Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 49
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 49

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 49
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P*g* C-4-rJNDEPENDENT ROBERT D. LEE WEARS GAUDIEST HALO By ROSS NEWHAN 1 f t StM wrmr PALM SPRLVGS--The gaudiest 1963 record on display in the 1964 Angel training camp is craned by Robert Dean Lee, no relit ton to Donald Edward Lee or Michael R. Lee. two other Gene Autry ranchhands. After bouncing from Billings to Savannah, from bullpen to starting role, Bob Lee took a 55-percent pay cut to 53,500 and recorded the following glittering statistics for BaUvia of the New York-Pennsyh'ania League: He woa 20 of 22 decisions, IS in a row. He pitched 19 complete games. He recorded an ERA of 1.70. He struck out 240 men in 1S5 innings, walking just 47. Beckoned by Pittsburgh to pitch a tradition-packed exhibition with Cleveland, he struck out 16 Indian*. The Angels enjoy reading such figures and thus they made Lee a conditional purchase, supplying Pittsburgh $23,000 if he proves his vahie this spring. Why would the Pirates let this 26-year-old prize slip away. Angel coach Salty Parker, a troubleshooter in the Pittsburgh organization last year, explains; THE /.Wit? PALMER METHOD SOUO US LEADS TO SOUD SWING Fcr Bwxtin/miwtrgVcIanet, you've" got to Bioinreln a firm boM rHrauj»S- cut. Al odtbm, Imojiri* that grcvfryil puIHaayevf fet« downward to A» ground. JTUJ Jownwuid pull 11 coup* MwiA ifi« upward pull of tfit lioni end area on Ihi becliwing. traw two cppcaTn; forcM cauM your lig ordbocic nx-iclel t o i t r t t c n . TS« mra itrtfcJi end coil en A« bode iwing, tft't crvotcr lfi« racotl on lfc» dowrawirn. And It Ii tUr*eoil *xrf lerri'ftitnuit remain firmly planted enttubockjwirgCwt 'l)fer tntboclc 'ond Its muictei to ea'l end irrttcK fully. Hit [eft ret I nay RDM ilighf- · ly, tut only enough to cJlow freedom ef movement going bode. Trie pressure In y e v r fill ihould remain on trie instep* until (fit folfow- thrcwghfi«t '2)«mtnifmov«toout- »TJe ffe left fc?t. H«Tf« rid ywj of golfing paeM Seii I0 era 1 I'omped, return envelope to ArrioTd foTiner, C/Q tKli rewipaper. * "Bob is an intense young man who believes in saying what's on his mind. He wasnt getting the opportunity to start at Asheville (1961) and he complained to the manager. Vay Hathaway. There was a personality conflict and Lee ended vp in the Pirates' doghouse. They cat his salary and shipped him to Batavia and. believe me. he showed some kind of courage coming back with the record he did. Most kids would have quit." A handsome, $-3. 225-pound graduate of BeEflower High, Lee has a confidence which matches his impressive size. "I was plenty bitter when they shipped me to Ba- Uria. I figured they were trying to freeze me out and make me quit of my own volition. *But I went for one reason. I wanted to start and compile a record so someone would notice me. Sure, that league's not much. The kids are only 20 years old. I was embarrassed every tcne I went to the mound. It was a funny feeling--knowing you have the stuff to pitch in the bigs but knowing five or six losses will put you out of basebaU." Lee was 15-2 when the Pirates brought him up to face the Indians. After the dazzling performance, Pittsburgh wanted to add Lee to their roster, but Bob voted nay. "When I was sent to Batavia I wrote Fred Haney a letter. I wanted to pitch in LA. and 1 wanted to pitch for a club with unlimited opportunity. I told the Pirates no because I knew there was a great chance td be drafted." Lee, signed originally for Hollywood by present Angels* scout Rosey Gilhousen, relies on a torrid fast ball which "I think I can throw for another five or six years. -v , -'. *My trouble with Pittsburgh developed because 1 was sitting on the sidelines watching them use bonus babies and inadequate starters. Now, however, it makes no difference if I start or relieve; in fact I think I'd be more effective as a short man in the buEpen, For four or five innings I can throw harder than any pitcher in the American League." So serious is Lee about making good his major league opportunity that fellow Angels have yet to see him smile. "Do you ever suppose that fellow will smile?" man : ager BQl Rigney asked of Jimmy Piersall. "When you tell him he's made the team he might snicker a little," replied Piersall. ANCEL ANCltl-~Trie Arto*** ttccetd tto candtioniira aroffrem wilt continue throughout tt* ttcwM . . . -We wiM MM »toa |us2 b«cftA* V» bcR fkie*." U'« manjgrr Sift Rkwtrr. ~W* WIN tocr* fv« w U nunute* en bomctnc eomrtchm fccfare rwnf e ' Osteen Signs WASHINGTON WV-Claude Osteen. a left-handed pitcher. signed his 1964 contract with the Washington S e n a t o r s Thursday. . TM WIJI M V* bed tor ttie i letters. * ftefttfn* prtctlcf tor ·· .Me! id of poor li «!-tin« .tuDOOft.* t )* fci»m«." ... . 1 ---«. ...... --. ~ .m IK tttxctH to »·*.*»- . Thi rtmfcnC«r of Ihc tnfc.tfcrs »nd ·utticIOer* wiR fttwl JR. BASEBALL TOURNEY SET The first International Junior Baseball tournament will get underway Easter Week In Los Angeles and Orange Counties. This Is a tournament for boys 12 years of age who win not reach their 13th birthday before Johy 8. 1364. The event Is being co-sponsored by the National Grocers Association and Pepsi Cola. Teams are needed to compete in the tournament and anyone interested may contact the Boys dubs of Long Beach for farther information. The winner of this tournament will play the winner of a limflir tournament to be held in Seattle m the Los Angeles Coliseum on July 4 preceeding the fireworks display. Some SO teams have registered from Southern Orange County. LEASIM THE VtW 15.4 MODELS ARE HERE IMMEDIATE DEUVERT! 01 ALL MAKES AID MODELS · wi *urcfa«u TWT «itf ur · frw pick *· «n« titUWY M ncr IMS** ur · Plwnt tar ft-n t*eti ftrtctert ATLANTIC . HEALTH, CLUB Presents SAUNA DRY HEAT BATH Rllllllt t « ·Ittlfl at ««rc?sj ..FREE** 1221 ATUITIC 421-9001 "I $s -:"-;^ : 14920 PARAMOUNT BLVD. PARAMOUNT. CALIFORNIA HI L I 5 8 « Whet! It's Midweek Special Tirrt--with eveyttiing included for only S1I.50 · day! Ail the Badger Pass sli lifts, lessons, hearty melts nd comfy rooms (for 4)*, even skating! Come enjoy »3 the"" "before, during and ifter-skj"* fun, Arrrve inltmt from Sunday evening...leive anytime tip to Siturd»y bre«kf«L For reservations. c»Jl Yosemite Park t Curry Ca;51« S. Grind, Los Angeles. Our telephone. MMison 6-0515. Happy iViinj! SKI YOSEMITE FOR $ II§SADAYF Sn T«it Tncl, V.S.A.-RtptTt it" ·» Tit Eel H.p. Si»v"-XBC-T7, \ SPORTS SHORTS The biggest funeral in ; Cotton's history was held 1 ': Thursday for the town's I · most famous athlete, base- I , ball stir Ken Hubbs. j Mormon services for the · 22-year-old second base! nan of the Chicago Cubs j were conducted at the Col', ton High School auditorium, : one week after Hubbs and I ' a friend, Dennis Do)1e, died in a Uf^h plane crash. t All 1,200 seats in the auditorium were taken and people were standing in the ·isles. Many others were turned away. The service lasted nearly two hours. Bishop Lyman Madsen, and Kenneth Dyal cf the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, delivered eulogies. -Ken's footprints are ia solid rock." Bishop Kladsen said. "Time will never erase his memory." I Said Dyal: "We adults \ were not able to reach the I youth but Ken would talk and they would listen." j Representing the Chicago j baseball team were three of t its vice presidents, Qar- l ence Rowland. John Hol' land and Cbartie Grimm; its I head coach. Bob Kennedy, I and many cf its players. I Kennedy acted as a pall- I bearer, along with first baseman Ernie Bonks, third , baseman Roa Santo and ' pitchers D i c k Ellsworth, i Glen Hobble and Don H- · ston. NATE Ramsey, defensive back of the Philadelphia Eagles, and three other former football pUyers at Indiana University were jailed Thursday in connection with the theft of a pay telephone from a laundry in Bloomington, Ind. The suspects, Ramsey, Randall Williams, Wilbur Scott and Kenneth Ellis, gave no resistance to a pair cf police officers who arrested them. · e e · THE Cleveland Indians have hired a Kent State physiology professor to apply his knowhow for 10 days of spring training to help bring the baseball club into peak physical condition. Dr. Lawrence Golding. an expert on calisthenics, will test players at Tucson between Feb. 2S and Mar. 8. SHOIT IHOITI-J.IW te*wi moody TiceTOTwrt tvvt likely 1e cfiwoe tfur- ..19 lfe Wtii ·.nan wherever he pl.vt- -I tiaoe to cftOTM. fauT I erofiibly" wont Th.rt BrobjbrY why I'm raT toe populjr M t«lmexe rVir MOW- The Oriole) freded Cwitiie to Kernel Cffv errer « di MDOoimlne 'U wetcn. Fred HwTOuntt*. menaoer ef ttie Cle* fon.n Redi. eoes In for ene more irev I erieit tencer end Vte* leevtv tor xmf freinite M TemM. Lm'e Cvrrr LtodBree. The Soofeene t«n tctiool fcfty wtie fi«l kroken «H »refi K.o"St toe rhe fwe^niie rece, win find e hme bit of home wetllne tor turn «l MI4-VM S^kjere C*r4eit SeTurdev DiQtn. LMdcree whe win convene IH ttw Me- tien«l AATJ Imne rwn. wil receive e bc« et saoke^e encw whjck wlR be flew. I the »rw*t JttHnnT Penel, enbeetm 23-veer«ltf rw Vorlier. le wt i Iryrtfe M Kere he f^n ve^vraa' (dd« Cetlwe M e 1» re^md H^ioraily wirviMd ftoul «f ludt- ion Snuve C^den. How M P.V erlckef M L»n0on. srwt Ree1i««l Merbee. e* PC !··*. 'rr tnclfl.^.'^. W nw* failed »te ceune |The ! r nemes we-e withneitf to teve · "." 11 ,'. *. .*'···· - · ' * * Sa//i Stiff a 'Slammiu PALM BEACH GARDENS. (Dukt) Gibson. The slender Fla. (UPI) i-- Saaimy Snead Kansas City veteran carded a rode in a cart "lie an us 35-33--6S on the easier west seniors' but shot a "junior".'course as they started a four- f i v e - u n d e r - p a r 33-34--67jjy jumble for the Teach- Thurtday for the firit-round! lead ia the PGA Seniors Golf Charrpionship. . Snead swatted his superbly over the tougher! r^»°£«j«»i 'I PGA east cotrse for a one- *"'* Strcke lead ever L e I a n d fjotin Mover Gtigrr Ailing, lo 3Ii« Training '. 11URPHYSEORO, HL (UPI) j« ,«v -i Gary G«i £ er. Boston Red ,?A jtT Sox outfielder, will miss all of i Kfi . _ _ _ _ spring training and the open-,85S 5iSJ2'?_rr~i:z: iag weeks cf the regular sea- £!» ^*" " son because cf a bleeding ulcer, his wife said Thursday. .Mrs. Lynn Geiger said her husband has been under Francona Out ________ . . CLEVELAND WJ -- The treatment for the ailment in Cleveland Indians said Thurs' St Joseph's Hospital here and day outfielder Tito Franccc* would be transferred to 5t Luke'j Hospital ia St. Leeds. will cndereo abdominal forgery today and won't be Ma, fcr possible surgery playing ball for about four Iweeks. This is the exact model Plymouth--a showroom car with standard V-8 engine--that beat Ford and Chevrolet at Indianapolis. (If that sounds familiar, Plymouth recently won 10 out of 10 tests at Sebring.) And the tests were of "things you buy a car for-acceleration, handling, braking, gas economy. r* Now weigh this: Of the three cars tested, Plymouth costs least f , and carries the only 5-year/50,000-mile warranty.* Isn't there a Plymouth Dealer a few blocks from you? Official Results: KILOMETER RUN CUttVRdtT - J17«nte. fORO . ...34MMC. ECONOMY RUN CMtVl!C*.lT . ... .llSSmpf, QUART EW-M!LE ·flYMOUtH...... 17 30 UK CITY PASSING PVYMOUTH 17««. CHIVROtIT 114 ft. HIGHWAY PASSING PVYVOUTH 2SS «. 2^-UIU CLASSIC PLYMOUTH 2-38 03 mm. CHCV^OLtT *.3 14 rim. fCttO -- 2 44 IS frun . GO-STOP-PARK nrvOUTH _..217JJmin. CHtVROttT .....Z31.7fmm. fORO 234.15 mirt. HILL CUM B CHtVFOLIT ,,_ l«»3tee. rVYUOOTH I « tCfuc. tHERGtNCT STOP PIYWOUTH ,,'. isi n. roRo ,,.._..,, 1S3«. ZERO-TO-SIXTY PRICEf 1t*n«f M mmf-Ktxvf SURCTH !«· tiil Frees far 24oor fc»^to» fTjmovtli frr- Chevrolet, ird i*i ton « iMIiwt ;..!.... M ,^.3,l t . .. At Plymaun'l requert. N«tiorTMnd« Comantt Testr Insttutl tought ITil corrpiriWy (Capped V Si ArtcSy tmrt Utter t hired Oit 4rlv*r». urpplictf V-.t elfxiti*. rnAd« VM ruin. «-K! supcrviui t.e ntn campntun. he!4 K Indt^jpoln Xtctwiy f»rU. Chryiter Corporitxm w»mnt kr I ytirt or 50.000 miln. tu*tvw comet Irrt. · l*njt ftct in mKtf.tSt end workrn»nthip tnt oil rcpCtcc or rtpur it · ChrjVer Vaton Ccrpontcn Aaomt Ociicfi C«c» of tuiirm. Ci« ertjlr* ttocx. hcij »-«J inttrnal p«rti. ktfrte ni-ufcui vita pump, tririmuion ci« and tnttmti ca^i In t-» r-pn« at ctwrgtd tnrjr 3 moroJi or 4.000 nvlo. wtudwytr csnm tat. th« ol tKa np!K*d tvvrjr Mcond oi ctiargi ind e« urtunter it fntt tittmi tvtry C tnonthi *nd rapficrf tvtry 2 vttn. i-U «vcry ( montM hmiifiM to tuck · e*icr *videnct of performance of Cit req-jirrt wnric*, and nfutfH t^w dte'er . (ndudint n*ra« clutck). torqu* convctar, Afv« ihaft vrvvtrul fnttti, n« »T« to ccrtfy (I) rtcrpl of luck tvitf«nci irvl (2) tht caft Vicn currint milujt. TlymoulK nnmun omat d^ CHRYSLER VINES CHRYSLER- PLYMOUTH CORP. 4201 E. Willow at Lakewood Long Beach U 0. GOULD CO. 1600 long Beach Blvd. Long Beach AL ROBERTS PLYMOUTH, INC. CARL'S MOTOR CO., INC. ED BARBARI PLYMOUTH CENTIER 10080 Garden Grove Blvd. 1200 Avalon EM · 6200 N. Bellflower Blvd. Garden Grove Wilmington Ukewood I ijtj \fJt

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