Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 30, 1950 · Page 33
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 33

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1950
Page 33
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Timid Soid t BY H. T. K1BSTER MR. MILQUETOAST HAS -ft) VVAIT AW HOUR FOR HIS-Tr*AIN, BUT, HESITATES'To-"RkeTRe OHE VACANT ScATON A BENCH FOR KAK HE MISHT I?e MISTOKfN (=DR ,A V/OLF jff} Contractor 7f Lost Inspecting Dam . 9 °-SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. ,30. .(ff) -Earl W; Heple, 43-year-old contrac- lor who has spanned rivers and . pit'Toa'ds through rugged mountain ranges in northern California, \vas pellevJ drowned :Friday while .in- f pectlhg Austrian dam, his latest reject. - - . ' . ; . . · .;. .,·;.. :/Seple.: \vho ran a small inheritec fontracting, business "ihto ^one of seeking annulment of her marriage Jh lit li la "largest, in the area, was sucked .to a ·-70Moot-long 52-inch'outlet iipe .extending from the -5723,090 '«n project to Los Gatos creek.- ··'-/· \Vprkers said " Heple;. ^annoyed rhen storm debris clogged the pipe, .eaded, for a .personal investigation f-tihe trouble. He slipped,'they iid,.-and fell into the swift-flowing "T, ivMch s\vepi;him to.the pipe. Royalty Checks For sSearnen To Be Sought . eaineh: shipping''on-'vessels _ln 'tlie .and Hawaiian trade-wil! required to ^submit -to loyalty hecks under neiv orders' deceived rom Washington .today by coast ilard headquarters here. 'The order,, condemned .by the marine cooks and stewards "union jjfs a ''blacklist," is the first specific prder the coast -guard -haa received pice the -passage"of :the Ma'gnuson 1 American Woman Says Mate Is Huk MANILA. Oct. 30. (f?)-- The husband of an Oakland, Calif., woman denied, today her allegation that he is a member of outlawed Hukbala- hap guerrilla forces. . ·The accusation was made by Mrs. Edem Santos Bungay in.a petition to An'tonio Bungay, 21. Bungay said lie asked police to clear his name. He denied he was in-hiding, · -Bungay,-a third,year high school student in Manila, said he and -his wife _were married -July .4, 1949, over objections ;of: her parents.. . ' -Biingay :sald he ; would-not oppose his wife's-petition'on legal grounds but-added,'"to call a man a Huk these days Is,a serious accusation." '" He -said his ' wife .-disappeared shortly-after marriage:, fie filed a kldiiaplrig charge against the father, but-later dropped it Real Estate Transactions DEEDS '? GUt deed, -George J. Gelerntcr ' et al to Alan-Msndel);-and wile,- part , of L 5, B 8, Coronado Heights Sub. \ Warranty .-deed,- Altie 1 : Clarence Caplinser' o Nina Nell S. Caplinsor, Ls 5, 6, B 2 tomer Brown Addn,, ^Ajo, C, M," Gross,, and- "wife /to Dorothy E, can Mortgage Co., $7,600. part oi tl 0,, B 44, 'Country -Club. Manor; Albert E, Asulrre and wife to Prudential Insurance Co,, 17,000,- -part ol Li a, B N, Catalma 'VJst» Sub. ' Thompson, part of of S 17, T 14 S, 10, Kenneth 'M. : Johnson ''and;. wlfa-^'to' Prudential Insurance . Co, l",B«, L I, B II, Linden Park Addn. E A. Stages and wife to E. P. Hilton, *4,000, L 3, B 24, Washington -Heights. Barnaun) B, Hornbeak and wlf» to. : W»IteT way -Estates. Deed and assignment. Mory Edith Bcck- Edward . C. ^Borrian. Palomar Sub. and" wife, H E, revenue,;Siamps *33, Arizona Land Title and Trust Co 1o]E. Murphey Jr., »1',200, L 3, B 14, City Clifton S.: Wright,' part.ol "L.T, B3, Broad-|of Tucson. ' Roy C, Wright and wife lo Richard J. Powers.arid .wife. »Z,7SO,"L «, B 46, National City Sub. No. 3 RELEASE OF '.REALTY, MORTQASES Partial relejisc, , Marshall Charitable Foundation to Robert W. ,Geyer and-wife, part of:Bs, 1, 2; fi/'Lo Partial release. Florence H. Lockhart to Eleanor E.. Laughlin, . part, of L 10, B 13, Country; Club - Heights: Joseph.'Farkas and wife to Andrew Morris and wife. LueUn . JV F. Kastner -to Fuller-Thomas stcd'. to. 8, B. Deed ^and assignment^ Alice M,.- Jackson and William G. Jackson to Mildred -Hunter, part'of L, 4, B 1,, Lincoln : Park Sub., rov- tnue- stamps .$2.75. . -Richards Development .Co. to Philip 'A. DuPlaln and wife,. L~8,-B '4,, Wintei-hnvcn, revenue . stamps $1.65." Trustee's quit daim , deed, Austin' K. Wlldman,.as trustee of Fuller-Thomas.Dis- tributing Co., to-Luella J. T, Knstner, part Distributing 1 Co if L 11, B Ct, City ot Tucson. Varna L. Anderson to N, Leland Busby, J 2, B 4, Gmnada - Park, revenue stampfl( 11.10. ' I T . of Tucson, revenue stamps $10.45. Dan Lee Callahan and wife to Gilbert C. Haro and vrtfe, part ·« L 5, ,s;i4, T 14 , R.13 E, revenue stamps $5.50. Andrew Huff and wife. and" ; F. Fred . Roberts and wife- to Donald D, Johnson and wife, W',b of L 5, B 2, Craycroft Heights. Annex, revenue stamps 53 cents. I James M. MacLachlan to Nelson C | "hompldns and wife, part of L 15, B 21,| City of Tucson. _ , ^ Margaret Hces to James L. Throp and Benjamin J. Krieff, part of SE"/4 ol S 3 T 14 S, R-15. E, Jftraes L. Throp. and' Benjamin J. Kriej o ' Margaret HeeE, part of SEft of S 3 ~ 14 ; S, R 15 E. Nelson C. Tompkins and wife to Jamci H. MacLachlan and wife, part of L 15 · 21. City of Tucson. Ersklne .Caldwell and wife to Dorothy . Engcl, Ls 01, 92, St. El Encanto Estates ub. ( revenue stamps S29.90. ; Arizona Land Title' and Trust Co. fo ·E. P. : Hilton to E. A. Staggs and wife. CONTRACTS FOR SALE OF REAU ESTATE Mary Edith EecKsted to-Ralph W. Hlett Fran'-t S. Ross and wife to Waldo'. H Pratt and ;wifc, part of L fl, B 14, Coronado Heights. William C. Davis- and wife .to Ilsi« P Koep, part of L I , B 1', Grantland Acres, Z. -A. Stages and 'wife to Robert Barek man : nnd. .wife, L 3, B 24, Washington BUILDING PERMITS LEGAL NOTICE' at 9:30 o'clock in th« forenoon ofiiald day, at tin court room of s»id court, in the Court- House, : in th«- City of i Tucson, :C»unt.v of Plma, state of Arizona, and all persons Interested in eald estate are notified,then and there to appear and- show 1 cause, if any they bave, why the prayer of sold peU- Uoner shcu!d,not be granted. · CSe«ly BELLE D. HALL, Clerk Bated October.-24, 1950. .Pub.: Got 30, 31, Nov. 1, J, I, 8, T, », 9, 1350. J -HEARINQ OF APPEALS BEFORE THE BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, to adjoining property owners, ' " ' members of the I ... November 15, 1950. at 9'00 o'clock a.m. in thp'Council Chamber. City Hall, Tucson, Arizona, z public hearing will be held on the follow;ng. : «ppeals from decisions of the s, to -appellants and to Board that on Wednesday, under Ordinance 647 and as amended ho could not grant a permit for the following easons: An appeal of Mr. Dines Nelson to add bedroom and bath on deficient lot at 2533 E. Helen St. Ord, 1168, Sec. V, p»r. S fa). (b) and B (a), requires greater side and rear yards. An appeal of Mrs Neal B. WauKh to erect carportc on lot at XI N. Sawtclle Ave. Ord. 1188,- Sic. IV. Par, 7 (a) and LEGAL NOTICE tes greater/ side And rear let* A4 appeal, of Mr Paul Rlttman io house 3: «idc or. convalescents in,-R-2: Residence District «t 420 E Fourth St Ord. 116«, 'Sec.'VI, Par.-B: allows only 2-side people or convalescents , An appeal of Mr. and Airs M. R Anderson to'convert cxlstlnu-buildin*-flt 510 E, Elm St Into dwelling. Ord. list Sec.' VI, Par. F (a) .requires greater 1 -rear yard. Persons Interested may.-'appear in-person Dy agent or-.attorney. CITY- BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT Z A. WILSON, Secretary Pub.: -Oct. 30; 1950. NOTICI NOTICE OF TALE IS HEREBY 'GIVEN''that "on Wednesday the 13th day ol November 1850,- at. the hour of eleven o'clock in far forenoon ol that day al the main dooi oi the City Kail In the City oi Tucson.: Puna City-'Building Inspector who states that CountyU'Ariiona.'. ' will 'In .pursuance -oi Ordinance No, 1234 of-the Ordinances ot ll» Mayor and-- Council oi' the "City of Tucann sell at public auction, to the highest hidder the wit at pul follo lowlnfl described - Darcel - of land to .That certain alley situate' between Lots. I and 2 is Block 12 of American Villa Resuhdivision, In the City of -Tucson. Arl J zona, M the «am? appears of record- ta the office of the Courtv Recorder of Plma. County, Arlrona, In BooK " nf MADS rep.ac, Claijn Natipriaiists Capture^Red Vessel TAIPEI, Formosa, Oci. 30. ffi-- The defense ministry reports sea- sorne Nationalist' guerrillas captured an 80-ton Chinese Communist ship earJler this month off the Chekiang province coast, 135 miles :outh of Shanghai. Dallas Day and wife, part of Ls 5, 6, B 44, ountry Club .Manor, revenue stamps 51,10, David Otis Qu|nn and wile to Jules H. 'atson and wife, part of Ls 14, 15. B 7, inden Park Addn., revenue stamps 83.30, National Realty Co- to Kenneth M. Johnson, L 5, B 18, Liiidcn Park Addn., revenue stamps $8.00. ' F, Fred Roberts and wife to S. G. Buntin and wife, L 3, S 7, Columbus Addn., revenue'stamps 55 cents. F. i S. Construction Co. to Robert E. Goode and wife, L 11, B. 17, Horfinan Addn., revenue stamps 53 cents. Joint tenacy deed, Richard J, Powers and wife to Roy C. Wright and wife, L a, B 48, National City Sub., No. 3,' revenue stamps $l.(j5. X REALTY MORTGAGES Clifton S. Wright to Western American Mortgage Co.. $6,350, part of L 7, B 3, Broadway Estates. Dolores Alcantar and Jesus Lizarraga io Braullo Jimenez and wife, $400, L 7,' B Zl. Southern Heights Addn. Valentine 'Felix- and wife to Southern Arizona bank, $2,550, part of B 3S, City of Tucson.. .. F.' W. Chapman to Southern'Arizona bank et al, $3,200. L 2, B 5. El Cortez Heights. John Curtis et al to Boeing Manufacturing Co., S4H7.32, L 7, B 27, Government Heights Addn. Nq. 2. George B.; SkJi.ner to Prudential Insurance Co., $3,000, L 31. B 7, Broadmoor Sub. Gilbert C. Haro and wkfc to Tucson Federal, $4,G!0. part of L 3, S 14, T 14 S, R 13 E.. . . . '' , - Dallas Day and wife t Western Ameri-l LEGAL NOTICE No. 14397 NOTICE OF'HEADING PETITION · - FOR PROBATE. OF WILL IN THE SUPERIOR COtTRT OF THE STATE OF ARIZONA. IN AND TOR THE COUNTY OF PIKA In the Matter of the Estate of HENRY C. MORRIS, Deceased. Notice is ibercby fflven that MAHIOIv" LINDSEY MORRIS lias filed in this court certain document purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of Henry C Morris, together with his petition- praylnc that said document be admitted to probate In this court as the^ast Will and Testament of said Henry C; Morris who. said petitioner alleges, is 'deceased, . and ' that letters testamentary issue thereon to said petitioner and that same -will-be heard on Monday the-13th day of November, A.D. 1930, (CRIOMinSIOir i is all yon need for your cough *- ·· - '^ When your cold gels into your throat and chest and cough develops, work fast. Creomulsion relieves quickly because it: - . . . . - - 1. Soothes raw 'sore throat and chest membranes. 2.Loosens and helps expel atrmy phlegm. -. . · . 3. Mildly relaxes .systemic tension. 4. Aids nature.fight the cause of irritation. . 5. Has stood the te«t of mlllioni Of users. . You must be pleased' or your druggist will refund your money. ' CREOMULSION nlim Coujhi, Chtrt Ctldi, Acutt NOTICE OF SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS DUE ON IMPROVEML-NTS-AII persons owning property heretofore assessed for improvements within the following Improvement Districts: ALVERNON ADDITION BEL AIR ' COLONIAL HEIGHTS DESERT HIGHLAND ' HALCYON ROAD MIRACLE MILE MANOR NORTH TUCSON BLVD. OLIVE PARK SAN CLEMENTE TUCSON BLVD. WAKEFIELD will taIce notice that an installment of rincipal and Interest becomes due and payable on or before the 1st day of December, I950,andif not paid on or before said date the same will become delinquent and five per cent penalty will be added to the amount thereof. BRUCE B. ELLIS '· · Superintendent of Streets Pub: Oct. 30-and 31,. 1950. . - . - ; · LEGAL NOTICE nnd PUta ot Past 10 thereof · t which Mid parcel of: land wu vvoted u · public sTley, under tbe provision* of ulri Ordinance No 1224 above referred (o. Th« Mayor and Council .rejervr Uit rlfhl tn reject any.end-'Bli.Bids', Daled-ttlj. stb.Any. of October;' 1930; lit CARI M KITT, (Se«l) · - City Her* 3fo«mt Stttltr (El»«n Monday LEGAL NOTICE. PubliSB r O« t. 10. M. IX II, 14. 1*. 17. II. 20. 21 23 M.,25 S» S7. «. » »1 ««»· 1 S. 4. 8. 7. 8 ». 10 11. 1*M NOTICE OF SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS DUE ON IMPROVEMENTS AH persons owning property heretofore assessed for improvements, will take notice that an installment of principal and Interest will become due and payable on or before the first (1st) day of December, r950, and if not so paid on or before said date, the same will Become delinquent and five per cent (5%) penalty will be added to the amount thereof. The following is a list of Hie. Series Numbers and Names of Improvements on which installments will be due and payable as stated above: Series Name of Improvement Number 137 Olsen's Addition Sewer District 138 Stone Ave. Drachraan Str District Paving . , 139 Sixth St. Paving, Park to Santa Rita .Aves, Twenty-second St. Dist, Paving, Cherry to-Campbell Aves./;. ! AnitS "St. Davis St. District Paving Southwestern Addition Sewer District - " Tucson Heights N.'Sixth Ave. Paving Sewer Disk Country Club Homesites Dist. Paving Sewer Broadway South Park Ave. Dist. Improvement Seventeenth St. Bean Ave. Paving Block 142 Seiver Northwestern District Sewer Paving . ' - , Drachman St. Sewer Paving, Park to. Vine Avea. Mundo Vista Mornlngside Addn. Dist. Sewer Schumacher-Tucson Heights District Sewer Mundb Vista Morningside Addn. Dist.'Paving Fremont Ave. Vine, Ave. District Paving El Encanto-Casas Eonitas' E. Broadway Dist. Pavg. Sewer Olsen's Addition District Paving Campbell Ave., Elm to Copper Sts. Paving St. Sewer Bruckner's Addition Sewer Tucson Boulevard Paving, south' of Speedway Menlo Park District'Sewer ' . Jefferson Park District Sewer ' DriscoH'Street District Paving · · " ·' : ' ' 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147148 149 150 151 152 153 154' 155 155 157 158 159 160 Installments as stated above are payable at the office, of tie- Superintendent of Streets, City Hall, Tucson, Arizona Publish October 30 and October. 31; 1950. . . C L A Si IF I ED A D V E R T I S I N G fa ~ Vudt-l* S 5 DIAL For ALL HEPARTJIENT8 ol r" Tucson Newspapers, Inc c£. All claims of error in publicatio Kxhall b« made within 24 hours afti filrst insertion. No claims will t for mor* tnati on* incorrc Minimum Choritfid t) -' 90 days -- tlJO Word 10'Word Minimum 'Open Sundays:8io 4 CuicellBtloo Deadllnt 4:30 PJ.1 Weekday! : P^M Saturday. An nlpbabeticalb^ - arranged . directory of Business. vpQClBlizlnx -in cerv Ices such as : contractors,' -landscaping .vacuums., -fans. - washers. IlKbun ·quipment and beatlnf. Aenu* Apartments-- UnrurnisheiJ rurnislieU ·Autot ' 31 :;,ror Salt '2S, ' · 'For "Bent - 23A ·Wanted M Bui Directory 1 Bui Opport'y : st Bus Property «1 Bus Rentals: 83 Blcyelea - - 3fl Clothlnn ior . Sale . :. SJA Dogs Cati Pets S3 .Dude Ranches -78 Employ Agency a Farms Ranches 'V3 irinanclal scrv 19 Guest Ranches for Sale 8A Guest Houso Boiels n Belp. Wanted-. Male . V Male Fcniali BA- Femaltt 10 R^schold Good M H'sKpK Rooms 70 House* for Rant-- Fumlshw\ 81 Unfurnlslied M Bousea for Sale fid Open for Sale 95 Income Prop'ty 88 L«l'i 'Swap 91 Livestock- - to Monti . J« Keal Enate JO A Lost and Found Lota for.Sale Money-. Coana : Motorcycles'. 29 'Mlso 'for. Sal«' a 'Misc ior. Rent tl/ Out of · Town · . Rentals ' 81'/ Out-of .Town' Property · 81A Personals Ptry cKfis. etc fl Musicol- Instr Real Estate- Exchange Wanted ·'-. Ecst'-Homcs ' Resorts":-: Situation! :Wantet ..-Molo ' 1 - Mala Feraal« Ut '. Fqmalo Suburban ·Room Without Board 1 :Rrn- Board Wanted . 74A Rm,-i Board 7 .Trailer Courta TJ rrailers- · .New Dsed J5 Travel; Oopor Trucks For Sale For Rent . S2A Want to -Invest #1 Wanted to Buy M Wantid to Ren* ~ ; ADCTIONS GENERAL AUCTION W» tuj lor cash or mi for vou o» commission Au kinds of turnlturt ·flo* - household ' Items of value t Sales Every-Fnday, 7 p.m. 3. 6th Ave. Rh.'2-3285 TUCSON" AUCTION ·· EVtRV SATURDAV-7 t M We' buv funutura Cor ewth or Ml] far vnu oa cnsltnment 76 W JACKSON' 2-4371 BABT ARNUt RtlNTS |troller ete crbi.TM Ei'sK chain, E »th SEKV.KS BOOK STORKS Igue masirincs boujtht Nnolc.^7 -W. Conrre.il. " CEMENT WORK EXPERT Workmanship -- foundations floors, sidewalks, DntJos, etc. Free 'ostJmatpa. 4-0333. ' · - ' - floors, sidewalk*.'fntintB curb, patio wall. 82.50 up. Est. 5«7S91 CESSPOOLS--SEPTIC 1ANKS E M PUMPING CO- Cesspools and aepUc tanks-vacuum .cleaned · Cates prompt, reliable Dial 6-OlBl HAYDEN-.;EXCAVATION :.:': : .^'- Dial'5-6451 Oiir Reputation' Ydtir Guarnnlee MASON precast concrete septic tank. Approved' county-city F.H.A, ti -delivered. Ph: 2-2260; MeCARTHY'S Septic system Installed and cleaned Free insp. and estimates Licensed con- tracior. 327 S. Adams. Phone 3-1483 TONY F. WARD'S Cesspool - Pumping LICENSED CONTRACTOXS^^-I-ISU CESSPOOLS septic tanks cleaned: licensed oiumber -F W Gan? Plbg nnd Hcatlni- 1021 N 3rd Ph 3-3731 WARD BROS. PUMPING 24-HOUR SERVICE Ccsspcols and tiepUc tanks vacuum cleaned. For reliable Snrv, PlaL2-2411. CHAIR RENTAL CONCRETE BLOCKS.. PERFECT BLOCK CO. ·4x6x12 --$49.75 M Since lM7'Wc Sold Flv. Million ffl E. Limberlost Drive Dial :i.«l FTRNITURE REBUILDING BERNHARD MANDL'S COMPLETE FURNITURE SERVICE 320-E. 6TH ST.--4-0342 FURNITURE · RKPA1KED,. rcflnlshed. Best'in the west. Pb. 2-B656. LIGHT HAULING- ivlth ?i-ton picK-up truck. Yard scraptae. Prompt serv- Ice. 'S-fl594 T ; HAULING, long" or short distances, Flagstone Specialty. · Ph. 2-S063 Taylor HEATING DUCT WORK. ·CENTRAL HEATINO, COOLrNG SYS.. FURNACES. COOLERS? INSTALLED. SERVICED ACE JOOLES MAINTENANCE PB 5-ia- HOUSE MOVING (UUZONA HOUSE MOVING CO ' A H. Smith Free _estlmates. 2-1001 HOBSZS MOVED Frume brick or itucco Call-2-3331 for free estimate Tucson Warehouse Si Transfer Co "n E fltli St Established 1892 RESTAURANT SUPPLIES HOTEL St RESTAURANT , SUPPLY aim S 4th AVQ.. Dial 4-04H1 ROOFING Tucson Roofing St Supply CO. ««_E_7th i-1181. 5-M1 SAVE on rooflne and Insulation work cuaranteed Free "Stimatei* 8 6th Ave Ph 2-6435 WESTERN _AOTO SUPPLY CO HOFFiWAN Roofint! £c Paint Co. Re rooflnir gain U Stone Dial 4-0312 BUG RUG lurnlturo cleaning. Curpe service. Stanley White. Phonfr S-51K SAND AND GRAVEL CALL OUR farm for top soil Er raortar sand, H1 fertiliier.. lge ; rock · tractor for rent Ph 5-1158 or -m62 SCHOOLS HOUSEHOLD REPAIR TUCSON HiAltTTED'ANfiE SERVICE RemodeUnR contractors Patio wells fencinj!. roolinp cooler .service, city state license^ Guaranteed work. 2-720' THE FIX'ALL SHOP 130 W Indio Dial 2-8133 ' Decoratlns furn- rep appliances rep' carpentry COOLEB SERVICE JEWELER, WATCH REPAIR EXPERT watcb and 1ew«urv PittM Jewelera LANDSCAPING SHAMROCK LAWN 53^ WlntL. Lawns. Tree Pruning. Yard · Clean. Ing. Phone 3-7262. EBB \VEBB DIAL 3-2711 : · -T 2B4r N 1ST AVE CONTRACTORS ALL- ELECTRIC HOTPOIMt J . -- - · -KITCHENS!?! '.'. · Dial 5-7471' ask tor Harold- Low a he G H Electric Appliance Co . and: liEMOJDELJNG. Lie CONTRACTOR. H. SCHELL.. t.6909 V1NDOWS and doors wcathcrstrlppec Aluminum awnings, screens remodel Ing,- Licensed, Insured Skilled work men;: Payments If-desired .Free es tlmate., ·Dlar3-7S30. · . KITCHEN , BATHROOM remodel tae' FHA finandng For estimate .call Peter L. Cooper, 5-5924. WANT to add an extra room, remode or · BuUd a -new : homcP Call Etae B ·Dobson.'gon. contractor. -Ph 3-435 t CLASS new constr.-.Repair rtmoe Large-small Lle.__gen contr 3-ea23 1JB CONTRACT" blocl.' laying ~ censed, 1 contrc?tor. E B Bak«r 'JjASTERlfJG, stucco .Good work. ' 'prh ST. CLASS work New remodel, re JlBlr ; Licensed contractor- Ph t-ltm REMODELING, additions, or new.con struction.. First-oualitv, work «nly Call ?for -£ree estimate. Carl Nielsen COOLING AND ET AT1NG 1OOLJKG BEATING electric moat "iH trnnhli* ^prvtc^ Cull Mftr 3- DETERGENTS NEUTRAL ·CLEANSER, an"- All-pur pose Detergent for Commercial ani Household use. $3.25 per jto!" For im mediate delivery, coll 3-6232. · DRESSMAKING alterations, shirts , and suits, belts, buttons, etc. Vl-Ans Sewing Service. 5S E. Jackson. 3-6171 AJTH OrUlnals. hard to- fit sizes ratlonii I91S E- 8th s-4477 ~ RESSMAKING alteratio-U) hous hold sewing -la-m C l,ee Si. 3-83711 RESSMAKlNti--Tall6rinj;7 spcclaiii ng in alterations. 2609 E. 3th ELECTRIC SERVICE A iioovfi Tank or UprlKht rUCSON-S ONLV AUTHORIZED SALES 4 SERVICE AGENCY MITCHELL FURN CO, i w 'Congrean Pbonr *74* IR1NG, any kind. -anv ; . time.-- an '' Best -tor .(e^.\MikJta- '1R1NG,'. resldontlal and- commcrelikl frrvlgg,i_K. Qcstflch. DlaJ'5-1Ml. Hall Electric Co 23-or radio ,»nd appliance repair. -intragtln* Mai S-3101 EXCAVATING ', econotnicaJ trcnchton fl*)d -and ounditloq -with ;rachln* HAYDE.V;5-M5T^ " BULLCOZKJ) ~ ., EXTERMINATING OS· -.-PEST, Mntrol- Spraying,' .All '-guaranteefl-- Poone 2-77S1 TPENCES 3OD · ornjunenl Uotbellln bout ratal ^fenc* constructed B^.nm cUat work NEW lawns tree trimmlne shrubberv Plowing, - Free est. Wordstrom 2-2730, MOVING, Shipping, Storage ; YOU -MOVING To -or. From 'Arizona for all 'your shioplnir · add ·moving needs, .factory or office equipment; , household. Eoods. ; All 'shipments receive equal care and dispatch. Low rates to and frtmr all states., For iast. ^economical chipping ' FREE ESTIMATES : ' _ · · - · -· STORAGE ^FACILITIES OLD-PUEBEO'VAN ' STORAGE CO. 381 Toole Ave., Tucson, : Ariz, ALL SHIPMENTS TULLY INSURED AT_NO__EXTRA:_CO3r ACROS the -55 .,--^-- -- street, or .across -.. Nation^ Complete moving/ packing, storage ahlppl n o service Tucson ·warehouse Transfer Co 110 E gth St T*h 2-3.131 Established 1892 TrORSERTES" TREES. -Shrubs.. Lawns. Renovating; Parlt Nursery ' w Wctinore A N troouois. 3-3C01" - . t HANUNCULAJi and many other bulbs. Sweet pea seed. Bye mass seed. Mum fttoclt and. other bedding- plants A VlQlets^Eastbum's, 3-0332. 734 E " FERTILIZER, 14 yd.--2 yds. J7 -AIRLINES- Needs younff men women. Men needed as.Station Agents. Radio Op orators Radio. TochniziJns.'Technl cal fie Non-Technical. Aces to 35 Girls needed as Hostesses, Conuminl cationlsts. Rcservationist. Ages 18 to 30. unmarried, high school graduates Interview by appointment only? Cal Mr. J. K. Burnett for appointment a Pioneer Hotel, beginning Tuesday morning. Central Schools Alrlir. Training Division.' CERAJVtrC AKT STUDIO Lessons In Ceramics . Campbell Avo. Ph. fl-16Bl ARIZONA COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Fullv accredited business- school 131 E Brondwav Dial 4-1H.TI GATLIN'S SECRETARIAL SCHOOL S Stfmq. 4-Q255 Inctiv insrmcti COX COMMERCIAL COLLEGE DAY AND EVENING CLASSES Southern Arizona's oldest and Finest 44.1 S. STONE DIAL 2-238] SEWING MACHINES FOR EXPERT sewln; machine repair. ing call the Slncer Sewinc Machine Co Free estimate . Phone aad our servtce man will call THE ONLY Singer Sewing "center to Tucson is located at * - Singpr Sewtnz Machine Co. 308 E Congress St. Phone 2-74«9 sewing .351 H mach.Lne saton and 4th Dla. A-1412 LAWN sprinkling systems Installed. Fre_e estimates Folger's. Ph 5-7245, STOKE EQUIPMENT: 1USSMAN Com'l refrls newr -used. Frank Samuels Dist Co- -Dial .1-149? TABLE PADS BEST -TABLE . PROTECTION .with HYLO i-heat -waterproof, washable ·pads^ Seg gambles. Free eptl. .V1JS55. DHAINBOARDS,' - bathroom -,.- £loors Free estimates ' D or- S-24.12, L. PbllUpai S-5843 TJEHOLSTERING 3 M STUDIO^LIvlnR room.iurni- ture--new. repaired--upholstered · 503 E.. Delano Phone g-8Q22. . LESTER BENSON--TJpholsterinn-and repairing: 414 E. Bth Dial 2-1555. FINEST -work- al tile-f l I rFurn 7S:w 'KTfcS UPHOI-STSRY and repalrmE Phone. 3-0912 2015 S 4tn WASHING MACHINES PERSONALS DEER AND ILK HUNTERS Guides, saddle horses and pack,animals for hire during deer and elk season at The Lee' Brothers' camp at Double Cleneza in the Blue Range, elk district number «, For further Information contact Ernest. I. Lee. Ph. No. 5-T85T. .·___ MRS. BROOKS Bom psychic Can neJp lol problems. 2424 N. Stone. OLABYS iMeacoain glftea psycHc confidential : advice tells Important dates.nnd chanacs S92« ralrmbunt Tencop rrtgs. Thur e^es Me S-7708. SWEDISH MASSAGE. - steam oath. Agnes Thompson. 42 S. Fremont, Dial 3.2343 HABOLD RYAN. Special Agent. RSD- resentinii PRUDENTIAL Insurance Companv of America. Insure Your w^m" Mortgage Lonntr Phoni* B-QR77 HELP WANTED. Male 9 BAKEHS. .Rood pay. . . work. Inquire 3821 £. TOP MAN- as manacer, for used cars. Must be experienced ^c a live-wire. Salary coram, deal.' Write Star- Cltlzen ' SALESMAN, experienced in selling advertising space, -for quality Magazine Tucson. Must-nave car. thone 6-QZ71 '-for appointment. HELP WANTED, female J.Q DESIRE mother's helper for vounc couple with 2 small children.'Room, board small salary. Please call 5-6UQ after 4. TRAINEE maintenance engineer uate, supervise plant molntenanc Good opportunity for .younjj with Initiative, ability .to plan, leadership potential, Previous malnt ngnce, experience not essential, Sa ary plus overtime approximately $3 per month. Contact United Stat Gypsum Co.. Plaster City, Calif SCHOOL 214 S PH 2-0884 D NIIRSET IVtRS ADB WANTED--by National Fooc Conce retail salesman to call · on local tra 'ace between 25 30. State cxpcr, ence. Star-Cit^ 60x^88. MRS, EDWARDS Psychic adv)« '1 ^jhlectq '212^ S th Phonp 2-2' VOICE OF TRUTH WORLD'S. FOREMOST SPIRITUALIST ' LIFE ADVISER Mrs. Myrtle UE ADVTCE. Even deepest mystei solved. No heart so sad I sann change to happiness. I'm unec,uallec unfailing advice. · $1 SPECIAL READING -Daily In trailer at Lacy's Dugou :orncr S 6tb Ave. and Benson Hiwa LEAHN TO DRIVE g Driving School (M383 or 3-j MRS. LEWIS plrltual psychic reader. * Will tdvia and help you on all problems, bus ness or persona] Hrs lo a.ra.-8 2513 N Country Club. 5-98CO:.' FHY-DlayscttoOH-flKM f TO kindergarten. PJion - · ·NEED QUICK- GASH. Turn vour Diamonds Into Uollara- _ CRESCENT. - JEWELERS 200 -East Congress WHISKY STRAIGHT KENTUCKY Bourbon Falls, 4 years old. 3th $4.1 BROADWAY PILLAGE DRUG 'Alcoholics '-·· Anonymous REV, KISSEL spiritualist reader wi. elp you,- 113 VV. Laguna 3-6318. . steam baths Swedish massase Colonle jrrlgatlon 2-9530 HEDIUM READER Crystal. Palm btry card readings WO E . ra - S Drf FTCULT - problems confldentlall discussed EHiaBetb Bullock 1-3174 ELLSN.Stewart chiropodist Foot cor rection'snecialL't S70 N church Ph 3-4381 SERVICE--UNLIMITED 95 E. PENNINGTON DIAL 3^8791 HELP WANTED, Mala MAYTAG ~DELlv.SttED. PH. 6-0681* PAIKT1XG DECORATING INIitUOR - EXTERIOR pathtlnk/ mi- or repairs. Prompt, efficient rea- service, s-3412. -3-0977. "at living prlcei. Time nayrnont arranged. Free'^st 3-9507 INTERIOR, exterior palntina- plaster patching, spraying, -bondatlnt.'2-3971 :NTEIUOR exterior patnanc 11.50 hr- or by contr. Llse._yrce e«. , A reliable painter? -Call 3-137: _or_.5-4090 INTERIOR exterior paindne"~S papei- hanging Color medalist Call _paict INTEIU for clean. ,, reliable ItlOR. vexlenor Fre« estimates. licensed, reas. Ben Hall Ph 3-4628 ROYrj*: B W£LL8 Licensed paper* hanger and - nalnter- · Dial ELIMINATE nealins on bfici! and - PATIO^WAtLS 'ATIO Walls, cement work. FlaE- ttone tcrracu. Freo estimate Ph concrete block 3± 25 i'. I Kl.sa. includes, all labor and*ma- Lie . : Cont-^5-75Sl Tucson Pump' Repair Co Sale* and Serrice f Prompt efficient repairs and installs - Byron Jackson'snd Hed» Itos '' · - Jlal 4-02T3 Aitnti (or Byron" 13-3 Lo, - - ' - H Los All KEFR1G "GEIUTOR «ERV1CK OMUCKCIAb Refruteratlon Service --Hoy horn oi th» twenlT-jaur--Cu CLOVER-CLAHK t INC »-4IB« \fOA R£LIABLE MrTlc* on all make ren-umntori old Princt ot M»B» MSSI. , . ALL MAKIS AUTHORIZED DEALER BEACH WASHERS It APP CO. IIP W CONGRESS DIAL 3-909 MITCHELL'S Pick-up . and-' delivery . service ot an makes o£ washers . Let 'experts r« pair-your-'washers. 101_W_:CONGRESS 'Dial i-7451 Ext WELL DRILLING CARL PISTOH DRUJJNG CONTRACTOR Cor. 25th and S 4th-Ave. Dial FORSYTH DRILLING CO 423 E. Mabel' Dial. 8-3S31 \ A. McDANtELTdnlllns contractor 1208 E Roger Rd Phone 2-05B2 LOST AND FOUND 2 LOST--Black cocker, reward. 2404 N Morris. PLATINUM bar, pin--with small ila- mond · at or- near'.TJniversity stadium Saturday ttiRht-.' .Liberal -reward. C»U 5-4206. FOUND. Saturday - Colllc^-type female, vicinity Speedway end, Tucson -Blvd; Phon- 5-7M3. - Bteck billfold- :containing jnoncv and check, r.eward. Return to ~S32 E. Lagunn. ' LOST--German- -Shepherd. .- medium size.. Reward. 4514 £. Hawthorne, Phone 5-807!. -OI.TIMATELY Y O n WB-L PRINK RATKBOW WATER · PERSONALS : DIAMONDS OLD GOLD»~'- " ANTIQUES.,^ .; , ' Cash Paid 7 at Once" Gfunewald -Ad6uns « z. coNOJtrsa - CARPENTERS ·* .,.. iniCHANlCS Build Your Own Bouse We furnlsn eastslde lot and con structlon tnonev .all for tT3 dn i* monthly IJ-M.1S ina van t 4*b TELEVISION servicing. «oiateur. - FCC license Enrol: now Day -and 'eve Classes -start. joon. 2-3QM evenings SHOE SAlRiMAN wanted, erpert enced stead;' ^work. good oaj. 121 Concress 'SKILLED RAILROAD MECHANICS " NEEDED NOW Apply in person"-:to Office .of Master Mechanic. 1 - Tucson, or ^ by mall :f stating past. experience) to General Superintend- . ent Motive 'Power. - e -Market" Street. San Frandsco. ^ - Southern Pacific E. R. Union Bricklayers Wanted Job of lono^ duration- *in El Paso. Texas. Present scale S2M per hour. Job worJdM five nine-Dour days, Double-:tlnie for 'overtime Robert E. General Contractor Inc. SOAP; SALESMAN: Opportunity for man ;with' right, background- to- develop: into' 1 -general sales ; manazer wtth. new concern. Write in detail - . . experience;^ educatian.;k-0gei jiersohal data-. Star-Citizen Boy 494, EXP. .SSiOX S _. .,, shod itore. J-art time * Eat 33M E. Speedway. WAOTED--Barber, -good sieadv job. Boojewelt Barber Shop, n E. Broad- Ph. EXPEMENC taletmin wtth car to sell our complete line of furniture annllancei. Permanent portion. »alarv ^r comm. 1-Vestem- Auttf Suo- plv Co- It S. gth Are, . -k ROUTE salesman for dry dfanlnx ooen. territory; -salary tc cotnm:uwion( v. £u»rem«, O'lantr*. WANTED! EXPERIENCED ·-. PAINT-SALESMAN Excellent opportunity for man w knows paints and paint suppll- Must have own car; Please subm good, references -and salary expect tfon. Inquire Star-Cit. Box 1 EXP. HAIR STYLIST VIVIAJTS Beauty Castle. Ph. 5-31 or 5-D234. AMBITIOUS younc men see ad und Schools. Central School Airline D dsion. YOUNG man for delivery and he dreia poultry. Must know city we ana have chauffeur'5_Hcense. 4j OPPORTUNITY TO -EARN $25 weekly for a few hours spare Urn Choose own hours. 3345 E. Speet way. , , : PART-TIME WORK, OFFERED To neat appearing man. also fuJ time work,-If 13.50 tier hour Interes von, apply n-10 p.m.. ^44 E. oth^ HELP WANTED; M.F. AGENTS - churches - orEanlzation Complete assortment metalllcs plas tics.- Cathode Christmas card*, sta tlonery. wrapplnas. eift items. Whole sale_tmty. 2040 S, 6th. 3-4440 SERVICE station attendants, colore car washer; Bus boy, live In. coo for round UP, Motel maid's, sales ladles, sterlets., h'sekeeners; couple Service Unlimited J9$E;Pennington nnirigtc m de*sh HUMANE SOCIETY of Tucson desire couple to operate kennfilg 'and offle of new Pim4. County. Antma]' Shel ter Good salary and dwelltnR. Repl Kivinjs references- and experlenci Star-CIt. Box 492^- XP. MALE or female beautician Westerner HOtel. '2-27S3. HELH WANTED. Female |C YOUNG, LADY -to wait on customers Apply Varsity 1 Cleaners ic Laundry 921 E. 3rd. . NEED 4 attractive energetic ladles 5 day. week, good pay., rapid ad . Apply.-407 S.. 9th. B-9 a.m OPPOHTtrNTT-y to earn $25^weekl for a few hours -spare- time. Choos own hours; '334S E. Speedway- WANTED^-Whlte women for part time maid work;; in tourist cour morning hrs. only. Call between a.m, and 4 p ; m, Tttunderbird-liodse hone 2-9103, WHITE or Indian" woman, hougeworfc Jive In, 1725 E. MANICURIST Vivian's Beauly Castle, Ph. «-SW · 3-3234. OMAN^ for" general .housewoi'l icrmanent. live-In: Ph. 5-7913. jTENO-BILLING clerk fart accurati t v p l s t , no shorthand necessary should 1 know office machines ant bookkeeping able- to handle detai 'assume responsibility: cood'salary, ft working conditions. All replies are confidential. Star-Cltiren .Boy 4S7 3U fountain girl, full Hm« CcU- lln» Drat store. 2308 N Campbell _..DY COOK, 9 a.m to 4 pjn. Phone Hoy 7908. .-Toltec -Tavern.- Toltec, Ariztfna. ALISWOMAN, experienced In sell- lngv,,adverti5lnK spacer .-lor -quality Magazine,. Tucson. Must havo car Phone . 8-0271' for ·. appointment,- 'KLEPHONI subscription selliniz from your'nome. Must have-own .phone blcCall's and other leading maita- Tines. Yjocal department store cooperation Answer.. civlajr .phone number., star-ctmen Box .1390. IOUSE · MOTHER, private school, separate Quarters. £xp. nursing and recreation with chlldnsn. « to 3 ore- ferred._P. o. Sox 1551. XJN'T DELAY) start -your Xmai eamlnjw ,-now, -^rfpresentlnje Avon cosmetics. For prompt. Interview phone 5-OS73 after tf P.KiT TTRACTIVE yavngc- women, see -ad under- scHools. .Central .-Schools :Alr- Ine. JDl^ision. £XP£ CED manicurist wanted. Beauty saon Ph. 6-oai. OMAN with car tq serve coffee to chsrch jtroups, clubs, etc, PJirt time work,. No selliiuc. Si per hour plus car allowance. Write The Nestle :ompany;'.4M4 .Loma^-Vista Avenue, XM Anodes 58. RlvlnR axe, address., *lcTjnon nilmber. *- ' _ ... _;diD olflce Kill knowledge of'cre^^J^fcandjbookXeepIiut'help' ' g, BrM - BE _ - ____ _ANTED- BE A P T Y OPERATOR. AHCADE - BEATJTY SALON.- 4». X. BROADWAY^ ·- _ 'OMAN (with child I to do. Hunt, lousekeepinjc- ucchacji*' lor room ward. Ph, 1 ' PERSON tor house cleaning laundry work 2 half days weekly. East Broadway Craycroft. Own transportation . preferred. 75c hour car fare. Phone s-1173, EXPERIENCED waitress car hops. Must' be well CTOomed, Apply 2 P.M. Monday.*: Tuesday. Pink's, 3424. E. Snepdway. SITUATIONS, Male 11 RELIABLE man wants yardwork of all kinds.^ General cleaning. 2-5696. MONEY LOANS 20 PAC11TIC Finance loans, 53 E Broao way 'Plat 2-28T8. GARDENING - Watering - Lawns mowed - Housework - Babyslttlnc - Ironing ^Jgv home, s-1977. OUTSIDE DaintinK. Bondex 4c so. ft. ·paint furnished. 3-671C. ALL yard work, general cleanlns. Call · after 5. Ph. 3-S27S. PLASTERIKG. block layine. rouffn rnrOrnter. Sv JlQlir. Ph. 5-6930. Cabinetmaker.-Finish Carpenter. doors, remodeling. Srnlth. Ph _S-8636. MAN. white, references' and chauf- .ieur's license dqslres Dorterlna or lob SITUATIONS. Female WILL care for children or do housework in Christian -home.- 3-40^4, TUTORING ' EXPERIENCED TEACHER CALL 3-3243 AFTER 4:30 STENO JOB. 9:30-3:00. Prefer Eust Speedway. 7 vrs. varied exDerience. 5-032'!. ' ' iOUSEKBEPEH. cook. Live in. Tdke charge. Permanent.__Star-Citir.en 41S. ; CASH . The Sensible Way Your cholcs of repayment, dat*s and amount payraentp to fll your. budget. 2 Charges only for the time you keep the money No co-slffners 3. Loans--es title « 125. as much *s tlDOO -- on furniture, auto.' i;a]an». Personal said "yes" to 'over n million customers last year Come In or phone. WE LIK3: TO SAY "YES 11 Personal Finance 1J W CONGRESS--PH 2-4801 · (Across from P*oy Theater' AUTOS.FOR SALE 134! FORD Convertioli le. 19«6 F 'on. Ph. s-ffi 23 . _, .-.,, Ford . . rgJlont condition. Ph. S-0,?B2. ' BY OWNER--1849 Ford, , FOH SALE B . .._ V-8 tudor. 12.500 miles A-l condition. .Grev.color seat covers. 11.400.- Day* call 2-0671: evenings 5-65SJ. ._ '_ 1946 DODGE $895 Clb. Coupe with radio T. Runs fine. Good Tires. Tei "' SHEMBERGER 1621 S. 4th' ·37 DeSOTO Convertible. S126. 2200 N. Stone. 2-2C92. ·· ' - - ' $ GASH IN A HURRY $ .Deal with a local company uncf etijov quick friendly . confidential loan fervices Liheret lendlnp polides on your auto furniture truck or trailer Paid for or not Payment reduced and -bJJls consoJJdaied Cars A trailers financed for buyfcr or seller . ARIZONA CREDIT CO fl^E BroftdWav DlBl H-f)S 1948 CHEV Areo riectllne deluxe, only 28.0tXl miles, excellent condition. First tl.250 takes It Can h» flninced. isai E. Korih Ph V7T78 CARS FINANCED FOR BUYER .-., OR SZLLIR. : ARIZONA CREDIT CO. MUST SELL 1949 FORD STA. WAGON -ORIGINAL OWNER. Ph. 6-1485. LUANS Real Estate 2DA wvMAN wants 4 hour lleht work for 1-2 .gpople, 5-5970. PRACTICAL nurse available l or 2 ppjg. Ph. 2-1149. CHRISTIAN white woman housework by day. Cleans thorouchly. Pn. 2-0466, , WILL DO LAUNDRY my Reasonable. -119 E. Palmdale, MAIDS, at your SERVICE For reliable · domcstid help by the hour, day or permanent. Ref. checked 641 .E. Bdwy. Hrs.' 6:30 lo 5. "2-6407. Curtains any style, wash, stretch exp Mrs Gordon 1001! E Spring 5-an3i FOR FIRST MORTGAGB LOANS ' . ON OWNER OCCUPIED SINGLE FAMILY HOME SEE TUCSON FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOO. CONGRESS AT STONE DIAL 3-412) 1st MORTGAGE LOAWS B1( MORTGAGE SPECIALISTS oacrtHK the best form of nnnrtgam loans on residences, business or Income property, for B straUjh! term M 5 to TO years or on easy monthly re- Eg^T HATES' 0 '^ ^ "" MURPHEY REALTY 'MORTGAGE CO. aOO N Stone..Estab. 1HB5 Oi-B_I^I-2Rfl TYPING dictation In. mv hr.me 223? E Prince Ph 5-0351 BABY SITTERS; adults oesim cards Brendle'o Parent Sitters Exchan.se JSONING done in my home or your*. sqonatjlg. Ph. 2-77S3. DRESSMAKER better fclnd. Refer- EemodeHnti ,?flo - . Fonnals . Rea- FAMILY LAUNDRY--The way YOU like it-Mv home. 2620 N Balboa. 3-30(59. TRAVEL Opportunities 15 DESIRE ride to Oklahoma City, Share drive-it expenses. Call 5-5397 after RELIABLE couple will- drive your car to Chicago or vicinity. -LeavinR before Nov. z. 6-Q74B. 801 N. Swan .truck «oteff to ^Detroit £ew olecea of . furniture. WON EY LOANS 20 MONEY When You Need It ' '$20 to $1,000 HFC makes salary, car or furniture cans without endorser* for any worthwhile · purpose. Our . service is rompt and friendly. Consult table elow for payments. Loan 8 13 12 Amt. "Mot. , v Mot. Mos. 1100': 118.48 1 8.38 ' $10.03 200 38.80 ' 1C.65 19,99 300 M.83 24.60 29.61 500 36,69 4J.OO 1000 ., 73.33 9000 Phone or visit our office today. Household Finance Corporation' 142 1!. Pennlnjrton, 2nd Floor Phone 3-3604 Liberal Mortgage Loans Refinancing See TALBOT of Tucson Realtors ,, 36 S. Stone Dial 3-C521 ' $ - · $ $ $ '·$.. $ $ MONEY · AVAILABLE for sensible, loans In all "Kaad icca- Uons. Low _payraent. tcrmj. Kellj Kealty. 3701 E^ speeawey. I HAVE CASH to buy several 2nd mortgages or contracts. Call me al 3-5420 days or 6-OJ64 eves. RELIABILITY That is the very essence of our 0. E. Used Cars. GMAC terms. PAIR R R I C E S . ' TRADES. F A I R '1645 CHEVROLETS '49 4-Door.Sedan Deluxe · Original tnsld« out. Very clean. '49 2-Door Sedan Fleetlinc Deluxe. Can- 1 not tell from, new ' '48 4-Door Sec/on' Fleetltee. Low mljtaga. A ucjrfect car '47 4-Door Sedan Stylemastcr, Completely f-t * r^e ' overhauled Sc guaranteed. '46 Coupe CONSULT US If you have a mortoee -problem. We have. money for first rnottKtttf well secured^ Drachman-Grant 28 N. Stone REALTORS Dial -3-4V8! HOURS DIAL 5-4226 .AUTO REPAIRING 21 Car Need Motor Renalr? Sroert mechanics to serve you. Easy payments may-be arran*(ed- Auto Boyg. 1501 S: 6th. Phone 2-1221. 1 RUCKS FOR SALE 22 -and otfler loam. Safe, quick v Casy ttrms Peoples Loans B. Brondway-(croag frorr _VTW* Loons $J5 fo $275 or more 'Signature - Auto Furniture 1948 DODGE ^ICKUP Excellent ^-Ton 3-Specd truck, runs Like new. Good tirci, A'real bargain. SHEMBESGER . 1621 S. 4th .' 1MB -FORD PANEL. Owner bankrupt, CaU z-2395. Mr. Lynch. New finish. Excellent motor and tires. *875 '995 1946 CHEV. PANEL New naint. excellent Urcs. runs re»l xoa-1. will trad* for pickup or car SHEMBERGER 1621 S. 4th N panel. Good working cond NICE DODGE PICKUP 4 cpeed, trade for ear. Mao. 243 E." Pres.dent. .,,, 2-TON F-Q rord truck, stake bed. cood rubber. 2*EBted axle, new cnf.in! 34J7 S, Plummer. Jhieblo to mull purmenu that w± vour podcetbook ONE TRIP OT.V Pfiontr tell uj what you need, en come In for th* mojitr Pay all .._. -.-- ... , lom uon, ,,, ur--.debt* , est»« aervlc*. Commerce Loan Co. 100 So. Stone Ave. . . Ph. 3-7579.' ' * AU-IO5 FOR'SALE. ' 23 i«j PowTiAt; tudor. cmn. completely equipped, apply,* at; Gateway itnttr itxt Benson Highway Apt- H. nsonj lal-.Tui · FORDS '49 4-Door Sedan Deluxe. Low mUejgt I «nd very cletn. '47 4-Door Sec/an Super deluit*, Vny low mUea£e. : Solid. Clean . TRUCKS' A complete selection-all makes, all sizes, and at reasonable prices. O'RIELLY MOTOR CO', CHEVROLET: "SALES and SERVICE ·as N. era AVE. peons 3-3951" "OUft PROMISE" IS YOUH jj yr; ?r*J :: ' rTON " UH1 FOUR-DOOR Buick'Mdin^ orlic. f in«l cwn»r. Exullent cond,: ·;.- »7S»... '3a Buick special · Tudor Sedan. Kadio, HHter Excellent - condition s Phone «ftc- n p:m 5-2st«- ^ - ,--·*»» A N2W-.CBOSLJS · Uftd onef tool Gardner Cook -Co.. lUthorbxd dwler «OT C «Ul none 4-isa ·* -B-.-i.mi: ·a CHEV/ Styjemaster: 4-door'"««da3! heater. HD4J. HW; N. Madtli-n. Pb. - ' ·41 T _ TJ5LY'»J1.~CASA . BU1CK. TION. BY O' TUCSON'S FINEST-. ; Used Cars '46 Packard' $995 . Clipper Tucson Equipment Co;, '"49 W. Drachmas'" 194»iJ«»OEl*r- -excellent- cond, Vow -mileage Call 8-OJ34 ;41 HASH., Ml-tv. ·- ·37 S33 W. tion ,1'rivit* 2-dr. V«nr *v»d tend.

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