Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 18, 1976 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 18, 1976
Page 11
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As Structure Keeps Springing Leaks *r(hwest Arkansas TIMES, Sunday, April 18, 1976 · SB. papercfome Casts A Shadow Over Career Of Moon Landrieu. «; KIU'l'OK'S NOTE -- The Sii-j pjQrrlomc lias c a s t a slriuluw' (TV or Miiyor Muim Liiiulrlcu's gnlitical cnrccr: II n 1 lie still lilies for a role En unllniml \tul- *; Ry J A M K S II. HOOD *NM\' urfl.i'JANS (At J ) -- iftayor Moon Landrieu first no- trccd tlie .sky was falling last Atigusl, us ho led an emourage tliruugh. the Luuismim S u p e r- d£m£ at its grant! opening. JlAn ominous stream was spattering from above. -"Whal's tlid mcaninj! of this?" the mayor cried ii; muck dismay when told the s t r e a m was from an overflowing toilet iri a plush private box above, " Sinr- Uiun. i h n Supiu'iJo iias sprung additional leaks making waves wb ich th rca t en to swamp the mayor's politica ·Hopes. His dismay is no longe mock. MVh.iL began as an extrava gant indoor s t a d i u m and con volition crjiiler lo dwarf Hous tdrt's Astrodome lias grown int a glutton for tax money, sppiu iiig its enfirc $7.4 million firs year allotment o[ state f u n d s st.v months, forcing a rduclai legislature Lo dish out an add libnal $4.3 million. ,:The 27-story Supcrdome .owned by Ihc slate and run b a. stale commission headed b Lrmdricu. No city funds arc ir vqlved. but Ihe big building si just blocks from downtown Me Orleans and its 'troubles ba\ becotn/; an issue in N'ew 0 leans politics. The Supprdome has, so f a r , i In tbe late 1960s, Landrieu used criticism o[ Lrindrieu flirted with political suicide as ily at home. Nationally, h c l o n u oE only two slate legislators ijoys a reputation as a v i ^ o r - l t o stand up for the rights of is spokesman for the nation's blacks d u r i n g ' tte stale's in- legation crisis. He was the first New Orleans 'mayoral ·can- didate to psistc together a coalition of blacks, work! tig-class whites and silk-slocking up towners. JJLACKS M I K E D Iii return tor voles, blacks ;ol nearly 2,000 jobs in ·ity's Civil Service system. "When iMcmn c it m c in, the mly blacks you saw at CElj, lal] were pushing brooms, 1 city official. "Today bey'rc dning everything -- hey'vc got a lot of whit/J-colla: lobs." ' Under Landricu, (tie city i poor but solvent, with an operating budget of $180 million. U charter prohibits (IcCicit spcml in(!, so programs must be do layed if ncw monfiy can't b found somewhere. New Orleans 1 eternal scare' for cash is one oE the reason for Landrtcifs constant lobbj us in Washington on behalf o As chairman of tli/ U.S. Con- irciieu of Mayors. Landrieu is i (iGimmd, The strong-jawed, gar-chewing Former college ascball star was called in to rgne Npw York's cause when lat city found its hirdcrs burc.j 'c pleaded winningly with Con- rcss to send aid. He is said lo IKJ hoping for a Cabinet past if Ibc Democrats vln the Wbil.o House next No- 'ember. . ' The silver-haired Landrieu, vho is -54, recently told a House ommittce that, he likes lo ipprid time in Washington lobbying for the cities bccai Vashington newspapers say inch nice things about him. But at home, the apnlause "adec!"as the Supcrdome's f a i J - U)-/3S stole the .spotlight. "I haven't seen Moon Imieii n three years," said state Sen. ^'at Kiefer. one of Landricli's 'oes. "He is a most d/?spondeii ,. person." Laudrieu lias boasted that hs lifis done "as mucli as any Ttiai alive" Id make the Superdonn reality. It was built (n bo i convention and sports ccntc unemialecl in the world, and tc revilaSiv.o downtown N R w Or leans, increasing tourism an jobs, especially for blacks wh have teen courled by Landrie' as by no previous mayor. But the Superdome is-poison- ng the political atmosphere nd cutting ino Landrieu's rep' Lation as ity. a benefactor of the .aiulricu has been critical of \ set up a Eee-splHling arrange- A legislative committee head- 1 by Senator Kietcr spent aionlhs airing charges of theft; rihcry and violation o[ public id laws In (\w dome's con- itruction. FISHING KXPEUITIONS Three grand juries have gone" ishing. Not one indictment has wen returned, but tbe stain of nnuendo has spread. Landrieu was especially hurt by allcga- -ions against one of the young, blacks lie had helped into a position of power. Sherman Copclin Jr. was LunUricu's Mode! Cities dircc^ tor before leaving to head a f i r m which won a cost-plus contract to provide ushers, janitors mid 'other service workers at the dome. In grand jury testimony released latf? last year. Copclin admitted thai he had received $50,000 from a federally-funded birth control agency during and after bis clays in City Hall. The money was payment lo Cop,e!in so thai he would mollify black critics who called it "genocide" to operate birth control clinics New Orleans press coverage of the Supcrdome, which was lo hav/j cost $93 million to build, but ended up costing $1G3 million, ItLAMES PIIKSS It is the press, he says, which has driven business away from the dome by publicizing its cost overruns, its deficits, the muggings in its corridors and t h e complainls of ils lenants. ·It was the piy;ss which firsl reported - that Ihe mayor's men', with a Superdome insur- ant^ supplier. District Attorney William Coimlck took the case before gram) jury. No were returned. ndictmenls Lanclrfcu said that he "deeply regretted" the Tee-spliUing arrangement, "it has caused me g r e a t p c r s o nal embarrassment," ]i/j said. The Superdome's operating deficit remains a major prob 'e m - Th° -stale provided SV.4 arothci" Joseph Lamirie'u"" bad _mjj^on__io help pay ihc first name lo Moon and rose to ths lop of the local political ladder/ Despite h i s , elevated statJs, Landrieu has continued lo Irye j'n Broad moor, now an ; in^grated neighborhood. V'J TJic dome was to have "topped o u t " ' h i s second, final term as mayor. But i t ' h a s . been a disappointing, demeaning climax to Lanririeu's local political career. By Historic Cabin To Be Dedicated revenue sharing, block grant and nther federal aid. He wheedled the Louisian legislature into appropriating -_ stale aid for N/JW Orleans a n d j i n inner-city black :u'ighbnr. shamed suburban officials into joining the city in financing a Regional Transil Authority. Landrieu's revitalization pro- Grams in the city's downtown neighborhoods are Riven pnrl of llic credit tor a decreasp white flight lo the suburbs. hoods, according to the grand jury testimony. "If he did something wrong I'vp never tried to defend that " I've condemned Landrieu said. "But unfortunately, slop in ny reporting, easy headlines create these impressions." SILOAJI SPRINGS -- The : oldest permanent structure in Hie Si loam Springs tirea will be dedicated ami recognized as an O f f i c i a l National Historic Site during Homecoming weekend at John Brown University. Homecoming festivities, .sc hilccl for April 23, 24, and 25. will include the dedication oT .be cnlun and public louring of [tie structure, said to have been built in 1937 by Simon Sager. Slate Rep. Preston Bynum will be the dedicatory speaker at the 'ceremony which' will be conducted at the cabin site Also'' on the - program is the presentation lo University ciah of a painting depictirrg Simon Sagcr done- 1 by a Califor nia 'artist, Mr. Ralph Lavvsor -- known for his scries i! paintings depicting the his- of Benton County. JMr. j s o n svill he on h a n d to per* onally present llic painting and tang it in the cabin. The ceremony will "be held t Z p.m. April 24, Following t h e ceremony, t h e public wil be invited to inspect the interior of the historic structure. Graduates I Airmail Durre] W .-VIcGarcah, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie G. McGarnih of Route 6, Sprihg- ilalc, lias graduated at Sbcp- pard AFB, Tex. from a training course for aircraft He has now reported for duly at Davis jyionthan AFB. Ariz, for duty with a unit of Ihe T; tical Air Command. operating costs, but when tliis ran out and the legislature provided an additional $4.3 million, Gov. Kihvin Edwards decided to reduce Land- nun's control of the dome through the Supcrdome Corn- mission, which the mayor heads. · Through it all. the mayor has suffered. He was moved lo tears on one occasion as he addressed a civic group. DEMANDS RKSPKCT A proud, precise, stern law- 1 cr. Landricu. docs not suffer! criticism lightly- His dignity is! mrtl won and he is demanding of respect. As a child, Maurice Landneu ept in the storeroom of his, ..,, -- _ parents' grocery slore in the, House press corps on ;hc prop- o r k i ng class Broadmoor 1 letns of the cities, his leslimony neighborhood. ; before Congress. He climbed unassisted f r o m , "And I've never handled my- is bumble beginnings. He self any differently than I have earned his law decree, );ihnvi] here." He is confident he can in the legislature, changed h i s ' m a k e it in thp major^cagues._ law, Landrieu may n'ot third consecutive lerju as mayor. And besides, confident he would be beller Deceived somewhere else. " ^ He speaks fondly of his While House huddles with presidents, the news conferences dl svhich he has instructed tbe White Dillard's Dedicaied to quality 'Devoted to yau. · rstorthweet Arh, Arrow® doubler ... the shirt that leads two lives A dress shirt. Or a sport shirt. 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