' KatnU'i *""·** "jJmlua ahia PHARKII, Emily I. InUrmcat Mrv. Tttaa., 11 a,M, (MrMtMl py rhrlit*nMh*plno u.rluftrr - ·iC^ w-;. AGENCIES - Funtral Dlrocton ,, B. W.COON FUNERAL HOME' .Wlt» * ml ·jj MORTUARY CHAPEL O AVE. HOLTON SON .,'·- HI. t-HIl tilth a. datrrmln.a and dKlar'a that procerdlnga fnr tha aforeaald proveruant ihall ba taken under and ta that portion of tha Straeta and Hlcliwiyi Cod* deile- nated aa lha "Improviment Act of 'improvement Act of and that aerial bond, ihall No. R.J7JJ, Ha In th drawiiiira and apMlflcallona , whicIch documenti are on office of the city En mprnT.rnant I. o( mor* than loca »J "rtlnapy pulilla bcntifll. and aald Jty Council hrraby detarmlnaa and daelara Iliat Ih. dlatrlct to b. tan.. lt»d tharaby and to b. aaawaad lo - ay th. co.t» and th* offlc. of thereof 446 on tile In lerk. lo which ·hie to the City Auditor of tha Clly -A* 1 ' tnritl «* ··'·H b* P*ld by th* "f Long n«icn. and drawn on a *·'«?' , ,, . aolvent bank In toe Angelea County, , K , · *· »""« I* hereby given »r a aatlefarlorr bond, of an .mount JEJ, .M? 11 .. 1 ..'» L h »."! n "' !«« .«' ft not lea. than tan (10) par cent ° aurh bid, aa a* that tha . If awarded .""nlractV will l 1 '^,^ ""» ( , W ,* ) .L n ar " "' "" .lecut. and ' deliver ta City En. P Mp "K · ub -'* cl 1° the *a.e*ament glnear. within t»n HO) daya after I-'-. !?,'A '"ILTM.?" 1 *?' J"".* ·'*«·· --». --.-- .. . ^ and filed wllh th* clerk of tha Clly ·uch contract U t«ndr*d, a con. tract (or (urnUhlni all tha naca*. ' 4»ry labor, tool., niatrrlala. appll. amc«a. and *o,ulpmpnt for, and do* Ing tha work callid for haraln, to* fathar with , o w r refrr»nr* If henby mad. (or a de. acr Iptlon n( thn aaacaimnnt dlitrlet, ·"'Illiat fifty percent (W*) of the, Incidental aipentea for aald Improra- ment and fitly per cent (50%) of tha coil n( UK conatructlon of th« Noee: Councllmen: NONE Abient: Councllmen: AIIERN. "AROARKT U HEARTWKLL (SEAL) city Clerk Pub. May 30. 31, J957 (3t)-- L.B.I. NOTICB I N V I T I N G B I D I roit THB IMPROVEMENT or ALLEY RA8T OF KA81IION AVENUKllKTWEBN BUKNKTT STREET AND TWENTY-FIFTH BTHKET IN TUB CITY LONQ BEACH. NOTICE IB HEREBY OIVEN that nurauant to Blatuta and to Ra.olu- ·If" No, C-1.M7, Meaolutliini of Ihe -ity of Long Beach, III. Heaolutlun irderlng the work lierelnaftar men- ·loned, adopted on the 14th day of May, 1957. Hi* Clly Council of aalil City Invitee and will receive eealed nropoula or bid. at the office ol '· City Clerk. Room 101 of the U .'* u n t l 1 ,, . a o auction 3804 of Ih. and Illjh- waya Code, tha ownera of mora than City Council a written petition for aald nuiroremenl. and hare waived In- ·eatliatlon procedur. of tha "Special Aa*a«anwnl ln»-itlf.t|on, Limitation and Malorlty A'l of 1131" o clock A.M., on Tueaday, tha lllh day of June. H57 at which time aald hide will be publicly opened, eiamlned and declared by aald City Council, for tha following work, or mprovement, lo wit: ·'onilnictlnr Porlland cement con- ta aldewalk and gutter; paving th. roadway with Purtl.nrl cement con«rato ( Inchaa t* lieued In tha manner and form provided for In Hid 8treeta and Highway* Coda, bearing Intereit al lha rate cf ill per cent per annum, : repreaent each aeieiiment of Twenty-five Dollara 1126.00) or over, remaining, unpaid for thirty (30 daya after tha dat* of the warrant Raid aerial bond, ilull eitrncl over a parlod ending nine year, from tha errand day of January nenl aucceedlne the ne«l October fifteenth following their dele. Sen, I. NotlM la hereby given thai on the J5th day of June, U»7, al th. hour of 10:30 o'clock A.M., al th* Council Chamber In th* City Hall, any and all. nereona having objection! to aald propoaed Improvement, may appear before a.ld City Council and ahaw cauaa In lha man ner prescribed by the Blreete ant. Hlghwaya Code, why aald propoeetj Improvement ehould not b* carried out In i lutlon, Hec. T. Tha City Clerk ahall certify to the paiug. of thla raeoltillon and ahall cau» tha aama to ba iiuhlliheil twice In tha Lonr lieacli i outer ACCT, inure ' .11 aeeti HTI PEMONNKL, Enployraent probUm. _-_,..._._.,, KM ACCOUNTANT, dif an thli. 4JO ACCOUNTANT. Ilvy lad_la Jo. ACCOUNTANT, llnilt ItMl. MM 'JR ACCT, .Milt lop 911 CfMT E.TIHATOR. lame en ( r. iralnini, pnpnwli, on .nil, a/I tt III* bkird, .71 ' BCHEDULCR, a/a er reliM MO LEAD UAH am la fare. m.B . ».»« hr. , COST CI.K. e«' 110 OUAL. CONTROL. Irae. ».oo hr. · ACCTO CLK. add miih. U wk. t HAN FRI., lo VP, «/H . 171 1 ENQINRB rliht h.nd, «/H. S75 TRAFFIC, manltimi.t edue 3W IBM TAB, aieti bkcrd *-l. 480 RETAIL lumber Hit. . 400 KARDEX, llMk e»nlr.l, typ. 100 TRAINEE, boekketplni I. Ill TTPIIT--O».r.l .III.. i| 100 IALEK. Duplkaieri, V.rnen A laata Ana __ JM* IALEI, Rolltl. Coatpreiiori Op. ·ALEI, aeetff knowl^i*, 100 + ORDER CLERK--lllll . 11 IALK..IERVICE, Wlldlai equip _....._ . _.. , 400 H LAB TRNEE, llmpl. .Mini 11 LAB ANALTIT, iWf Ih I.lit H. E., Cenplan -- . tM ' .TOCK CHECKER II \ BUTEn TRAINEE, Comploa 141 , AI'T .HOP 70RK11AN, P.iamounl ,_ . nn ' PREC iheet m.t.1 iBipicter 1.11 'EXPEDITOR A .CHED'R i.oo-, INKPECTOR--(I..I 1.00 + PROD CONTROL, top Jot , A PRKC INSPECT--eloee leler- · ne. muh p.rli. .le. AM'I.T HA1NT lint, eeiiie w.ldlni ...,,_...,,...__.», 1.71 ARO WELDER, LyawMd., J.» "A" OPRB, turret litbe, ... line l.thl, h.nd prnflllni, AMEUB, a/a milt mini. 1.39 ; AK*1HT to Ihop lupt, CwntwtwriM'MaiispIt 37MII Weilir., g FttM. Ti L PARK re 1-4443 f-A AUTO--8AVB Uoolhly pymll. oxy^.r-'"*- *"-·-'·'" ,4-4IW o« f · nnt r» ve.. bv .put. 3374 AllaeAle ^ ^ Ptnonalt LoNu lit;*, .HI V rtMa anca^Qroup 1 1 _ N O BKACH WU*IA. ..CZ: ttio.u f r o m Travel Pulley aftir p«rlnf_ prvrnluoi. fur ·nly 10 rnonlhl. Thli liber.) In- ·uriae. policy li offirwl Inde. Independent, a dally naw.paper clr- culat.d In Hid City and hereby and be ··* ·' thlcknoia and grmdlnf In """^'LLET ··-' ir 'aahjon Avenue between Burnelt street and Twenty-ruth Street., eieeptlng iarel..bove deeci All r any i :rlbed 11 of th* work - -Iready done. of 4 lha work aforaaald ihall ly-flv. (125.00) or O v«r. re. .. ___ ._ Peacrlpllon of Work T* of tha apaclflcallona, A lump .urn Hie. Hid will b. taken , fnr the r ... , N Beach Publlo Library. Dana n'ranch" ·- In u-foirtince with Plana A Spaclfl. · ' catloni No. R-2««3 and lump aum ., Alternat* Rid. will be taken lor Ihe .mount. In dnllara. Ilia bidder li \\ willing In deduct from or add to ., till Baa* Bid for Ih* work tha City may rhonaa tn emit or add under , '. v .pir. Of tha Alternate llldi. V The City reaerve. Uia. right to · .ward a alngle Cnnlract fur tha compute cnnatrucllnn ot Ixing Beach Publlo Library. Dana Drench. In · accordance with ihe Haae Hid or In · · acoordanca wllh Iba HIM Hid wllh a rombinallon of any or all of the ;' ' Altern.1. nida diducted from or ' added tn th. Baaa Bid. , ; Th. City Uanager reierr*. th. Mint, a| any li(. of ih**a pro. ·caedlnft, to reject all blda and t .,,.. .,,,,, ... eedlnr th* neit October fifteenth f"' r Council of ta don. ^n accordance ~w|th'~and'7o the llnea and gradea ahown on ·Plane A Speclflcallona No. R-J«Jo for the Improvement of Alley tut of raahlon Avenue between M'eet and'Twenty-rifth Blreei, m th* Clly of Long Deach, California", on file In the office of tha Clly Engineer. Said plan* and apaclflca- ilni,. ire hereby referred lo for a full ami delallad deacrlpllon of Hid [irapoaml work, or Improvement, an. for the dencrlpllnn uf Ih. grade to which tha woik la to ba dona, im "· tnult a part hereof, tha *ame aa though fully aet forth herein Cople. of i.fd Plana A Speclflca- lion. No. R-M70 may h* obtained at aald offlc* of th* City Cnglnear, Ko«m 603, Clly Hall., ' Beferenc* la hereby mad* to Reao- ullon_No. C-1I349, adopted by deilgnated for that purpoH, ahill eauaa thia rewilutlon l poited In three (3) coniplcuoue place. In uld Clly and II ah.l thereupon take ef'eat. The city Clerk eb.ll aleo cauia lo b* mailed, notlcea of lha adoption of thla reio- lutlon of. Intention In th. time, form and manlier and to the permm dralgnated, all .. provided by aald "Improvement Art of nil." 1 hereby certify that the for*. waa adopted by tha . _ _. the city of Lon| Jeach. at Ha meeting ot Hay 14, 1»S7, by tha fallowing vnte: Ayaa: Cnuncllmen: RRE8B. DKSMOND.KRALRR, ."' ,,. , .,,, WICK.OARR1SON. .' BAKER.BPONQBEnO, ' - VEHMItUON. Noea: Councllmen: NONB. i Abeentr Councilman' AHERV. MAROARBT U HEARTWELL, fSEAL) Clly Clerk Pub. May 20. SI, 1«!7 fit)--L.H.I. nend.nt, md.r. Tor only S6« . month f^ovtr. 23 .Inn. of P.y. up lo 13*10 for ho.|iltil mom .nil U«H to |4«0 In ill..bllltr benefit!. · "" ' .1 .«ir.i. .ppllc.llon tip to Jill fnr ho.plUI ·'..It MB S-1H1 ler .PI · · Ml W. COMPTON BLVD., COMPTON , ;]· NCrado 6-3372 -- NEwmark 5-8038 ' ' 8731 E. FIRESTONE BLVD., DOWNEY, CALIF. '/I black wast ol Lakewood -- TOpai 1-8231 ; ; -V .ALOO; Privala, elub (or div«r«M or *ld «w*d. Combinitlun 4xie,«lr-ad Ju-irinnt. onn T d*T», MXHI till tn.dn.Khli Fr*« P*n*t fr ptMp.« having marital d|((ieultlt« 31B3 Am«ric-.n AM, HK B-HJ8S. PUBUC * "·"- "' ' - · THB "wlflflOU Ar* YOU » BMtiarr 4WtalUiil« and rvcrvki* yoir III l**rn CorrtetlTvi Thmlilni HK 3-43!)'l 10 Id 12 » ra, PL g-OflSH Any Tim* kT UE TEACH YOU ·· tvaryon* will want to b« pirtntr BU prtviU Itiiofl !:,Jfc; CAHTtJ... tin XUPLOYMKNT AfJKHCT · " J)'orrn*rly known 4* BARNHILL pll American a\ f.T4 Jr. Dtmt\tmma, I yr. tip (Jp · UttHimmn, d«f,, arch., tlruet. A piaitjti. ,, _18 |3.TA h Kl\tt., I'ltfoliMm Unt«l"" ...Mi HflHarel) Mvilop? timii ifudy ITi Outild* ul« fc __._|«S Omnm'l A|-tl»t'apprfnir.»Z.Zl6lH IntuIattnM, bollwrtnkli.ri, tool tni.t*r» .....|2t,OB it ah»t m«ta| . Many (Mjitr Poaltlnna _O[*n SIERRA' "WE Buy"RiH6d, DIAMONDS ALL SIZES IIP flH, Boon 111. HB T-Mal T/N--UEARN TO r DAjlci II tfK Now i tturaoM. *, .vealn... Aduili or tevm. call t . Irene O.IM. Iturl*. 11 I hurt by wrtl rolnp KBoliitlan i City Council of ASTROLOGY" N.UI ^·^. | *.;^'"H"' Jlnai -ioM E. tot EUPI/irilCNT XQKNcr BOS I Kieullr I^h«woo4 ·«»· .KBUUltr adopt kftflt ot Uay " , UGtcRlt 3-II4T N£« ·-pRfllilN FNQR, M.r., U/54 'IlHTIMAToll, ItW :upt. It* 1 PHOpUCT. ENoft., K»p, l« MR. bHA.TaMAN, U.ri. , t ' . y T K R . C h a m . £.1 , , . . . . BUTKB.OIiem. Eip. ,,._lo JB Ai'l^T, J Yn. ijoll. .!_.. JR. W8T ACiTT.. Lot.I , AIXJNKT All ...I * (.1th. Writ. B«.rly floclal Club 1(11* Clark, BiMriower. Calif. TO 7-3IIB. " " ftVfelUI Writ* It porlraili »rtlit llmit*M tltlli T*l* t - BtM If-j VATCH1CK MiMftlr cUi tlm*d. lit. OuaranlM4 1 v»r JOE ROBINS IT mtrl«*n MADAM ROMA -- SPECIAL P.lm. Cert, r " J l l E . i e . i M e . AXCOHOUCa ANONYMQUH «-ll w**ti dayt, 8 ·.·, ta fl h.». IM, B lAttt 8t HB l-ftlH SB? Announctnwiits 00 return all ·Hid bid*. depcalta MConipanylnt Dated at Long Beach, California, (hi. JOtb. (lay of UAY, 1K67. M. K. ViCKKHS ' · Clt" Manager I"UB. May ». l»t'! (ID--L.B.I. · MMOLUTION NO. C-1MM I*--, ' A RKBOI.OTION OF INTKN. h, TION TO IMPROVE THE AL. .(' ' 'I-EYS IN HLOCKft KAST Or * v ' ' r A L I F O B N I A AVKNUK BE. ,' TWKBN B U R I. J N Ull A L 1^ . ' " l l R I V K A N D A N b l t K W H »". niUVK, IN TUB CITY OK ;.-:«·· I ; LONG BEACH. CALltXlllNlA, ,"· The City Council of Hi. Clly of ' Lnnc Beai-h reaolvei a. (ollowa: ,, Section 1. That tlie Clly Councl ',·... Intend, lo order the Improvement ol H' ALL ALLEYS In block eaat ot Call' fnrnla Avenue, beiween DurllnKhall . , Drlv. and Anilrawa Drive, by pavlni , tn. roadway wllh Portland camenl \! rnnerela 1 Inehea In Ihlckn.ii; oon- / atnietlni (aa Mrvlca literal, of , wrouihi ilMl pip*; dolni all necea- , · eary f ndlnr. and any oilier relaled ,.· work raqulred. eirepllni any of tha Improvement heralnabova deKilbad ajr««ly Completed. 8*e. 1. That tha aforaaald li... . ttr*v*ment riiall b* performed In ae- eordanc* with plane, protllea, da- · tolled drawlnila and apeeltlcatlona i No, X-MM, whkh documeota ar. on v III* In th* ulllce cf |h* Cltr En- ·· fineir, and reference la hereby made ;·· to aald document, top . dei.lled »'\ deKrlpllon of aald Improvement and , !' for lha dMcrlptlon of the to ', ! which tha Iniprovameni la to b* ,. inacle. · 8rc. J. 'That aald rontemplaled Improvement le r( mure linn local or ordinary public benefit, and aald City Council hereby delermlnaa and · declarea that tha dlitrlet lo be bene- filed thereby and lo ba aaaaaaed lo Ihe coal* and eipenaaa Ihereof wwn on Map No. 434 on file In th* offlca of tha City Clerk. In which nfarena* la hereby mala for a de* following their d.t.. Sec. «, Notice la hereby given that on tha Jilh day of June, us?, al !ha hour of 10:30 o'clock al ha Council Chamber In th. fcily 'I'll. *ny and all peraon. having objection, to laid propoaed Im- irovement, may appear before aald 'lly Council and .how caua. In the manner prescribed by the Htreeta ami Hlghwaya Coda why aald pro- Haed Improvemfrit .hould not b. carried out In accordanc* wllh thla reeolutlnn. , Hec. 7. Tha City Clerk ahall eer- lly lo Ih. p*M*ga or thli reaoluilon and ahall cauM lha aama to b* Beach 19. *dopta th. city publl.heil twice In Ihe Lone; Independent, a dally naw.uaner circulated In aald City aril lienuy deiliiiated fur that purpoaa. and ehall HUM thli iraolullon to b* .- - -- Jon to be polled In three. W eon.plcuoui plaoa In aald Ctty and It ah.l thereupon l.k* effect. Tli* Clt Clerk .hall alao uu*a to l» malletj . . -- ..... - ...... City of Long Hr«ih, on tha 1.1th day of February, HIT, declaring Ita Intention lo order ·*'? . work to don *' . ' acrlptlon of Ih. work or Improv. meni, and lha .«ment dl.trlct, , , .nd for further particular., which Raaolutlon of Intention la on fll'i In the office of the City Clerk o( aald City of Long B«ach' Said City Council haa determined and declared that aerial bonda ahall laaued to represent each aew.*- notice, uf the adoption gf Ihla re ullon of Intention In -the time form and manner and to tha peraon. deelgnaled, all a. provided by H lc "Improvement Act'of 1«11."' I hereby certify that th. fora- pay the la ahowi acrlptlon of tba i niment dlatrlrt. ud th.t fifty par cant (M* rf tha Ineldantal axmuuae fnr aald Improv BMKt ahall ba paid hy th. City. , *«, 4. Hotic* I. · - -- - ' - (olnr reiulutlnn waa adopled hy Ihe City Counrll of III. Clly nf LonK Heach. at Ita meetlni of May 14, 1967, by Ih. following vole: Aye.; rriuncllineni nKKNK, -' DB8MOND,KKALKR, vH. " . 1 WirK.(lAHRIHON, '"'K' . '..'.: BAKKH.Bl'ONaBKnO. ''.' VKHH1I.LION. '." No*.! Counclln»ni NONE, , Abaenli Councllmen: AIIERN, · M A H U A R E T L, HKAMTWELL ' I8EAL) City Clerk Pub. May SO. Jt, IHt (3D--L.B.I. tnent of twa.Uyflva (29) dollara or iv.r remalnlnc unpaid for Ihlrly daya aller lha dale .f th* warranl, for lha coala and eipanaea of aalrl work or Improvement aa provldec n laid Reaulullon ol, Intention. Tha proceedlnia fop Ih* aforaaald work, 01- Improvement, ahall ba had and liken under and In accordance wllh that portlin of the and Illhwaya Coda of lha Btal. of Call, fortila. known and d..lan.ted tm the I Punuani Ai. Act of ... . u , p » rt _, J . Cttapler 1 RESOLUTION NO. C-1M41 A 11KSOLUTION dr 1NTEN- TION TO IMPROVE THB AL* l.ETB IM BLOCK EAST Or ORHOON AVBNUH, BETWEKN TWENTY-WirrH STREET AND WILLOW 8TREBTI AKD EAST- 1 WEST ALLEY IN BLOCK EAST OP OOLDEN AVENUE^ BB. TWEEN T W B H T T - « 1 * T H , BTREET AND W I L L O W "BTREST, IN TIIB CITY Or LONG BKACH, CAUFORNIA. Th. City Council of th* City of Lonr »wh rwolve. *i follow.I gectlun 1. Tliel th* City Council nleiiu. lo order th* Improvement ol tlw ALLEYS In block eaat of Orpin Avenue, ,belw«n Twenty-flfth :trret and e. e Willow Street et i eaai enty-fl and 1 el . of Golden rait ALLRY In block Avenue between Twenty-fifth f)tre.t and Willow Street, by coniKructlni water aervlea lateral* of % Inch and Ineti copper pipe; gaa a*rvle« lat erili of wnmitht »le*r pipe; con atructlna; Portl itht land cemet.t concrete . elriewalk] I Inch croaa rilteri pav* ng tha roadway with Pirtland cement concrete 5 Inchea Ir thlcknaaaj lolng all neraaaary grading and any -- · »- · · fc «, WUMUt.r 1| v i l . nf Municipal Code of tha City of Lonr Beach, tha City Council, hy Hraolullun No. c-laOtM, hai and determined the reneral pr.valllnr rate of per diem wire* and overtime wire, for each rratt or typ. of l.borar. workman nr mechanln required In tha performance of public work, A *opy of ..Id ReMlutlun 1. on fll. In the office of ihe City Knrlneer, Bald ob claiairicatlona and n.m-ral pra- valllnr rale of par diem warea and nvrrlline ware. .r. Incorporated leraln by ref.renr* thereto with Ike force ahd effect a. If axprftflaly .at · forth herein. Any contract awarded hereunder ahall provide hat tha Contractor muit comply with th. rmeral prevailing rale of per diem warea and overtime warea aa aperlMad In eald Reaoluilon, Blddera mu.l in* wllh aach pro- POMI or bid i check par'ble to tha order of tha City of Lonr Baach. certified by a reiponilbli bank, for an amount whleh .hall be not leaa than ten (10) per cent of tb. argre. r«te of thei propoacl. er a corporate .uraty bond In favor of tha City In aald amount. Mid aatlifactory to the Clly Knflnaar, or a bond for aald amount and BO payable, ilrned by tha bidder and by two ij) auntie, who ahall_ Juat|[y,_ befor* any o(fl In doi , and above tU iwlutory ei-iinpllon Bid* muit b* aubmltted provided therefor, furnl.hed by tha upon " " " INDEPENDENT . ' . PRESS-TELEGRAM : "i. ,, CLASSIFIED'.ADVERTISING; DEPARTMENT I :'·.. -PHONE ''·'''·:,:··', K-HEmlock': ·; 2-5959 #· i*;"f ' . - · * · ' ' t ;r. ;. CLASSIFIED i'-'* · ',' ' .. ... · . ·''· · f:;\. ····'DEADLINE O;/:. ; /""'.^ For Sunday Adi -·'· '·%'· FRIDAY SP,M. v; i'^TTO SAVE YOU TIME" · f f - ' , THERE A R E ,.:' f " BOX-REPLIES r t ?.'· At Th. lnd*p*nd*)nl, Pr.ti- , Telegram olllc* lor Ih* lol- · lowing box.*: . B' B-2M ' '·rtonort I-4«M 11 HKCTY fl/H-Type -.-_-. CIJilMtl Jl.K.. K«p. ...^2, 'ilOjfEVV UlicH",'iVpl" IF MAKKR, «;ii.. ....... ,,.. AB, Wlr. 402-OT 137' - r. , M-ul»n, a V r . K « p ....... . .. |4 NEW JOB LlaTlNQ. DAILY ·i; Medical Bureau i DEPARTMENT OF C«rtlflwt aervle. 1 , Mi k Bdwy. Ball. KU HE »·«« ' Nil* X-r.y lech, rei _____ lo |60 tech, ear Me. WHU - , . WHU - penl.l lull, «ip ....... _ ______ 101 X-r.v teen.. Ml or not _ 100 up M.lnl. men, holler exp. ____ MX m.n. bavlU refl.f . !·! eld. J.nllor, ·P. ptl.l «-«TM 3IM .IP _.. 2I» FLYTREE ~ , ^ ~ Cola Porter s Can-Con Evening Tour $27,50 INCLUDE* I--IS TO d P K N U ' « ' i-- BUr-JET UINNKR ( , »-- BOTTLK ORAMPAriNB ) «-- FOUR CHANCK8 TO WIN i IMMO HOLK-IN-ONB O--I.IMO. Rl:HVICf; [N VEOA8 I -- 8HOW HF^flEHVATION 1-- KRKS AIR TRANIP. Znl.rt.lnntent. dinrltir MM d.w., iwlPimlna-, aliht limfM loir, . . Douglas DC-3 DAILY n.tOHTf " Long Bewch Burbank DBPART » pm. HBTURN t ..m, AIiDITroMAL rUQHTl FRt A RAT, 3 p.m. A I p.m. . nil. 1 a.m. '· HARBOR EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 111 W. OCEAN HH l-llll '·-,. .El OUR 110NDAT AD - LAKEWOOD 4U) NIHM i W«JF. Hi. » I A Nur .k«wood * ('ira . la L*MwiM*i( Vll)a«. ;,,CALDWELL MB 1-1411 OFFICB A l T : Internal Audjlur. tr.v.l h |f Aeet., llvy. Induil. t^oit Hr. Aect..'.en. l.dir.l eo O.n. Ae.t.^ .ut. ehltf _.'_ "' P«y. lo v. 1'r*.., tit 33 ,, ( j Piyroll Clk, pitr. eirrl.r '^ Ord.r rik'.V"lo T i3,"typ.7 , fn.ln. CulLrlor, lo ^T. It : Invinlory elk., to 40 , , Ntiv ··"li BUppll WE 1. Salary ol «,2flO-f-com 2. Local ial.1 training · additional lalei trnlnln at our national i a 1 · training Inilllul* 3. Employ.* hon.llli me a. pcnonal and h.all Iniurani:*), r.llr.m.nt pla and good working con dillonn. 4. Moil Important, n ehanc . lor financial IUCT.II an lo up*r Tltory and manag.rntn poililoni, OUAUnCA,TIOt/S: " Be .mbltl.ui ant betwi«n Ih ill* «f 33 ihd it. with I veer lYni"""' "' ""'"* " "' *e.uv. winl to w.ik "lit iB...|inu" Ple.i. * . 1 1 durlac hiulni, hour, for, Kv.nln .ppolnlmi.ti m.y he irrenied fnr th«M who find u Imionibl HR .-4)111, aik fir Mr AdimeiMi Remington Ranc S.ONE'y of our ha. mad* $10,000; THIS MONTH Hut minr «r Mir tlnecr* ·»»·..., iBitirn*n d* 9*n t high «t ll.* A.W P«r Tbii prtthlaahU «»r**r (.in b* youn If ytut tM tr* ^ift'isr."^ 11 "" DUKE VERMILYEA GRAHAM FORD I.VOO ttb.wfiM Blvd i , ! Ajrf.» Grinder ~!.Oo«n1 V'njm^t.^d,f. v Mph.iU MJ»ri*M i»«h, rubb* .ft.., ·(· aptn, nit. ^JjSf.* Hllei. f t . elHIroiill Mird. ITM . H.l.»m.ri. t. 60, A/C -, I P4.UU _.. 1900 ., *.l..m.n. to 41), 1 yr. rel 1 .. , ear til , Count.r 'uinT^uiw'"^^!! t- eip. ,.. til Itii. Bl.. Allind , local .' Plpl Lln."ln.ul.t.r,"hvy. '' ·*?· . . . . . $3 US _ATM_W.I,l.r,J.yout. 4VT_Jj.3J_ .DICK JONES KMI'UITUKNT AOBNCT 11411 -uni B.uh Blvd., Lyawood NH l-110o A.e|it TriTII. 14|r. ,|J*n K.S..?!!:!"^^' 51 ' M.let./ll.thln. _ )ON7 MISS THIS irlunlty for * ularr Cftr « t r h Df/*.l ·Hlir1t)r. f « t t 4\4- V*UlC«m«Bt A lUHintv«d (MH.UM41, PLUS . · - . . «m y WMR full of varlttr Uo4 irvminc Intunnc *- V4c*,n 0 n b » n « f l l i , UaMI*U*I M tlr«tfi«iu. A|. r*i}uir«m«nl 21 t la tr ytnir pr«*«iit Job ·.«·· net off 4i thu »r yog tt* untmpiorH Ulk in ui Intirvi.wi *Iu b4 h*ld UoivUr ·»*ain|. UAV 3i» 6 tt^T p.m. At 4li Am*rU-li Avt. FT jV A NCB f*Q R P. | , 1174 11 Tff* _ ilOO . ...... ...... _ ................... l..b. An.lyit, Buyer-trim.. ....... ......... ^. A r e W . M e r . Lvnwooil .. . .. . $j,75 -SERVICED .ASSOCIATES ; Auto Salesman IUNBEAH -- IIILLUAN .n4 U.EI) CAM. W. don't promlM f..l.itll I. ·ome, but do My, . rn.n WM will woik ««n e.rn 1110 ta I2( per wk. am.ll ..!«· forr. with (ro«lni rompily Weekly dr.w. m"«T BK DONOABI.R -' APPLY MR. MCKNIGHT , » TO II ONLY DALE BROWN MOTORS 7440 A M E R I C A N YOUNG MEN Mail ronm m»a»*nttrit " . Trpirn hM-MMrx. Jf y.ttmlhrtr for codKlrc THE KAYNAR CO. Under Cl who do., not drink ar ·mod. Unit b.v. nfl. l»o p.r rno. Room A i toil m..|. p,r ol birth. Writ! r. Bo« dmr. oi» dite fully. Give phone b-MII, Irrf.n LONO BEACH o lit W. (X..n Hull. fi02 'roKHANCK Qf _*M Cr«»en. AV.. II K I. MM fifE "Medical Bureau DEPARTMENT OF r.rllflu r.reonn.i K.rtlf. Afitwv IM K. Bdwy, lull, to* HE l.alll Nit. X-R.r T»h. Rlf, ISItO l^n Terli. c.r riei. 1400 X-H.y Teeh, It... or niH IJOiI up lllnl. U.rt, butler llu. ..^... «*tS lit Aldv Mm. Mill I AflRMCY 414 Kr.o Hldl. A 1IR I-U2. 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H ra ii-16 HUB 11-10 DAILT U 1 No ajffta. atla Hil l*$fft jfiTi IJ44H "AfLANTIU AQK. C( I E 4th Rttt Horrwt, SanitariniM 20 MTPHQ8I1 o.liy. 1»H Cb.rry. lie 4-TII4. OVKHWEiailT . Arthrltli. A.llimi Krel Info. 24* B BJwy IIR 6m Uttond OH'fv-Iiay 1 . Bulwv. g Wlteli wltb s im.ll Vl«. U.y Co. am af bu«o»nd^Hewird, ItB a-4H7._ o»T-- Brown b l i l r o M w I U i A r l h u r Alan Mlllir limrlbed. If found eell^llrl a-iBil, '~ FOF Xlnl. CARK Uo4, 1 ttofy RKD * AHBUU^TOHY. pfcia UB. T7^ Ch^lnut HH a-MT MB 3- NlirtSEB r«r. 34 hoUn. Mocthlr rtiiM OH H/t m«nib.rihip. Th« Bailwf Horn., lolft N. Hn*dway. junta AM. Klmbtrly a«aau. AfiVANfuTalfEtiT iioim~" Compltl* t*,r* Cur *t»d, Wt |nvl|* four IniMctiou, 6w!T AtUnlt Av*. OA 2-itTyJ Prep School * .rut. 22 TV HTUUlOd NKEU tr«L.._ ·% wonici, Hl-^, mar* tiiaB 7fi ·- ptMlllunt Ik **th itudlo. T»p · w*4ikl)r pay. Trktlnlnf ntxp«nilv« . tfMt DO( InUrfvr* In pt*Mnt wurh 100% VtlEE piac«nivnt Mrrt**. AnnouiHlH|C, Mriat I'rl, t»m«r»- ntaan, wrlttf., wan) rob* |lrlt PIUIM librarlRHf A manr vlntra- For t«r.un*l Inttrvltw «t to your a)iialUi*atlont for trtlnlnc . phon« fc A-IT ir,, , live California Needs Peace Officers ' .-See Ad v -f Today's Sports Pg. BOARD, ru. A .n for eld.rly l.dy In iirlv. bome, TV. L». ' ; por«h. 7.mlly etmoeph.rv. L.OVINU r»r» wllli rwora * bo«rd tot ·Mtrljr lad It* In nlc» r e w . r i , m . n i i . M.lh.r bund. I. R.. w.rd. HB T-t»lT. _ ompetent to admlnlater an oath, uble tha aald amount and over T-4tlOO|^T- Funeral KNotlen HqXWonTH -- ZU* Calh.rlM, ol 106. H. Bnwlo.y, BervlMi Man' day 10 a.m.. .1 MOTTELL r a * · riEK CHAPEL, TI11IUJ AND ALAMTTOa. "" HUNT--Oovulda Jin. of I « I 6 Raymond, aim.I inn. 8urv|v»d or / tail. *, Byrl Co., 1'. H.rvey t ; Cok, Cheeter Wlnibrlght: .lent \ .ttblnn ^. arindchlldrin.- SarvliM and in- i Bulfila. Kiaaai. MOT- ii TKLL'B A PICK DIlUtCToRA · IN CHAROE Of LOCAL A«- (Jil.,1 l(ag» U.. Ml K. lit. *tmlvedbr alw.. bri. Kr. , wla Br.nd. Torraoee. iallf, :»lr«. ,- Lewli Wllker, kin raeioi r nepoew, owrc. Lynch, L, B. ,· e.rvl»M Uoddar, 1 :w p.n., with f , R.», William L. Collln " ' ·"-- A PEEK MOTTEU/. ~" THIKD AND. ALA. n form. whleh will lie City Engineer application. Tn. City Engineer ihall m Ih. time for tna comineneemenl ot con- ilruction at not mora than ten 110) daya Irnrn Iba rial, of .aecutlon »f Ihe ronlrati by ibe Clly Bnilneer and for the completion of iuf h work to tha tha compl aatlafactlo lon of lha City Kn- «!"·»' *«Mii alilT («0) dava frnm ·Id date tt eiaeutlon, K the City Oounm ol |h. Clly nf Lons Be«h rr4era my work Incidental to tha -- , _ , _ _ . . . .. . t tta a»« : KLUMP--Fred.'~*f~ 1)1 Oillfornla Av.. BervlcM Mond.y :NI p.m.. ».at MoTTKi.t.'ri *; VKBK Co- ·"- fc ( "!, 1 *. L .!'u'.?S*I; "SMS.'»l'i BervlM UOBd.y. 2 p m . , it PAT. , TERP.ON *· 8NIVELY CHAPEL. ..( JMJUM..I, with Rtubea 1. Aa- PHARI8--Mri. Emily flui.B, ... M. of JHl S.JI4r4 »l, aurvtvld LO'T--Tea w.U.1, Ounllliu «rv- Irtmftn'i I.D, at pefMinnl onl.r.. Vl«. 12110 K. H m . d w v . I I H u-xcct -lioy'. lo.t vicinity of Bnr«h.m H«hooli brown rlmrnvxi. Bt. Urjrn.llu A Ph. riA 6-4911. ·AHIIE r.w.rd--LMI fern.I. hu.hua bl.ek. whit. er«t«. *o cb«H. TO 7- ji'l"Hjn.i'.' I1B »-«e47T [H UY horn.. lovln« '«.n. Kldtrlt mea or tvom.B, Vifi3 kl.ple, TO 1-41111, or Bo« ii, HHIfluw.t, Blibv Ph. ·urrotamllniri. oaaa Pnv. a ..mi.BM LOflT--Bluv p*r.k**t, Aniweri~ "pntly Boy." Vl«. Ilh * K dondo. R.w.rtt. HFJ b-SRfi3. RRWAHD 130. blu. parakeet. .,- c»lar. HB a-83Q7. miy lllh JND--B«. . R. loth "HOWARD BUTLER" p* School ol Real Estate ' ' BAIIIn 1NPORUATION A fund! . m.ntell tiiifht wv ait etpirl.neMl ' In.tructor A .etive iieltor. Prr . ttc.l. KAHY TO LEARM null) . Jihi w.lllni. KNHOLI, NOW -- HM.U1 II MurM KRRF: until 11... i. fiu -' UA ' - ·WANTEtT UBTAL _,,.. ... --4 DOOilS TOP FA T TO T-43M TKhTIUKb .r.. 4 i,.l,. rc w .,j,,.; ere ilnl, billiri, .lumlnum * .1. nl... .(Ml, muM have ^laVnd" 1 .: *--'-*-* °°- "" - -her top m.n with minimum at » yr. ..uir. I. pirn... e,"t ".Id or (In. molil ilnklat, roil. Mlii.^nU *-23l7| Kit*., Tppal fl-430?. HAN be[w AN H. wMrTlt A fa to~*orfln rbor .r... Plumblnii eupply A ..Iv.R. y.rd. Mu.t know plumb- In luppll... Apply 1111) N. OX- fev HI.. «.n p.ldro, _, ' ful tlm«. U ar older MU.I be . .« . Red. mn.r.l ., Bocomaj a Practical Nun* EARN J8 TO {IS DAY Whll. tr.lnlni-. N* hllh nhool dlplotn. rwiulrad. i,;, Mr.. E. Gaylord, U.K. U.vUM fehixM .( H1« AII.K'. 1 "' ""'""A «.»M4 Itud.nli A fndllllll .v.lllQl for no 111. WII.I. t«k. elderly cintlei OANDKN ef LEBANON ««nll.rlum I Mil l,«wd. PowMy. TO H-OI1I. ' mllo. Bay, Alt, T p.m. . -»J«e Church Nottew U BFlmTUAL READER^ OA T-JSJ4 lin - ClreUe Wed, A Ave. n, T |3Q p.m. hyp School Inif. - 22 ,./ LOSALAMITOS_^ 55 '' SANITARIUM · · ·LOIRLT. PATIIJNTH rat) A nta ICEN . . bv huiband, FTMI l XAlCrUUa." IJ4Y'".^;.' MOTTILL'* urns* 1 LICEN8KU BV IITAT o« lib. HB t-ajia op.* an*. ^ _ ^Hartl. IMT.Atlantic,. ..^ ANALETTE «' Mitapoyilti. 8l»n, Halt Qlewi A M.iitt., HE 3.TT11 MA8.AOC A rpEoR.,.,. »pr. 4)40 B, 8rd. HBt-l*!» Prtf» School «. Inif. 22 WE8T COASm fereraoel SCHOOL for ELECTRONICI Tnlnlni ID. emdM TV. Approve for viterapa. For.dei.tla ptiaVie HB o-»140. It women ..m lift --J. e.lh A meet wrip N 11011 L. B. Blvd.. Lyrrweod '' PRACTICAL NURSES ' ThiMiPondi n«*rt*d (· fill EARN $8415 PER UAI I^arn while eirriltiR. pree Info NUHHF8 T R A I N I N O IN«TITUT8 IIB_«.oltls_or_e.n " "HEAL ESTATE" , . 14l*r «I.|M. now rnrnil... FREE TUITION ... .BTACT1VS REALTOR , C.II now for .ppelatmiat* IDE HODGE, R«ollor OA »-T»l4 1411 Boulh HE «.||]1 . _wim_*tetlili, _ . TKUCK UKlVRlt wllh 1-lon Iru.k to low h«uie trailer In Wwt.n* ·l.t... r)te«dy w.rk. 1JM W. llth HI., Lorn B«l«o, rVKI.HEH-- ahop *j (Uld. :.rl|l|i4 w.M.r pnl.rrm. Apply PU« W.M- , Im Hervlee, ITOf t I).nol. Wllm Injton. _ I _ ^ flurf A Conv. No Al. Unll, _ _ tli A NURDIt IlMplUlf, Kip, AU Area*, a.h HItA/rM eulty Iho NURDCI KNT AOENRT IKieulty Ihop., ...I of Vl.y Co.) B0ft4 K.eulty _ I^keweod r.nt.r PATTKRN MATJKlt~Jt5UBriBT; MAN. M.lT mil. Miu.rn. Tea benefit! pratrem. llnl.4 **.! BURNDI Hill Biillnnri Lyriweod T5CT)o~"IlAH f*r~!SS -- btiJJe will Ir.ln _ HIUI type -- llti -- II. IW la 30 d.yi |]M lattg Bueh Kmplnvment Aien^v l i e Pin. Hull. Jjo HB ~ fDEGLEY;? K HE 4-9751:' ** f "* ·*·*·!· Prwptrfltl · X W* Jell Ke.l "if4i« , l I;. W* W.aa 1 ). '':*'" REALTY CO. - tOO AirwricOT A**. . Gro, Caahiera-Slock Men - Hlin-t p.fd*'(fild''iJ lo. cillf. Our mkl. Bttr, will trala you. Earoll today A-rtoubl. your pay. O.y-nlt. d.iHi. n,K lirrai. Uoor. riihl.. 1411 E. Tlh, HB D-SII1 HH T-Oail _ .-- AL^KgTATll Grade or High School · AT HOMR tnplomi, win. COLUMBIA IC1IOOL Oiialllled Berewnel. Pit. 3-TX1. 10-J f«r .pp4. To n.i. IMOT l«h.w,«.l Blvd. , _ FRY f~ . HH «-»o4t, Mr. ~ ~ -- lt:)» UWINN'a Kmployn lie Elm, »«·« 10% Rmployralnt Afincy BOI.rClTOR--1.1 |T prof.ulon.l for rint.l prop. POM. lo fftOO mo. Olvi b.ek|rd., .ip., rtrit l.ll.r. B« T-4ft»0 Ir«t.-P .Y IL'KVIPH .Ullen .ll.nd.r,!.. or part tint. LO..I »p.rliM. neee.i«ry._lluoa. e. RoM«rin., REAL ESTATE dALEaUKN a*« daily, BI method leadi furatihed pert *r full tune. Hi 4-«4lf __ " needed, I..J81I. AcroilNTANT publl. Jr. *r eeml- einter, good pM.ntl.1, IjOr T-11M '.'min iv aeilil ·· I. mf M. ApMv · a.m. abar*. Ill BtJVINo A UToDArtr i.l.ime., Ph. for appl. HK .-tiM. l c l l wltb . r n . a B a payTTu- ture travel. A.k *e for temp, fa* whll. tr.ta. d.y *r .iitht r.r, Itw'd or lot, /rouqd fnbi HK II. Mill Allllm Btlioali. PiellU HAIKCLL TLTINO tEHVIO d.I. Approved for All Cauriee Nllivada 4-TTU. OA T-M1T, L.». Driving School lTt» Cl|g.TNUT ttK.UAN M" pre«, p.rl lint.. NK «-»21l». r)Al.£flUAN. full'.r~par|.tlnw. VI to 4H B«rNn Doo rf * VVIndow f^rMne. fVNvl rnmm. ME e-1040. ra» \ "people. '4 «~. wk., li tir. Ph. far apt. ally HK tlAB .eiai 2 people ?'-?!-'.TM"" 1 *- w* 1 i-.ft-.

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