Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 9, 1961 · Page 85
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 85

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1961
Page 85
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TRAVEL AND RESORTS Around Iho World With DEIAPLANE ". . . where lo get a listing of music festivals, fairs and other events in Europe?" ·MJR1TE SWISSAIR, 3 E. 54th St., New York City for "Coming Events Calendar 1961." Also, each tourist bureau -- there's one for each countrj--h;is detailed events programs. For these special events, you want to be sure to have hotel reservations. These are the times when the towns fill up with people of that country as well as tourists. (There are lots of European tourists ·--not just Americans.) Hotels are a little more open in Europe this year. American travel to Europe has fallen off, ahout 20 per cent. Americans arc traveling more inside the U. S. The estimate is 95 million during the summer. (They'll spend 21.2 billion dollars.) The present European estimate from SWISSAIR: Barcelona and Madrid, no hole! problem all summer. Portugal, n o problem. Munich a n d Sluttfiarl heavily b o o k e d . Vienna, heavily booked but Innsbruck OK. Paris is always a problem except in August when all the French no on vacation'and a good p a r t of t h e best restaurants arc closed. Nice is OK u n t i l July 15. Rome and Milan are fair. Zurich is tight. Geneva is OK except during international conferences. Lugano and Locarno (best of Switzerland in my opinion in summer) are usually tight. Gut the Swiss National Tourist bureau always seems to find you a room. "Please recommend a small, M. C. FRAILEY Stepping up in his life-long career in public transportation M. G. Krailey, native of California, has been named president of Western Greyhound Lines, largest operating division of The Greyhound Corp. He is a native of California. inexpeus ivc liolel in London . . . " V" ou MIGHT try R o s e Court (nenr M a r b l e Arch at 3 Talbot Square, W. 2). British Travel Assn. lists it as "best of the smaller hotels." (The association, G80 F i f t h Ave., New York City, will send you a list of hotels graded by price and class.) "For a i'cWiiig present we arr. hcing given a 'I u xury flight' to Europe. Now what would you recommend?" A friend coming f r o m France (and the French are hard to plense) was greatly impressed w i t h Pan American's dinner service. 1 get VERY high reports on BOAC. The latest of the "luxury flights" (and trying to outdo all the rest) is the TWA Royal Ambassador f l i g h t (first-class only). Tops of Continental food and wines. Hot dogs and malted milks for the kids. First showing m o v i e s on every run. And a free, jazzy red-and-gold flight bag with an overnight kit inside. Polar flights from the West Coast and out of New York. Distributed bv The Chronicle Fefllores Viva Mexico-Viva Mr. Foster! this delightful combination assures you of the perfect Fiesta Holiday" in magnificent Mexico. Mr. Faster will provide plans for your tour, eliminating all the troublesome details and leaving you free to explore breathtaking scenery, to bargain for unsurpassed treasures in the markets, and to truly enjoy the holiday of holidays. Manana'" just won't be soon enough to stort^your fun in the land of the sun. ASBi Mr. FOSTER Travel Service Lower Level Phone HE 5-5677 Pine e* Broadway Long Beach ^JETTING TO and from Europe is the easiest part of planning a trip there, but deciding how to get around the continent requires careful consideration of your budget, time and disposition. Here are some of the things you ought to he aware of when making up your mind: BY AIR--The simplest, and usually cheapest, way to encompass all your stops is to buy a through ticket to your farthest point. This permits you to Jay over almost anywhere the airlines touch between here and there, at no extra cost. But in many ways it's the least satisfactory arrangement. The castles on the Khine and the vineyards of Bordeaux ran he difficult to inspect from above a cloud layer at 10 miles a minute. There are, of course, exceptions. The glacial swamps of Norway and one airline's (Sabena Belgian) helicopter route from Brussels to Paris are better seen frum the air. The next cheapest way, then, is: BY RAIL--The way to do it is lo fly to your nearest slop, to where the air fare will he least, and have in your pocket a liurailpass, an ingenious promotional s c h e m e sponsored by virtually all the railroads of western Europe. The pass, available through your travel agent, permits you unlimited first class mileage anywhere the rails go. The m i n i m u m charge is $110 for one month's use. If you're planning to cover a lot of ground, this can be a fantastic transportation bargain. The railways of Europe are a revelation to North Americans--fast, f r e q u e n t , dependable, comfortable, and with e x c e l l e n t a n d reasonable meals. An i m p o r t a n t tip: Keep luggage weight and size as low as possible traveling by train. BY BUS--This is the favorite land transportation of tour operators for flexibility and because buses permit wholesale chartering at low rates. They offer the same flexibility to individual travelers, but when it comes to cost it is best to slack it up against that of the Eurailpass. Regular intercity schedules are operated much like those in North America, with one big difference -- the vehicles are pretty uncomfortable to ride in. BY CAR--This is the way most people think they would like to travel in Europe. It is cheaper than it is at home but generally the most expensive way of getting about Europe for a transatlantic tourist. There arc several ways of doing it: You can ship your own car ovei--expensive but comfortable. You con buy a car to drive yourself, and either send it . home ,nf a., u.^cd car. Binder , i your juty-frccYa1}9yvancej or' 1 re-sell it before you return. The first makes most sense if, of course, you want a new car, while the latter is cheaper than renting if you're going to be in Europe in a long time. Renting a car is most economical and convenient for short stays (a month or less). There is a certain amount of red tape connected with using a car in Europe, about which your travel agent can advise and help you. Most European roads are neither built nor maintained as they are here. Nearly all Europeans drive like maniacs. Road signs are in an international code which you must learn. Repairs can he a sometime thing. And getting directions in some areas -- if you can make yourself understood -leads to the original you- can't-get-there-from-here answer. THE BEST OF ALL possible ways to go? It's the most expensive, but for our money the most satisfactory: by chauffeured car. Despite its cosl, it is far cheaper than it is back home. Pro-rated over two or three couples it is nearly as reasonable as most other forms of transportation. The c h a u f f e u r is the answer to your problems. He speaks all the necessary languages, knows how to maneuver "opposing" drivers as well as the car, can phone ahead for your hotel reservations if changes in plans are necessary, serves as your guide, f i n d s parking places, and in general lakes over all the concerns that would be pre-empting your attention if you had lo be behind the wheel. I rviKiica's rfwst popular tiala tour, the annual ?-*iid- Htrnir.e RANDOM, fall Foiiage Rail Twr, is the test *ay to set the United Stales »nri Canada! THIS IS IKEOHtt "FAIL FOLUGr SPECIAL TRAIN FOUR fROHIrlE WEST COASI! You'll never change yen: de!:ne Pi-Una:! accfnmcc'aticns as you tiaYel over lO.CflO miles through 27 stales en a special sticarclincd Vain, complete wiWi Visla-Dcret, private lounge, and diner caisl You'll realljr see rVnerica at its glorious b e s t . . . famous cities, hislciic landmarks, breathtaking fall cclp.'ing! During ycur thiee-weeV vacation, yoj'll visit El P?so, New Orleans, Mlsnla, Washhglo-i B.C., Philadelphia, lie* Ycik City, i Boston, Springlield, Oaetec, } Oltawj, Montreal, Tucilo, , Niagara falls, DeUoit, Chicago, , ( Omaha, Salt Like City, » and las Vc£Js! ? Vou'll see woadrvay slums, enjoy ^ JCJrnet meals, meel ren liionds, tf have lur, t *eiy nirute! '· MAJIS your reservation* rtowl i AngeFet Seolembcr mh. Ot All Indluslve prictl f sta^t at $775, Including tr.-tni- ?n pcrlaticn, holeli, ^iQMscclng. ^* and mojl meAlt. C. F. TRAVEL SERVICE 452 LOCUST AVE. Ph. HE 2-6457 Long Beach 12, Calif. W O H D E R I O L . FOR A WEEK 0 Springborg's HOT SPRIMGS CORONA, CALIFORNIA B WEEKEND IN SMOG F R t t AREA" DellQhlEiil all vtar Touno Hiac \wim sun baik, hike, clay ' to^ hoi spnnos, facllltltj . American Plan, coriaiwi or hotel rocms. deltoicu? mc.-t^, JUST 51 MILKS FROM LONG BEACH ·5 MILbS FROM SAN DIEGO We meel Grcyhcuna at Gler. Iw JuocMon. FIV In! A land np licld in cur own "backyard." V.'iifc duccl: PJ«ire REtfwootl 7MOO or L. A rcnrfcntalive MA 2 »455 150 DOOMS SUITES AND BUNGALOWS UflGEST MOUNTAIN RESORT IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA and ONLY 90 MINUTES from LONG BEACH Olrrnfli jx r:ding. frihing. h'Ung, and euFdeor *or1| of oil k'mrJi. fOB YOUR JMtASUHEi fapirl. rnlovr'dnl, totllcrfl b«, mU di'^pg Grxf (Jo"clng. THE SPOT AT LAKI AKKOWHIADI UNDER 16 FREE M E U S E I OF DlMr*i Ctvb ^^ I mm BDGE

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